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Sunday, May 11, 2003

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ďUnderstanding the Loss of a Beloved PetĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Pamela (Pviette).

Elias arrives at 4:43 PM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

PAMELA: Hello, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: (Laughs) As always, and yourself?

PAMELA: Iím all right. Itís nice to talk to you again. Thank you for opportunity to speak with you individually.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. And what shall we discuss?

PAMELA: I would like to start with the fact that I have created something that is causing me a lot of pain. Iím experiencing my first real experience with grief and death, and it is over an animal, which, I guess, a lot of people would laugh about that. It has so hit me to the core that I would like to discuss with you this creation Ė my relationship with this cat, and know better about the creation of this whole scenario and animal energy and all of that.

I felt such a bond with her, more so than with any other consciousness on this planet at this time in this focus. It has truly been a wonderful experience to have loved her and to have felt her love. Now that she is gone, itís just been really hard, and it was pretty sudden. Iíd just like to talk with you about it and understand it better.

ELIAS: Very well, and what would you be choosing as a direction?

PAMELA: Iíd like to start with I know that Iíve heard you say frequently in the transcripts that animals do not have personality essences; they are not individualized. Iíve read that a lot, actually, that animal energy is more of a group consciousness. I guess Iím just hoping like crazy thereís some kind of individuality to her, that I can once again be a part of her life in some way, just because I miss her so incredibly. So I would like to know more about the animal consciousness, how much of it is purely my creation, and how much of it is not another consciousness. I feel it must be part of one, but if you can help me there. I can understand it with a human; I donít know where to go with it with an animal.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, let me clarify. For although creatures are not essences, they are consciousness. Let me clarify that aspect of creation of consciousness also, for they are not a manifestation of what you may term to be a group consciousness. There IS an individuality expressed in relation to the consciousness of creatures. It is a different configuration than that of essences, but it is, once created, a form of individual consciousness.

Now; in this, it is a configuration of links of consciousness that form an individual expression of consciousness.

Now; that expression of consciousness may alter its form in any configuration of any other expression of what you term to be living consciousness within your physical dimension. It may also choose to be configuring that energy within other dimensions in other forms. Therefore, it is quite versatile in the manipulation of its energy, but the expression of its individuality remains regardless of what form it chooses to configure itself into.

Now; in this, what occurs is you, as essence, choose to be instructing links of consciousness to configure in certain manners to manifest certain creations within your reality. As to the configuration of these links of consciousness in association with creatures, you participate in their creation through your desire and your expression of energy. The creature is manifest through these links of consciousness, and it does express its own individuality and uniqueness.

Now; as you are aware, there are no accidents. Therefore, you draw specific manifestations to yourself. You are participating in consciousness in the creation of those manifestations, and once manifest into physical form, you draw that energy to yourself specifically and purposefully.

Now; as a creature disengages, they do not merely dissipate into some unknown void of consciousness. The links of consciousness have been created and configured in a specific manner to create this individuality of expression. Therefore that remains, and the creature may choose to reconfigure that energy in any manner and may manifest in another form if it so chooses.

PAMELA: So itís possible that in other focuses Iíve actually experienced this same reconfiguration of energy?


PAMELA: Because that information was given to me, that we had shared other lives together.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: And we can again, then.

ELIAS: Yes, even within this focus. The configuration of energy of that creature may be configured again in another manifestation within your focus. But recognize also, once those links of consciousness have been configured into the individuality and have manifest, the creature incorporates its own consciousness also; therefore, it also generates its choices. Therefore, once disengaging and reconfiguring that energy, it is also the choice of the creature to be in agreement with you, or not, to manifest.

Now; you may request that and you may manifest another creature with some aspects of the previous creatureís consciousness expressions; but to manifest that same consciousness would be an agreement between yourself and that expression. Are you understanding?

PAMELA: I am. Itís not the answer I was expecting. So there is still individuality to it, in that when I feel the love towards her, sheís receiving that; sheís aware of that.


PAMELA: Iíve always felt that, as I said, with a human, but I needed to know that about her. That has truly helped.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, individuals incorporate difficulty and challenge in objectively understanding these concepts that I have expressed, for you have expressed such strong beliefs in association with creatures that there is a difficulty in understanding some of the information that I express to you, and therefore it becomes distorted. In this, as I have stated, creatures do not express emotion. Individuals misinterpret this in an association that creatures do not feel, which is NOT what I have expressed.

PAMELA: Oh no, I knew she did. No doubt about that!

