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Saturday, November 13, 2004

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“A-N-D Pyramid Intent”

“Mass Expressions of Polarization and the Truth Wave”

“A Tenth Essence Family?”

“Rastin or Elias?”

“Alien Civilizations, Other Dimensional Bleed-Through, Cattle Mutilations, and the Aurora Borealis”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Steve (Soloron).

(Elias’ arrival time is 13 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

STEVE: Hey-hey! What’s going on, dude? (Elias laughs) I am speaking to you now on behalf of the Darlings – or Darlingses; you can add as many ‘es’ to that as you want. (1)

Let’s see. I guess I’ll just start off with a question; we’ve got rather a lot of them. There’s a lot of fun surrounding assembling which questions to ask and everything, so let’s get started.

ELIAS: Very well!

STEVE: At group sessions where people are gathering in physical proximity, you offer specific topics and you give information to the Forum that’s important for that specific time that the session is held. Our Darlings session is not really a group session like that, but it’s a session where people are gathering subjectively. We’d like to share the transcript and the recording of the session with everyone in the Forum and everybody in the group. So, I guess we’ll start by asking if you have something specific that you want to tell the Forum, if there’s any specific information that you’d like to offer to us, to the Darlings in particular and the Forum in general.

ELIAS: Not yet. (Grins)

STEVE: Okay, fair enough. What about our vital statistics, our color alterations? Have there been any alterations in our color, tone, name?

ELIAS: And your impression?

STEVE: Well, it feels pretty much the same – a clear sort of medium yellow.

ELIAS: Correct.

STEVE: That was easy. How about our intent? Have there been any alterations in our intent? The impression seems...

ELIAS: No, although there is an expansion of it, but the direction is basically the same.

STEVE: Sort of turning to self and directing of self and exploring a bit more vulnerability, I think is the impression that was offered.

ELIAS: Yes, and exposure.

STEVE: Cool! Let’s see, there was a lot of talk about the A-N-D pyramid, quite a bit of talk. I’ve got over half a page of questions surrounding that. In the second Darlings session, I think that’s #1491, you said that the mass event associated with the A-N-D Pyramid had not yet been determined. (2) You also said that it was in the position of building energy and that our problem with it was selecting some type of mass event that we collectively would consider to be positive. You said that we “were not quite understanding” how to express that energy in a manner in which we wished to but with the impact of the power.

ELIAS: Correct.

STEVE: Could you please comment as to our progress in this regard, and if the nature of the event still has not been chosen, provide additional information that you think would be helpful and beneficial to us in directing this into creating that sort of positive mass event?

ELIAS: Very well. I shall express to you, no, it continues to be undetermined, and you have not generated an actual choice yet of what type of event to be creating and are continuing to be expressing somewhat of a confusion.

Now; in this, what is significant in this now and in this time framework for you with each other to be evaluating and exploring and experiencing – to offer yourself a clearer reality of the concept – would be that of difference. This is a very significant subject to be exploring, especially in association with your desire to be generating some type of mass event that you would deem to be positive, but recognizing that your expression of positive may not necessarily be positive in other individuals’ realities.

Therefore, that is the trick and that is the obstacle, to be genuinely allowing yourselves to explore and experience differences and how you are responsive to them and how to be generating responses that allow you your preferences but are also appreciating and acknowledging of others’ differences, therefore generating a balance and a type of neutrality that may also move in a direction that you perceive to be positive – generating a supportiveness and a reinforcement in energy but not incorporating those expressions such as justification, expectation, or attempting to generate some type of action that incorporates the motivation to be instructing of other individuals, but rather moving into the creation of some type of mass event that expresses enough neutrality to be accepting of differences but also that allows for your freedom of your expressions.

STEVE: Interesting. So we’re all sort of in this big town-meeting kind of action in energy, sort of trying to figure out what everyone can agree on and what’s best in line with the intent of the pyramid.

ELIAS: Correct, and also how that shall be expressed and what type of energy shall be expressed with it in association with differences within your world.

STEVE: Have a few probabilities been narrowed down? Like in energy, has there sort of been determined a couple of probabilities that are being considered?

ELIAS: Not yet, for you continue to be generating this exploration of energy – how energy is expressed and how that is projected in a manner without incorporating expectation.

STEVE: I think some of the impressions that some of the people in our group have brought up involve the creation of some kind of a dimensional portal to Atlantis and Bah‘Rand so...

