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Sunday, August 11, 1996

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“Probable Selves”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bill (Kasha), Cecelia (Sari), and arriving late, Jim (Yarr), and a new participant, Brenda.

Elias arrives at 6:09 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence! (Smiling at Brenda)

The subject of probabilities deals with experiences within all layers of consciousness. These experiences are parallel experiences. This may be viewed en masse or individually. All action within consciousness engages probabilities. You have been offered information recently invoking confusion, which will also be addressed this evening within our session. We will also attempt to be answering of many of your questions.

Within the subject of probabilities, you engage these choices according to your direction of attention. The probabilities that you choose to actualize are the few that align with your desire and intent within each individual focus. This is not limited to physical focus, for within all areas of consciousness, as I have stated, probabilities are engaged. We have expressed previously that you may view probabilities to be synonymous with choices. They are actions that you choose. You also hold probable selves. You yourselves are probable selves, for all things are probabilities, as I have expressed previously. We spoke of symbolism at our last meeting, in that symbols hold their own integrity, but also are representative of another element. These are probabilities; the symbol within its integrity, and also within its representation. They are different probabilities.

We shall attempt, once again this evening, to be creating of a visual aid. I shall not be engaging Sophia’s helpfulness this evening, for this is creating of more confusion than allowing for the point to be clear! (Grinning) Therefore, I shall engage William this evening!

GAIL: I knew that was coming!

ELIAS: I shall instruct William to be acquiring your pencil and your sheet of paper, and you may be creating of this visual aid for these individuals present. Draw upon this paper a square, located to one side. Extending from the center of this square, across your paper, shall be drawn a straight line. Intersecting with this line, you may draw downwards five short lines. Now, attached to the lower end of each line, paralleling all the first line, create lines crossing your paper.

GAIL: How many lines?

ELIAS: Connecting with each line you have drawn downward, draw across your paper paralleling your original line, spacing in between.

GAIL: Alright. I’m not sure I get this, but ...

ELIAS: You should be viewing presently what you think of as “upside- down stairs” leading to your original line.

GAIL: I don’t understand. I need help.

CELIA: Are all of the short lines equal?

ELIAS: No, only for the purpose of variation. (Pause) Create an upside-down stairway!

GAIL: An upside-down stairway. Okay.

ELIAS: Connect each step to the original line. (Pause) Now, we shall be ultimately confusing! Choose one stair.

GAIL: The third one.

ELIAS: Attach your pencil end to any point along this parallel line.

Extend your pencil, drawing a line across and intersecting with your original line at an angle direction.

GAIL: Okay.

ELIAS: Now, I shall explain this visual aid. The square represents the focused personality. All of the stair lines are probable selves. The one line extending from the focused personality across your page is the probable self that you identify with presently; yourself.

GAIL: Okay. Got that.

ELIAS: Within probabilities, you also, in consciousness, hold many other probable selves. These are intimately connected with you, but what you would view to be latent, in your perception. At moments within your perceived time element, each of these probable selves creates actions of their own. These may parallel your action within your known awareness, or they may continue within a different action, not paralleling; therefore, your angular line crossing. In this, they will intersect with you as one of the probable selves, and there will be an action or an intensity expressed within a recognition of the intersection. These are what you view to be inspiration.

GAIL: So this is what the rocks were about? (Elias nods) I thought so. That was hard! (Laughing)

ELIAS: These probable selves, as you also are one, may not only intersect with you, but may also exchange places with you. You may view, within your waking consciousness, your objective self, a difference within your personality; although you may view only a slight difference. In this, you have agreed to be exchanging, assuming the direction of the other probable self and allowing that particular probable self to be continuing along your probable choices within your individual focus. This is not to say that there are hundreds of “you’s” walking around exchanging places continuously; but within consciousness, there are hundreds of you’s, acting and creating and intersecting and exchanging places.

We have spoken previously of your “blinking in and out.” We have recently expressed that you do not only blink in and out to be viewing “far” focuses. You are continuously blinking in and out, exchanging and intersecting with other probable selves.

