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About the Exercises


> Noticing self

> Noticing your waking/dreaming state

> Noticing your senses

Noticing self exercises

“There is a reason for my expressing this noticing. In shifting in your consciousness and widening your awareness, you must notice. Once you notice, you must acknowledge. It is not enough only to notice, for you notice things around you and within you continuously. ... What is more important, presently, is for you to be connecting with your essence, and for you to be noticing, and experiencing, and acknowledging of your own voice.” [session 21, July 16, 1995]

“I shall offer to you initially to be NOTICING. This one word is very important. Notice not only what you create yourself, but what you draw yourself to, and notice the qualities of other individuals.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

“... This, in actuality, is a tremendous challenge in relation to many individuals, and I am recognizing the challenge that you are presenting to yourself, for projecting your attention is quite familiar. I have expressed to you all, this is the reason that I am interactive with you each, for this movement in acceptance and in holding your attention within the now is quite unfamiliar to you all, and therefore it is easily expressed in projecting your attention outside of yourselves and outside of the now.

“You have, in actuality, designed your societies in this manner, in which much of your actions are concerning either past or future, and little significance is placed upon holding your attention within the now; and as you are aware, it has become quite automatic to not be paying attention to the now.

“But I may also express to you, I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of this forum, the greatest term in your language may be viewed as ‘noticing.’ This is actually your greatest tool, and you are incorporating this tool to be offering yourself more information and opportunities to practice. How shall you practice if you are not noticing? And you ARE noticing, my friend.” [session 947, November 01, 2001]

“I may express to you that practice does incorporate a payoff and [whatever you concentrate upon] does become easier.” [session 2116, October 21, 2006]

Since the noticing practices are fundamental to understanding Elias’ concepts, here’s a link to the NIRAA practices (Noticing, Identifying/Recognizing, Addressing to, and Accepting self): NIRAA - A Summary of Accepting Self.

> notice conflict: emotions, impulses, and thoughts

> a shift in focus

> noticing symbols

> visualization and imagination/tolerance: connect with other focuses

> noticing beliefs in separation; secrets

> “Who am I?”

> viewing aspects; mirror

> intent names

> facets of essence

> noticing belief systems; a field of briars

> building blocks (belief systems)

> the pregnancy metaphor

> noticing duplicity; mirror

> noticing nonacceptance

> create an inner landscape

> group mediation; accessing shared focuses/essence tones | dream triggers

> energy fields; allowance, penetration, buffer

> removing obstacles (duplicity)

> “I am a worthy, glorious creature!” (accepting self)

> relaxation; talk directly to Elias yourself

> noticing mirror action (accepting self)

> recognizing belief systems (accepting self)

> the no-conflict game

> engage a bike ride

> noticing hurtfulness (energy “entity”)

> relaxation; holding attention within the now (accepting self)

> intents: hearing the small voice within

> fear: relaxation (energy centers)
mergence: relax your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

> ferris wheel: noticing how and when we hold attention outside of self

> visualization: holding attention upon self (the mountain is you!)

> visualization: relax your energy

> balancing energy centers

> noticing your energy field (the camouflage of tension)

> engage conflict: holding attention upon self

> blow bubbles

> acknowledge self

> STOP: focus your attention in the now

> create a painting of your energy

> pay attention to self in the moment

> relax your body

> generate an expression of appreciation

> move your attention to self

> recognize how often you discount yourself; move your attention to the now

> pay attention to self: what do I want in this moment?

> objectively view how you alter your perception

> express your natural flow

> turn the experience of fear into a tool of power

> noticing self: flirt for a week

> pay attention to self (automatic responses)

> noticing automatic responses: comparisons

> noticing communications, thinking, and doing

> notice, relax, and do not judge and do not compare

> pay attention (noticing, identifying, recognizing, addressing to...)

> noticing exposure (vulnerability)

> appreciate yourself

> appreciation

> table tipping

> duplicity game

> appreciation game

> generate silliness

> dance!

> paint yourself

> noticing comparisons

> dealing with demanding kids

> relaxation: connect with a tree

> appreciation: lessen self-doubt and tension

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Noticing your waking/dreaming state exercises

“I would also suggest to you all, as an exercise of a different perspective, once again, that you give yourself a conscious suggestion, before you enter your sleep state, to view your waking state as your dream. You have viewed your dream as a waking state. Now view your waking state as your dream. This will not be as difficult as you perceive, for you dream all the time about your waking state. You dream about your jobs, you dream about your playing, you dream about other individuals that you interact with. So, you are thinking of your waking state quite a lot. Now, in thinking of your waking state in your dream, make that waking state your dream. This will give you a perspective that is closer to reality.” [session 20, July 09, 1995]

“All elements of consciousness dream; everything. There is no thing within consciousness that does not experience dreaming. This action is not a continuous action. It is an action which is engaged temporarily within time periods to be communicating subjectively. I shall qualify in expressing to you, that you hold no confusion. When I am expressing to you that all consciousness experiences dreaming, this is related to all physical manifestations of consciousness. A rock dreams. An electron dreams. There are time frameworks set aside to engage subjective activity, to be communicating within consciousness.” [session 158, March 16, 1997]

Library: find out more about lucid dreaming and Elias exercises.

> noticing symbols: thoughts, impressions, and feelings

> the city

> SNAP – a beginning course in out-of-body projection

> focal points – projections of consciousness

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Noticing your senses exercises

“It shall serve you well to be practicing with these inner senses. Just as you may identify many elements of your environment and your reality by your outer senses without thought process, you may identify much subjective activity and bring this into an objective awareness with practice of these inner senses. This shall also serve to lessen your confusion as you allow yourself to widen your awareness, as you move into this shift.” [session 171, May 04, 1997]

> the clarity exercise; outer senses

> the clarity exercise; energy centers

> viewing alternate realities

> inner senses; empathic and conceptualization

> inner senses; conceptualization

> inner senses; differential time

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