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Sunday, July 28, 1996

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“Official/Unofficial Reality”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Cecelia (Sari), Rex (Dosh), and arriving late, Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 6:44 PM. (“Time” was thirty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling, as we all acknowledge verbally)

The question has been posed, “What is our world coming to?” (Humorously, grinning) The statements have been made in the direction that you are surely headed for annihilation! Your societies seem to be traveling swiftly downward! You view catastrophic events occurring throughout your world, all around you; which, within your perception, seems to be escalating as your “time” passes.

We have spoken of pools of consciousness previously, to which you collectively “tap into” within certain centuries, manifesting your alignment with Source Events that correlate within those centuries. Within this century, you all engage this action also; connecting within consciousness, forming pools of consciousness, manifesting your intent for this present. Within this particular century, and continuing with our mass events, you have chosen to be escalating certain elements of your expressions.

You also are perceiving differently. Just as we have spoken of mass events and individual events, and how individual events reflect mass events, now you may view, within your perception, the reverse; looking to yourselves, examining your expressions and creations within your physical focus, and correlate these with mass expressions appearing within your time frame. As you widen, you allow your perception to change. You notice more of the unofficial expressions; this being part of your periphery. (To Vicki, grinning) Yes, we shall enter this subject once again, Lawrence!

Within your perception, you view mass events to be more violent within your present times; more chaotic, more leaning towards your destruction. In actuality, the events are only altered by your development of your technology and your focus; therefore allowing you a greater range of expression. Whereas within your past history, individuals needed to travel physically to accomplish what you perceive to be violent acts, now within your present time frame, actual individuals need not be present; for you have developed technology to replace individual action with technological action, which may facilitate acts for you. In this, you have also developed more efficient methods of gaining your attention.

Let me express to you that also within mass consciousness, just as within individual consciousness and expressions, countries and cultures express repressed desires and emotions, as do you individually. As we have spoken previously of repressed impulses, ignored impulses, blocked energy, these elements must be expressed within one direction or another; for energy is continuously within motion, and within your physical focus and your element of time thickness, this is what you have created; for your expressions to be manifest physically. Therefore, within mass consciousness, there are elements ignored and also repressed, which express themselves in what you view to be undesirable areas. Just as you may be creating your geysers by not allowing your attention to your impulses, within mass consciousness you also create geysers. These are not always expressed within your natural elements of weather conditions, atmospheric conditions, or earth conditions. Many times, actions are expressed as pressure valves, which you view to be negative. This, throughout your history, has been expressed. It is perceived differently now.

Also, there are some elements which are manifest slightly different in that although you do not, in actuality, express more violent behavior presently than you have throughout your history. You notice more now; for just as you are becoming more aware of your own individual expressions, and noticing the connections and the “unofficial” lines of action or periphery, so also do you notice within mass consciousness. Therefore, you become more aware of the expressions which manifest en masse, and you connect more within your perception; for you are noticing more. These are not accidental occurrences. Your technological advances have been initiated and carried forth to be facilitating this awareness. It all works within a harmony.

At our last meeting, we spoke of elements of time, and your ability to alter perceptions and also actual events within consciousness. These ideas have caused much confusion in some areas, for you express you do not view this reality of which I have spoken. You do not allow yourselves to view, for your attention is held by your dominant perception; and if this dominant perception is challenged, you may express that you believe differently. But, just as we have expressed many times, what you think you believe and what you actually believe may be very different things!

I have also expressed to you, many times, that you do not trust self. Within a trust of self, there also is an acceptance of self, and of one’s own knowing. This is not a “possible” knowing; this is an absolute knowing! Therefore, you may engage in argument that the house is one color, and you may hold a photograph of the house existing as a different color! This actualizes because you do not trust your own knowing and your own perception! (Grinning at Vicki)

If your perception is challenged, you automatically question. Within yourself, you allow for the possibility of incorrectness. Therefore, you do not hold an absolute knowingness. When you hold an absolute knowingness, you shall perceive what you have created, as with your creature!

You have offered yourselves examples already. You have experienced already these concepts presented to you. You discount these experiences, for they do not align with your official, “real,” quotations, (laughter) perceptions. Also, I shall add that true to form, you continue to perceive in very rigid directions, believing that if you are affecting and changing a reality, it shall be “stuck!” It shall change and be this reality, ever on! (Humorously) I have expressed, you create your reality within the moment, and it is ever-changing; therefore you may, just as you did with your creature, change your reality within an instant! Dependent upon your belief and your solidity of your belief, you may also change any other reality at any moment.

