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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“This is for the reason that you have chosen this shift in consciousness. The entirety of your globe is moving in this direction and is experiencing these actions and is opening to their awareness. I have offered much information concerning this shift in consciousness, which you may be inquiring of Michael [Mary], if you are so choosing, to be offering you this information.

“But this is the point. This is the reason that you are experiencing all of these elements and opening your awareness, in like manner to all of these other individuals. You are all experiencing this action of this shift, and this is the point that you are speaking to me, for all of you have asked. You are requesting explanations for the experiences that you are creating, for the belief systems that you have created are so very strong that they blind you to your experiences and to the explanations of why you are creating certain experiences. This is what you are creating in this shift in consciousness – an opening of your awareness, a dropping of all of these veils within consciousness, a remembrance that there is no separation. All is interconnected. You are not individually separated. You are all interconnected. You are not separated by time or space or dimensions. These are perceptions. You are interconnected with all of consciousness.

“You are also bored in the experiences that you have created to this point. You have experienced. You have created in the manner that you have designed previously. Now you choose to be creating in an expanded experience, allowing more of your awareness, more of an opening to consciousness, more of your own creativity and your own abilities, and you are discovering that your abilities are within physical focus limitless. You have merely limited yourselves as an element of your beliefs, but as you are also moving into acceptance of your beliefs, you are widening your awareness and you are allowing yourselves to view how many more abilities you hold and how very creative you are, and not creating your limitations with such severity. Those elements in your reality that have been thought to be impossible are not impossible!” [session 385, April 18, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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