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Elias ‘‘gems’’

DONNA: “I had a feeling I was soft when I was younger, and then at some point I changed to common, and now I sort of have an understanding of both, or maybe I have like a soft ... I don’t know, like I’m switching back to soft.” (Pause)

ELIAS: “Quite perceptive!”

DONNA: “Oh! That explains a lot of things!”

HOWARD: “Make up your mind!”

ELIAS: “It is not an action that is incorporated very frequently. In actuality, it would be an action that is quite rare. Most focuses do not change orientation throughout the entirety of the focus. Even if there is a fragmentation or alteration of some other type with the focus, generally speaking the focus maintains one orientation throughout.

“But as I have expressed previously, it is not a rule and it does occur occasionally, dependent upon the exploration of the individual and the direction of their experiences and also in association with the intent. It may be an action that one focus may choose to incorporate.”

DONNA: “So I feel like I’m moving in the direction of switching back to soft, or I’m kind of on the cusp.”

ELIAS: “Have already.”

DONNA: “Thank you.”

ELIAS: “You are quite welcome.” [session 1574, June 05, 2004]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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