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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

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ďExpectations and HelpfulnessĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Maria (Phaska).

(Eliasí arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MARIA: Good afternoon. (Elias chuckles) Elias?

ELIAS: Yes, and how shall we proceed?

MARIA: Iím happy to talk to you, first of all, is what I wanted to say.

ELIAS: And I you, also!

MARIA: Thank you. First of all, Iíd like to know my essence family and alignment.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

MARIA: Great! I wanted you to ask this question! (Elias laughs) My impression is it is Sumari/Sumafi, or vice versa, with my being Milumet in the picture... Iím not sure.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you that your first impression is correct.

MARIA: Sumari/Sumafi?


MARIA: So alignment is Sumafi?


MARIA: (Laughs) Yes, I thought so. And what is my essence name, if I may inquire?

ELIAS: Essence name, Phaska, P-H-A-S-K-A (FAHSH kah).

MARIA: Thanks. And my orientation Ė intermediate, maybe?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIA: And what is the color?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

MARIA: It might be some tone of blue maybe, because Iím very much attracted to blue, all kinds of blue.

ELIAS: That which you would identify as powder blue.

MARIA: Another question is, am I final focus?

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARIA: My impression is yes, Iím the final focus.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Correct.

MARIA: Thank you very much. Now I have some questions, then, about my husband who is recently disengaged, four months ago. I wonder if he is in the period of transition yet?

ELIAS: Not yet.

MARIA: Is he here?

ELIAS: No, but he continues to be expressing an objective awareness, generating objective imagery associated with physical reality, and is not entirely aware yet of his position.

MARIA: Why canít I establish contact with him? Why doesnít he contact me? Doesnít he want to? Itís his choice not to contact me in a dream or in awake state? I want very much to hear from him.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, there are different factors involved in this situation. One involves you and your openness in allowance for his energy. But more significantly is the other individualís energy and his awareness, and as I have expressed, he continues to be generating objective imagery associated with your physical reality and is, for the most part, unaware yet of his position. What is meant in this is that he is not quite aware yet that he has disengaged.

In this time framework, he continues to generate imagery and project manifestations associated with physical reality. Therefore, in association with his perception, he perceives that he is interactive with you, for he is continuing to generate that type of imagery and is not quite aware yet that he is manipulating all of the scenarios that he is creating and that he is not actually interacting with your energy directly. He projects the image of you and is interactive with that image in similar manner to what you generate within physical reality.

As I have expressed previously, the manner in which you interact with other individuals within your physical reality is that another individual projects energy to you, you receive that energy, and you create the image of the individual. Therefore, you create the actual physical manifestation and movement of the other individual. But you are directly interacting with the other individual, for you are interacting with their energy projection.

In this state, so to speak, that this individual is generating now, he continues to be projecting the image of other individuals and of physical manifestation. Therefore, he perceives that he is interacting with other individuals and that his focus is continuing in the manner that was familiar previously. Eventually he shall begin to recognize that whatever and whoever he is generating interaction with are displaying behaviors that are quite predictable, and as he begins to recognize the predictability of his interactions, he shall begin to question, for he shall begin to recognize and realize that he is not generating any surprise.

In that, as he becomes more aware that he is not actually interacting in physical focus any longer, he shall recognize that he may create what you may term to be, figuratively, windows for himself, in which he can allow himself to project energy and direct it to you. He is unaware of that ability yet.

MARIA: I see. Thatís why I donít feel him.

ELIAS: Correct. But you can project energy to him and that may influence his awareness that he is not participating within physical focus any longer.

MARIA: If I offer him energy, it might help him...

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

MARIA: free him of this process of carrying on thinking that heís in objective focus within physical reality?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIA: Elias, I have another question. How many focuses do I have here, on this plane?

ELIAS: Eight hundred sixty-one.

MARIA: Pretty neat! (Elias chuckles) I would like to inquire about my ideas of my focuses that I feel, investigate Ė whatever word can be used here Ė and I wanted to verify if Iím somehow close to the real state of things or not...

ELIAS: Very well.

MARIA: ...or if itís just my imagination. I feel I had some focus where I was a kind of an Indian chief or shaman or dealing with witchcraft, a person who is well aware of all kinds of rituals.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIA: What is it, Indian or shaman or witch?

ELIAS: All. You incorporate focuses as all of these.

