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Thursday, February 26, 2004

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ďAbout Dream ImageryĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Lexa (Aidan).

(Eliasí arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LEXA: Good morning! And yourself? (Elias laughs) How are you?

ELIAS: As always! (Both laugh)

LEXA: Thatís great. Itís good to hear your voice.

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

LEXA: I would like to focus on dreams this session.

ELIAS: Very well.

LEXA: But before I do, I would like to venture off of that path just a minute.

ELIAS: Very well.

LEXA: About Seth and his ideas, he first presented the idea of you create your own reality about thirty years ago, approximately. I decided at that time to test that theory to see whether it really worked! (Elias laughs) It sounded like a wonderful idea, and it made perfect sense. I did actually create what I was interested in creating at that time, which was to be a visual presentation manager. I was working in a department store where we set up various sets, is what I called them, in order to sell the merchandise.

I learned something very interesting from that experience and it has only been now that Iím able to put it into context. What I learned was I had much more room in my mind than I had in this physical space. In other words, I could come up with these wonderful ideas, but by the time I got the idea down actually to implement it, it had changed and it had begun to take a life of its own. It seemed the creativity would take a life of its own. I couldnít fight it; I would have to flow with it.

It seems to me that thatís somewhat similar to, for instance, consciousness when it projects. I may be wrong Ė but I think Iím right Ė that when it projects, can I project all of what it is, but it only projects a portion of what it is. Is that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. This would be an accurate symbolization of an action such as this shift in consciousness.

As I have explained previously, this shift in consciousness is what may be termed as a Source Event, and a Source Event would be in actuality larger than may be actualized within a physical reality. Therefore, a portion of the Source Event is actualized and is configured to fit the physical reality, but the entirety of the Source Event cannot be actualized within physical manifestation.

LEXA: That was the same thing that happened to me when I had all these great visions, you know?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am understanding.

LEXA: It was very interesting. I used to tell everybody that Iíve got all this room in my mind, and when I get it down here, it doesnít even turn out similar to it because you also had Ė I donít want to call them restrictions Ė but other aspects to deal with like maybe, for instance, a prop wouldnít be available that you had this dream about to use, so youíd have to move into another direction. Thatís why I said it tended to take on its own life.

ELIAS: Correct.

LEXA: At the same time that I was in the field, there was someone who was very close to me and I was very close to him, who decided to use AIDS as a form of transforming his energy. I went to visit him at the hospital one morning, and that was the morning that he decided to leave. Iíve always wondered what that was all about. He could have decided to leave at any other time than when I was there! Iíd like for you to talk to me about that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, the choice was engaged specifically as a type of gesture or acknowledgment of the relationship.

LEXA: I miss him a lot.

ELIAS: This, in a manner of speaking, was an offering of appreciation. For at times, individuals may choose to be disengaging within the presence of certain individuals as an expression of their appreciation of the relationship that they have incorporated with the other individual. Therefore, it is a moment of a type of gift.

LEXA: I understand. We had a lot of fun laughing about the big display house in the sky (Elias laughs), because that was during the time when many people in that profession were using that particular avenue to leave. Quite a few associates left during that time, and it was relatively devastating for a lot of us in the connections, because itís a very small field in the Houston area. But we used to laugh about the big display house in the sky. (Elias laughs)

I just needed to talk about that, not the event so much, but after he transformed his energy I left the field. I donít think that was the reason, but then Iíve never really been sure. We really worked together very closely, and I guess I wasnít quite as interested in the field anymore after he left. I just know that there are no accidents, thatís all.

ELIAS: Correct, and generated a time framework within yourself to be reconfiguring your energy and exploring different avenues.

LEXA: Thatís very true.

