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Sunday, August 14, 2005

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ďDefinite Evidence of ShiftingĒ

ďToo Jittery to SleepĒ

ďFear of FlyingĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous.

(Eliasí arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning, Elias. Itís wonderful to speak with you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

ANON: Great! Weíll get right into a few things. I want to talk a little bit about body-related things. Iíve been really trying to connect more with my body, being in my body more and aware of it. I keep having a continuous problem with my hip and my left kidney, and Iím just wondering if you could give me some insight into that.

ELIAS: And what is your assessment and your impression?

ANON: Itís very interesting, because when I do energy work, the kidney, it almost seems like Iím holding people there. Like if I have an upset or something with them or if Iím trying to take care of them some way, I kind of hold their energy there. Iím not sure if thatís related to the hip or not. Itís just all in the whole same area.

ELIAS: Yes, they are related, and your assessment is correct. In that, in being aware of your energy, what information have you offered to yourself in how to release that energy and manipulate it in a different manner?

ANON: Thatís the interesting part for me. The last couple of months, Iíve actually been working on a lot of things, but one of them is I feel like Iím being asked, or my being just wants to keep letting go of a lot of old behaviors, and one of them is taking care of people or holding peopleís energy. I let someone go on Friday, and then something happened on Saturday that I kind of took it on again. But it allowed me to kind of go, ďIs it really my business what Iím holding onto?Ē

I guess Iím a little bit confused on how I can do it efficiently. Last night I couldnít do it, and I ended up just taking some aspirin, which Iíve tried not to do, but it was just too painful. I thought okay, I donít know how to do this right now, so Iíll just take the easy way out.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; this is significant that you are beginning to recognize that you are generating this holding of energy in association with other individuals and you are generating an understanding of what influences you and what triggers you to generate this. You are also generating and understanding that this is not efficient, and you are beginning to question the necessity of what you are doing.

Now; that is significant, for this is actually a very important point, to be moving your attention to yourself and genuinely questioning yourself and generating an evaluation of what you are actually doing and what is motivating that, and whether your involvement or your holding to energy is actually accomplishing what you want or not.

It is also significant for this allows you to generate a genuine evaluation of what is your actual participation, what are YOU actually doing, what is actually affecting you, and whether the expression and the choices and the energy of another individual is actually some expression that you want to participate with or whether you are participating in automatic responses, and that actually the situation does not necessarily concern you.

ANON: So mind my own business. That happened yesterday morning, and I recognized that I was really mad. And I thought to myself why? It was almost like an old behavior of trying to have control over a situation. This really has nothing to do with me; I can go about doing my own thing and the other person can go about doing their thing, even though I had judged it as being inefficient.

ELIAS: Correct. But the point is that regardless of whether your assessment of another individualís choices and behaviors and actions are efficient or not, or even whether you disagree with them and dislike the choices or behaviors that another individual is generating, it is significant for you to evaluate whether that actually is in reality affecting of you, and generating the ability to distinguish what YOU are doing. You are continuing to hold to your guidelines, and you are not the individual that is generating certain choices or expressions or behaviors. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to concern yourself with what the other individual is doing.

It is a matter of recognizing differences, acknowledging yourself in your preferences and your guidelines, that you may not necessarily like what another individual is choosing or you may not necessarily agree with their choices or their direction, but that actually matters not. It is not required of you to like or to agree with the choices of other individuals. It is your responsibility to be aware of you and to generate an awareness of YOUR actions and YOUR energy in keeping with your preferences and your own guidelines, and not to be compromising that.

ANON: I think that this is what Iím really noticing right now, because Iíve been playing for the past two months with doubt and then with standing very firmly in my capabilities and my alignment with self. I feel like itís a very strong connection with my information and who I am. But whatís come up, and it just came up last week, is a layer of that or an expansion of that has been a very, very strong desire for freedom, to recognize freedom, which changed the vibrational tone of this core of me. Itís a voice that wonít be silenced anymore inside me.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this also is the reason that you are presenting to yourself your own automatic responses, for this offers you valuable information. It allows you to become much more intimately aware of yourself and what triggers automatic responses, and that allows you to address to that action, recognizing the moment in which you are generating an automatic response and not generating the experience of being powerless in that or being a victim of your own automatic responses, recognizing them and also moving a step further in recognition that you also incorporate your own choices to move in different types of expressions that are more efficient to you and allow you to express your own freedom.