Probabilities, as I have stated, parallel. The choices that you allow yourself within one individual focus will parallel. Therefore, it is not quite such a distraction to you that you are intersecting and exchanging continuously, for you are all paralleling within consciousness.

You also may exchange within mass consciousness. You may be, en masse, choosing a particular probability. En masse, you may begin to engage this probability, and you may choose collectively to change this probability and exchange within energy, changing your probable outcome, so to speak.

All energy is continuously in motion. It is never static. Underline! You are never static. You are continually, within consciousness and within each focus, in motion; for you are energy!

As we speak of this blinking in and out, you may view this similar to skipping shells. You may line shells upon your table, and you may choose to be picking up one shell and skipping this shell over to other shells within the line, replacing one with another. This is the action within probabilities that you engage continually; a type of leap-frogging effect. Within your directed attention, you only view those probabilities that are relevant to the individual focus desire and intent. Therefore, you do not recognize all other probabilities which are occurring simultaneously.

Consciousness is highly creative. You are conscious energy, and have created these extensive dimensions of self quite creatively. They are ultimately intricate. Your scientists view your physical brains. The millions of nerve endings contained within this physical brain are dwarfed in comparison to what you create within consciousness, and the complexity with which you create each focus.

The intersections of probable selves, as I have stated, are recognized. You do not understand what you are recognizing, but they are consciously recognized. You may experience this within physical feelings. You may experience this within emotions. You may also experience this intersection within tremendous bursts of creativity. Each time you experience an inspiration, you experience an intersection of yourself and a probable self.

I have expressed that this subject will be occupying much of our time presently; for although you may think that you are assimilating this information instantaneously, you are absorbing, but you are not quite assimilating this information. It is difficult, for you view this to be quite abstract. In actuality, it is simply reality. It is continuous exchange within energy. Each action that you engage is no different than the energy exchange that you view presently within this phenomenon, for they are all action within consciousness, and all action within consciousness is an event which is a probability, which is a choice. They are all synonymous. There is no separation.

VICKI: I have a question. So when you view me, do you view my probable selves as latent?


VICKI: Each individual does that.

ELIAS: Physically focused. Within non-physical focuses, there is no singular direction of attention. Therefore, there is an incorporated recognition of all probable selves.

VICKI: So each developmental focus would incorporate these probable selves, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And do those intersect also?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Different probable selves from different developmental focuses can intersect with each other also?

ELIAS: This is slightly more complicated, although yes, this does occur.

VICKI: And would this be a different sort of experience ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... than what you’re talking about?

GAIL: Is that the experience of William at my therapist’s?


GAIL: Can you explain that to me? It’s kind of interesting.

ELIAS: This is a connection with your subjective focus that you have identified within your objective expression, for the purpose of identity, as William. In actuality, this holds less separation than many other expressions of the same action that other individuals incorporate. Many individuals incorporate this same action, but identify what they view to be coming through as “another entity.” Quotations. Therefore, you view individuals expressing that they are engaging within this same phenomenon that you view presently, and that they are connecting with ascended masters. In actuality, they are engaging the same probability that you have engaged. They are only identifying this action as separate and apart from their self and their essence. This is, in actuality, an element of this particular focus. It is part of your subjective focus. I use this terminology expressly. I have inserted this word intentionally, of focus, referring to your subjective self; for within your present perception, you separate. You view your subjective self to be different and separate from your objective self. In actuality, there is no separation. There is no difference. Only within expression is there a manifest difference.

GAIL: Why do I experience the change in my visual perception? When I go to my subjective self, why do I feel the motion that I feel, or view things the way that I view them?

ELIAS: Within allowing yourselves to express, outwardly, subjective experience, you separate in an attempt to hold your objective identity and focus within place, but also allow unofficial information and experiences to bleed through. As I have stated, you separate within your objective consciousness to be viewing subjective consciousness as separate from the “official you” that you identify with. Therefore, until you have learned to balance and incorporate these two aspects of one focus together, you view your issue of control, which we have spoken of many times previously. The objective self is the element of consciousness that views it needs to be holding control. This is for identity purposes.

GAIL: Okay.