I want to move on to some of these dreams Iíve been having. (Elias laughs) The last session when we talked, I told you I had gone to this bird sanctuary and had some experiences that reminded me of a dream that I had, and I believe you mentioned for me to pay attention to my dreams. How do I consciously recognize those portions or aspects of any dreams that I am going to physically actualize?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, dream imagery, or that which is recalled of dream imagery, is the objective translation of a subjective action. The subjective and the objective are in harmony with each other. The objective, being abstract, may express the same action but the imagery may be different, for there is a tremendous incorporation of diversity in objective imagery. The subjective action focuses more singularly, in a manner of speaking. It is not as abstract.

Therefore, within any dream imagery do not necessarily look to the dream imagery as literal. At times it may be quite obvious, and you may be translating your dream imagery very similarly to waking imagery. But for the most part, within the translation of dream action the objective awareness translates that into symbols. Those symbols are significant to you individually.

I may express to you that dream imagery is quite individual, and although it may interconnect in different layers with other individuals and their dream imagery Ė for you do interconnect with other individuals within this state Ė the imagery associated with yourself individually is expressed in symbols that are significant or incorporate meaning to you individually.

For example, an individual may generate dream imagery which incorporates a specific manifestation such as another individual that they incorporate a close association with.

Now; in the imagery, the individual is a symbol, generally speaking. It is not necessarily that the individual is incorporating dream imagery concerning a specific individual, but that there is some expression that is generally associated with that individual, and therefore they become the symbol for a certain association.

As a further example, perhaps an individual may generate dream imagery of their mother. The dream imagery may not necessarily be incorporated in association with the mother; it is not concerning the mother. The mother is the symbol for a strong association that the individual incorporates in relation to the mother, perhaps a strong association of nurturing or perhaps a strong association with conflict. Therefore, the imagery of the mother does not actually concern the mother but concerns the association of conflict or of nurturing, as an example. Are you understanding?

LEXA: I think Iím with you.

ELIAS: Now; in this, as you evaluate the different symbols that are expressed within your dream imagery and you assess what their significance is to you, you turn your attention to your objective reality, your waking reality, and you may begin to evaluate what is associated within what you are creating objectively with those symbols that you have generated within your dream imagery.

This is the significance of being familiar with yourself, your energy, what you are actually expressing and what you are doing objectively, and therefore allow yourself to interpret what you are expressing within your dream imagery. At times, it may be imagery that you present to yourself as a validation of your movement. At times, it may be offering you information concerning some challenge that you may be experiencing objectively and how to be addressing to that challenge, or what are the components that are influencing that challenge. At times, it may be imagery or information that you offer to yourself concerning other individuals and perhaps your interactions with other individuals.

LEXA: Thatís great, and I can look at it from that perspective. I guess what I had in mind now really was more from a concrete perspective in terms of concrete images. When I have dream imagery and I see that same imagery manifest in my concrete reality Ė not necessarily interactions with other humans, but concrete buildings or at the bird sanctuary when I was walking Ė how do I know which of these Iím going to manifest? Thatís what Iím trying to find out. Some dream imagery and some dream experiences you donít manifest, isnít that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, not precisely. You do, in some manner, but not necessarily precisely as the images have been presented within dream state.

LEXA: One dream in particular I had, and I think itís been a couple of years ago, I see aspects of it manifesting precisely or relatively precisely as I had in that dream. I just am really curious about how I can determine out of these dreams what I am going to experience and what I am not going to experience. I guess I would be the determiner of that.

ELIAS: Yes, you are, and this is actually a choice.

Now; in any dream imagery that you present to yourself that you reflect almost precisely in your objective imagery and actually generate the same imagery that you have presented to yourself within your dream imagery, that is a choice, and it is a specific offering to yourself. Whether it be what you term to be comfortable or uncomfortable, in the time frameworks in which you present to yourself the same type of imagery objectively within what you create within waking state physically and that which you have presented to yourself within dream state, you are generating specific experiences to be offering yourself clearer information concerning yourself. You are correct, it does not necessarily involve other individuals; it is more of an offering of information to yourself concerning different situations and what you create and how you create them.