ELIAS: In that, what is your evaluation of the purposefulness of that type of creation?

STEVE: My evaluation of it would be that it would certainly open the world’s eyes to the idea that there’s a lot more out there than we see every day.

ELIAS: And in that action, what are you doing?

STEVE: We are expanding our awareness.

ELIAS: No, and this is the point. What you are doing is attempting to instruct. You are attempting to expand the world’s awareness; that is not your job.

STEVE: Personally I think it would be pretty cool if I saw a portal open up to another dimension in my backyard, just for my own awareness. That would certainly make a lot of this seem a lot more solid and a lot more real to me.

ELIAS: For you, not necessarily for other individuals. For other individuals, they may perceive it as quite frightening and perhaps the apocalypse.

STEVE: In theory, it would be great seeing a portal open up to another dimension, but I’ve got to watch what I say, because I can imagine myself responding to that a little differently if suddenly a door opens up in my fridge to another dimension.

ELIAS: Correct. It is one expression to imagine certain creations and fantasize them and romanticize them. It is quite a different expression to create them and incorporate that unfamiliarity in your real reality and quite likely overwhelm yourself and incorporate fear.

This is a factor in what you are collectively together, in a manner of speaking, floundering with – allowing yourselves to incorporate imagination, which is quite beneficial and quite inspiring, but also attempting to generate some type of an event that shall allow you to be expressive of yourselves and your preferences, and therefore be viewed as a positive.

But your intention is to be generating some type of event that shall be noticed by other individuals outside of your group. In that intention, there are many, many considerations, and that is what I am addressing to with you now in association with evaluating differences and how those differences are responded to – how to be incorporating a projection of energy to create a manifestation that is accepting of differences and is not generating a contribution to trauma, which is the point and also is the point of part of your movement collectively in your group. For you are offering supportive energy to each other to be exploring this direction of differences, this concept, and generating that into reality in which you shall be expressing a genuine acceptance and be aware of what type of energy you are projecting and creating, and therefore also be aware that you are not involving expectation of what this event, so to speak, shall accomplish, but rather moving into an expression of offering and sharing, therefore also generating an automatic by-product of allowance.

STEVE: I guess we should move past that. There’s a lot of questions here. I’m trying to figure out how we can cover all of them. I’m assuming that the truth wave is still going on in full force.


STEVE: (Laughs) There’s been a lot of talk about the war in Iraq, wars going on in that region, and especially the polarization around the time of the election in this country. That seems to be part of the truth wave, the things that are going on now.


STEVE: The World Trade Center attacks and the Pentagon attacks were part of the wave in duplicity, as I understand it. (Elias nods) Different events have been linked to different waves and so forth, but what we’re wondering is couldn’t any event be linked to any wave?

For example, if the Trade Center attacks had occurred now, we would have said, “Oh, wow, look! Massive structures are being knocked down, showing a crumbling of absolutes, and large seemingly indestructible things have shown flaws and are no longer there,” and we would have quite easily, at least in our minds, attributed it to the truth wave. (Elias nods in agreement again) So it seems like any mass event could fit any wave that was currently going on. What is it about different events that sort of ties them to these waves?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you, it is not quite that black and white, and you are correct, any of these mass events are intertwined with ALL of the belief systems.

Each wave is associated with addressing to a particular belief system, and in this, any event is intertwined with all of the belief systems. But in particular time frameworks, as you collectively address to one particular belief system and generate that particular wave in consciousness, the events that occur are more strongly associated with one belief system. It is not that they are not in some factors associated with all of the other belief systems also, for they are, but they are more strongly associated with one belief system more particularly.

In that time framework in which the wave addressing to duplicity was occurring, those particular events occurred, or were chosen to occur, for they were more strongly associated with that particular belief system.

STEVE: Sort of an analysis of right and wrong; that seemed to be the direction that we immediately leaped to.

ELIAS: Correct. In this time framework, as you are addressing to truths, addressing to this belief system, these events are being chosen and are occurring for they are more strongly associated with this particular belief system. The action of polarization is more strongly associated with your truths, for your truths are what generate that action of polarization, for they concern absolutes and there is little flexibility expressed and little accommodation expressed in association with truths.