ELIAS: As you move into a wider awareness and become more comfortable in accepting subjective expressions, you shall eliminate your divisions, and you shall incorporate all these periphery as “normal.” This will be your official accepted direction in attention, to which my dear friend Paul has expressed correctly, that presently is not officially accepted. (Pause)

VICKI: So this phenomenon is an intersection also ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... with a probable self?

ELIAS: All selves are probable selves.

VICKI: Is Mary intersecting with a probable self?

ELIAS: In one manner of speaking.

VICKI: Would this be an example of the divisions you were just talking about?


VICKI: Okay. Well, I’m a little confused.

ELIAS: This being what I have expressed to you that you will absolutely incorporate distortion in engaging your questions and listening to these answers, for you do not hold the understanding, as of this present now, to incorporate the “idea,” regardless of the reality of probable selves. Therefore, when I express to you yes, within one respect, this would be viewed as a probable self, I may also express to you no, this would not be viewed as a probable self. Within the wideness of consciousness, within the vastness of many areas of consciousness, you may express yes, as a wider awareness, this would be an engagement of another probable self. Within the vibrational tones and personality and individuality, no; this would not be. This brings us presently full circle round to no separation.

VICKI: Well, let me just clarify. Within probable selves then, there would also be a distinction in vibrational tone and personality?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: Within our discussions of probabilities, initially we will focus upon your closest elements of probabilities to this particular focus, for this will be difficult enough for you to assimilate within your objective understanding presently. You will only confuse yourselves if you are attempting to be “springing ahead” of yourselves, incorporating information of all other dimensions and non-physical focus when you hold no understanding of your present focus and dimension. Therefore, I shall be limiting to these areas of consciousness, and the direction of probabilities and probable selves directly closely connected with this immediate focus.

I shall also clarify for you information offered as a result of tremendous excitement, which has allowed for an increased confusion; for this also involves probabilities. You have been instructed, by my friend Paul, of the relationship of Elizabeth and Patel. Correctly, as he has stated, confusion ensued; but within the element of allowing the exchange and the expression, just as did Cyprus, the individual essence may “skip shells” occasionally, within their excitement to be connecting. The information is correct. I am understanding that you do not understand this information, so I shall attempt to clarify the clarification upon the clarification!

CELIA: I have a question, if I may.

ELIAS: One moment, Sari, for allow me initially to clarify this one point with these individuals, and then I shall attend to your questioning.

An exchange was made, is made. The exchange is within consciousness; but first, allow me to express to you that within your viewing of fragmentation, you direct your attention in a similar fashion as known physical experiences. Within essence, within consciousness, the action is not quite so limited.

I have expressed, when we were discussing fragmentation, that each essence which is fragmented contains all knowledge and is identical to the fragmenting essence. All experience, all knowledge is contained within the fragmented essence identical to the fragmenting essence. Subsequent to the fragmentation, the essence may choose simultaneously to be experiencing many more focuses, directing their attention into many more areas than the fragmenting essence.

The fragmenting essence of Patel has limited its experiences. The fragmented essence of Elizabeth holds many focuses simultaneously, and has chosen also to be acquiring experience and information within non-physical focus simultaneously; therefore incorporating a wider awareness. What you view is only one focus of this essence; one expression which holds all of the essence information, just as do you all, but also, within objective consciousness, does not hold an objective awareness of all of the information that is contained within the focus or the essence; although, as we have stated previously, within the choice of probabilities to be ending physical focus with this last manifestation, this essence has chosen, within all of its focuses, the probability of allowing a wider awareness to be bleeding through with the objective awareness.

Therefore, you may allow yourselves the example of your time element, to which you identify so strongly, and be realizing that time is relative only to the individual physical focus, and is not relevant to essence.

Within the expression of the analogy of black hole, think to your example that you have been offered previously of the black hole; this being a “drawing in” in concentration and “holding to” or suspending energy, this allowing the exchange of experience; a merging of these essences in what you would view physically to be an absorption of each other, holding, momentarily, a suspension of great intensity of energy allowing for the exchange; for within agreement, the essence of Elizabeth has chosen to be incorporating physical focus still, in your terms, whereas the essence of Patel has chosen non-physical focus, and has also chosen engagement within an instructional intent. Therefore, the necessity for shared experience.

