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Sunday, July 20, 2003

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ďMore on Religious and Political FocusĒ

ďAnxiety Symptoms in Relation to Productivity BeliefsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Katrin (Duncan).

Elias arrives at (actual time not available). (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

KATRIN: Good afternoon. I had an experience when I came here, and I paid attention to myself and I paid attention to the people around me. I came back on the train and there was a drug dealer next to me, and from one stop to another, several people came exchanging money for drugs. I paid attention to myself, how I felt. I was amused and amazed how easy it was for me not to be frightened and I thought itís a preference or choice of the other people. Is there any relation to orientation? Because Iím just studying sexuality on the Elias Forum digests. Are certain orientations more... Or is it just a preference of choice from the objective point of view? Thatís what I wanted to know.

ELIAS: Are certain orientations more what?

KATRIN: Iíve studied common and intermediate and soft, and as I understood, the soft orientation is more in exchange with other people. I was just thinking, sitting on the train, do all these people belong to soft orientation, or is it just an objective choice of preference to exchange... Well, and then I thought, when I go to the bakery I exchange money for bread. Itís probably the same action.

ELIAS: Correct.

KATRIN: Now, I come to the last session where you have given me some information about my family. I myself am a religious type orientation and my grandson is a politically focused type. I couldnít find a lot of material about those two focus types, and I was wondering if you could give me more ideas about it. In my desire to understand small children better than ever before, I want to start with my grandson and how he receives information as a political focus type.

ELIAS: Political-focused individuals process information much more closely associated with a thought-focused individual Ė not entirely, but considerably similar to a thought-focused individual.

But they also incorporate some elements of their processing of information in similarity to an emotionally focused individual. They sense energy from other individuals. They somewhat feel energy in association with other individuals and their environment, but for the most part they process this through impressions, which are immediately translated to thought.

KATRIN: Can I ask you a question? Thatís what I believed, and I recently didnít trust him to be safe in a swimming pool. Shortly afterwards, because I feared for him, he developed a kind of eczema on his skin. Is that related to what we just said, that he sensed my fear and he reacted to it in showing a kind of disturbance on his skin?

ELIAS: Partially, but partially also in exchange of energy. You also were engaging an empathic connection, so to speak, with him in association with what he was creating. Therefore, it has been a cooperation, not merely one direction or the other.

KATRIN: And also to religiously focused type, which I belong to, could you give me a similar explanation?

ELIAS: This is more associated with emotional-focused individuals. You process information more through feeling and intuition rather than impression. Therefore, your thought process translates somewhat more retarded or more slowly than a political focus or a thought-focused individual.

With a thought-focused individual or a political-focused individual, they are unaware objectively of how they are receiving the information, for the thought process is immediately interpreting and translating the impression. Therefore, it appears to them that there is no other element in play other than thought. Whereas, a religiously focused individual or an emotionally focused individual is aware that there are feelings and sensings that are occurring and that they are processing that into thought.

Now; a religiously focused individual, although much more closely associated with the emotionally focused rather than the thought focus, also incorporates more symbolization. This is the reason that I have incorporated these terms. They are not in actuality associated with what you term to be politics or religion, but there are certain expressions or qualities that are associated with those identifications which may be more understandable to all of you objectively.

Now; the association with religious expression is that there is, within your beliefs, a spiritual aspect and that spiritual aspect is interpreted as a seer, so to speak; therefore, the association of the visualizations or the symbolism that is an intricate aspect of the religious-focused individual. They process information through symbolism and through feeling Ė not necessarily emotion, for that is a communication Ė but through feelings or sensings, which are directed by the yellow energy center within the solar plexus area of your physical body form. In association with that, there is a type of process to viewing different aspects of your reality and recognizing the symbolism of them.

KATRIN: Does that mean, for example, I believe I have a very sensitive... I make associations with a thing. Apart from being straightforward, I immediately go into association with what happened in another period thatís similar, thatís related to it.


KATRIN: I canít think straightforward. There is always some association.

ELIAS: Yes, for this is symbolization.

KATRIN: Okay, Iíve got it. Thank you.