MARIA: Wow! (Both laugh) And in different timeframes?


MARIA: When I was a child and I read some of Hiawatha, I was so much attracted to this; I donít know why. I mean, it rang to me so familiar, all kinds of situations there and his approach to his communication with nature and all of this.

Did I used to be a mathematician or something?


MARIA: When was that, may I ask?

ELIAS: Late 1800s.

MARIA: In what country was that?

ELIAS: Germany.

MARIA: Somebody prominent or just ... ?

ELIAS: Somewhat, yes.

MARIA: In ancient Greece, did I have a focus of a philosopher or something?


MARIA: I feel a very strong attraction and affinity with Plato. Was I somehow related to his school or anything?

ELIAS: A student. But you also incorporate another focus in which you are a philosopher.

MARIA: A famous one?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

MARIA: Where was that?

ELIAS: That would be in what you term to be ancient Greece, and I shall encourage you to be investigating.

MARIA: What about Castaneda, Carlos Castanedaís books, which also attract me very much? I feel also a great affinity with the philosophy of don Juan and with his teachings, and many ideas ring very true to me and are very, very familiar. So what is this connection? Why am I so attracted Ė through this Indian chief focus or through my shaman focus or whatever, or itís just...? Iíd like to get an explanation, if there is any.

ELIAS: I may express to you, the reason you are attracted to that philosophy is that you express in many of your focuses similar directions, similar types of philosophies in your own focuses in many different types of focuses, but they express a similar energy and similar theories and directions. Therefore, as you yourself in many focuses have expressed and experienced similar types of philosophies, you recognize a commonality and a connection with the philosophies that this other individual has expressed. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, it is a type of kinship, and you recognize that familiarity of energy. This also is a preference that you incorporate as essence.

MARIA: Did I have a lot of focuses shared with my late husband?


MARIA: How many?

ELIAS: Three hundred twelve.

MARIA: Wow! (Sighs) Thatís too much. (Elias laughs) We were maybe not even wife and husband, but maybe mother and son?

ELIAS: Yes. You incorporate these focuses in many different capacities, but those are all focuses in which you engage in some type of intimate relationship.

MARIA: I always felt that his energy is very, very familiar to me. What about my son, my son Ilya, what essence family does he belong to?

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARIA: My impression might be like Sumari Ė Sumari or Sumafi, I think.

ELIAS: Sumafi. And what is your impression as to alignment?

MARIA: Alignment? I really donít know.

ELIAS: Zuli.

MARIA: Iíd like to ask you, what is his orientation? Intermediate?


MARIA: Is there any way I can help him? His life is very, very difficult, and he is suffering a lot because of all kinds of blocks he puts in his way. Whatever Iím trying to do to help him out, to release somehow this tension that is within him, I feel actually. I have a lot of love for him and a lot of care, and I donít know how to... Can you show me any way to help him?

ELIAS: First of all, I may express to you that your most efficient expression of helpfulness is to be offering supportiveness, and the manner in which you are supportive is to be accepting, and genuinely be accepting, recognizing that his choices are his choices and that...

MARIA: His choices are to suffer, and thatís very difficult for me because Iím his mother and I love him. Itís very difficult for me to see him suffering.

ELIAS: I understand. I am understanding, but let me express to you, individuals at times choose uncomfortable scenarios and experiences, and this is not to say that they are not purposeful. For in generating uncomfortable experiences, generally individuals motivate through these uncomfortable experiences.

I am understanding the difficulty and the challenge that YOU express as you incorporate love for this individual. But once again I may express to you, you may be the most helpful in expressing a genuine acceptance of his choices. For let me express to you, my friend, as you express outwardly an energy that is attempting to fix or attempting to alter the experience of the other individual, what you actually project is an energy of disapproval, and that energy mingles with the other individualís energy and reinforces what they are creating in struggle.

Therefore, if you are altering your energy and how you are projecting, and you are expressing with your energy a genuineness in acceptance and are not expressing any expectations of the other individual, that energy is received quite differently. That is received in a genuine recognition of supportiveness, which is helpful to the other individual for the other individual thusly begins to view themselves as less trapped.

