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Monday, January 20, 2003

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“A Creation Myth”

“Exploring a Far Future Focus”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Don (Allard).

(No arrival time)

Bobbi’s note: This transcript was taken from an audio cassette of this session, which was privately taped by Don. Many of the video tapes during the timeframe of the 2003 Castaic group session were without sound due to a technical problem with the equipment, which Elias elaborates on in a future session. This transcript has not been reviewed with the original video tape, as is customary with all other Elias transcripts – which also explains why there is no arrival and departing times.

ELIAS: Good morning!

DON: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Elias chuckles) And how shall we proceed?

DON: I have a bunch of fun questions today. Sometimes it feels like trying hard to generate the way I want, to get to the way of generating the way I want. (Elias and Don chuckle) So, two things I want to be sure to get to, one is Jungle Jim – I’ll get back to him – and the other is a little creation that I had.

I’ll start with some short questions. I felt Ayla’s energy around a lot lately, I feel like. Recently I thought I heard her voice again say to me something like, in my mind’s ear, “Don’t worry, my little one.” Was that from Ayla?


DON: And as soon as I heard her say this, I thought that she’s been my mother in at least one focus in this dimension. Is that true or is it just the feeling I got?


DON: I thought actually my mother in multiple focuses.

ELIAS: A few.

DON: A few. I thought one was in a peasant family, agrarian or serfs or something, and grew up in late Middle Ages.

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: And this is either one or two others – one was in a wealthy household, or even in a court in Persia or in Asia.

ELIAS: Correct, two.

DON: Oh, so three in total. Okay. Do I have a fragmentation relationship with my sister’s friend Andy, or does Allard have a fragmentation relationship with his essence?


DON: I thought so! I felt that same kind of similarity. It didn’t feel like counterpart action or necessarily shared focuses. Is his essence fragmented from Allard?


DON: Was that a focused-based fragmentation?


DON: What is his essence name?

ELIAS: Astir, A-S-T-I-R.

DON: Is he intermediate in this focus?


DON: Orientations are hard for me to pick up, so I’m just practicing. (Elias chuckles) Is my friend Janet intermediate?

ELIAS: No, common.

DON: I feel like I feel another tone. I feel like not unlike feeling the Lleindoh tone that we talked about earlier. This one I would spell M-L-L-A-R-R, or that plus “los” on the end. The “r” or Mllarr, Mllarros. I’m wondering if this is related to my Dream Walker aspect.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging. Yes!

DON: Is it Myarr or Mllarr or Mllarros? How would you pronounce that?

ELIAS: Mllarros.

DON: Mllarros, thank you. I wonder if Mllarros was involved in introducing music into this dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS: No, but is incorporating an appreciating of that expression.

DON: Is he involved in introducing tears?

ELIAS: No. This would be a physical expression associated with body consciousness, which would be associated with Zuli.

DON: Oh. That makes sense. Well, I’m tempted to ask you what does he do, but I’d rather investigate.

ELIAS: Very well! Ha ha ha!

DON: In an earlier session I asked you if my focus color was light blue. You said no, it’s brown. I was really shocked because usually you’d say I’m pretty close. So why did I have the impression that my focus color is light blue? Somebody else did also.

ELIAS: This is a preference. There is difference between an expressed preference and the vibrational quality that is translated into a color associated with the energy that you project. Many times individuals confuse these types of associations. Many individuals associate their color to be that of what they express as their favorite color, which it is not, necessarily.

DON: It could even be their least favorite color...

ELIAS: Quite!

DON: brown for me.

ELIAS: Quite!

DON: Now, does my focus color being brown have anything to do with brown being a color of a family of consciousness in another dimension?


DON: So it is associated strictly with this dimension?


DON: I had a little parlor trick happen this weekend to me as part of the group session, if you could call it this. I drank a huge amount of alcohol on Saturday night. (Elias chuckles) And then I drank a huge amount Sunday night, last night. I would usually be hung-over on less alcohol. You were talking about alcohol beliefs and marijuana beliefs and so I thought... I did generate a parlor trick there, didn’t I? Would you confirm that?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Also, experimenting and offering yourself evidence through experience of the reality of these concepts, that this is not merely words but that in actuality these concepts are quite real, and it is merely a matter of allowing yourself to experience that and generate the concepts into reality, recognizing that any substance, any foods, any element that you consume in itself is not affecting of you.

It is your belief that is affecting of you and what you choose to generate. If you choose to generate hallucinations, for this is what you want to be experiencing and generating within yourself, so you shall. Or even if you do not want, but your beliefs are expressed strongly enough, you shall generate that type of experience. But you may also generate the experience of quite little affectingness or no affectingness at all.

