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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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ďAn Exploration of DifferencesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mark (Ogean).

(Eliasí arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARK: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

MARK: Good, good. Iíd like to explore some things today, and what Iíd primarily like to explore is my focus. Iíd like to have a session with a give and take. I want to give some thought on my journey here, first off, and then I would like to get some feedback from you concerning what I view as other focuses that have had an effect upon me, other focuses of mine.

Gosh, this happened last time, too. Your energy is quite strong, and initially itís quite overwhelming. I have to get some bearing here for a minute.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARK: My focus, Iím going to try to describe it as best I can, and in doing so I will be necessarily, perhaps not necessarily but describing things that are by their very nature judgmental. Iím just not as good in articulating myself as you are in that regard, so Iíll just do the best that I can.

ELIAS: Do not concern yourself with expressing judgment. It matters not; merely allow yourself to relax and express yourself in the manner which is comfortable to you.

MARK: Okay. It seems as if in my focus I came into this with a number of fairly strong latent skills, skill sets, and yet I chose as my formative experiences with my family of biological origin rather traumatic and what you might call highly dysfunctional types of experiences. It seems to me as if I have been seeking experiences that are dichotomous to some extent or that offer me a range of both extremes within the human physical experience.

Let me give an example. Because of the way I reacted to my family of origin, I chose early on to reject them and really seek to develop my own belief systems concerning the world and operating within this physical reality. I certainly have, over time, pretty much bought into all the mass belief systems, but on some level thereís a certain legacy perhaps of mistrust in the separation that I have felt from my family of origin.

So my thinking is that I chose these experiences of separation to explore the belief system of family, and ultimately, as Iím getting older and seeking more experiences within this physical reality, Iím seeking now to go back and kind of reconcile with that. Is this making any sense?

ELIAS: Yes, continue.

MARK: Do you have any particular feedback concerning that, in what Iíve said so far?

ELIAS: In association with your choice to be reconciling?

MARK: Overall, am I on the right track in terms of Iíve come into this with some latent skills?

ELIAS: Which are what that you identify?

MARK: I havenít really picked it up until Iíve gotten older, but I think despite the relative dysfunctionality of my family, internally I am quite comfortable and quite confident with myself. Certainly I have developed that within my focus here, but it also seems intuitively that Iíve had that sense in other focuses, a sense of some type of internal confidence. I get the distinct feeling that within other focuses Iíve explored that Iíve been relatively what we call in mass belief systems as reasonably highly functioning, and I particularly chose this experience here in this focus to experience low functioning aspects and in effect what might be called abnormal or experiences outside the norm.

ELIAS: Very well. I may validate that you do incorporate other focuses of the type of which you describe and that you do draw that energy to yourself to be reinforcing of your exploration in this focus.

MARK: So the question that I have specifically for you is have I had other focuses that have been very highly functioning? In essence, kind of complementary or reciprocal to this focus?


MARK: So part of what I see in terms of what Iím doing now within this particular framework is a focus to some extent of reconciliation. Itís almost like I have been exploring things outside the norm for the purpose of examining a whole host of belief systems, belief systems concerning family, belief systems concerning mental illness, belief systems concerning just all types of things.

ELIAS: Different perceptions, different behaviors. Yes, you are correct. In this, as you have offered yourself these experiences of participating in interactions and shared experiences with other individuals that incorporate different perceptions and somewhat different realities, this allows you to explore your own differences, your perception and what you create, which offers you a foundation to incorporate a genuine acceptance of difference, a recognition that individuals choose to be incorporating different types of perceptions, and that which you have previously identified through your sciences of psychology may not necessarily be entirely accurate.

In that, you are allowing yourself to more fully view that these are choices, and they are also associated with individualsí value fulfillments. That which you deem to be norm is also being redefined, but in the process of redefining what you term to be normal within your societies, there is a greater allowance to be expressing more of what you have previously deemed as not normal.

In actuality, there is an increase in individuals now, and has been for what you may term to be approximately one-half of a century, in the display of more individuals generating an openness of difference in perception of how they generate their reality and therefore their world, which you have allowed yourself to participate with in your journey, so to speak, in examining these differences and moving yourself into a wider awareness, recognizing that this is what they are, different, but not necessarily wrong. It also is instrumental in allowing you to discover what your preferences are, what your truths are and what your own differences are, and to be generating a comfort through an acceptance of those differences.

