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Saturday, July 03, 2004

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ďElias on Other Channeled EssencesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Catherine (Munya) and Mike (Alandra).

(Eliasí arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MIKE: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

MIKE: As always. (Elias laughs) This is Mike, of course. Catherine and I are going to be switching phones back and forth.

ELIAS: Very well!

MIKE: There are a few people from the New World View, which is one of Paulís websites, who wanted to cover some vital statistics really quick, if that would be appropriate.

ELIAS: Very well.

MIKE: The first person is Marisa, or Tina. Sheís interested in her family, alignment and orientation.

ELIAS: And the impression?

MIKE: I think she is involved with Tumold, but Iím not sure.

ELIAS: That would be the alignment.

MIKE: Orientation, thought or emotional Ė emotional?

ELIAS: Emotional. And what is the impression as to the essence family?

MIKE: Borledim?

ELIAS: Sumari.

MIKE: The next person is Steve L. I think heís probably got Sumafi in there somewhere.

ELIAS: Yes. This would be the essence family.

MIKE: Alignment, Iím not sure, actually.

ELIAS: Vold.

MIKE: Orientation is thought, I believe.

ELIAS: Orientation, common; thought focused, yes.

MIKE: Would Marisa be common as well?


MIKE: The next person was Ellen G., who I donít know very well to be honest, and donít have any strong impressions on, although thereís probably Sumari in there somewhere.

ELIAS: Alignment, Sumari; essence family, Milumet.

MIKE: Soft?


MIKE: And emotional?


MIKE: Catherineís saying in the background that she thinks Iím thought and sheís emotional, in terms of focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: (Laughing) She says that was a no-brainer! (Elias laughs) Just two more people really fast Ė Susan from the boards, as well. I get the impression of Tumold in there, probably alignment, although Iím not certain about that.

ELIAS: Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Tumold.

MIKE: Emotional and common?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Her husband Craig, Iím going to say intermediate and thought.

ELIAS: Political.

MIKE: Interesting. Susan wanted her essence name as well.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Phyllis.


ELIAS: P-H-Y, not I.

MIKE: Thank you. And Craigís essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Cillion, C-I-L-L-I-O-N (SIL lee un).

MIKE: Thank you. Is Craigís orientation intermediate?


MIKE: Alignment, Ilda?


MIKE: Family, Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: That covers the vital statistics for the people that were wondering.

Since Iím on the phone at the moment, I have a couple of impressions about other focuses I just wanted to ask about real quick.

ELIAS: Very well.

MIKE: I have the impression that I have some sort of connection with Nikola Tesla.

ELIAS: Yes. Not as that individual, but associated with that individual.

MIKE: I have the impression that I may have been one of Teslaís teachers. Would that be correct?


MIKE: Similarly, I have strong impressions of being on a three-masted ship that sank.

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Just one more for confirmationís sake. I feel a strong connection to a parallel self in the current timeline where thereís a revolution taking place.

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Thank you! I want to give you to Catherine, because my other questionís kind of a long one. So Iíll let you talk to her first.

ELIAS: Very well.

CAT: Hi, Elias.

ELIAS: Good morning!

CAT: I was wondering about the current energy surges that were going on. At the beginning of May, I started having panic attacks again. I noticed I was in a really good mood, and I was happy and excited. So I wasnít really worried about them, but then they started continuing. They werenít extreme, but I was wondering about how they relate to the current wave in truth.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

CAT: I read something last night from Myranda that she posted about polarization. All I know is I feel very hyper sometimes recently. Itís calming down some now.

ELIAS: This is the significance of paying attention to your energy and generating balance, creating that intentionally, for there is an intensity of energy which is being expressed and that creates a type of environment, so to speak, in which energy is easily accessed and can easily generate extremes. But this can be avoided if you are paying attention to your energy, what you are doing in the moment and how you are projecting energy, and also how you are receiving energy, therefore allowing yourself to intentionally generate a balance to not be creating these extremes.

CAT: I notice sometimes they happen at night when Iím kind of falling asleep, and I can usually just calm down or sort of distract myself. Is that a good method?


CAT: I notice it helps when I think of a nice fantasy or daydream. I can move into that.

