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Sunday, November 09, 2003

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ďVold ParentingĒ

ďCreating and Uncreating a Contagious Disease, and ResponsibilityĒ

ďOvercoming Fear of Other-Dimensional EncountersĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Debi (Oona).

Elias arrives at 11:29 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DEBI: Good morning! Nice to see you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

DEBI: (Laughs) Great session yesterday. Shall we jump in?

ELIAS: Very well.

DEBI: Iíd like to do what I usually do and just run through some focus impressions. Some of these are mine and some of these belong to other people. Do I need to specify that or just buzz through them?

ELIAS: It is your choice.

DEBI: John Landrum and Lemuel Murphy, are those focuses of Diette and Rili?


DEBI: In that order?


DEBI: Good, I thought so. Iím observing of Jean Harlow. Is that a lifetime observing?


DEBI: Also, I got an image of this guy that looked kind of like a cross between Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp, in a meditation. I think he was a focus of mine. I donít have a name.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DEBI: Is that a future?


DEBI: Iíll work on the name and check that out.

Also, I think it was relatively around the same time, I got this image of this man with long, straight black hair cut above his ears in a really unusual haircut. It sort of looked like an Aztec guy. I know that was a focus of mine; Iím sure that was a focus of mine. I wondered if that might be an 11:11 focus that I was tapping into.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Is that Lambda?


DEBI: Thatís really cool. This isnít a focus question, but are you doing that... Thereís a couple of things. Have you been buzzing my ass cheek like you do my foot? Is that you?

ELIAS: No. (Smiles)

DEBI: Who is that? (Laughs)

ELIAS: You! (Chuckles)

DEBI: Thatís funny! Is that just for fun, or to get my attention in a specific...

ELIAS: ...moment, yes.

DEBI: Just another way to get my attention. Is that the same with the tickling in my knee?


DEBI: Itís really weird. You canít tickle yourself Ė itís one of those strange phenomenon Ė but it really tickles, like to make my laugh! So thatís me.

Whatís with the twitch in my left eye? I know thatís to get my attention as well, but I havenít been able to determine if thatís in a specific... What is that?

ELIAS: That is associated with other-dimensional focuses.

DEBI: Ah! I didnít even go there. It happens a lot. That also coincides with my interest in that. Is it particularly the 11:11 dimension or the ďFranchĒ dimension or...?

ELIAS: No. It is merely a signal of other-dimensional focuses.

DEBI: Just in general?


DEBI: Is it like a signal of interaction in those moments?


DEBI: But not one particular dimension?


DEBI: Very cool. It wasnít like thatís when Iím not doing this or thatís when Iím doing that, so now that makes sense.

Some other focus things. Do I have a focus in prison with your Oscar Wilde focus at Reading Gaol?


DEBI: Do I have a focus named Pet, possibly Captain Pet?

ELIAS: What you term to be a nickname. Petra is the name.

DEBI: Oh! Is that a female?


DEBI: So thatís a nickname?

ELIAS: Russian.

DEBI: Very cool. Is my American Revolution guy named Andy or Andrew?


DEBI: Iím just rolling! I donít even need to ask you anymore, do I? (Elias chuckles)

I did this sort of projection meditation one day. I just very briefly glimpsed this little pink dragon and I got the name Clarice. Is that my dragon or somebody elseís?

ELIAS: Yours.

DEBI: Is that name the dragonís tone?

ELIAS: A translation.

DEBI: That was so cute! (Elias chuckles) Do I have a whale focus named Oona that lives in Sea World? (Pause)

ELIAS: To the first, yes. To the latter, no, but there is a potential.

DEBI: Thatís like it just chokes... Itís like no, donít get captured. But that would be a choice. Cynthia told me that heíd seen or heard about a whale named Oona that lived in Sea World, and I couldnít find it anywhere when I researched. But I know I have a whale focus, and maybe more than one.

Thereís a couple of questions I have around Ė I donít know if theyíre tied together or not Ė a witch named Auld, A-U-L-D. Is that a focus of mine?