DON: Well, the first night, Saturday night, I felt like Ayla was involved again, somehow assisting me in not producing, creating this hangover. Then last night I felt like she let me do it on my own – “Okay, now you know how to do it, you go ahead.” I could feel the difference in the manifestation, in the non-manifestation of a hangover. Would that be a correct interpretation?

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Well, thank you, Ayla. (Elias and Don laugh) Oh, but with regard to what you were saying just now, also I have a question, I think. An actual spontaneous question! (Elias and Don laugh) But it’s gone now. Maybe it will come back. (Elias chuckles)

Now I certainly have my judgments around this question, but I’ll ask it anyway. How many famous focuses does Allard have in this dimension?


DON: Six. Do I have some relationship with Charles Bukowski?


DON: Is that a focus of mine?


DON: Ah! Ah! You have made my day! (Elias and Don laugh) All righty then. That wouldn’t make everybody’s day. (Elias and Don laugh)

Well, maybe I’ll go from that to the creation myth that I wrote that just is very small. You may remember in my first session I gave you a platitude and asked you if you would express it to me in terms of least distortion. So, I have a very small creation myth. I wonder if you could find some truth in that, as we speak of truth, and express it to me with least distortion. If the answer is “next question,” that’s fine. (Don laughs) Maybe there is nothing to this but distortion. So, ready?

“All of Consciousness does not know how it came to exist, and because of this, All of Consciousness has a fundamental insecurity – or another way to put it would be an existential discomfort; and this is a truth, then, common to All of Consciousness. And it is (in this creation myth) the fundamental truth of Consciousness. Now, in immediate response (speaking in linear terms) to this, All of Consciousness created three other truths. It created love to provide comfort within this insecurity, to comfort itself. It created action (or becoming) to continually reassure itself of its existence. And it created color (or expressed another way, variety in tone) to provide a distraction and to provide pleasure in light of this existential dilemma. But this fundamental truth still remains, and it is the primary motivator of Consciousness: it still seeks to understand the fundamental dilemma of how it came to exist. The end.” (Pause)

ELIAS: Interesting interpretation. (Pause) I may express to you, this may be a translation in association with what you generate and is known to you within this physical existence, and therefore in association with this physical reality, it may be viewed in this manner.

Now; in association with all of consciousness, not limited to the expressed reality in this physical dimension which incorporates emotion, I may express to you that figuratively speaking, you are somewhat accurate in your assessment that all of consciousness does not know how it came to be and therefore there is a continuous action of exploration of it.

Let me clarify. That is a distortion, for there is no “it.” But in terms of what you associate with in this dimension, and associating that consciousness is an “it,” there is a continuous action of exploration – as I have expressed previously, a type of folding in which is the exploration which creates the expansion. There is a continuous expansion. (Long pause)

Consciousness, as I have stated, figuratively speaking, may not know how it came to be for it never came to be, which I am understanding is a difficult and challenging concept in association with your physical reality, for it is contrary to how you create, in a manner of speaking, within your dimension. For you create manifestations, although you create these manifestations from no thing and create things. That is one function or one exploration of consciousness.

It does not concern in actuality with how it came to be, for this is a moot point, for there has been no beginning point. Therefore, it continually expresses becoming, which is the action of continuous exploration of itself. Once again, this is a distortion, for it is not an “it.” It is an action.

There is no actual manifestation of consciousness outside of expressed physical realities, and those are expressions of explorations in the tremendous expression of creativity of this action, expressing the action in any and all manners that may be possible, which is, in a manner of speaking, never-ending.

DON: Thank you. Yeah, I really run into language problems, I’m very aware. More than language problems, because the language is just reflecting the nature of how I think in this dimension.

ELIAS: Correct. But in association with your physical dimension, I am understanding your analogy and your myth, so to speak, for this is associated with what is known and in alignment with the design of your physical reality, which incorporates emotion. Consciousness itself does not necessarily express emotion outside of physical realities, and there are some physical realities that do not express emotion either. But this is a base element of this particular physical dimension, and therefore there is an automatic association with that expression.

DON: The focus I asked you about in my first session, where I was among golden-webbed beings with humanoid form in some sort of purple translucent ether, my sense is that is a dimension without emotion as a base element, in fact with thought as a base element. Is that correct? (Pause)

ELIAS: Not necessarily thought, but I am understanding your translation of thought, for there is a similar expression which, you are correct, is a base element of that physical reality, and not emotion. But it is not quite the same as your mechanism of thought. It is more of an expression of what you may associate as an inner sense.

DON: Yeah, I can feel what you’re saying...

