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Sunday, May 22, 2005

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ďCreating and Re-Creating a DiseaseĒ

ďA Brief Look at Government and Economies After the ShiftĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Tim (Coulum).

(Eliasí arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

TIM: Good morning, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

TIM: Iím doing well, thank you. Iím very excited to be speaking with you again. Itís been a few years since weíve done this method of communication, so Iím excited.

ELIAS: And what great adventures have you been creating?

TIM: Quite a few, actually. Thereís a few broad topics that I wanted to chat with you about. One of the ones I want to start with, one of the great adventures, is illness. We chatted about this a bit the last time. About five years or so ago, I created a disease that is an autoimmune disease that affects the intestines primarily. You and I chatted about that, and we talked about shifting attention and shifting concentration away from the disease. I was actually successful for a few years, shifting away from disease and creating health. But over the last few months, Iíve re-created this disease. Iím shifting back towards health, but I wanted to talk a little bit about that.

The first thought Ė and really more about this might be you validating some of my impressions as to why Ė but Iíve been very curious why Iíve re-created this disease. The first reason that seems to come to mind is obviously itís just another form of exploration or experience. But Iím also wondering Ė this is what I think my impression is, if you could validate this Ė re-creating this disease is really a device that Iím using to gain my attention and perhaps gently force myself into a new direction of exploration, and specifically a new direction on how I spend my time.


TIM: Thatís kind of what I thought, because since getting this disease, it certainly affects what I can do efficiently. Itís certainly drawn me into a little bit more introspective evaluation and exploring certain things.

ELIAS: This also is a type of trigger or focal point that has been reintroduced quite purposefully, in a manner of speaking to be helpful to yourself to be more clearly identifying where you are directing your attention and how you are directing your attention.

In this, it is also what you may term to be a type of gauge, for it indicates to you moments in which you are focusing your attention not necessarily upon yourself but upon the manifestation. Many times, individuals misunderstand and equate paying attention to a particular physical manifestation as paying attention to themself; but in actuality, they are not necessarily paying attention to themself.

It also is a manifestation that you can incorporate as a gauge as to whether you are paying attention to yourself AND allowing yourself to pay attention to what is occurring around you, incorporating a balance of both Ė or whether you are projecting your attention outside of yourself to the exclusion of yourself, or vice versa, in which you are paying attention to yourself to the point where you are excluding outside of yourself and what you are creating within your environment.

Therefore, it may be incorporated as a useful expression which also you can incorporate as a means to practice with manipulating your energy, which can create the manifestation or it can generate the manifestation to disappear. That fluctuates in each moment, for at times it may not be manifest at all, and in other moments, it may be manifest again.

In this, if you are allowing yourself to become more familiar and more aware with your energy, you may actually incorporate the ability to recognize objectively moments in which the dis-ease is not being created at all, and moments in which it is.

TIM: Thatís very interesting, because I do certainly go throughout a day Ė for example, right now I feel perfectly fine, no outward issues really of any kind Ė but the nature of the disease is that it affects at a cellular level within the intestinal lining, which obviously I canít see. But when Iím not manifesting, is it still potentially damaging or affecting that cellular level and Iím just not feeling the effects, or is it merely...?

ELIAS: No, no. In the moments in which you are actually not manifesting that, you do incorporate indicators that you are not manifesting it, and in your terms, it disappears and is no longer present. In that situation, there is no physical affectingness, for you are not creating it.

It is not a matter of creating some type of dis-ease or manifestation within your physical body consciousness, that once it has begun it continues and you merely are not experiencing the affectingness of it. This is not the manner in which individuals generally create physical manifestations. They fluctuate, and this is dependent upon you and your energy, what you are allowing or what you are generating, and how you incorporate the manifestation to be used, so to speak, for certain purposes in your experience.

TIM: When you talk about the energy, I did have a question about that. I was curious Ė part of the process of manifesting the disease in the physical body consciousness, am I doing something with energy, like holding it or bringing in negative energy or something along those lines that would then create this physical condition?