ELIAS: Emotion is a communication. It is a subjective communication which is unique to individuals within your reality, for it is a mechanism, so to speak, within the design of your manifestations. Creatures do not incorporate beliefs. Therefore, they also are not responsive to beliefs or limited by beliefs. They also do not incorporate emotion, for it is unnecessary for they are quite aware of their subjective awareness. In actuality, they are more aware of their subjective awareness than their objective awareness; therefore there is no need, so to speak, for an avenue of communication between these two awarenesses. Therefore, they do not incorporate emotion.

PAMELA: Thatís very interesting. So thatís why we incorporate emotion, for the communication purposes.

ELIAS: Correct, which is unnecessary within a creature. They do incorporate thought but in a very different manner than you incorporate thought, for thought is associated with the objective awareness. Therefore, any manifestation that incorporates an objective awareness also incorporates thought, for thought is a translation mechanism. But their thought is quite different from your thought, for you think in language. Creatures do not think in language.

PAMELA: Do they think in images?

ELIAS: At times, but not necessarily even within images. Their thought is more in association.

Now; they DO feel, and they do communicate, and they are responsive to each other and to individuals that they interact with. Many times individuals confuse creaturesí method of communication with emotion, for individuals people-ize creatures. Therefore, they misinterpret and they express that the creature is expressing an emotion when in actuality it is expressing a communication. Language does not merely incorporate words. There are many forms of language, and creatures incorporate language in action.

PAMELA: That helps tremendously. (Loud prolonged thunderclap) It sounds like a bit of a bad connection. Can you hear me okay?

ELIAS: I am receiving you quite well.

PAMELA: Okay, itís on my end, then. I seem to be interfering here.

I would like to ask if thereís some symbolism to... Iíve always been incredibly healthy and have not had any fears of cancers or anything. She was diagnosed very unexpectedly in January with a cancer for which I was told there was no treatment. I did try a variety of natural healing modalities and actually got information from her that it was one of the reasons we were together, that she knew I would expose her or allow her to be a part of a lot of different experiences with energy and consciousness.

The cancer was in her mouth, and in the end she was unable to take in any kind of nourishment or speak in any way. I was wondering how much of this was a communication to myself, for I think of that part of the body as having to do with self-expression and creativity and nourishing of self. In my creation of the way that she died and the choice that she did at this time, is there something to that? Is it a communication to me about myself, or was it entirely her creation? Am I making sense?

ELIAS: Yes, and your impression?

PAMELA: As I said, because of the location of it and how it affected her, it made me think about those things of self-expression and creativity and nourishing of self, which are all issues that I have been and am working on at this time, very focused on, and trying to pay attention to, and so on and so forth.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; what message do you see?

PAMELA: At this time, I think itís a little hard for me and I need some help with that. I just feel she brought a joy into my life that I have not felt very much in this focus. I just created a wonderful dream come true in the purchase of a home for myself in December, and I was so excited about moving in and living in this new experience with her. When this happened so suddenly, thereís a part of me that goes, ďSee, you just canít let yourself have 100 percent fun. Youíve always got to throw something in here and take away from yourself.Ē Iím struggling with wanting to still be here, because I was so bonded with her.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, I am understanding your perception. But let me express to you, what this creature has chosen has actually been a gift. It has been a gift to you of you, for you, which would be expressed through this creature, for the reason that you have created this bond, so to speak, with this particular creature.

What it has created, you are correct in your impression concerning nurturing yourself, feeding yourself, caring for yourself and appreciating yourself, and listening to your communications and also allowing yourself to communicate. In this, the imagery that the creature chose to be incorporating was much more than one action and one choice, for there have been many expressions within that choice.

One is a recognition of your challenges and your struggle, so to speak. In the recognition of that challenge, the creature chose to be incorporating an example for you of what you do and generate within yourself, and in its appreciation of you, chose to manifest what you may term to be a living example as a gift. (Thunder continues)


PAMELA: As a gift to tell me what not to do?

ELIAS: As a gift of energy to express a communication to you, identifying what you do and what you do not do, and how significant it is for you to be offering this nurturing to yourself. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Now; it also was a choice of a particular type of manifestation as another gift. For in creating a dis-ease, it not merely offered you a communication and was offering you a gift of information, but also chose a method that would be acceptable.

PAMELA: Acceptable?

ELIAS: Yes. For you, incorporating the information that you do, would accept this choice as a dis-ease and therefore almost inevitable. This choice would be much more efficient than to create another choice, such as one that you would term to be an accident, and offer yourself no objective information concerning it.

