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Monday, April 04, 2005

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ďThe Year 2011Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), Ella (Bella) and Inna (Beatrix).

(Eliasí arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

INNA: Good morning. This is my friend, Ella. This is her first session.

ELIAS: Welcome, again.

ELLA: Again and again! I talk to you many times. I hope you heard me. (Elias laughs)

INNA: I have the impression you have introduced yourself to Ella.

ELLA: She doesnít like when I talk to you when I drive the car. She says donít do that, you have to concentrate on driving! (Elias laughs)

INNA: Iím going to start asking you a few personal questions, then Ella, and maybe if we have time we go together.

ELIAS: Very well.

INNA: The first thing, I want to ask you some personal questions. First, I want to know my parentsí essence names, alignment, orientation.

ELIAS: Very well. Offer first individual.

INNA: My father.

ELIAS: Essence name, Juney, J-U-N-E-Y (JEW nee). And your impression?

INNA: I didnít think about it. I donít know.

ELIAS: Impressions do not require forethought.

INNA: Something Sumafi in there.

ELIAS: Correct.

INNA: Belonging.


INNA: I give up!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Zuli.

INNA: That I wouldnít think. And the orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

INNA: Is my father in transition now?


INNA: He had problems; heís in a hospital right now. How can I help him? My sense is heís really afraid of dying. He sees bad images, heís going to disappear lying underground Ė really scared, you know? How would I help him?

ELIAS: First of all, be supportive, which is being accepting. Do not try to convince.

INNA: At one point I said, ďYou are dying.Ē He said, ďHow do you know? You donít know.Ē He doesnít believe in this stuff and thatís the problem. That is why he feels very strongly.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is what I am expressing to you. Do not attempt to convince him of other ideas. It is futile. For he incorporates his beliefs, and the are quite real. Attempting to convince him of other expressions merely discounts what he is expressing and reinforces what he is expressing. For the more you attempt to instruct or convince of other ideas, the more strongly he holds to his own and the more strongly he expresses that. Therefore, the more intensity of (inaudible).

In this, if you are not generating (inaudible) energy, if you are allowing yourself to accept what he is expressing and you are supporting of that, engage exchange with him concerning his fear and what he perceives is occurring. Engage sharing with him.

INNA: Having a conversation?

ELIAS: Yes. For in that action, you are acknowledging him, and that influences him to release energy and to express his own beliefs, his own fears. It generates a recognition that another individual is acknowledging and not discounting of him, which encourages the other individual to relax more. You cannot change another individualís beliefs.

INNA: I donít think Iím trying. I just want to help, because itís such a struggle.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but each individual generates their experiences in association with their filtration of their beliefs and dependent upon what they are engaging. You all engage actions in some time framework in which you generate fear. You all have some element of fear, and as we discussed in our group, the opposition to that fear merely feeds it, and it does not dissipate it. It reinforces. Therefore, the manner in which you may be helpful is to be supportive and accepting of what he is expressing.

INNA: What about advice about surgery? In my opinion, I wouldnít do it. But I donít know what kind of advise to give.

ELIAS: Is he requesting advice?

INNA: No, he isnít. But the doctors talk with the children to get advice about what you want to do with your parent in that situation, and I donít know what to say. I ask what he wants.


INNA: He said no, he doesnít want to do it. So I better follow what he wants.


INNA: He says heís not sure what he wants to do. But I think it matters not, like you say, whatís going to happen. I donít know how itís going to affect his choices.

ELIAS: Correct. Whatever his choice is shall be his choice. Whether you engage the advice of your physicians or you do not, his choice shall be his choice. If he chooses to continue within physical focus, he shall. If he chooses not, he shall not, regardless.

INNA: How I feel, when you cut people, itís just more (inaudible). It doesnít make you feel better.

ELIAS: That is dependent upon his beliefs and what he wants and what he chooses.

INNA: It is better to listen to what he is going to say.


