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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

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ďProjecting to a Dis-Engaged Loved OneĒ

ďThe Inner Sense of ConceptualizationĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring).

(Arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LUANA: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Good to talk to you again!

ELIAS: And you also!

LUANA: Three times we made appointments and it never happened! I kept wondering why I am creating that reality. This morning, at 1:00 in the morning, a very unusual and different event happened, which is probably going to change the direction of our talk today, at least somewhat. (Elias laughs)

I guess I need to find out first from you whether I need to fill you in on the information about the event that happened this morning, which is kind of long, or whether you can pick that up automatically and I donít need to go into it too much.

ELIAS: Perhaps both.

LUANA: Iíll start talking about it and then weíll go from there.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I was going to fill you in on different things that Iíve tried over the last couple of months since I talked to you last, about making a connection with Jim since heís crossed over.


LUANA: Thereíve been some events that may or may not point to having made a connection with him, but there wasnít anything really quite solid that I could point to. But this morning I had a very extraordinary event happen and thatís the thing I want to fill in, and then weíll go from there.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I wonít read the entire event to you because itís very long, but what this has to do with is a false out-of-body experience. Itís kind of like a false awakening. A false awakening is you are asleep and you think youíve woken up. You eventually wake up and you realize that you hadnít woken up but you were still dreaming all the time.

This is like an out-of-body experience that is false, in a way. There were a number of events that happened in it. I thought I was having an out-of-body experience. These different events happened with different people showing up, and different events in this house happened. I was testing myself by going through the ceiling or the roof of the house, and I went through this sexual stimulation thing and so on and so forth. But what I want to do is read to you the part that involves Jim...

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: ...and then weíll talk further on that. Iím just going to read it, because I wrote it down after it happened this morning.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Here we go. In one scene, I canít remember where, I suddenly feel Jimís presence. It is the strangest event, for his body is not present but I feel his arms about me in the most physical of embraces. I am overcome with gratitude about his finally reaching out to me. I very fully feel his arms holding me in an embrace, yet I fully know he is not there in person. I also fully feel his personality, his emotional support, his lovingness to me. He continues to hold me and hold me. I snuggle again and again into his shoulder. I keep thinking he will end his presence and his holding of me, but he continues to remain, seemingly for as long as I need him to stay and comfort me.

While this is happening, I am so aware of this event being a visit while I am in a special state, the out-of-body, and it seems absolutely real. I even start to think that it must have been Jim who got me out-of-body in the first place. I am in the same state of objective gratitude as if I was fully awake. Meanwhile, I am perfectly aware that his physical body is not there, only a kind of projection of his loving embrace, which I have changed into a pseudo-form of his physical arms holding me. Itís a very strange thing, him being there and not being there simultaneously.

Afterwards, I believe that Iíve woken up, and Iím thinking about the events that just happened, about having an out-of-body and trying to remember the events during the OBE and so on and so forth. But I begin to suspect that I may be able to drift back into a continuance of more out-of-body. I really havenít woken up at all; I just think I have. Iím still dreaming, but I donít discover that until I actually wake up.

Now I begin to become aware about beginning to do this out-of-body event again and Ė boink! Ė I find myself in another living room, and thereís Jim sitting on the couch. Iím very surprised to see him. I remember having had the invisible arms of Jim around me earlier and the deep comfort he gave me, but now here he is, fully in his body, sitting on the end of a couch. This time he seems perfectly normal. He is solid, not emotional or feeling-based, and sitting there as natural and as real as if in physical reality.

My response to him now has changed, too. I just start talking to him as if he were in physical reality, no big deal, just like on every other day. I havenít quite left the awareness that Iím having an OBE, but it has faded into the background of the normal state of affairs.