ELIAS: At times, but not necessarily. As I am expressing to you now, in this situation it may not always be associated with an expression that you would consider to be negative, for you are incorporating this manifestation now in a different manner than you were previously. You have widened your awareness and have incorporated more information at this point, and therefore, the manifestation may be incorporated for different reasons Ė as an indicator or as a focal point to move your attention and to be helpful to you to be more clearly aware of your energy and what you are doing and how you are projecting energy and where you are focusing your attention.

Individuals incorporate many different methods to be helpful to themselves to be more clearly aware of what they are actually doing. As you widen your awareness and offer yourself more information, you move farther into an awareness of yourself, and you generate more clarity. One of the most challenging directions in most individualsí movement and awareness is to become aware of what you are actually doing and what type of energy you are actually projecting in any moment, for feelings are not an indicator of energy.

Therefore, it is a matter of paying attention to what you are actually doing or not doing. For the most part, generally speaking, individuals incorporate quite a narrow definition of that and are quite physically aware of what they are doing in actual physical action, but that is not necessarily the point. This is the direction that becomes confusing to many individuals, for they attempt to assess what they are doing and they associate that with actual physical action.

Therefore, I may present the question to an individual within a moment and express to them, ďWhat are you doing in this now?Ē Generally speaking, the individualís attention shall move to their physical environment and what they are physically doing, and express in response to myself, ďI am doing nothing. I am sitting within a chair. I am speaking with you. I am listening to you.Ē But you are also incorporating other actions that may not necessarily be defined physically, and those are the actions, or the lack of actions, that influence the energy that you project and what you actually create.

TIM: Just to help me understand a little bit, as part of the answer to ďwhat are you doing?Ē I could also say at this moment Iím creating this type of a career that I am engaged in, Iím creating a beautiful sunny day or a rainy day. Does that kind of get outside the scope of ďwhat am I doing?Ē or is that included in ďwhat am I doing?Ē

ELIAS: That is somewhat included, but it would be more specific. What are you doing in this moment? What are you experiencing in this moment? To answer that question requires an awareness of the entirety of you. It requires an awareness of your communications that are continuously occurring. It requires an awareness of your physical body consciousness, of all of your outer senses, of your inner senses, and a knowing of yourself of what you are doing or what you are not doing, which is also an action of doing, for prevention or denial is also an action.

TIM: Thatís an interesting point. Something I did want to chat about was the impact of my beliefs, or at least how beliefs are helping to create or not create this particular disease. Years ago, as part of the awareness of the actual physical disease and trying to work on methods or ways to uncreate, I started taking supplements Ė vitamins, herbs, things of that nature Ė which we know from what youíve mentioned in previous sessions, no one particular substance really has any power other than the power that we give it or allow it.

ELIAS: Correct.

TIM: But it seemed with those particular substances, I felt better and things seemed to work. I guess really that may be true, but itís more about the beliefs that I associated with those substances in helping promote healing?

ELIAS: Yes, that is a method that you chose, which is acceptable, for that allows you to generate a type of energy in which you are not opposing your beliefs, you are not opposing yourself. You are allowing yourself to move within the structure and expression of your beliefs and therefore accomplish, for you are not generating opposition.

Many times individuals attempt to be incorporating actions, in association with healing actions specifically, in which they are actually opposing their beliefs. That merely perpetuates the physical manifestation, for they are denying their natural movement.

As I have expressed many times, your beliefs are not your enemy. They are an element of the blueprint of your reality, and all that you do and all that you create is filtered through your expressed beliefs. Therefore, wherein your power lies is to be aware of not merely what your beliefs are but what the many influences of them are, and therefore allow yourself to choose an influence that is more in keeping with your preference and allows you to more efficiently manipulate in association with what you want.

