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Tuesday, September 09, 1997

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ďPublic & Private Fear IssuesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Cathy (Shynla).

Vicís note: This session got ďlost in the shuffle,Ē so to speak, because I forgot to put it on my calendar. Hence, the ďcreativeĒ session number. Also, I lost it again after Margot transcribed it and sent it to me to proofread, which has never happened before. I canít help but wonder what the unofficial information is here.

Elias arrives at 5:18 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

CATHY: Good afternoon. I have some questions about how Mary and myself kind of create things parallel, so to speak. I was just wondering about the way Iíve chosen to work with this particular dog thatís very much in the public eye and is dragging me out in the public eye where I donít really ... Iím not really comfortable there. I know right now, at this present point in time, Iím more confused than I am conflicted about what Iím doing with the dog, especially that Iím going to be doing a public appearance here in about a week or so. I know itís a matter of trust in self and I know that I can do it, but when I found out for sure that it was actually a set date and I was going to do it, I just found myself getting really angry and running a lot of different scenarios through my head of what I could do. I could just quit, and then I run circles around, going to ďI donít really know what I want to do.Ē I donít think I really have the desire to even work with dogs any more, and Iím just curious about that.

ELIAS: The situation that you have created, Shynla, affords you the opportunity to be moving through some great elements of your fear issues. Therefore, in choosing to be addressing to these issues, it is natural that you shall confuse yourself and also that you shall find yourself within a position of wishing to be turning away from this situation, for objectively you do not feel ready to be addressing to these fear issues; but this is the choice that you have made, and you have presented yourself with reality to be moving you through these issues. You hold a very strong fear issue in not trusting your own abilities and presenting this to yourself, that you may move through these issues. Therefore, as you look to yourself and you evaluate your belief systems of how others view you, this brings to the surface this fear issue, and in choosing to be moving in this issue, you also create situations that shall be presenting themselves objectively immediately before you.

CATHY: No kidding! And this dream I had the other night? Iíll just go through it, and then kind of break it down and ask questions.

I was in a house similarly located to the one I objectively live in right now, and there was production company there setting up office equipment and stuff inside the house, and then I realized that they were doing all this for a benefit which was going to be held just right down the street. At one point in time, I realized the dog I was working was not in my house, so I wandered down there and found him down there, and there were already people in the bleachers and stuff like that. So I called the dog over to me, and I found myself flying back to my house with the dog in my arms. As I approached the house, I saw a man leading a horse, and I said something to him on purpose because I wanted to get his attention Ė I wanted him to see me flying Ė and I did, and I accomplished that. Then I went down to the ground, and then I looked up and I saw another man coming towards me with another horse and a dog by his side, and he just thanked me for inviting him to the event, and then I went in the house. Then I remember thinking, ďOh, I should call Ron and Vicki and let them know that Iím going to be doing this benefit right down the street.Ē Then I didnít do it because I was too afraid that if I said or did something stupid ... so I didnít invite them. And as far as that little issue right there goes, youíve already told me that if I canít trust these people right here, how can I ... well actually, to me it would be worse to make a fool out of myself in front of Ron and Vicki than in front of perfect strangers. So why do I have that? And why did I dream that? (Getting emotional here)

Vicís note: This issue is a mystery to Ron and I. Cathy is the only long-time mutual friend we have -- over 20 years now. She is like family to us, and we both love and respect her more than anything.

ELIAS: Interpretation of this segment of your dream: The movement in bringing the creature back to the house in the manner of flying is your imagery in acknowledgment to yourself. I express to you firstly, be accepting of this. This element is your subjective acknowledgment to yourself in imagery that you have chosen to be moving through your fear issues and you ARE beginning to address and to accomplish. The reason that you imaged the man with the horse, which you were wishing this individual to be noticing of your accomplishment, is that in actuality both men with the horses are the same individual. You merely imaged different for your different acknowledgments. Therefore, you imaged two different individuals, although the individual is the same. The image of the individual is a representation of this essence, and your wishing of acknowledgment and noticing that you are accomplishing. You may express to yourself that you have imaged a statement to the effect of, ďObserve this, Elias. I am accomplishing.Ē This essence acknowledges thankfulness to you in wishing for the acknowledgment of this essence. That be your imagery of the first element.

