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Friday, March 12, 2004

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“A Soft-Soft Relationship”

“Soothing a Frightened Child”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Axel (Ricarro) and Khadija (Marnia).

(Elias’ arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

AXEL: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! We meet again!

AXEL: This is excellent. Khadija is here.

ELIAS: Welcome!

AXEL: Want to say hello, Khadija?

KHADIJA: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome!

AXEL: Elias, we’re not much prepared. We’re in this situation that we have to make a spontaneous session because both of us have been very busy, and now we would like to have a little spontaneous session with you. I’m happy that Khadija is with me. She is very new to our material. She has started to take classes in English for not too much time now, so this is also exciting for her.

ELIAS: Very well! Ha ha ha!

AXEL: May I first ask Khadija’s essence name for the statistics?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well. Essence name, Marnia, M-A-R-N-I-A (MAR nee uh). And your impression as to essence families?

AXEL: Actually, KC inquired already for us.


AXEL: That was Sumari/Ilda, and soft orientation and political focus.

ELIAS: And how is your interaction with this individual, incorporating this information?

AXEL: Interesting question! (Both laugh) Actually, that’s something I wanted to speak about with you. In the very beginning, when I first met Khadija, I was of the opinion that she is having the orientation of soft, just like me, because we were getting along so extremely well, both of us. But after some time, I was wondering if Khadija can really be of the same orientation as I am, because you have been speaking about the fact that two individuals who engage an intimate relationship with each other having the same orientation of soft will sooner or later get into much conflict. This conflict didn’t seem to come up for a long time – but finally it did! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Let me clarify with you, my friend, for what I have expressed is that there MAY be conflict between two individuals in an intimate relationship incorporating the orientation of soft if those individuals are not genuinely paying attention to themselves.

Now; if the individuals ARE paying attention to themselves and continuing to hold their attention, they shall in actuality interact quite well, for you do speak the same language and you do incorporate an understanding of each other’s perceptions, incorporating the same orientation. But for individuals with the soft orientation, it is quite important that they be paying attention to self and therefore avoiding the potential for conflicts.

AXEL: Right. That is what I was considering more after we got into conflict. I have been practicing to hold my attention upon self, and I can see the difference.

ELIAS: Yes, it is significant, for it is easily expressed with soft individuals to be not cooperating with each other if they are not paying attention to self.

AXEL: I was wondering at this moment, is there any other particular advice that you would like to give to us?

ELIAS: In association with what?

AXEL: Under the headline of soft/soft relationships, and in particular for the two of us individually and together.

ELIAS: I may express to you merely to remember that you may be easily expressing and experiencing a harmony and a cooperation with each other, but not to get distracted if you choose to be expressing yourselves in different manners.

Recognize also – which is significant, considering this orientation – that each of you does incorporate time frameworks in which you generate somewhat of an isolating from the other, and this is a natural action that individuals holding this orientation engage. Therefore, my suggestion to you each is to be remembering that, that your natural movement, although it is to be continuously interactive, that is not necessarily to say that you are being continuously interactive with other individuals or even each other.

In that, one of the expressions of the soft orientation, or the qualities of the soft orientation, is this objective/subjective awareness that is continuously being expressed. There is an awareness of that in soft individuals, and that, at times, in a manner of speaking, becomes somewhat overwhelming. This is the reason that these individuals choose to incorporate time frameworks in which they are physically or outwardly appearing to be alone and appreciating that time of aloneness.

In that, if you are remembering that and recognizing that in yourselves and in each other, you shall greatly avoid conflict, for you shall not personalize the other individual’s expression in time frameworks in which they may express that their desire is to be incorporating time with themselves alone and not to be interactive. Are you understanding?

AXEL: Yes, of course, I understand.

ELIAS: For that, at times, is one quality of the soft orientation that does incorporate a strong potential for generating conflict if one or the other individual is personalizing the other’s expression.

AXEL: What do you mean by personalizing?

ELIAS: What is meant in that is, as an example, if she expresses that she wishes to be incorporating a time framework in which she is alone and you respond to that as an affront to yourself, or you incorporate the perception that the reason that she is generating this time framework of being alone is that you have caused this action, and you become upset or distressed that the reason that she is incorporating the alone time framework is that you have generated some action that was unacceptable and therefore she is withdrawing from you. (1) That would be an example of personalizing a natural action that is associated with the orientation.

Either one of you are not the cause of each of your movements into aloneness in different time frameworks. That is merely a natural expression of your orientation, and it does not concern the other individual.

AXEL: Sometimes Khadija has said to me that when she speaks to me that my reaction is somewhat emotionless. I was wondering, is that caused by the fact that I am thought focused and she is political focused?

ELIAS: Yes. That also is significant to be understanding in association with your relationship. For it is not that individuals that are thought focused do not incorporate emotion, but they do not express it in the manner that other focus types express it.

You express emotion literally as a communication and not necessarily as a feeling, so to speak. It is accompanied by a feeling signal in the time frameworks in which you are offering yourself emotional communications. But other individuals define emotion differently. They define emotion not merely as a communication but also as a feeling, and in that, many individuals that are thought focused appear to be devoid of that type of expression. It is not necessarily that they actually are devoid of it; it is merely that they express differently and that they do not incorporate emotional feelings as strongly or as obviously as other individuals.

Now; what moves in an easier manner with both of you is that the political focus is actually closer to the expression of a thought focus than an emotional focus, but it does incorporate some qualities that are similar to the emotional focus. Therefore, it is almost as if it were a combination of the emotional and thought focus. Therefore, there may be less conflict expressed between the political focus and the thought focus than a thought focus and an emotional focus, and you may generate an easier understanding of each other for you are more closely associated in your expressions and your perceptions.

