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Sunday, September 22, 1996

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“The Clarity Exercise”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), Cecelia (Sari), Christy (Maka), Bill (Kasha), and a new participant, John (Lucas).

Vic’s note: There was definitely some unusual energy flying around this evening, to which we all experienced the same physical reaction of feeling very warm for about thirty minutes prior to the session.

Elias arrives at 6:33 PM. (Time was 40 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence. (Pause) Recalling our scenario of your television and its channels, you may find that you may gain many clues to your reality, where you direct your attention, and the expansion of awareness within that reality, by viewing other realities that you are aligned with. These would be, within your individual pools of probabilities, what you would term to be your own alternate focuses.

In the analogy of the television, we have stated that there are many channels that you may tune into. Within your present now, you also incorporate new technology which, as with all of your other technology, mirrors inner subjective expressions. This shall fit nicely into our analogy. These are new machines that you use in conjunction with your televisions. With these new machines, you may simultaneously be viewing a particular channel upon your television, and you may also be recording another program which is being transmitted upon another channel. Therefore, you are receiving two channels simultaneously. You also incorporate new technology to be viewing, simultaneously, different channels upon your screen, while taping or recording information of one channel not being viewed. Therefore, many actions are occurring simultaneously.

You may view the program which is being recorded as your subjective activity; that element of your subjective activity which you, in your terms, would view to be your subconscious, which we have stated, there is no subconscious! But this program, so to speak, runs parallel to your waking consciousness, your objective consciousness, that which you are attentive to.

In this, I shall be offering this evening an exercise, for it is difficult to be recognizing of alternate channels, and understanding the transmission which is occurring upon alternate channels, when you do not tune completely to the one channel that holds your attention. Your focus is blurred. You believe that your attention is directed and clear within the channel that you view; your objective attention; but you shall perceive soon just how blurred your attention truly is!

We have incorporated discussion of your outer senses, as you view them; their function and how you create them. Within this exercise, we shall be focusing upon these senses; for until you learn to tune your attention clearly, you will not understand the interaction that you may view within alternate channels. You may tune to these other channels, but they will appear even less clear and confusing to you than the channel that you are attentive to within your waking consciousness. Therefore, I shall direct you within an exercise.

I shall briefly first explain to you that just as we have spoken previously of the connections within consciousness of many individuals en masse, and how they are affecting of each other continuously, your alternate focuses are continuously affecting of your private personal expression. Within your individual pools of probabilities and alternate selves, you are continuously interacting and affecting of each other; just as the analogy was presented to you of the flower, and the color, and the greeting card. Within different areas of location and different individuals seeming to be not connected to each other, they connect within consciousness and are affecting of each other.

In this same manner, very directly and continuously, your alternate channels are continuously affecting of you. You do not recognize this affectingness, but you do, at times, recognize elements which you would view to be out of the ordinary; small activities or noticings; small; that you ignore. These are each direct affectingness of alternate probabilities and selves; your other channels. They are translated differently.

You may incorporate one channel as a housewife, and within a daily scenario, you may be engaged in a very mundane activity of dusting. Within this activity, you merrily dust your house, and approach a stand upon which sits your family bible. Within one moment, you lift this bible to dust underneath the object, replacing it and continuing with your activity. Upon another alternate channel, a religious focus program is running. The religious program has directly affected the action of lifting the book. This may seem not to be a profound affectingness, but it is a small example of the many, many, many activities and ways that each channel intersects with each other continuously, within every moment.

As I have stated, it is important that you view the one channel that holds your directed attention clearly. In this, I shall instruct you within our exercise. Within the beginning elements of this exercise, I shall be asking you to be holding your field of vision; not closing eyes; for you are tuning to this attention, this station, this channel. You are noticing and allowing clarity of this channel. Therefore, the purpose is not to be altering your state.

In this, I will ask you to sit comfortably. (Pause) Focus upon any given object within your room, but do not concentrate intensely upon this object. Allow for your vision to normally encompass the entirety of the room, with one main focal point. Do not strain, and do not force yourselves to be concentrating very hard upon any given object. In this, now tune your consciousness to your senses. Notice your vision. Allow your vision to be as clear as it may possibly be. Tune to your hearing. Notice all of the sounds that occur. Many sounds are occurring that you automatically tune out and pay little attention to. Notice your body; your physical feelings; your body temperature. Notice your sense of touch. The air touches your skin continuously. Your clothing touches your skin. These are all elements that are a part of the clarity of your focus, to which you pay little attention to. Notice smells. You pay little attention to your sense of smell throughout your individual, mundane day. Notice your sense of taste. You view that if you are not consuming something, you are not tasting anything. Your senses are highly tuned, and respond regardless. They incorporate continuous stimulation. You only choose to not be clear upon these senses.

Take a moment to concentrate, unstrained, upon the activity of all of these senses that you incorporate throughout every moment of your physical focus. (Here, there is a ninety second pause)

Now, I will be instructing each of you to be closing your eyes and allowing your attention to drift. Do not be focusing upon your outer senses, so to speak. Allow yourself to feel comfortable, and calm, and quiet. (Here, there is a thirty second pause) Enough drifting!