In moving into the element of the house and the many individuals within the house, this is your representation to yourself, which is also a part of the movement within this fear issue; for although you view that you hold more of a fear issue with those individuals close to you, there is also an element of fear of individuals that are unknown to you publicly, this being part of what is being addressed; but in acknowledgment of the whole of the fear issue, you also image elements that shall suggest to you not to be forgetful that certain elements have not been addressed yet. You are moving into areas that you are addressing certain elements of this issue, but you also remind yourself within your imagery that there are more elements within this issue that need be still addressed.

CATHY: Like what?

ELIAS: Your issue with your own self-worth and trust of your own ability, and your view of how other individuals close to you view you; for what you assess as to their view of you, and what they assess as their view of you, are different. (Very different!)

CATHY: Oh. (Sighing) Well, what about ... when I looked at this dream, and I know youíve encouraged us to try and figure out our own dream symbolism and interpret them ourselves, I never would have come up with what you did! I mean, I donít think I would have recognized that you were the man in the dream. But when I viewed the man and the horse, and I viewed you and the horse and the dog the second time, to me in my objective mind, when I look at this ... I dealt with horses pretty much for fifteen years, and now Iíve dealt with dogs pretty much for fifteen years, and it seems like maybe I want to change again and maybe be dealing with people?

ELIAS: Very good!

CATHY: Okay, so there is something to this wanting to change what Iím doing?

ELIAS: Absolutely. This be why you address to your fear issue presently.

CATHY: My choosing to address to this fear issue is probably through the dog, because it might be a more comfortable place to start?

ELIAS: Correct. Creatures hold no threat to you.

CATHY: People do!

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause) Creatures hold no opinion of you. They are accepting.

CATHY: I see. Well ... okay. Thatís enough of that! (Laughing) Okay, you stated in a transcript not too long ago that itís easier for me to view not accepting of how other people create their reality than my underlying fear of unfamiliar events. This underlying fear of unfamiliar events, am I dealing with that now, or is that something different altogether?

ELIAS: You are dealing with this now; this being why you are uncomfortable.

CATHY: Yes, I am! I am uncomfortable!

ELIAS: I am recognizing that individuals within physical focus hold great difficulty in addressing to issues of fear, and also in addressing to unfamiliarity. Therefore, you also receive supportiveness from this essence, as within your dream imagery.

CATHY: Thank you. I donít know what to say. I still donít like it very much, but Iím going through with it ícause thereís gonna be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or something! I donít know!

ELIAS: Ah, those leprechauns once again! (Grinning)

CATHY: (Laughing) Okay. Something else that Iím curious about is something else that you mentioned, about me having allowed recently more of an alignment with Michael, and then now Iím moving back towards my alignment with Lawrence, which is more in alignment with my intent in this focus and the action of the pyramid. Well, in my desire to want to explore more of myself, I feel a pull towards Mary because I can actually physically feel things.

ELIAS: Do not be misunderstanding, Shynla. When I express this to you, that you are moving in the direction of more of an alignment with Lawrence, this is subjective. Therefore, it is not necessarily imaged objectively. In this, I wish you to be understanding that objectively you may be engaging Michael to be helpful to you within your movement, for you are correct that you do parallel each other. I have stated this to you previously. This is not affecting of your alignment subjectively with Lawrence. You hold to this element subjectively for your grounding; but if you are confusing yourself and interpreting this as that you should not be engaging with Michael, you may be reinforcing your grounding within extreme and not allowing yourself to be moving into areas that you wish to be experiencing and opening within consciousness and allowing this to bleed through objectively.

CATHY: Hmm. Well, okay. Thatís helpful. I am very objective, you know, so I tend to go in those areas! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! This be your imagery of your alignment with Lawrence.

CATHY: Well, (sighing) I donít want to go in the direction of this intent thing! You knew I had to go there! Being Sumafi and the intent of teaching, I can understand that, but itís like ... I know I just canít flat ask you what my intent is because Iíll have to figure that out myself, but itís like ... I guess it would become more clear to me as I choose to continue to address more of my issues?