ANON: And by taking on and holding other peopleís energy and taking care of Ė which they donít need to be taken care of anyway Ė I just end up not allowing myself the freedom for my own expression.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: My energy is diverted to something else.

ELIAS: Correct! You encumber yourself.

ANON: I just keep wanting to breathe into this freedom, because Iím experiencing a lot of dissociation Ė I donít know if itís dissociation Ė but very unusual experiences with time and with my feeling of manifesting and all kinds of things. It just seems like my awareness is broadening exponentially, and itís almost like getting used to that. Iíll be listening to someone, and I donít necessarily understand what theyíre saying with my brain but I feel like Iím listening with my whole being, and I understand them. Iím learning a new language and itís the same thing. It doesnít make any sense if I just try to figure it out with my head some way, but if I just soften into that, itís almost like I already know the language.

ELIAS: Yes, and this is an action of becoming more present with yourself, which is tremendously significant Ė being present with yourself and being aware of your actual existence, that you exist.

ANON: Iíve been saying that, and the feeling that comes over me is like itís just that simple.

ELIAS: Yes, and this generates not merely a widening and expansion of your awareness, but it also heightens your clarity.

ANON: When I say it, it feels like Iím gathering up all my energy. Itís almost like a higher concentration of energy available to me when I say it. The vibration is just stronger.


ANON: Where before, it felt just a little bit more dispersed.

ELIAS: This is your power, and this is how you generate heightened clarity, being aware of many actions simultaneously.

ANON: And thatís happening. I will be in meetings, and there will be words that are going around; Iím very aware of them, but then thereís also this tone underneath, almost like I can feel everyoneís motivations that are going on. Itís fascinating to watch, and Iím just kind of getting my bearings on... Before, I would say something about it, but now I donít need to at this point. Iím just kind of sitting with it and trying to understand. Because to me, the words are almost becoming like they donít mean anything. Iím kind of connecting more with the underlying motivations behind things or underneath things.


ANON: Iím living very differently with that, like itís a very different way than the old way.

ELIAS: Yes, and becoming more clearly aware of the language of energy.

ANON: Iím not discounting it anymore, because it just is. Thatís almost more a part of... Well, theyíre both part of my life. Right now Iím integrating both pieces, because I canít ignore the physicality. Iíve chosen to manifest here so...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Before, I was I might as well just be totally energetic and spiritual and all that stuff, but I missed the piece about being physical.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Iíve done so much background in the spiritual side and the energy side, now I really want to play in the physical world, so Iím integrating both of those pieces.

ELIAS: I am tremendously acknowledging of you. This is the point, my friend. You have chosen to be physically manifest in a physical reality. Therefore, why should you not explore all that you can within the realm of that physical expression and expand your awareness in relation to all of your interactions with all of your physical reality?

ANON: I can be present physically and have connection to all of my information.

ELIAS: Yes! That is the point of being aware of your existence, that you exist physically and consciously, that you are consciousness and that you are a physical manifestation. Being present with yourself and aware of your existence allows you to express the complement of the physical and consciousness.

ANON: I notice myself becoming a lot more determined. Itís almost like a new layer of determination, and itís not will from before. Before, my determination was Iíve decided and Iím going to go for it and do that stuff. It was almost like a force, almost like a conflict, and I would very determinedly accomplish. But this is almost like thereís a layer of determination in me when the freedom came up that will not be denied. Iíve chosen to be here, I want to experience this physical reality 100 percent, 150 percent, whatever, and I donít want to compromise that. I more and more pay attention to what I want. Other people, I really appreciate them, and itís almost like my interactions with them have become clearer and less entangled.