ELIAS: The communication of imagination is powerful and quite useful in many situations. It may be distracting; it may be inspiring; it may be motivating. Engaging that avenue of communication may be a quite useful tool.

CAT: That works. I just do what Iíve been doing, because it is working and it has calmed down. Will this integrate? I mean, after a while I wonít notice it so much anymore?

ELIAS: If you continue to practice and you continue to allow yourself to relax and be aware in the moment and be aware of your energy in the moment, yes, it shall become easier and more automatic.

CAT: It has been calming down. At first I was a little surprised because I was in such good moods when it happened. I wasnít upset or stressed out about anything. All of a sudden I just started hyperventilating and got over-excited, and I guess that was the extreme energy, the easily accessed...


CAT: Can I ask a question about my dream triggers? Can you have more than one?


CAT: I have reoccurring themes. One time I was lucid enough in the dream to look for my dream trigger. I was just in a room with a table full of rolled up rolls of cloth. I thought that was interesting Ė itís a little swirling image Ė so I dived into that, and nothing really happened. I came back out and I looked around at what else was in there. I looked over in the corner and there was a window. I went through the window and I kind of lost consciousness. So I thought, ďAha Ė window!Ē Iíve been seeing a lot of windows in my dreams. Is the window one of my dream triggers?


CAT: That figures. (Elias laughs) Then I also noticed a lot of imagery with little cakes. I know it sounds odd, but everybody has these little cakes. Sometimes Iíve seen walls of little cakes, compartments with little cakes in them, and each person has their own little cake. Iím thinking this has something to do with the idea of having your cake and eating it too. (Elias laughs) Last night we had fights with little cakes Ė not fights but play-fights. We were taking little cakes and throwing them at each other, and everyone was covered in whipped cream and cake. (Elias laughs) Iím curious about that, because that is a reoccurring theme.

ELIAS: And this also is a dream trigger.

CAT: Cakes, of all things! Thatís so funny.

Also I have a reoccurring Ė and this may be a dream trigger for me Ė but small animals that Iím trying to take care of, mostly rats. Usually theyíre getting out of hand, like somebody left them too long. They were pet rats and theyíre going wild, and Iím trying to help them.

ELIAS: This is imagery associated with personal responsibility.

CAT: Thatís been reoccurring for years.

ELIAS: Which is quite understandable, for it is repeated imagery that you offer to yourself concerning personal responsibility, and assuming personal responsibility for other individuals or even creatures or even plants.

CAT: Does this have to do with the Tumold alignment?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

CAT: This is something anybody could be aligned with?


CAT: Iím trying to understand the Tumold alignment a little better, what it entails. Is it trying to help with the movement going on right now?

ELIAS: The quality of Tumold is, generally speaking, to return expressions to their natural state. That is a strong motivating factor.

Now; that may be interpreted in many different manners, and many times that becomes misinterpreted or distorted by the individual in generating strong motivations to be helpful to other expressions of consciousness, but in a manner which is assuming a role of creating choices for the other expression of consciousness, which is a misinterpretation of their natural quality.

CAT: Can we move toward this natural quality intentionally, if weíre misinterpreting it? Does that make sense?

ELIAS: If you are misinterpreting the quality, that would be evidenced in what you do. If you are attempting to be helpful by attempting to alter the choices of another expression of consciousness, that would be your indicator that you are misinterpreting the quality. For, the quality is to return any expression to its natural state, but that is accomplished through cooperating in energy and offering supportive energy to any other expression of consciousness, therefore pooling your energies together to generate a strength for the other expression of consciousness to accomplish more efficiently returning to its natural state.

CAT: I can work on that objectively, then. I had a question about perception and what it means. Is attitude a component of perception? Attitude, outlook, mindset, mentality, the way you approach things Ė are those all components of perception?


CAT: I can see changing my attitude Ė thatís obvious to me Ė but before, I was a little confused about what perception was and how you change perception. So itís easy to change attitude? I mean it seems easy.

ELIAS: At times.

CAT: And this is influenced by beliefs. So when you recognize that you have a belief influencing it and you have a choice in your attitude, or rather perception, are you realigning with another belief or are you just changing your attitude?

