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Family Association

Family Association

Action of Tile

Action of Tile
The Language of Relationships
Movement of Energy From One Dimension to Another

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From session #706

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PAUL: Hey, I have a tile entry.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: To briefly describe it, on the upper right-hand side is blue, which fades into rose color, a pinkish. There is a black line which is ... well, it looks a little like a seagull on its side, with two dots on the inside to the left, which is a greenish color. I’d like to align this tile with Sumari ... and can I do Borledim at the same time?

ELIAS: And where shall you be placing the entry?

PAUL: Well, I believe that it is – if I’m correct in this – an action of movement of energy from one dimension to another. Now, does that align with a family?

ELIAS: Therefore, you may be entering this tile in relation to these two families. And where shall you place this within your game – in connection with physically focused essences, in connection with families, or in connection with nonphysical essences?

PAUL: Ah, this is ... I understand now. This is, I believe, a counterpart action between myself and my son Matthew.

ELIAS: Therefore, I inquire again, where shall you place the tile?

PAUL: Hmm. It shall be placed ... maybe I’m not understanding the game of tiles well enough. It shall be placed in conjunction with physical manifestations, and the interaction between physically focused individuals.

ELIAS: Very well. It shall be placed within physically focused connecting essences, and I shall be accepting of this tile, and express to you one point.

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