MARIA: Elias, I have another question. I have a lot of questions, actually! (Elias laughs) I am very much affected by my dreams, and I have a lot of different dreams, very bright, very strong. I have a lot of dreams associated with snow. I was very much impressed by it as a child, all kinds of images connected with snow. I was haunted by some images; I donít know whether itís from a fairy tale I used to read when I was a child or was it sort of a mixture of my experiences of past lives. Itís like Iím exposed to some plot where I participate, or I donít, or I watch some children participating, playing with snow, and there is kind of a fairy tale thought to it. I donít remember if it is reality or whatever, this plot. I mean, what is it all about, this thing with winter snow?

ELIAS: First of all, I may express to you that the image of snow within your dream state is a dream trigger.

MARIA: Dream trigger?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have expressed to other individuals previously, you may incorporate a dream trigger by merging with it and therefore creating a portal to other areas of consciousness. But I may also express to you that this is also imagery associated with another focus. Within that focus, there are actually many children being playful within that time framework of year, playing with the snow, and you may experience some type of ominous feelings surrounding that imagery at times, for...

MARIA: What country was it, may I ask? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be within Ukraine. This would be within the time framework of your Second World War. These children were, as you term it to be, murdered.

MARIA: (Gasps) Did I murder them?

ELIAS: No. You are one of the children.

MARIA: I see. Now we come to this dream that I had, a very repetitive dream that I had. I was haunted by, when a child, that I met three figures in white. I called them three spirits, and I was very much afraid of them. It was a childís playground, and I saw there heads of children who were killed, I suppose. I knew I was going to be killed, and these powerful beings, which were not of human origin, one of them said to me that I had to leave. This dream I had a lot of times, and I wondered what is it. Maybe I kind of need this experience inverted, or itís from another focus or whatever. I was afraid to die, but they told me that I would have to leave. It was very, very tragic somehow and dramatic. Could you say a few words to this event?

ELIAS: That would be the same focus as what we have identified.

MARIA: Why was I haunted by this dream so many times?

ELIAS: For initially, as invading armies were occupying that physical location, some individuals and many children were executed, but some were not. In this, the fear you experienced is a recognition that although you incorporated a fear of death in that focus, in that time framework, it was more desirable than to be controlled and what you would term to be abused by these foreign enemies, in your terms. Eventually, that same child was killed with a bomb.

MARIA: With a bomb, an explosion?


MARIA: Was that the focus that I was raped and abused?


MARIA: Thatís where my sexual problems come from?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Let me express to you, any bleed-through that you incorporate from another focus, you draw that energy to yourself in association with some experience or some direction that you are incorporating in this focus. It is not that another focus causes experiences in this focus, but individuals generally do draw energy from other focuses that, in a manner of speaking, relate to what they are generating in this present focus.

I may also express to you that challenges that you have incorporated within your focus associated with sexual activity are more associated with your orientation than with bleed-throughs.

MARIA: Now I would like to inquire about my friend, whose name is Nicolas. Iíd like to know what essence family he belongs to.

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARIA: Of course. I think Tumold.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIA: Plus, plus... I donít know what. Sumafi, maybe?

ELIAS: Vold.

MARIA: Do we share any focuses together?


MARIA: How many?

ELIAS: Forty-four.

MARIA: Oh, pretty many focuses! I would like to ask, maybe this is kind of a stupid question, but he seems to me a person who is blocking himself and who is afraid of emotional... Is he common orientation?


MARIA: Yes, I thought so. So I get the impression that heís afraid of being emotionally involved. I think that is the reason he is blocking himself against deepening this relationship, which might be quite good, I think. We are attracted to each other and we feel good with each other. But the question is, may I somehow interfere with his blocking? May I do anything reassuring to his energy, or this is his choice, maybe, to abstain from some deep relationship?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that the issue which is being expressed with this individual concerns exposure. That is what you perceive to be the block, so to speak, for the individual expresses difficulty in allowing exposure and therefore allowing himself to be experiencing that vulnerability. In association with that, it is significant that the individual becomes more intimately familiar with self and therefore begins to allow that exposure. There is an element of fear that this individual expresses in relation to...

MARIA: Is he afraid of me?

ELIAS: Not necessarily; it is not that specific. It is more a fear of allowing himself to expose, more of a fear of what may be discovered in relation to self, and therefore a fear of allowing that exposure and questioning of his own abilities to generate certain expressions of intimacy in genuineness.