STEVE: There seems to be an acceleration or an intensification of energy, especially when we first started collecting questions for this. There was a lot of energy surrounding weather. There were hurricanes pounding the Southeast. There seemed to be a lot of energy in that direction. There’s a lot of energy now surrounding the presidential election.

ELIAS: What are the commonalities?

STEVE: The presidential election, we’re seeing people aligning with one candidate or the other. We saw people aligning with one candidate or the other in absolutes. You were either for this person or you were against them. Tying that to weather, you got me there! (Laughs)

ELIAS: What is the commonality?

STEVE: Well, the weather, high pressure and low pressure.

ELIAS: What have we been discussing in these few moments?

STEVE: Polarization.

ELIAS: Correct. What is polarization?

STEVE: In which you have one group aligning with one side and another group aligning with another side in very strong absolute terms.

ELIAS: What is polarization?

STEVE: An expression of opposites?


STEVE: Okay, then you got me.

ELIAS: Extremes. Polarization may be expressed in one term: extremes. That is the commonality between what you view within your country, your government, the individuals within your country, and your weather. It is all energy, and it is being expressed in extremes. The imagery matters not. What drives the imagery is what is significant.

STEVE: I’m even seeing that kind of energy expressed in sports. I won’t talk about this too much, but the baseball team the Boston Red Sox...


STEVE: ...made some phenomenal accomplishments against odds that had never before been surmounted, and I got a real strong feeling from that that this is just another one of those events that is just so much louder and so much more intense...


STEVE: ...than in times past.

ELIAS: Yes, and is another example of extremes. Extremes may be expressed in what you view as good or bad – extreme devastation or extreme excitement or extreme opposition.

STEVE: Here’s one thing that we wanted to talk about. The entity Kris brought up what he refers to as a tenth essence family, which has become known as Dulvar. I was just wondering if you had any input on that. What is your take on the idea of a tenth essence family?

ELIAS: I have addressed to this previously, and...

STEVE: I guess the transcripts haven’t gotten released yet?

ELIAS: No, and I shall express to you a reiteration of that. That information has been also offered to the individual that requested it, which is the individual that engages that energy exchange with Kris. (3) As I have expressed to him, this information is not incorrect, but was a potential but has not been chosen to be expressed in association with your physical dimension, for it is unnecessary.

In association with the movement of this shift in consciousness, collectively the consciousness of all of the essences that participate with this physical dimension and reality – which also involves all of you – have chosen not to be generating an additional essence family as it is unnecessary. As all of you are widening your awareness in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, you are also in increments allowing yourselves to draw upon different aspects that you each incorporate associated with Dream Walkers. Therefore, that has been deemed as more efficient and allowing for a similar expression as would be with an additional essence family.

Also, in recognition that you are not creating utopia within your physical reality and that that is not the point of this shift in consciousness, that also does not lend to the formation of an additional essence family. There is no necessity for that manifestation or that collection. Therefore, it has been chosen not to be generating that collection.

STEVE: When was this choice made?

ELIAS: It was never actually formed, but there was a potential or what you would term to be a consideration. But it was chosen not to be generated as a probability in association with this particular physical dimension.

STEVE: So we’re talking about choices made when this dimension was being designed, so to speak?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. In actuality, much more recently in conjunction with the onset of this shift in consciousness.

STEVE: Oh, interesting! So then why was it phrased by Kris as though the choice had already been made? Or was that just a misinterpretation on our part?

ELIAS: That is a possibility. As I have stated previously and shall do again, I am not disputing the information that has been offered. I am merely qualifying and explaining what has been chosen and what has not been chosen. That has been a potential, but was not actualized.

STEVE: People were thinking that it might be fun to get a little clarification on Rastin and Elias. I know that when you first introduced yourself to Mary and others, you called yourself Rastin and no one liked that name. People preferred Elias, based on focuses of yours.

I guess that the question that’s been asked here is now that you’re sort of officially Elias, was that a fragmentation from Rastin, or was that simply an alteration of tone or an addition of tone? If it was a fragmentation, does the essence still exist as an aspect of Elias or sort of an independent form? What kinds of actions were set in motion by the shift in this essence tone? With the recent information regarding additional tones for all essences, does this really even matter? I mean, is it just two sides of the same coin?

ELIAS: I may express to you, it is not a fragmentation, but it is an alteration of tone that is interactive with you.