ANON: Actually, it feels like a contradiction, but that, I know, is a belief system, where if youíre selfish then you only take care of yourself. But I feel like that selfishness is actually my ultimate responsibility, and by doing that, I am actually allowing other people to be more than self. Weíre interacting more in a clean way.

ELIAS: And generating cooperation, and that is precisely the point, my friend. I may express to you acknowledgment and congratulations. This is definite evidence of shifting, genuinely widening your awareness, genuinely becoming intimately familiar with yourself and actually assimilating and understanding what has been presented in information.

ANON: Well, thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ANON: I feel like Iíve got so many things going on at once. Iím also seeing where before, I would try to handle them consecutively. Iím now handling them concurrently, for example with doubts. I wrote mine down. It was fascinating, because I saw my old behaviors manifest in this exam. I went from confidence to questioning and doubt and the whole thing. After the exam Ė and I havenít failed an exam in my life; I usually get good marks Ė I thought if I pass, I would be very okay with it, but even if I didnít pass, that was okay too. It was just an experience.

The next morning, I got up and I thought you know what, this whole impression of this... The thing is, I knew the answer to this one question that I was doubting, and I knew it, but then when I read it again I brought in all kinds of doubt. I got caught on one word and I could see myself doing this. I had created a lot of doubt in terms of whether or not I passed. The next morning, I had this impression that it was all about me knowing or understanding that even when I doubt, I still do accomplish. Thereís still some accomplishment there.


ANON: I was playing with what doubt does in my life, and what it does is it really distracts me from my information or my truth or my core or whatever you want to call it, and I keep going in and out of it.


ANON: Letís carry on with another thing thatís been going on for months now, and this is my sleeping pattern. Itís almost like Iíll fall asleep for an hour or two, and then I wake up, Iím awake for a number of hours, and then I go back to sleep again. I wake up because my body is so jittery. It feels like there is so much energy flowing through my body that I canít manage it. Iím not sure what Iím creating there.

ELIAS: This, in actuality, is not unusual. In association with the direction you have been engaging and the expansion of awareness and the increase in clarity and the presence with yourself, you are recognizing more of your own energy. Let me explain. It is not that you are incorporating more energy, but you are becoming AWARE of more of the energy that you have always incorporated. This is a significant difference.

Individuals may move through their focus and generate a certain awareness of the energy that they express, but that awareness of their own energy is limited. As you begin to expand your awareness of your own energy, you increase the experience of it. You are not increasing the energy, as I have stated, for the volume of energy that is available to you, and that IS you, is always present and is never diminished. But the amount of energy that you express is somewhat limited to the amount of energy that you are aware of. This is the reason that in discussions I express to individuals, in being more aware of the volume of energy that you actually incorporate, you actually generate more of your own power through that widening of awareness, which allows you to be more aware of your abilities and it expands your capabilities, for you are expressing more of the volume of energy that you already incorporate.

Now; this is an unfamiliar expression. You are familiar with and accustomed to a certain volume of energy that you express. You are allowing for an expanded volume of energy. Therefore, you have not quite yet acclimated to that expanded volume of energy that is being expressed, and in not yet acclimating to that, it may be somewhat confusing or slightly challenging to understand how to be effectively or efficiently channeling and manipulating that energy in what you would term to be constructive manners.

You are familiar with and accustomed to channeling and manipulating your energy in the capacity that you have been accustomed to previously. Therefore, it is not difficult to be manipulating your energy in an efficient and effective manner throughout your day and generate a resonance with yourself and be channeling the energy in manners that allow you to accomplish any particular action that you want, including sleep.

You are accustomed to channeling and manipulating your energy in certain manners that allow you, in certain time frameworks, to manipulate it in a direction of relaxation. But in this time framework, as you are expanding your awareness of yourself and of your energy and generating more clarity, that increases the volume of energy that is actually expressed Ė but that is not to say that you automatically generate an understanding of what to do with that increased volume of energy expressed.

I may offer a suggestion to you, temporarily, that you may intentionally generate within each day some physical action. Incorporate some physical action that allows you to physically release energy. Perhaps engage a walk.

ANON: Iíve actually been doing that. Iíve been walking my 10K almost every day, and it just...

