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Sunday, April 13, 1997

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Drew (Matthew), Guin (Sophia), and a new participant, Damaris (Marius).

(Guin, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for coming this evening, and also for lending your supportiveness and energy. Love, Vic)

Elias arrives at 7:19 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence this evening, and also to Sophia! (Grinning at Guin) This evening we shall be discussing counterparts once again, and we shall be integrating time.

Many of you have become confused with our discussions of alternate selves and probable selves and realities and other focuses, and how they are all affecting of you continuously and how you are affecting of all of them continuously. As I have presented to you previously, I anticipated that you would become confused and that this may lead to a devaluation of self, for you feel you are influenced by so many elements that you may not hold complete control of your focus. This is incorrect, as I have stated to you previously. You do make all of your choices and you do create all of your own individual probabilities. You are also influenced by other aspects within consciousness continuously.

Now; another element which is involved within this situation is your time framework. All physical manifestations hold a time framework. Not all time frameworks are the same, but they all hold a time framework. There are also areas of non-physical focus which incorporate time frameworks which are different from your understanding of time as you recognize it, but they incorporate some sort of time element.

In this, I have spent much time with you leading you away from singular thinking. This is my greatest task with you, for this is an automatic creation of yours. It is part of your physical focus to be thinking singularly. Therefore, each subject which is presented to you, you view within the context of singularity. You are presented with the concept of counterparts, and you automatically think that all of the action of counterparts is occurring as you create for yourself.

You are within a time framework. I express to you that within non-physical focus, within many areas of non-physical consciousness, time is irrelevant, but within physical focus it is reality. I have also expressed to you that time itself is a reality within itself. It is a dimension within itself. Therefore, it is real.

You function within the reality of a specific time framework. In this, your counterpart action does not necessarily always occur within what you view to be your present now. You may be creating, and as I express to you that all probabilities are actualized, they may not be actualized within your present now time framework. You look to actions and hold expectations for results within present now time frameworks. This does not always occur. In like manner, counterparts within other time frameworks are influencing of you. Not all that you experience is a result of present now activity, to your way of thinking. This may occur in actuality, for all time is simultaneous. Therefore, any time framework may bleed through into your time reality. You may experience affectingness of other time frames.

Each choice that you actualize within probabilities does not automatically create all other probabilities, within the confines of what you may singularly imagine. The energy expressed may be directed within counterparts within other time frameworks, and in this you may not objectively hold knowledge of the actualization of all of your probabilities which are actualized beyond what you individually have chosen. Also, be remembering once again as this is review also, your probabilities do not lie before you. They are as you create them. There is no vast universe of probabilities waiting for you to pick from! There are countless, infinite probabilities to be actualized as you create them, and as all of your aspects create them.

Realize also that all of your counterparts, of your essence or of another essence, hold free will equal to yourselves. They hold the ability to create their own reality and to be actualizing their own choices, as do all of your alternate selves. This is not in conflict with you. Alternate selves do not diminish the value of you, for you are they and they are you, for you are not a singular entity. Just as your physical body is not created of one singular cell but contains billions of cells which communicate in harmony and create a collective consciousness appearing to be one, so also is your consciousness, within itself and all of its alternates within each individual focus, which operates as a collective, intersecting and exchanging continuously.

Many of you experience much counterpart action recently. You are exchanging imagery and activity with counterparts and allowing yourselves objective awareness of this action. You may not completely be understanding the action that you engage, but you are aware. Much movement occurs presently, as we have stated previously. This, as you are aware, accelerates, and as this accelerates you notice more activity within yourselves and within the events around you. (To Vic) Yes?

VICKI: Iím just listening.

ELIAS: You are very near to embarking upon a new adventure. Within this new adventure that you have chosen, you also prepare yourselves quite objectively with many new examples. Be remembering that you are affecting within consciousness of multitudes. One may affect all, for there is no separation. Therefore, each is the center and each is equally important.

I shall allow this evening for your questions, if you are choosing.

RON: Iíd like to ask a question. Youíve said, in fact you just said it again, that basically we affect everything in the subjective. Every thought is affecting of all in the subjective. So if everybody is being affected subjectively, is there really a point to this expansion thing if everybodyís getting it subjectively anyway?