ELIAS: You may be aligning with another belief, or you may be aligning with a different influence of the same belief. It is dependent upon the situation and what you are addressing to.

CAT: Some things, I notice I can easily, in the moment, change my attitude, and that seems to make everything better or easier, or flow better, freer.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

CAT: But when I think about beliefs and trying to change beliefs... Weíve already talked about youíre not actually changing them.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAT: But when you recognize them... Well, you donít actually need to recognize them. Letís say I have an emotional response, and I recognize that itís obviously an indicator of a belief. Itís a communication of a belief?


CAT: In that moment I donít need to actually identify the specific belief. I can just go hey, look, Iíve got a belief influencing me and I feel this way, but why donít I just change my attitude? That seems to work.

ELIAS: And that would be one method of addressing to. (Chuckles)

CAT: That is acceptance of a belief, though? Itís just recognizing that it is a belief and itís not...

ELIAS: Correct, and it matters not. Every belief incorporates MANY influences. In the recognition of the influences, you may choose which influences you prefer, which is a matter of altering your perception.

CAT: That I seem to be able to do, for the most part. I mean, Iím learning! (Elias laughs)

About my intent, I think I have a very generalized intent. I remember going around thinking ďwhat is the theme throughout my life,Ē and all I can think of is all the times when I was a little girl and I would wonder about something Ė ďI wonder what this is like?Ē Ė and then somehow bring it to myself, either in a dream or in an actual situation or read about it. It just shows up. Is that my general intent, or is that just too general?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this is somewhat accurate. It is an intent of a type of magic, presenting some element to yourself in theory and subsequently exploring the action of materializing that.

CAT: You mentioned something about Tumold alignment dealing with energy, movements of energy.


CAT: That goes along with that?


CAT: Cool! OBEs and projections Ė I do a lot of OBEs, ever since I was a little girl. Is that actually an OBE or a projection?

ELIAS: That would be a projection.

CAT: The other day Ė actually, two mornings ago Ė I got out of my body and decided to go mess with Mike in his office. I was trying to affect the monitor, but I couldnít get him to notice me; he just would not notice. I got my body to say his name, but it was confusing because I was like split. What I was wondering was how could I use my body? He came in and I said, ďLook at the monitor,Ē and I was still trying to project at the same time. In a projection, you still have part of your subjective awareness?


CAT: I would not have been able to do that if it was an OBE, correct?

ELIAS: In what I have identified as an out-of-body experience, this would be an action in which you are removing the objective and the subjective awareness from the body consciousness. In a manner of speaking, you are disconnecting those awarenesses from the body consciousness. Therefore, you are correct Ė you would not be incorporating a manipulation of the physical body consciousness, for the subjective awareness would not be connected to the body consciousness.

CAT: So Iíve been projecting this whole time?


CAT: Real quick, Iím going to segue. Do either of us have Dream Walker aspects?


CAT: Both?


CAT: Do you know that Mike disappeared in front of me one time, literally? And heís done it before to other people. What is this action? I create my version of him...

ELIAS: Correct.

CAT: I created him disappearing? Or he projected that energy and...


CAT: ...I received it in the way he meant to project it?


CAT: It freaked me out! He just appeared right in front of me! (Elias laughs) It was so frustrating because he wasnít there a minute ago.

ELIAS: That is an action of viewing blinking in and out, which you do continuously. But the manner in which you perceive your reality and the incorporation of your configuration of time sequentially allows it to appear to you to be uninterrupted and a flow of constant continuous presence, but in actuality, you are continuously blinking in and out. If you slow time enough and bend time in a manner to generate the type of slowing that is required, you can actually objectively view a blink in or out.

CAT: He wants to know if that is on his part or on my part.

ELIAS: Both, for he is generating the action, creating the blink and projecting the energy and slowing time, and you are receiving the energy. Therefore, you receive the message of what is occurring and you configure it in like manner. Therefore, you also participate and slow time to view the action of blinking in and out.

Now; were you to be not receiving the energy, you would not notice. You would not view the actual appearance or disappearance.