TIM: Interesting, because I was trying to really get an impression of perhaps why we created this belief. I recall that for the months leading up to the latest creation of this disease, I had much internal dialogue surrounding alcohol use, for example. For example, Iíd come home, drink alcohol after work, and have the internal dialogue that says Elias says that no particular substance has any particular power, so I can believe that this doesnít have any power Ė more so in the context of the mass beliefs that if you drink alcohol, it does not promote health, it actually can hurt your health.

I just kept having this internal dialogue of I can consume this and itís not going to be affecting, because thatís one belief. But on the other side, youíve got the impact of the mass beliefs, and Iím sure my own beliefs that this probably isnít the healthiest choice. Iím just curious if there was any relation between that kind of internal dialogue that went on for a few months and the re-creation of this particular instance of disease.

ELIAS: First of all, let me address to both of these situations, for they offer you two examples.

In association with the substance of the alcohol, let me express to you, what you believe is not necessarily what your belief is. What you believe is associated with your opinion, and that may not necessarily agree with an actual expressed belief. Therefore, this is an example of what I have expressed to you in relation to opposing beliefs. For you may incorporate the belief concerning certain substances, that if you consume certain substances they can be or will be affecting.

Now; that is the belief. There are many influences of that belief. Recognize that the belief in itself is neutral; it is not expressing positive or negative. It is merely a belief that consuming certain substances can or will be affecting physically.

Now; that belief incorporates many influences. One influence is that if you are consuming this particular substance of alcohol that it may be or will be damaging to you physically, that it shall be affecting of certain areas of your physical body, that it shall be deteriorating of certain organs. That is one influence. Another influence is that this substance shall produce a particular effect emotionally or mentally which shall allow you to relax and therefore incorporate more freedom in your expression, or less inhibition. Another influence is that this substance can incorporate the physical effect that is calming and relaxing. Another influence is that it shall create a desired affectingness of perception, and that it shall allow you to generate an alteration of perception which you may create in a euphoric manner, or you may create in a manner which you thusly allow yourself to be more playful. There is also an influence of this particular belief that it is socially unacceptable or socially acceptable. There are influences in which it may produce less of an ability to function, but there are also influences that you may allow it to enhance your functioning.

These are examples of one belief incorporating many different influences. But if you are not aware of the influences that are attached to one belief, what begins to generate confusion and at times conflict is that the association is that all of these influences are beliefs in themselves. Therefore, your struggle becomes what belief to exchange for another belief, or how to change that belief into a different belief, which is not the point. It is ONE belief, and in recognizing the many different influences, that allows you to clearly identify which influence you have been aligning with Ė in this example, that alcohol may be or will be physically internally damaging to different areas of your body consciousness.

In this, recognizing that that is the influence that you have been choosing and therefore the influence that you have been incorporating in association with your perception, which creates your reality, therefore, that influence becomes real. In recognizing that and recognizing also that there are other influences that you can choose, it is not a matter of eliminating the influence that you have been choosing, but acknowledging that and genuinely moving your awareness into an expression of recognizing that all of these influences are equally real, that any of them require your choice to be influencing your perception to create that.

But if you are merely expressing to yourself, ďAh, the substance itself incorporates no innate qualities; it is my belief that generates any manifestation in association with this substance,Ē and you recognize, in your terms, that you have incorporated the belief, which is actually the influence that this particular substance is physically damaging, what you do is you thusly attempt to convince yourself that that is not true and you attempt to convince yourself of a different influence, which you are labeling as a different belief. That does not generate success.

For what you are actually doing Ė which now we move into more of an identification specifically of the DOING element Ė what you are actually doing is opposing one influence, and the more you oppose that influence, the more you reinforce it, for the more energy you contribute to it. In that, it becomes more and more challenging to actually express a different influence.

Also, in this, in associating with the beliefs and the influences of beliefs, it is not uncommon that you can believe one expression but also incorporate an expressed belief which is different. You may believe that you incorporate the ability to express a different influence, or in your perception, generate a different manifestation for you are choosing a different belief, but you are not acknowledging the belief that is already expressed Ė and you are not eliminating beliefs. In this, your believing is merely an expression of your opinion, and a concept. That is not necessarily what you actually implement or what you actually do. What you actually do is associated with the influences of the belief itself that you are choosing, whether you believe it or not.