What has occurred is not necessarily that the individuals that were interactive and participating were uncomfortable with the name, but there was a strong association to a particular tone of this essence and a particular expression and quality of this essence. Therefore, that aspect of this essence does not participate in the actual interaction that occurs between all of you and myself. The quality and the aspect of this essence that interacts with you incorporates the tone of Elias. It is the same essence but a different aspect.

STEVE: It’s like you’re using a different hand or putting on a different face.

ELIAS: Yes, a different attention, similar to what you understand within your reality of yourself and different focuses of yourself. It is all you, it is all the same essence and you are all of essence, but each manifestation incorporates a different attention. There are many, many, many attentions of essence, and they are focused in many different directions, many different layers of consciousness, many realities of consciousness.

The attention that is more suitable for interaction with you is this of “Elias.” Other attentions have been briefly incorporated, but they do not incorporate the same ease or responsiveness from you. Generally speaking, this attention that would be identified as Elias expresses in a manner that generates more of an ease in interaction with all of you, and all of you generate an ease in your interaction.

STEVE: There was a lot of talk about the information delivered by Kris about a civilization he called Vedic civilization. He says that they’re – you’re probably aware of this – they’re in our dimension, existing about 10,000 or so years ago.

There are a lot of different figures on that year, which kind of leads me to wonder if this is in a different earth blink or if they’re in this current earth blink. Apparently, they were some sort of global culture quite technologically advanced, even capable of flying to other galaxies. Apparently there’s some evidence that archeologists are finding puzzling currently, like diagrams for machinery that is more technologically advanced than we would have thought a civilization that’s that old would have. It’s turning out that there are remnants of this Vedic civilization. I was wondering if you had any commentary on that. What you could contribute to this area of fascination to us recently?

ELIAS: What do you define as your physical dimension?

STEVE: The reality that our senses allow us to perceive, or that we perceive through our senses.

ELIAS: Very well, what do you perceive?

STEVE: We perceive matter in solidity; we perceive light, sound, smell, taste, touch...

ELIAS: Within your reality, what do you perceive comprises your physical dimension?

STEVE: Our planet, stars, galaxies, the land, the sea, the sky, everything that we see around us, everything that we feel, our way of life...

ELIAS: Correct.

STEVE: ...our way of existing, our style of thought, our emotions...

ELIAS: And your universe. That is also an element of your physical dimension. Within your universe, there ARE other realities and other cultures, so to speak. They are not necessarily associated with your particular planet, but they do exist.

STEVE: Well, see, that’s interesting, because the information given seemed to imply that they did exist on this planet.


Now; that is perceptive of you to question concerning the blinks, for in association with your particular planet, there have been interactions but not the actual occupation of. Therefore, that creates imprints similar to imprints of other dimensional realities which bleed through into your reality.

This would be somewhat different from other realities and other manifestations that occupy the same space arrangement as yourselves and are in what you would term to be an over-lapping dimensional quality, where they actually do occupy your same dimensional space but are separated from you by a thin veil, which would be likened to a dimensional veil. But at times you do see evidence of them, for at times that veil thins to mesh the two realities together in some elements.

But that would be a different expression from what is being explored in this question and in what has been offered in information from the other essence. That is an actual culture, or perhaps a more accurate term would be civilization in your terms, but does not occupy your physical space arrangement, but HAS incorporated interaction in this physical space arrangement in blinks of your reality, and therefore has incorporated imprints but continues to exist.

STEVE: So this isn’t a matter of looking to the past. This is sort of a parallel civilization occupying this space arrangement of this particular planet, but across a thin dimensional veil?

ELIAS: No. You are confusing the two. I offered the example of other realities that do occupy the same space arrangement as yourselves within this physical dimension, and are, in a manner of speaking as I have stated, somewhat hidden from you for they are divided by a thin dimensional veil. But this civilization that you are inquiring of is not one of those. It is a civilization that continues now that has been past, but is also now and continues, but that has generated an imprint in your reality by interacting with your physical planet in its blinks. Are you understanding now?

STEVE: Interacting with this planet in what capacity?

ELIAS: Not occupying it, but more generating an exploration.

STEVE: In what time framework?

ELIAS: In several.

STEVE: While humans live here?

ELIAS: At times, but in the blinks. Therefore, this would be a situation in which you would not necessarily incorporate a memory, for that would be a blink-out moment. Therefore, your attention is not occupied here.