ELIAS: Correct. I shall express to you Shynla, that you also hold the alignment of Milumet. Therefore, your intent also encompasses this. You hold a slightly different direction within your intent and what you bring in additive to the pyramid, for you hold the direction of connecting with other individuals within inner senses. You have allowed yourself a beginning in this area. You only do not acknowledge yourself. You hold a great ability within inner senses, to be exercising these and allowing yourself to be connecting with other individuals objectively and holding an understanding, which allows you the ability to be helpful. You have begun this in allowing yourself an awareness of your new-found empathic sense.

CATHY: Yeah, this is true.

ELIAS: You may engage this sense quite efficiently, even with individuals that you are not in physical proximity of. Therefore, you add a new dimension to the action of the pyramid in holding an understanding of what other individuals experience, and also Ė being very objectively focused and grounded as Lawrence Ė do not allow yourself to be moving into areas with these inner senses that are unnecessary. You also do not hold belief systems in the area that even though you may engage these inner senses, you must be following them to unnecessary conclusions; that you must be taking on the experience of another and holding to this. This is the action of your grounding which allows you the ability to experience another individual and to understand their experience, but not to hold their experience to yourself. This is a balance. I express very strongly to you to be acknowledging of self, that you ARE accomplishing and you ARE offering yourself evidence of your accomplishing.

CATHY: Well, let me ask you this then. Probably about three weeks ago or Ďround about there, I went to drink my coffee one morning and it had a very odd taste, and I have friend thatís manifesting a disease presently who said that the treatment that sheís undergoing affects the way things taste. Now, was I doing an empathic thing, or did I just inadvertently put something in my coffee that I shouldnít have?

ELIAS: This would be another example to you of how you engage the empathic sense that you hold without being in the same physical location as another individual; experiencing for your understanding the experience of another individual, and also not holding to it and allowing it to go.

CATHY: So I knew it when I did it, and I acknowledged it and let it go, right? Thatís trippy!

ELIAS: As you move in new directions, which you shall be, you shall also be within communication of individuals that occupy different locations than do you, and in this you offer your ability within this agenda to be connecting with and understanding underlying elements in other individuals, for you automatically engage this empathic sense. You have offered yourself much practice within your past with your creatures, and now you move in the direction of allowance and acceptance within self, to move into the direction of other individuals. If this were not your choosing, you would not be engaging this fear issue presently.

CATHY: Was Maryís uncomfortableness with public sessions as intense as what Iím going through now, and sheís moved farther through it? Where is she in that, in the parallel thing?

ELIAS: Michael has experienced great intensity within this same issue and has allowed himself to be moving through this issue. There remains a small element which has not entirely been moved through, but he has moved greatly in this particular issue. This also affords Shynla energy in the parallel action.

CATHY: So she did do it first! (Laughing) Oh, thatís funny!

VICKI: Donít worry! Iíll do it last!

CATHY: Okay! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Lawrence continues to not even identify!

CATHY: Well, hereís an old question. Did I have an impulse to block that video camera in Elmira when I first spotted it on Mary and went over to her? Did I have an impulse that I chose not to act on?

ELIAS: An impression.

CATHY: An impression, huh? Impulses and impressions! Itís a good thing that I didnít! Of course, maybe we wouldnít have lost sound then. Who knows, with all those probabilities?

ELIAS: You would not have been actualizing upon this impulse, for Michael also involved himself subjectively in this situation. You ARE all connected. You DO know each otherís movements.

CATHY: Subjectively anyway, huh?

ELIAS: And more objectively than you allow yourself the recognition of. (Pause)

RON: Iím curious about my connection with the movie ďPowder.Ē Iím wondering if Iím connecting with the concept of the movie, or if Iím connecting with the writer.

ELIAS: Both.

RON: I kind of assumed I was connecting with the concepts because theyíre very similar to what weíre learning here, but the third time I watched it, I found myself very intrigued by who the writer was and trying to find out if there was any other material that heís put out.