For quite a long time, I use a pendant as a conversation point, so I have about 15 or 20 movements...

ELIAS: Which is another form of symbolization.

KATRIN: Okay. I wanted to ask you if you could give me some further information about it, and I guess you ask me for an impression, so I thought about the impression that I had a long time ago. I think itís somehow talking to essence and therefore talking to myself, in that influence of the belief system I have in this focus. Am I right in this impression?

ELIAS: Not without the influence of beliefs; but remember, beliefs are not your enemy. All that you do is filtered through your beliefs.

What you are engaging in this action is offering yourself a focal point in which you may focus your energy in a specific direction in any moment, and therefore offer yourself more clarity in what you are communicating to yourself.

KATRIN: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

KATRIN: So, Iím coming back now to the last session where you asked me to investigate one of the impressions I had about another focus related to the Amistad trial. I came up with an impression about the other focus as James Covey, the translator during the Amistad trial in the United States of America. I was wondering if that impression is correct.


KATRIN: I shared this information with Daryl, focus of Ashrah, who you had suggested to contact me. I came with this shared focus as James Coveyís mother, or that Ashrahís focus related somehow to the Amistad trial...

ELIAS: Correct. It is associated with that event, but as what you would term to be a key individual in that event, a male individual, in a profession of an attorney.

KATRIN: It wasnít James Covey the translator?


KATRIN: Oh, you mean the shared focus of Ashrah?


KATRIN: Oh, okay. I have some essence questions; I had some impressions. My grandmother, my motherís mother, Marta, is her essence name Duncan as well as mine?

ELIAS: No, but you have been also an observing essence of that focus.

KATRIN: Thank you. I was very much attracted to a transcript before about the notorious Nazis. This attraction made me ask you for an impression, and I came up with one which I shared with Ashrah. I typed it down and I sent it. This impression was that in essence he was very much involved in the killing of the Jews, but not physically. So Daryl/Ashrah suggested that still Adolf Eichmann has not been named in the within Forum. I remember the time when Adolf Eichmann was tried in Israel, and I always wished him to escape the glass box. It was just a feeling of a twelve- or thirteen-year-old girl saying, ďWhy canít he just escape? He has suffered enough.Ē So the question is, is Adolf Eichmann a focus of Duncan?

ELIAS: Observing essence throughout the entirety of the focus. Yes, but you do also incorporate other focuses in that timeframe.

KATRIN: As my impressions suggested.


KATRIN: And the impression shows the location of concentration camp Buchenwald, is that right?

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

KATRIN: Then I had some present feelings toward Elias, towards you, I asked for impression why itís happening. I got an impression which I want to discuss later, but out of the blue came this name, Pinky Schiller. Of course, the question is is that a focus of Duncan?

ELIAS: Another observing essence.

KATRIN: I spoke in the last session about that I wanted to get more into respecting children or small ones nowadays from the very first beginning that they know what their intent is. You suggested to get into the future focus, which I tried, and I came up with an impression of a mother grieving over a five-year-old dead child. Their clothes looked like 19th century, which confused me, as I had expected something Mars-like looking for a future focus. But those clothes had my attention. The mother appeared responsible in this impression for the death of this child, as a result of not watching it carefully in its movement. The child died through an accident, was my impression. Up to now, for unidentified reasons, I have tried to protect my daughter in this focus unnecessarily all her life, and this impression just gave me an insight how far focuses are influencing each other...


KATRIN: ...and I got the feeling immediately of this boy being my daughter. It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life, to have this impression. But my question is, why 19th century clothes?

ELIAS: This, in actuality, is your translation in imagery Ė the familiarity of the past and the information associated with the future.

KATRIN: Then there was another impression from last session from the Borgia times in Italy, and my impression is a painted young woman who is being carried by some man of status to a workshop in a town looking like Siena or Firenze, across a main square. This man who is taking her arm is not her lover, not her father, heís just kind. Heís an artist or a craftsman. It seems to me he gave that woman a break from misery or victimhood. The information behind is really for my focus now, and thatís what I want to ask you.

