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Sunday, September 08, 1996

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“Essence Family Intents”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), and Julie (Lanyah).

Vic’s note: Elias’ delivery was slightly different tonight, in that he spoke more slowly and more deliberately than usual.

Elias arrives at 6:47 PM. (Time was thirty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. In order to be understanding probabilities more efficiently, you must understand elements of consciousness and the designs of consciousness. Therefore, we shall move in the direction of backwards, in your terms, and be refocusing upon your Seers, for this also is quite influencing of your shift, and of what you perceive to be your future. This would also involve your dream game with your city, for the Seers are directly influencing within the focus and creation of this city.

I shall offer you your remaining five “titles” within intents. We shall not discuss, this evening, the action of the other families and their equivalents to the Seers, for we shall reserve this information for another time. You may also attempt to be connecting with these titles and allowing yourselves impressions for your game, if you are wishing, if you are choosing. They are not offered in order, and I shall not be aligning them with corresponding families, for you may attempt to be connecting with this yourselves: Readers; Hearers; Bearers; Imagers; Formers. These are the five remaining that have not been expressed to you previously, aligned with the intents of the families, which have been given to you. Each family incorporated, and also presently incorporates, and futurely, the equivalent in design, so to speak, of the Seers. You have been offered the information of Seers being those of the Sumafi; Speakers being those of the Sumari. You may proceed yourselves to be attempting to connect within your game, if you are wishing.

We have expressed that within the action of the Seers, all of the families, in what you term to be your thoughts of the beginning, were what we express to you as Dream Walkers. Their actions, while overall being quite similar, were also specialized according to the intent of the family, which was created, in your terms, at the initiation of each intent of each essence represented by these identifications presently given; just as Rose represents the initiation of the Seers, holding this intent, initiating this family of consciousness within intent. Do not be confused that Rose represents another family within your game, for the essence of Rose is Sumafi, as has been expressed.

It was stated to you that the Seers experimented in consciousness with manifestations of consciousness. Your definition of experimentation is different presently than what I express to you, for in actuality, you also are an experimentation in focused consciousness, for all focused physical consciousness is an experimentation, for experience. Therefore, just as you hold your own vitality and reality, for you are reality, so do all of these other experimentations in form, in manifestation of consciousness.

Your gods that have been created within your history are mirror images of focused consciousness. If you are viewing your different sects, cultures, religions, you will view that they represent their gods and have throughout your history, not only within the image of man. Many gods are represented by other forms. These representations were not arrived at arbitrarily, through no connection of identification. They were projected outwardly as symbols, to represent an idea of a form of consciousness, to be motivating and attainable. These forms were created in direct response to an identification subjectively, in knowing of those focuses and manifestations which were created in experimentation by these essences of the Seers, and all of the other representatives of the other families.

I have expressed to you that all of the families incorporate the equivalent of the Seers, and the action that they create throughout your history is much the same. The information delivered may be slightly different, slightly different, but the manifestation is the same. All families, within these initial Dream Walkers partially manifesting throughout your history, may choose the same forms to present themselves to you. All families may present themselves as angels. They do not distinguish. They do not specialize in form. They specialize in intent. Therefore, their specialization is offered also in the direction of action; information presented to you, physically manifest, to be motivating for action.

There are different time periods throughout your history, in which different families may appear to be predominant. Presently, within what you view to be this present now, the Sumafi occupies this position. Within your history, there have been few time periods to which the Sumafi has moved into the position of what you might term as prominence, for this does not align with the intent of the Sumafi family. Therefore, there are few time periods within your history that there has occurred great movement within the Seers, and interaction to physical focus for action. This time period, engaging your shift, is one. The time period which you view to be manifest futurely within your city is another.

I shall also briefly be offering a distinguishment of this city. Another essence has offered an exercise previously, involving the focus of a city. This, in your terms, was different. This was an exercise. It was similar to your game. It was an exercise to be connecting, and learning to be noticing and observing of dream state and altered states of consciousness. What you engage with your city is quite different. This has been presented as a game, for within consciousness, all action is a game; but within your understanding presently, this is an act of creating. You presently engage another game to play, to connect with your own noticing of impressions and to be sharing with each other and gathering information.