When I express to you that you are ever-changing your realities, present, future, past, continuously, this is not to say that you are engaging within what you would perceive to be extreme changes, for this is unnecessary. Within consciousness, you hold a realization that all things are actualized, whether within this dimension or within another dimension. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be continually, extremely altering your events. Then, you attempt to experiment. You attempt to challenge the concept. Therefore, you choose a focus and you attempt to alter a past occurrence or perception. You, within your perception, do not accomplish; therefore you express, “This is not true!” Within your attempt, you in actuality do not believe what you are attempting! (Chuckling) You are as small children, rebelling and not accepting; therefore expressing your own individual control of your focus, and expressing an arrogance. “I shall create this; I shall alter this event”; to which you automatically accept that your “supposed” inability to accomplish this act automatically indicates that it is not possible!

You view your reality within one direction, as I stated at our last meeting. This creates what you view and interpret as your “real” reality. All other elements outside of this “real” are unaccepted. They are ignored. But, just as we have spoken to Olivia as to your confusion within accepting your periphery, if you are allowing yourself the “letting go,” so to speak, of your insistent control, you shall allow yourself to view unofficial elements of your present reality. These elements occur continuously. We have stated this to you many, many times; but each time you are presented with information that is “outside” of your official “real” reality, it is unaccepted! This is not only individuals very “planted” which express this same idea! Within different elements of periphery, all individuals hold a non-acceptance of different, unofficial reality. You each incorporate different areas that seem to be more difficult. As you are widening your perceptions, you are presenting yourselves with difficult issues. You challenge your own official reality. You shall attain an understanding, whether you believe this presently or not! You are moving within consciousness into a wider perception, allowing more information and allowing more of your periphery. Contemplate your creature! (Staring at Vicki)

I shall also allow you another small example, which each of you have also experienced. You only do not allow yourselves your remembrance, for these are unofficial events. They hold no explanation, within your perception. Therefore, you automatically disregard them. You experienced, as you view to be past, an engagement with Michael, to which Shynla was also privy to this event; a conversation, which Lawrence was insistent upon its occurrence. Michael holds no memory of this event. You have repeated this within your new game, for you have actualized what I have expressed to you. You may be affecting of another individual’s perception and memory, or they may be affecting of their own by altering their probabilities, therefore not engaging within the action; although you perceive a remembrance of this action.

You hold no explanations for these events. Therefore, at the time of their occurrences, they seem to you, within your perceptions, to be small. You may incorporate irritation temporarily, or frustration, but you also very quickly will be not remembering of these events, for they do not follow your official reality. Therefore, they hold no importance. You focus upon what you view to be important. You are not attentive to what you view to be unimportant, regardless of what you view to be the size of the event. If you view trusting your house to be important, your attention will be focused in this area. If you view this to not be important, your attention will not be within this area; and you will accomplish or you will not accomplish these acts, dependent upon your perception of their importance.

We have discussed these elements previously. I do not express to you that within consciousness, you are “bouncing about the cosmos,” hopping into focuses here and there, altering realities everywhere, and obliterating memories of individuals throughout the universe, for you are not! (Laughter) I also am not expressing that you accomplish this en masse, or within what you perceive to be, underline perceive, more distant connections; but within what you perceive to be close connections, you may accomplish this action, dependent upon the probabilities that you choose.

You are continually creating your reality. Your reality is not dependent upon any other individual personality focus or essence. Therefore, each probability that you choose is a creation of your individual reality.

I may choose a different probability, altering the memory, not altering the reality or the action; for within the action, all things are actualized, as we have stated. But, just as you may play your game of “bumper cars,” you may bump an action “out of its bounds,” so to speak. It continues to exist, but within an individual focus, a memory may also be “bumped.”

There are difficult concepts, I am aware; but as my dear comrade has expressed, you are ready to be accepting of these concepts. Therefore, they are offered. They may require a little more effort within accomplishing your effortlessness, (grinning) but you shall attain a wider perception, and you shall understand! Therefore also, I shall direct to Lawrence; before questioning, contemplate; consider first. Allow your awareness the freedom to be viewing your periphery. If you then continue to experience tremendous confusion, I shall offer helpfulness.

VICKI: Okay. It’s really hard, though! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of this! We are understanding of the difficulty within these concepts; for as I have stated, you view within one direction. We offer information within another direction. It is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, it is also unacceptable; but you do hold a willingness to examine and to be allowing your perceptions to widen, even within your confusion. I shall express to you all also, you are accomplishing quite well. (Vicki sighs) Personal invalidation, once again! (Laughter)

VICKI: How about one teensy little question?