PAMELA: Such as if she were hit by a car?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: I realized that there was a time element, in that it allowed me a process by her diagnosis and then what I went through. When youíre talking about my beliefs being that it was almost inevitable, I was very interested in that, that I feel like I can heal myself but when it comes to someone else or my child, my cat, I was terrified and I really I didnít believe that she could be healed. I wanted to believe.

ELIAS: But you also recognize that this is a choice and it was the creatureís choice.

PAMELA: To go when she did.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA. So it isnít just a matter of my not being able to accept a scenario where we found healing or where she healed or changed probabilities? Was there a probability where I was able to accept that scenario?


PAMELA: And so in that probability she healed and sheís still alive.

ELIAS: Yes. But in this probability, the creature has offered you considerable information and has chosen a method to be less oppressive to you, and also chose to be engaging that action of death WITH you, which is quite an intimate expression.

PAMELA: Yes, I felt it was. I was hoping that I wasnít going to have to make a decision of having her put to sleep, and it resulted in that I felt that was the only option remaining. Yet I know when I was struggling with that in the weeks prior, I felt a communication from her that she trusted me in the decision that I would make, whatever it would be. But I do know that I am struggling over that because I did not feel... A lot of people have said that their animals just calmly went to sleep, and I didnít feel that. I felt a struggle. (Emotionally) I felt like I pushed the life out of her in the action.

ELIAS: Quite the reverse.

PAMELA: How so?

ELIAS: The struggle was in association with a temporary questioning of the choice in association with the strength of your energy. The creature was resolved in its choice, but also expresses a genuine affection and what you may term to be love Ė not as you define it as an emotion Ė but in the truth of that expression.

PAMELA: And I actually can feel the truth of that expression.

ELIAS: And in that, there was a temporary wavering. In your alteration of your energy, in not holding so tightly to the creature, you also expressed an energy communication to the creature in allowance of its choice to disengage.

PAMELA: So she was okay with it?

ELIAS: Yes. As Iíve stated, there was a temporary expression of wavering, which was directly in response to your energy. But in the moment that you altered your energy, in your common vernacular ďlet go,Ē the creature immediately responded and stopped wavering in the choice and continued with the choice to be disengaging, which is what the creature wanted.

PAMELA: Okay. Thank you, very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAMELA: Did she exist before she came into my awareness? She did have a family before she found me, thatís what I felt, and it wasnít that she just appeared that first time that I noticed her.

ELIAS: Correct, but you drew this to yourself.

PAMELA: Yes, I know I did because I had so many messages about it and I know how she altered my life. So I appreciate that, thank you so much. That helps me so, so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and perhaps you may allow yourself to appreciate you and acknowledge yourself.

PAMELA: Iím trying.

ELIAS: And in a manner of speaking, honor that relationship in your appreciation of the creature.

PAMELA: I will always honor it and I will always appreciate it, what it was and what we shared, and what we still share.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: Now that I know her awareness is still what it is, then I can think that. That just gives me great comfort. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

PAMELA: I think my main area that I would appreciate your counsel on is in the transcripts Ė itís finally starting to hit home, thank goodness Ė about the paying attention and what that means and not being so focused on the thought but the communications, noticing choices and actions, and how important it is to get to accepting of self.

Iím struggling with accepting myself when I would make this decision that is causing me so much pain and lack of joy. How do I appreciate myself in this?

ELIAS: You appreciate what you have created, what you have accomplished; you accept the message that was offered as a gift. You turn your attention to you and you begin to generate the actualizing of that message.

PAMELA: I feel Iím on the path; Iím definitely on the path. Thank you so much for your wonderful information, because it truly is a very inspiring source.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

PAMELA: I would like to get on to some other questions, if I may.

ELIAS: You may.

PAMELA: First of all, some details that Iíve never asked you before. Is my orientation common?


PAMELA: I donít yet understand those, but I know the information is in the transcripts so I just need to keep going with that. And that Iím thought focused.


PAMELA: Is this a final focus? As for my impression about that, I guess I would say yes after what Iíve read about what a final focus is. But itís interesting that I denied that for a good while, because I would run across people in my life who would say, ďOh, Iím so tired of being human; this is it for me; I donít want to come back.Ē I would always think if Iíve chosen to be here, Iíve chosen to be here for a reason; I want to enjoy the experience or get out of it whatever I came to get out of it. Why would I want to say this is my last time, thank god? And yet now that I find some of my thinking processes, I tend to think that this is a final focus for me.