As an example of that type of imagery, let us say hypothetically that you incorporate a dream in which the imagery is presented in an interaction with another individual, and subsequently you generate precisely that type of interaction with the individual.

Now; what has been expressed is information to you, an offering to you to pay attention to how you are expressing your energy and how you are directing yourself, and whether your attention is genuinely being directed to yourself or whether you are expressing automatic responses. The imagery does not concern the other individual; it concerns you.

Many times you may generate dream imagery that is not associated with other individuals and is merely associated with yourself and different manifestations that you create within your reality. But this is also significant, for you are offering yourself information concerning choices, that you are not bound to specific imageries. If you create the same imagery as you have within your dream, you are offering yourself the opportunity to recognize whether you have intentionally chosen that and your response to it, or whether you are generating the automatic association within yourself that there is some other element that is directing you, and whether you are continuing to align with that belief that you do not create all of your reality, or if you do create all of your reality, there is some aspect of yourself that is...

LEXA: ...that is not online! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct, that is hidden from yourself and is directing of you without your permission.

LEXA: I understand! (Both laugh)

Moving on to another question, what is the difference in action within the dream state when I am viewing a scene but Iím not within it nor do I go within it Ė I only view the scene Ė and the action of when Iím over a scene Iím viewing and I go in it and I have some interaction within the scene and then I leave it? Whatís going on here? What are the differences that are occurring in these two actions?

ELIAS: Very well. Within these two actions there is a difference, and that concerns the objective awareness. Within the dream action, you may be incorporating different quantities, so to speak, of your objective awareness. If you are generating dream action and you incorporate little or no recall of the dream action, you are not incorporating your objective awareness. In a manner of speaking, you have disengaged somewhat of your objective awareness Ė or figuratively speaking, your objective awareness is asleep. Ha ha ha!

LEXA: Let me ask you this. Does that mean then that in those instances when Iím above an action within a dream state and I know I am peeping in on this and I say to myself I need to get out of here, is that me disengaging my objective?

ELIAS: No, no. In that action, you are incorporating much more of your objective awareness. You are incorporating almost the expression of objective awareness as you do within waking state Ė not quite, but almost.

Within the dreams in which you are participating but you are not aware of watching the participation, your incorporation of your objective awareness is approximately half of what it is within your waking state. Therefore, you do incorporate recall of the dream imagery, but you do not offer yourself enough strength in the objective awareness to be actually intentionally manipulating within the dream imagery.

Now; in situations in which you are noticing that you are participating within the dream but you also are aware of being outside of the dream, so to speak, this incorporates enough objective awareness to actually manipulate the dream imagery.

LEXA: I donít know if Iíve ever manipulated it. But then when youíre in it, maybe you are manipulating it, just because youíre in it.

Iíve always had the impression that these dream experiences are valid experiences. I think that they probably may be of other aspects Ė Iím going to just call it that Ė of my consciousness, when I go into these dreams and have these experiences and then I wake up and say wow.

For instance, I had this one dream that I came to Ė I call it ďcoming toĒ in the dream Ė and Iím huge! I have never been that huge! I must have been as big as the world or larger. I was just huge! When I was raising up, I said to myself wow, I am huge! I donít know whether that was a cellular expansion that was going on at that time or whether I was just actually that huge. (Elias chuckles) You want to talk to me about that?

ELIAS: This is imagery that you have presented to yourself concerning vastness, and offering yourself imagery to symbolize to yourself a genuine experience of yourself in its vastness, which you image in largeness; which is somewhat accurate, for this would be an offering of information to yourself to experience the vastness of yourself as essence.

LEXA: Well, I was huge! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And you are!

LEXA: I became concerned about my action within that dream as hugeness, in affecting others in a non-positive way, I guess.