At this point, I truly wake up. Iím shocked to find out I havenít been experiencing an OBE at all. Iíve falsely dreamed the entire affair. Iíve fallen asleep at my computer in the chair where Iíve experienced other Jim-events in a halfway reverie state. I feel somewhat cheated, for while I was dreaming all the OBE events, they felt really ďreal,Ē in quotes. Now they only seem like just another dream, which of course it isnít. (Elias laughs)

Thatís the event. Iíd like to talk about where Jim is in the process of his transition and how that might have changed our interaction. I would also like to discuss these false awakenings, false OBEs. Thereís still something either blocking me or something or other, because while I think Iím in an OBE or lucid in the dream state, it always turns out to be false and not true. Iíd like to know how I can work with that to bring it more into my objective awareness while Iím having those events.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, first of all, that the experience is not false and that it is quite real. You have created a projection and you have allowed yourself to interact with his energy. Subsequent to it, you merely move into an automatic response and doubt that the experience was real, and generate an association that it is a dream and that it is merely dream imagery. That discounts the actual experience. I may assure you that your experience was quite real and not dream imagery.

In this, you have allowed yourself the beginnings of what we discussed previously, that you do incorporate the ability to configure that energy into an actual physical form, and you allowed yourself the beginnings of that in this projection of energy.

Now; you also created it in increments that allow you a logical assessment. First, you created allowing yourself to interact with the energy, not configuring it into a physical form but recognizing the reality of that energy with or without a physical form. Once you recognized the reality of that energy, you allowed yourself to configure it into a physical form and therefore allowed yourself to interact in familiar expressions with the individual.

Now; as to the other individual, you are interacting with his energy directly. In his movement thus far, he has not actually moved fully into the action of transition, as we discussed previously. Therefore, he continues to incorporate an objective awareness and he continues to generate objective imagery associated with this physical reality. What you are doing is intersecting with that. As you generate a projection, you allow yourself to intersect his energy and the imagery that he is creating in his reality, which continues to be objective.

LUANA: Was this a chance event that I would be projecting at the same time he was doing whatever he was doing on the other side?


LUANA: Was this generated by me, as Iím asleep and seeking out the interaction with him?

ELIAS: Yes, but there is also an allowance which is being expressed with him, for he continues to be generating imagery of a physical reality.


LUANA: He must be picking up something from me, though, on this side?

ELIAS: Yes. For in a manner of speaking, figuratively, what occurs in this situation is that the other individual is generating the physical imagery associated with the continuation of physical manifestation in physical reality. Therefore, he creates what may be viewed as windows, in a manner of speaking. These windows are a type of portal, so to speak, in which some energies associated with physical reality may pass through.

LUANA: Is he purposefully doing this by choice?

ELIAS: Yes, for he has not moved into the action of transition but does incorporate an awareness that he is not actually participating within physical focus any longer.

LUANA: He does have that awareness now?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, he chooses to be incorporating these windows, so to speak, which allow an avenue for other energies which continue to be associated with your physical reality to penetrate and pass through, and therefore engage contact.

LUANA: Some of the other events that came along... Itís a long list of different things. Has he just recently made the discovery that heís in this position of objective reality and creating these portals? I guess my question is, all the other events leading up to this event, I had a feeling that these were simply my doing that and not a true interaction with him.

ELIAS: I may express to you, there have been other actual interactions, but the awareness of his allowance and his awareness of not participating within physical focus has been being generated incrementally. Therefore, figuratively speaking, the windows were being formed and were small. As his awareness of what he has created increases, the windows become larger.

Now; they are always open and available. Therefore, it is not chance, for there is always that availability, for that is what he is creating. In this...

LUANA: Do I also create a portal on this side and itís like portal meets portal?

ELIAS: No. What is occurring is you have allowed yourself to generate a projection, and with the intention of creating that connection, you have allowed yourself to project through the portals. You automatically hone to them in conjunction with your intention.

LUANA: I was really getting discouraged for a long time, because I kept on trying all sorts of different things. The list went on and on with dreams, direct writing, computers, talking on phones, talking out loud, and doing events and actions and so on and so forth, trying this and that, and nothing really seemed to connect in. But it seems to me, since it showed up in this form, that this gives me now a real focus on what I might continue with. It seems to have occurred during the dreaming out-of-body thing. Maybe thatís where I should concentrate my energy, rather than trying a whole bunch of different other things. Is that true?

ELIAS: I would offer that as a suggestion, yes, for you may generate that in ease. As you become more familiar with the action and you become more confident with your abilities to generate that, you may also choose to expand that within your waking state.