ELIAS: You are correct.

Now; let me express to you that not all individuals that are the designated final focus express what you have identified. There are many individuals that are a final focus and express quite a zeal for their focus and their experiences and this physical dimension, and are generating excitement and appreciation for their exploration and are not necessarily looking forward, so to speak, to disengaging and not participating within this physical dimension.

PAMELA: Yes, I agree with that. I guess I was just using that as an example of what had come through in the transcripts about final focuses.

ELIAS: There are many individuals that experience that and associate it with being a final focus, but it is not necessarily associated with the designation of final focus. It is more associated with the individualís beliefs, their experiences and their perception.

PAMELA: Iíve also read that the aligning family is usually the emphasis as opposed to the family that weíve chosen to belong to, and yet I feel that Iím equal, that both families, Milumet and Sumari, are of equal importance in this focus to me. Do you agree with that?


Now; that is at times evident with some individuals, in which they may be expressing equal qualities of both families. For the most part, generally speaking, individuals do express more obviously the qualities of the alignment, but this is not to say that the qualities of the family that they are belonging to are not expressed and that they may not be recognized; they are. It is merely that the alignment appears within most individuals to be much more obvious.

PAMELA: Iíve never asked you the number of focuses I have. Before I get an answer from you and tell you my impression, when you talk about the number of focuses in this physical dimension, Iím assuming that means there are physical dimensions where, letís say, the base elements of earth/water/fire/wind or air are not the base elements but there are actually other elements, and yet the dimension is still physical.


PAMELA: So on that basis, when you give a number to someone, does it encompass all physical dimensions or this physical dimension?

ELIAS: Merely this physical dimension.

PAMELA: Then by that standard, my impression is that I have many more focuses in other physical dimensions than this one, for I so often feel a stranger here and feel out of my element...


PAMELA: ...almost alien. I mean, when people call me by name, Pam, it always kind of startles me, like whoís that? (Elias laughs) So then, how many focuses in this dimension? I would think, at least by my impressions, at least ten to twenty, but I know some people have hundreds.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, most individuals incorporate an average, so to speak, number of focuses which may range from approximately 300 to 800 focuses. Some individuals incorporate many more, which may be 900 focuses to several thousand. Some individuals incorporate very few focuses within this physical dimension, and generally speaking that range is between approximately 50 and 200, which would be deemed as very few.

You incorporate within this particular physical dimension 96.

PAMELA: And within other physical dimensions?

ELIAS: This is unnumberable.

PAMELA: Itís so many?

ELIAS: Yes, and also other physical dimensions are not all expressed in the manner that this physical dimension is. Therefore the numbering of focuses may be more challenging, for they are not necessarily expressed in a manifestation that would be deemed to be a constant.

PAMELA: Okay, that makes sense. But Iím more comfortable in some of those other dimensions than I am here?


PAMELA: Thank goodness! Thank you for confirming that. I didnít want it to just be that I was trying to escape it. (Elias laughs)

Iíd like to get some confirmations on some of the focuses that Iíve become aware of in this dimension.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAMELA: First of all, Iíd like to go over a few probability changes. I had an experience in the earthquake of í94, where a piece of furniture was damaged. That piece of furniture was in storage for a long time, a beloved piece of furniture. I kept thinking itís going to have that yucky gouge out of it, but I had the piece of wood and I knew I would glue it back in. But I never got it glued back in, and low and behold, that piece of wood was stolen Ė for very bizarre reasons, but anyway it was Ė and when I realized that, I remember thinking to myself Iíd like to choose a probability where that chest comes out of storage in perfect condition. Low and behold, about six years later, it did! So would you confirm that I did choose the probability change and was successful with that? Thatís how it appeared to me, but Iím thinking that maybe I just forgot that it really wasnít damaged and I dreamed it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You did not imagine.

PAMELA: It was a pretty big gouge out of that furniture.

Can you confirm a probable self or counterpart Ė Iím not sure which Ė as an elite competitive athlete, possibly a swimmer or runner, who met someone in college and married?

ELIAS: Counterpart, yes.

PAMELA: Is there a probable or counterpart self living in North Carolina?

ELIAS: In this present time framework?

PAMELA: Maybe not. It could even be at the beginning of the origin of this country.

ELIAS: This is another focus.

PAMELA: Youíre right, it would be a focus in another time period. Am I correct about the time period, about the time of Thomas Jefferson, and did I know him or possibly work on his plantation?