ELIAS: During what period of your day?

ANON: In the evening, right before I go to bed.

ELIAS: You may...

ANON: Not right before, I finish a few hours before. Itís almost like a walking meditation, but Iím releasing energy and I feel my whole body responding to the exercise.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Iíve experienced this before, but it just keeps upping the ante. I try to relax into it when itís happening, so I try not to control this jittery feeling. But itís really uncomfortable. Am I trying to control it when it is happening or...?

ELIAS: No, but I am understanding what you are expressing. In this, my suggestion would be that you allow yourself to incorporate your walk perhaps somewhat earlier, first of all, allowing for a greater time framework between the completion of your walk and the time framework in which you incorporate sleep. And... One moment. (17-second pause) I may also incorporate another suggestion, that you express the action of investigating vitamins, but incorporate the vitamins AFTER your walk, not before.

The interaction of the vitamins in the flow of your energy subsequent to the releasing of energy and the incorporation of actual physical action shall allow you more efficiently to relax your physical muscles. What is occurring is you are generating this increased volume of energy and it is not being channeled entirely. Therefore, what it is doing is being held in physical muscles. Therefore, the action is to release that energy from your physical muscles.

What you are doing with the walk is you are generating a physical release of energy, to an extent. You are focusing yourself, you are generating a centering of yourself, and you are incorporating a flow of energy throughout the entirety of your physical body consciousness. But subsequent to the walk, that flow of energy Ė hypothetically speaking, if you were to generate a visualization, what you are doing is spinning your energy while you are engaging your walk. Therefore, the energy is circulating from your head to your feet in a circle. You are generating in that action a balancing of that circulation of energy.

Subsequent to the walk, as you are increasing the volume of energy that is expressed, that energy is being instructed to relax by yourself, but you have not yet entirely incorporated an awareness of how to effectively be not merely instructing that energy to relax but to actually manipulate it in a relaxing motion, slowing the circulation of it. Therefore, it concentrates within your physical muscles, and that is what generates this uncomfortableness and the experience of tension in vibration.

If you are incorporating the vitamins subsequent to the walk, this is a familiar substance.

ANON: Is there any particular vitamin?

ELIAS: I would suggest that you incorporate merely one that involves multiple elements.

ANON: I have been taking calcium and stuff, which is like a relaxing kind.

ELIAS: I am understanding. What I am expressing to you is to be incorporating one type of vitamin that includes many different types of vitamins and different types of minerals also.

ANON: Would a gentler form of exercise like Tai Chi or something...?

ELIAS: That also may be quite beneficial to you as you continue this action of increasing the volume of energy expressed. That type of action may be very beneficial to you.

ANON: It feels like especially the stronger I connect with the core in my energy, that place determinate of ME, the more this is happening.


ANON: Actually, I think Iím recognizing an old belief that if you donít sleep enough youíre going to be tired. I recognize how automatically I go into ďIím tired,Ē when Iím actually not really tired. What I am is I just want some quiet time to myself. This is different, but Iím recognizing.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. But also what we are addressing to now is this element of physical discomfort, which is quite real, and I am aware of what you are expressing.

To alleviate some of that physical uncomfortableness Ė which shall allow you to relax more efficiently in the interim time framework as you offer yourself more information concerning different methods of how you can actually be channeling and manipulating that energy, such as through the movements of Tai Chi, which, as I have stated, would be quite efficient for you Ė in the interim time framework, it may be beneficial to you to be incorporating these vitamins also.

ANON: I want to ask about my son. He is having some experiences and actual terror with airplanes, flying and stuff like that. I would like your input and perhaps suggestions for him. First of all, what is he creating, and secondly, do you have suggestions for him on how he could do this? I donít know, maybe it was a past life thing or something. Iím just not sure here.

ELIAS: This is not actually as much associated with another focus. It is more associated with this focus now, and him projecting his attention outwardly and becoming more and more increasingly concerned with his environment and what other individuals create.