I have expressed to you previously that although you view the action of death as moving into an area of consciousness where you shall be incorporating the position of “God” and “knowing all,” you shall never know all, for you are continuously, as are all essences, as is The Creating Universal One And Whole also, in a continuous state of becoming; ever-changing, ever in motion. There is no “destination.” Therefore, it is not contradictory that one essence may choose to be incorporating physical focus and also hold a wider awareness than an essence, so to speak, which is not incorporating physical focus; but within your belief systems, you believe yourselves to be occupying this planet as a “lower plane of evolution” within your spirituality.

(Humorously) As I have stated many times, there are no planes or levels. There are only differences within choices of probabilities and areas of consciousness, to which you allow yourselves the awareness of more or less of essence; within your thinking element, not your brain! For your physical brain does not “follow” you within non-physical focus! Although within energy, it may! (Grinning)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questions, and I shall address to you, Sari.

VICKI: I have one just quick question about what you just said. So the essence of Patel, does he also exchange experience with other fragmented parts of himself, or itself?

ELIAS: This would be its choice. We shall break.

BREAK 7:01 PM.
RESUME 7:22 PM. (“Time” was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing, I shall clarify; within these intersections which are creating of your inspiration, as I have spoken, these are not intersections of focuses. They are intersections of probable selves, to which each focus holds countless numbers; for each probable self holds probable selves!

Therefore, just as we have incorporated the example of the blue and the royal blue and all of the hues that occupy the vibrations in between, you may also view this within your number system. Between the numbers of three and four, there are infinite numbers. Therefore, you being the focus of three, another focus of essence being four, there are infinite number of probable selves connected in parallel with each number, each focus, and also each probable self; which we will not go into this evening.

I shall also offer another experimentation this evening for your viewing entertainment; for Michael has moved greatly within consciousness, within what you view to be your time element of this past present year. Therefore, I shall engage him within consciousness, with your assistance, and the artist shall provide your visual aid. I shall not remove completely, only to the extent of allowing an aspect of consciousness to be incorporated within bodily function; this being to be not creating confusion within consciousness for Michael, for this obviously will be a new experiment within this energy exchange for Michael. Therefore, you may offer Michael your paper. I shall not speak as the engagement is accomplished, although it would also be futile for you to be speaking with Michael, for he will not be audibly hearing you, as he does not hear you within a session. I shall hear you.

VICKI: Is this going to be confusing for Michael?

ELIAS: No. Lawrence may reserve his protection of Michael, in an understanding that Elias does not implement action that shall be harmful to Michael! (Laughter)

GAIL: Cute, isn’t it?

ELIAS: We shall engage. (Here, there is a visible change. We “see” Mary return, but it is obvious that she is not really here. There is a vacant look in her eyes, and she doesn’t look at any of us. She looks at the paper and pen in front of her, and after thirty seconds, picks up the pen. It takes her the next fifty seconds to complete the drawing, which she does without hesitation. Elias then “returns.”)

ELIAS: Accomplished. Now you may view your stairs effect, and you may also view your focus personality continuing along one line of probable events, intersecting with other probable selves which also parallel the self that you identify as you. Each probable self runs, so to speak, in parallel motion within consciousness to you, or to what you view to be your recognized, official focus of you. These probable selves interact continuously with the focused personality.

(Here, it becomes apparent that Vicki is “losing it.” She is having an emotional response to this “experiment”)

ELIAS: More distress is incorporated within Lawrence than within Michael! Be realizing that Michael’s awareness has widened considerably, and may incorporate action that you presently view as periphery; unofficial action. Therefore, his consciousness can accommodate many elements within subjective and objective expression. There is no need for concern. I, as I have expressed many times to Lawrence, hold great affection for this essence. Be not concerned. If you are wishing, I shall return him to you, that you may view personally his wellness.

VICKI: No, that’s not necessary.