MARK: Itís pretty clear to me that I have chosen to continue to operate within the mass belief systems, remaining a relatively high functioning member of society, while yet at the same time allowing myself an acceptance of a wide variety of experiences. I think thatís because I ultimately feel that all of these things should ultimately be incorporated within a greater, a wider mass belief system.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

MARK: Some specific questions: It seems like my family of origin and I, on some level we have agreed to cooperate in this venture. It seems as though my older brother and I in particular have shared a number of experiences outside of this focus, and we are choosing to engage in a variety of experiences in this timeframe as well. Now, I donít have, or at least not yet, the ability to have an understanding of what those other focuses may be, but if you could shed some light on that I would really appreciate that. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may offer you three focuses, that if you are so choosing you may investigate, that you incorporate with this individual in different capacities. One in which you generate a tremendous intimacy with each other, also as siblings, and your relationship with each other is tremendously supportive. There is a tremendous expression of loyalty between these individuals, two female siblings within that focus, time framework early 1800s within the physical location of Peru. In that focus, these two individuals generate tremendous cooperation with each other and mingle their families together also. That focus may incorporate some interest to you as an example of supportiveness and appreciation.

You also incorporate another focus with this individual within early 1900s, in which there is tremendous conflict and you incorporate strong adversarial roles. In that focus, you are not related by family but you incorporate a long-standing relationship with each other in a confined situation Ė environment would be that of a prison. In that focus, there is considerable conflict and considerable disdain for each other, one being in authority of the other, one being an officer and one being a prisoner. Both individuals express tremendous contempt for each other. This focus may be helpful in offering you a glimpse at the intensity of a lack of acceptance and the tremendous conflict that is generated in the lack of acceptance. It also provides an obvious example of tremendous judgments, and what is expressed and what type of reality is created as individuals generate such strong expressed judgments.

Now; these two focuses offer you what you would term to be extremes in different directions, but that may be helpful to you for this is familiar to you in this focus, for you in this focus have many times generated extremes in your experiences. Therefore, they are more obvious for you to view.

You also incorporate another focus which does not necessarily generate extremes with this individual. There are a diversity of experiences, but the individuals incorporate what you would term to be a close relationship. There are some conflicts, but there is also a considerable expression of supportiveness and appreciation.

Now; in that focus, there are some dislikes for the choices that these individuals engage and the behaviors that are expressed. The judgment is not as extreme and therefore not as strongly expressed, but there is an objective awareness with both of these individuals that each of them incorporate choices and behaviors that are not necessarily preferred by the other but are tolerated. This focus would be within the time framework of late 1700s. This would be in the physical location of Spain. These two individuals incorporate different genders, one male, one female. These individuals are distant family members and are also generating a romantic relationship. In this focus, the individuals generate similar energy to yourself and your sibling now. Therefore, that relationship may be useful in allowing yourself to view many similarities to what you experience now and perhaps view them more clearly.

Many times it may be somewhat easier to view other individuals and their behaviors, their choices and their experiences, and generate an understanding of what they are creating than it may be to view your own. Therefore, although this is you, it may be viewed as not you, for it is another focus and it is expressed within a different time framework. Therefore, there is somewhat of a separation, and you may view these individuals as removed from yourself but also allow yourself to view the reflections.

I may express to you also this may be helpful to you in identifying the reflections that you are creating now with individuals that you interact with. Regardless of whether you approve of other individualís behaviors or choices, if you are engaged in interaction with them, you have drawn the individual to yourself purposefully as a reflection of some aspect of yourself. I am not necessarily expressing that you are generating a mirror action, but that in some capacity the other individual is reflecting your energy, and you are creating the image of that individual in relation to that reflection.

MARK: In the second focus, you spoke of one was an officer, one was the prisoner. Intuitively I sense I was the officer.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: What physical location was that?

ELIAS: Physical location, Poland.

Now; let me also express to you, in that focus as you view the differences and the extreme in judgments concerning choices, this offers you the opportunity to recognize that regardless of whether you are in agreement with another individual, whether you agree with their choices or their behaviors or their experiences or not, this does not negate the possibility of acceptance. Agreement is not necessary for cooperation, agreement is not necessary for acceptance, and you are not eliminating duplicity. You shall continue to be expressing your individual preferences and opinions. What you are changing is your perception concerning absolutes, which neutralizes your judgments concerning the absolute rightness or wrongness concerning differences.

MARK: I understand. In the third focus, I intuitively sense I was the female.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Can you weave in other...? First off, our mother and father this time around, Virginia and Earl, were there other focuses that Iím currently interacting with that were also involved in these particular other focuses?

ELIAS: Yes. Other individuals that you participate with in this focus are also participating in those focuses in different capacities, not necessarily in closeness of relationship. All of the individuals that you interact with in this focus now have also participated in many other focuses with you in many different capacities.

