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Friday, February 21, 2003

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ďCreating Scenarios with Other PeopleĒ

ďWhat It Means to Hold a Dream Walker AspectĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jon (Sung) and Erin (Melody).

Elias arrives at 8:00 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ERIN: Good morning.

JON: Good morning. (Elias chuckles; pause) Iím confused a little bit about how we create reality when other people are involved. Iíll just start out with an example and then Iíll just go from there.

ELIAS: Very well!

JON: Letís say Iím driving my car and another driver pulls onto the road in front of me and I have to slow down to accommodate them. So thereís an event. I can see several ways that this event might have come to be.

The first way is through a subjective agreement, like on a subjective level. Out of the beliefs that I hold, I drew this event into my experience. There was like an agreement reached subjectively between me and the other driver to engage this event, kind of in a similar manner mentioned in previous sessions, like a person who is stolen from is attracting the thief and home buyers attracting home sellers, things like that.

The other way I can see of creating this is that I didnít subjectively attract this event to my experience, but the other driver wanted to do this and I just agreed to it in that moment. I maybe lazily copied this event Ė their energy expression of driving out in front of me Ė I copied that and manifested that in my reality. I didnít really project this event with my energy, so itís not really reflecting me.

Then a third way is that they did or did not pull out in front of me in their reality, but regardless I reconfigured their energy expression and manifested them pulling out in front of me with my perception. So I projected this event in my energy and created it, so this event is reflecting me.

I guess first of all, what do you have to say about that? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that it is not necessarily a scenario of choosing one of those types of identifications of how you are creating the event. What I am expressing to you is that it is not a situation in which evaluating how you create your reality may be categorized by one of those scenarios and excluding the other two.

It is dependent upon the moment and what you are generating in the moment, which shall identify what is actually occurring or how you are creating the event. In this example that you offer, it would depend upon what you in the moment are actually generating to identify which scenario applies.

Now; the one scenario that I may express to you would not apply is the second one that you offered.

JON: Thatís the one that Iím actually less interested in.

ELIAS: This implies co-creation, and you do not co-create. Therefore, you do draw to yourself energy expressions of other individuals. You do this purposefully, associated with whatever you yourself are generating in that time framework to reflect to yourself and offer yourself information.

Now; the information that you may be offering to yourself may not necessarily be complicated or intricate, so to speak. It may be an offering to yourself of a simple statement merely to pay attention. But the manner in which you allow yourself to discover what you are offering to yourself is to be paying attention to yourself and evaluating what you are actually engaging, what you are actually doing in the moment, and therefore what information you are offering to yourself. You may evaluate that in genuinely examining what you are actually doing in the moment.

Many times individuals are objectively unaware of what they are actually doing in a particular moment. In this example, it serves quite well as an expression of objectively not necessarily incorporating an awareness of what the individual is actually doing in the moment. For in a scenario such as this, many times individuals may be engaging a thought process which is not associated with the now at all.

As you jog your attention into the now in presenting yourself with a scenario that suddenly moves your attention, were you to be questioned or were you to even question yourself as to what you were actually doing the moment prior to the event, generally speaking you would be hard-pressed to answer that question. For although you may be generating a thought process the moment before the event, your attention is not necessarily concentrated even upon your thought process.

Therefore, you are objectively not aware of what you are doing, quite similar to engaging physical functions Ė as you do continuously in breathing or your heart beating. An aspect of your attention is directed to those functions that they continue, but objectively you are unaware of the action of those functions in every moment. Similarly, you may be moving your attention to your thought process and also not necessarily be objectively aware of what you are doing. This is the expression that I have stated as generating the automatic pilot, in which you are engaging functions but you are not objectively aware of the functions that you are engaging. Thought also is a function.

Now; were you to be genuinely paying attention in the now to yourself in that moment, you would also be offering yourself a recognition of your communications and you would not be expressing confusion as to why that event occurred. Or perhaps, you would not draw that event to you and insert it into your reality, for it may not necessarily be necessary.

JON: When you say that we create what we project in energy, what we project in energy we attract the energy expression of a like nature to that projection and then manifest that?


JON: You say that we generally manifest the energy projection of others without altering or reconfiguring them. So if I see a table, Erin also sees the same table or one that looks very similar.

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: Thatís still reflecting me, because I drew that to me through my projection.

