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Friday, June 20, 2003

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“Conflict from Comparison and Expectations of Self”

“The Belief that with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Peter (Stefan).

Elias arrives at 8:07 AM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PETER: Hello? (Elias laughs) How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PETER: I’m fine. I’d like to start off by asking what my essence name is.

ELIAS: Essence name, Stefan, S-T-E-F-A-N (stef FAHN).

PETER: And my essence family?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PETER: Of my essence family?


PETER: Ah. I’m not really good at those. Let me guess. The last I looked at it, I thought it could be two. There was Sumafi... And I can’t recall the other one that I’m thinking of!

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are correct, you are belonging to the essence family of Sumafi; aligning in this focus, Sumari.

PETER: Interesting combination! And my orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

PETER: That surprises me. I thought I might be soft. (Elias chuckles) Can I ask for my wife Leah’s essence name and family, etcetera?

ELIAS: Essence name, Myha, M-Y-H-A (MY uh).

PETER: And family?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PETER: I don’t know. I really don’t know what family she would be.

ELIAS: Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Milumet.

PETER: And orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

PETER: With that out of the way, I wanted to ask you, in certain circumstances I get a strong sweat reaction in my body. My impression of that is it relates to an element of discounting, a fear of self and not being good enough, or being shown up to be something that I am not. I wanted to know if you could help me on that or what’s going on in that.

ELIAS: Your impression is correct, although it is also general.

Now; what do you recognize in association with that fear [that] would be more specific in identifying what is influencing this manifestation or your response?

PETER: I suspect that it relates to an inherent sense of conflict in my life, that I have a sense of being expected to be one thing or needing to be conforming to be one thing, but feeling that my purpose, my intent in this life is unrelated to those things expected of me.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct. This is specifically associated with comparison and not allowing yourself a free flow of your energy, but generating comparisons of yourself and your expectation of yourself to be expressing in certain manners which are not necessarily compatible, so to speak, with your natural flow of energy.

In this, this influence of comparison can be quite strongly affecting, for it is not merely a comparison with outside expressions or your ideal, so to speak, of how you should be expressing yourself and the behaviors that you should be displaying, but you are also comparing yourself with yourself in what is better and what is worse.

PETER: So this is a hang-up or a focus on... As an element of my expression of duality, I’ve retained this need to set myself benchmarks for better and worse.


PETER: Interesting. What do I do to ease this conflict?

ELIAS: Pay attention to your signals, for you do offer yourself signals in moments in which you are generating expectations of yourself.

Now; in this, as you pay attention to these signals, allow yourself momentarily to stop and evaluate, not analyze but simply evaluate in the moment what YOU want to be expressing – not what you expect of yourself and not what you are creating judgment of yourself, but move your attention to what you actually want to be expressing in the moment. Recognize your hesitation.

As you generate that type of action, you may more easily allow yourself the choice to be generating a free expression of yourself in the manner that you want rather than generating automatic responses in that hesitation. The automatic responses are what generate the conflict.

PETER: In exploring this issue previously, I came up with a pre-birth experience, an in-the-womb experience of an expectation of my mother of me being a girl or her desire for a girl, or at least my perception thereof and my purpose to be... (Phone beeps) Hello?


PETER: Sorry. Is that just an example of this same issue of my self-expression of conflict?


Now; this may be an example to you of what is actually being generated.

Now; this is associated with projection of attention outside of yourself and concerning yourself with the perceptions of other individuals. This is also an example of how you are manifesting in this physical reality with all of the belief systems and all of the beliefs contained within them already in place, so to speak.

You do not acquire beliefs. Once you choose to be manifest within this physical dimension, you immediately assume all of the beliefs, and they are influencing – those that are expressed – from the moment that the essence is fully assimilated into the physical manifestation, which may be, and for the most part is, within the time framework in which the manifestation is within the womb, so to speak.

Now; this offers you a clear example of automatic expressions associated with your orientation. For, it is a natural expression for individuals incorporating the orientation of common to be projecting outwardly, but it is also a natural expression to be simultaneously paying attention to self. But in association with beliefs and the expression of projecting attention outwardly, this becomes confused with individuals of this orientation. Therefore, there is an expression of conflict many times, for it is more difficultly expressed to be paying attention to self and also be projecting attention outwardly, for individuals of the common orientation present themselves with their imagery through outward projection of attention.

Now; in association with beliefs, that may become confused for the individual may continue to hold their attention outside of themselves and concern themselves with the choices and expressions of other individuals, thereby confusing them with their own expressions and their own natural flow – which is what you have created – assuming the perceptions and the wants of other individuals and turning those expressions to your own expectation of yourself, and therefore discounting yourself if you are not expressing in compliance with the wants of other individuals, which become your expectations of yourself. Are you understanding?