MARK: So this could get to be a very long list, is what youíre suggesting.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Let me express to you, my friend, that although I am consistently encouraging of individuals to be exploring other focuses, for there are many different benefits to that action, I may also express to you that it is not a necessary action. I may express to you also, within this time framework I am not discouraging you from investigating other focuses and offering yourself information, but I am encouraging you to be paying attention to you now, for the energy that is being expressed in this time framework is quite strong, and may be quite strongly influencing and is being strongly influencing.

MARK: My energy or the energy of other essences?

ELIAS: The collective energy within your physical reality in association with this wave addressing to truths. It is becoming stronger and stronger.

MARK: I have been feeling that.

ELIAS: And it is quite affecting. It is quite easily accessed without your objective awareness of it. How that is evidenced or displayed is in examples of your experiences and the intensity of them, and there is tremendous potential to be generating trauma in this time framework. Therefore, it is important and significant to be aware of yourself and what type of energy you are expressing and what you are engaging.

MARK: I regularly interact with Jensen, that we spoke of earlier.


MARK: I get the intuitive sense that we are reaching out toward one another, seeking some type of a relationship.


MARK: Can you give me some parameters concerning that?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

MARK: I hear what youíre saying in terms of creating great trauma, and it concerns me. I want to ensure that as I proceed through this and I become more aware of various energy that Iím projecting in the experiences that Iím creating around me, I want to do it... Iíll put it basically. I know thereís no right or wrong but I want to do it in a way that is right, or not right but appropriate.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I may express to you, this particular focus generates a strong energy and that focusís intention is to be helpful. In this, as you are projecting your energy to that focus and you are allowing yourself to be receiving energy from that focus, I would not be cautioning you in association with that interaction. That may, in actuality, encourage you to be aware of what you are creating and participating with in interaction with other individuals within your physical reality now. That focus offers an energy of supportiveness and encouragement to you, and therefore also, in some capacities, may be somewhat inspiring. This may generate somewhat of an ease for you to be aware of what you are expressing with other individuals that you interact with now.

MARK: Intuitively thatís my sense. Are there potentially other essences or other potential influences that I should be wary of?

ELIAS: Other than yourself? No. I may express to you, there are no essences that you need be wary of, and there are no essences that shall be incorporating any action of intrusiveness. I may express to you, the energy of any essences that you draw to yourself shall be supportive and helpful.

MARK: I thought youíd say that, but I just thought Iíd ask.

ELIAS: Fear not my friend, there are no evil spirits! Other than that which you generate within yourself. (Laughs)

MARK: Right. And of course Iíve never done that! (Elias laughs)

My brother Gary... Are there any other focuses that I regularly interact with that are of the same essences as Ogean?

ELIAS: In this time framework now?

MARK: Yes.


MARK: Besides Jensen, are there other essences that I should look to for...? Let me back up for a quick moment. I take it the interactions weíve had prior to these discussions and the imagery that I created around you is a male in his late 50s with a well-trimmed mustache, kind of stoic looking. Is that correct?

ELIAS: (Laughs) That would be your imagery of myself.

MARK: Right, I understand itís my imagery.


MARK: Man, you have intense energy.

ELIAS: I shall accept that as a compliment!

MARK: It is! As absolutely you should! The other essences that I regularly interact with, are there others that would be helpful for me to be aware of in terms of having an influence upon me now?

ELIAS: I would question the terminology of ďincorporating an influenceĒ upon you.

MARK: That are seeking to be helpful?

ELIAS: There are many! (Laughs)

MARK: I think you understand my question. My question is certainly there is you and Jensen...

ELIAS: Yes. Jensen is a future focus of you. Therefore, that is not another essence, that is your essence.

MARK: I understand. I misspoke. In the interaction between us, where you are passing around a cup of something, it seems like youíre passing around a cup to three individuals. Who are those other two?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) One would be my dear one. That would be Patel.

MARK: Patel, really?

ELIAS: Yes. And one would be another essence that I incorporate what you would term to be tremendous appreciation of. That would be Ordin.

MARK: How do you spell that?


MARK: Does Ordin come up in your communications through Mary? (1)


MARK: Okay, Iíll take a look. What is the nature of our relationship? Did I seek you out?


MARK: And I sought you out even prior to being consciously aware of you?

ELIAS: Correct, which do you all. (Chuckles) You are seeking information, and you have been seeking information for an extended time framework. I have been interactive with you, offering my energy to you for an extended time framework to familiarize you with myself and therefore lessen apprehension or fear in generating a familiarity of my energy.