CAT: That makes sense. I remember it was disorienting. (Elias chuckles) Thatís sort of a clue. Sometimes things happen and it feels a bit surreal and disorienting. Iím doing something different in that moment, right?

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

CAT: I noticed recently in the last three months that everything seems to be as if physical reality is a layer on top of... Itís like itís not solid anymore; thereís like an undercurrent to everything.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And this is an expression of widening your awareness and recognizing that all of your reality is a projection of you, and it is continuously in motion and it is all an expression of consciousness. Therefore, regardless of how solid your reality appears at times, in actuality it is not as solid as it appears.

CAT: It doesnít appear very solid to me. (Elias laughs) I donít think it ever has.

I finally figured out what you were saying about Ė or I think I figured it out Ė when you say donít push energy. Weíre such good creators that the moment we push energy, we create something to push against.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAT: Iím trying to figure out how... When I am trying hard not to be focused on something Ė we talked about it last time Ė I was creating it just as much. So it was the same situation Ė I was actually creating something not to focus on?


CAT: My energy was actually creating it, because I needed something not to focus on. (Elias laughs) Thatís kind of what was going on?

ELIAS: In your terms, yes.

CAT: Well, I have to break these things down into something I can understand!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Very well!

CAT: One more thing. I had been having, for the last couple of years, all these physical urges, urges to do weird things physically. Iím talking jump on the ceiling and hang upside down, just in the moment, and you canít do that! Why am I thinking these things? I was wondering what was happening there. I know itís just beliefs and I really could hang off the ceiling if I would just let it go, but itís still there. Itís these little urges.

ELIAS: Which is also associated with your intent.

CAT: Iím going to have to go over that intent. I like that intent. (Elias laughs) So I could do it?


CAT: Thereís just this little thing that stops me called gravity, or the belief in gravity!

ELIAS: (Laughs) But this is the challenge of your exploration of the magic!

CAT: I had a dream Ė actually, several dreams Ė where I practiced levitating, and some other people were guiding me to get used to the feeling of it so I could recreate it in physical reality. That is one method, trying to recreate the physical feeling or sensation?

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

CAT: That I can understand. But when I tried to do it, I used a bed and kept falling backwards right at the moment when it would have worked. There was this little background I saw in the corner to my right, like a shape that was saying, ďNuh-uh!Ē (Elias laughs) Is that just my visualization of the belief?


CAT: Itís funny, because you can just feel the moment when you would float, and it goes right past that. It like kicks in! Itís kind of a strange little feeling.

ELIAS: (Laughs) It is possible!

CAT: Iíll keep working on that. Iíll give it up to Mike for a minute. Iíll just have another session to go over the rest of this stuff later!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

MIKE: Hi, Iím back. I had a question related to dreams as well. During my dreamtime, Iíve noticed that most dreams are very flexible in terms of you can change their content and most of the people in them at will. However, thereís probably about five to ten percent of my dreams I notice that seem much more solid, in that Iím not in control of the total environment. Iím wondering if those could be specific dream places or other aspects of the landscape, so to speak.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the imagery of the dream. In some dream imagery, you may be tapping into another focus in which it would be much more difficult to be altering the imagery, for you are merely viewing another focus of yourself. If you are incorporating other imagery, you can be tapping into alternate realities in which that also would be quite difficult to alter the imagery.

Now; there may be some other imageries that you may create in dream expressions that may be associated with one of your truths or a strongly expressed belief, which, once again, would be quite challenging to change the imagery. For in that scenario, you are attempting to offer yourself information and a message, and you are purposefully choosing specific imagery to convey that message and attempting to receive the message. Therefore, you would not be altering of the imagery.

MIKE: Thatís very un-Earth-like. (Elias laughs) Iíve noticed as well that there are some of them in which Iíve been setting up facilities for other people, like receiving facilities and barracks, and basically establishing places for other people to arrive into those locations. But the ones where thatís taking place are generally much closer to an Earth-like place. Whatís going on with that?

ELIAS: And your impression?

MIKE: I almost feel like it may be tied into this communication intent of mine, or itís somehow just making it easier for other people to go there. Iím not very clear, actually.