INNA: Next is my mother. I have complicated issues with my mom.

ELIAS: Essence name, Neena (N-E-E-N-A). And you incorporate no impression?

INNA: Vold?

ELIAS: Essence family Vold. Alignment?

INNA: I donít know!

ELIAS: Sumari.

INNA: Orientation common?

ELIAS: Common.

INNA: I have a couple of questions about my son to ask you. First, how many focuses does he have in this dimension?

ELIAS: Nine hundred twenty-nine.

INNA: How many in the future?

ELIAS: In this moment, 300.

INNA: What is his musical note?


INNA: Recently he had a pleasant dream. He was in California in the seventies, so it is not recently, sixties or seventies. He was driving a Volkswagen mini-bus, and he thinks itís like a hippie focus. Was that his focus?


INNA: So it means this person is still alive?

ELIAS: Yes. That would be an overlapping focus.

INNA: This focus is about my age.


INNA: Is Nostradamus his focus?

ELIAS: Observing.

INNA: I recently read a book called ďBeatrice.Ē Is it a focus of mine? Beatrice was a name in the book, but it was about somebody else. Is this a focus of me?


INNA: The name was (inaudible), and she was Danielle Steel.


INNA: Thatís it. Iím done. Now Ella is going to ask questions.

ELLA: I would like to know my color. I see your colors a lot, as if you are offering, lending me your energy.


ELLA: Lately you have given me a very interesting treatment. Thank you very much! (Both laugh) Beside that, I always see a lot of colors, different shades of purple. Is that Bellaís color or my own color?

ELIAS: That is your focus color.

ELLA: My focus color. What is Bellaís color? (Pause)

ELIAS: Taffy, a combination of orange and yellow Ė more to the orange but with a base of yellow.

ELLA: Whatís the musical note?


ELLA: I understand that my orientation is common. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: I think that I am empathic.

ELIAS: You all incorporate that inner sense.

ELLA: Am I dispersed?

ELIAS: No. Many times an individual may engage their empathic sense more easily than other individuals, and that may be misinterpreted for a dispersed essence, for they also engage that action quite naturally, but that is not necessarily an indication.

ELLA: Somebody else thought that I might be dispersed. Does Bella have a Dream Walker aspect?


ELLA: I saw a tile which looks like a snake facing downwards on a dark green background. The snake was almost black. Is this a tile in The City?


ELLA: When I was meditating on the tile, the impression of meaning that it gave to me was wisdom of acceptance.


ELLA: What also came with it was a phrase in a language I do not recognize, but it came with a meaning which I interpreted different ways. The phase came as ďsara amarata vio anno ari.Ē The meaning that came was ďsaraĒ was the suffering, ďamarataĒ was loneliness, ďvioĒ was survival, ďannoĒ was compassion, and ďariĒ was love or longing. I interpreted it as a mantra of some sort: Through pain and loneliness to survival, compassion and love. Make any sense?


ELLA: What is the language, Sumari?

ELIAS: No. It is a translation, and it would be associated with a language within another reality.

ELLA: Is this part of my intent? I am trying to meditate on intent, and I can see that there is a lot of pain and suffering in the early part of my life, not so much now. I also have a strong sense of being sort of like a bud and waiting and opening. I feel a strong sense of evolving and becoming in the last two years. I feel that this a part of my intent, focusing more on myself and literally learning myself from inside and also learning through other people. Sort of helping other people in a way, but also part of my intent is learning how to deal with my responsibilities, and in that way shifting my responsibilities from others to self.

ELIAS: Yes. That would be more accurate assessment of your intent, the exploration of responsibility.

ELLA: I have, at some points of my life, viewed my being sick all the time, really sick, as a detriment and sort of as a failure. Then I start thinking that since I was sick from the very, very beginning, almost pretty much all of the time since I was born, I think that this was the challenge I offered to myself in this focus to explore, rather than being a detriment.