LUANA: My second question in the beginning was I have these kind of false awakenings or false out-of-body, where I think Iím doing it but Iím really not. Is there something I can do myself that turns it into truly an out-of-body?

ELIAS: This is what I expressed to you. You HAVE generated that. It is not a false projection.

LUANA: It is not?


LUANA: It just seems that way. When I wake up, the objective self looks at it and says, oh, that wasnít really your objective self there.

ELIAS: This is what I expressed to you. Once you engage awakening and you are fully engaging your objective awareness, you discount the action and the experience by expressing to yourself that this was merely a dream and it was merely imagery, which it was not. I am quite definitely confirming to you that your experience was quite real and that it was a projection.

LUANA: I understand. Because I was getting so discouraged, there is a thing I hadnít tried yet. There is a lady Iím involved with, her name is Faith Ė I want to get her personal profile information in a minute Ė but she channels energies for the intentional community sheís in. She owns land and has between 30 and 40 people living on the land. She constantly is in touch with essences on the other side who help guide her through how to handle ranch situations that sheís in. Sheís a friend of mine.

I approached her with the idea of maybe starting to do some channeling work myself with Jim, with either channeling or an energy exchange, to try to connect with him that way. Maybe this is something that I might do in the future after I practice more with the out-of-body work?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

LUANA: Are you familiar with her energy at all? As soon as I connected her with your information, she instantly got information from what she calls ďher guysĒ that verified for her that you were really real. Iím wondering if you were in contact with any of those essences or you can pick up her energy at all.


LUANA: She expressed that she would like to have some information on her essence name and family and orientation and element and all that. Would you do that for her, please?

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Chelsea. Essence family, Milumet; alignment, Vold; orientation, soft. And what other information are you requesting?

LUANA: Perhaps the number of focuses that sheís had?

ELIAS: Numbering of focuses in this dimension, 1211.

LUANA: Thank you.

One other dream event that I just want to check quickly with you is two mornings ago I awoke with just a snippet of a dream, where somebody, a man, had come into my dream and basically told me donít give up the ghost, donít get discouraged. Do you have any information on who that person was, whether I represented that to myself or it was you or Jim or somebody else, that gave me that piece of encouragement?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is your translation of my energy.

LUANA: All right. I rather suspected that. (Elias laughs)

Has Jim at all been traveling to The City? (1) We worked a little bit on The City together, and itís still showing up in some of my meditations. Is he at all trying to project to The City? You know what I mean by ďThe City?Ē

ELIAS: Yes, I am aware.

LUANA: Is he doing any work there at all?

ELIAS: Experimenting. But in a manner of speaking, he also doubts what he is actually generating and whether he is actually projecting himself to that physical area or whether he is imagining it. Ha ha ha!

LUANA: Same problem here!

Hereís another question I have. This is not when Iím asleep; this is kind of in a reverie state of halfway there. Sometimes I get these images that flash by. I donít know whether theyíre other focuses of mine or exactly what they are, but theyíre generally persons, personages. The thing goes by so fast, it comes and goes so fast, itís like really real and then Ė psssht! Ė disappears. I would like to know how I can begin to extend those into remaining around longer so that I can interact with them.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that this is quite a common experience with many individuals. Yes, this is a presentment of other focuses, and it is merely concerning your energy in the moment. In the moment, as that begins to occur, what you generate is an excited energy. As you begin to generate that excitement in your energy, you create the event occurring quite rapidly.

Now; if you notice and allow yourself to intentionally express a calm and relaxed energy and not generate that excitement, the images shall move much more slowly.

LUANA: Thatís easier said than done, because as soon as it happens I am excited! Itís like ooh, ooh, there he goes! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I am aware!

LUANA: Theyíre very fast, but very clear!


LUANA: When I sit down to describe them, I see that within that brief not-even-a-secondís worth of vision, Iíve actually captured quite a bit.

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, I am aware of the challenge in not expressing that excitement, but as I have stated, many individuals generate very similar experience. This element of excitement increases your energy, and therefore it generates a much more rapid vibrational quality, which creates this scenario of the images moving very quickly.

LUANA: One of the events that happened to me happened on Valentineís Day. Youíre familiar with Valentineís Day, I presume?