This creation of the city is an actual creating. Actual individuals inhabit this “place” within your future, and also within your past. This place has been created in what you view to be past, far beyond the past that your scientists recognize within their estimation of the growth of this planet. Within what you may view as a much closer future, this city becomes actualized once again, modified by you presently; modified also by your action within consciousness, within your shift. You alone are not the only individuals creating this city. You are individuals aware of creating this city. Many individuals contribute to this city, for many individuals are prompted by the Seers presently, within the action of the shift. Many individuals are not what you term consciously, what we may term objectively, aware of their involvement; nonetheless, they create also, within the collective consciousness. The differentiation is that you present, and those new friends becoming, are aware of what you create. (Pause)

Within the action of initiating new elements or experiments in consciousness, the Sumafi is extremely instrumental. There is what you may view to be a temporary function that the Sumafi incorporates, in an allowance of the purest information available to be translated into physical thickness. Within physical focus and manifestation, there is always what non-physical may identify as distortion, for it is changed. As I have expressed to you previously, distortion is not always distorted, for it is your reality. It is real, within physical focus. It is also different, within translation into physical focus, than it may appear within non-physical, but all elements translated are in themselves reality, and serve within physical focus.

In times past within your history, man viewed his connection to consciousness through his manifestation and concepts of gods, or other beings unlike himself. These have taken many forms. Within the culture of your Egyptians, many gods were created in forms other than man. Many gods were created in forms of both man and what you view to be beast, representing the connection of all consciousness. Many cultures have created their images of gods within other images. Your images of totems are a connection, in the same regard as man/beast images expressing man/tree or foliage connection.

Each of these expressions are physical manifestations, only to be representing the lack of separation between man and nature; for there is no separation between man and nature. There are no two elements. In actuality, you need no word “nature,” for there is no separate element from yourselves. These gods, or images of gods, served as symbols, but they also held their own reality; for they were realistic focused experimentation within consciousness.

Now; I have expressed that you presently are an experimentation within consciousness, but you hold your own vitality and reality. You are a symbol representative of another element, essence, but you also are the element; the reality. Just as you exist presently and hold your own reality and vitality, so does all of these other experimentations within consciousness. These are agreements. It is not the Seers creating essences and planting them within time elements as experimentation! (Humorously) There are no cosmic Frankensteins gallivanting throughout your universe creating experimental forms! Just as within what we discuss of the past element of the Seers, those individuals manifest within that time element also held their own integrity and vitality and reality, and were not “created by” the Seers. They were essences as yourselves, and some of yourselves, which chose to be experiencing one element of consciousness in agreement with the Seers, who incorporate the role of the guiders or the helpers; the inspiration.

This shall bring us also circling back into the area of probable selves and their intersections, which, I have stated, serves as your inspiration point. Be remembering, there is no {underline} separation within energy and consciousness. It is all overlapping, intertwining, interconnected, interrelated. (Abruptly) We shall break briefly, and continue. (I don’t think I’ve ever seen Elias “leave” so quickly)

BREAK 7:20 PM.
RESUME 7:37 PM. (Time was twenty seconds.)

Vic’s note: Elias’ delivery returned to “normal” after the break.

ELIAS: Continuing: The Dream Walkers also incorporated the action of this experimentation themselves. The experimentation was to be, and is presently, experiences within consciousness, within an element of physical manifestation and manipulation. Some of these experiments were viewed to be not quite as efficient as what you experience presently within your present reality, although this is not to be discounting, as I have stated previously, of these other experimentations within consciousness, for they exist presently and continue parallel to you, within other dimensions. Their time elements also differ from your present time element, and what you view to be reality. Some of these focused consciousness manifestations move more quickly within their time elements, some move more slowly; for the expressed experiences desired.

Agreements have been made, within areas of consciousness, for manifestation between essences. We shall be entering, later, areas of explanation of these agreements, and the intersections of areas of consciousness, or pools of consciousness. These are complicated subjects, and each individual subject matter may be requiring much of your time element devoted to individual subjects.

The Seers have been creating essences from what you view to be your beginning, although there is no beginning! I have expressed to you that you also are Seers. In this, what you would term to be some of the Seers initially chose to be partially manifest; not entirely physically manifest. Some were choosing to be incorporating the experience of the physical manifestation to its totality, therefore manifesting for the experience of physical focus and the interaction of consciousness within physical elements, allowing for physical manifestations of probabilities.

This you may view as an interesting game; for each, within consciousness, engages the game of experiences, experiencing new developments in manipulation of physical consciousness, to which you manipulate quite efficiently.

You do not quite realize the extent of your creative abilities. We have spoken many times of all of your creations, but you do not focus upon this information, for you take this for granted. It is what it is, within physical focus. The probabilities that are arranged, precisely and immaculately, to be fitting together to be creating of each movement of each cell, is amazing! And we speak only of one cell! You have created what you view to be, objectively, an entire universe for yourselves! You presently occupy the only space that you view to be inhabited by creatures. You have created this to be, in your estimation, special. You have singularly created one planet, and manifest physical beings and all other creative expressions upon this one planet, for your own viewing and playfulness.

This is not to say that no other beings, so to speak, exist, or that no other elements of consciousness in physical form exist; but within your creation of your planet within your time element, you have singularly created yourselves to occupy this space arrangement alone.