DEBI: Is that tied into my sense of having a focus as an Icelandic witch, or am I viewing two different focuses?

ELIAS: The same.

DEBI: Do I have a focus as a Mayan named Moon Jaguar?


DEBI: Hereís another one. I want to ask you about a woman named Laura de Sade. Two things Ė first of all, is this the Laura de Sade that Petrarch writes about? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes and no.

DEBI: So thereís more than one person that enters into that Laura that he writes about?


DEBI: Is Laura de Sade a focus of mine?

ELIAS: Observing.

DEBI: I donít know if this has already been asked or not, because I havenít spoken to Connor for a while, but is the Marquis de Sade a focus of Connor?


DEBI: What else for our friends? Cynthia wanted to know Ė I think this was either a dream or some type of imagery Ė about a cat in a hat or a cat wearing a hat, and he wanted to know if that was specifically an interaction with Ayla. (Pause)


DEBI: Also for Cynthia, is Catherine of Aragon one of Cynthiaís focuses?

ELIAS: Observing.

DEBI: What else do I have? Are Alice and Jerome parents of Allardís focus Jewella?


DEBI: Neither one?


DEBI: For Allesander, Iíll try to pronounce these names correctly. Heís got three that he wants to know. Is Andreas Thessalias a focus of his?

ELIAS: Observing.

DEBI: And a 4th century Greek philosopher, Diogenes?


DEBI: And last, Smoking Squirrel, a Mayan king?

ELIAS: Also observing.

DEBI: I have some questions about focuses that I think are Allesanderís. Georgie Foster?


DEBI: Robert the Bruce?


DEBI: How about George Sandís son? I think his name is Maurice.

ELIAS: Observing.

DEBI: I donít have a name, but does Allesander have a focus that is a lesbian lover of Willa Cather?


DEBI: Does Allesander have a focus Ė I guess it would be other-dimensional Ė as the Egyptian goddess Hathor?


DEBI: Woo! Weíre just whipping along, arenít we?

Bobbi forgot to ask you the other day. Does Bobbi have a focus as one of the Knights Templar?


DEBI: Now maybe I can just ask you this blanket question all at once. Myranda had a list of characters from a book sheís reading right now, a Cave-something book, and I just wanted to know is it safe to confirm all of those character impressions of hers? (Laughs, and a long pause)

ELIAS: For the most part.

DEBI: Do I have a dragon named Fiona? Is that one correct?


DEBI: Iíll let the rest of them sort that out, huh?

The last one of those focus ones Ė I had an imagery of a guy that just blew through my front door and was just there, staring at me. Iím sure that was one of my focuses. I got the name of Wren. Does that fit?


DEBI: Is he a future?


DEBI: Thereís a quality that somehow kind of feels more futurely or something, where itís sort of like I know that they know of me. You know what I mean?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: More of a knowing of whatís going on.

I think Iíve added more than one or two focuses. In this moment right now, could I just say I think I have 2010? Is that a fairly accurate number?


DEBI: Very well! I was attempting to connect with, I think, my most futurely focus Emily and trying to feel into how I can do that, how can I connect with Emily. I got a lot of stuff in my yellow energy center, and it seemed like Ayla was there. Also, I was wondering, was I trying to tell myself the way Iím going to connect with Emily will be more through an emotional connection? Is that the message?

ELIAS: A feeling, yes.

DEBI: Not necessarily imagery or physical feelings, but itíll be more of that. Boy, I got a real big headache when I was connecting with Emily as well. Is it related to, probably, my struggle with that, maybe, or is it just that energy in general?

ELIAS: A combination of that energy and the strength of it and your attempt to be opening to it, and therefore affecting neurological pathways to allow yourself to generate that openness.

DEBI: So we do that neurologically. I donít have to do that, do I? Does it create an ease?

ELIAS: Yes. It is not a requirement, but it is an automatic action that your physical body consciousness generates to adapt to different qualities and strengths of energies.

DEBI: Emily is, I guess, stronger than some of my connecting with other focuses. Itís different.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It is not in actuality that the individual possesses more strength, but is more aware of the strength that it possesses.