ELIAS: Which is an automatic association, and that is significant. For in this vastness and the viewing of the vastness of yourself and the experiencing of that, you also begin to recognize that you incorporate tremendous power. In that recognition of this tremendous power that you hold, there is, generally speaking with most individuals, an automatic negative association, for generally speaking, individuals view tremendous power as dangerous.

LEXA: I didnít necessarily think it was negative. What I thought more was I did not want to hurt anyone.

ELIAS: Correct.

LEXA: I donít consider that negative. I think thatís Ė from my perspective now, and I could be just off on some blue moon here Ė but I thought more in terms of the control of the power in relationship to aspects that may not be quite as powerful or that may not be expressing quite as powerfully at that minute.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but that is the same belief which is being expressed, that tremendous power incorporates the potential for destructiveness or for hurtfulness and therefore is suspect.

LEXA: Maybe not suspect, but maybe needs evaluation in terms of its use.

ELIAS: Or that in the belief, it must be controlled and therefore channeled in proper manners.

But recognize that in this expression, you are offering yourself information concerning an expressed belief in relation to power, and that there are many aspects, so to speak, or influences of that belief of power. There are many different expressions that may be incorporated in association with those influences, such as control or concern for other individuals, which is in itself a dangerous area, for that may easily generate an association that other individuals are not creating their reality efficiently enough to be incorporating an interaction with your power. That assumes that you in some manner create the other individualís reality or that you incorporate the ability to be generating some action or some influence in association with another individual that they are not compliant with, which is not true.

LEXA: I didnít view it from that perspective, but I certainly will evaluate it from that perspective and see whether or not I agree with you! (Both laugh) But thank you for that perspective. I just did not look at it that way. I can certainly see your suggestion about the use of power in terms of the vastness, and the control of the power, not to initiate any negative influences on those...

ELIAS: Ah, but this is precisely what I have expressed to you, NOT to be concerning yourself with that, for you do not create other individualsí realities. Therefore rather, allow yourself to generate an appreciation of the power that you incorporate, and allow yourself to manipulate that in manners that are associated with your preferences.

LEXA: Thereís another experience I want to cover briefly that has stuck with me, too. I mentioned it to you, I believe, the last time we talked, or maybe this is the first time. It had to do with music; I told you I heard beautiful music in my dreams.

I had this dream where I heard a familiar voice that I havenít heard from in a long time and I donít know where it is. When I came to, it said, ďWatch this,Ē and as I was looking Ė because I was obviously in the dream interacting, although I didnít see anyone Ė there was a wrapping of what appeared to be a base, like a bottom to something or a stand, like you take two sticks and you wrap cord around them, and it was cord being wrapped around this. When this was finished I said, ďOh, itís a xylophone!Ē There were a few notes, and then all of a sudden this beautiful symphonic music broke out. After a few stanzas, the voice said, ďWatch this,Ē and then it went back to playing the xylophone, and as the last note was hit, my alarm clock went off! So I woke up laughing, because it was such perfect timing. (Elias chuckles)

Iím curious about that experience. Iím curious about that beautiful music. Where was I and what was I doing? What is it all about? How can I recreate it to hear that music again?

ELIAS: First of all, offer to myself your impression.

LEXA: About the music? Oh, I donít know. Iíve read that there are expressions within consciousness, within my essence, that can translate into sound...

ELIAS: Correct.

LEXA: ...and that sound would be a composite of all aspects of my essence. I think thatís what Iíve read.

ELIAS: Correct. It may be translated into sound, for it...

LEXA: Is that what I was experiencing?

ELIAS: Yes, and the significance of the note which coincided with your clock is actually quite precise in generating an intensity of the experience, and in a manner of speaking, bringing that experience in its intensity into your waking state.

LEXA: It was beautiful, and greatly timed, too! (Elias laughs) Thereís nothing more exhilarating than waking up laughing! I think thatís about the most exhilarating thing. I guess the aspect that I really appreciate about that dream, not that I donít appreciate others, but that particular one is that I can still remember it and it still brings joy.

