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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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ďThe Death of a FriendĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nichole (Neajwah).

(Eliasí arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NICHOLE: Hi, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we discuss?

NICHOLE: (Emotionally) Last week somebody very close to me died, and I want to talk to you about it.

ELIAS: Very well.

NICHOLE: First of all, I want to know Robís essence name.

ELIAS: Essence name, Kaile, K-A-I-L-E (KALE).

NICHOLE: And I wanted to know his belonging and alignment.

ELIAS: And your impression?

NICHOLE: I thought Milumet for belonging and Ilda for alignment.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICHOLE: How many focuses have we had together?

ELIAS: Forty-two.

NICHOLE: Were they mostly romantic relationships?

ELIAS: Many, but also intimate relationships of family, siblings and other family roles.

NICHOLE: Now, Iím not really sure what you can tell me about this. Iím having a really hard time accepting his death. I have a really hard time accepting that I have to say goodbye to him. (Emotionally) I really loved him so much, and I really donít want to have to say goodbye. I know thatís really pathetic, but I donít know how to deal with it. Iíve never had to deal with death before. I donít even know what Iím asking, but I just feel really lost and really alone.

ELIAS: (Gently) I am understanding. First of all, my friend, let me express to you, separation is a belief. It is a purposeful belief, but it is nonetheless a belief. Therefore, it is not an absolute, and it is not what you would term to be true.

In the movement of this shift in consciousness, the expression of separation is being relaxed considerably. This is not to say that there shall not continue to be some element of separation in association with your physical reality, for as a belief, it is not being eliminated any more than any other belief. But it is being relaxed to a point in which these veils, so to speak, of separation, which are essentially degrees of separation, are being thinned to an extent in which it allows for more of an ease and an interaction and a knowing of interconnectedness with expressions that you perceive to be absolutely separated from you. They are actually not. In this, as I have expressed many times previously, one of the significant veils of separation that is being tremendously thinned is that between individuals that continue within physical focus and those that have disengaged.

I may express to you, in this present now I am understanding your feeling of loss and confusion and somewhat denial. I may also express to you that within this time framework, you may express to this individual. You may project energy to this individual, and you may express yourself in manners quite similar to which you have previously as the individual continued within physical focus.

But I may also express to you, temporarily it is unlikely that you shall receive indicators yet of his energy being projected to you. The reason for this is that once an individual disengages, time is different. There continues to be a type of incorporation of time, for the individual continues to express an objective awareness. But in many situations, and this is one, the individual may incorporate a time framework which is no time to that individual. It is time to you within physical focus, but the other individual temporarily is not experiencing time and is not aware yet that they have implemented this choice.

NICHOLE: Is this what you call limbo?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no, for that implies a place or even a state, and this is neither of which. This is a temporary disengagement of awareness. In a manner of speaking, what occurs is temporarily the individual disengages their objective awareness, and the objective awareness is what is most familiar to you.

Now; in interrupting the objective awareness, figuratively speaking it is as though the individual has turned off their objective awareness. Therefore, temporarily they are unaware that they have engaged this choice to disengage, for they are not expressing memory temporarily. It is a brief transition, which does not occur with all individuals, but it is quite common and does occur with most individuals. Therefore, temporarily, in the passing of time that you recognize, he presently is unaware of any time and is unaware of himself. In a manner of speaking, figuratively, his awareness has blinked out. This allows for a transition period in which the individual generates an adjustment to a new experience.

Now; once that adjustment is implemented, the new experience may appear initially not to be new at all. What the individual moves into is the regeneration of the objective awareness, and therefore begins to create objective physical imagery once again. That imagery is associated with what is familiar, which is your physical reality. Therefore, the individual does not initially incorporate the memory of how they chose to disengage. In their perception, they have not disengaged. They continue to be expressing within physical focus and generating physical imagery and interactions with the individuals that they are familiar with.

NICHOLE: Thatís what heís doing right now?

ELIAS: Not yet.

NICHOLE: So I will be able to connect with him?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have stated, this time framework is brief and temporary, but initially he does not incorporate an awareness of himself yet.

NICHOLE: Will I know when he has gone past this stage?

ELIAS: If you are allowing yourself an openness and if you are paying attention, yes, for he shall receive your energy before you incorporate an awareness of receiving his. If you are projecting energy and interacting with him, that shall incorporate your energy into his imagery of you, which he shall interact with.

Initially, he shall not incorporate an awareness that you are not both continuing within physical focus. His perception shall be as it was before he disengaged, but there shall be some alterations, which eventually he shall begin to notice. The alterations of his reality shall be that there is less unpredictability, less surprise and moving into the point of no surprise. Also, the imagery that he generates shall appear to be more calm and what you would term to be pleasant, although he may not necessarily associate it with pleasant or pleasure, but neutral.