DEBI: Itís very clear. Itís like a pffft!


DEBI: By the way, I have a great deal of difficulty sometimes lately making words, describing things. (Elias chuckles) I know theyíre new or Iím very aware that the words I know now arenít large enough to incorporate new things that are going on. I know that that word doesnít adequately describe something, and Iím very auuggh! Itís like this or itís kind of like this and that, and itís very frustrating at times! What Iíll often tell my friends is, ďDo you know what I mean?Ē and Iím just hoping theyíre going to go, ďOh, yeah!Ē

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I am understanding.

DEBI: I think Iím discovering some new emotions. I sort of had not a finite number in my repertoire but a feeling of a finite number, an X amount of emotions, and then all of a sudden Iím not able to quite categorize a feeling or an emotion. I think Iím becoming a little bit more aware that maybe twenty of them that Iíve lumped into one word really is twenty different things. You know what I mean?


DEBI: Which I think was very helpful for me identifying a little bit, pinpointing a little bit more what my signals are about.

ELIAS: Yes, and generating more clarity.

DEBI: Right. So while I do feel confused at times in being able to name these, Iím okay because I kind of know where Iím going with it.


DEBI: And we can always come up with words, you know? Good! Thatís really cool! (Elias chuckles)

Baruch Ė Iím not sure how you say the essence name Ė we had a little exchange and Baruch indicated that he thought he was my focus Hannahís daughter Rebecca and that we were both in prison together for a time.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: I would assume everything else was correct as well. He really zeroed right in on that.

Letís see. You know what, Elias? I have no crisis in my life right now. I have no particularly burning issue that I really need you to help me fix.

ELIAS: Congratulations!

DEBI: Thank you! Itís wonderful, and I like that. In sitting down to do this list of questions, it was kind of like this is hot and thatís hot and thatís hot. In other words, these are the things Iím doing right now, but Iím not all jacked up. It is a wonderful feeling. I like that! I think this is the first time, I believe itís the first time, that I have sat across the room from you without a major crisis.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DEBI: Itís true, huh? (Elias chuckles) Iím getting to know myself a little bit more and a little bit more. Itís like with each little thing that I accomplish, I can see a little bit more of the picture that youíve been trying to paint for me or us or whatever. Itís not like I have to get A and then B and then C. I get A, and then I see a little bit more of B, C, D and E, and the puzzle.


DEBI: Putting this piece in here makes some of these become a little bit more clear and gives me a little direction.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: So itís fun. It makes more sense some days, and then it makes none, and it doesnít need to or whatever.

ELIAS: And with your family?

DEBI: Which family? My ďfamilyĒ family, or my...? Explain what you mean! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Your interactions with your family.

DEBI: My parents and kids and those guys (Elias nods), whatís going on there? (Laughs) I thought that maybe my contribution to the Vold in me has to do with revolutionizing parenting. Not that Iím the grand revolutionary or Iím going to take parenting to another new level, but I feel my contribution, I feel that part of me in a very Vold way. Iím struggling less with that.

ELIAS: Very well!

DEBI: Like the day my daughter totaled her car and we tried to talk to her about performance art instead of being worried Ė although I still go there Ė but that was a glimpse in things like that. These are just people like me, and the best thing I can ever do for them is share myself in all of my blazing glory and accept them. Of course, those are my greatest challenges, because I donít want fat kids, I donít want unacceptable kids, and we both know that my kids ride the edge of the unacceptable as far as the masses. (Elias chuckles) And I thrill over that and I love that about them, and then I hate it about them at the same time, so thereís a challenge.

I guess thatís what Iím doing around my truths. Iím not sure where Iím going. Iím hoping, of course, the direction Iím going in is just to accept them and set an example Ė thatís not my reasoning, but it feels good if I do. Itís very clear to me when Iím not accepting them or when Iím pushing my stuff because Iím the mom. Ugh! It feels so hollow, and my immediate emotional reaction is anger and all that, and it just doesnít feel right. So now Iíve had some experience with the other, and itís really cool.

ELIAS: Some significant changes.