ELIAS: It is not concerning other individuals. It is imagery that you are presenting to yourself concerning a subject, not concerning other individuals. The subject concerns receiving, allowance and receiving.

MIKE: I want to ask a really kind of strange question, and then Iíll switch back to Catherine again. In early Christianity and a lot of various mystic religions, thereís a concept of making ďthe two into one.Ē (Elias nods) Itís my impression that this has to do with breaking the illusion of separation, in that we believe that we are in and everything else is out. I kind of see that as a merger between the two.


MIKE: I seem to struggle with that particular illusion. Itís very strong for me.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am understanding. This is a challenging concept for many individuals, for you do express considerable separation within your physical reality, which is purposeful. But in actuality, there is no separation of consciousness. As you widen your awareness, you begin to experience that and then thusly create a knowing of the lack of separation and that this is merely a veil that you have generated within your physical reality to generate a containment of your own identity.

MIKE: Iím sorry; this is a bit of a tangential thought. If thatís our role in our contained reality, could an individual move across probabilities or parallel realities?

ELIAS: Yes, you can.

MIKE: I have the impression that I have.

ELIAS: Yes, and you do.

MIKE: That includes both parallel and probable?


MIKE: Can you define the difference between parallel and probable realities?

ELIAS: A parallel reality may or may not be a probable reality. A parallel reality may be an other-dimensional reality that is similar to this physical reality but incorporates some differences in its blueprint and in its construction. But it may also be a probable reality, for you can create a probable reality which parallels your reality.

A probable reality does not necessarily parallel your reality. If it is not a parallel probable reality, it may move in quite a different manner from your reality, dependent upon the choices of the probable individuals.

MIKE: The focus I have thatís a revolutionary would appear to be a parallel.


MIKE: It also seems to be fairly related to a probable, because many of the aspects of that place are the same as this one.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but that would be the appearance of a parallel reality, where many of the aspects of that reality would appear the same, but there would also be certain key differences.

MIKE: Catherine asked me to ask. Our house is full of crickets right now. Theyíre literally coming out of the woodwork, and weíre kind of curious what weíre presenting to ourselves.

ELIAS: And what are your impressions?

MIKE: She votes for lack of separation, and I vote for the more traditional sign of coming prosperity or luck.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I may express to each of you that this would be reflective of what each of you are creating Ė therefore, there would not be one answer! (Chuckles)

MIKE: Iím going to pass the phone back to my lovely wife. Actually, I do have another question from Serge, who channels Kris.

ELIAS: Very well.

MIKE: He channels Kris, and Kris gives information very similar to yours. But at times itís different, and there are people who like to compare them and think that in order for it to be valid the information has to agree completely. Serge was wondering if you could comment on that.

ELIAS: I may express to you that each essence offers information in association with their direction and what may be viewed in your terms as their interest, which once again, in your terms, would be likened to an intent. It is not quite actually an intent, for that would more be associated with your reality, but it would be a similar expression. Therefore, the information shall vary.

I may express to you, for the most part any essence that is offering information in this time framework is expressing in generally a similar manner, but the specifics of the information that they offer may differ. That is associated with the different preferences and directions of each essence, what is the interest of each essence, and what point each essence is expressing in information.

I have offered explanation of what my point is or what my intention is in interaction with all of you. Generally speaking, any other essence does likewise, and their intention is not necessarily the same. Therefore, the information may differ and the exchange may be different, which may influence different information. This is not to say that the information that any essence is expressing is not valid, for it is.

MIKE: Would who theyíre speaking to also be an element? We have another friend who channels an entity named Tobias. His channels seem in general content to be saying much of the same thing as yourself and others, such as Kris. However, the way that theyíre presented is very much more in line with the religious thinking thatís more common in our mass consciousness.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; there are several factors that are in play in all of these situations. One is how the energy exchange is being presented or how it is being interacted with, one is what the intention of the essence is, and one is what you would term to be what the drawn audience is. For, for the most part the direction of any essence in this time framework that is engaging an energy exchange with an individual within physical focus is to be offering information to be helpful with this shift in consciousness.

