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Sunday, July 24, 2005

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“Uneasy About Tapping into Energies”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Alina (Regina-Isha).

(Elias’ arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

ALINA: Good evening. I’m just absorbing the energy and feeling my way.

ELIAS: Very well. And what shall we discuss?

ALINA: Fun – fun and lightness and joy and creativity and how to bring that into being.

ELIAS: Very well. And in what direction do you wish to begin?

ALINA: To begin to create that direction in my reality.

ELIAS: What do you assess as an obstacle that prevents you from generating these types of experiences?

ALINA: My life so far in this focus has been one of seriousness and drama and heaviness. I wish to create lightness and joy and love and light, and allow myself to do so – allowingness, possibilities.

ELIAS: Very well. What are you generating now?

ALINA: Hesitancy, fear, feeling intimidated.

ELIAS: Intimidated by what and fear of what?

ALINA: Fear of my own creative abilities.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

ALINA: In expanding my knowledge of joy in this particular focus.

ELIAS: And what precisely is your fear?

ALINA: I’m feeling... I’m trying to find it and feel it.

ELIAS: Let us begin with the intimidation. That may be a beginning point that may be easier to define. What do you perceive is intimidating to you?

ALINA: My perceptions of reality and what it really is. What I see and feel and hear and think sometimes is totally different to what others feel and see and think. It’s because of my feedback from others that I’ve started to doubt and be intimidated by what I interpret as being my reality. It seems not to be the normal of those around me.

ELIAS: Very well. Offer an example.

ALINA: When I am in a particular mode, I can sense past lives or parallel lives of people that I am with. I’ll go to a meeting – and I’m thinking of a particular example, at the moment, where I was at a conference – and I can look at particular people and get different sorts of interpretations about what they’re saying and meaning. It’s not the physical words that are coming out of their mouths, it’s a whole combination of energies that are giving me different interpretations to what is physically actually happening. The conference was to do with mathematics and math, whatever, but my interpretation was going to the past and the future with what people were representing, and to me, I felt intimidated and I wondered whether my perceptions were correct. That brought up the feeling, because I was looking past the physical actual moment of what was happening.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Therefore, you generate a fear concerning other individuals’ perceptions and how they will view you or how they will be responsive to you. You generate this intimidation within yourself in doubting your own perception and the information that you are offering to yourself, for it appears to you to be different.


ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, first of all, what you are generating, what you are doing is actually not so very unusual, especially in this time framework. For in shifting, many individuals are allowing themselves a wider awareness in which they do allow themselves to tap into other energies that any individual is expressing. What you are allowing already is an openness to other individuals’ energy and allowing yourself to receive and interpret information that is expressed in other individuals’ energies.

Individuals are projecting energy continuously, and that energy includes energy of other focuses, energy of their essence, energy of other probabilities. There is a much more expansive expression that is being projected from each individual than even they may be aware of. Some individuals are aware of what they are projecting. Most individuals are not, necessarily. Or if they are aware of what they are projecting, it is in part and is merely an awareness of what they are actually physically doing in the moment. But I may express to you, there are many individuals that are not even aware of that.

In this, what you are perceiving is quite real and is not strange. In actuality, I may express to you, there are many individuals that may actually admire what you are allowing yourself to generate. The obstacle is not what you are actually doing or what you are perceiving. It is your discounting of yourself and holding to your own energy, not allowing yourself to flow naturally and easily with your own awareness and attempting to hold to that, not allowing for the freedom of your own expression in association with your fear of how that may be received by other individuals.

Now; let me express to you, my friend, first of all, the key in this situation, to generate more freedom and more of a confidence and joyfulness and fun with what you allow yourself, is to concentrate your attention upon you and not to concern yourself with other individuals.

If you concern yourself with other individuals, you begin generating an energy of defensiveness, and if you are generating defense, you are also generating opposition. Defense always creates opposition in energy. If you are projecting an energy of opposition, you shall create a reflection of that. Therefore, precisely what you do not want is what you shall create. The key is to be generating an acceptance and an appreciation of yourself and allowing yourself your own free flow of energy. In expressing that type of energy, you also reflect that to yourself.

You present to yourself the reflection of what you project. Therefore, that is the most important factor, is to be aware of what type of energy YOU are projecting. If you are holding to your energy and guarding your expressions and are generating tension in your behavior, you shall reflect that through other individuals. They shall express in a more serious and perhaps negative manner to you, for they are reflecting what you project outwardly. But if you are accepting of your perception and of your awareness and acknowledging yourself – not in a manner that expresses above another individual or beyond another individual, for your awareness may not necessarily be wider than another individuals’. It may be merely being expressed in a different capacity than another individual.