ELLA: Was it my essence making a choice do I stay or disengage, and for a very long time wasnít sure?


ELLA: It was always a challenge; that agrees with me. I am working towards that, and I feel that I like myself very much more now than before. I never want to be eighteen and twenty again. I am enjoying my life now.

How many focuses do I have all together?

ELIAS: One thousand thirty-two.

ELLA: I feel most of them in other dimensions. I feel more focuses in other dimensions.

ELIAS: Yes, but that number is merely associated with this physical dimension.

ELLA: How many more...?

ELIAS: That is not numberable.

ELLA: What do you mean? Not for anybody?

ELIAS: No, I cannot express a number, for they are innumerable.

ELLA: I guess I can ask how many in the future. How many?

ELIAS: In this present time framework, 227.

ELLA: That is not how I perceived it. I thought I would be mostly in other dimensions.

ELIAS: You do incorporate many, many, many focuses in other dimensions.

ELLA: Thatís what I feel. I feel that we have underwater focuses together.


ELLA: Do I have chapter focuses with the three of them, with Inna, Natasha and Daniil?


ELLA: Probably in the shift book.


ELLA: Religious also?


ELLA: So we were together in France, then?


ELLA: With you also?


ELLA: Am I part of that family, where you were an uncle? I was who? Was I your wife?


INNA: Daniil was the wife; I was cousin. She is talking about in Provence, in France.

ELLA: Was I there?


ELLA: I donít have a clear impression. I feel Inna was my child. I feel protective and proud of her at times, as if she would be my child, so incredibly wonderful. Where was that focus, which country?

ELIAS: That would be your parent in that focus, and also in also in other focuses.

ELLA: So we do have many focuses together?


ELLA: Did I have focuses with my son, Stan?


ELLA: He is a black box to me. I hardly can read him. I can read other people better than my own son. We probably had focuses where we were adversaries?

ELIAS: Yes, you have.

ELLA: Which is okay. I donít think heís part of these chapter focuses. It almost feels as if I am not as close to him. There is some sort of distance.

ELIAS: That is not associated with whether he is participating in any of the chapter focuses. It is a difference in energy that you express in this focus, and another challenge.

ELLA: Definitely a challenge, and thatís what I am working on. From the questions I asked before, I can clearly see the picture Ė acceptance, not transferring your beliefs on other individuals.

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: Very difficult to do, but I understand the need in me to do this. Iím not sure how well Iím going to do it, but thatís what I am moving towards.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ELLA: Not so well for me, because I am common looking outwards, how other people relate to what I am doing, which I donít want to do as much anymore. However, I am still very much affected by what my family would think of me in that respect of being that type of mother to him. He is not born by me, and that is always a doubt in my mind Ė do I really understand him since he is not a product of my womb.

ELIAS: But that also incorporates no bearing. For the choice of an essence in how it shall emerge into this physical dimension is not necessarily the choice of the family that that focus shall incorporate.

ELLA: It doesnít have to be born by you if it wants to be in this family.

ELIAS: Correct. That individual chose his family.

ELLA: I like his energy in many respects. I think heís a very complicated, interesting focus. I donít always understand, because his energy is much stronger than mine.

When I spoke to Kathy, she was also talking about chapter focuses and periods of the French Revolution, and I saw an image of guillotine and a head rolling. My impression is I was the executioner. She was the one who was executed.

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: And for some reason I have Marie Antoinette. Was she Marie Antoinette?


ELLA: Am I Marie Antoinette?


ELLA: Why did I see that?

ELIAS: You were an executioner. (Chuckles)

ELLA: I feel one of my infamous focuses Ė I feel I have many Ė but one that I had impression of was a high priest in a temple in ancient Egypt, a really nasty guy.


ELLA: Really not a pleasant personality at all. I feel I might be observing essence of Beethoven or Mozart, Iím not sure.

ELIAS: Partial observing, not for the entirety of the focus.

ELLA: What are my other famous focuses?