LUANA: This was such a startling event that I wanted to ask you about it. Jim and I always set aside Valentineís Day for doing something especially loving Ė sometimes with each other, sometimes with the environment Ė and it changed all the time. Iíve been trying to devote special occasions, and as you suggested in our last conversation, keeping some of the actions, things weíve done in the past, to keep this opening happening.

On Valentineís Day morning, very early in the morning, I had been working at things, went to bed at 2 or 2:30 in the morning, something like that, and planning the day ahead that I would be spending with Jim. I was propped up with a couple of pillows and I wasnít really sleepy. I was just ruminating about things, and I had this most intense heart attack. It was so painful, it was so real, and I almost couldnít breathe with it.

As it was going on, there was another part of me that was sort of objectively on the outside of it, looking at what was happening to me. Iím frozen in bed with this heart attack, and itís a physical thing, not a mental thing. Iím thinking to myself, gee, I wonder what in the heck this is? I go through different scenarios: Am I experiencing what Jimís last moment was like when he had his heart give out on him? Is this possibly a separation, that now heís gone on with his transition and heís leaving me behind and Iím having this heart attack as if itís this final ďyouíre no longer being connected with himĒ? Am I myself having a heart attack? Is this it, am I going? And Iím thinking to myself, if this is it, this is it!

The fourth possible thing I thought of was that I had said to Jim about three weeks before Ė because Iím always talking to him out loud, as if heís here Ė because I was so discouraged without getting any real connection with him that I said to him, ďGee, if you donít make a really strong effort to connect with me, Iím going to stop doing all this stuff on Valentineís Day, because it doesnít make any sense for me to keep trying and trying and trying and trying to do this.Ē So I sort of stopped trying to do this.

This is when I set up the first appointment with Mary, around this time, and I wanted to talk to you about whether he had gone on his way and had chosen not to be interacting with me anymore. I ran into another friend who said, ďOh, youíre trying too hard; stop trying,Ē so I sort of stopped trying. I promised myself that as of St. Valentineís Day I would probably stop doing everything.

I was sort of in a snit. I was frustrated and angry, and just tired of the whole thing and not getting anywhere. Of course, immediately I felt bad about it, thinking here you go, throwing your snit around and telling him what he should or shouldnít do or making demands or setting up... (Elias laughs) You know, the whole thing! I felt sort of bad about it, so after a day or two I apologized to him, ďGee, dear, Iím sorry. It was just a snit I was in. Please forgive me,Ē and this, that and the other.

But the final thing I wanted to tell you about the heart attack was even more amazing to me. As Iím in the throes of this thing, Iím feeling like thatís it, Iím going to die. Iím still frozen, I can hardly breathe or anything, and I finally decide to just let it be and send my heart love. So as Iím in the throes of this thing, even while Iím in it, I fall asleep. I just fall asleep! (Elias laughs) Of course, when I wake up in the morning I remember what happened, but youíd think in the middle of all that pain that I would have been not able to do that. I wanted to check with you, what was that event about?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that what you were generating were several actions and communications to yourself. One was associated with his experience, allowing yourself to generate a similar experience to understand the experience. One was your choice to be generating that type of an experience in association with your frustration and motivating you to move into an expression of giving up, that if you may not be in contact with the individual as you continue within physical focus, perhaps you may generate the contact if you disengage also, and therefore you may re-establish your interaction.

But the final element was imaged in your action of incorporating sleep, and that is significant, for that was actually a communication that you offered to yourself, information concerning disengaging, and that regardless of what type of method an individual chooses to be incorporating death, in the moment of the choice there is no struggle and it is easy. There is no fear; there is no struggle; there is no pull. It is easy. It is as easy as falling asleep.

LUANA: It sure was easy! It was just a letting go.

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you quite genuinely, individuals do not actually realize, for the most part, just how easy that particular choice actually is. It genuinely is a choice, and it may be expressed in any moment. Regardless of the method which may be engaged prior to that choice, at the actual moment of the choice it is one of the easiest actions that you may ever engage.

LUANA: It was very easy, just incredibly easy.

ELIAS: Which is the point. It is significant that you offered this information to yourself, for this may allow you to not incorporate fear associated with death, for it is merely a choice and a different movement.