Therefore, you may send your probes to all of your neighboring planets and you shall not find what you view to be life forms, for you have not created life forms upon these space arrangements, within this time element and this dimension. You do actualize probabilities in all other dimensional areas. Therefore, within different time elements and dimensional qualities, each of your physical planets is occupied, for your probabilities are actualized within those elements.

You, being Seers, hold a knowing within physical consciousness, within objective expression, of these subjects that we speak of; this being the reason that you are drawn to this forum, for you identify with what you know subjectively. You are manifesting objectively the qualities that you hold subjectively of the Seers. (Here, Vicki starts cracking up) Our doubting Lawrence! (Grinning) Some are manifesting more difficultly than others! I shall briefly allow for your questions. (Pause)

VICKI: I’m curious why there’s seven names and nine families.

ELIAS: Express to me your names.

VICKI: The ones that you just gave us? Readers, Hearers, Bearers, Imagers, Formers, Speakers, and Seers.

ELIAS: You have been offered two others previously; your Tellers and Watchers.

VICKI: Oh. I forgot. Thank you. It’s that objective knowing, you know? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning widely) Very good, Lawrence! Continue.

RON: Is there any information you can give us about this new essence that we seem to be interacting with?

ELIAS: And what information would you be wishing? (Grinning)

RON: Anything would be more than I have! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Information is quite available to you from this essence, in itself. It is quite accomplished at expression, and in your terms, making itself known.

RON: Is it wishing to have interaction with us presently?

ELIAS: This has been expressed previously. This would be your choice. There is a desire; but this is your choice, within your present probabilities, of whether or not to be engaging this action. The reason you experience the energy flux that you experience presently is because the inception has already occurred, within helpfulness of Otha and Ordin. Therefore, you objectively experience energy. Subjectively you experience much more, and assimilate information. You only choose presently not to be allowing of an objective understanding of that which you connect to.

RON: I believe it was stated by this essence that they would prefer to interact through Michael. Am I right in that? (Elias is staring at Vicki) Okay. Never mind. Anyway, I believe that’s what I heard.

VICKI: Popcorn? (To Elias, who is still staring at her)

ELIAS: I require no physical sustenance! (Grinning, and then to Ron) We have expressed, from our early engagement of sessions, that Lawrence would be experiencing the most difficulty within these sessions, and this presently is observable! (Much laughter)

RON: I understand that. So, in my memory ...

ELIAS: You have interpreted correctly.

RON: Okay.

ELIAS: The desire is directed in this manner for closely related reasoning as Elias’ choice for engagement of action. The intent is slightly different. The tone is different. The knowing is also slightly different. Therefore, the acceptance is not actualized as of this present moment. The knowing, to which I have expressed, of the tone, or the lack of knowing of the tone, is that which is incorporated by Michael. It is a slight lack of recognition. This involves subjective memory.

We have not engaged discussion of this subject as to this point, but subjectively you also hold memory, within an individual focus, of other interaction within consciousness that you may divorce yourself from temporarily, within an expression to be focused more entirely within the individual expression of that individual focus. Presently, Michael is quite concentrated, objectively and subjectively, within certain areas, and has forgotten some memory subjectively. This is not to say that this memory is lost. It is only chosen presently, temporarily, to not be remembered. This shall be moved within an action of probabilities, for the choice has already been agreed upon. This is also not to say that you may experience, within your time element of tomorrow, speaking with another essence, so to speak, verbally, for this action is not completed within agreement; although the action of incorporating the probability of memory, within this focus subjectively, has been agreed upon.

There are many probabilities to be actualized, but as I have expressed, these are choices. Many of these choices that you face presently shall be actualized within agreement of your pyramid. It is not a singular action. I have offered you information of probabilities tying together of elements that you seem to view to be completely unrelated, to offer you an illustration of how probabilities move within areas that you do not recognize, for you recognize only your directed attention. This is not to say that probabilities do not move and actualize outside of your directed attention. They do. This occurs frequently, to which you express surprise!

Many probabilities were set in motion and agreed upon, in what you would view to be much amount of your time element, before the actualization of physical manifestation of this present phenomenon that you view, or energy exchange. These probabilities objectively were unknown to Michael. They occurred, regardless. In this like manner, many probabilities actualize that you presently are not completely objectively aware of, but we have been expressing to you consistently that the motion has been engaged.

The birth has occurred. You have in actuality been given the moment, in your time element, that you have set these probabilities into motion. Within our sessions, I expressed to you, you have actualized the birth. You did not understand of what ...

RON: Still don’t!