ELIAS: Very well. This also may illustrate to you that although I express that within one respect, you may be identifying this phenomenon and engagement as a probable self action, it also is not; for although I have expressed to you that Elias is a wider awareness of Michael, this essence of Elias, of Rastin, (1) also holds its own individuality, which now may be apparent in reality to you. Although there is no separation within consciousness, there is what you view to be separation within individuality and personality; for this is what you understand within physical focus. Therefore, you may express to Michael also, this information is not provided by his own consciousness within his own essence, so to speak.

We shall continue with your questions. Sari?

CELIA: So, you were teaching us of parallel personalities. These personalities, am I understanding that they are with us now at this time, and through all times?

ELIAS: Partially, correct; for all consciousness is connected. There is no separation. Therefore within essence, you incorporate all of the experiences of all of your focuses simultaneously, continuously; although, as I have stated, we are presently limiting this subject matter to be concerning this particular focus, and the alternate or probable selves that you engage with this one focus.

CELIA: Physical focus. Then I would like to ask about the phenomenon that we call déjà vu. When you are in an event and it seems as though you have been in this event before, is it something to do with parallel realities?

ELIAS: Yes. These would also be intersections; for as I have stated this evening, you do intersect with other focuses, and other probable selves within other focuses. This is not the same, within explanation, as what I am expressing to you presently of this particular focus and these parallel selves of this particular focus. There are different actions incorporated within consciousness that all create intersections; but the intent, the desire, the motivation, may be different.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RON: Michael would like to ask a question. He’s curious as to his reaction to the most previous session with Paul. His perception of the material was that it was redundant, whereas Lawrence’s perception was quite the opposite, and Michael was curious.

ELIAS: As I have stated this evening, and demonstrated also, Michael’s awareness is moving quickly into a wider expression, allowing more of the subjective focus to bleed through and also to merge with the objective focus. In this, he is allowing himself to connect, so to speak, with knowings of information that you each hold presently. He is allowing himself a knowing and an objective expression of this subjective event.

I shall express also that this parallels, in subject matter, the action of Elizabeth and Patel. Within the fragmentation of Michael, you may view this to be, as I have stated previously within our sessions, a “new soul,” so to speak; although this new soul or essence of Michael has incorporated great widening, in allowing not as much separation from essence from the onset of fragmentation; therefore allowing the incorporation of awareness. This expression has occurred many times within physical focus also; an objective understanding of subjective information.

The essence of Patel may be compared to what you view as your Oversoul Seven. The essence of Elias may be compared to Cyprus. In this, all information of both essences are contained within the essence of Michael and Lawrence. The difference is that Lawrence has chosen not to incorporate the objective reality as of this present moment, although the movement is occurring and shall be incorporated quickly; this being the connection that you view presently within this present expression. I shall discontinue briefly; for the connection, being quite strong, is being expressed upon the “other side,” so to speak, also, in concern. I shall return to answer your remaining questions momentarily.

BREAK 7:43 PM.
RESUME 7:57 PM. (“Time” was three seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing; you may engage your questions.

BILL: I do have one simple question, I suppose. This line at the top, extending out above the rest of everything, what does that represent? (Indicating Mary’s drawing)

ELIAS: This would be a choice of a probable self intersecting with what you view to be the original focus personality, which there is no original, (grinning) but within probable selves, this would be one parallel probable self engaging an agreement, and the action of intersection passing through you as another probable self.

You will notice another line inserted into this diagram. This would be that you may also choose to exchange places, so to speak, with another probable or alternate self. Therefore, you would incorporate the action of movement along and going into the probable focus, as the probable paralleling self moves into the position and assumes the continuation of the probabilities within this focus.

Each focus holds its own direction of probabilities also, which we will continue in more depth at our next meeting; but I shall begin by expressing to you that each focus that you choose follows a line of probabilities, so to speak. In this, what I am expressing is what you view to be your “coincidences” that seem to align all of your activities leading to certain ends, so to speak, in your terms; for within each focus, you hold desire and intent for accomplishment. In this, you choose a direction of probabilities, narrowing the probabilities that you choose from.

Within essence, and also available to each focus, are all probabilities throughout all layers of consciousness. This may create confusion to the individually focused personality. Therefore, within your highly efficient creativity, you have chosen to narrow your probabilities that you choose from. In this, you choose from many, but not as many as it is possible to choose from. Those that are chosen are the probabilities that you will, in connection with your belief systems, allow to be actualized; which creates your “real” reality of your focus.