DEBI: Yeah. And my kids change! And I can stop myself. If I start to geyser up, sometimes I can just stop and go in the other room, put my attention back on me for a minute, maybe not come up with a great answer or puzzle-solver. It doesnít need one; itís just an exercise to get back to yourself. And then Lindsey doesnít come out and slam the door and do all this other stuff. She comes out and we talk or whatever. So itís immediate.


DEBI: Thatís reconfiguring the energy of the moment...


DEBI: ...and what Iím generating.


DEBI: What changed is what I generate, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: And my projection of them automatically does.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: The attention gear or the gear over here that Iím aiming the projector or the hologram or whatever...

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: ...itís incredibly powerful!

ELIAS: Which is the significance of offering yourself the actual experiences of actually doing rather than merely pondering.

DEBI: Pondering, after a while, forget about it! I might as well do something else. Iím not getting anywhere. I amaze myself. Itís amazing. I hope it never stops being amazing. (Elias chuckles) I say that, sort of knowing that if it does, Iíll come up with some other amazing thing, because itís wide open. But it is amazing.

Itís like I always say: take these concepts, they either work or they donít! How are you going to know? Youíve got to get in there, whether itís comfortable or not. And this truth wave, itís quite often uncomfortable. But I see a bit of what weíre doing and itís okay. Then sometimes, like yesterday, you can go off and write it this way or write it that way. Youíre going either way because youíve chosen to do this.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: And you can switch off and play with it and all that. Itís incredible.

Let me ask you something. I guess that this is a huge truth about this hepatitis that I was diagnosed with a few years back. First of all, if I were to have a test today, I donít think I would have it. Is that true?


DEBI: And I can go back and forth with it as I want.


DEBI: If I need that disease to succumb to or be a victim of or to explore whatever, I can do that.


DEBI: Itís become apparent to me lately that when I was diagnosed with this disease I had stopped doing all the things that logically would have created that disease. A year or so later, I came up with it. Now, thatís significant to me. There was a purpose for me creating that disease. I think in a weird roundabout way it was about protection, because I didnít want to have sex with people. I didnít want to get close to them like that, and it was partially Ė I didnít see it then Ė but it was like a way of protecting myself.

ELIAS: And generating a shield Ė a justifiable shield.

DEBI: Yes. ďI canít go there. Iíll hurt you.Ē It was all bullshit. Now I donít need that protection. Iím not creating that disease anymore.

ELIAS: Correct. But as you are aware and as you have expressed, that fluctuates dependent upon what direction you move in and whether you generate it for a different reason or whether you generate it for a similar reason or whether you choose not to generate it at all.

DEBI: Iíve been leaning toward the idea of having sex again someday in the not-so-distant future, and the question comes up. On this hand, what you just told me, which I already felt...

ELIAS: I am aware.

DEBI: ...that Iím okay, I believe that. I really do. On the other hand, am I willing to jump in bed with somebody without telling them that I had been diagnosed with this disease, just in case I might create their reality and give it to them? You know what I mean? Iím real clear, I believe this, but man, this is a real biggie over here.

ELIAS: Correct, for...

DEBI: Responsibility.

ELIAS: Yes, responsibility and also that doubt of whether you actually create all of your reality or whether every other individual actually creates all of their reality, or whether you are continuing in the familiar association that you co-create, that you create some elements of your reality if it is merely associated with you.

But recognize the experimental movement that you have been generating with your children, for this is offering you evidence that what you create and how you perceive and the energy that you project outwardly actually creates your reality, even in association with other individuals. Their responsiveness changes, for you create it to change.

DEBI: I can know Ė I donít have to ask you or anybody Ė I can know where Iím at...


DEBI: any given moment, and if I feel dangerous towards someone else, thatís what Iíll create.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: So, in those moments, I would shy away from certain activity just because I already know where Iím going with this and Iím either going to choose to go there or not go there. Yeah, I kind of get that.

ELIAS: But if you are genuinely allowing yourself an openness and an exposure and you are aware of what you are creating, it is unnecessary to offer a warning to another individual, for that is the reinforcement of your own doubt, that you incorporate the ability to create another individualís choices and another individualís manifestations, which you do not.