Now, the last thing I want to talk about is not a dream. I know it wasnít a dream; it was an experience I had. I know youíre going to tell me that I created this, and I guess I did create it, but I donít believe it! I know I create my reality, but I donít believe this one! (Elias laughs)

I was asleep one night and I heard my door close downstairs. When I heard it, my eyes were closed but I could see. I could see the bedroom window; I could see all the physical aspects of that bedroom. I heard steps, and at the same time there was this intense energy, as if I was being plugged into a wall socket. I heard these steps going up my stairs, and this figure walked into this room and stood by the door. All of this time I was wired, and I said to myself finally Ė because youíre in this state and you say, ďAm I going to freak out?Ē and I know that I am Ė (Elias laughs) I said to myself finally, ďThis is a thought-form,Ē and it went away.

What was I doing? I know youíre going to tell me I created that, but I donít believe it. (Both laugh) I donít believe that one, because that one was something!

ELIAS: (Laughs) But it was quite real.

LEXA: I know it was real! I was like Iím going to lay here and Iím going to watch this. I know it was real, because I could feel it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are quite correct.

Now; let me express to you, yes, you do create all of your reality. But within your reality, you do interact with other energies, and you choose what other energies to allow and what energies not to allow within your reality. You draw, quite specifically, every other energy to yourself within any given moment.

Now; I may express to you, what you have generated in this experience is a meeting, a brief meeting between yourself and another focus of you. This is your energy, but in a different manifestation of you.

LEXA: Forward or backward in time?

ELIAS: This would be a future focus.

LEXA: Is it the same one that sent the begonia? I love it!


Now; this was an allowance of you to incorporate an actual manifestation of that energy.

LEXA: Gotcha! Thatís why I said itís a thought-form.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

LEXA: He was very tall! (Elias laughs) Iím glad to know that. I knew it was real, but I mean, come on guys, give me a little warning bell here! I guess I did get the warning bell when I felt the energy that was so intense.

ELIAS: Yes. But it was not generating a type of energy to promote fear.

LEXA: No, but let me tell you something. The circumstances could have been very fearful, because I know no one was supposed to be in my house and I know I heard steps and I know I felt that energy. I knew within some level of this experience that there should be no fear, but that kind of action could very well initiate fear within someone who was not as open or not as Ė I donít want to use the word ďknowledgeableĒ Ė but not have the information available to interpret it in a way that would not be fearful.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but this is not the situation.

LEXA: I understand, but other people may have that experience and it could really cause a lot of problems!

ELIAS: (Laughs) But if they are not expressing that openness, they would not generate that type of experience.

LEXA: I just came back from Lake Louise, outside of Banff in Canada. I adore Canada, and I know youíre probably going to tell me itís because of my alignment. Is that true?


LEXA: Itís just the most magnificent place Iíve ever seen. Iíve never seen anything quite so beautiful in all my life. I went there this summer, and I said I just have to go back in the winter because I love snow! I canít even express how magnificent that particular country is in its natural beauty and even the people that live there. One of my goals is to move there, which I intend to actualize. I just wanted to say that to walk among those trees with that snow was just like being in a picture book. (Elias chuckles)

At that time, I said this is what Iíve always wanted and I really created it. I can honestly say very comfortably that those things Iíve really, really wanted to do Iíve really created them, and I guess having that knowledge is very comforting.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. Also, recognize that your affinity for this physical location is influenced by your preferences and also by the energy that is expressed in that location, which your energy resonates with for it is quite similar. In association with your preferences, you have generated other focuses in that location, which generates an appreciation and a familiarity.

LEXA: Oh, is that it? Itís a beautiful country. Iíve just got to move there or die! (Elias laughs with Lexa) Itís got to be one of the two! Thereís no ifs, ands or buts about it. Donít you love extremes? (Elias laughs loudly) I do love that country so much, and Iíve made it a point to go there as much as I possibly can and just soak up the energy. It just is magnificent; it truly is.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am quite understanding. And perhaps, rather than expressing the extremes, you may be expressing an acknowledgment of your appreciation and determination! Ha ha!