ELIAS: Similar to what you identify as telepathy, but not quite.

DON: I have a few questions from some other people, so I best get those now. One is from Bridgy, essence name Thelma. Is Antonio Salieri a focus of either Thelma or Demre?


DON: And the same question for focus of Caesar Borgia?

ELIAS: Observing essence, Thelma.

DON: And I have first a statement from Dale, essence name Jene: “I would like to express to you a genuine appreciation for the accomplishing of our agreement.”

ELIAS: Acknowledged.

DON: And a question from her: “I recognize that one of my methods is to eliminate all possible reasons for believing the creation of anything is done by anyone/thing but me, like with my spraying neutered cat and not having an employment to provide me finances, physical adventures, etc. The efficiency of my method strongly appeals to me within my intent in association with my shift, but the trauma I attach to the experience is losing luster. I also recognize my method is quite similar to skipping shells, but I like this also within my intent. Please remind me of a direction of attention I may choose that shall loosen my hold on the trauma I so automatically attach, and offer me an identification of my most familiar automatic response.” (Pause)

ELIAS: To the second statement of the automatic response, I am tremendously encouraging of Jene to be paying attention and offering herself this recognition. If she is so choosing, she may be interactive with myself and I shall be accommodating in helpfulness in exploration of that automatic response in association with its motivations. But it is significant that she as an individual allows herself to recognize what this is – another movement of this shift in becoming aware and familiar with self, which is what we have been speaking about in this time framework in association with your group.

As to the lessening of the individual trauma, this may be accomplished in allowing herself to discontinue forcing energy, paying attention in the now to what she is actually doing, noticing how often what she is doing is almost non-doing, and in this, projecting much energy in spinning wheels. Pay attention to the doing and perception, and create an allowance to be altering perception.

DON: Well, for her, I thank you. I have a question from Keith/Allistar but I’m having a bit of trouble forming it to ask you, so I’ll go on just [unintelligible].

As I was communicating with Sandy/Allesander about the other essences that were involved in this energy exchange, he said that one he felt he’d contacted – that he’s been objectively aware of contacting – is Ruburt, and feels his assistance in helping Sandy/Allesander use his inner senses, I suppose. So firstly, I didn’t ask Sandy about this, so if it’s not intrusive, since I’ve said that, is his impression correct?


DON: Well, after he told me about this, I thought about I would look for myself for Ruburt and I immediately got a fairly strong response as a voice in my head saying, “About fucking time!” (Elias laughs) And I wonder how much of that’s distortion or if that was a pretty clear translation of Ruburt’s energy?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, recognizing that it is a translation, yes, you are correct.

DON: Oh! Okay. (Don and Elias laugh)

Recently I felt myself sending energy to a couple of individuals at different times. While I know we all do this kind of thing all the time, at least my objective awareness of it was different, and it’s a new thing for me. I felt as if energy were actually coming in from outside of me, perhaps in rays around my chest – I’m not certain of that – but I felt the energy in assistance to these other individuals leaving me from my face, very strongly. Something felt strong in there to me. I wonder if you could comment on that. I’ll add that I had this sense that it may be associated with Myranda’s group.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DON: Would you care to comment on that phenomenon of the energy going out my face?

ELIAS: What you have allowed yourself is merely an objective awareness of an action. You are correct.

Individuals, yourself also, project energy continuously. Without thought, you are expressing energy, regardless of physical proximity, to many individuals quite consistently. What you have allowed yourself is an objective experience – in a manner of speaking, slowing time to allow yourself to actually experience the sensations associated with your physical body consciousness, your energy centers, your energy field, and the manner in which you project energy outwardly from yourself into your world, so to speak – which merely offers you more information and familiarity of yourself and your energy. For your energy centers generate this movement of energy in conjunction with each other and, in a manner of speaking, form an energy stream.

Different individuals may express that in different manners associated with different locations of your physical body consciousness, but the action is quite similar in which all of the energy centers collectively align in a stream of energy, which projects outward to your energy field, and from your energy field there is a stream that moves outwardly from yourself. Once moving out from yourself, in a manner of speaking, it fans in an array of directions to be expressed to either specific individuals or to a collective of individuals. At times it is expressed generally, in a direct collective consciousness of your world, so to speak.

DON: Speaking of Myranda’s group... I say “Myranda’s group,” it’s of course all our group...

ELIAS: I understand.

DON: I can’t get myself to say the “Darling Family.” (Elias and Don laugh) They won’t like hearing that.

ELIAS: Ah, yes, Allard darling. Ha ha ha!