He is discounting his own power, and he is distracting himself away from self and generating a considerable energy in association with other individuals and how other individuals incorporate the power to generate actions that affect his reality, which is more and more discounting that he actually is creating all of his reality, and more and more reinforcing that he is NOT creating all of his reality, that he is co-creating and that he is the weaker element in that co-creating, and that there are stronger elements that are co-creating that incorporate the ability to create dangerous or harmful actions in association with himself.

I may express to you, in the energy that he is expressing, it is significant and important that he allows himself to pull his attention back to himself and to not be concentrating such volumes of energy in association with other individuals and what is outside of him, for he is creating a significant expression of fear that is increasing. The point would be to begin to dissipate that fear before it becomes overwhelming to the point that it is immobilizing, for it is rapidly increasing.

The manner in which he may begin to dissipate that is not to be opposing himself but to be paying attention to himself and what HE is doing, and perhaps acknowledging each day what he himself accomplishes in any capacity, to interrupt his concentration upon what is occurring outside of him, and to reinforce what he is actually doing and acknowledging what he is accomplishing. Therefore, that shall also strengthen his attention upon self and his trust of himself to actually be manipulating and creating his reality himself, without incorporating the fear that other individuals express the ability to interrupt that without his permission.

ANON: Heís doing this with the formation of his company too, right?

ELIAS: Somewhat, yes.

ANON: Heís thinking of taking a boat home rather than doing planes and things. Is he creating a situation where the plane will potentially crash and stuff like that, if this continues? This is hard for me because Iím his mom.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANON: I conceptually understand that if he creates disengaging and all those things, such is reality, but thereís piece of me like no, Iím not ready for that, and thatís not what I want in my life.

ELIAS: Correct. I am understanding.

ANON: So is he going in that direction?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, it is not a matter of creating a potential for an airplane to crash. In this now, it is a matter of addressing to the fear and not generating an escalation of that and not creating this overwhelmingness with himself, and in that, to be aware of acknowledging himself and not opposing, not forcing himself to engage an action that is generating fear and opposing himself in that, but rather acknowledging the expression of the fear, that it is real but that it is being motivated by his own disempowerment of himself, that what he views outside of himself is not what poses the threat. What he is generating within himself, in his doubt of himself and that he actually creates his reality, THAT is what poses the threat.

ANON: So, heís looking outside at all of his power and itís like kind of seeping out of him into this whole fear thing, rather than focusing inside and acknowledging that he does create and that he has the availability of all this power.

ELIAS: Correct. Figuratively speaking Ė and let me also express that it can be become LITERALLY speaking Ė but in this now, figuratively speaking, what he is doing is generating a projection of energy outwardly in association with the fear, to the point in which his energy is being contained in the fear, that can actually be generated into an actual manifestation.

Therefore, it is important to recognize that in a manner of speaking, what he is doing now is pouring his energy into another entity. Figuratively speaking, it is as though he were a pitcher, and the liquid inside of the pitcher is his energy, and he is tipping himself and pouring his energy into another container. That other container is his fear. The more he pours his energy into that container of fear, the less power he experiences within himself and the more he experiences being the victim, for the larger the entity of the fear becomes. The more energy that is poured into that entity of fear, the more it grows, and the more it grows, the more the individual feels powerless in association with it.

ANON: Heís really, really trying to get his attention here.


ANON: Itís a very dynamic way of getting his attention about him creating his reality or to pay attention to that.

ELIAS: Yes, and not to be concerning himself with outside choices or what other individuals choose or engage. For in concerning himself with himself and not generating the fear, he shall effectively and efficiently draw into his reality individuals and situations that he deems to be safe and effective. But if he is generating this concentration outside of himself and continuously concerning himself with other individuals and their choices and their behaviors and their actions, he is no longer paying attention to what he is drawing to himself. He is no longer paying attention to what he himself is creating.

The more the concentration is expressed in association with fear, the more he shall draw that type of energy to himself and create drawing energies to himself that reinforce that fear and validate it.

ANON: I will pass that on to him.

Iíve only gotten through a few of my questions, so I just want to talk about two more things, if we can, and Iíll try and make it fast.