PETER: Yes, I think so. That in itself seems to be a very common thread certainly in my life, and I imagine, in many others.

ELIAS: Yes, which, as I have stated previously, is the reason that there may be such trauma associated with this Shift, for most individuals do incorporate the orientation of common. Therefore, this particular action of generating conflict and confusion in association with your natural flow and your natural expression of projecting outwardly is expressed by many, many, many individuals, and therefore creates tremendous potential to be generating trauma in association with shifting.

PETER: I want to ask you about what I call certain high intensity events that I’ve (phone beeps and obscures audio) in the last few years in my life. I’ll mention a few examples: the attempted bully on the beach in Bali, my bike incident on my Avatar course, the incident on the beach in the Lindeman Island holiday, my remembering in my Avatar course – a number of events that had the quality of a very strong high intensity. My question around this is why do I choose to create those events at those times with what strikes me as such high intensity or change or shift? Is that a signal to me of some branch of probabilities that I’m choosing there? It’s the intensity that I find fascinating of the creation that I’m doing there.

ELIAS: I may express to you, first of all, yes, in these time frameworks you do generate other probable realities and other probable selves. But within YOUR focus, in association with you individually, you also generate these types of experiences for they offer an extreme, and that extreme generates a particular type of experience – you are correct – in intensity. But it also offers you the opportunity to be experiencing certain expressions within your focus in an extreme manner that holds your attention and also, in a manner of speaking, allows you to experience a specific type of excitement – not necessarily pleasant entirely at times, but it matters not; it is an expression of excitement.

Now; what you may begin to allow yourself to recognize as you present these types of experiences to yourself futurely – for this is a type of fascination within your focus individually – as you generate these types of experiences futurely, you may allow yourself to alter your perception and genuinely pay attention to how you are manipulating energy. In that expression, you may begin a new type of exploration of these extreme experiences, which may actually be quite an expression of fun, for you may allow yourself to play with your manipulation of energy and how you may generate certain expressions if you are paying attention to yourself, in which you may actually manipulate the energy to generate outcomes that you want even within the intensity.

PETER: In some other words, one could say these events represent my example of myself being a bit of a drama queen in my creation, but a good opportunity for creative manipulation, nonetheless. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct, and to offer yourself the opportunity to play with reconfiguring energies.

PETER: I wanted to turn now to a couple of specific events. A couple of weeks ago I had an incident that involved some ill health – minor ill health but ill health, nonetheless. I connected an element of it to I happened to be up on my roof attending to some repairs and I was taken by the view and the perspective of my position on the roof and was very much filled with an enjoyment of it. But I sensed that there was a fundamental sense of conflict in me, which I believe led me into this element of ill health. Can you help me on that?

ELIAS: Now; express to myself what you identify and what your impressions are in association with what you actually created.

PETER: To me, there were two elements. There was a sense of power or a position of perhaps control or perspective that I wished and I enjoyed. However, at the same time, the very reason I was up there was in relation to continued and current problems in relation to the roof of my house – that obviously being a very strong symbol – and my sense of burden of having to be the one who’s responsible to have to fix the problems, etcetera. To me that was the core conflict and why I then created what seemed to be a combination of physical congestion and mucous in the upper respiratory area. I’m not sure why that exact creation.

I know one other thing, though – during the period of sickness, I quite enjoyed the time off. So I presume there must be an element of enjoying taking the time off and taking the opportunity of being moderately ill, moving in and out of alternate conscious awareness.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let us examine this scenario more specifically, and you may view that what you have created is in actuality quite obvious. You have presented yourself with an experience and you have offered yourself considerable information, which I am acknowledging of you in your evaluation of what you have created.

In this, you offer yourself the experience of the expansiveness and the powerfulness, which is actually imagery that you presented to yourself in relation to yourself and your own energy – this being what you are. But there is a strong association with the belief that with great power comes great responsibility. Therefore, you also present to yourself the imagery of the roof and the fixing or the caring for.

In this, you subsequently present yourself with the manifestation of an illness which incorporates congestion – which is what? Restriction. The comfort is expressed in the restriction, for this also is associated with that same belief “with great responsibility there is also great power.” But if you are expressing the weakness, you also are not expected to express the responsibility. Therefore, you generate an illness that creates restriction.

This belief is very influencing within you. This one belief influences many, many, many of your expectations of yourself and many manifestations that you create, many of your restrictions that you incorporate in relation to yourself in many directions. This is the identification of the belief that we began this discussion with.