ELIAS: And I shall challenge you to investigate.

ELLA: Thatís fine, but are you going to give me a sense of direction, like a country, a timeframe? If you donít, thatís okay. I will meditate on that. Are they really nice?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Would you prefer that they be nice?

ELLA: But theyíre famous, theyíve got to be nice.

ELIAS: Ah, do they? (Laughter)

ELLA: I have a lot to go over with essence names. My husband Barry, heís Sumafi, aligned Milumet.

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: What is his essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Lucius, L-U-C-I-U-S (LOO cee us).

ELLA: Have we shared many focuses together before? I feel a very strong connection, even though we have some conflict. Is he part of the chapters, religious book, shift?


ELLA: Was he my parent before?


ELLA: I definitely feel that type of relationship many times over.

ELIAS: Yes. But you also incorporate other focuses with this individual as siblings, as friends and as romantic relationships.

ELLA: Yes. I feel a very strong connection with him in many ways. I created him because he was very instrumental to shifting in me, because of his acceptance. I am learning to accept, and he in many ways accepts already. That really helps, because he opens me up, releases my energy in a way that I donít feel self-conscious. I can create whichever I choose, however he...

ELIAS: He does not open you. You are crediting the other individual for your actions. But what he does incorporate in his acceptance is an environment in which you experience a comfort and a safety in which you allow yourself.

ELLA: But it is a reflection of me. To a degree, I am accepting myself more; therefore, I create an environment that is accepted.

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: In some areas I still doubt, and thatís where he assists. Like this type of concept, he challenges me, and itís because I challenge myself. Because I doubt my impressions, yet most of them are okay, but I say maybe I am just pulling it out of the air.


ELLA: I donít trust myself, and that is because I discount myself. ďThese people are so much better than me, how could I ever...Ē No more.

Stan, I feel that heís more aligned with Zuli. Iím not sure.

ELIAS: Reverse.

ELLA: Zuli aligned with Vold.


ELLA: Heís probably part of a chapter book. We traveled together before, but my relationship with him I feel more adversarial for some reason. Maybe we had many focuses where we challenged each other.

ELIAS: Yes, but not necessarily are adversaries consistently, but in that type of role.

ELLA: Not enemies but challengers.

ELIAS: Yes, in which you engaged relationships of friendships but were also engaged in roles in which you challenged each other or...

ELLA: Medieval knights.

ELIAS: Yes. Those types...

ELLA: Heíll love it! Anything else I could ask about Stan? Orientation?

ELIAS: Intermediate.

ELLA: And Barry, common?

ELIAS: Common.

ELLA: Heís not dispersed?


ELLA: My mother, I thought she was Sumari/Ilda, but I also think she might be Sumari/Tumold or Tumold/Sumari. Iím not sure about the Ilda part anymore. Thereís a lot of healing presence with her, so Iím thinking Sumari aligned with Tumold, same as me.

ELIAS: Reverse.

ELLA: And my father, I know Sumafi. Iím not sure if Gramada.


ELLA: I feel very connected with my mother. I think weíve traveled many lives together in loving relationships. I feel we had a very wide range of relationships.


ELLA: A lot of them were friends, not family.


ELLA: My father, I love him very much but I feel not as many focuses together.

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: I want to continue with my impressions of dreams and souls, and also if you could tell me, who are my spiritual guides?

ELIAS: I do not express spiritual guides, for guides implies some greaterness or authority, and...

ELLA: Companions? When I meditate, I get lots of colors. Maybe I see Patel or Tomkin at times, something like that?

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: When I meditate and I see the colors, itís energy being lent to me?


ELLA: I feel a vastness of experience in my yellow energy center, because it feels better than sex... (Laughter)


ELLA: Sometimes I have an impression, and I feel a twinge in my yellow energy center. Thatís a response, a confirmation?

ELIAS: Yes, from you to you.