LUANA: It was quite wonderful.

Perhaps we can move off to a little bit more abstract areas. (Both laugh) A question occurs to me the last couple of times weíve talked, but Iíve never actually asked you this question. It almost seems too personal, in a way. When you talk about interacting with individuals and that youíve engaged them in their dream or vision or whatever it is, is that you as a personality essence that does that, or are you speaking more in a generalized way as you being consciousness and aware of the extensions of consciousness touching everything? Is it both of them or either one of them?

ELIAS: Both. But in this, let me also express to you, in these interactions and projections of energy that I express in conjunction with individuals, my attention is present in those energy expressions.

Now; if there is an apparition, that is my configuration of energy. If the individual engages my energy within dream state or in objective waking state in an actual manifestation, they are interacting directly with my energy, with my attention, but they are configuring the manifestation. Therefore, there is somewhat of a distinction.

LUANA: Another question I have is about the shift thatís happening right now. Thereís a lot of talk among many of my friends here who are aware of Ė they may not call it the Shift Ė but theyíre aware of changes happening. There seems to be a great deal of difficulty focusing their energy on any motivations or goals or intentions or whatever. They get excited or inspired... I myself experience this. You get excited or inspired to do something, youíre heading off in this direction, and it lasts for a day or two and all of a sudden youíre jerked into something else.

Itís very hard to accomplish anything right now because the energy is so erratic. Is this part of what is happening with the Shift? Iíd like you to speak just a little bit about where we are in the Shift right now.

ELIAS: Actually, I may express to you as I have to other individuals in recent time framework, this type of experience is being expressed by many, many, many individuals throughout your world. This is associated with this wave in consciousness addressing to truths.

LUANA: Would you expound on that just a little bit?

ELIAS: This wave is being generated in a different manner than any other wave has been previously. In this wave, you are presenting truths to yourselves through experiences, not intellectually. It is a very powerful energy which is being expressed, which may appear to be generating erratic movements. In actuality, it is generating a type of movement with individuals that initially may seem to be unmotivating.

But this is purposeful, for the energy that is being generated by individuals in response to this particular wave in consciousness is to be genuinely incorporating a time framework in which they genuinely are moving their attention to self and allowing themselves to examine their truths and become more familiar with themselves. It is also expressing an energy in which individuals may genuinely present differences to themselves and allow themselves to examine how they respond to differences.

Therefore, it may appear for a time framework to many, many, many individuals that they are experiencing a frustration in not generating completion of actions or tasks or goals, or changing their goals or directions, or experiencing fluctuation of motivation and a lack of motivation. But this is all purposeful, for in a manner of speaking it pushes you into paying more attention genuinely to yourselves and allowing yourselves to examine yourselves more clearly.

LUANA: When you mentioned truths along with that, I presume what youíre talking about is in this process weíre allowing ourselves finally to see and to know not just conceptually the truths that youíre talking about. For instance, one of the truths that you talk about is that we create our own reality.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but one moment; let me clarify. I explained that you are all participating in this wave in consciousness, and this particular wave in consciousness is addressing to truths. But the identification of these truths are not actually truths; they are beliefs that you have generated into absolutes and therefore have created it to be one of your truths.

LUANA: Let me change that; let me go back. Sometimes I talk to people who are not aware of the material, and things come up. I might express to them the statement ďyou create your reality,Ē and they say, ďThatís only a belief. If youíre talking about beliefs, thatís not an absolute either. That is just your belief that you create your reality.Ē So itís very difficult for us to explain those things other than saying we got it from a dead guy somewhere that we create our reality, but instead to know how to differentiate what really is an absolute or a truth and what we only believe is an absolute or truth.

ELIAS: Now; first of all, let me explain to you, there are no absolutes.

LUANA: Even that you create your own reality?

ELIAS: That is a truth, but a truth is merely an expression of consciousness that may be configured in some manner in any area of consciousness. But that does not generate it into an absolute.