One of the things that happened is Iíve been working with my company and itís starting to manifest now. Iíve done a lot of work with the energetic side, and the people are showing up and itís fascinating. But itís kind of on hold right now; it kind of went on hold a little bit. I had this dream about a husband energy or something, a partner energy, and it actually helped me to distinguish the difference between me standing in my capabilities and my confidence, or me standing outside of those in my doubt and subservience and stuff like that. Ever since that, Iíve been being invited to stand there all the time in that confidence.

In this particular dream, it was that this person, although he adored me, he would choose to be with me because thatís what he was attracted to, was that confidence, that centeredness of me and my energy. Itís invaluable, but I also feel like I have connected with another being in this. I had the impression that we fill ourselves up with our own energy and our own information, and that we interact with other people to enhance that, not necessarily to have them fill us up. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So I started to understand the difference between being independent and never allowing anyone to help me, and knowing that in this physical reality, if I do that, if I never allow anyone to help me or be with me, then Iím limiting my experience here because that interaction actually allows an enhancement of experience.


ANON: My motivation, though, comes from me not being so clear about what my information is that Iím not looking to them to fill places in me that are not filled. Iím looking to them and saying look, I am filled, I am present, I exist, and I want to play with you so that my existence is enhanced.


ANON: I almost feel like my company manifestation, until I got that piece of information, part of me does want to manifest a relationship with a husband but itís coming now from a very different place. I know weíve talked about this before. Am I creating that, or have I already created that and heíll just show up or Iíll just show up or something like that?

ELIAS: You are moving in that direction. It is not a matter that you have already created it but that you are moving in that direction. Therefore, you are more and more and more increasing that potential to be generating drawing another individual to you more quickly.

ANON: Are there still things that I need to do in that regard?

ELIAS: No. What I may suggest to you is to continue in the manner that you have and to generate an openness to the possibility of presenting yourself with interaction with other individuals that may potentially be developed into a relationship, and merely to allow.

ANON: I feel like Iím more capable at allowing now.


ANON: Iím working on it, but Iím more capable.

The last one is, and this keeps coming up again, itís money Ė everythingís there. I feel like Iíve had a lot of movement in that, but more fears are coming up again. Am I still bringing in some limiting energy here? Because I donít want to do the slave labor thing with my company, I want that to be present. With this freedom and this alignment, there are certain things that I donít want to compromise, and that means I donít want to compromise my experiences, either.

ELIAS: Recognize moments in which you are expressing doubt, and merely acknowledge that. Do not oppose yourself. Allow yourself to continue in acknowledging of yourself in this new expression of freedom. Allow yourself to recognize and acknowledge that at times you may incorporate somewhat of an expression of anxiety or perhaps even doubt, and that it is unnecessary to be incorporating an action in association with that. Merely acknowledge it and not push Ė not attempt to change it, merely acknowledge it and return yourself to your balance.

ANON: Because I feel like I am aligned, like I am creating this.


ANON: Itís almost like I feel it there, but I just canít quite see it yet.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. Therefore trust yourself, acknowledge yourself, do not push.

ANON: Donít push and just relax into my freedom and my knowing.

ELIAS: Yes, and allow yourself in that acknowledgment to express your own appreciation of you, and therefore, reinforce your trust of your ability to generate efficiently, which you can.

ANON: Okay! I think weíre out of time now. Thatís fabulous. Any last words of advice that I need to consider?

ELIAS: Actually, rather than offering advice, I shall offer my acknowledgment and appreciation of you, my congratulations to you in your movement and your awareness, and my encouragement that you continue in what you have begun.

ANON: I shall. I feel like thereís no turning back now. The more I become aware, I feel the less I would choose the old forms.

ELIAS: Your accomplishment is greatly to be acknowledged.

ANON: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ANON: I actually draw on your energy quite a lot. I ask what am I creating, and I get the answers pretty quickly. Itís amazing, so thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You are very welcome, my friend. I express to you great encouragement and supportiveness. In great affection and lovingness, until our next meeting, au revoir.

ANON: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 5 minutes.

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