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Family Association

Family Association

Action of Tile

Action of Tile
Aspect Seer Intent:
As Equation Key
Memory Tile
From Elias Session 260
From Elias session 49

In October of `95, Ron had a dream in which he received A.S.I. as an equation.  The following evening, Elias began the session with this equation.  This edited excerpt is from 10/18/95: 

ELIAS:  Bon jour!  Aspect, Seer, Intent.  (Pause)  A.S.I.  The eyes being the symbol of the Seers.  This being a construct equation of Seer doorways.  This fits into a larger equation, to which now you have a puzzle piece that you may fit this to another.  This is part of your city construction, which will also go alongside of Michael’s [Mary’s] tile.  So, you have begun!  Also incorporated within this is a connection with Sophia [Guin], in seeing or viewing the same essence Seer as Michael [Mary] has incorporated.  Your hallway is also a part of your construction.  Therefore, your city has begun! 

You will notice within the equation two doorways; one representing what you term future, one representing what you term past, both being linked with your archeological focus as your clues within your book;  one future focus, one past; both aspects of the same, each part of the twins.  This is your equation.

From Elias Session 46 

ELIAS:   The seer intent obviously applies to all of you and your intent of  focus, being seers.  Therefore, you have a base to build upon.  Remember, you are seers.  Therefore, what are you wishing for future focuses to be viewing, as your message to them? 

Aspects being emphasized for more than one reason, one being the word itself of aspects; which you each, as essences and seers, incorporate many aspects of essence, and have the ability to see them.  Aspects also incorporates your intent.  You do not focus upon one subject.  There are many aspects of your intent, your intent being your message or focus.  Remember what your group's intent is, for this offers you clues also. 

The placement of the A in this symbolization also bears meaning, for this symbolizes part of your construction design within its shape.  It also relates to symbols that you have already created as seers, within what you view to be previous focus, which is actually simultaneous, and you are re-creating, once again, these same symbols.  Therefore, look to the design of this letter, which is a construction element of your city design.  Also, be noticing that your first tile incorporates this symbol.

ELIAS:  (Humorously)  And now:  Oh, seers!  Bestow upon me your great wisdom of your visions, and what have you created this evening???

VICKI:  Got really tall spires, with balls on top. 

ELIAS:  Interesting. 

VICKI:  And a spiral thing. 

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  This is quite often very useful, to incorporate a “spiral thing!” (Laughter) 

VICKI:  It's a memory thing.

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