ELLA: I used to have a fear of taking a shower when I was alone, a very irrational feel of being murdered in a brutal way. Was that one of my focuses that had that experience?


ELLA: I even saw a face and a hand, pretty recent too. Either a future focus or at this timeframe.

ELIAS: Not this timeframe work.

ELLA: I feel bad for her. It was not very pleasant for her, and I regret that happening.

Is Bella very playful and she all the time wants to experience every little disease somebody else is having just because it is fun? (Elias laughs) Everything, I have to experience it in a lesser form. Why is that? Is that me playing, exploring?

ELIAS: That is an element of your intent and your exploration, your challenge.

ELLA: I think what it does is it makes me appreciate more what other people are feeling.

ELIAS: That is one aspect.

ELLA: I very much have a need to give, and I do it with physical objects. Maybe by giving a physical object I am sharing energy with them, because I am a Tumold, aligned with Tumold. I very much need to see a smile. I very much like to accommodate. I donít necessarily have to sacrifice my feelings, but I would like to find a position comfortable for all of us. People work well with me. Is that also how I use my energy?


ELLA: I really like that. It gives me pleasure. It gives me really honest-to-goodness pleasure. I give to you, I donít expect anything back, but it feels awfully good to give. Is that okay that I give things to people? I donít stifle my impulses. I most of the time go with my impulses.

ELIAS: Yes, I am quite encouraging of this.

ELLA: I started recently writing songs. I feel that that is my way of verbally expressing the bleed-through from my other focuses.

ELIAS: Partially, and also...

ELLA: The Yiddish melody with the violin, I could see a person in pre-war Poland, Germany. I know he felt an impending sense of doom. That was a focus?


ELLA: And a tango, where I can almost see a picture of a man and woman. Sheís in red silk dress; heís in a black tuxedo. Itís just a brief moment, full of erotic intensity. That is also a focus?


ELLA: A song I call ďThe Desert of Heart,Ē a woman who waited for love that was in nineteenth century, possibly. She was waiting for love for so long. She forgot how to do it and felt very lonely. A focus of mine?


ELLA: I even knew her last name. Miss March, possibly?


ELLA: So some of them are definitely bleed-through. Thatís how I give myself information. I feel my songs are very good, but I discount myself.

ELIAS: Yes, that it is arrogant.

ELLA: Is that a way to create a natural abundance?

ELIAS: It can be. It is also a manner in which you allow yourself to express your creativity.

ELLA: This is more like I feel. I read the Abraham book, and basically for some reason I got the impression that if I created this experience for myself, then maybe itís because I have this need to be financially independent and stable, which I am right now, so I move into what if Iím not because my husband is such and such. So there is a vulnerability, which I stop it right there. Iím okay here, now. I donít have to worry about the future.

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: But I canít get rid of my belief in one moment, so I was thinking like maybe that was given to me so that I go with them somewhere and publish virtually.

ELIAS: You can.

ELLA: So, you say if I choose to, I can still pursue that venue. If I donít, itís still my choice and doesnít invalidate my experience.

ELIAS: Correct, and also provides you with an avenue to express your creativity.

ELLA: And channels my energy, which is very pleasant. Instead of holding it there, where it heats my organs because I am keeping it tight, I release it.


ELLA: It helps me a lot in a way, in stressful situations, when I start singing one of my songs. So itís just me generating tangible help to myself and information.


ELLA: We read a lot of your sessions. The information, you attract it, you process it, and then you deal with it as you need to deal with it. However, we have some points of reference based on the sessions. We found on the Internet a website, and found some things we wanted to confirm and clarify because not everything we understood very well. This site, this ancient area in Mexico, it was put there by the first ones?

INNA: It is a canyon in New Mexico. Itís a knowledge deposit for us, for humanity in general. The cave looks like DNA. It has 24 chambers. Each chamber has painting, music and philosophy. For whatever we need I understand itís intended for knowledge for the Shift.

ELIAS: It can be. It can be incorporated in that manner.