Now; you do create your reality, and how that is not an absolute is that you may choose to allow other influences or other individuals to be directing of your reality, as I have expressed many times. Therefore, you are creating it but you may not necessarily be directing it, for you may be allowing another individual to be directing and therefore merely following the dictates of another individual. You continue to be creating it, but as I have expressed many, many times, there are no absolutes.

Therefore, this is the reason that this particular wave in consciousness is so very powerful and is generating tremendous confusion and frustration and even trauma, for it is challenging all of you, or you are all challenging yourselves, to genuinely view differences and examine your responses to differences in recognition that there ARE no absolutes. Therefore, whatever you incorporate as your truth is applicable to YOU and is associated with your preferences and your guidelines for your behavior, but is not necessarily applicable to another individual.

(The phone line is disconnected, there is a 7-second pause, then Mary returns and the connection is re-established)

ELIAS: Continuing! (Both laugh)

LUANA: That was fun! Do you want to continue what you were saying? Do you remember what you were saying?

ELIAS: (Laughs) What I am expressing to you is that this is an opportunity to view differences and to recognize that your individual truths are your guidelines associated with your preferences concerning your behaviors and how you choose to express yourself, but they are not necessarily applicable to other individuals. Their truths may be different.

LUANA: Maybe I have a misperception here. I understand everything youíre saying, but I thought while we in physical reality are dealing with the beliefs and our perceptions here and knowing that thatís whatís creating our reality and thereís no absolutes, I thought that on the nonphysical side or where youíre at that there were absolutes.

ELIAS: No, and in this, this is the reason that it is challenging and difficult for individuals to be engaging this wave concerning truths, for generally speaking, most individuals incorporate a similar association that they are creating their individual reality and other individuals are creating their individual reality but somewhere in the cosmos there is another official reality that you are striving to attain, which is incorrect. There is no other reality. The reality is what you create it to be, and every reality that every individual generates is equally as valid.

This is the reason that this particular wave is so very significant, for this is actually moving you into the objective awareness that there are no absolutes and that your beliefs are not your enemy. In this, you are merely recognizing what your individual truths are. Those are associated with your preferences or they are associated with your lack of preferences, but even in the lack of preferences, that is directly associated with your preferences.

LUANA: Changing the subject matter just a little bit, I read a session recently where you were talking to somebody about the harmony between the subjective and objective awareness...


LUANA: ...and that they exist on what we could call both sides, the sleep side and the awake side. One of our processes here as weíre awake is to open up to the expansion of being more in mergence with the subjective self and essence, and seeing the broader multi-dimensional part of ourselves. But also, in the dream state, there is both the objective self and the subjective self together operating in sleep at nighttime.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: You mentioned that with your dream imagery, sometimes it is coming from the objective self and sometimes from the subjective self. I wanted to know how you can tell the difference with your dreams. Not even dream imagery, but sometimes for me there is just an awareness of communication or interaction or something going on while Iím asleep without there necessarily being imagery. How do I know whether what I am doing when Iím asleep is from the subjective or the objective awareness, from that viewpoint?

ELIAS: Let me explain to you that the dream state is a subjective expression.

Now; if you are not incorporating imagery, you are not involving the objective awareness in the subjective expression in that moment.

LUANA: Because thereís no imagery, thereís no translation of that into the imagery?

ELIAS: Correct. As you generate imagery in association with dream state, what you are doing is you are allowing your objective awareness to be translating the action that the subjective awareness is engaging.

LUANA: So thatís one of the ways I can tell the difference between the two?

ELIAS: Correct. Subjective expressions do not incorporate imagery. Objective translates into imagery.

LUANA: That must be also true in the waking state, then...


LUANA: ...that if you are receiving something like an intuition about something but it does not have an imagery to it, itís simply like a knowing message, then that must come from the subjective awareness rather than having been translated into the objective state.

ELIAS: Correct. But the translation through the objective awareness is not bad; it is natural.

LUANA: Itís just more abstract...

ELIAS: Yes, it is much more abstract.

LUANA: ...and more difficult to see behind the scenes, whatís there, without there being the interpretations through your belief systems and so on.

ELIAS: Correct. But that may be recognized much more clearly in paying attention to what you actually do, which I am aware that most individuals incorporate significant challenge in generating that action. I am aware that it is simple for myself to express that to you but that it is much more challenging to actually accomplish, for it is quite unfamiliar to be paying attention to what you are actually doing rather than what you are thinking.