DEBI: I am having more and more practice with this concept, that this over here would just kind of go away, because it does. It just dissipates. Iím finally through with trying all the different aspects of something, and I just finally am okay with the new and the unfamiliar becoming familiar.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. In this, as you have stated yourself, in listening to yourself you know the moments in which you are hesitant or the moments in which you are shielding, or in your terms, the moments in which you view yourself to be dangerous. But even in those moments, it is the other individualís choice to be creating a manifestation.

I am understanding your concerns and your questioning of these types of interactions and creations, for it may become confusing recognizing that individuals do align with mass beliefs. Another individual may not necessarily incorporate the awareness that you incorporate or may not incorporate the same information as you incorporate. But remember, you are all the same species, and one common quality of your species is a tremendous suggestibility. Therefore, if you offer the suggestion, that reinforces the mass belief.

DEBI: Itís like handing it to them.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Remember also, generally speaking, you do not reconfigure energy automatically. As you become more familiar with that action, you may develop that, in a manner of speaking, and it may become an automatic action. But presently it is not, and therefore you configure the energy that you receive, which is being projected by another individual, in the manner in which they are projecting it. Therefore, another individual, generally speaking, shall most likely configure your energy that you are projecting almost precisely in the manner that you are projecting it.

DEBI: So thatís where my responsibility lies.

ELIAS: Only to yourself. Not in concern for the other individualís creation, not that you do not care Ė caring and concern are quite different Ė but that you not concern yourself with what the other individual may generate or create, but being aware of yourself and aware of what type of energy you are projecting.

DEBI: Thatís the big key right there.


DEBI: Thatís what I think Iím talking about when I tell you I know when I would feel as if I were a danger, just as an example. I know that, and in that moment Iím aware of the type of energy Iím projecting.

ELIAS: Correct. In that, in being responsible for YOU and knowing what type of energy you are projecting, it is not a protection of another individual; it is expressing your freedom in being responsible within yourself.

For contrary to how it appears surfacely Ė which is that you would automatically assume and move in the direction that your motivation would be to be protecting another individual and expressing responsibility for their creation, knowing that they shall be configuring your energy in the manner in which you are projecting it and therefore perhaps create a manifestation Ė contrary to that idea, the significance of being aware of your responsibility to you, not to the other individual but to yourself in knowing what type of energy you are projecting, what is significant in this is that if you engage that action YOU become the victim, for you are not incorporating that responsibility for your energy and for yourself in your freedom by not paying attention to what you are projecting. Therefore, if there is a manifestation that the other individual creates, your automatic response to that creation is to be a victim of yourself and to blame yourself. Therefore...

DEBI: Ah! Thatís what you touched on yesterday. I could sit here and say Iím just mad at myself for doing that, and Iím not even seeing that what Iíve done is Iíve made myself a victim. Forget about the mad Ė youíve just made yourself a victim of yourself.

ELIAS: Correct, and the manner in which you generated that is that you were not listening. You were not paying attention to the type of energy that you were projecting and not taking responsibility for your choices and for your energy, which is the key that offers you your freedom.

DEBI: If I do take responsibility for it Ė Iím knowing that Iím doing that, Iím creating it, Iím claiming it Ė I canít be a victim of that.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are aware that this is your choice.

DEBI: I get the edge of it, you know? I have to let this work through me, because I wasnít quite getting that.

ELIAS: Responsibility is your freedom. It is not your enemy.

DEBI: It sounds paradoxical, but itís not.

ELIAS: Correct. But what is familiar is to be assuming responsibility for other individuals, which is not the point.

DEBI: It doesnít feel right. Thereís something very hollow in that. Even trying to hold on to it, thereís not a lot there to hold on to. It just feels like itís not serving me any longer. I know Iím in the process of moving from this into that and from this into that, and thereís a whole lot going on. Iím tuning in a little bit more to what that is, what that means.