I quite recently visited Siena for the first time, and I wanted to leave that place immediately. I felt uncomfortable; I felt even a bit frightened. I was wondering if there is any relation to this impression Iíve got.


KATRIN: This experience, obviously Iíve recalled...


KATRIN: ...when I visited this May. These kind of things happen occasionally in life, and itís much easier to find myself in a position and say okay.


KATRIN: Thatís my general question about it. It doesnít matter whether itís James Covey or the Nazi focus or the grieving mother or even the young lady from Renaissance times, they all have somehow, I can say, changed my life remarkably in the last two months. Iím surprised how intertwined all these focuses are, working together, influencing together. Itís a big surprise to me. It was intellectually before in my mind, I think itís now...

ELIAS: An experience.

KATRIN: Yes, an experience. I was wondering if you could suggest some one or two other focuses which have a likewise follow up in my focus now and I could work with it, investigate it.

ELIAS: Very well. One within 19th century Russia, one in early 20th century Brazil.

KATRIN: Thank you. Thereís another question Ė I donít like Asia at all. I donít like it, so I have learned I have no attraction to Asia. I have no desire to travel to Asia. But I must have some focuses in Asia.


KATRIN: How many focuses do I have in this physical dimension? I came up with 630.

ELIAS: Six hundred thirty-eight.

KATRIN: And in this timeframe, I came up with ten.


KATRIN: Just for further investigation, Iím going to ask you, do I have quite a few shared focuses with the essence of Lira, who my daughter is in this focus?

ELIAS: Relatively speaking, yes.

KATRIN: And my grandson, Bradley, I know one already. Is there more shared focuses?


KATRIN: And my partner, Maximo? His essence name is Maximo?


KATRIN: I have quite an annoyance towards my mother; I believe I just donít belong to her. Thatís the question, did I ever have any shared focus with my mother in this focus?


KATRIN: Iím interested in her orientation to start.

ELIAS: Intermediate.

KATRIN: I would be interested to know the intent of my daughter in this focus.

ELIAS: And shall you not express that she investigate that?

KATRIN: Youíre right, thank you. But I tried!

Some little health matters, Iíve been living for quite a long time with what doctors call arthritis of the big toe. I can recall the circumstances when it occurred, and I know when I initiated it. But I still have it, and as Iím pretty confident I can heal myself with minor things related to my body consciousness, and mostly instantly, within minutes, I canít do this. So I was wondering what Iím missing out here, to investigate to get rid of it.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

KATRIN: My impression is it started when I was very stubborn, in a sense of seeing everything in black and white, being judgmental toward others. In the meantime, I have turned to myself, quit being judgmental toward me... Well, Iím working on that one. (Both laugh) I want to know if this is it or if itís anything else.

ELIAS: Partially, and partially also forcing energy against your beliefs, your expressed beliefs. In association with your experiences of healing other manifestations without what you term to be assistance, you generate an expectation in opposition to expressed beliefs, that you must be healing all of your manifestations without assistance.

But you do incorporate an expressed belief that concerns incorporating assistance of other individuals in certain situations, that if you are generating a manifestation physically that you deem to be small, you may address to this individually yourself. But if you are incorporating a physical manifestation that you deem to be more complicated, it is beneficial and almost necessary to be incorporating the assistance of other individuals, for the energy of more than one is more powerful than one, which in actuality, it is.

In forcing your energy against the expressed belief, you also concentrate your energy upon the manifestation, and therefore you perpetuate it.

KATRIN: Okay, Iíll have to think about that.

Same question related to my eyes Ė my eyes deteriorated somehow twenty years ago, and for the last five or six years I have no change of the glass thickness or whatever Ė I donít know what the medical term is Ė and I have not lost more vision than I did the timeframe before, rapidly. So I was wondering if you had similar suggestion as my toes, or is it connected somehow to the same belief that I need assistance?

ELIAS: Partially, but also partially is associated with the function of vision itself. For in the function of vision itself and in association with your civilization, vision is a presentment of seeing, which may also be associated with recognizing. In this, you are presenting to yourself an outward manifestation of what you are generating in your assessment inwardly, seeing but not necessarily always recognizing.