Now; in this, let me express to you, identifying one expressed belief and all of its influences may be quite liberating. For as you begin to recognize the actual expressed belief that you incorporate and you allow yourself to view all of its influences in all of their many, many forms and directions, you begin to recognize that this is not a truth, it is not an absolute, and therefore you may allow yourself choices rather than merely automatic responses. This is significant, my friend.

In this time framework, you are all participating in a wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of truth. In this, you each incorporate your own truths that you deem to be truths that are not truths; they are beliefs. But they have been set in such absoluteness within each of you that you do not view them as beliefs, and your response to them is so automatic and so often and so diversely expressed, that these are elements of yourself that you view as an expression of “it merely is, this is what it is, it is not a belief; it merely is.”

It is quite significant in shifting to allow yourself to identify these expressed beliefs and recognize all of their influences. For the point of your liberation and the point of your power is in recognizing what you incorporate as expressed beliefs, and therefore also recognizing that there are numberless beliefs contained within each belief system and they are all available to you. You merely express a few beliefs associated with each belief system, but there are countless that are available to you, which allows you to alter your perception, and the alteration of your perception is what alters your actual physical reality.

PETER: The example I gave to myself shortly after the September 11 event, my children’s toy with many colored magnetic balls and the way that toy impacted me in terms of the expression of beliefs and the polarization of beliefs, was that a creation to show myself that same message?

ELIAS: Yes, to allow yourself to genuinely begin to assimilate this information concerning beliefs and how one belief may be so very influencing in so many different directions but how that is not actually an absolute, and that you do incorporate the ability to manipulate your attention in a manner in which although the belief remains a belief and it may even remain as an expressed belief, you may incorporate choice in a manner in which that belief becomes neutralized. It is not eliminated and it may continue to be expressed in some manners, but you may choose what manners you wish to be expressing it.

PETER: As an example of part of that process, with respect to one belief, sensing different aspects of that belief across a spectrum of what might externally be perceived as the good side and the bad side of that belief?

ELIAS: Yes, recognizing that the good side or the bad side is an expression of your individual preferences, which are preferred beliefs, and that you recognize it is associated with your perception individually and is not an absolute. Therefore, you may assess what you deem to be the good side or the bad side of the belief and choose what you wish to be or what you prefer to be expressing in association with it, and also know that other individuals may express that belief also but their perception of it may be quite different and their expression of it may be quite different, therefore eliminating the judgment of it and allowing yourself the choice of how you wish to be expressing a belief in a manner in which it offers you no conflict.

PETER: As an example where this part wasn’t fired and rather significant conflict arose, about two weeks ago I had what I refer to myself as “angry Monday,” in which I had a lot of conflict with my children, and my wife also found me quite an unpalatable character that day. Again, my sense was that this arose in relation to my beliefs of my role as a father and my responsibility to manage and be responsible for the behavior of my children. Stepping away from it, of course, that is impossible – their lives and their behaviors are their creations. But nonetheless, I was caught up and driven in automatic response by that belief.

ELIAS: Yes, the same belief. Do you view how many influences this one belief expresses in association with you and your perception?

PETER: Yes. Is that a function of something I chose to create in this focus, or is it a dynamic of... I’m fascinated by why I should choose that particular blind spot in this focus.

ELIAS: Ah, but it is not a blind spot; it is an expressed belief. What your blind spot is is not paying attention to it and merely moving into automatic responses.

Now; this is also associated with this belief, in that you discount yourself and you do not allow yourself to view your actual ability to be manipulating energy and configuring it in a different manner. The reason that you incorporate difficulty in that action is that you are so very accustomed to projecting your attention outside of yourself and holding it there, concerning yourself with the choices and the behaviors and the expressions of other individuals.

Now; let me be clear. There is quite a difference between an expression of caring and an expression of concern. In concerning yourself with the choices and expressions and behaviors of other individuals, you move your attention to them and you do not pay attention to what YOU are doing or what you are expressing or what is motivating your expression, for your attention is occupied with the expressions of other individuals. This is the point in which you actually discount your power, for in your terms you are no longer in control of what you are expressing. You are allowing yourself to be dictated to.

Now; surfacely it may appear that you are the individual that is generating the dictating. But in actuality, were you not allowing other individuals to dictate your choices, you would not be responding in anger or conflict or defensiveness or disappointment, for you would be directing yourself.

PETER: Aside from that particular belief about responsibility and power, are there other significant beliefs in particular that are strongly affecting me in limiting my ability to liberate and be liberal with my use of energy?