Therefore, when you view your years of your individual lifetime, in your terms, you may be looking back and expressing, “I view all of these elements that I have experienced that have drawn me to the precise space that I occupy presently.” This is a correct statement, for you have chosen a line of probabilities which has led you to your present now.

There is, I shall express, much more information available concerning this particular subject, for the intersections and the action of events involved within this subject are vast. I am offering you presently a very limited explanation; an overview of the subject of probabilities. We shall engage more extensively within explanations, but this in your terms shall be “slow going”; for you shall need much time to be assimilating this information, for it incorporates much confusion and much area for distortion.

I shall address also that within your dream state, yes, you do engage probable selves and realities continuously. When you are engaging precognitive activity, you are intersecting with other probable selves which are experiencing parallel to your known, official, accepted reality, and offering you information; and as all time is simultaneous, there is no future or past to be experienced. It is all occurring within the present now. You do not look to your future to be accessing information that linearly would be occurring, in your perception, in the future. You look sideways to a probable self which is presently experiencing these actions and events, and you allow yourself the opportunity to be engaging and intersecting with these probable selves. This offers you alternate information. Olivia has engaged this action also within waking consciousness, intersecting a probable self which has offered information to you which you may view to be future information of events occurring; which, in reality, are present simultaneous events that you have allowed yourself to step sideways and view, and objectively incorporate into your reality.

I have stated many times that your dream state is reality. It is another aspect of your individual focus, and it is the expression of your subjective self speaking to you, which engages all of your probable selves and focuses. It also directly connects to information within Regional Area 2. It also holds the ability to connect with other individuals or essences, as you may term this, within transition, or wider awarenesses of yourself. You tap tremendous information within your dream state. You allow yourself the connection of essence within your dream state, this being why I have stressed the importance of not invalidating this state of consciousness and the interaction that you experience within this state.

These individuals within this group are attempting, and partially succeeding, in incorporating a merging of waking and dreaming consciousness; and although Lawrence does not objectively view this action, I shall offer a small example of expression of the acceptance of dream state merging with objective conscious reality; for within your conscious or objective expressions, you express verbally, in certain directions, of your experiences. You offer explanations in great detail of your objective experiences. You also offer, in as great a detail as you may within your allowance of bleed-through, in this same manner, of your dream state. You incorporate great attention to detail. This is a direct mirroring. As I was expressing to you of bouncing from one area of consciousness to another to allow yourself the experience of acceptance, you have chosen to mirror subjectively your objective expressions, as opposed to mirroring outwardly objectively from your subjective awareness; and when you are viewing an unacceptable element still within the subjective, you bounce the ball into another area of consciousness to alter the event slightly, to be allowing more acceptance.

I have stated previously that your dream state incorporates many layers, this being one layer of action that you are expressly incorporating presently which is affecting of your objective expressions presently. You view yourself to be only temporarily “giving up” on subject matter and issues that create conflict, which in actuality you are moving through and incorporating a greater understanding; therefore allowing yourself a letting go of certain belief systems. You only do not allow yourself the acknowledgment of the accomplishment, but your objective expression bears you out. Offer one point! (Smiling, and a pause)

RON: I have a few questions for the non-physically present, presently, members of our group; our computer friends. I’m going to read these verbatim. From Uriel: Could you provide some more information regarding the pyramid mentioned by Elias so often? I am confused by exactly what he means by the term, except that it is composed of individuals.

ELIAS: These individuals composing this action of the pyramid are these four individuals of Michael and Olivia, Shynla and Lawrence. This action is facilitating, in part, of this phenomenon. Within the cooperation of this action, and the intent, this also is a generation of energy to be creating of an expression which has not entirely been accomplished as of this present now. This would be an affectingness, within consciousness, connected with your shift. I will express to you that as there is no separation within consciousness, I wish not to be creating, within the objective understanding of these individuals, a separateness of the action of this pyramid or these individuals incorporated within this event. It is only differentiated by the desire and intent, and also by the connection within vibrational tone quality which allows for the incorporation of manifestation of this energy exchange. You may offer to Uriel that this subject has not been discussed with the individuals actively involved with this pyramid issue, as of this present now. Therefore, they also hold little information as to the action that they themselves engage; for we reserve certain information to be incorporated within your “right time” element, so to speak; which, within this present now, it is not! (Grinning)

RON: Okay. For Daniel: Is the Light not distributed equally amongst the geographical state boundaries? It feels like so much of the energy that sustained me for so many years is not there anymore, or at least I cannot get to it, or it cannot get to me.

