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Family Association

Family Association

Action of Tile

Action of Tile
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From Elias Session 444 This tile has not yet been “officially” entered.

JOANNE: C9 had mentioned something about this stone was a tile, that it was my tile in the city of the shift, and I was wondering what you thought about that.

ELIAS: (Slowly and carefully) Let me express to you quite clearly in relation to this city. Although within future probabilities it already exists in your terms within this present time framework, it does not exist physically in physical matter, for it has not been inserted into your physical reality yet in linear time framework. Therefore, as to the placement of any physical object - any structure, any object, any type of creation that shall be inserted into this city by any individual within this time framework – it is a choice that you create within the moment.

Now; in this, as you objectively view any element for insertion into the reality of the city, you choose within any moment to be creating that element and inserting it into the city. It does not necessarily already exist with your signature upon it, but it appears within the reality of the city as you choose within the moment to insert it into that reality. Therefore, you are creating elements of the city in the now within a parallel dimension, so to speak, a parallel reality which is not yet inserted into your linear time framework, for it is future.

Now; I shall express to you, it is also past, but neither of these elements are now. Therefore, the insertion into the actual physical manifestation of the city is within another type of reality within this present now, for within this present now, it is not inserted into your physical objective reality.

In this, the reason that I am offering this explanation is to clarify to you. If you are so choosing to be entering this stone as a tile into the objective reality of the city, you may, and you need no method to be accomplishing of this. All you need be focused upon is the choice to be inserting of this tile into the city and it is done, so to speak.

JOANNE: I have already seen the tile in the hallway leading into the city.

ELIAS: Quite, but you see it in the now, for this is your imagery presenting you with the choice to be objectively placing it there or not, for it may appear and it may also disappear, for as you have not inserted it yet, it is within what you may express to be a state of flux. It may blink in and out. You have created the tile, but you have not expressed the actual insertion into the city. You have created an assumption that it already exists within the city, and therefore, you are merely viewing it.

What I am expressing to you is that you are dealing now with probabilities, and probabilities do not exist before you, in a manner of speaking. They are created within the moment, within the now. They may be inserted into other-dimensional realities, but they are all created within the now. Therefore, what you view is not in actuality an element that already exists and you are viewing it within its existence. You are viewing the probability of its existence, which you have created in the now. Are you understanding?

JOANNE: Yes and no! (Elias chuckles) I understand that it is my choice, and right now it's just a probability that the tile will be there. I feel that it's already there, and I see myself standing beside it, and that this flower on the tile is growing and changing as I am growing and changing.

ELIAS: And therefore, it IS now! (Chuckling, and the group laughs)

JOANNE: Okay, so I just put it there!

ELIAS: Correct. This is the point; not that it already existed in that physical location in matter, but that you have created it already within your probabilities, and within the now, you have inserted it into the actual reality by choice. This is what I have been offering in explanation to you.

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