DON: I think I’m not pronouncing her name right, so I’ll say Bridgy and Fryolla, and particularly Fryolla, have heard “Allard” an awful lot – heard the word “Allard” spoken either coming out of dreams or during dreams. I don’t think there’s anything more or less to that than a remembrance of the kind of dream activity I think we’re all collectively engaging in that framework. Is that a reasonable statement?


DON: Bridgy did say one thing that struck me. She heard “Allard” mentioned in conjunction with the names of a couple of famous marionettes in Czechoslovakia and Prague in the current timeframe. Her impression was that perhaps one of the puppeteers is a focus of mine. My impression, looking into it, is that I think the focus is a young boy in Prague or a young child about to be born, perhaps not yet here, who saw or will see these marionettes and found that that led into some real insights about the nature of our creating here, how it’s helping him to shift. So do you have any comments on that?

ELIAS: The small boy is correct.

DON: And are the marionettes influential, maybe subjectively at least, to him?

ELIAS: Objectively.

DON: Oh, objectively!

ELIAS: In a reminder of fun! And to continue to be playful, regardless of the associations of what you express as older individuals.

DON: So me, by way of Bridgy, is telling me that. Thank you. (Don and Elias chuckle) Is he already manifest or is he...


DON: the future? Okay.

Well, I’m finally, I think, ready to get to Jungle Jim. I’ll start by telling you my impressions during the first contact that I had with him. By the way, I first contacted him – and my impression is he is a future focus of Allard – when I was reading a book about being in the now. I was just trying to stay aware of that and suddenly became aware of Jungle Jim, the only name I know him by.

My initial impressions were first that he immediately recognized the objective contact from me. He lives in what we would call in this society to be a very primitive fashion. He doesn’t wear clothes, he lives by himself in the tropics on an island or near the ocean, and he’s doing something very specific with all of Allard’s focuses, engaging them somehow.

He has a particular fondness for Allard’s shaman focus a very, very long time ago in terms of time, because of certain similarities in the way they live, I think, and perhaps a better life also, maybe both being nomad. But he’s doing something very specific with Allard’s focuses, his focuses, and he catalogued my contacting him in some – I don’t like to use the word “thought” because of the specific connotations of it as in the group session, but I don’t have a better word – he has these thought-constructs, almost like a technology of thought stuff, and so he catalogued the connection.

Then a couple of days later, this was during the holidays, I hadn’t talked to you objectively for a little while and thought I would try. I was on the airplane and I got a different sense of you than I usually do. You were silent, and if you had eyes that closed, they would have been closed, beaming me in a silent energy of some sort. Then I realized that Jungle Jim was behind you, figuratively, beaming energy to me through you in a very similar sort.

I’d like to go on with some impressions Allesander has and some further impressions of mine about him, but first I’ll stop and ask for your comments so far.

ELIAS: Your objective understanding of the interaction is quite accurate.

DON: I had the sense that he is quite far future, perhaps the farthest future focus of Allard’s in this dimension in terms of linear time.

ELIAS: Yes. It does incorporate quite a fascination in the experimentation. The point being to contact, so to speak, all of his other focuses, but not merely to contact but to experiment with that consciousness and awareness as to whether the other focuses shall incorporate an awareness of that.

DON: Yes.

ELIAS: This is the reason that you have been catalogued, so to speak, for you have responded. (Don chuckles)

DON: I felt, yes, almost as there were a fishing line out there and that I bit and a little bell jingled. Am I right?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

DON: So before I give you Sandy’s impressions, Allesander’s, it reminds me of an associated question. His focuses, Allesander’s focuses, to some extent feel almost as if they were my focuses. They don’t feel like they’re my focuses, but closer than the other essences I’m aware of that Allard’s been part of the fragmentation aspect of.

I’m wondering if this is the nature of this particular fragmentation relationship of Allard and Allesander, or is it because we’ve been directing/observing the same focuses many times, or because I just know him objectively – you know, our focuses know each other. I wonder if you could comment on that?

ELIAS: All of these are factors, but there is a recognition also of similarities of qualities.

As I expressed previously in my explanations of fragmentation, they choose qualities of the fragmenting essence or essences and incorporate those qualities, figuratively speaking, for themselves. Therefore, what is known to the fragmenting essence is also known to the fragmented essence and visa versa.

But you are experimenting objectively with your awareness of different energies, different qualities, different expressions, and this is a factor in your association and your familiarity with that essence.

DON: I ask that because Sandy, or the focus Sandy/Allesander, I think finds it remarkably easy to tune into my focuses. He tuned in or connected with Jungle Jim, and his impressions are that he’s about in the 28th century – I’m getting 2800s, which would be the 29th century, by the way – that he’s on an island north of Australia, the smaller of a pair of islands.

