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> May Was Another Busy Month!
> New Feature: Gem of the Month
> Resources for Newcomers
> Recent Digests & Exercises
> Recently Published Transcripts: May 2002
> Please Send Us Any Mistakes!
> Power Users Tip of the Month - Getting the Most Out of the Print Function
> Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session
> Order Video and Audio Tapes
> Upcoming Elias Group Sessions - 2002 Schedule and Updates
> Exploring the Seth Connection
> Public Email Lists
> Explore the Elias forum webring

May Was Another Busy Month!

The Newsletter is now available online in the Library, under the letter "N" at:

Since opening our cyberdoors in February 2002, we have served over 78,000 webpages to more than 6,375 users in over 40 countries. Many thanks to all of you who continue to provide us with tremendous support, constructive suggestions, and email feedback!

Best Wishes,

Paul & Jo Helfrich
Castaic, California, USA

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New Feature: Gem of the Month

The Gem of the Month is an excerpt from a recent transcript that captures a snapshot of essential Elias.

This month's Gem comes from a private session by Jim Pickerell deals with holding attention upon Self in the context of the belief system of perception:

ELIAS: “I may not express to you strongly or genuinely enough, my friend, the powerfulness of your attention in relation to self and how this is affecting of perception and how that genuinely alters your reality.

“The creature [i.e. a sick pet] is an expression within your reality. If you are holding your attention upon self and allowing a balance and a free flow of energy, concentrating your attention upon self, you cease to be creating judgments outwardly. This creates an automatic tremendous flow of allowance in energy. It creates a lack of expectation, and in that lack of expectation, there is a tremendous opening, a tremendous expression of freedom, that energy flow, in whatever choice is being engaged.

“I have expressed many, many, many times to you all the tremendous significance of holding your attention upon self, and how this genuinely does alter your reality. It does not merely alter your individual reality.

“Let me express to you, my friend, you yourself and every other individual that has engaged conversation with myself has at times created thought processes that incorporate questioning and wondering as to how you shall in actuality create the expression objectively of altering all of your reality and creating the genuine expression of this shift in consciousness. This, in its simplicity, is the movement of it, and the manner in which it shall be accomplished is in the recognition of the significance and the POWER of holding your attention upon self.

“This one action, this simple movement, creates an opening of floodgates of energy which incorporates such a significance of power that it in actuality, in genuineness, does alter your reality in actual physical terms: physical matter alters, physical expressions alter. Not merely your individual singular perception, but as you alter your perception you also open a channel of energy which is affecting of consciousness.

“I hold an awareness that you do not individually recognize the vastness of consciousness or your individual expressions of affectingness of consciousness, but I may express to you in truth – and as you are aware I do not incorporate this particular term often – but in this discussion and this subject matter I may express to you in TRUTH the alteration of your perception creates a movement which is affecting of all of consciousness.

“Therefore, what you may term to be these small expressions of objective imagery, of alteration of one creature [i.e. sick pet] and their physical manifestation, or an alteration of a translation of transference of a picture from one medium to another [i.e. create a painting], you may allow yourself to view as great in its significance in the alteration of perception; but in relation to objective imagery, it may be viewed as similar to one grain of sand upon your planet.

(Firmly) “The objective imagery is the abstract. It is not what holds significance, for it is continuously changeable. It matters not. Within one moment, you may be incorporating objective imagery in the expression of your llama. Within another moment, you may be incorporating objective imagery in relation to an expression of your dog or a pony or a bird or another individual – it matters not. What holds significance is the expression of your perception, which holds consistency in ALL of these objective expressions of imagery.”

JIM: “And there’s inner perception, too, of how you see yourself.”

ELIAS: “It is not an expression, my friend, of inner and outer perception. It is all one. It is all inter-related, for there is an interplay of all of your associations, your beliefs, your knowings in the creation of your perception. There are merely different expressions of perception and different directions of the creation of your perception. But it is all one movement; it is all one mechanism.”

JIM: “All in harmony and balance.”

ELIAS: “Correct.” [session 809, March 30, 2001]

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Resources for Newcomers

New to the information? Want to share it with someone else? Here are some great pages to read and/or print out to share with friends and family:

> Introduction & Overview

> Acceptance 101

> Acceptance 102

> The Digests Table of Contents (contains cross-referenced links to all of the MAIN ideas in the information):

> “the secret of life”

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Recent Digests & Exercises

The website is a work in progress! New transcripts come out just about every week that further expand the information offered to date by Elias. New excerpts are added to various Digests every month, and new Digests and Exercises are added, too.

New Digests:

> avenues of communication

New Exercises:

> visualization: holding attention upon self (the mountain is you!)