Exactly, responsibility is responsibility just to myself, and that keeps it very close. I donít have to study a whole lot of whatís going on out there. I just need to pay attention to this right here, and thatís very, very comforting. It takes so much not wasted but spending energy and struggle and all that. You donít need to.

Iím feeling also like Iím a little bit tired of being scared of a lot of these experiences that I believe are other-dimensional at times. It seems like every night I get into bed and it almost feels like somebodyís walking up on me. Thereís a feeling of presence and other things. Do you know what Iím talking about? I get scared and I just go no, not right now, whatever this is.

What am I doing? Iím tired of being afraid of these new things. I see those other-dimensionals in my living room, that I call from the Franch dimension. Every time I see one I startle, and Iím starting to get kind of pissed off at that. First of all, tell me what that is Iím doing. Secondly, can you give me any hints on how I can move through that fear? Because I want to go there.

ELIAS: You already are aware of what you are presenting to yourself. Your response is quite understandable, for it is unfamiliar. Also, beyond unfamiliar, there are other associations that automatically filter into the experience: that this is unnatural, that this is not normal, that if you are playing with these types of energies you must be deluded or you must be experiencing lunacy, and therefore there is some element wrong with you. Although you may not in the moment think those thoughts, they are all factors that influence the fear.

Now; acknowledge to yourself there are many energies that are continuously surrounding all of you and are unseen visually. This is not to say that they are not quite real. Merely that you do not see a form or a thing is not to say that it does not exist. You do not generally see your air, but it is quite real and it exists. You do not generally see electricity, but it is quite real and it exists. You do not see wind. You feel wind, but you do not see it. You see evidence of it, but itself you do not see; but it is quite real and it exists.

DEBI: Is that what Iím feeling? Every night, when I kind of zone and I feel...

ELIAS: Presence.

DEBI: Iím opening a little bit and a little bit.

ELIAS: Yes, and remind yourself that you have offered yourself these experiences, and have you encountered any harmfulness?

DEBI: No bogeyman! (Laughs) Thatís where Iím at, exactly that. Itís like, come on. Iím excited by the prospect, but itís sort of like I want to know who was that, like I want to pare it down to one individual or something. Sometimes maybe itís you, sometimes itís me, sometimes itís other parts of me, sometimes itís other-dimensional meís. Since there is no space, itís all happening right here anyway.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: How overwhelming would that be if suddenly I saw it all at once?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: It would give me a heart attack, right? There is a part of me that is aware of that. So I think partially what is confusing, too, is I want to identify it. If I can put a name to that presence, then itís my friend, itís familiar, itís safe, itís okay. But thereís a slight feeling of lunacy. When Iím sitting in my living room and I start seeing these other focuses and focuses of my friends, I would imagine that is a safe assumption?


DEBI: I donít feel crazy, but when I start telling somebody else about it Ė even somebody in this forum Ė it didnít sound nearly as whacked when I was thinking it or experiencing it as it does when Iím sharing it. So thereís my evidence that I do harbor that lunacy factor.


DEBI: But I like that! I like that these guys hang out with me. Itís very odd when all of a sudden there they are! When I see them, I feel them all of a sudden. Itís like a combined thing, which makes the experience bigger.

ELIAS: But this is your desire, and you are actualizing it.

DEBI: (Laughs) I am.

ELIAS: In this, once you allow yourself to relax and merely allow, you shall generate more of an openness and perhaps you shall allow yourself more of a familiarity, and then you may attach an identification to each experience.

DEBI: Iíll get the familiarity.


DEBI: I canít hold it long enough, because I startle myself purposely, you know? I canít view or feel it long enough to get familiar. But I have noticed some new ones. The shape changes, and Iím sure thatís my translation. Those guys that I see in the living room, is that all from the same dimension?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

DEBI: So when I do see something thatís vastly different from these guys, itís probably a different one. Are those physical dimensions?