In this, what is lacking is the conflict and elements of surprise or frustration, which allows for more of an ease within his energy. If you are communicating and projecting your energy, what occurs is that creates a type of hole, figuratively speaking, in his reality, in his imagery, which he shall notice.

NICHOLE: A hole?

ELIAS: Figuratively speaking. It creates a type of beacon in which he shall begin to view his physical imagery more translucent, as though it were a curtain. Let me offer to you a figurative example. Have you engaged being present in a theatre in which you are audience to a play? (Pause) Have you?

NICHOLE: Oh, probably. I think so, yes.

ELIAS: Even if you have not, you can visualize what I shall express to you. If you are present within an audience viewing a play upon a stage, at times within the play the characters in the play may be behind a type of translucent curtain. You can see the characters behind the curtain, and the curtain provides a type of translucent imagery or scenery that is between you and the characters. Are you understanding thus far?


ELIAS: What he shall begin to experience is somewhat similar. His imagery initially shall appear to him to be equally as solid and real as what you create within physical focus Ė chairs shall be chairs, walls shall be walls, objects are what they are. Other individuals that he generates a projection of shall appear to be as solid and as real as they have previously within physical focus.

But individuals that project energy to him, THAT penetrates into his objective imagery. Therefore, figuratively, that creates a hole in his imagery, which alters his physical imagery, and it begins to appear similar to that translucent curtain upon a stage. He shall begin to generate an awareness that there is some other energy being projected to him that appears to be beyond or behind the imagery that he is projecting. That shall encourage him in his awareness to investigate what is occurring. It shall spark his curiosity. In that, he shall begin to recognize that he is no longer actually participating within physical reality, but he shall also incorporate an awareness that he is not severed from it, that he does incorporate the ability to interact and connect with individuals that are continuing within physical focus.

Now; initially, dependent upon the strength of the energy that he projects, you may notice actions occurring within your reality that may seem to you to be somewhat unusual but that may also easily be overlooked if you are not paying attention. Individuals that have disengaged incorporate a time framework in which they are adjusting and assimilating information in relation to how to manipulate their own energy to affect some type of penetration into your physical reality. This somewhat requires practice with the other individual, but it also requires an awareness of you to be paying attention.

For example, quite commonly individuals may begin projecting energy into your physical reality through avenues that are more easily receptive, such as creatures or plants. They are much more easily receptive for this is what they naturally interact with, energy. They incorporate a clearer awareness of energy and are much more responsive and are not distracted. They also do not incorporate beliefs that may cloud their attention or distract them. Therefore, they offer an easy avenue through which energy may be projected to be affecting of some movement within your physical reality.

As an example, a plant may move with no breeze. There may appear to be no movement of air that shall be moving the plant, but it shall move. That is a movement that the plant is generating in responsiveness to the energy that is being projected, a different energy that is not generally expressed in its environment Ė a different energy. The plant recognizes that and responds.

Creatures are also very responsive to energy, and actually visually see energy projected from individuals that are no longer within physical focus or from essences that are not participating within physical focus. This occurs in actuality quite frequently. You may notice creatures watching some unknown invisible movement within the air, and they appear to be quite attentive to it. You may view the creature and find their action humorous, for you do not see any manifestation. Therefore, it appears to you that the creature is imagining some action or some manifestation. In actuality, they actually visually see energy and essences and are aware of their presence. Therefore, they may be a conduit, so to speak, also Ė an easy avenue for an individual to be projecting energy into your physical reality. It is merely a matter of paying attention.

It may not necessarily be a creature that is a domestic creature that dwells with you. It may be projected through a different creature, one that is unfamiliar to you, or through different or unusual behavior of birds or other creatures that you would term to be wild.

The point is that you may pay attention and you may begin to notice different occurrences within your environment that are somewhat unusual but may also be somewhat subtle. That shall be your indicator that energy is being projected.

NICHOLE: How do I send my energy to him? Iíve been writing letters to him.

ELIAS: Any action that you engage: dreaming, writing, speaking, even thinking Ė although thinking is not projecting energy. It is a translation of the energy that you are projecting. Energy is projected automatically and quite easily in many different manners. Any action that you incorporate to be connecting or communicating with this individual generates a projection of energy, and that penetrates.

Now; I may express to you, in evaluation of this individual and what they are generating presently, I may offer an approximation that the individual may begin generating objective imagery within your time framework of two of your weeks. That is an approximation, but it is a possibility and a potential in association with what the individual is generating now.