ELIAS: Physical manifestation of physical light rays is not distributed evenly or equally upon your planet; this being a manifestation of a creation that you yourselves have incorporated. Just as you incorporate your weather patterns and your atmospheric interaction, you also incorporate defraction within your physical light manifestation.

As to the symbolic light, or what you term to be your inner light, your self, your energy, this would be a response as opposed to a withholding of energy. There is no withholding of energy, but you may choose to place yourself within an area which physically manifests a mirror expression of what you are choosing for yourself within your own energy expression, just as individuals incorporate occupying this particular geographical location that we occupy presently, within this space arrangement of your South California. This geographical location holds, within its physical manifestation, unstable, or what you view to be unstable stratification of earth. In actuality, it is not unstable at all. It is perfectly what you have created it to be! It is the manifestation of physical ground, which holds the ability to shake when you are wishing it to!

RON: So we’re the unstable ones! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are not unstable either! You only hold an emotional explosiveness which is unpredictable and also spontaneous, therefore allowing no prior warning; for this is a spontaneous action. Collectively, within consciousness, as we have stated previously, you allow for a building within energy of unexpressed emotion, which at the precise time to be most beneficial to you within all aspects and areas of yourself, you choose to unleash this energy and therefore create physical manifestations of earthquakes.

Within other areas of this particular continent, other physical manifestations of weather or ground or atmospheric conditions exist. These are created for similar reasons. In this, the individual may choose to relocate to an area which holds not as much actual direct physical light. They do this as an outward mirror expression of what they inwardly experience and choose. If you are choosing, for your own reasons and for your own noticing and also collectively, to be blocking your own energy connection, you may also choose to magnate to a geographical location that mirrors your inner expression.

Just as we have spoken previously of your geographical locations holding energy deposits and concentrations, you express these physically to be vortexes. You attach many belief systems to these vortexes that you identify, although in actuality these are concentrations of energy deposits and hold mass expression of energy within one area; but you also create the same element within your individual homes, for you are continuously depositing energy in areas of your living physical space. These energy centers, so to speak, or vortexes, are only greater concentrations of energy which has been deposited collectively; and also, at times, holds the energy which also occupies what you view to be your world view expression, from individuals no longer physically focused.

RON: Okay. Finally, for Shiktah, a.k.a. LifeCloud: How can one tell the difference between the inner voice and the imagination? Sometimes I get two urgings to do two completely different things. I can’t seem to tell which is the real voice.

ELIAS: (Grinning) They are both the real voice, for imagination is also reality! It is only more removed, within your perception of reality. Within your widening process, you separate into many orange sections, for you do not completely understand how to be identifying of all of your unofficial information. Therefore, you attach more importance to some expressions, and less importance to other expressions. In this, you may view your inner voice, to which you attach the definition as real and the most closely related, as your intuition; although it is not completely your intuition, but this would be what you identify as your intuition. You then experience other unofficial information which seems, at times, to be completely unrelated, or in conflict with your intuition. This information you identify as imagination, which is slightly more removed from your objective expressions. Therefore, you view this as “more unreal.” The further the expression moves from your accepted official reality, the more you attach imagination to these expressions.

You will find that although elements may seem contradictory, if investigated farther and allowed a wider perception in viewing different expressions, you may offer yourself the connection between them. They are only seeming, to your objective self, to be so far-removed in difference, and so opposing; although I will also express that you may experience two different expressions simultaneously, at times, connected with belief systems. This will create confusion and conflict, for it is possible to hold two or more different conflicting belief systems simultaneously within your objective focus. In this, one does not necessarily hold more energy and significance than the other. Therefore, they are equal within your consciousness. This creates much confusion. This is another area entirely. This itself would be requiring much time for explanation, which we shall also engage explanations of this material. Presently, it is very difficult to encapsulate this vast of a subject in answering one question.