In this also, we move into the other aspect of your question in relation to the dis-ease, whether the alcohol is affecting of it or whether it is not, or whether it triggered it or whether it did not. Those questions are somewhat black and white, and may be answered yes and no in each of them.

But another factor in the remanifestation of this dis-ease is associated with this wave addressing to truths. Individuals generate an automatic response and association, and have been for many of your years, in relation to beliefs in their lack of genuine understanding of beliefs and their influences, that they are actually eliminating some beliefs. For they incorporate information Ė such as yourself, which you have also incorporated Ė you offer yourself information and what you have done is choose different influences. Therefore, the dis-ease stopped and disappeared. But the beliefs concerning physical manifestations are not gone; they have not been eliminated. You have chosen different influences, and therefore have created through your perception a very different reality. This is your evidence that you actually DO create your reality and that you incorporate the ability to alter it. In altering your perception, you actually do alter your physical reality, but you have not eliminated the beliefs.

Therefore, those influences that have been chosen pastly may be chosen again in any moment. Therefore, the physical manifestation may be created again in any moment.

Now; what you are doing with the manifestation now is much more flexible than what you were doing with it previously, for in this time framework, you actually do create it and uncreate it quite frequently. It is not a consistent, ongoing manifestation. In some moments you create it, and in other moments it is not a manifestation at all. Moments it is present, and moments it is not present.

In this scenario, you are offering yourself the opportunity for considerable information. You are offering yourself an opening of a door to be much more clearly aware of yourself and of what you are doing and how you are manipulating your energy, and you are also offering yourself the opportunity to objectively generate more clarity as to your strength and your power in relation to your abilities of what you can create and how easily you do that in any moment. You easily and effortlessly create the dis-ease, but you also as easily and as effortlessly in other moments uncreate it.

TIM: Thatís interesting.

ELIAS: It also is an opportunity for you to be aware of what you are doing and what influences what you are doing, and to be generating more clarity in association with the influences of your beliefs, and therefore presenting the opportunity to be aware of whether you are opposing them or not.

In the action of volleying back and forth with the ideas of alcohol being potentially damaging or not being potentially damaging, what you were actually doing was opposing the influence that you had chosen, to that point. In opposing that, your attention moves to THAT influence more strongly, and therefore reinforces that. Whereas, were you to be genuinely evaluating, knowing that none of the influences are actually true but they are real and therefore it is your choice which influence you shall generate, you shall choose and create as real.

Therefore, without opposing the validity or the realness of the one influence that expresses that this substance can be damaging or even will be damaging, acknowledging that and expressing to yourself yes, I understand and I acknowledge the validity and the reality of that influence, but I also acknowledge the validity and the reality of the influence that I may create, in conjunction with this substance, a relaxed energy and a pleasant experience, which allows me a time framework in which I may be paying more attention to myself and incorporating actions of connecting with myself in a more relaxed state.

That is not true either, but it is quite real, and you can choose that influence as what you shall create in your reality in conjunction with the substance, recognizing that the substance itself is not generating any effect. It is your belief that is generating the affectingness.

TIM: One other thought I had is Ė I donít know that itís meaningful or significant, but I did want to ask you Ė the physical manifestation of this disease seems to have a theme of elimination, of sorts. Obviously, it affects the intestine so there is that form of elimination, but also around my skin there is acne lately, which seems to me some kind of a communication of an elimination process that isnít working as efficiently as it would in a healthy state. Also, when Iím sleeping, Iíll have these night sweats or perspiration upon going to sleep, which is obviously a form of elimination. Is there any kind of communication or significant value to those three things, in the sense of elimination?