ELIAS: Of course, Lawrence! (Grinning) Although I shall make a statement that eventually, you shall be not arguing telepathically, expressing, “I am not widening very well!” Eventually, you shall accept yourself! I shall be anticipating that day! (Grinning) Continue.

VICKI: Could you just briefly explain one more time why Michael forgot that conversation?

ELIAS: There are many elements involved within this situation. Michael was choosing of probabilities to be viewing “blinking out”; engaging what you, within that now, were terming to be “fuzzy.” In actuality, as I was expressing to you, he was allowing himself to be connecting and viewing the “blinking out” time; in this, shifting the perception to not be focused entirely consciously within the “blinking on” of this particular dimension and reality, viewing another aspect of your reality; in this, altering the probabilities of events; therefore in actuality not engaging with the conversation to which Lawrence perceived the engagement.

Within this official “real” reality, you view actualized events. You view unofficial events to be “ghost aspects.” If you are shifting your perception, you may enter areas of your own present consciousness physically to which the ghost aspects, which we have spoken of previously, become the primary; and this aspect, which you view to be real, becomes the ghost aspect. Therefore, the conversation occurred, but not within Michael’s reality. Therefore, he holds no memory. Lawrence holds memory, for in actuality the conversation occurred, within your reality.

This you may view to be an example of how you each create your own realities independently of each other, and although you may perceive one reality simultaneously within the same dimension and focus, another individual may perceive an entirely different reality within the same event; this being also the reason for the issuance of caution to you each recently; for as you are widening in awareness, you are becoming more aware of the reality of “each individual creates their own reality.” In this, you are beginning, now, to be accepting of your individual responsibility of your own creation of your reality.

I have expressed to you, within our previous sessions much time ago, that you hold enough responsibility within your individual self, that you need not be concerned with holding responsibility for any other individual. You now are beginning to view this expression ... very, very, very slightly! (Laughter) You shall be astonished at the rapidness of this becoming a “real” reality! You have begun already. You shall accelerate quickly. (Smiling)

We shall break, and we shall continue with questions, and our game.

BREAK 7:33 PM. (This is a very short break)
RESUME 7:45 PM. (“Arrival time” was one second)

ELIAS: We continue. I shall address initially to a slight misunderstanding. In actuality, Lawrence and Shynla are both correct within their perceptions of the subject I have been speaking about. I have offered you two examples, two individual occurrences, of which the same action occurred. The first, so to speak, occurrence, Shynla is correct. You were present subsequently as these individuals of Shynla, Lawrence, Olivia, and Michael all met together subsequent to the conversation, which was occurring upon your telephone apparatus between Michael and Lawrence. You four individuals then agreed to be meeting socially, this prior to Shynla’s traveling to Vienna; this being the time period of the blinking out. The conversation was held during what you perceive to be your daytime. You subsequently met socially, which now appears to not be within Lawrence’s memory! (Laughter) Therefore, being altered once again! (Grinning)

This was addressed previously, as we spoke of blinking out and the lack of awareness of actions occurring within this focus. Michael was not remembering of the conversation, as if it had not occurred. This action was expressed and shared with Shynla and Olivia; Lawrence and Michael questioning, “What has occurred this day?”; each of you not holding an explanation. Point made! (Grinning) It did not “fit into” your official reality! Therefore, after the actual occurrence, holding no explanation for the occurrence, the event moved into an area of unimportance, not being accepted or focused upon. Therefore, you now do not even remember the occurrence!

VICKI: What was the occurrence?

ELIAS: (Very patiently) You engaged within a telephone conversation. Lawrence was expressing ideas concerning Shynla to Michael, anticipating a social meeting for dinner with Shynla. Lawrence, connecting with Michael physically in transporting Michael to the social engagement, expressed a continuance of the conversation, to which Michael expressed much confusion, not holding a memory of this conversation previous at all.

The second example was in reference to your new game, to which the same action occurred, but within different reasoning. This was not an action of “blinking out” upon Michael’s part. This was a changing of probabilities and an allowance of a perception of a wider awareness, allowing yourself to be viewing and connecting with the experience incorporated within your new game, as I have expressed previously. Therefore, your actions were different within these different expressions, but your alteration of your present reality was the same; eradicating memory, altering occurrences.

VICKI: So, is there such a thing as a bad memory?