I shall offer that this individual may investigate whether these expressions are motivated by belief systems, or whether they are being expressed as the same subject delivered in different expressions; for as you enable yourselves to identify the difference, you also enable yourselves to be listening more accordingly to all of your inner voices, imaginary or not! (Pause) Welcome, Yarr.

JIM: Thank you, Elias. It’s nice to be here.

RON: Can I interrupt for just a moment to change tapes? (Pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing more questions this evening?

JIM: I have a question for Kacchi, if I may.(Reading the question) Is it possible to be an equal blend of all essence families, thus through the lifetime of this particular blend of essences, focusing on a particular individual essence at different times, influenced by factors common to this physical focus and relative, of course, to our time element, and finally transpiring to a coherent balance of harmonic splendor, and lending to the dissolution of the push-pull of our awareness to the polarity in this focus, to move forward to, I’ll use the term “trinity?” (Whew!)

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) Shall I be expressing, no? (Laughter)

JIM: That’s funny! My first impression was yes and no.

ELIAS: Within physical focus and your manifestation in physical focus, no. Within non-physical focus and your incorporation of energy, yes and no; for you shall always, until such a time as you are all, as we are all, choosing to be manifesting consciousness differently, the possibility or the probability exists of no particular alignment with any particular essence family; but within the reality of consciousness presently of essence, there are alignments engaged with essence families. I have expressed that you do identify and express aspects of all of the essence families.

This is a difficult area, for we are approaching distortion area presently. I have expressed these essence families presented are directly connected with physical focus; your physical focus upon this planet, upon this dimension; but I have also expressed that there are pools of consciousness that align which you may, within your limited terms, also consider similar to essence families, although they are not essence families, so to speak; but within the action of consciousness, each essence, within essence consciousness, does align with either an essence family or a pool area of consciousness. This is not to say that it is not possible to be unaligned with any particular essence pool or consciousness pool or family. It is only to say that within the element of essence, not the all of consciousness, although it is the all of consciousness, (grinning) essences align with families or consciousness pools. Links of consciousness do not. The Creating Universal One And Whole does not. Essence does ... and does not! (Laughter)

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: I would like to express a thanks from the people we are interacting with on the computer. I know that they really appreciate being able to ask a question and receive an answer.

ELIAS: This is unnecessary, but quite acceptable. (Smiling)

VICKI: I understand that. Quickly, this essence of Shiktah had an interesting dream interaction the other night with a gentleman who asked her some interesting questions, and I wondered if you had any comment on that?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you each, I am incorporated within consciousness with you all. And shall this individual be expressing such surprise that she has joined and drawn herself to this company without engaging the energy and the essence of Elias within consciousness also? (Smiling) This being part of your periphery, or what you view to be; for you cannot accept the simplicities of these expressions; your imagination. “I may have drawn myself to this company and this information, but I have imagined interaction with Elias himself.” Incorrect! There has only been an opening and allowance of a knowing of interaction. The interaction preceded, but the knowing now follows. A slight color change for variety, although there may be an anticipation of a reverting to preferred color, as brown suits me not! (Grinning)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Your are very welcome. Once again, we shall reserve our game; but within probabilities, you may possibly be anticipating not quite so long of a wait for the engagement of your game, for you may be engaged with Elias more quickly than you presently anticipate! I shall be offering more information to Kasha also at our next meeting. And, I shall leave you, so to speak, to be interacting with each other for this evening. Affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:46 PM.


(1) Elias’ essence name is, in actuality, Rastin. This is how he first introduced himself to us. Mary, however, was more comfortable with the name Elias. In her objective perception, she first encountered this essence about four years ago in a past-life regression. In this regression, she experienced a “lifetime” in which she was very close to a person named Elias. She feels that this person of Elias is a developmental focus of Rastin, and expressed a desire to call him Elias from the beginning. He graciously agreed to this, saying that names were only important in physical focus; and so we have always called him Elias.

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