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Thursday, July 03, 2003

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“Your Purpose Is to be Exploring”

“Is There a Lesson in Alcoholism?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Pam (Kalinda).

Elias arrives at 10:10 AM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAM: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PAM: Doing great, thanks. (Elias chuckles) Good to talk to you!

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

PAM: I have a short list of people that I would like to know the essence name, essence family, alignment, orientation type things.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAM: First for myself.

ELIAS: Essence name, Kalinda, K-A-L-I-N-D-A (kah LIN duh). And your impression as to essence families?

PAM: I think Sumari.

ELIAS: And the alignment?

PAM: I’m trying to remember. Tumold, I think.

ELIAS: Correct. And your impression as to your orientation?

PAM: I don’t know.

ELIAS: Common. (Chuckles)

PAM: How many focuses do I have at this time?

ELIAS: In this time framework or within this dimension?

PAM: Let’s do both.

ELIAS: Very well. Within this time framework, five. Total numbering within this dimension, 741.

PAM: Whoa! I must be a slow learner! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Not at all!

(Omitted by request)

PAM: This person has come into my life recently and I was wondering what the significance of that is. Is it done, are we through?

ELIAS: And what do you assess in this situation?

PAM: I think there were some significant lessons that we probably both have gotten with our relationship at this time, but it seems to be waning. I just wondered if there was more to work out or is it time to let it go?

ELIAS: I may express to you, it is not a matter of what you term to be “working out,” but rather your choices for experiences. Whether you choose to engage continuation would be your choice. But in assessing the energy that you are projecting in association with this individual presently, it appears that your choice is not necessarily to be continuing, is it?

PAM: No, it’s not. (Both laugh)

I seem to have some psychic sensitivity. I’m wondering, do we bring this with us into each of our focuses, or is that pertinent to this particular focus?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, every focus of an essence incorporates the same abilities. You all incorporate abilities to be expressing inner senses which allow you what you term to be psychic abilities.

Now; whether you choose in any particular focus to be engaging those abilities and using them, so to speak, is the choice of the individual focus. In this focus, you choose to be paying attention to those abilities and using them in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness, for this allows you to be communicating and engaging language in other manners than merely what may be spoken or what may be expressed in action. Are you understanding?

PAM: Yes. (Pause) I’ve got it. I’m writing notes down! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well.

PAM: I was in a car accident, as I’m sure you know, four years ago. What did I set myself up to learn from that, and what is my progress?

ELIAS: And what do you view?

PAM: I think there were a lot of lessons involved in that.

ELIAS: Such as? What would you express that you view as the most significant awareness that you have incorporated in generating that experience?

PAM: I think I got rid of some, probably not all, of my desire to please other people and close in on what I’m here to do.

ELIAS: And what do you assess is what you identify as what you are here to do? (Chuckles)

PAM: Good question! (Both laugh) I think I am to help other people find a better quality of life and a more spiritual approach to life through music.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAM: Am I on the right track?

ELIAS: Possibly. I may express to you that this may be a natural by-product of your own exploration within yourself, allowing yourself to express more freely and to express yourself in association with your preferences and not hindering yourself. In that action, a by-product of your expression may be what you term to be helpful to other individuals but not in instruction – in example.

PAM: What am I here for, then?

ELIAS: To experience. (Laughs)

PAM: I knew that! (Both laugh) Do I have a mission as far as other people while I’m here?

ELIAS: Do you incorporate a mission? No. Do any of you incorporate a mission? No. Do you incorporate purpose? Yes. In this, your purpose is to be exploring within this physical manifestation in association with your individual intent in this focus and to be expanding your awareness and moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Now; that movement is to be becoming much more intimately aware of yourself and your beliefs and what motivates your choices, therefore allowing yourself to move into an objective awareness of your expressions and generating intentional direction to be creating what you want. In that action, you generate an example to other individuals, and that is affecting in the collective expression of consciousness.

But what is most significant is that you recognize that your direction is associated with your preferences and that your direction may be preferable to you but not necessarily to other individuals. Therefore, there is no need for instruction in association with other individuals. Other individuals of like mind, so to speak, shall be drawn to you and you shall draw yourself to them to share experiences, therefore offering each other what you may term to be a helpfulness in your explorations.

Now; let me also express to you, presently – as you may be aware – you are engaging, in conjunction with every other individual within your reality presently, a new wave in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of truth. You may be aware already that you are beginning to address to your own truths presently. Each individual is presenting to themselves some belief which has become their individual truth.

Truths within your physical dimension are not actually truths, but what they are are your most strongly expressed beliefs which have become absolutes. Therefore, they are not even viewed as being beliefs; they are viewed as facts and that they merely are. Therefore, they are unquestioned.