ELIAS: In accordance with elimination, and also releasing energy. For in this, as we have been discussing, the automatic association in choosing different influences of a belief is that you have eliminated the belief and it is no longer present. Your automatic association is that now, for some reason, you have re-created the belief. No, you have merely chosen to be incorporating familiar influences. The belief has always been present; it was not eliminated. You merely chose different influences and therefore chose to be creating a very different reality. But as I have stated, the automatic association is that you have eliminated the belief, and you have not. Therefore, you also present to yourself imagery concerning elimination, that this is not actually what you are doing. These are also expressions of releasing energy.

The releasing of the energy in association with your skin may be somewhat more of a violent expression, as it is an indicator of an extreme, of erupting energy, and holding energy in points Ė not in what you would term to be overall or general, but in points holding energy briefly but intensely and thusly generating the release of energy in accordance with how it is held, briefly but intensely.

TIM: And the sweats specifically...?

ELIAS: That is also a release of energy, an automatic function of the physical body consciousness that is releasing energy that has been held in some element of tension.

Now; in this, let me also offer you some information concerning this particular release of energy, for this release of energy is somewhat similarly associated with weeping. Weeping is an automatic action that the body consciousness incorporates in moments of intense tension. Generally, it is associated with an emotional communication and an emotional signal that appears to trigger that action. But in the dynamics of what is occurring within the physical body, the individual may present to themselves an extreme or a strong emotional communication with a strong signal or feeling which generates an automatic response in the physical body consciousness of an extreme tension, in which the entirety of the body consciousness immediately generates tension in extreme. That triggers this action of weeping, to release that energy.

Now; this manifestation that you are describing is a very similar action, but may be generated for different reasons. The reason is tension, but it may be expressed in a different manner. It may be expressed in a physical tension that you are incorporating throughout your day that you may not be objectively aware of, for it is familiar to you, and therefore, you are not paying attention to it. As you retire and allow yourself to move into somewhat of a relaxation as you engage sleep state, your physical body consciousness allows for more of a release of that energy that has been being expressed throughout your day.

But there is also another factor, which may be somewhat associated with you individually. It would not necessarily be a rule, but it may be associated with some other individuals also in similar situations. You can be incorporating vitamins to an extent Ė which is not harmful Ė but to an extent in which the interaction of the vitamins and your physical body internally generates an internal tension that you may not necessarily feel, but the interaction with the vitamins and your physical body in its functioning with your organs and your nervous system and your circulatory system may be generating a response of tension within yourself internally.

Now; that also can trigger this release of energy that is expressed in what you term to be night sweats.

Now; this is not to say that the incorporation of the vitamins is bad. It is not. It is not an action that is harmful to you, but your physical body consciousness may also respond in compensating and moving in the direction of generating a balance by creating these night sweats.

TIM: Trying to create that balance, there may be too much of a particular substance in the physical body consciousness, and this is one way to remove it, through the sweat?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of removing it. That once again is an automatic association with eliminating. It is not a matter of eliminating the substance; it is a matter of the physical body consciousness balancing the energy. It is not eliminating the substance. It is merely compensating and balancing the energy interaction. For the different internal elements of your physical body consciousness begin to incorporate some element of tension within them, and therefore, the natural compensating action to balance that and relax that energy is to express energy outwardly Ė release energy, rather than continuing to hold it in tension. This is one manner in which the physical body consciousness incorporates an action to naturally release that energy.

TIM: Iím glad I asked about that, because I hadnít really thought about the energy release component. Thatís something Iíll certainly think about.

In the remaining time that weíve got, I did have a question for you about intent. Iíve read that some folks would ask about their intent, and Iíve been trying to get an impression of perhaps what my intent is for this particular focus. I wrote down a number of things that seem to be common themes throughout this particular focus. Much of what I wrote down are items that, that as I try to analyze them or interpret what I wrote down, it seems like they might be more a part of the alignment of a Sumafi or Gramada essence family or common orientation.

So, Iím having trouble really locking down my intent. If I had to give a general sense of my impression, it may have something to do with Ė obviously, thereís a whole experience and exploration element Ė but more around social interaction. Iím curious if you could help me out with that.