PAMELA: Is there a focus where I die in deep snow, trapped under a sleigh or cart pulled by horses, possibly in the area known as Russia, around 1500? Thatís a guess in the time period.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, within your 1600s.

PAMELA: But the scenario did occur?


PAMELA: And was my current father present in that experience?


PAMELA: Is there a focus where I am paralyzed, physically paralyzed and completely dependent on others? I want to say 19th or 20th century.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, 19th.

PAMELA: Wow. Is there a focus as a seaman or merchant, where I was involved in a shipwreck but I survived, yet I was very conflicted over what I saved. I was apparently conflicted over do I save material goods, do I save people, and if I save people, which people Ė which would benefit me most? I think I made decisions based on what I thought would benefit me, and I seemed to feel badly about that later on.


PAMELA: Were my niece and nephew on that ship and they did not survive?


PAMELA: Is there a focus involved with alchemy and would you have access to another experience in another physical dimension, which I think this is? A focus involving alchemy with great success in using it in terms of health and longevity, success to such a degree that itís part of the reason why I shun celebrity, not wanting to be famous, wanting to be anonymous, and have difficulty with manifestations because of where I took alchemy?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and you do also incorporate another focus in this physical dimension which incorporates actions of attempting to create similar expressions, that which you may term to be a sorcerer in this dimension, which incorporates bleed-through from that other focus within the other dimension, and has generated experiences in attempting to create similar expressions in this dimension with much less success.

PAMELA: Yeah, no kidding! That was going to be another question, in England or Scotland as a sorcerer. So that focus had bleed-through of the focus in the other dimension involving alchemy?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: And those two, in juxtaposition with this focus, are part of my kind of halting myself in manifesting because of where I took it and of how I felt about where I took it?


PAMELA: Okay, that helps a lot. A focus as a painter or teacher, a male, probably Roman, who struggled with the issue of livelihood?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAMELA: And a focus that died in a fire, possibly being burned at the stake Ė but I donít know, just fire.

ELIAS: Not burnt at the stake, but I am understanding your association. Yes, the individual did disengage in fire and it was associated with similar types of expressions, that of fear expressed within other individuals and a lack of acceptance and tolerance, and therefore incorporated the action of burning the dwelling of your focus.

PAMELA: Thatís actually what I felt. I donít know why I said burning at the stake. I guess because I was thinking of the sorcerer.

ELIAS: Also in association with the reasons, for your association with burning at the stake is an action that is incorporated by individuals in judgment of other individuals, and fear and a lack of acceptance. The reasons were quite similar in that scenario.

PAMELA: That fits what I felt.

I have a question regarding intent or general theme for a life and the fact that so much of this life Iíve simply not known what to do with myself. My struggle has been finding livelihood, not really from a financial standpoint but from the energy-flow standpoint of having a place to put my energy, feeling like I belong here. I know I have purpose and meaning, but Iíve really struggled with fitting into society and that whole thing of what to do with myself. Itís part of why losing the anchor that I felt in the relationship with my cat has just been really hard. Can you help me understand whatís best for me to know about that now?

A part of that seems to be that Iíve felt so much boredom in the early part of my life, and then to compensate for that, to try to fix that, I came up with all these things that I love doing, these passions, and I put myself into overwhelm. What I find, now that Iím backing off and trying to go to the middle of those two, is I have a lot of ideas but I struggle with how to manifest them. I understand that this relates back to my whole struggle with alchemy and manifestation, so that will help me there, but what tools would serve me best at this time? Iím working with the paying attention and noticing my choices, and thatís helping a lot. But Iím still struggling with where do I go, what do I do next, how do I create a life for myself.

ELIAS: First of all, in association with your intent, you have described your intent in this discussion quite well, in actuality.

PAMELA: Is it the intent of my path is to not have a path?

ELIAS: Oh, you incorporate what you term to be a path! Your intent is the exploration, in a manner of speaking, of attempting to discover how to be creating the insertion of the round peg into the square hole. (Laughs)

PAMELA: You said that to me once before, and Iím still doing it!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Of course, for this is your intent. Therefore, you continue to express different avenues in which you explore that theme.

PAMELA: This is my intent for this life?!

ELIAS: Now; listen to myself. How you perceive that may move in very different manners. You may perceive that to be quite negative or distressing, or you may perceive that to be quite challenging and actually exciting and invigorating, for it is an intent which moves in somewhat of an opposition to the norm, so to speak.

PAMELA: No kidding.

ELIAS: But that may be quite fun in actuality, dependent upon how you choose to be perceiving it and how you choose to be expressing it.