This is significant, for this wave may offer you your most empowering and freeing action as you begin to realistically and genuinely understand that all that you express within your reality is influenced by beliefs and not necessarily truth. But it matters not, for your truth is associated with your preferences.

Preferences are preferred beliefs. In this, they are not good or bad, but you may assess them to be good within your own perception. Therefore, in association with yourself, they may be what you assess to be good, but the judgment is eliminated in recognizing that they are not absolutes. Therefore, if other individuals express differently from yourself, you recognize that your expressions may be associated with your truths, but as they are not absolutes, there is no need for judgment in association with differences. Are you understanding?

PAM: Very much. This has been an issue. My head knows this, but sometimes I have trouble remembering to apply it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You and many, many other individuals, my friend!

PAM: I guess there’s some comfort in that! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: This is an unfamiliar action. Therefore, do not discount yourself or express judgment upon yourself in recognizing that you may be experiencing some challenge in expressing this, for this is very unfamiliar. In actuality, I may express to you, the mere idea that there are not two separate expressions, one being beliefs and one being truths, within your physical reality is in itself quite unfamiliar.

PAM: An unfamiliar concept.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And remember, concepts are merely that, concepts. Until the point in which you offer yourself an experience in association with the concept, it remains concept and not reality. Experience is what moves information into reality.

PAM: Very nice. I’m writing that one down, too. (Elias chuckles) You spoke earlier that instruction is not the goal...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: ...of my time here in this focus. I have a studio that I’ve been using for that purpose, to instruct and to pass the torch, so to speak, and I need to do a lot of thinking about that and processing what you told me. Is this music studio that is here, where we teach all ages, is this where I’m supposed to or where I need to be focusing my attention, or should I steer myself a different way?

ELIAS: No, do not misunderstand. It is not a matter of whether you are supposed to be engaging specific actions in specific locations. It is a matter of recognizing what you value and what you want to be expressing, allowing yourself the freedom to engage that, and in that merely altering your perception slightly. Rather than viewing yourself as instructing other individuals – which ultimately is a discounting of them and a discounting of yourself – but rather allow yourself to continue to freely express yourself in exchange with other individuals, recognizing that you are sharing experiences.

You are not actually instructing other individuals. Other individuals draw themselves to your company to be sharing experiences with you. In that, they are generating their own information. You are interactive in a sharing capacity, which is quite beneficial. For as you share with each other, you generate an openness in energy, which thusly allows each of you to assess and to recognize objectively more of your own information, for it allows you to observe each other’s experiences and therefore observe different perceptions. You each engage this action purposefully to allow yourselves widening your awareness of yourselves.

PAM: That’s great! I believe that’s the key I’ve been looking for all along! (Elias laughs)

I have questions about family members who are not in this focus anymore; they have passed on. I’m wondering if these names that I know from my ancestors are present in this focus with me now.

ELIAS: Let me offer an explanation, first of all. Individual manifestations that you recognize as what you term to be an individual person, those focuses upon the choice of disengagement do not refocus within this physical dimension.

Now; this is associated with your beliefs concerning reincarnation. That is a belief which offers you an explanation of many focuses of attention, but it is also associated with your configuration of linear time, which is also associated with beliefs.

Now; in this, if you are speaking of an essence being focused within your time framework and that individual was a focus of attention which was manifest within your physical dimension, I may respond to you, yes, there is another focus of attention of that essence within your time framework. But as to that particular focus of attention, no, for this would be redundant and quite unnecessary. Essences focus all of their attentions simultaneously within your physical dimension. Therefore, they are all present, but not one attention being present in many different time frameworks. Are you understanding?

PAM: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: Now; in this, recognize you have set forth inquiries concerning how many focuses you engage in this physical dimension and how many you share with certain other individuals. Notice the difference in the numbering of how many focuses you incorporate within this physical dimension and how many are shared with individuals that you objectively know and engage in relationship with now. There is a significant difference.

In this, I may express to you, yes, you do manifest in groups. Essences do generally group themselves together and generate many focuses together in capacities of relationships of many varying types. But they also may be manifest within the same time frameworks in different focuses and not be interactive with each other, and perhaps not even objectively meet each other in certain focuses.

(Omitted by request)

PAM: We have a discussion group that meets and we talk about the shift in consciousness. Is our purpose in this group – and I’m thinking that you’ve already told me the answer to this – the same thing that you told me about my purpose individually or my reason for being here, that to experience would be the purpose of the group also? Is that correct?

