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Family Association

Family Association

Action of Tile

Action of Tile
Knowledge Perception Tile
From Elias Session 186 From Elias Session 190

ELIAS: Another tile! (Laughter)

KRISTIN: It was a serpent, and I’ve seen this before in dreams that were really powerful, and the serpent in my dreams was being hurt and wounded, and I was really upset about it and anxious, and I was just wondering if you can give me insight into this at all?

ELIAS: And with you also I shall be responding with, what is your feeling of this tile?

KRISTIN: The feeling is that it’s some knowledge to be discovered. I got the sense that it’s knowledge that we keep putting underneath, that we keep wounding, and it’s just laying there to be discovered.

ELIAS: And where do you place this tile in alignment with family?

KRISTIN: I got the sense it was Milumet.

ELIAS: Very, very good!

VICKI: Okay, one other thing. Sena [Melinda] and I have been exploring what seems to be a remembering of a focus together in Germany, and within that particular investigation, I had an impression the other day that sounds kind of nutso, but it’s still an impression.

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence [Vicki]!

VICKI: ... and it is that one of the tiles in the city has a swastika symbol on it, or what we view as a swastika.

ELIAS: Very good!

VICKI: And would this be connected with the Vold family?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence [Vicki]! Yes, although the meaning of the tile is not the same as the symbol which represented a certain meaning within your history. You may enter this into your log also.

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