LUANA: And of course, thatís what a lot of us are trying to do, to access the subjective background behind what weíre seeing and doing, and so on and so forth.

ELIAS: But this is the point. For, the most simple manner in which you may access that information is to merely be paying attention to what you are actually doing.

LUANA: Maybe you can give me a succinct answer on this, because I have some more important questions, but maybe you can tell me. You said that there is a difference between the objective and subjective language, so to speak. What is the difference between those two languages?

ELIAS: The subjective expresses in subject matters or themes. The objective expresses in abstract imagery.

LUANA: Iíll have to think about that one. Well, that was succinct.

Hereís another question I have. When youíre talking about feeling tones Ė which I understand what they are Ė you said that the feeling tone is translated. You gave an example, for instance, that the person who is emotionally focused will naturally translate the feeling tone into an emotion, a response or reaction with emotion.

My question is, since I have the element of political, how do politically focused people translate the feeling tone? What is the outcome of that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, the political-focused individual incorporates more of a similarity to a thought-focused individual. Therefore, they may be more easily interactive and understanding a thought-focused individual, but they also do incorporate a similarity and qualities of an emotionally focused individual. They do incorporate a strong attention with intuition. They interpret information, interactions and communications in relation to other individuals and their interactions with other individuals in both manners.

LUANA: I understand. Can you give me an example of a feeling tone that identifies an energy, which is not filtered through a belief system?

ELIAS: (Laughs) No!


ELIAS: Not within your reality. (Chuckles)

LUANA: One of the exercises youíve given us is to disassociate from my form and choose a concept, idea or thought, and then become its action. I donít understand what that means. How do you become the action of a concept or idea?

ELIAS: Ah, this is conceptualization. In a similar manner to becoming any action: every element within your reality is energy; therefore, it is movement. Regardless of what it is, it is a movement and it is expressed energy. Energy is not actually a thing. It can produce things, but in itself it is not actually a thing.

LUANA: What is it?

ELIAS: It is an action. Therefore, in any expression within your reality, you may incorporate your inner sense of conceptualization and move into the action of any expression or any manifestation. Even an object that appears to you to be solid, in a manner of speaking that is an illusion, for it is not actually as solid as it appears seemingly to be within your physical reality. That is produced by energy and links of consciousness that are continuously in motion, that are action filtered through a specific configuration of time, which generates the appearance of a solid object or matter.

Now; in recognizing that it is actually energy Ė therefore it is a movement; it is action Ė any manifestation may be merged with in its movement, in its action. You understand somewhat the concept of atoms and their movement, and that they are not static. It is a similar presentment, but expanded.

LUANA: I kind of understand that, but I still need examples. Right now Iím standing in front of a vase that has two roses in it. If I think to myself this is not really an object, this may be a perception on my part of creating a symbol but thereís some action behind it, the rose isnít moving to me. Can you give me an example of how I would see that as an action instead of a solid object?

ELIAS: It is not a question of viewing. The conceptualization sense is not incorporated with sight.

LUANA: I used the wrong word. Perhaps I should use the word ďperceiveĒ instead of ďseeing,Ē or ďgraspingĒ or however you want to say it.

ELIAS: It would be an action that you would incorporate and thusly know rather than see, and in that knowing, what you do is experience the flower. You experience its vibrational movement.

Now; that may be quite difficult and challenging to translate into language. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to express a type of visual or verbal translation to yourself, but you shall recognize that it is not necessary, for you...

LUANA: Are we talking again about feeling tone? Are we talking about the action?

ELIAS: Not entirely, no, for that would be more associated with an empathic experience...

LUANA: ...instead of a conceptual experience.

ELIAS: Correct. Conceptualizing is merely moving into the movement of the flower, not merging with it in a manner in which you are allowing yourself to experience what it is experiencing. You are not concerned with the experience of the flower, but its actual makeup, its actual being and the movement of that.

LUANA: Iím still working on that one! (Elias laughs) Thatís really difficult.

I just have a couple more things here. My friend Jan W., Iíd just like to know whether she is emotional or thought focused or one of the other two.