ELIAS: Only within your perception! (Pause, grinning)

CELIA: I liked the way you explained that the event did not fit into the consciousness.

ELIAS: You accept one official direction for your attention. Within this, you do not accept what you view to be “unofficial data.” Therefore, you label unofficial data as unreal; for only that element of your perception, to which you hold your primary attention, is considered real and acceptable. This is not to say that unofficial occurrences or events are not real, for they are. You only allow your perception to interpret to you that they are not real! This is a result of non-balance between the intellect and the intuition; an allowance of the intellect to be more focused upon. (Pause)

Are you wishing questions? (Another pause, and then Elias addresses the question Vicki was just getting ready to ask. Interesting!)

I shall answer a question, not verbally expressed, as to the perception of energy of non-physically focused essences, and its seeming to be more apparent at times. In actuality, you perceive correctly; for as I have stated, the presence is continuous. Although, just as we have spoken at our last meeting of the intersection of events and energy into your thickness of time element, even subjective events must be perceived within the thickness of this element; therefore allowing you a perception. Within a more concentrated intersection and a more directed intersection, you perceive more. You experience, not only consciously but physically, an interaction between your own energy and that energy of other essences. To be adding to this information, there is also “always a reason” for this intersection! (Grinning) It is only left to your interpretations. This is not to say that each time that you experience this intersection of Elias’ energy with your own, that I am wishing to be verbally speaking to you; but I am wishing your attention, which I receive! Each time I myself or my dear friend Paul intersects, it is for the purpose of your noticing.

VICKI: So to be specific, why were you wishing our attention the other afternoon when William was here?

ELIAS: Just as I have expressed, within your physical element, your perception of time is slowed. Therefore, in the “crossing over” or overlapping of time elements through different dimensions, and also accounting for simultaneousness, this was not in actuality the occurrence, in conjunction with the time frame of your visit with William. This was directed energy for your noticing, in allowing you to perceive a connection of probabilities which was to occur. Your focus was upon your new project, which was interrupted anticipating one probability. (This one probability was an expected visit from a friend, which did not occur) In realization that this probability was not to be actualized, the engagement of the intersection was made to be helpful within your new project; but you were not listening! Perhaps you shall listen more attentively, presently! (Another pause)

VICKI: Well, I do have a couple of questions, if nobody else does. Do you have a question, Cathy?

CATHY: I don’t have a question, but I would like to connect the colored sand tunnel in the dream game.

ELIAS: Very good, Shynla! I shall express to you, you shall insert this into your new city. (Pause) Acknowledged.

CATHY: Thank you. It took me long enough, huh?

ELIAS: And the focus is completed, within its initiation.

CATHY: I figured that out today.

ELIAS: Very good! (Another pause)

VICKI: Okay. Well, I just have a few things from some of our new friends. First, a comment I received from LifeCloud regarding her essence name, and I shall be specific. “How did Elias know about LifeCloud? Was he just tired of addressing the question, or is this really it? And it really doesn’t say whether my essential self has a male or female leaning.” (Elias is really grinning here!)

ELIAS: Male. You may express that Elias is not tiring of expressing essence names to individuals! This is viewed as a connection within vibrational tones for your awareness that may be helpful. Therefore, it is not tiresome! As to “How did Elias know?,” I express, how does Elias know Lawrence’s name, or any other individual’s essence name? For all essences, within the area of consciousness as myself and my comrades, are aware of essence names; for the awareness of vibrational qualities holds a significant importance.

Within connections, within consciousness, in physical focus, much more difficulty occurs if the vibrational tones are not what you would view to be similar. Therefore, within the area of consciousness that you are focused in, it holds significant importance. Within non-physical focus, it holds significant importance, but differently; for within non-physical focus, no essence holds difficulty for connection, for there is no separation; but within your area of consciousness in physical manifestation, you within each focus have separated, so to speak, from essence, a focus to be experiencing. You continue to hold a vibrational tone quality which may be intersected with, but as you have created physical focus incorporating your time element and its thickness, this creates a veil between essence and physical focus; therefore creating what you perceive to be more difficulty within connection.

This is not to say that it is impossible for any essence to be connecting with any physical focus. It is only to say that there is a flow that exists within similar vibrational tones. Therefore, your understanding of your essence name, and your understanding that this name is not a name but a vibrational tone quality, holds significance; for it allows you a greater ability, within physical focus, to be connecting with essence.