ELIAS: Correct. There are no accidents, and all that you generate is purposeful. There are no coincidences. Therefore, every other individual that you interact with in any capacity, you have drawn that individual to yourself purposefully, regardless of how mundane it may appear to you in the moment.

JON: What if I draw a person to me but they choose not to draw me to them? Would we have totally different experiences, like I would experience interacting with them but they would not experience interacting with me?

ELIAS: Yes, which in actuality DOES occur. You do not offer yourselves evidence of it often, but you do offer yourselves evidence of this type of action periodically to express to yourselves the identification of your perception.

You may actually be physically within the same space arrangement and the same time as another individual and not insert them into your reality through your perception. Therefore, in that moment and in that space, they do not exist within your reality, although they may be actually physically standing right before you.

JON: I was also kind of interested in how, at least to my perception, we all seem to see the same physical objects in the world. Some of them were around before I was born, a lot of them. I imagine there must be some kind of blueprints for these. The energy expression of these objects wasnít necessarily created by me but I use it. Is that true?

ELIAS: Yes and no, for through your perception you are actually creating the objects that are within your reality.

But this is also another evidence to you of the lack of separation, that there is information shared in energy which is not necessarily bound by your individual associations and beliefs with regard to separation, [and] that regardless of your beliefs of separation and singularity, you also continue to express an exchange of energy between you collectively. Therefore, you generate manifestations of objects or even of each other that are almost, not quite, but almost identical.

JON: Letís say I see a chair. The energy expression of this chair Ė not the physical one that I use my perception to create, but the energy expression Ė that would also be not a shared energy expression or not necessarily a shared one that Erin uses to create her chair. We both create different energy expressions, but through the shared information we create them pretty identically.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for you all exist simultaneously and all of the energy that you are projecting is also simultaneous. Therefore, the shared information of the collective is also simultaneous. This is not a separate reality from what you generate, for there is no third reality, so to speak. But there also is no separation in energy expression unless you purposefully generate that in a non-acceptance of an energy projection, which is what we were discussing previously.

Now; that occurs seldomly, for your natural expression is to be, for the most part, continuously open to energy expressions, which quite efficiently allows you the lack of separation, which generates a configuration of energy through your perception to manifest viewing the same environment, the same objects, the same world.

JON: Does this also apply to physical laws like conservation of energy and gravity and things like that?

ELIAS: Yes. It is a collective expression which is generated by individuals. There is no collective without individuals. There may be individuals without the collective, but there is no collective without individuals. Therefore, the energy that is projected by all of the individuals generates a collective which creates manifestations.

JON: What do the Dream Walkers create?

ELIAS: Blueprints and also physical manifestations, but most of what the Dream Walkers generated was the design of this reality. The essences that chose to be physically participating in this physical reality are what generate the physical manifestations of it. For the most part, the Dream Walkers generated or created the design and the blueprint for this physical reality.

JON: So the collective takes that blueprint and uses it as a guide to manifest?

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the point that generates some confusion for many individuals in their exploration of the Dream Walkers and attempting to identify what action was incorporated by the Dream Walkers or what they actually created and in association with different essence families.

In this, the Dream Walkers, as I have stated, for the most part were not responsible for actual physical manifestations. They created the blueprint for the physical manifestations, as some individuals have questioned concerning mountains and seas and creatures. Their association is the concept of these manifestations, inventing, so to speak the idea, in your terms; although in their terms, it was not necessarily an idea, for it was not associated with objective thinking. But even thinking and that function was designed by the Dream Walkers in the blueprint of what would be manifest physically, and all of the expressions associated with physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension.

Subsequent to the creation of the blueprint, other essences chose to participate also, but to actually engage the physical manifestations of those blueprints. The Dream Walkers chose not to be physically participating, for in your terms, figuratively speaking, this was not their intent. Their intent, their preference, their interest, their curiosity was to be inventing, not necessarily engaging.

JON: Do you hold a Dream Walker aspect?


JON: That means you were fragmented from a Dream Walker?

ELIAS: No. Incorporating an aspect of a Dream Walker is not necessarily directly associated with fragmentation.

Now; in a manner of speaking, indirectly it may be figuratively associated with fragmentation. For in the process of fragmentation, an aspect, in a manner of speaking, of an essence may express a desire.