ELLA: It is said that there are seven sites like that on different continents. They basically potentially could also serve as a protection device, and thatís where we get completely bogged down. It also says an alien race would like to acquire the ability to invade. Thatís like a bleed-through interpretation?

ELIAS: That is an interpretation in association with individualsí beliefs. That is not accurate.

ELLA: Why the many references to the year 2011?

ELIAS: That is also a translation and an interpretation associated with beliefs in association with different observations of different movements within your universe and tapping into different potentials of energy which are occurring now Ė therefore, individuals generating their own interpretations in association with their beliefs, generating predictions and possibilities and methods.

But within this millennium, especially within this beginning throes, or what you term to be the beginning years of this new millennium, in association with waves of consciousness that are occurring and in association with the beginning of the insertion of this shift into the objective of your reality, that generates a tremendous potential or sparking of individuals to be speculating as to what may occur, for they are generating more of an awareness of consciousness and more of an awareness of shifting, and recognizing that elements within your reality are changing but are not quite sure what is changing. Therefore, they draw upon what they know, which is associated with your history, and they speculate as to what might occur. That is occurring more in this time framework now in the beginning throes of this objective insertion, for there is much unfamiliarity occurring now. That eventually shall settle, but there is much speculation of specific dates and specific years of what may potentially occur.

Now; there is another potential for the midpoint of this century, that this type of energy shall reoccur, for there is a tremendous potential for tremendous surges in energy of great discovery with yourselves and your world and what you can accomplish. For that shall be almost the midpoint of the insertion of this shift, and at that point, there is tremendous potential for you to be generating significant events and creations and new awarenesses and significant changes within your physical reality.

ELLA: My question would be is this insertion an idea or concept or object insertion from the future or other time line? Future focuses here, assisting in the Shift?

ELIAS: Yes, there are.

ELLA: Basically, itís not invalid, what it says, but itís how we use the knowledge to assist the Shift...

ELIAS: And how you interpret it.

ELLA: And in that context, what it says in that website is they have musical segues, certain poetry and certain other knowledge, and they say if you listen to that, it enhances your ability to perceive All That Is.

ELIAS: It can, but that would be the individualís choice and whether you actually generate that. These are methods to provide you with a type of focal point to focus your attention to accomplish certain actions, but they in themselves are not actually generating any action.

ELLA: We are generating.

ELIAS: Yes. You may incorporate them as a tool, as a method to accomplish what you want, but you are accomplishing.

ELLA: We incorporate and generate a lot of things.

ELIAS: Yes, but the thing does not incorporate any power. It is you, and you channel that energy and direct it and use or incorporate that object as a focal point to direct your energy in more of a concentrated manner to accomplish what you want.

ELLA: So in this context, I could use these exercises but understanding that we brought that to ourselves.


INNA: Is our DNA actually going to be changed? Something activated in our DNA to perceive ourselves as whole beings?

ELIAS: Your DNA is not necessarily being altered. You do each incorporate the ability to do that. It is not impossible, but it is not a movement of this shift. You are not changing your physical reality in its physicality. You are changing how you perceive it and how you interact with it and how you function within it and how you interact with yourselves and with each other Ė which is significant Ė and how you interact with other realities, not merely this reality. That IS a function of this shift. In accepting the belief of separation, that thins those veils of separation and therefore allows you to be interactive with other realities.

ELLA: I forgot to ask my son Stanís essence name. (Pause)

ELIAS: Allehan, A-L-L-E-H-A-N (ali HAHN).

ELLA: My motherís essence name?


ELLA: My fatherís? (Pause)

ELIAS: Jean, J-E-A-N (JAHN).