MARK: ďFor an extended time framework,Ē can you give me a number? I mean ten years, five years?

ELIAS: Approximately eight years.

MARK: Interesting. Since you started manifesting to Mary as well Ė well, at least consciously.

ELIAS: Physically.

MARK: Physically, thank you. I understand. I hear what you said earlier about not necessarily encouraging me to look at other focuses. Itís not absolutely critical or necessary.

ELIAS: Correct. It is a choice. Some individuals incorporate a preference to be investigating other focuses, and this allows them an opportunity to be projecting or to be trusting themselves or to offer themselves information concerning themselves now. Some individuals do not incorporate that preference.

MARK: I think it would be helpful to me, for my comfort level Ė and Iím speaking now particularly of the focus of Mark Ė to have a better understanding of my prior interactions with my mother and my father, because the experiences that we have chosen to have together in this particular timeframe are pretty intense, and it would be helpful to me to have an understanding of those. With regard to my mother, can you...?

ELIAS: You have chosen this experience in this focus quite purposefully. Within this time framework, as you are moving into the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness, the relationship and the experiences that you have generated with this individual have been quite purposeful in facilitating your movement into the examination of your own truths and of the expressions and experiences of differences: how easy it is to express absolutes, how familiar it is to be expressing judgments concerning behaviors and choices.

In this, as you lean in the direction within this focus of generating extremes, this relationship that you have incorporated with this individual has been quite purposeful, for you pay attention to extremes, and in paying attention to extremes, it offers you information, even in time frameworks in which you do not objectively clearly recognize what information you have offered yourself. What you have done is generate a type of storehouse of experiences within yourself that contain all of this information which you are now beginning to open, allowing yourself to evaluate, and therefore thusly generating an objective understanding and a much greater clarity.

MARK: So if I understand you correctly, these experiences that we have chosen to have very well may have some applicability within this focus, but they also are helpful in other focuses and overall within the essence of Ogean.

ELIAS: Correct. And recognize that you do not merely draw energy of other focuses to yourself; other focuses draw your energy also. Therefore, the experiences that you generate in this focus may be helpful and encouraging to other focuses that may not objectively incorporate the same information that you incorporate. Therefore, as you continue in your exploration of differences and move yourself more into an objective understanding and more of an acceptance, but also allowing yourself to acknowledge and express your preferences, this generates a contributing energy to other focuses that may be incorporating conflict in association with similar subjects.

MARK: Iím not sure I necessarily want you to repeat that, but that is an interesting thought.

ELIAS: Energy does not merely flow one way. (Laughs)

MARK: Right. Wow. We discussed this last time, but unfortunately I was in kind of a daze. I donít have the recording yet of what we discussed last time, but can we chat about the chalice or the cup that you and your associates there are passing amongst themselves? Are you creating that imagery for me?


MARK: So Iím creating that imagery?


MARK: What is in the cup?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

MARK: My impression is that there is an essence of spirit in the cup, and youíre passing it around and sharing it...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

MARK: ...that it is something to be shared...

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: is something that is meant to be helpful to me in the sense of being something that I can share, that itís not separate from me, and itís not something that I should be scared of or alien to me.

ELIAS: Correct. In the sharing, there is the expression of appreciating. What is within the cup, you may view to be life.

MARK: Yeah, that makes sense. And the glass morphed into all types of things, a wine glass, a champagne glass...

My interactions with the subjective, as you said, itís as though somebody keeps turning up the volume. There is a tremendous amount of activity going on, and what I frequently see is faces, in particular an eye or a set of eyes. My understanding of the imagery of the set of eyes that I am creating is in essence a gateway to another form of consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: And the fact that this is a series of faces is imagery that Iím creating to offer myself some familiarity.

ELIAS: Correct, and comfort.

MARK: I also take it, too, that itís awfully confusing at times to me here in physical-conscious land, and that I should just be accepting and seeking to engage and incorporate these experiences without being overly intellectual about them.

ELIAS: Define what your association of accepting is.

MARK: Interacting, be unafraid to be engaging on some level. At times, I feel like Iím in a fishbowl and Iím looking out and thereís a lot of activity. I project my own imagery as to what I believe I see and to what I think Iím feeling, but itís still very, very confusing. So what Iím trying to understand is... I want to make sure that my approach is appropriate, that I should be engaging of all of this energy, be accepting of it, and that in due time I will gain some familiarity and an intuitive...

(Tape ends after 57 minutes.)


(1) Ordin is one of the twelve essences that help support and lend energy to this energy exchange.

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