ELIAS: And what are some of your other impressions?

TIM: I just remember even as a kid, less so now that Iíve grown and matured a little bit, but there was a lot of wanting to be popular. I was intensely shy early on in life but kind of broke through the shyness later on, where Iím much more relaxed interacting with other individuals. But social interactionís always been an important exploration. Iím not sure if thatís all that unique to me. It seems like thatís kind of a common element of this physical dimension.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

I would express to you an acknowledgment that your intent would be an exploration of what you term to be social interaction, but also in relation to how that social interaction is affecting of what you create or how your interaction is affecting or influencing in relation to what is created outside of you and what other individuals create.

TIM: That does make sense.

ELIAS: It is an exploration of interactions and what they produce in relation to whatever is being expressed in accordance with social situations, which may be involving one individual or many. That also has allowed you to generate many, many different, more specific avenues to be generating that exploration.

TIM: Interesting. One theme that I also wanted to ask you about Ė this is shifting a little bit, but I am curious, and perhaps itís part of the intent and the curiosity that may arise there Ė but Iíve been trying to get an impression of what life would be like on this planet after the Shift, say 75 years from now or so towards the end of this century. More specifically, as we widen our awareness, Iím curious about how economies will kind of look and feel, if there will still be large corporations existing, or if weíll basically decide that those are not necessarily of any value anymore, or useful.

ELIAS: As the Shift progresses and as it comes to its actualization, elements within governments and economy shall be considerably different. For in generating the movement of this shift, one of the main elements of it is focusing upon the individual, the individualís power and the directedness of the individual, therefore shifting, so to speak, the focus of energy from authorities or groups or focal points to the individual.

In that action, that shall be considerably affecting of your societal interactions, for it shall be unnecessary to be generating government in the manner in which you express it now. You shall continue to generate some type of organization, but in a much more cooperative manner.

As to your economy, that shall also be dramatically altering, for the element of exchange shall be recognized as unnecessary, which is also associated with the awareness of directing self individually. This expression of exchange is already being somewhat altered, and shall dramatically be expressed differently in the recognition that it is not necessary, that if each individual is generating what they want and the actions that they want to incorporate in their own doing, it shall be unnecessary for exchange. For, it shall shift to a matter of cooperation and sharing Ė individuals that prefer to be incorporating actions of labor in association with your earth shall do so, for that is their preference and their expression of their creativity. Individuals that engage technology shall do so, for it is their passion and it is their preference, not for the motivating factor of exchange or finances.

TIM: As we move through the Shift, it seems obvious that a gradual change...


TIM: ...would be less dramatic or traumatic, but it seems like there could be a variety of ways to get to that point, some being very traumatic with stock market crashes or economic depressions or things of that nature.

ELIAS: Those are possibilities, but there are other possibilities also. As you widen your awareness, you offer yourselves more information of more choices. You are moving into more of an expression of cooperation rather than comparison and competition.

TIM: Very interesting. I wanted to say, as we close this out, thank you again for offering yourself to help ease the trauma by offering this information. Itís certainly been quite affecting for me and very interesting as well, especially when watching our television and these talk shows of people who seem to be on 24 hours a day, offering opposing beliefs or influences or viewpoints and having great passionate discussions about things that seem quite mundane. Itís interesting to be able to view it through this lens after starting to broaden my awareness.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may be greatly acknowledging of you, my friend. You have generated a considerable widening of your awareness.

TIM: I appreciate all your help in that regard. Well, in appreciation for Mary and respect for Mary, I want to go ahead and close out, but say thank you once again. I would love for you to continue to offer your energy, and Iíll be interactive with it.

ELIAS: And so I shall, quite willingly and freely. I express to you my acknowledgment and my affection to you, and shall be anticipating our next meeting. In tremendous friendship and lovingness, au revoir.

TIM: Thank you, Elias. Take care.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 2 minutes.

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