INNA: Can we talk about zones of data called tributary zones? Is it the same as (inaudible), where you can access information? They say there are seven tributary zones, where you can access any data. They say some essences here sometimes transfer there and get some data, like Einstein. Some here are like teachers in training to continue with teaching on a different level. I have a sense I am one of the teachers in training.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, there are no teachers, for it is unnecessary. For within consciousness you all, we all, incorporate the same information. Therefore, it is unnecessary to express the role of teachers or students. That is an idea, a concept that is generated in association with your beliefs in relation to this physical reality, for that is the manner in which you have expressed your roles for centuries. That is also changing, and that is a movement of this shift.

ELLA: I had three dreams in yellow colors. Yellow is who? Which essence was trying to connect?

ELIAS: That was not associated with another essence. That was associated with you and your yellow energy center and to pay attention to yourself.

ELLA: One of the dreams was on judgment and acceptance, and a beautiful African-American woman in a yellow dress. Was that a focus of mine?


ELLA: I almost felt she was more than just a human...

ELIAS: A preference.

ELLA: But that was definitely me understanding and knowing how bad it is to judge.


ELLA: Another one was this red and yellow snake being choked to death by a human, and I interpreted that as beauty of vitality. The image of the snake was of beauty and vitality and nature, and us not understanding that weíre part of the snake.

ELIAS: Yes, and how easily you restrict that and do not acknowledge and appreciate that.

ELLA: The third dream was me fixated on buying a yellow car, but I still feel a preference to that. Was that dream in relation to my own preferences?


ELLA: I had an energy dream where everybody was terrified, except me and several others, of this spinning beautiful orange-yellow energy ball. That was Bella?


ELLA: Everybody was trying to run away, but some older man told us that we were commissioned to do an exploration to find out what it is. Is that me reaching out to myself evolving?

ELIAS: Yes. You are generating a movement to be more intimately familiar and connected with yourself as essence.

ELLA: Am I literally and physically aiding in the Shift?


ELLA: When I saw parrots in my dream, was that the essence of Rose communicating?

ELIAS: No, that is a dream trigger. A dream trigger is an object or an expression within your dreams which you may incorporate as a portal to move within consciousness.

ELLA: The trip that you offered to me last time to explore other dimensions Ė the strong sense of responsibility which I feel toward others, if I do something like that and it turns out not very safe and I put myself in danger, that affects others. I understand that I shouldnít worry about that, they can get by without me even if I get lost somewhere.

ELIAS: You will not get lost. (Smiling)

ELLA: I saw lots of blue with black shapes starting to obstruct it, until there were only blue eyes looking at me. Then I saw a wormhole of colors, and I felt like I was going down the rabbit hole, and I got scared and I opened my eyes. Was I trying to physically get out, explore?


ELLA: How do I not get scared?

ELIAS: Merely allow yourself, my friend. You shall not harm yourself, and you shall return yourself to this reality.

ELLA: My problem is the very uncomfortable feeling of being dizzy, and I canít tolerate that.

ELIAS: But that is associated with your physical body, and your physical body is not accompanying you in this adventure.

ELLA: But how do I bypass this dizzy thing?

ELIAS: That is associated with your physical body. Your physical body is not accompanying you upon this adventure. You are not taking your physical body with you. Therefore, there is no actual dizziness. That is an action that occurs in association with your physical body.

ELLA: With my fear?

ELIAS: Once you recognize that you are projecting your energy and you are not incorporating your physical body with that projection, you are not subject to the physical sensations that you generate within your physical body.

ELLA: So do I just allow those sensations sort of on the side, like okay, Iím dizzy, but Iím going?

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. For you recognize, this is associated with my physical body and I am creating this again but I am not incorporating my physical body; this is not necessary.

ELLA: If you so choose, would you assist again? With you I feel safer.

ELIAS: Yes, I shall!

ELLA: I have more questions, but I donít want to impose on your time.

ELIAS: And perhaps we shall engage conversation futurely.

INNA: Iím sure we will. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Very well! I express my friendship to each of you and my encouragement, and I shall be offering you my energy in your adventures. I express to you both tremendous affection. In great lovingness, au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir!

Elias departs after 1 hour, 8 minutes.

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