As I have expressed previously, you may incorporate your practice within physical focus of chanting your particular essence vibration, (chuckling) and you may experience surprising connection within consciousness; for although you hold an affinity for these tones and have created them to be physical names for identification, in actuality they are tones that you may connect with within consciousness. (I wonder why Elias was so amused here. Anyone?)

You attach interpretations, meanings, and identifications to these tones. Therefore, you may attach words to them, such as LifeCloud. In actuality, these tones that you interpret further to hold another meaning, such as this one, holds significance also; for you have allowed yourself a further ability to be connecting with the tone, by expressing to yourself an identification to which you hold an affinity for. I express to this individual an acknowledgment of incorporating an awareness of self to be connecting with their own vibrational tone, within physical focus, without being told! This shall be viewed as an accomplishment! (Smiling)

VICKI: Also, Martha would like to know her essence name.

ELIAS: Daniel.

VICKI: That’s it on my list ... for I shall be contemplating the rest of my questions! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! Shall we on to our game? (Long pause)

VICKI: Gee, everybody is so quiet tonight! Okay, our game! For Michael; Sumafi, emotions, happy!

ELIAS: Fun! One point!

VICKI: Black, roots, Kohlrabi. I know how to spell it, but I don’t know how to say it!

ELIAS: One point. Quite spicy!

VICKI: Zuli, cultures, aborigine.

ELIAS: One point. You may express that within your time element, he has incorporated considerable time to be connecting with this impression, as clues were offered much time ago!

VICKI: Okay. Gramada, philosophers, Francis Bacon.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself; belief systems, Sumafi, belief in a higher power.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Less probable. Be examining of your families.

VICKI: Okay. Composers, with Tumold, Tchaikovsky.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable ... (Obviously, barely acceptable!)

VICKI: Architecture, with the Ilda family, Grecian architecture.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sports, with the Ilda family, baseball.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And with the babies; the name Alex, location California, with the Borledim family.

ELIAS: One point for the name connected to the correct color; incorrect in location. Another example of singularly directed perception! An infant is residing presently within a location; therefore, this infant must automatically be connected to this particular location! This may not be the location of the focus of this individual, within their purpose of intent.

CATHY: He’ll pack his little bags and move! (We all crack up)

VICKI: Interesting! Okay, I think that’s it for us.

CATHY: Occurrences of nature, Sumafi, sunrise.

ELIAS: Less probable.

CATHY: Occurrences of nature, Ordin, Himalayas.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Sumafi, gem, diamond.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Rose, occurrences of nature, abyss.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Rose, book, The Tenth Insight.

ELIAS: Less probable.

CATHY: How about with Otha, then?

ELIAS: We shall be playing our Elizabeth game! Less probable!

CATHY: Okay. Explorers, Sumafi, Christopher Columbus.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Poets, George Bernard Shaw, Sumafi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Okay. Books, Leaves Of Grass, Sumari.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Cultures, Bohemian, Rose.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Fables, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Rose.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: Occurrences of nature, Sumafi, creation.

ELIAS: I shall be accepting of this entry, and also anticipating an addition, to be clarifying more.

GAIL: Okay. I’ll work on that. (Another long pause)

ELIAS: (With humor and sarcasm) We are experiencing great fun! I view the excitement, within the present now, to this very fun game! (Chuckling, and another silent pause)

I shall offer helpfulness to Dosh, in recent experience of personal focus. The individual to which you hold concern is, so to speak, fine. I shall explain that within the element of transition from one focus to another focus, or from one area of consciousness into another area, offers what you would perceive, within your time framework, to be a slight time span of peacefulness, apart from belief systems. This would be an automatic response, so to speak, of essence, offering a reprieve, temporarily, for the sojourn of the consciousness before engaging belief systems which may be attached to the preexisting, so to speak, focus.

Therefore, within a brief time period ensuing subsequent to what you view to be death, there occurs a peacefulness and a quietness, allowing an accumulation of energy which has been scattered during the beginning of transition. Within this time period, the individual experiences only peacefulness. There is no awareness of form, or even of consciousness, only of peace; being in actuality quite similar to what you view as a dream state, to which you do not remember. Within your dream state, many of you do not realize yourself. In this same manner, within the beginning area of transition, the individual also does not experience or hold an awareness of experiencing the self. In this, they hold an allowance of self to be experiencing complete peacefulness; an undistorted experience. Therefore, be joyful!