He’s an aboriginal, and his body is quite different than ours. He feels his body temperature is considerably lower than ours is currently and that there’s actually an extra organ in his body. If there is, we’d both like to know what the nature of that organ is. He says language for him or in his culture – although I see him as being alone – is nearly extinct, spoken language, that is. Jungle Jim does not have a need for a spoken language.

Sandy thinks that Jungle Jim recognizes Sandy quite well and that Jungle Jim has interacted also with this group that we are in. So do you have any comments on those impressions?

ELIAS: For the most part the impressions are correct, although I shall amend some of these impressions. Your impression of his solitude is correct, and therefore spoken language is unnecessary for he does not interact with other individuals in physical proximity. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be expressing a spoken language. This is not to say that he is not capable, but that it is merely unnecessary.

As to the physical expression, it may be viewed as slightly different – taller, less muscular, so to speak, not tremendously altered from what you view, but somewhat. As to the association of an additional organ, this is incorrect. In actuality, there is an incorporation of less.

DON: Fewer organs?


DON: What’s missing?

ELIAS: The extensiveness of your digestive system in this time framework is unnecessary and is less within that time framework. The intestinal organs are less extensive, therefore incorporating less energy to be digesting, so to speak. (Pause) Also, protective organs are not necessary, therefore there is no longer any incorporation of appendix, which already is almost obsolete – although it is already being incorporated less and less within physical manifestations of small ones – but in that framework it is historical artifact. (Pause)

There is a larger manifestation of the pineal gland and more of an incorporation of action associated with it, also an enlargement of the pituitary gland. (Long pause) The heart function is stronger, and there is a different incorporation of brain function, for there is an awareness that the brain is not directing you, that it is a physical manifestation that directs or impulses the physical manifestation of the physical body, but not its consciousness. Therefore, there is more of a distinction of the function of the physical brain.

But for the most part, the physical expression is similar to what you express presently.

DON: And is the time frame 2800s?

ELIAS: 28th century.

DON: He actually visited the focus Sandy/Allesander when Sandy was nearly asleep. Sandy’s impression was that it was almost a physical manifestation, just barely the other side of physical.

ELIAS: An apparition.

DON: An impression?

ELIAS: An apparition.

DON: An apparition, yes. He felt him actually walking across the yard, walk into his door and examine, with great curiosity, the objects in the room. In particular, Sandy said he was fascinated with – not fascinated, just amused and fascinated – by the computer, and explored that quite a bit. That’s when Sandy, at first feeling fear, decided to make this two-way and jump into him also. So you are confirming that...


DON: ...I can see.

ELIAS: Yes. Interest is expressed in what you might associate now, in this present time framework, similar to archeological studies.

DON: I was thinking antiques, but yeah, that’s even better. (Laughs) Interesting.

Some other questions about Jungle Jim – I’m quite fascinated by him, but I think I’ll let him go for now. I would like to ask, is that a good name for him, or...?

ELIAS: It is quite adequate.

DON: In fact I got the sense... I don’t know if it was my translation or his, but there was some amusement somewhere on someone’s part, on a play on words with Carl Jung, the name “Jung” and Jungle Jim. Is that...?

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Whose joke was that, his or mine? (Laughs)


DON: Now, I’ve been sitting here and I felt my energy when you were talking about my creation, and I suddenly started shaking and my energy was different. I’ve been sitting here through the whole session trying to frame Keith’s question properly. My energy’s not quite in the right place to do that, so I wonder if you have anything to say to Keith?

ELIAS: That he may present as a question.

DON: Well, he did. (Laughs) I was rephrasing it for him.

ELIAS: Yes, but he may present his own questions.

DON: I see. (Elias laughs) I have about one moment, let me see if I’ve got anything that I’d really like to ask.

One small question – you’ve approximated essence’s tones as a musical note. I’ve been thinking there’s a chord progression that is a fairly good approximation of Allard’s tone. It could be expressed – I’m choosing a key fairly randomly – of A flat minor followed by B flat minor followed by... Let me rephrase that: A flat major followed by B flat major followed by C minor. Would you say that’s a fair approximation of Allard’s tone?

ELIAS: Your second assessment is correct.

DON: That one just gets me. (Elias and Don chuckle) Well, I’ll stop here, Elias. It’s really been fun to talk with you in person.

ELIAS: And we shall continue and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. And as we continue our interactions, now you may visualize my energy!

DON: Yes, much more easily.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I shall continue to be playful with you and encouraging of you. To you, in tremendous affection as always, I bid you au revoir.

DON: Au revoir.

(No departing time)

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