ELIAS: Yes. You incorporate a strongly expressed belief concerning relationships, that relationships should be expressed in certain manners, configured in certain manners dependent upon what type of classification of relationship it is. Therefore, there are two actual beliefs in play concerning relationships – one, that there are specific categories of relationships, and the other, that each relationship should be expressed in a particular configuration.

Now; let me also offer a suggestion, my friend. You may create overwhelming yourself if you are attempting to be examining many beliefs simultaneously. My suggestion is that you allow yourself to concentrate your attention and your examination of this one belief concerning power and responsibility, for this is one of the most strongly expressed beliefs that you incorporate and it is affecting of every direction that you move within in your focus. That may be in itself enough to be examining in one time framework. Ha ha!

PETER: (Laughs) God, I’ve built up some pretty big roadblocks there!

ELIAS: (Laughs) My suggestion is that you do not intentionally overwhelm yourself! Ha ha ha!

PETER: I’d like to now just move on to a query in relation to my draw and my interest in the Seth Material, my now moving into an interest in the material and the transcripts of your sessions, but in particular my experiences with the Avatar training mechanisms and my duel of, on one side, attraction to it, and on the other side, ambivalence towards it because of concerns about characters of cultishness within the whole Avatar network. Is there some information you can offer me on that?

ELIAS: And what specifically is your question in relation to this evaluation that you have incorporated?

PETER: I guess the question is, I query of myself is it a justified concern that I have, or is it merely a reflection of a fear of moving from what my own expectations of what I should be and my life should be? Those symbols I see within those who get fully involved in that framework of the Avatar network represent to me a feared movement away from expectations I have of myself, my life and who I should be and what I need to be – father, husband, son, professional, etcetera.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Let me clarify with you that this is associated with your preferences, my friend. You incorporate your preferences in relation to how you wish to be expressing within your focus and the movements that you choose to be incorporating. This is what we were discussing previously in generating expectations of yourself which may be contrary to your natural movement.

Other individuals may move in a direction of what they believe to be, in their truths, their own spiritual expressions. This is not to say that they are absolutes, either; they are not. They are the preferences of other individuals, which you perceive to be in some respects cultish. With other individuals, they may not perceive in this manner, or they may perceive in this manner and they may generate a preference to be expressing in association with what you define as a cult.

You do not incorporate a preference to move in that direction. You may be offering yourself information and assimilating the information in many different directions, choosing what rings within you, and allowing yourself to incorporate that knowing that that is your preference and knowing that it is an expression of your own free flow. (Pause)

PETER: I’m sorry. You dropped out on me. Hello?


PETER: Oh, sorry. Given the short amount of time left, the one topic that I wrote down for myself that I haven’t asked you is my focus in my life and my perception in relation to money issues and all the things, I guess, that go with a lot of people in Western cultures: beliefs about need for more, fears of lack, beliefs in limitation and scarcity, and again this issue of perceived roles and responsibilities in life, etcetera.

The question I really have, though, is it strikes me when I seek to sense what is my purpose, why am I here, what am I fundamentally seeking to express in this focus, what comes up to me is it’s about expressing what is value. The money fascination and all the issues surrounding it is perhaps a translation or an expression or perhaps somewhat distorted, but nonetheless some form of expression about or seeking to identify what is value and the creation of value. Am I on the right track here?

ELIAS: Yes, yes. I may also express to you, this is another area in which that one belief is very affecting. For if you are generating more money, you also automatically associate that that shall generate an expectation of more responsibility, and how to juggle the increase in responsibility with what you want in freedom.

Now; recognizing these influences allows you to genuinely view and evaluate and inform yourself that this is not an absolute; it is not a truth. You may create more money and not assume more responsibility. You are not responsible for all that is generated within your world. You are responsible for what you create. You are responsible for you, which is enough. (Chuckles)

PETER: Thank you very much. I think our time is just about there. As a closing note, the color blue has been of some awareness to me in the past few days.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Ah, so you ARE paying attention!

PETER: Well, at least sometimes! (Both laugh) So I’ll look out for it again. I thank you very much for your time, whatever that means to you!

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. In the interim time framework, in your terms (laughs), I shall be offering my energy to you. I shall also offer you one last suggestion, that you attempt to incorporate more playfulness. (Chuckles)

PETER: Ah, yes. Well, that could be a topic for a whole ‘nother session!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am QUITE aware!

PETER: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. In tremendous affection and great fondness to you...

PETER: Thanks. Be well.

ELIAS: revoir.

Elias departs at 9:03 AM.

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