Therefore, the point is not to be discounting of other individuals, but more importantly, not to be discounting of yourself, to acknowledge your awareness and what you are offering to yourself in information and acknowledge the reality of that. For it is quite real, and you are allowing yourself to tap into other individuals’ energies and offer yourself more information than merely what you see physically or what you are physically interacting with. It is not necessary to offer that information to the other individuals, but it is also not necessary to hide from it.

ALINA: I find myself very bombarded with an overload of that information at times.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding, and that can occur.

Now; this is also an element of your own empowerment and realizing your own strength. In acknowledging yourself and your ability, you may also begin to recognize that you are also not a victim of yourself in that you do incorporate the ability to choose whether to allow yourself to be tapping into these energies or not. You can choose not to be pulling in that information. You can choose to flow with your own awareness and your own movement and decide what you shall allow yourself an openness to and what you shall not.

Let me express to you, you may also, if you are so choosing, engage conversation with Michael subsequently to our conversation, and he may offer some suggestions in how to lessen the input that you are drawing, for he engages this type of action also.

In this, distraction at times can be quite useful. If you are tapping into many different energies and it begins to become overwhelming, it may be helpful for you to engage some actual physical action of distraction which shall interrupt your concentration upon the other energies. That shall allow you to dissipate the intensity of what you are receiving from other individuals. Also, I may express to you, the more you pay attention to you and the more you are present with you in the now, the greater your ability to filter out other individuals’ energies shall be.

What can become a trap or a snare in opening yourself to other individuals’ energies is that it can become somewhat fascinating and mesmerizing. Therefore, it can at times easily capture your attention to an extent in which you involve yourself to an extreme with the energy of other individuals.

This also is a matter of balance, recognizing that you are allowing yourself to be widening your awareness, to be interpreting other individuals’ energies and to be picking up on much more information, but also to generate a balance, and in that, recognizing that the benefit in tapping into other individuals’ energies is not merely to be experiencing that being mesmerized and being caught in the flow and the information of other individuals’ energies, but to be incorporating that action as a benefit to you, to offer you information in some useful manner in relation to yourself and what you are doing or how you are interacting with another individual and how you are responding to another individual.

This action offers you information concerning the other individual that is not necessarily spoken, which allows you a greater understanding of the other individual, which also allows you a greater capacity to interact with other individuals more fully and to share with the other individuals more freely. That is the point of generating this type of awareness – not to be caught in that energy to the point in which you are no longer present with yourself and you are consumed with the onslaught of information that is being presented. That is not necessarily useful to you. But it can be, if you are also being present with yourself. That shall allow you to discern what you want to allow in relation to other individuals’ energies and what you do not want to allow for it is not necessary. Are you understanding?

ALINA: Yes, I am. Yes.

ELIAS: That allows you more direction, more of your own directedness, which, in directing yourself and acknowledging and appreciating what you are allowing yourself to tap into and discerning what elements are useful in whatever you yourself are actually engaging in the moment, that can also produce an allowance for you to be generating more playfulness in this action, which shall allow you to create more fun. For if you are engaging this type of action in a playful manner – not onslaughting yourself, not overwhelming yourself, but engaging other energies in an exchange, not merely input but playfully engaging these energies and this type of information – that shall create naturally more of a lightness in your energy. Are you understanding?

ALINA: I definitely understand, yes. I have that feeling that sometimes I am playing with the energy, but I feel like I’m playing but I don’t know if they’re understanding where I’m coming from.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, as you become more directed with yourself and as you become more accepting and acknowledging and appreciating of yourself and of your abilities, that shall automatically change your energy that you are projecting, and you can be engaging playfulness and not concerning yourself with the other individual. In this, if you are generating that playfulness in a perception of sharing – not informing but sharing with other individuals – that also generates an environment with you and the other individuals to be exchanging, and allows for an openness of their participation also.

ALINA: Sharing and informing is an interesting concept for me that I’m working through. Can you expand on that for me, please?

ELIAS: When you are informing, you are projecting an energy to the other individuals of almost instruction – not quite, but almost – and you are projecting an energy with expectation. There is expectation of yourself in association with performance and validity and accuracy, and there is an expectation of the other individual to receive the information that you are informing them of and to assimilate that.

In sharing, you are allowing yourself to express yourself in your experience. You are sharing that experience with the other individual. You are not generating an expectation of the other individual and how they shall respond. You are not generating an expectation of yourself in how you are presenting or what you are producing. You are generating an allowance of sharing your expression of your experience with other individuals, and you are generating an allowance for them to participate and share their experience with you also.

In informing, you are expecting the other individual to receive and to respond in a particular manner. You are not generating an energy of allowance for the other individuals to participate and share their experience with you also. It is a projection of energy that moves in one direction. It does not allow for the energy to move back and forth.