Now; recognize these are figurative terms, for essences and consciousness are not entities; therefore, it is not a thing springing from another thing. But in terms of your reality and your physical understanding, it may be incorporated in your language in this manner, that a desire is generated. That desire chooses different qualities and expressions of the essence and incorporates those qualities into itself as a new essence. Therefore, it may choose to be incorporating a Dream Walker aspect.

Not all essences choose to be incorporating a Dream Walker aspect, and this is not better or worse, more enlightened or less enlightened, so to speak. It is a choice associated with this particular physical dimension. Some essences incorporate more of an interest, so to speak, and appreciation for this particular physical dimension than others, and therefore may be choosing to incorporate a Dream Walker aspect, for this aligns with the essenceís appreciation of this particular physical dimension.

Now; some essences may be participating in this physical dimension, and may even incorporate many focuses of attention in this physical dimension, but do not express the appreciation and the interest in this physical dimension as much as they may other dimensions, and therefore may choose not to be incorporating a Dream Walker aspect, for the essence may be more fascinated with other dimensions and the exploration of them than this one. Are you understanding?

JON: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, the incorporation of a Dream Walker aspect is merely an identification that that particular essence generates a strong interest and appreciation of this particular physical dimension, regardless of whether they incorporate many or few focuses within it.

JON: You donít necessarily have to be fragmented from a Dream Walker in some part of your essence lineage or whatever to hold one?

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: I have just a couple of questions before I turn it over to Erin. Regarding my future focus Jason Mercer, I was trying to connect more with different details about his life, sort of trying to fit it in with other focuses that KC had picked up on, and I kind of got confused. I was wondering if you could tell me what his motherís name is. I think it starts with an L, either Lisa or Lily, but Iím not sure. (Pause)

ELIAS: Your second impression is correct Ė Lillian.

JON: Would this be Lillian Robin? (Pause)


JON: I also thought that he went to the island when he was 17 in the year 2231, I think, but that would kind of put him out of the timeframe of Lily, at least concerning our present understanding of lifespans. Can you tell me when he was born?

ELIAS: Shall you not offer an impression? This is your opportunity to practice.

JON: 2137?

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: (Laughs) So if heís still 17 years old in 2231, does that mean he kind of freezes his age at that time, or does he time travel?

ELIAS: It is a matter of bending time and incorporating it in different manners, which as this shift is accomplished, this action of bending time shall also be expressed much more easily and comprehensively. This is associated also with travel. Are you understanding?

JON: You mean traveling by teleporting? (Pause)

ELIAS: Look to your physics in what they express now in their limited understanding. In this, what would you express that would alter time? What action theoretically would you engage in your understanding now that would stop time?

JON: It would be traveling at the speed of light.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; this is your understanding now in association with your sciences. This concept is being refined, and the actual action of accomplishing that type of movement is closer than it appears, which allows you to bend time and to be in different time frameworks simultaneously. You are moving closer and closer to that action objectively as you continue within this shift.

Now; in a manner of speaking, you may view your actions presently in investigating other focuses Ė generally, past focuses Ė as a beginning step in that direction, for you are already moving in the direction of merging your individual attentions with other attentions of yourself as other focuses. This, in a manner of speaking, is a type of precursor to the types of movements that you shall be creating in association with this shift.

JON: Is it possible to bend time to... I guess youíve already told me it is possible to move backwards through time.


JON: How come we donít see people from the future walking around? Is it just because we donít accept that, so we donít create that with our perception?

ELIAS: Partially. It is associated with your beliefs. In this, it is much easier for any of you to be projecting to a past focus and even allowing yourself to experience being that past focus, for in association with your beliefs, that has already been created. This is associated with your beliefs concerning time and the linear configuration of it in your physical reality.

In this, your beliefs generate a strong influence of your perception concerning future, future manifestations, future events. They have not occurred yet in your perception and associated with your beliefs. But also in association with your beliefs, past events or manifestations have already been created; therefore, they are accessible. But it is much more challenging to access some expression that you believe has not been created yet.

In actuality, as I have stated, it is all simultaneous and it is merely a matter of mastering the present, in a manner of speaking, for this is what generates ALL of your manifestations past OR future. (Pause)

JON: How is it that we look at people that existed in the past and we agree on all the choices they made through their life? We sort of settle on one probable lifetime that they experienced.

