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ELIAS: “I shall give you an exercise to practice and to find your answer to your question of who you are:

I will suggest to you that you remember that all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously, and as I have expressed to you many times, they are all accessible. Therefore, ask yourselves who your other aspects are. View yourself from the perspective of essence. Allow yourself to view as many focuses as you wish. When you are viewing these different focuses, watch the individual that you are viewing. Listen to each individual, realizing that this individual is not you, but is another aspect of you. Therefore, just as you have tapped previous developmental focuses and have identified yourselves in them, now look not only to the entire picture or scene, but single yourself out and view the individual that was, so to speak, or will be, you.

If you can identify yourself within a previous developmental focus within a meditation, you may also identify yourself more closely. You have viewed yourself, for example, within the developmental focus in which I physically incorporated with you also. Within this, instead of only searching for the story or the entire scene, focus your consciousness and your attention on singling out your character. You have each identified with specific characters within other developmental focuses. They may not seem to be you, for they do not incorporate their reality as you do now, but there is a knowing within you that you may identify with individuals, and know that these are aspects of yourself. In this, you will gain a better understanding of what you are.

This is an important exercise, for the reason that we are focused upon your shift and its approach; and an understanding of yourself will be very helpful to you in avoiding confusion. This may seem to be a difficult exercise initially, but what you are not realizing is that you have already begun with this exercise. You are only not recognizing its validity.” [session 47, October 22, 1995]

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