ELIAS: Emotional.

LUANA: You have said in a session, ďI may also express to you that all physical exhibitions of consciousness, all physical universes, occupy the same space arrangement. Therefore, they are all present and all of the actions occur simultaneously.Ē Do you mean by that that there is only one physical space also?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It is merely separated by dimensional qualities. But were you to drop those veils of separation of dimensions, you would view other dimensions within your same space arrangement, which may be quite crowded!

LUANA: Yes, it would be! (Elias laughs)

Iíve only got three more questions. One of the things is a block that I may have concerning opening up to that perception of multi-dimensional space, the fear that goes along with that and knowing I have friends that have had electro-shock treatments or were force-fed pills and a lot of other things because there is nothing in our culture that acknowledges or encourages this multi-dimensional simultaneous viewing of things. Is this only in my mind, that this is a fear thatís blocking me, or can you see something else thatís holding me back from being able to open to this?

ELIAS: That and also somewhat of an expression of fear associated with the unknown and what you may discover and whether it may be friendly or not. (Chuckles)

LUANA: Youíve said, ďConceptualize in viewing consciousness, for it moves very similarly to what you manifest in this particular physical dimension.Ē I donít know what you mean by that.

ELIAS: Many of the manifestations that you create in inventions within your physical reality are merely reflections of what you do naturally within consciousness. Your computers are an obvious example of communicating, allowance of communication of all of you within very distant physical locations and without actually engaging physical proximity. This is a physical manifestation of a natural action that you incorporate in consciousness as essence.

LUANA: The final question: your statement was ďMerely for the reason that your thoughts are created in your perception somewhere within you is not to say that those same thoughts are concerned with you.Ē Well, who are they concerned with?

ELIAS: It may be concerned with another individual or another situation, another creation. You are not always generating thought processes in conjunction with yourself.

LUANA: So do they come from other than myself?

ELIAS: No, you create them, but they may not be concerning yourself. You are the individual that is thinking, but you may be not be thinking concerning yourself.

LUANA: I thought you meant that somehow or other I was picking up somebody elseís thoughts, like sometimes I can dream other peopleís dreams. But thatís not what you were saying.

ELIAS: No. What I am expressing is you may be incorporating an awareness of another individualís energy quite easily, but you are not incorporating other individualsí thoughts; but you are not necessarily concerning your thoughts with yourself.

LUANA: Well, thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next discussion. (Chuckles) I shall continue to be offering you encouraging and supportive energy in your adventure in discovering your projections! (Laughs)

LUANA: Without you, I donít know, I probably wouldnít even know what direction to go! (Elias laughs) Itís just wonderful talking to you every single time. I canít express my gratitude enough. Thank you very much for being here for us, and your wise words and clarification.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. And remember, be playful! (Laughs)

LUANA: I shall. I sound serious with you, but I do play a lot!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

LUANA: You, too! Go have a good time and play yourself!

ELIAS: And so I shall! (Laughs) To you in fondness, my friend, au revoir.

LUANA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 16 minutes.


(1) ďThe CityĒ refers to a future, physical city that we in the forum are constructing now, a concept that Elias introduced in the first year of sessions as a dream game. Here is the first reference to The City, from session 45, October, 15, 1995:

ELIAS: Now; within the beginning of our dream game, you will be constructing a focus. Therefore, each piece which is inserted into the design will be deserving of a point. You may construct a new city, which will be belonging to you. Remember, this will be for what you term future focuses to view, and as the seers, what do you wish to leave them?

They shall uncover your city and your instructions and your imagination. What will you leave them to be finding, ruins or imagination? I would construct a living city to be discovered. Therefore, you have many elements that you may create to be placed into this creation of this city, and you have vast leeway for imagination. Enlist the help of your essence aspects and your blinking out to help you to construct an imaginative scene, remembering that each piece that you place into this city will be added to all others, and all will be incorporated together. Therefore, do not be creating upside-down buildings hanging in the sky, for who will live there? Each creation that you design becomes a reality. Remember this. (Pause) We will begin our new game, simultaneous with our present game, Sunday. (Pause) Good dreaming!

Digests: find out more about the city.

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