You will notice that with your eyes closed, you will drift. You have experienced, within your attempts at meditation at times, difficulty in holding your focus. You experience, much of your time within your dream state, an inability to hold your focus and manipulate within that focus. This exercise of tuning your directed attention, your consciousness which is tuned to this channel, will be very helpful to you in instructional areas of developing your ability to be manipulating within alternate channels. Altered states, as you term these, are all alternate channels. If you hold the ability to consciously manipulate within the consciousness that holds your attention, you will more easily learn to manipulate and understand within alternate channels of consciousness. Therefore, throughout this week, until our next meeting, I shall offer you the opportunity for what you would term to be homework! I shall be instructing you to be practicing this exercise three times within each of your days. You may incorporate this exercise at any given moment, for your eyes are open, and you are attentive to all those individuals around you and also any activity that you may be engaging, for you are tuning your consciousness more clearly. You are not drifting. You are not placing yourself into an altered state. Therefore, this exercise will not be interrupting of your normal activity.

(To Cecelia) No one shall view you as weird! (We all crack up)

CELIA: Thank you. (Laughing)

ELIAS: No one shall even know, objectively!

CELIA: So do we do the exercise with our eyes open?

ELIAS: Yes. (Note that Cecelia was drifting throughout most of the session!)

In this, incorporate one time for initiating this exercise within your evening time, while you are relaxed at your home, individually. Therefore, you may follow your directed “tuning in” to your attention channel by closing your eyes and allowing yourself to drift. In this, while you are allowing yourself to drift, you may incorporate this action briefly; only within a time element to be noticing those events that are occurring. This may be color flashes, it may be feelings, it may be scenes. You may incorporate visualizations. You may incorporate mental images, as you term these. You may find yourself incorporating thoughts “slinging” by you rapidly. Notice what occurs.

Do not concentrate intensely upon the experience. It is only an exercise. It is unnecessary to be very serious and directed! (Humorously) You may incorporate this as fun, and it may be brief. It is not necessary for you to be setting aside hours of your time and very directedly concentrating on accomplishing! It is more important for you to be tuning consciously, eyes open, to the awareness that you are familiar with; for as you learn to be directed, and manipulating within that directedness, you shall also learn to be directing within alternate realities.

I express to you that you may be manipulating within your clarity, for what you have experienced presently within this exercise is only noticing. As your week progresses and you are incorporating this exercise, you may attempt to manipulate these senses. Allow the clarity of your hearing, and then intentionally turn it off. Allow the clarity of your sense of smell, and then disengage. Allow yourselves the opportunity to view your own ability to manipulate your own consciousness and its functions; for in this, you may much more easily recognize how to be manipulating when encountering different events within alternate focuses.

(Abruptly) We shall break, and continue with our game.

BREAK 7:07 PM.
RESUME 7:28 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. We shall incorporate our game.

VICKI: I’ll go. I’d like to connect the Tellers to the Ilda family.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And the Watchers to the Zuli family.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: Really! The Imagers to the Zuli family.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Hmmm. Sports, with Sumafi, sailing.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And in quotes, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself,” with the Vold family.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: I would like to connect the animal of a cat with Sumari.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: And I would like to connect the animal of a dog with Sumafi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Composers, Sumafi, Leonard Bernstein.

ELIAS: Acceptable

JULIE: Connecting flowers, perennials, with Tomkin.

ELIAS: Quite general! (Smiling) Acceptable.

JULIE: Authors, Ann Rice, with Zuli.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JULIE: Physical pleasures, dancing, with Sumari.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: Well, I have one to try, and that’s for the baby’s name. Is it Graham? (Elias chuckles) Again? I’m really striking out on this!

ELIAS: Be practicing our exercise. This will be instrumental in your discernment of your subjective information. (Pause) Ah! I see we are all so very well-versed in our impressions! (Here, Bill attempts to encourage John to ask a question. Elias seemingly ignores both of them, and directs to the rest of the group) Are you wishing of questions? (Another pause, during which Bill tries again)

CATHY: I have a question. I would like to know why it appeared to Ron, during his last energy exchange with Paul, for it to be “different.”

ELIAS: The energy exchange was not different. The recognition of energy incorporation was different. Just as Michael identifies one energy, in your terms, more clearly than the other, Olivia also identifies one energy, so to speak, more clearly than the other. Therefore, this connection was an identification of the mergence of these energies, and a recognition more clearly, within the clarity of your perception momentarily, of energy that you do not always perceive as identifiable. It exists within the energy exchange continuously, for there is helpfulness in arrangement of translation. The essence that you identify with more clearly is what you would view to be less versed in this type of communication. Therefore, there is helpfulness incorporated for the action of the translation; which is, within itself, what you would perceive to be quite a process. (Smiling at Ron, and a long pause)

Very well. I shall allow your interaction. (To Vicki) You may be delivering a message for Michael, that he may be incorporating the action of “making time.”

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: There are important issues to be discussed, and we shall be incorporating this action soon. I shall bid you each a very loving and affectionate good evening. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 7:38 PM.

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