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Recently Published Transcripts: May 2002

The transcribing folks were quite busy last month! Thanks to Bobbi Houle, Paul Tews, and Margot Reed, new transcripts are still published weekly. If you or someone you know wants to get on the email list to receive new transcripts, contact Bobbi H. at Please specify a preference, either MS Word or Plain Text.

> Session 806, Sunday, March 25, 2001
“Conflict in the Workplace”

> Session 807, Tuesday, March 27, 2001
“Paying Attention to ALL the Communications”
“An Explanation of ‘Holding Your Attention on You’”

> Session 808, Thursday, March 29, 2001
“Overlapping Focuses”

> Session 809, Friday, March 30, 2001
“A Balanced Little Sapling”

> Session 810, Friday, March 30, 2001
“Color Vibration in Exchange with Another Individual”
“Holding Your Attention Upon Yourself in the Now”

> Session 811, Sunday, April 01, 2001
“A Relationship with Alcohol”

> Session 812, Tuesday, April 03, 2001
“Fear and Anger”
“Subtle Communications and Expressions”

> Session 814, Thursday, April 05 , 2001
“Beliefs Versus Perception, and the Tree”

(session 815 is being kept private by request.)

> Session 816, Friday, April 06, 2001
“Old Soul/New Soul/Final Focus”
“The Belief System of Levels of Awareness”

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Please Send Us Any Mistakes!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who has sent us reports of typos or suspected errors. We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping to keep this HUGE website free of mistakes! It is an ongoing effort and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know when you find something odd.

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Power Users Tip of the Month - Getting the Most Out of the Print Function

The last three months explored using various SEARCH functions to locate exactly what we want. Refer to the March, April, and May Newsletters in the Library under “N” for more info.

This month we are going to take a look at how to get the most out of the PRINT function. Many people print out Transcripts, Digests, and Exercises and use up a lot of paper and ink cartridges that can get expensive. So to help save on trees and ink, here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of your printing efforts. These are just suggestions – feel free to customize to suit your own tastes!

Tip #1: print double-sided, you'll get twice as much! (This saves on binders and paper.)

Tip #2: if you have a color printer you may wish to print in grayscale to save ink. Press CTRL+P, then click on PRINTER PROPERTIES or SETTINGS, then click on grayscale. Be sure to click on OK to save the change.

Tip #3: use the following page settings to get the most per page when printing. Press ALT+F, click on PAGE SETUP, then type in:

top margin = .50"
bottom margin = .20"
left margin = 0"
right margin = .20"
font size = 10 or 11 point
suggested fonts = Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman
(font settings really effect how much you get on each page, Verdana tends to be a bigger font. Arial and Times New Roman will get more per page and still look just as nice).

Print instructions are also available online at:

Transcripts main page

Site Features. Read Me First!

Next month, we’ll look at getting the most from the Digests.

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Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session

Mary Ennis holds private and group sessions. Rates are:

Private: approx. one hour phone or in person - $140 (includes audio tape)
Group: approx. two hours - $1,000 plus travel expenses

Phone: 802-258-6574

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Order Video and Audio Tapes

Group sessions are available to everyone, and individual private sessions are available to the participant, or with the participant’s expressed permission. The proceeds go toward converting the existing videotape archive into a more stable DVD format, and other forum-related projects.

Now available from Ron Churchman:

$25 per session/video or DVD

$10 per session/audio

$25 current transcripts on CD-R. Available in MS-Word or text formats.


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Upcoming Elias Group Sessions - 2002 Schedule and Updates

Connecticut E-Fest! hosted by Carole Johnson
Saturday, June 8, 2002 at 2:00 PM.
Click here for full details.
Note: Mary’s private sessions are all booked for the June, CT group weekend!

New York City Elias Group Session
Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 12 Noon - 3:30pm
Brighid's Well
351 West 45th Street
Click here for full details.

Radio interview - July 27th - Mary will be interviewed by Nancy Lee
- for more information:

Paris, France
Private Sessions, August 31st - September 2nd
Contact Mary to schedule in-person private sessions: or call her at (802) 258-6574.

Dusseldorf, Germany
Elias Group Session, September 7th
Contact Axel for information at:

Dusseldorf, Germany
Private Sessions, September 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th
Hamburg Area
Private Sessions, September 10th and 11th only.
Contact Mary to schedule in-person private sessions: or call her at (802) 258-6574.

Fresno, California
Elias Group Session, October 26th
Contact Sheri for information at:
Contact Mary to schedule in-person private sessions - Sunday, October 27th and Monday, October 28th: or call her at (802) 258-6574.

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Exploring the Seth Connection

WHAT IF? What if the Seth material was a foundation to be expanded later by another channeled source? Can any perennial source ever be considered complete AND infallible? Seth readers will want to check out:

> A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview:

> Digest: Seth, Jane Roberts

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