Now; I may express to you yes, you may be influencing if you are expressing an example Ė not attempting to instruct this individual, not attempting to offer tremendous information, but rather allowing yourself to express your own exposure and your own willingness to be expressing vulnerability, which is merely another term for openness, and in that...

MARIA: Iím doing that all the time!

ELIAS: I am aware. But you also project an energy that incorporates an expectation that he incorporate the same action. Whereas, if you are merely expressing yourself, allowing for your own freedom without generating the expectation, this provides an example. Without the expectation, the other individual feels no threat, and therefore the other individual is more relaxed and allows for more of their own openness.

This is the reason that is it important for you to be aware of what type of energy YOU are projecting. For individuals immediately recognize the reception of energy that expresses expectations, and that is received in a manner in which the other individual, generally speaking, shall express shields, for that generates an automatic response of threat. And if the individual...

MARIA: But not all individuals respond like this. His individual response is this shield, right?


MARIA: Now Iíd like to inquire about another individual whose name is Daniel. I wonder if there was a focus in which he was my son, because I had a dream that he was my son.


MARIA: Now, this individual, whose name is Danny and with whom I had a kind of relationship, I think I was kind of in love with him, but he broke it up. I wonder whether we shared many focuses where we were lovers or something, because we were very much attracted to each other.


MARIA: Many? I mean, more than one or two?

ELIAS: Fifteen.

MARIA: Pretty many focuses! I know I canít inquire of somebody elseís choices, but still, I canít help asking. Why did he cut this relationship so abruptly and never answer my calls or something? Was it me, I did something? Or was it just his choice he didnít want it anymore, like this?

ELIAS: Both. Let me express to you, my friend, if you were not generating a certain direction to create that, it would not have occurred.

MARIA: Again, expectations?

ELIAS: Some, and also a movement of your own in a different direction.

MARIA: Where was I moving?

ELIAS: This was a movement to be focusing more upon yourself and to be generating more of a familiarity with yourself rather than continuing to hold your attention upon the other individual. In that movement, what you generated was a type of disconnecting, in an underlying recognition that you have created a pattern previously of holding your attention so strongly upon the other individual that you do not recognize or allow yourself the recognition of your own choices and your own preferences. You acquiesce to the other individual. Therefore, in allowing yourself to disconnect, you allowed yourself to interrupt that pattern and allowed yourself to move more into an exploration of you and what your preferences are and what your freedom is.

MARIA: Another question: Why all the time am I falling sleep? Am I sick, or is just like the expression of depression, blocking, and unwilling to go on with my intent?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are not ill, but some of this behavior is associated with an element of frustration.

MARIA: You mean frustration with my husband?


MARIA: Oh. Is he frustrated in... Is he continuing to feel frustrated right now?


MARIA: Because he was very angry with me.

ELIAS: In this time framework, in your terms, he is quite content, for he is creating all of his imagery and he is not directly interactive with the energy of other individuals. Therefore, he is generating quite pleasant imagery with himself.

I may express to you also, one of the elements that creates less of an openness within you Ė which we discussed at the onset of this conversation, of your participation in contacting or communicating with this individual and my suggestion that you allow yourself more of an openness Ė the reason that you are not generating as much openness, regardless of your want to be interactive, is that you are expressing some elements of guilt, and that generates a block.

MARIA: Thatís right. But I understand you are going to say that guilt is unnecessary because itís...

ELIAS: Correct. And I may express to...

MARIA: I canít help it, because according to the plot that we agreed together, I was the one who initiated his disengagement.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, you incorporate no fault, and there is no blame.

MARIA: But still, itís just me... Okay, never mind. It was his choice, evidently, as well as mine.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you, the choice of death is the individualís choice, and regardless of what may occur within your physical reality, if an individual does not choose to disengage, they shall not, regardless of the situation. But conversely, if an individual chooses to disengage, there is no action that any other individual may incorporate that will change that.

MARIA: Yes, I see. Now, I have many animals at home, six cats and one dog, and I have a very strong affinity with animals and a great love for animals. Is it often bleed-throughs of my previous focuses, or maybe I have shared some focuses with these animals and some of them I knew quite intimately from the past focuses?

ELIAS: Correct. Also it is a preference that you incorporate now in this focus.

MARIA: Because theyíre open, and theyíre outgoing, and they are very warm.