NICHOLE: So with practice we can get better at connecting with each other?

ELIAS: Yes, and an easy avenue to be connecting in both directions is within dream imagery. For within dream imagery, you can practice, and you can generate that practice to a point in which you move from dream imagery into actual projections in which you may project yourself to himself, or vice versa, and he may actually project himself to you.

NICHOLE: In my dreams or in my waking state?

ELIAS: It may initially occur within your dream state, but you may also awaken and be aware and feel the presence, even to a point in which you actually sense a form. You can actually project more than that. You can actually generate a physical projection of the other individual, for that is what you do within your physical reality.

You do not actually interact with an actual form of another individual. You interact with their projection of energy, and you translate that into a form through your perception. You can actually do that in this situation also, but generally speaking, in association with individualsí beliefs, that may be somewhat more challenging Ė but it is not to say that it is impossible, for it is not.

NICHOLE: Itís my beliefs that would get in the way?


NICHOLE: Not his?

ELIAS: No, for what he is engaging is shedding the beliefs associated with your physical reality. Therefore, he shall incorporate much more flexibility. This is not to say that you cannot also, for you can, but it requires you genuinely being aware of what your beliefs are and what the influences of them are and allowing yourself a considerable relaxation and not forcing energy to generate your own projection of him.

I would suggest that you continue to be allowing yourself to express yourself in relation to this individual. Do not deny your expressions or your emotional communications; allow them. Also, allow yourself an openness and to be watchful, paying attention, noticing different expressions within your environment that may appear to be somewhat unusual, and do not immediately discount them or discount yourself, expressing to yourself that this is merely your imagination.

NICHOLE: I have the impression that maybe he didnít consciously know he was going to die, but unconsciously he knew that he was going to die because of a few strange things that he did, such as he gave me something to remember him by that meant a lot to him. At the moment, I thought it was really strange, like he was letting loose.

I shouldnít, and I know it was his choice, but I blame myself in a way for his death, for whatever reason. I guess Iím just wondering that if I had done something differently, would he still have died in a different way?

ELIAS: If you had done any action differently, he would have chosen to disengage in the same manner.

NICHOLE: Oh. But it would have just been under different circumstances, I guess? What happened was there was some construction on the road that I had forgotten to warn him about, and it caused the car to roll. Do you mean he still wouldíve gotten into a car accident and died that way?

ELIAS: In that same manner, in that same location, in that same time framework, regardless of whether you had engaged interaction with him previously or not. Regardless of what the surrounding imagery was, they are not expressions of cause and effect, and they have not been generated in what you associate as a sequence of events. Each event incorporated its own outcome. You are perceiving that a sequence of events occurred.

You engaged interaction with this individual, and prompted a request and a situation in which the individual would incorporate physical proximity to you, correct?


ELIAS: Each action was an outcome in itself. It was not a situation in which one action preceded and created the next action. Had you not incorporated interaction with him in that time framework and set what you perceive to be that sequence of events, the action would have occurred regardless, for this was his choice.

Although he did not incorporate an objective awareness prior to the moment of disengagement, at the moment of disengagement he did incorporate an awareness of that choice. But in the moments prior to that, he may not have incorporated an objective awareness of that potential but was moving in that direction and was following impulses that were generating that direction, for the choice had already been decided. It had not been engaged, but it had been decided.

Therefore, regardless of your interaction, regardless of what you expressed in communication to him and regardless of your participation, had you not participated at all in that time framework, he would have generated another impulse to motivate himself to engage that action in that area to accomplish that outcome.

NICHOLE: When my friends were driving us back into the city, we drove by and I saw his car on the side of the road. Her stereo started cutting out, and she thought that it was possessed because it never does that. I have a history of making technology do strange things like that, and I guess that was me letting myself know that he died?

ELIAS: I may express to you that it was a combination of energies. It was a combination of your energy and an energy deposit of him Ė an energy deposit that you connected with and received, and combining that with your energy, interfered with the electrical equipment.

NICHOLE: (Sighs) Well, thank you. Thatís a relief for me. (Elias chuckles)

I gave some thought to my intent...


NICHOLE: ...and I think that what it could be is that my intent is to express and view physical beauty and the physical form.

ELIAS: And how it may be manipulated.

NICHOLE: Also, for my parents, is my mom emotionally focused?


NICHOLE: And my dad is thought?

ELIAS: Political.

NICHOLE: Throughout my life, Iíve always had this feeling of being really alone. I figure that it must be a preference of mine to be very Ė how do I put it? Ė I like to be by myself more than I like to be with people, but at the same time, I find that I get really lonely over it. I donít know what Iím asking, even. Itís just a really crappy feeling for me, in a way, but at the same time, I donít want to be around people.

