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Elias ‘‘gems’’

KATIE: “Elias ... this question is from Malhai [Tom]. How does the movement in Region 4 influence the shift in this dimension?”

ELIAS: “Some of the movement – not all of the movement, for not all of the essences that focus their attention in Regional Area 4 are participating in this shift in consciousness, merely those that are associated with the essence families that are associated with your physical dimension are involved in participation – would be an involvement, generally speaking, in energy, offering energy to the accomplishment of it. But I may express that there are also essences that are offering information in similar manner to myself in this time framework to individuals within your physical dimension. This expression is becoming much more common, for there is being generated much more of an awareness throughout your world of the movement of this shift, and therefore there is more of a request for it, for information.” [session 1447, September 27, 2003]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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