ELIAS: This be your recognition of other individuals and their receptiveness within consciousness to this information. Michael also experiences this same element with another of your motion pictures recently. As you view these productions, which shall be increasing, you also recognize the movement which is occurring which are symptoms of your shift, and you recognize that other individuals within different capacities of professions are expressing elements of this shift without objectively entirely being aware of what they are expressing. Therefore, your draw subjectively to be sharing, although this be your choice objectively to be actualizing this.

I have expressed to you all previously that although you may not identify with my statement, each of you holds a reluctance in sharing publicly, and you offer yourselves evidence to this within your reluctance to be sharing publicly. You do not rush out and offer the information to individuals within public forum, do you? You do not rush out and attempt to be contacting this individual and sharing this information. You merely acknowledge an impression and a feeling, and excuse it away.

RON: Well, heís a dang child molester! (Elias chuckles) See, thatís another thing that bothers me. That particular thing doesnít bother me about him. It doesnít bother me, but it obviously bothered the mass about him. I guess thatís just a statement. Iím not trying to ask a question. Itís just kind of confusing that the mass can affect a person like that. Because he did one thing over here, they tend to look away from everything else that he does.

ELIAS: Quite. This be the action within your officially accepted belief systems and reality; but as I have stated to you many times, you are moving away from this direction, and the more energy lent in the moving away from this officially accepted reality, the more the new reality actualizes. (Pause)

VICKI: Iím confused about this fear of public forum. We talked about it last week in the session. Mary and I sure didnít connect with it objectively at all. I know Cathy did, and Iím not sure where Ron is at. So are you saying that because we donít rush out to offer information to somebody, thatís imagery of this fear of public forum?

ELIAS: (Firmly) That you do not ACT.

VICKI: I guess I donít really understand. Iím confused about what youíre saying.

ELIAS: Objectively, Lawrence, you shall eventually offer yourself examples that you shall begin to notice, but presently you hold to only certain directions, and in this you do not offer yourself information to be confirming of what I express; although you also have experienced this same issue within your employment. You are selective of who you shall be sharing information with and who you shall not.

VICKI: Well, I guess part of where I get confused is that Iíve had a lot of imagery reinforcing the thought that people will draw themselves to the information. A lot of people, just out of the blue, have walked up and asked, say within the context of my employment. So I guess thatís part of where Iím confused.

ELIAS: This does not negate the action. Individuals shall draw themselves. This is different from what I am expressing. You each are selective and choose not to be sharing this information with certain individuals because of your own lack of safety ... (pause, staring at Vic)

VICKI: Hmm. I donít see it.

ELIAS: ... in how you view other individuals may perceive you. (Pause) As I have expressed to Sari, it matters not. You know. Therefore, it matters not that another individual may be perceiving you as ďweirdĒ or ďcrazy.Ē

VICKI: Well, I feel that way too. This is why Iím confused. I cannot consciously think of any individual that I have not approached because I was afraid of what they would think of me, or ...

ELIAS: I believe, in your terms, that you need be reevaluating this, for you have! You have already faced yourself objectively with this example. You choose not to be remembering, for you choose not to be addressing to this presently.

VICKI: Well, how about a hint?

ELIAS: You have held the opportunity within public forums to be sharing this information Ė and prompted by statements that other individuals have made to you -- and [have] chosen objectively not to be offering any response, viewing the inappropriacy of the situation at the time, although there was no inappropriacy. (Elias is making up words again) It was merely a choice in not holding surety of how the other individual may interpret what you offer.

VICKI: Hmm. So this statement that you made about how we all have a fear in this public forum, this particular area that youíre talking about right now is the area I can apply to myself?

ELIAS: Correct; although this is not necessarily a fear entirely. It is more of a reluctance and a feeling of unsafeness. Within the forum of this room you hold a feeling of safety, for you believe that individuals that appear within this forum presently only appear as they have been individually drawn on their own to attend. Within the belief systems of other individuals, you do not always hold the feeling of safety in sharing this information in regards to other individualsí belief systems, and you distract yourselves by expressing nobility in that you wish not to be offensive to another individual within their belief systems.

VICKI: Well, I donít think anybody in this room wants to be shoving anything down anybodyís throat.