LEXA: (Laughs) Arenít the extremes interesting? (Elias laughs)

Weíve got to hurry; Iíve got just a few minutes. One last question: Everyone says you create your reality, and I agree with that Ė sometimes! (Elias laughs) You have specifically said your perception is the mechanism through which you create your reality. Do I have that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you do.

LEXA: What I find lacking in the information is how is it done? To say ďmy perception does itĒ is one thing. My perception is what I put in action here on the shop floor, as I call it. However, I have not seen the mechanics of how itís done. In other words, I have not seen it explained to me how I as essence use this energy to manifest the physical environment and those interactions that I have.

For instance, when you projected your introduction, was that a thought and you projected it? Perception is not what creates my reality. Thereís an energy thatís got to come in here first before I can utilize the perception.

ELIAS: Correct.

LEXA: What am I doing, energetically? Not here, up there Ė and I know thereís no up and down. You understand what Iím trying to get at?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes. You incorporate energy, which is movement. That is what you actually are. You are an action; you are not a thing. But in association with energy and projecting energy in relation to time and the configuration of time, you generate Ė it is not necessarily a projection, so to speak Ė you generate this energy, you filter it through layers of time, and that action creates actual physical manifestations.

LEXA: Tell me about that filtering process through layers of time.

ELIAS: Without time you do not create physical manifestations.

LEXA: Is this across all dimensions and galaxies and whatever?

ELIAS: Associated with physical manifestations, yes.

LEXA: So time, across ďlayers of time,Ē are those energy fields?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

LEXA: What are they?

ELIAS: Time is a manifestation of consciousness. It is a quality of consciousness. It is not a truth, for it is not translatable in every area of consciousness. But it is an element or a quality of consciousness that allows a flexibility and a bendability within certain configurations of energy, in which links of consciousness are expressed in configurations specifically and moved through configurations of time Ė which as I have stated is a quality of consciousness Ė and as that occurs, an actual physical manifestation or form is expressed.

Now; that configuration of links of consciousness and filtering that through specific configurations of time is manipulated, so to speak, in conjunction with perception.

LEXA: Youíre saying that there is an element of perception in the nonphysical expression?

ELIAS: No. Perception is a physical expression. It is a physical objective mechanism, and it is only associated with physical manifestations. But it is the key element to actually generate the actual physical manifestations. The movement of the links of consciousness and filtering through layers of time does not in itself create physical matter or physical manifestations. The forms are thusly incorporated in association with perception, and that generates a physical presentment, a physical manifestation.

Now; the actual manifestation in itself is somewhat different from how it is presented in relation to perception, for perception generates a solidity; whereas, the actual manifestation of matter is an expression of energy associated with time. Therefore, it is not actually solid; it is a movement.

LEXA: Weíre going to have to talk about this again because we are getting close to time for me to stop. But I really appreciate this, and Iím looking forward to getting the tape. I seem to have created my speakerphone not working, so I donít have the tape to review immediately. But I do feel that youíve given me some very valuable information. I do want to revisit this at some point in time because Iím still not quite clear. I hear what youíre telling me, but Iím still not quite clear about the whole process. I want to listen to this very clearly and Iíd like to discuss this subject further.

ELIAS: Very well.

LEXA: I guess we should wrap up and let Mary get back to her life. (Elias laughs) I thank you very, very much for offering this information and things for me to think about.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. As always, I offer my loving affection to you and my encouragement in your continued journey in exploration. (Laughs)

LEXA: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and in the interim time framework I shall be offering a playful energy to you.

LEXA: Iíll try to watch for you.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well! To you as always, my friend, in fondness, au revoir.

LEXA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 55 minutes.

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