ELIAS: And perhaps you may allow yourself to explore different avenues of exchanging energy rather than merely with other individuals. It may be more fulfilling to you to be allowing yourself intimate connections and expressions with other energies that are somewhat less demanding.

I may express to you also that this is another element of your intent in the manipulation of that energy Ė exploring beauty but also exploring the manipulation of manifestations. You incorporate in your energy a natural expression in which you generate somewhat of a comfort in projecting your energy and being viewed and physically being exposed, but not necessarily interacting. You express a natural energy that is comfortable with display more than interaction.

NICHOLE: Kind of like the dancing that I did that night?


NICHOLE: I thought so. That makes sense. Is that something that I should continue doing or I should explore, in a way?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It may be quite beneficial allowing yourself to express your natural energy and your natural propensity to display, but not forcing yourself to be interactive in expressing expectations of yourself that you should be expressing in this manner or in that manner. You may, in actuality, find that you may allow yourself to express easily and comfortably with a creature in an intimate manner, in which you may fulfill some element of companionship and may also become more familiar with acceptance.

NICHOLE: I got kind of confused on that last part. Like with Callie, my cat?

ELIAS: And perhaps even another creature. Creatures are quite accepting, and as they do not incorporate beliefs, they may provide an example of how you may be more accepting of you.

In interacting with creatures, as they reflect energy to you, it may be helpful and enlightening to you in becoming more aware of your natural flow of energy and your preferences, allowing yourself an avenue in which you may become more familiar with your own expressions without expectations, without receiving expectations from another individual and thusly turning that and generating expectations of yourself. But in genuinely allowing yourself to interact with creatures, you may offer yourself an avenue in which you may become more familiar in more clarity with yourself and with your own preferences and allow yourself more of your own freedom.

NICHOLE: I want to know, what is my focus color?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

NICHOLE: Yellow?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) A slightly tinged orange-yellow, which is somewhat of a brighter yellow.

NICHOLE: Iíll try to make this quick. Going back to Robert, he used to have this fear. He used to think that there was some sort of creature that was stalking him, I guess, in the middle of the night. I used to think he was crazy, but he was really afraid of it and he used to say that it used to get in his head, I guess. Iím just kind of curious what was going on with him with that.

ELIAS: That was an expression of his own fear. I may offer to you that at times, individuals may generate fear to such an extent that they actually create manifesting almost an entity that is an extension of themselves, an energy of themselves that they are not recognizing and are unfamiliar with. That can generate such a fear to such an extent that the individual actually creates a manifestation of that fear. It can, at times, even incorporate a form, which reinforces the fear and perpetuates it. At times, although he did not create an actual form, he did create experiences in which he momentarily viewed the movement of that energy as though it were a form, but in such quick movement that it was unidentifiable.

This is not an uncommon expression that individuals may generate if they are unaware of their own energy. Without offering themselves information concerning what they are doing and what they are projecting, the individual can create an overwhelming experience with expressions of their own energy.

NICHOLE: Also, I just noticed that his essence name is Kaile. Back when I was like twelve or thirteen, I had this really strange interaction, I guess, over the Internet with somebody named Kaile, and he always reminded me of this person in weird ways. Is there any connection between that?

ELIAS: Another focus.

NICHOLE: Of his?


NICHOLE: How weird.

ELIAS: Not that unusual.


ELIAS: Drawing yourself to a particular individual, a particular essence, you are drawing a particular energy that is familiar to you. It would not be entirely unusual to draw similar energies to yourself in that familiarity and would not be that unusual to draw to yourself another energy of the same essence in the recognition of that familiarity. You incorporate considerable focuses with that essence and are quite familiar with that energy.

NICHOLE: I remember you talking about people having soul mates. Was he one of mine?

ELIAS: Yes. But remember, you incorporate many more than merely one soul mate.

NICHOLE: Thank god! (Elias laughs) Was he an old soul?

ELIAS: Relatively speaking.

NICHOLE: We always had this kind of fluid understanding between us. It seemed a lot more relaxed than most people do in some ways, at least that was my perception of it.

Iíve run out of questions, and I think itís been about an hour now.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you, my dear friend, much encouragement, and I shall be offering my energy to you continuously in supportiveness and in comfort.

NICHOLE: Thank you. Iíll be paying attention for it.

ELIAS: Very well. Be encouraged, for these veils are thinner than you think. (Chuckles) I express to you tremendous affection and great lovingness. I anticipate our next meeting, and be watchful for my energy in playfulness with you.

NICHOLE: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, as always, au revoir.


(Elias departs after 56 minutes.)

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