KATRIN: Iíll have to think about that one. Thereís a question, which is not a big deal, but my whole family Ė there are four of us Ė have more or less kept our way through the day now coughing. It continued in my partner and myself, and my daughter and my grandson are done with it. I was wondering, what kind of communication is it between us? Or is it a lack of communication or something else?

ELIAS: And your impression?

KATRIN: My impression is that through the first session with you and reading more and more material, I have changed outwardly to my family. I was the annoying partner in my family, which I used it to make clear what I want to say. I was judgmental and they could let off their steam toward me. But now this is not really happening because Iím not doing it for the time being, but they canít let go of their steam anymore. I believe we copied instead each other. I donít know; itís a very simple explanation. Instead of communicating in a familiar sense, and with me changing a bit in the direction of not intervening in their business anymore as much as I used to, instead of turning along with them, they donít know how to handle that and so we do the same as before, only in a different action.

ELIAS: Correct.

KATRIN: Thatís what I believe. So, the source of the thing is deeper than just that, the communication is actually the same Ė instead of words, just coughing.

ELIAS: Yes. In what? A repelling.

KATRIN: I just have started to grasp the idea of how energy centers work, and I discovered that my green energy center is sometimes working anti-clockwise, which I have read in the material could be a desire for destructiveness, somehow.

Iíve noticed coming to the session yesterday here or going to the cinema or traveling, anytime I start a very enjoyable event I get a physical manifestation or feeling in my breast of tension. I got the impression I have some self-animosity towards enjoying myself. The question is... Iíll come back to the question.

It even goes deeper, that I believe I have to be a success as a person. If thereís success, thereís obviously failure. Iím in trouble with duplicity and Iím frightened of failure. How does this specific fear come along? It must be lack of acceptance of myself. I recognize in this stage Iím a victim of situations or a victim of others. The motivation is I do not want to be discovered. I do not want to be discovered, not exposed as the person I am. The information I donít want to give away is actually that life is so easy, and I trust this knowing and everything will be all right. This is my inner knowing. I donít think that it will be all right, but nobody should find out about it. The motivation gave even more information, I investigated it, that if Iím not a success in the sense that society expects me to be, I have no value fulfillment.

So the question is, coming back, is this anti-clockwise movement, which I donít know whether thatís actually happening with this green energy center, and my belief about value fulfillment somehow connected?

ELIAS: Yes, in association with the energy that you project and influencing your experiences. First of all, let me qualify and express to you that you are continuously expressing your value fulfillment or you would not continue to be within this physical dimension. But that is not to say that you are fulfilling what you want or listening to your preferences or allowing your freedom.

Now; in this, what you generate is a judgment upon yourself of a lack of productivity. If you are engaging conversation with myself or you are engaging your cinema or other such activities, you are not producing in association with mass beliefs, and therefore you are unproductive. This, within your expressed beliefs, is wasting time. It is also a tremendous discounting of yourself and your preferences and your worth as an individual, measuring your worth in comparison with other individuals and their choices and their expressions to your own, and therefore tremendously discounting of yourself.

What you experience in these time frameworks is apprehension and anxiety, for initially you are paying attention to yourself and your preferences and allowing yourself to engage that. But temporarily and within a brief time framework, you begin to generate this anxiety and apprehensiveness, as though you must answer to some other individual for your actions and justify your choices Ė and your justification had better be good! (Chuckles)

KATRIN: You are so right. What you say is what I sense for quite a long time. I try to accept this, that I behave like this...

ELIAS: Offer yourself permission in allowance, my friend, and recognize that you have generated this type of expression for an extended time framework. Therefore, be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to practice rather than overwhelming yourself in the attempt to jump into complete freedom and generating tremendous expectations of yourself. Acknowledge yourself in your accomplishment, that regardless that you may be expressing that apprehensiveness, you are allowing yourself to engage your preference and you are allowing yourself to begin to express yourself, and this is worthy of your acknowledgment.

As you practice and you notice that experience, that feeling of apprehension, recognize that this is being expressed within you in association with your beliefs concerning productivity and justification. In the moment that you recognize that, recognize or acknowledge to yourself that you need not be justifying to any other individual. There is no individual that is in authority of you that you must answer to, but yourself.

