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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Even my engagement with you, what you view this to be, the students and the teacher – no. Do you view that I may be learning from you? No. But I am creating new expressions of essence, new discoveries of manipulation of energy.

“I am not teaching you, my friends. I am merely offering information that may be helpful to you in your journey of discovery, and you are not less than. You are not less than yourselves, and you are not less than any other expression of consciousness.

“You are continuously creating anew, and THIS particular movement of newness within this physical dimension is massive; it is so very immense and so very different from what you have created throughout your history in this physical dimension. THIS is the reason that you incorporate interaction with essences such as myself, to be helpful to you in easing your movement and validating and reinforcing in expression that you ARE creating this. For you also hold strong beliefs in relation to your realities, and quite easily move yourselves into the association that you are experiencing lunacy – and you are not! (Laughs)

“Therefore, this is the purpose of our interaction; not that I may be reminding you of what you are, but that I may be expressing validation to you that you are creating what you suspect you are creating and what you doubt you are creating, and that you are not experiencing lunacy. (Chucking) I have expressed to you, there is challenge in this movement! Ha ha ha ha! ... And I have expressed that you shall be incorporating trauma.” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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