ELIAS: You assume that each individual receives information and assimilates this at the same rate and equally, which they do not. Just as objectively you do not assimilate information all the same and you do not comprehend all the same, subjectively you do not either. Therefore yes, you are affecting and it is important. The point is to be lending energy and helpfulness in the direction of widening awareness of belief systems. Many, many individuals upon your planet within this present now continue quite strictly within rigid belief systems. They are locked into these belief systems and do not allow movement into widening their awareness as quickly as some other individuals. Therefore, you lend helpfulness within energy to be easing this situation and lessening trauma.

RON: Is that because these people are more likely to pay attention objectively than subjectively? Thatís kind of the way I look at it, but I guess they are getting it subjectively, obviously, probably more than theyíre getting it objectively, but is the objective expression making more of an impact on them to be opening themselves up subjectively?

ELIAS: Partially. Much of the activity will be incorporated subjectively within consciousness, but it is also helpful within objective awareness; this being why you will also be witnessing more of these events of which we spoke previously, within mass statements.

RON: Okay. Thanks. (Pause)

DREW: I have something. Almost every week now it seems like the subject you address is the one that Iíve had experience with during the week and questions about. This experience was what I believe was an intersection or an experience of another focus, but I would like your input on a number of levels. I have a number of questions about it. I was meditating, and I was visualizing and meditating on abundance and prosperity, and as I did that the awareness came to me that I have a belief system of some sort about the need for struggle. As I directed my thoughts and meditation in that direction, I had a very strong visualization and what I think was a TFE with a six or seven-year-old child in the eighteen hundredís in England who looked directly at me. It was a really powerful moment and I have a lot of awarenesses about it. In addition to the visualization of what occurred and what he looked like, I have a strong sense of what his intent was, a strong sense about who he was, that he died as a little boy. I have lots of strong feelings about it and awarenesses of it. He was an orphan and in poverty, and aside from all of the awarenesses I had and the impact it made on me, what I came away with was that these feelings of struggle, and a certain comfort level with some states of my life that arenít as prosperous as I would like them to be, have a certain comfort about them, and that maybe this focus was influencing of me and my abilities to achieve prosperity now and my belief systems about the need for struggle, whether in fact this was an intersection with another focus, all of these kinds of questions. And so, Iíd like your input.

ELIAS: You move quite quickly within this forum. As you have identified the issue, are you comfortable holding your comfortableness?


ELIAS: Many times you may find that by intersecting with another focus which is influencing of this present now focus, you may exchange with this individual and allow yourself the opportunity to move through the issues held. This is a counterpart action, in line with that of which I have spoken this evening. You may hold counterparts within your own essence and they may be not manifest necessarily within the same time period and focus as yourself. You also hold counterparts which are manifest within the same time period as yourself, or that self which you recognize. Those counterparts which you hold within other time frameworks or other-dimensional frameworks are even still influencing of your present now. In intersecting with these and allowing yourself an understanding of the action, and as you state the intent, you may place this where it belongs, so to speak.

This is an issue of personal responsibility which is held for another focus. It also is an objective expression to yourself of duplicity. This issue shall be surfacing with many individuals presently. I have spoken to you of this issue for much time, although not any of you quite understand what I express to you within the duplicity of self. You believe within yourselves that you do not hold this duplicity. You do. You offer yourselves the opportunity to view this and address this situation. Also, you may examine your motivation.

DREW: Motivation for ...?

ELIAS: You focus within certain directions. Offer yourself information of your intent, and within this examine your motivation within your wants, for they may not be completely in line with your intent. This is not to say that you must experience an existence of lacking, for no individual must experience this. It is a choice, but you experience difficulty objectifying your want when it is not in alignment with your intent. You may objectify your want more easily if you are not wanting so desperately. I express to you the same as I express to Shynla, which has been objectified, has it not? (Cathy nods) As you begin to trust self, you shall materialize for self. (To Cathy) Do I speak incorrectly?

CATHY: No, not at all.

ELIAS: This being our small Doubting Thomas with Shynla, who has objectively shown herself the reality. Trust in self. Do not express to us that you do!

DREW: The wanting of things that are not in alignment with our intent comes from a lack of trusting that we will manifest ... This kind of goes circular for me a little bit, because if our wants are not in alignment with our intent and so we trust and allow our intent to manifest naturally, how do we know weíre gonna be happy with that manifestation, particularly if itís not in alignment with what we think we want?

ELIAS: First of all, I express to you that this is sounding quite rosy and quite picturesque, that you may manifest within your intent and you may also objectively manifest what you want if you are trusting. I express to you that you may not be accomplishing this quite so simply. The issue is trust. If you are trusting within self, you shall be creating and you shall be satisfied with what you are creating. You shall not be manifesting conflict if you are incorporating trust within self. Shynla!