ELIAS: It is unnecessary, but this also is not the action. You may be accepting of another individualís belief systems, and you may also be helpful in offering information.

VICKI: Yeah, I understand that. I do understand that. Iíve had the experience myself. I donít relate to the concept of not feeling safe. I canít remember the last time I didnít feel safe in any situation, including this one. I quite honestly donít relate to the personal reluctance to be sharing information, not objectively anyway, but maybe I shall understand at another point in time.

ELIAS: Quite.

CATHY: Is it one of those underlying things sheís totally clueless about?

ELIAS: Objectively.

CATHY: Those are fun! So is Gramalda a subdivision of Gramada, or was that just a little energy bloop?

ELIAS: Interesting terminology of ďenergy bloop!Ē Yes, subdivision.

CATHY: Iím just a little curious about this Oversoul Seven thing you did. I canít remember exactly what you said ... about it being a projection of whatís happening now or something like that?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Well, I guess I just really donít get it! I mean, was it just a story? Because those were all focuses of one essence, and we all have our own essences, and Iím just a little curious about that.

ELIAS: Yes, it is a story; but an illustration of these individuals and the action that you employ within your pyramid. I have expressed to you that the action of the pyramid is as one entity, so to speak; therefore, one essence with several focuses; Seven and his focuses. You are the focuses which together create the action in energy which may be likened figuratively to an entity, or one essence. (Pause)

CATHY: Iíll think about that. Was it kind of just using kind of our personality traits, kinda sorta?

ELIAS: Within the characterization in the book, this was offered that you may recognize yourselves.

CATHY: Hmm. (Pause) Okay, thatíll do!

VICKI: Who represents Ron in the book?

ELIAS: The future focus. (Grinning at Ron) Rememberer!

RON: Mary and I had a discussion about Davidís incorporation in this pyramid, and my interpretation or perception of his involvement was as a sort of a collector/reflector/director of energy?

ELIAS: A catalyst.

RON: Not necessarily a different thing, but he would take the energy of the four of us and more or less incorporate that energy and direct it? Iíve got this picture in my head of the four base points of the pyramid directing the energy to the fifth point, which is kind of different ... kind of like putting a mirror on the top of a pyramid. It would take this energy and focus it.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; more to the point of reflecting, not necessarily directing, for you each are directing, but this individual of the fifth point serves as a catalyst and a reflector. Therefore, within consciousness he is already affecting in movement which objectively occurs. There be your objective evidence to his position.

RON: Iím still having a problem accepting that individual as an actual point of the pyramid because I donít feel the same connection to him that I feel to the rest of the people that have been incorporated for a while.

ELIAS: Understood. And you may not. It matters not. It matters only your recognition of his affectingness within consciousness, and the power that is lent in energy by this fifth point.

RON: So his involvement in this group is not necessary for the actualization of the action?

ELIAS: Objectively, no.

VICKI: Nobodyís is, is it?

ELIAS: No. It is your choice and your recognition in feelings with each other that draw you objectively together, which in certain situations is helpful.

VICKI: Iíd like to follow through with that last question for Maryís benefit. She also didnít understand the unsafe statement. Where could she apply that to herself?

ELIAS: If Michael is examining, he shall recognize a difference within his response within public forums and this forum; although as I have stated, Michael has moved through this issue tremendously to this present now, but small elements of this remain.

VICKI: So he basically feels unsafe in the public forum himself; in the session ?

ELIAS: Objectively, no; but he may examine within himself and he may be connecting to some uncomfortableness or reluctance. (Pause)

CATHY: Okay, Iím done. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, Shynla. I express to you quite sincerely, be acknowledging of yourself, for you ARE accomplishing and you HAVE provided yourself with objective evidence to be acknowledging yourself!

CATHY: Iím aware of that. Itís still scary!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Ah, appropriate wording in referencing to fear!

CATHY: Yes, it is!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. I shall acknowledge to you from this essence, and I shall express great affection to you ... and I shall be visiting you again!

CATHY: Okay. Perhaps Iíll recognize you! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Perhaps! I express to you all great affection, and shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you all this day, au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:15 PM.

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