As an example, you may be engaging another individual in interaction and you may be presenting different information to yourself, perhaps concerning a probable reality that that individual is generating or perhaps a past focus or a future focus that this individual incorporates. You may be receiving that information, and as you receive that information, rather than merely expressing that which you have received as informing the other individual of what you are tapping into, evaluate what you have presented to yourself in association with that individual and what your interaction is in the moment. Be present with yourself and draw upon your own experience in similarity with what you are receiving from the other individual, and allow yourself a free flow to share your experience with the other individual in relation to some similarity that you recognize in the information that you are presenting to yourself with the other individual.

That allows you a free flow. It acknowledges what you are doing and what you are tapping into, and allows you the freedom to express in a playful manner and also allows for a light, free-flowing exchange with the other individuals rather than merely projecting in one direction. It also allows you to receive, which is significant. For in allowing yourself to receive, that enhances and enriches the information that you have presented to yourself.

ALINA: That’s fascinating, for that’s just what is happening. I’m feeling the energy and aware of watching myself playing with that energy. Sometimes I feel like I am instructing and sometimes I feel like I’m sharing, and I haven’t been mindful of which is which.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and in that, now you may perhaps practice in your awareness and recognize the moments in which you are not sharing and informing. That awareness allows you to choose and to alter your energy and turn that into a sharing, which is less serious and more playful. As you practice, that shall become more and more familiar to you, and therefore shall become much easier and more frequent.

ALINA: Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do, rein that sort of thing in and stay out, and just follow my passions, have some freedom in playing and creating.


ALINA: I can’t describe it significantly enough. I had feelings that, to me, talking in English, in a vibration tone of spoken English, is really a very difficult thing to do, to bring the sense of energy down to a tone, a vibration of understanding. It’s very grounding, but it’s very dense.


ALINA: Do I make myself clear?

ELIAS: Yes. But this also is an element of your reality and a manner in which you generate exchange with other individuals. As I have expressed previously, energy is much more accurate and precise in offering information and is much more clearly translated, but many individuals are not practiced enough to engage exchange with merely energy and not engaging verbal exchange also.

In this, although at times you may experience or feel that it is denser or heavier or more challenging to be engaging conversation with other individuals in words, that may also at times become somewhat of a game with you, that you may create your own game in relation to verbal language and incorporate that with a mix of energy communications also. It is merely a matter of engaging your creativity and creating playful games with how you express your ability, my friend.

ALINA: Speaking of which, I’m asking about my essence name. I believe that I found it quite a few years ago, before I even knew about it. Also I have a strong connection in it with an actress with my other focuses, I believe. Then I have to say this, it has a feeling and a vibration to me, and I’ve never shared it with anyone as such before, knowing about Elias and coming to the website, except just to know that that was of importance or it’s not important or...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ALINA: Yes, so I can trust myself in the name that I’ve given myself?

ELIAS: Yes. And in trusting yourself, shall you present it?

ALINA: Regina-Isha (no spelling offered).

ELIAS: Correct. I am acknowledging of you.

ALINA: Thank you. Is there anything else I need to know? I’m aware of our time and I believe our time is just about up. It’s an hour since I began this phone call, so I just need to know if there is anything else that I should know.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, great encouragement. You are shifting and you are quite definitely widening your awareness. It is merely a matter of acknowledging yourself, trusting that what you are presenting to yourself is real, which I know you know, but you also protect that and shield yourself with that, for you generate a skepticism that any other individual shall believe you or shall acknowledge the realness of what you are generating.

But I may express to you, you are worthy of your own acknowledgment, for what you are presenting to yourself is real and is valid. It is merely a matter of you now accepting your abilities and not guarding them and not generating defensiveness. Allow yourself to flow freely with your natural abilities and to acknowledge yourself and appreciate that. I may express to you, my friend, appreciation is your most powerful expression of energy. And I express great appreciation for you!

ALINA: Thank you. That makes me happy!

ELIAS: And I shall be projecting and offering playful energy to you to remind you to be expressing your own playfulness. Ha ha!

ALINA: I’ll be looking for that.

ELIAS: As accomplished as you are at tapping into other individuals’ energies, I shall be expressing to you a sureness that you shall also be aware of my energy surrounding you.

ALINA: I felt your energy before we have talked.

ELIAS: I am aware.

ALINA: It physically grounds the sound vibration by connecting with you in this manner. And I thank you for your time.

ELIAS: Ah, you are very welcome for YOUR time. (Laughs)

ALINA: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting and our conversation of your progress in your playfulness.

ALINA: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: In great encouragement, my friend, and tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

Elias departs after 45 minutes.

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