REX: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I have attempted, within this forum previously, to be expressing to you elements of transition and concepts concerning what you view to be death. In this, the objective is to be allowing you a wider perception, and allowing you to be letting go of fearfulness of this action or event within consciousness; for there is no element of fearfulness, in actuality. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be holding this emotion and perception. Therefore also, at times, when the opportunity has presented itself naturally to be addressing more information concerning this subject, it is helpful; not only to the individual personally experiencing affectedness, but also for you all, for your better understanding. Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

CELIA: Elias, will you offer some help to me in my particular small problem, if you have any insight?

ELIAS: Here, we are offered the opportunity to be viewing what I have expressed to Yarr. I have expressed to Yarr that I hold quite a willingness to be helpful to individuals. I also have expressed that for the benefit of the understanding of the individuals within this forum, I am choosing to not be answering questions which are not expressed. I shall not answer telepathically. Therefore, if you are wishing helpfulness, express your issue. Therefore, the other individuals within this forum may benefit also from the expression that I may offer, within their understanding; for you each learn from each other’s experiences and expressions, and you each connect with each other’s expressions. Therefore, in courtesy to these present, explain.

CELIA: There is a situation in my workplace where I have to see into different realities, because I’ve been presented with different realities by different individuals. How do I discern the truth, and be honest and fair to the individuals involved?

ELIAS: By understanding that each individual creates their own reality. In this, each individual expressing is expressing what they perceive to be true. Your acceptance of each individual’s reality shall be helpful, and shall also be eliminating elements of conflict.

It is not necessary for you, for any of you, to be “choosing sides.” When you incorporate this action, you place a judgment in one area or another. In holding to the expression of essence, and tolerance and non-judgment, you hold an acceptance of all realities; realizing, in actuality, that each individual is creating their reality. It is real! (Firmly) You may view one reality, within your perception, as being more real than another; but this, in actuality, is irrelevant, for this is only your perception. Each individual creates real reality!

Just as Shynla has inquired previously of untruthfulness and the expression of an individual being untruthful to you, it matters not. They are creating their own real, underline twice, reality!

Therefore, in being your little tree, remind yourself of acceptance. Remind yourself of your responsibility in only being the little tree, and not concerning yourself with the twisted or convoluted little tree; for it shall unconvolute itself, and this is not your responsibility! If you are accepting of each individual’s reality, you shall not be placing judgments upon one versus another; which shall be quite affecting of your own conflict! It shall dissipate, and you shall feel conflict no longer, for you shall understand that it is unnecessary. Connect with the story of the two small saplings that I have offered previously, and you may better understand.

CELIA: Alright. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome, Sari. (Jim arrives) Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Elias.

GAIL: I have a question. A couple of weeks ago, Michael and some others agreed to meet at the pond. I was aware of being on the rock near the water. My awareness was viewing outside of self until I felt the water, and after I felt the water, I felt like I became part of the water, and experienced a feeling of happiness. Then, I woke up. Was that form that I viewed a secondary construction of self?

ELIAS: If you are speaking in terms of your official accepted perception of reality, then I shall express yes, this would be considered by you presently, within your objective self, as a periphery or a secondary perception of self. In actuality, as I have stated, these events are real. They are, in actuality, no less reality than what you view presently to be your “real” reality. Therefore, you have experienced another element of yourself, your consciousness, which is not limited to your one directed perception or attention.

GAIL: Understood.

ELIAS: Very good.

GAIL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be acknowledging also of William, of your accomplishment in directedness of attention to this “oob” state. (Smiling, pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

Vic’s note: An “oob” is an out-of-body.

VICKI: I’ve got another one regarding the game and the babies. Is this one of those deals where it really doesn’t matter what color ...

ELIAS: No. It is significant, for it is an expression of intent.

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: I shall bid you a fond good evening, and I shall express great affection for these individuals present, and anticipation of our next encounter, so to speak. (To Ron) You shall be adjusting to the energy exchange. Fear not! You have been accomplishing quite well; worthy of acknowledgment. (Smiling)

JIM: I have a quick question, since you’re leaving. The experience I had this week with our pony that was bitten by a rattlesnake, was that an expression of the pony from Cindy’s dream that she had a while back, where she was bitten?

ELIAS: This is a connection in viewing probabilities through symbolism, but it is not a predestined event determined by a precognitive connection. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes. This pony’s expedience in healing has been remarkable. Our connection with that, I feel, has been significant as well.

ELIAS: Quite effective.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome; only do not be misinterpreting to be viewing an event as being “caused by” a dream sequence, for this is not the case.

JIM: I understand. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I shall bid you all this evening, au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:52 PM.

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