ELIAS: This is the expression of the lack of separation in the collective energy, of which we were discussing previously in relation to your objects and the reason that you create an object within your reality through your perception and all of the other individuals that interact within your reality or your space arrangement shall also view the same object. For you are sharing an energy that you are projecting outward, and you are all manifesting the same expression. You do this in association with individuals, also.

JON: How is it decided which probable version of a person that we choose to accept as their official history? Is it generally the one that they prefer the most?

ELIAS: It is in association with their energy projection, just as with yourself. You are generating choices individually within your focus. You generate a specific movement and direction, and this is the energy that you project outward and that is received by the collective.

In this, as I have stated, generally speaking, with few exceptions you all generate a configuration of the energy that is projected in almost an identical fashion to that which has been projected. You do not alter the energy projection.

JON: But thereís many different energy projections coming from each of the probable meís.

ELIAS: Correct, but you choose which shall be inserted into this reality, and that is the you that is accepted by the collective expression also.

JON: Out of curiosity, at least at this point in time, would my essence choose to insert me as my probable life into history, or is there another one that it prefers?

ELIAS: In this present now, no.

JON: What does ďnoĒ mean?

ELIAS: In this present now, this you is not generating an energy projection of being inserted, so to speak, into history. But as I have stated, all of your past and all of your future is also generated now. Therefore, in any now moment you also may alter that and generate a different choice. But in this present now, no, you are not projecting that type of energy, which is evident.

JON: How is it evident?

ELIAS: By your now. Are you expressing in this now, in this time framework, actions and energy which generate a type of notoriety in which you are creating an event or an expression that shall be noted in history?

JON: No, but there are a lot of people that... I didnít assume that I would be... To be noted in history, you donít have to be famous.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding. (Chuckles) Let me express to you an example. You in this present time framework interact with Michael, correct? In this present time framework, Michael IS generating an expression of energy outwardly which IS creating that type of expression.

Now; you do not view Michael to be incorporating fame, correct? But the actions that are being incorporated and the energy projection which is being expressed by Michael in this present time framework IS generating that action. (Pause)

JON: On a related note, would it be similar to which probable version of people I choose to interact with? I guess I donít interact with more than one different probable version because I believe that thatís not how it works, but otherwise I could interact with several probable versions of anyone. Is that true?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JON: One other focus impression I was curious about is a future focus of mine. Heís an instructor, maybe on the island. Heís got a name of Thomas, but there might be other names for him. He starts in the 2450s, I think. Heís pretty wide, I think, and works on projects involving bridges with this dimension with other ones.

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: Cool. (Elias laughs) I have asthma, and Iím trying to understand what... Sometimes I can see I get it when Iím feeling sort of constricted or confined or uncomfortable, but a lot of times I get it normally if itís cold outside and Iím doing exercise and breathing a lot. I canít figure out what that would be symbolizing with me, to try and work through that to not incorporate asthma any longer.

ELIAS: Pay attention to your preferences, my friend. For in your expression, this is closely associated with preferences or what are not your preferences. In moments that you engage activities or environments that are not in alignment with your preferences, you generate this manifestation.

As I have stated many times, individuals may choose to be incorporating similar manifestations, but each individual generates them in association with their own reasons. In this, you are correct that at times you may be generating that manifestation in association with restriction, but you do not incorporate that action as much as perhaps another individual may.

Generally, you incorporate this particular manifestation of dis-ease in association with expressions that are not preferred. This may be associated with many different types of manifestations and your environment also.

JON: Yes, that makes sense.

ELIAS: Therefore, in paying attention to your preferences and not forcing your energy to be incorporating expressions that are not associated with your preferences, you may also discontinue many of these expressions of this particular manifestation. In a manner of speaking, it is a signal to yourself.

JON: If I recognize the signal, would that dissipate it as well because itís no longer necessary to get my attention?

ELIAS: Partially, but this is dependent upon whether you recognize the signal and continue to engage what is not your preference, rather than offering yourself permission to express your preference.

JON: I think weíre about out of time now. Just really quick, do I have a focus that is associated with Vlad the Impaler? (Pause)

ELIAS: Associated, and you may continue your investigation!

JON: I will. (Both laugh) Well, thanks a lot.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next discussion and also interaction with the wee one! (Erin cracks up)

JON: Iíll try and get her her own session, I guess.

ELIAS: And we shall be continuing! (Laughs) To you both in tremendous affection as always, my friends, au revoir.

JON: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:01 AM.

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