ELIAS: Sharing experiences and offering yourselves information through that action of sharing and also facilitating an action of widening your awarenesses collectively in association with this shift – what this generates is a pooling of energy, which facilitates more of an ease in your movement in shifting.

PAM: Makes sense. Are we counterparts to one another in there? Do we have counterparts present within that group?

ELIAS: Some, yes.

(Omitted by request)

PAM: The Sumari alignment – does that seem to be a common thread with groups like this? Does that show up often?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individuals that draw themselves together.

PAM: Let me ask you one more question, I believe. On the subject of alcoholism, the experiences that an essence has chosen to experience with the disease of alcoholism... I’m trying to phrase this exactly the way I want to phrase it. What are the lessons? Are they the same lessons for everyone, or is that a very individual type thing?

ELIAS: I would be reluctant to express a response to you in association with lessons. In this, each individual may choose how they shall be interactive with this particular substance and to what purpose. I may express to you that your identification of the dis-ease of alcoholism is in itself a belief.

Now; it is dependent upon the individual and what they express in association with this belief, whether they choose to be expressing this belief that if you are consuming this substance in quantity you shall be generating a dis-ease. In this, I may express to you that those individuals that express that belief strongly do generate actual physical affectingness, but this also is a choice and is purposeful. They are not broken; they need not be fixed. They are choosing their experiences. Regardless of whether YOU view their experiences to be bad or unhealthy or not, they are choosing their experiences.

Now; this once again is an element that may be addressed to in association with this wave addressing to the belief system of truth. For within your beliefs, alcoholism has become one of your truths, an absolute. It is not a belief in your association; it merely is. It is a dis-ease, which you view as an absolute. I may express to you, it is not an absolute. It is a belief – a strongly expressed belief, but no less a belief.

In this, I may express to you quite genuinely, the substance of alcohol itself or any other substance that you generate within your physical reality in themselves are neutral and incorporate actually no physical affectingness in themselves. It is merely your beliefs that generate the physical affectingness, and this is the reason that the physical affectingness may be experienced in many varying degrees dependent upon the individual’s expressed belief in association with the substance. Some individuals may consume great quantities of this substance and display no physical affectingness. Other individuals may display severe physical affectingness. This is dependent upon the expressed beliefs of the individual.

But regardless of each individual’s expressed beliefs and regardless of each individual’s choice in association with the substance, what is significant to pay attention to is what YOUR beliefs are and how they influence you – how they influence you in your interactions with other individuals, how they influence your judgments in association with the substance itself, or with how you view individuals should or should not be engaging that substance and how that affects your association with other individuals.

This is significant, for generally speaking, in association with each of you and your truths, they are quite strongly expressed and there are strong judgments associated with them. Actions that you choose not to engage you also generate an absolute association with, and therefore it becomes a truth. Therefore, strong judgments are implemented, and you express that other individuals should not engage those actions either, for they are bad. Actions that you deem to be good, you also solidify in absolutes and therefore project outwardly that other individuals should also express in like kind as yourself, for that is good. This is how expectations are generated, and expectations may be quite damaging. They are quite discounting and they also involve strong judgments.

The point in this shift is to be expressing acceptance – not false acceptance, not acceptance with conditions or comparison – but genuine acceptance, knowing that you may continue to express your preferences, your opinions, but you also know that they are individual to YOU and that they are not absolutes and that difference is not bad. Merely that you do not choose to engage certain actions is not to say that they may not be beneficial in some manner to individuals that do choose to engage those actions.

Let me also identify with you, some individuals incorporate intents within their focus which are to be exploring experiences that you would deem to be quite distressful. Some individuals choose to be exploring experiences of painfulness or suffering or distress or dis-ease or conflict. If you allow yourself to genuinely widen your awareness and view yourself as more than one focus of attention, as essence exploring physical manifestations in this physical dimension, you may begin to objectively understand that this is not unusual and is quite understandable. For if you are choosing to be engaging physical manifestation in many, many, many focuses of attention in this physical reality, why would you NOT generate some focuses that explore those experiences that you deem to be bad? They are, in actuality, merely experiences. It is merely your beliefs that express an identification of good or bad in association with them.

PAM: Wow, that is wonderful. I believe our time is up. Just a quick question – is this the final focus for me?


PAM: Thank you so much, Elias!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

PAM: I have learned so much! Now I need to engage the experiences to pull the information into reality!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well, and I shall be greatly encouraging of you in this action.

PAM: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: I shall offer my energy to you in supportiveness. To you in anticipation of our next meeting...

PAM: I look forward to it.

ELIAS: great affection, my dear friend...

PAM: Oh! And also to you.

ELIAS: revoir.

PAM: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:15 AM.

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