ELIAS: And they express less separation. Therefore, they provide an example to you of exposure, openness and less separation. They also express an example of acceptance.

MARIA: Elias, do I share focuses with you?


MARIA: Was it in France?

ELIAS: One. But you incorporate other focuses with myself in different physical areas.

MARIA: What timeframe, maybe?

ELIAS: In France?


ELIAS: Late 1700s.

MARIA: So it was the French Revolution.


MARIA: I thought so. I was so shocked when I was a child when I saw a picture where someone was beheaded, and it came in dreams, the horrors. I thought that might be because I was impressed when that happened to me sometime. Was I beheaded in France?

ELIAS: No, but you were a witness.

MARIA: I see. Can you give me any leads to any focus that I could explore to give me energy, that Iím having bleed-through with, or that is most interesting for me to explore?

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer to you one focus in which you are a male individual, and in that focus you incorporate a relationship with your partner that you have incorporated in this focus. In that focus, he was a female, and you incorporated a romantic relationship and were bound together. In that relationship, you continued for many, many years. That individual also disengaged. But in that time framework, you, as the male, had incorporated study of different philosophies and magic, and allowed yourself to be a conjurer, so to speak, and in that focus experienced allowing yourself to generate an actual physical projection of the other individual subsequent to the death, and generated many experiences with the energy of the disengaged spouse. That particular focus would be within the physical location of Wales within the time framework of the 1200s. It may be quite amusing to you to be investigating that focus, for these individuals incorporated a tremendous playfulness, and it may be somewhat encouraging to you.

MARIA: Is that other individual my boyfriend Nicholas, now?

ELIAS: No. Your partner that has disengaged.

MARIA: Ah, my husband.


MARIA: I see, I see. Thatís why Iím upset all the time to see him alive maybe, in the physical form and to have some contact with him, because Iíve done it already in the past.


MARIA: I understand. Am I in the transition period now?

ELIAS: Beginning.

MARIA: So when Iím going to disengage, all my physical focuses will disengage as well?

ELIAS: Yes, or fragment.

MARIA: I had a lot of questions, but I donít have time for it! (Elias chuckles) As for my friend Deluna, do we belong to the same essence?

ELIAS: No, but you do incorporate many, many focuses together.

MARIA: We are not fragmented from one essence or anything like that?


MARIA: Itís just the sense of being familiar, that much familiar with each other?


MARIA: I had a dream where I saw myself as a man, many dreams; I think it was the same man all the time. There was one time in my waking consciousness I think I defined myself with being a man physically for a second, when I was taking a shower. This person, does he actually exist in the objective physical reality now as another focus of my essence?

ELIAS: No, it is a future focus.

MARIA: What time framework might this be?

ELIAS: Twenty-second century.

MARIA: Wow! (Both laugh) And what country?

ELIAS: That which you identify as United States.

MARIA: And my dog, who is standing near me, do I have focuses with him already?


MARIA: Who was he?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

MARIA: Maybe a dog or a cat?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In some focuses, and also a horse.

MARIA: Ah, there were many focuses!


MARIA: (Laughs) Thatís why he called me so strongly and didnít let me go! He recognized me. (Elias laughs) Yes, I see his energy is very, very familiar to me.

Thank you so much, Elias. Maybe you want to say a few words to me before we part?

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. Let me express to you an encouragement. It is not as difficult as you may think to be expressing without expectations, and in this, you may discover much more of your freedom and much more of your own allowance. Remind yourself in your interactions with other individuals to pay attention to what YOU want to express, not necessarily what you want the other individual to express or what you do not want them to express. But rather, allow yourself to recognize your own appreciation in your interactions, and allow yourself to express that appreciation.

MARIA: I see a lot of love and appreciation for people. I donít know how to express this, how to make it work. I donít know how to make it helpful for them.

ELIAS: Merely to be expressing that appreciation. That in itself generates a very nurturing and supporting energy, and that is quite powerful, my friend. In this...

MARIA: Tremendous love to you, also, because I see you again and am familiar with you and your energy.

ELIAS: I am aware. And I with you, also. I offer to you tremendous encouragement, my friend, and in friendship with you, I express great appreciation and affection. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall be projecting my energy to you in encouragement.

MARIA: Yes, Iím happy to hear it.

ELIAS: In great fondness, au revoir.

MARIA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 1 minute.

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