AXEL: That was clear.

Elias, two people so far have asked you to liken their energy to that of an animal.


AXEL: This is a thing that I found quite interesting and funny! Would you do the same for the two of us here?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well. (Pause) I would liken your energy to that of a beaver.

AXEL: A beaver!

ELIAS: Yes, and I would liken her energy to that of the creature that you term a koala bear.

AXEL: A koala bear! (Laughs loudly) Sweet! That’s why Khadija is so sweet! (Both laugh)

KC is asking how many focuses the three of us share together. She says she thinks 41 but it might be a wish of hers.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would express to you 46.

AXEL: Oh my god! That means she is involved in every focus that I have with Khadija together! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: In some capacity.

AXEL: Another quick question – would it be correct that the inner sense that I use the most is the one of conceptualization?


AXEL: Some things about health or physical symptoms – Khadija recently had an accident where she hurt her knee. Can you give us a few hints on that? What is the background to this, or what is the communication?

ELIAS: And what is your impression and what do you assess?

AXEL: My impression would be it was sort of a stop-point in an attempt of seeking outside distraction.

ELIAS: In association with what?

AXEL: Because she got so busy in outside activity, and that forced her to rest. It was allowing her a long time and things like that.

ELIAS: Correct, and also offering an experience that not merely incorporated a slowing of activity but allowing a time framework to be becoming more familiar with self and with how you create physical experiences and how your physical body moves in a natural direction of healing.

AXEL: I have a question regarding a physical symptom of mine. It happened, I think, over the last few years already that the opening of my left eye has become less, like my eyelid is not opening as wide as the right one. Furthermore, during the last few weeks I developed a little strain or twinge in my left eyeball. I really don’t know what this is about.

ELIAS: You incorporate no assessment?

AXEL: I really thought about it. The only direction that my thoughts tumbled into is that this is somehow related to my intuition, that I incorporate less focus in this area than I could.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In actuality, it is not quite associated with vision. It is two different expressions. The twitching is associated with connecting with energies of other-dimensional focuses.

The eyelid and the drooping of the eyelid is a different manifestation. That is a different expression. That is associated with an energy of laziness. (Chuckles and Axel laughs) You are reflecting with your physical body what you are expressing within your energy at times.

AXEL: So I am expressing an energy of laziness! (Both laugh) Elias, I’ve had headaches for the last few weeks. For the first time in my life I am having consistent headaches. What is that about? (Pause)

ELIAS: I may be acknowledging of you, and I may also express to you that this is temporary. This is associated with widening your awareness. This is not uncommon.

AXEL: That’s what I thought. I had no communication with it.

ELIAS: Many individuals generate this type of physical affectingness, in headaches, in association with opening neurological pathways.

AXEL: Elias, Lucas is asking how old you are.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I may express to him that I am ageless! (Both laugh)

AXEL: One thing that I’m pondering over is why Lucas has been getting so scared sometimes recently, especially in the evening and the nights. He doesn’t want to be alone, not even for a minute. He would follow me everywhere, into every room, even to the bathroom. He would not go to bed without me, things like that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is an expression of fearfulness concerning what he perceives to be unknowns. There are unknown energies that are frightening to him, some of which are associated with dreams that he is not necessarily clearly remembering or objectively aware of. Those dreams are associated with other focuses and experiences within those other focuses that he now, in his age, would view as fearful. You may be incorporating supportiveness to him in different manners: one, to be accepting of his expression; and another, you may be generating a game with him to alleviate some of this fearfulness.

In time frameworks in which your daylight is gone and you are incorporating your nighttime, you may generate a playful game in association with other focuses, and generate visualizing some other focus and some experience that may be frightening and recreate it now. In that recreating, generate whatever the experience is into a different experience, into a fun experience.

This may be helpful in allowing him to recognize that he does incorporate the power to change any of these frightening experiences and turn them to a fun experience. He is not a victim of them and he is not subject to them. Therefore, he may playfully turn them to a different experience that is more fun, and this may dissipate some of this fearfulness.

AXEL: I see. That leads me to something. I wanted to ask you if you can suggest a game to me that I could play, or that I could even play with you.

ELIAS: What type of game do you like?

AXEL: I would like to play a game that is interweaving very much with everyday life, mundane things and physical matter, and with some background to it that one can associate to in a universal and philosophically interesting way.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well! Perhaps we shall play a game of cat and mouse. In this game you may be, in a manner of speaking, seeking out my energy in where it hides.

Now; it may be within an object, it may be within a book, it may be within a film. Your participation of this game is to find my energy in those physical expressions within your day. Ha ha ha!

AXEL: (Laughs) Okay, good! Another one from KC. She wants to know if we are creating an energy surge currently or if she is engaging the truth wave in a more objective, powerful way. Her impression is both.

ELIAS: Yes, this is correct. It is associated with this wave of truth. There is being generated much more of an intensity of energy recently, and it continues now – which also I may be addressing to in our future group interaction.

AXEL: Well, Elias, to be honest, I didn’t have so many topics today. I’m wondering if we can stop the session at this point and maybe continue another day.

ELIAS: Very well! This is your choice, and I am amiable to be compliant. Ha ha ha!

I will express to you, as always, my tremendous affection, and I express to your partner my encouragement and supportiveness in her adventure. To you both I offer my energy of lovingness, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. Ha ha ha! To you both, au revoir.

Elias departs after 33 minutes.


(1) Originally expressed as: “...or you incorporate the perception that the reason that she is generating this time framework of being alone, that you become upset or distressed, and your perception is that you have caused this action and that the reason that she is incorporating the alone time framework is that you have generated some action that was unacceptable and therefore she is withdrawing from you.”

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