This is what I express in acknowledgment of you in being perceptive in your question concerning the possibility that this civilization, or these manifestations, may have possibly incorporated some type of occupation with this planet but within the blinks, which is correct, but did not inhabit this planet and have not.

STEVE: This civilization, are they what we might roughly consider human or humanoid? (Pause)

ELIAS: Loosely. (Chuckles)

STEVE: I guess we’ll have to play around with that in some projections.

ELIAS: You may incorporate fun in that action.

STEVE: Absolutely. Or rather no absolute-ly! Interesting.

Some interest was expressed about offering information about aliens in our dimension, but I really don’t have any questions along those lines, and that was covered in the last session. I guess that the Vedic Civilization, though, is one of those other alien civilizations in this dimension, is what you’re saying?


STEVE: Existing now?


STEVE: My mind’s going in a million different directions! I don’t even know what I’m asking. I’ll start with this. It may be a simple answer. Are there any other planets in this universe that contain human life?

ELIAS: Human is a species that is indigenous to YOUR planet.

STEVE: I thought maybe there was some interaction in that some alien species comes down, scoops up a bunch of humans, drops them off on another planet. You know, it seems fairly plausible! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Not yet!

STEVE: (Laughing) I don’t like the tone in your voice there!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may assure you that in the potential of that occurrence, it would be an agreement.

STEVE: Let’s hope it’s just an objective agreement...

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

STEVE: ...and not an exploration of victimhood.


STEVE: Hopefully we’ll be shifted to the point where even if it is, we’ll expect it and know...

ELIAS: Correct, and it is not necessary.

STEVE: Sort of one question I was wondering about – hopefully this will be a quick answer. There’s been a lot of interaction over the decades surrounding UFOs, abductions, crop circles, and my understanding of that, or our understanding of that, is that that’s interactions from an other dimensional civilization, so to speak.

ELIAS: Some.

STEVE: I’m kind of curious. There are incidents of cattle mutilations in this dimension, and it’s sort of been attributed to aliens, other dimensional species, whatever you want to call it. I was just wondering, what is the intent behind that action? I mean, is this intentional? Is this something where there is some other dimensional civilization or species that is getting its value fulfillment by traveling across a dimensional veil and turning a few cows inside out and leaving? What is the intention, what is the imagery behind that?

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, most, not all, but most physical dimensions incorporate perception, which, as you are aware in you physical dimension, perception is a mechanism that generates physical reality, but it is also an objective mechanism. Therefore, to incorporate perception, there must be a reality which also incorporates an objective awareness, and not all realities incorporate an objective awareness.

But in limiting our discussion to those realities to DO incorporate an objective awareness and perception, just as differently as you as individuals generate your perceptions from each other, so also may realities generate quite different perceptions and therefore quite different imagery and different explorations.

In this situation, it is not an expression that is intended to generate harmfulness – and be aware that there is a participation with the creatures also, for without that participation the action would not occur. But in this, as you are aware, at times different dimensions, different realities may bleed-through to each other. In actuality, you also at times bleed-through into other realities. You merely are not objectively aware, or if you are aware you dismiss it as imagination. But you imprint in other realities equally as realistically and strongly as any other reality does within yours.

In similar types of actions individuals within your reality generate an action of projecting and choose to be projecting to other physical realities, which are other dimensional realities. In that action, they generate a curiosity and an exploration.

Now; within your perceptions, you are intending no harmfulness and you are merely curious and exploring, are you not?

STEVE: Correct.

ELIAS: The same is being expressed by other dimensional manifestations in their explorations and their projections. It may translate in your reality to a creature being what you assess as mutilated, but it does not translate to THEM as that action. They do not perceive themselves to be generating any harmfulness or any intrusiveness. They are merely exploring and expressing curiosity, but how it translates in your reality may be quite different.

Just as you may be projecting to another reality, and you may be projecting to, for example, that reality which you have discussed with each other and identify as some type of fluid reality. In your projection, you may experience what you assess as swimming with some of these fluid creatures. As you engage that action, you are merely exploring, and you are expressing curiosity and your own excitement in what you discover. In that reality, it translates quite differently and at times interrupts the configuration of manifestation of these fluid beings, and at times generates an action that within YOUR reality you would translate as a contamination of that fluid which appears to you to be water.

Now; I do not express a discouragement of any of you from projecting into other realities.

STEVE: Projecting, nothing – I’m never going to go swimming again!