ELIAS: ... but the motion has begun. This motion is not limited to only these individuals within this forum, but contrasting, the motion is also limited to the pyramid, as the pyramid is quite great, and also quite small, but great in that also. There is no difference. You are the focus. You also incorporate the totality of essence. You are the small pyramid. You also incorporate the totality of consciousness. (Huh?) You will understand. (We will?)

RON: I almost do understand that. (You do?) Sometimes is seems easier to understand the bigger picture than it is to understand the little things within that picture.

ELIAS: But you are moving closer to your subjective understanding, and this is the point! And you are the point ... of the pyramid!

RON: Well, I just have one more question about this same subject. Concerning Michael’s apparent feeling of responsibility towards this engagement ... (Strong sense here that Elias didn’t let Ron finish)

ELIAS: This shall pass also. Michael incorporates confusion presently. Michael has incorporated confusion for much of your time element! He is moving very quickly; this being one of the reasons of the engagement of this essence, in recognition of this swift movement. Few individuals allow the ability to move within consciousness this swiftly, and also allow an openness within this swift movement. Some individuals move swiftly but hold to their energy, for their identity becomes threatened. Michael allows an openness, and incorporates only momentary confusion within the subject of identity, which he is, in your terms, moving beyond. In an allowance of mergence of consciousness, there is no threat to individual identity. In a desire and a recognition of the movement into an area of transition, many elements shall be engaged.

If the choice is actualized to be engaging of this essence, much helpfulness may occur, within an understanding of the translation of transition. This may be very instructional, within your physical focus, for many individuals; those choosing to remanifest, and those choosing not; but as I have stated, these are choices within probabilities that have not entirely been actualized as of this moment.

Do not be concerned, for you view quite limitedly. Your time element incorporates little time that these probabilities have been set to motion. Many individuals incorporate much of your time element to actualize these choices and agreements. Within the swiftness of movement, Michael most probably will incorporate the actualization of energy exchange within less than a year’s time period, this being quite brief.

RON: I know I kind of went through the same thing with the Paul thing, but when I was told that I would probably be engaging Paul, the probabilities were left open for other individuals to actualize the same expression. Are these probabilities also open, in this case of this essence as well?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have expressed, the desire rides only upon a recognition of the movement within probabilities, and the actualization of subjective understanding presently. This is not to say that this essence focuses singularly. This essence recognizes an ability and an openness which is differentiated from other individuals. Objectively, you express “Yes, I shall engage.” Subjectively, you express “I shall consider.” Objectively, Michael expresses “I shall consider.” Subjectively, Michael expresses “Yes.” This is not to say that these probabilities may not be altered, for you hold the ability to alter these probabilities and engage energy exchange at your choosing, if you wish. It is available, and you each hold the ability, within your intent, to be non-distorting and accomplishing of the so-called purpose. Is this clearer?

RON: Clear as any of it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite muddy!

RON: A little bit, but thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: So, am I holding to my energy? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall express that each of you incorporates this action to an extent, but you also hold the ability to be changing of this action.

CATHY: Objectively, or just subjectively? (Still laughing)

ELIAS: Both. (Smiling)

CATHY: Do you a manual on that? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (Humorously) I am quite out of instructions ... and methods.

CATHY: Oh, that word again! I’m sorry, I lost my head!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Shynla shall find that if she is incorporating a belief in trust of self, and also a belief in probabilities and possibilities, you may be allowing more actualization of events; but you presently do not believe, in actuality, that these possibilities truly exist, in spite of viewing, before you, myself! (Humorously) But another individual engages this energy exchange, and as Shynla is quite different and not quite connected, there is an inability for this individual to engage similar action. Very less probable! (Grinning, and then, as an aside) Not incorrect!

VICKI: Okay, I have a question. It seems that perhaps you changed your agenda for this evening a bit midstream, and I’m curious about that.

ELIAS: As you are wishing an explanation, for I chose. As I have stated previously, many of your questions presently may only add to your confusion, within an offering of explanations. Therefore, in not wishing to be creating more conflict or confusion, I shall reserve explanation for your time period futurely. (Smiling) We shall be discussing intersections of probable selves, and inspiration as connected with your Seers, futurely. Be realizing that there are time periods, within our engagement of these session periods, that we are quite aware of subjective activity occurring within the time framework of these sessions. Therefore, you may appear objectively quiet as little mice and quite directed within your attention, but simultaneously you may also be incorporating confusion within another layer of consciousness, for subjectively you are allowing a “flow through” to objective consciousness within the forum of these sessions. You only do not quite recognize, entirely, this action. You do to some extent recognize this action of subjective bleed-through during our time period of our sessions, but recently, you allow more of this action. Although you do not believe this, it occurs regardless. In a recognition of this action, information is discontinued, so as to be not incorporating more confusion. (Pause)

I shall leave you to your interaction for this evening, and we shall be engaged within this framework soon. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:23 PM.

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