KATRIN: Now Iím crying.

Coming back to my different emotions towards you and when I read the material, on the one hand Iím so drawn to the material and on the other hand sometimes I oppose you emotionally, not intellectually, itís just emotionally. I asked for an impression how this comes along, because the beliefs have nothing to do with you and the material is an even deeper thing.

I came up with an impression of a young black happy-looking woman with a child, and a man in the background without any features. My immediate knowing during this impression was I envy you for being a catalyst in my intention to explore consciousness, and I want to do it on my own. My interpretation to this short impression is it does not matter whether I like or dislike you, pay attention to yourself, represented for me by this happy young radiating woman. When I read it, I realized what you have said before to me, that there is a connection... I canít put it in words now, but there is a connection to be not controlled or I donít have to report to somebody what Iím doing.

ELIAS: Correct. And I am not an authority.

KATRIN: The other question I have is do I have any shared focuses with you to investigate?


KATRIN: What century?

ELIAS: Yes, there are several. But you may investigate one within the time framework of the French Revolution in adversarial roles, which also in bleed-through may be a contributant to your distain. (Both laugh)

KATRIN: Okay. I go for that one first!

ELIAS: And another within 13th century, physical location what is known to you to be Palestine. This focus is quite different and may offer you an interesting contrast, for the interaction is quite amiable and incorporates a tremendous affection.

KATRIN: I use my dreams in a sense that when Iím in conflict I ask a question when I go to bed, and Iím sure I will get an answer either waking up in the night or the next morning that will help me to get some answers. But I donít dream anymore; I canít remember dreams anymore. I feel Iíve not had the leisure to think of dreams, and I was wondering if thereís something you could comment on.

ELIAS: This is a temporary action that you are engaging, but I may express to you that it is influenced by a belief that is being expressed presently concerning another expectation that you present to yourself in association with paying more attention to waking state and paying more attention to what you are doing, attempting to understand and practice the information that you are offering to yourself objectively, and generating this association that you must be concentrating your attention within waking state rather than within dream state, one or the other.

KATRIN: Then because my time is running out, and I was wondering, always like everybody else, is there anything you would like to suggest or to say? (Both laugh) I take no responsibility!

ELIAS: (Laughs) To pay attention to what you are sensing. Pay attention to your communications, my friend, and listen to them. In paying attention, allow yourself to evaluate what those communications are and what is motivating you in each scenario. This may be significant in association with your partner, your daughter, and the small one most especially.

In this, do not discount yourself in noticing reactions, for that is an automatic response. Do not discount yourself but notice, and notice that in that noticing of automatic responses, you are offering yourself an opportunity to present information to yourself and to evaluate what is motivating, what is triggering certain automatic responses. This shall be beneficial to you in facilitating your movement more easily into a greater expression of acceptance within yourself. The acceptance of other individuals is a natural by-product, but it shall be facilitating your acceptance of yourself.

Reinforce your trust of yourself, and fear or the anxieties and apprehensions shall begin to dissipate. Trust your impressions. Trust your voice, for you do incorporate a voice, although at times you do not allow yourself a voice.

KATRIN: This is true. A short question that just came to me, at the moment I feel in limbo completely because I gave up my job, and this is okay, it was my desire. Iím totally unfocused and the best part of it is, I enjoy it.

ELIAS: Correct.

KATRIN: This is something Iíve never experienced in my life.

ELIAS: For you are allowing yourself more of a flexibility. This is a transition time framework in which you are moving into less rigidness. Therefore, you experience this defocusing. But it is familiarizing you with more flexibility.

KATRIN: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

KATRIN: Always a pleasure. Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, my dear friend, I anticipate our next meeting.

KATRIN: Me, too!

ELIAS: And perhaps in the interim time framework you shall engage fun and playfulness and you may express to myself in our next meeting your excitement with that playfulness, and I shall be encouraging of you in my energy also.

KATRIN: Thank you. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. In great lovingness, my friend, au revoir.

KATRIN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at (actual time not available).

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