In this, first of all, let me express to you one suggestion, that you discontinue projecting yourself futurely. For a significant source of your conflict or confusion is that you continue to project your attention futurely in wondering and anticipation of what you should or should not do and what you should create or what direction you should be moving into.

PAMELA: But I have gotten better with that, have I not?

ELIAS: I am aware. Yes.

PAMELA: I know Iíve stopped to a degree but I still do. Itís such a habit! So thatís something of an autopilot for me.

ELIAS: Correct, which is significant.

PAMELA: I know! How do I catch myself? Itís such a part of me.

ELIAS: Play games; incorporate games with yourself. Pay attention and notice yourself in the now. Notice what you are generating in the now, and each time you sneak up upon yourself and recognize that you are expressing to yourself in any manner ďwhat shall I be doing, what shall I be incorporating, where shall I be going,Ē each time you notice that you are generating that type of direction, allow yourself to incorporate a stop-point, applaud yourself, visualize yourself to be physically standing upon a gameboard and move yourself three squares forward, for you have accomplished in that moment. Therefore, in your acknowledgment of yourself, reward yourself, generate a game. This interrupts your seriousness, and it also interrupts your discounting of yourself and allows you to perceive in a different manner. Acknowledge yourself.

Or perhaps each time you notice, if you are not incorporating your game of squares, offer yourself a reward and allow yourself to incorporate a chocolate.

PAMELA: (Laughs) For me it would be a glass of wine!

ELIAS: Even better! (Laughs loudly)

PAMELA: Iím not much of a chocolate person, but Iíd take that glass of wine!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Very well!

PAMELA: Iíll do that and Iíll drink to you, Elias! Do we have time for one or two more questions?

ELIAS: One more.

PAMELA: In talk about the shift of consciousness that is going on here, I get caught up in the ďit matters notĒ and the whole idea of why does it all matter so darned much if it matters not? Why does it even matter to have fun, if it matters not? And yet I canít imagine wanting to be here and not having fun or not enjoying it. What would be the purpose? But then it seems to get into that whole thing of fun or not fun.

I guess what I would like to know what weíre accomplishing in this consciousness, in this shift in this physical dimension. Does it have purpose in lending to other dimensions, to other areas? Are we one of the only physical dimensions of choice?


PAMELA: So weíre not the only planet of choice, which is something that a lot of people say.


PAMELA: But is what weíre doing here monumental in terms of consciousness and lending itself to other... I know there arenít levels, but...

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing, and my response is yes.

Now; let me also clarify to you, this statement that I have incorporated many, many times of ďit matters notĒ has been quite distorted and misunderstood. As I express to all of you it matters not, this is an expression of a lack of judgment. It is NOT a statement of not caring or that nothing within your reality matters. What I am expressing in that statement is a statement of a lack of concern, which is quite different from a lack of caring.

PAMELA: Yes. So what we are doing here has great purpose elsewhere as well?

ELIAS: Yes, for all that you are experiencing in ANY area of consciousness is generating a contribution to the expansion of consciousness. This is the nature of consciousness, to explore. As you expand your exploration within this physical dimension, you also are expanding consciousness.

PAMELA: But are there levels of consciousness, not levels, but are there other areas that are really watching us, are really aware of what weíre doing and shall I say rooting for us to do something in particular, to expand into a certain degree or whatever?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Were this not the situation, in your terms, there would not be the participating essences in this energy exchange which are not physically manifest.

PAMELA: I didnít follow that.

ELIAS: There are more essences involved in this energy exchange that I participate within than merely myself, and there are other essences that are supportive of the exchange that are not necessarily participating in offering energy directly to it.

Now; many, many of those essences are not physically manifest within your physical dimension but are generating a participation in what you are choosing to create within your physical dimension.

Now; you are generating a translation in association with what you know within your objective awareness in your physical expression of a ďrooting section,Ē so to speak, which, as I have stated, this is a translation. But in a manner of speaking, yes, this is occurring. Were it not, I would not be speaking with you.

PAMELA: So in essence, the rooting for us is the lending of energy to explore the expansion?


PAMELA: As always, I appreciate every moment and word and feeling that I share with you, and thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend, and I may express to you, accept my energy of comfort with you and allow yourself to express it within yourself also.

PAMELA: I will. What youíve shared with me will help me do that so much. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. In dearness and in lovingness to you...

PAMELA: Thank you, Elias. I love you so much.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

PAMELA: Namaste to you.

Elias departs at 5:54 PM.

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