DEBI: Very cool. But I know thatís my translation of their energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Itís really neat. What about the portal thing? I had that dream the other night. I know you were there because it was like this big cloud. There was a lot going on that had to do with moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar Ė Iím clear on that. At the end, there was this huge bug attached to my toe, and it was biting the heck out of me. I was like get this bug off my foot! I donít know what that was about. I finally got this bug off me, and I look up and thereís this huge blue sky, big white cloud that was shaped into a Mickey Mouse head, and then the eye winked. That was you! Then the whole thing started to morph, and that eyeball seemed to be alive, like a living portal, all blue inside and everything. What are we doing? Are you helping me with this portal thing?

ELIAS: Yes, and imagery associated with focusing upon one small experience and how that becomes annoying, for it distracts from the big picture.

DEBI: The bug? God, it got really big! It was really big. But the big picture was up here.


DEBI: That was my trigger, right there. That blue color Ė bam! Portal, here I am, Elias is winking! If there would have been a sign that said, ďHey, Debi, hereís your portal,Ē it couldnít have been more clear, and still I missed it! (Elias chuckles) I got it as soon as I woke up.

ELIAS: It is significant.

DEBI: I think Iím getting closer to actually merging with the portal, and I think I sort of did for a minute in another meditative state. I got this portal that was like those mandalas I draw, all around the edge. It was quite lovely, although it wasnít in color. Iím thinking relax, donít blow it, there it is! Hold! Get it! Merge! I donít know what that means, but merge! (Laughs) Iím trying to will myself over there! Itís like where am I going? Here! But where is here? (Elias laughs)

I donít actually feel myself launch through this thing, which is what Iím kind of thinking Iím supposed to do. But all of sudden, rapid fire, I start getting what looked like runes, little symbols, flash! Iím really on to something here! Hold! Donít lose it! (Elias laughs) And Iím losing it, you know? It seemed like a few seconds and it seemed very significant, and I was very excited.

ELIAS: I may offer you a suggestion. Rather than generating the tension and expressing to yourself, ďHold! Hold!Ē for as you engage that direction, you tense...

DEBI: In telling myself to relax, Iím going, ďRelax!!Ē

ELIAS: Correct, and that defeats the purpose. That is what triggers you to snap back and not move into it. Allow yourself to merely flow.

DEBI: Itís so hard to not get excited, you know?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of repressing your excitement, but recognize and acknowledge your excitement and merely allow yourself to relax and not attempt to direct.

DEBI: Donít try to launch through it.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: When I heard you say ďmerge with it,Ē Iím feeling like ďdo something!Ē Those symbols, I was thinking they had to do with the 11:11 dimension, because that was loosely where I wanted to go, I think. Were those symbols in any way related with that dimension?


DEBI: Thatís the closest Iíve actually gotten where I was consciously or objectively aware and got that. Awesome! (Elias chuckles) Thatís great. Itís quite helpful, too, when I know that Iím interacting. Thatís new for me, too, recognizing a little bit more. Like in my dream, I knew that was you although I didnít get that was more portal; it happened so fast. But I can sense myself a little bit more going there, so thatís very cool. Now I know that that focus I saw was from the 11:11 dimension, and that adds a little bit more personal, something familiar. You know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

DEBI: Weíre about out of time. I want to ask you one more question. Iíve got numbers bouncing around in my head. I think I have a lot of shared focuses with Allesander, and I want to take a guess at how many.

ELIAS: Very well.

DEBI: Let me think, because it changes all the time. 328?


DEBI: That was cool; that just came in. Awesome. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DEBI: Do we share a theme, too? We seem to have this intense, passionate theme Ė not always like love, romantic stuff, but I donít know. Is that just because of the focuses that Iíve discovered with him are of that quality?

ELIAS: That is a factor.

DEBI: It seems like heís my dear one, like I travel with him always. Is that it? Is that why this essence feels so familiar?

ELIAS: Somewhat, yes.

DEBI: Plus thereís other stuff in there, too? (Elias chuckles) Oh, Elias, I love you! Iíve really enjoyed this today. I really, really have. Itís really fun, and Iím really looking forward to the next time.

ELIAS: And I also. To you, as always, in great affection and tremendous encouragement, my dear friend, be playful.

DEBI: We will.

ELIAS: We shall. Au revoir.

DEBI: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:26 PM.

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