Now; not all individuals shall be drawn to one essence, for all of you incorporate tremendous diversity. In that diversity, your interests and your curiosities are different, and you are drawn to different expressions. Individuals that are drawn to interaction with myself are drawn to the information that I offer in the manner in which I offer it, for they are drawn to less distortion. That is an important and significant factor to the individuals that interact with myself. That may not necessarily be an important factor to other individuals. There may be other factors that are more important to other individuals, that other essences express more so than myself.

I do not offer information in a manner which reinforces expressed beliefs. Therefore, it encourages individuals to be engaging exploration and expanding their awareness in a manner in which they shall not necessarily be continuing to express judgments of good and bad concerning their individual beliefs or mass beliefs.

Another essence may be more in alignment with their information with beliefs, religious or otherwise. Other individuals may be drawn to that information for that may be less overwhelming in their widening of awareness. It may be more important to other individuals to approach an acceptance of their beliefs, in a manner of speaking, through the expression of them and not moving around them, in a manner of speaking. Are you understanding thus far?

MIKE: I believe so, yes.

ELIAS: Some individuals may incorporate more trauma within this shift if they are engaging my information and perhaps misunderstanding, and thusly moving themselves more strongly into an expression of discounting themselves for incorporating beliefs. Therefore, the factor of distortion would not be an important factor for some individuals. It may be more comforting for the information to be presented to them in a more familiar manner, one that may be easier for them to objectively assimilate and comprehend.

Some information individuals offer themselves not in association with another essence that is engaging an energy exchange. Many individuals incorporate their information concerning this shift in consciousness through religious establishments. Therefore, it is not to be discounted, any information that is offered. There are merely differences in what is offered and how it is offered.

There are also influences in the energy exchange itself. Some essences and individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange in a different manner than I engage with Michael; some engage very similarly to myself and Michael. But many individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange and to continue to incorporate some awareness objectively of the exchanges that are occurring between other individuals and the essence that they are exchanging with.

Therefore, they incorporate an awareness objectively of the conversations, to a point Ė not entirely, for any energy exchange with another essence does interrupt some of the objective awareness and memory Ė but there is an incorporation of some objective awareness. I may express to you that your definition of that type of an exchange would generally be classified as what you term to be a conscious channeler, which is in actuality quite ludicrous, for all channelers are conscious! (Laughs)

But I may express to you that that also influences the information that is being channeled, so to speak, for there may be some element of bleed-through of the individualís beliefs that affects the information and its transmission. But it matters not, for as I have expressed, that does not invalidate the information, and it is no less valuable and informative than any other information.

It also matters not, for regardless of whether I choose to be offering information in the manner which I do and incorporating the least amount of distortion in what I express to you, you yourselves automatically immediately distort it. Therefore, for the most part the same action occurs whether there is distortion interjected into the information in the energy exchange itself, or whether you, receiving the information, distort it in association with your beliefs.

This is the reason that I express to all of you so very strongly that it matters not and that it does not discount what information is being offered. It is all purposeful. It is merely a matter of which individuals draw themselves to which information, and whichever information they draw themselves to shall be the most beneficial for them.

MIKE: I think weíre about done. But I think Catherine wanted to ask you one more thing.

ELIAS: Very well!

CAT: Are we both final focuses?

ELIAS: You are not; your partner is.

CAT: That was my impression!

Also, thereís this thing Iíve been doing at night now and then, and sometimes it comes in waves. Iím kind of floating partially out of my body, but I feel like Iím filled with electricity, and I feel like there may be other essences there. Itís like a sensation all over my skin, and at first it originally started at my throat. I was wondering what that was.

ELIAS: That is your allowance of interaction with other energies. You are correct.

CAT: I think one time I was floating around and I encountered a really big energy Ė it was like whoo, thatís intense! Ė and then I got the idea that that was Seth. Did I run into Seth at one point?

ELIAS: (Laughs) No, my friend. That was my energy.

CAT: Oh, well, there you go! It was big. (Elias laughs) I think weíre up, so I guess weíll just schedule another session.

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be anticipating our next conversation. (Laughs)

CAT: All right. Bye! Thank you!

MIKE: Thanks, Elias.

ELIAS: To you both, as always, in tremendous affection and much encouragement, I express to you, au revoir.

CAT: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour.)

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