ELIAS: (Laughs) But the reason that I do not express a warning or a discouragement to you is that I am aware that without the participation of the other dimension and their beings or their manifestations, you would not penetrate. Just as, if you are not expressing some element of curiosity also and an openness, they cannot penetrate your reality, for you enforce the veils of separation. Therefore, you also participate in all of these phenomenon in the expression of your own curiosities of the possibility of what you term to be other life, and that reinforces your knowing that there is other life, for you offer yourselves evidence of it. And they do so also.

STEVE: There were some science questions that were contributed that I definitely want to get in here before we wrap up. One question is if photons can cross dimensional veils just like gravitons, could we not communicate with other dimensions like Atlantis by using light, maybe in the method of dots and dashes? Also, why have we not noticed light rays readily escaping from other dimensions? Or have we? We simply don’t know how to interpret it?

ELIAS: The latter is more correct and accurate, and as to your initial question, yes, you can. It is a matter of becoming more familiar with consciousness and recognizing how to manipulate energy in different manners.

Many of your sciences continue to not view these manifestation as consciousness, and therefore do not avail themselves of the big picture and therefore limit their information. But eventually, as you are widening your awareness and as your sciences are becoming more curious concerning consciousness, you are incrementally offering yourselves more and more information as to how to manipulate different expressions of energy to pierce these veils and to expand your exploration with them.

STEVE: Can you give us an example of one of those instances where light rays are appearing in our dimension from a different dimension and it’s staring us right in the face and we’re not even noticing it or don’t even take it for what it is?

ELIAS: (Chuckles, and then pauses) Very well, I may offer you two.

At times you may notice flashes of light but you dismiss them as not even having been expressed, for they appear to be generated from nowhere and no natural phenomenon appears to generate them, such as lightening. There are times in which light flashes occur that are somewhat similar to lightening, but there is no lightening. Generally speaking, individuals that see these light flashes immediately dismiss them and express to themselves that it was imagined or that they have been experiencing an optical illusion – their eyes have malfunctioned – and they have not actually seen what they have seen. I may express to you, seeing is not always believing!

I may also express to you an identification of one that is very familiar to you, and that is explored and investigated and offered mundane explanations by your scientists but is quite limited, and that would be your auroras, that which you view to be your Northern Lights.

STEVE: It’s funny, because that was what I got in my head as soon as you started talking about it, our Aurora Borealis.

ELIAS: Yes, which occur in many different forms and are quite familiar and quite continuous and quite natural, and have been occurring for extensive time frameworks. That would be your example right before your face, as you express. (Laughs)

STEVE: Is this an intentional communication or just sort of a conduit that happens to be open in that way in that time framework?

ELIAS: Both.

STEVE: Oh wow! So it’s a message that some dimension is trying to sort of reach out and contact this dimension?


STEVE: Is this a dimension that we’ve already explored sort of or that our group might be familiar with, at least in theory, academically?

ELIAS: Not yet! But perhaps you may begin to explore now.

STEVE: Yes. (Elias chuckles) Well, this has been very educational. I guess I should probably wrap this up.

ELIAS: And fun also! (Chuckles)

STEVE: It always is.

ELIAS: And I may express to you that I have not been intentionally vague and I have not been intentionally teasing, either! (Laughs)

STEVE: You were listening in!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I AM aware!

STEVE: You can be pretty cryptic at times, but I think...

ELIAS: Quite intentionally.

STEVE: I’ll grant you that’s fine. I’ll take that as encouragement and so will all of us.

ELIAS: And challenging.

STEVE: It wouldn’t be any fun if it weren’t.

ELIAS: And that would be the point! (Chuckles)

STEVE: Well, this has been a blast. I really appreciate it. I think the Darlings are really going to enjoy reading this and listening to it.

ELIAS: And you may offer my greetings to all of them.

STEVE: Oh, I certainly will.

ELIAS: To you, my friend, in tremendous affection as always, and to all of your “Darlings” in great fondness and friendship, au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 6 minutes.


(1) The “Darlings” that Steve refers to is a Yahoo email chat group. You can find them at

(2) Session 1491 took place on January 07, 2004.

(3) Transcriber’s note: I cannot find a reference to this in the transcripts. Maybe it was an x-file? If anyone out there is aware of the session that Elias is referring to in this paragraph, please let me know!

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