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Family Association

Family Association

Action of Tile

Action of Tile
Insertion of the Shift into This Dimension
See below

From Elias Session (not yet released)
From Elias Session 389

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KEN: Oh, pyramids! Is this a less distortion-free ... or a connection here of a pyramid ... where we are to engage in noticing? We are to engage in experiencing, noticing, allowing, and acceptance? Is that the pyramid that we are to engage in understanding?

ELIAS: Very good! I shall offer you one point in this area, that you allow yourself the clarity and the openness within your awareness to be connecting to this type of information. Yes, you may be interpreting, in a respect, in this manner.

Descriptive Notes From Ken B.

The Pyramid is representative of Essence. It is also representative of the Experiencing, Noticing, Allowing, Accepting and Trusting in Self.

The two swirling balls are representative of Essence Family Alignment within this dimension of ours. Thus, the reason for two being this is a Duality dimension.

The pink wavy line is representive of the new Pink Energy Center, that I get the impression has not been entirely inserted yet in our physical construct.

The white background is representative of all Essences manifesting/expressing in all physical dimensions.

The black lightning bolt is representative of my Essence manifesting/expressing in all physical dimensions.

Which brings me to the following : This tile can be made to custom fit all foci manifesting/expressing itself in this dimension. The pyramid becomes the color of their Essence Family or Color Tone. The two swirling balls become the color of their Essence Family Alignment. And the background can be either white or black and the lightning bolt either white or black.

The pink wavy line remains the same for all foci within this one physical dimension.

I feel that my intent in creating this tile was to show how Time is currently being perceived against and/or within the backdrop/background of the Now.

P.S. When I first saw this tile, I thought, “well that is pretty and interesting.” Little did I realize what impressions this would lead me to. Thanks for asking me Ron about what impression I might have for the alignment. It is possible that I would have let it go at the visual description and moved on.

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