CATHY: Thatís true for me!

DREW: Because if weíre trusting, whatever we manifest we will understand and be satisfied with.

ELIAS: You may manifest what you want! You do not trust that you may!

DREW: But in a situation where what I want doesnít align with my intent ...

ELIAS: You shall realize this within trusting of self.

DREW: And my wants will change.

ELIAS: If they are not aligning with your intent, yes, although they may not change drastically. Your desire within the want will change. Objectively, your imagery may be the same.

DREW: When you say my desire may change, does that mean that the motivation behind the want will change?

ELIAS: You may want piles and piles of money!

DREW: Thatís pretty close! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! You may be pursuing this and you may be concentrating upon manifesting all of this money and you may not manifest any, for your motivation may not be in line with your intent. You may objectively create piles and piles of money, but in this creation you have trusted self and you have allowed yourself to move in the direction of your intent. Therefore, your motivation may be different.

DREW: But that would only be true if my intent were to experience a life with piles and piles of money. If my intent were to experience a life of struggle and poverty, then by letting go of my wants and trusting in self, thatís the experience I would have, is it not? (Elias nods) And without attaching belief systems to that, that would be okay, which gets back to trust. (Elias nods again) Well, okay. Let me ask you to clarify a couple things about this experience that I had. This was counterpart action. Was this the focus of another essence?


DREW: This was another of my focuses.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. I had the sense that this little boy ... The name I come up with is Luke. I like to call him Little Luke. Is that at all close? (Elias nods) It is close? Is it right?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. He looked directly at me. Was he looking at somebody in his focus? And if he was me, then what was he looking at?


DREW: Was I manifest physically?


DREW: What was he seeing?


DREW: In what form, or ... What objectively did he see?

ELIAS: Just as you may sit within this room and you may, to your way of thinking, create a daydream. You may visualize another individual. You may, within this visualization, understand the reality, and you may connect with this reality. In this same manner, this individual experiences also.

DREW: My sense of his intent was that the purpose of his focus, because he died not long after this I believe, was simply to establish a focus within my essence of poverty and struggle to be influencing, and so is the experience Iím having now more a result of that influencing? Or more a result of my current intent? Or both? Or what?

ELIAS: Your experience presently is manifest, as I have stated, from a lack of trust.

DREW: Okay. Iíll work on that. Thank you.

ELIAS: We shall break.

BREAK 8:07 PM.
RESUME 8:36 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Pause)

RON: So was I right about the tone thing?

ELIAS: One tone encompassing all tones; correct. You may objectively separate these tones, but in actuality they are all contained within one tone. (Pause)

GAIL: So what was the experience of being in a fog on Wednesday, Thursday, and part of Friday, including headaches? Can you tell me what that was all about?

ELIAS: We have been discussing counterpart action this evening. I have expressed that many of the events that have been occurring recently are counterpart events; this also. You are influenced by and respond to counterparts. You do not always hold objective knowledge of those individuals which are counterparts to you within an individual focus. Therefore, you are unaware of their action. You experience affectingness of counterparts, as they experience affectingness from you.

GAIL: Is that the same thing that Vicki and Mary experienced as well?

ELIAS: Correct, just as you have been witness to the action within counterpart events of Kyari and Elizabeth. They are responsive to each other within consciousness, although they create explanations for themselves. At times, they do not create explanations for themselves, as you do not create explanations for yourselves. You merely express that you are feeling oddly. (Pause)

DREW: I have another one, since itís so quiet in here tonight. I think it was last Sunday night I was awakened again by a sound which I can best describe as the loud blare of a car alarm, but it was only for like a second, and it was accompanied by lots of imagery, many images within that one moment. I canít remember the images except that there were some people in them that were familiar, but the blare for the one second and the images that accompanied it were audible to me and woke me. Iím wondering if you can explain.

ELIAS: As we discuss imagery and as I offer you information of different elements and subjects, I present this information to you strategically, as you are already aware. Each of you experiences significant events within the time period since our last encounter that seem to objectively stand out to you, such as your dream or your meditation, or William and this foggy feeling. The subject presented within the session encompasses your events.

Unlike interaction that has occurred previously that I have been credited with, this would not be the case. You are presenting yourselves with imagery, objectively or subjectively, dealing with the subject of counterparts recently, this being why we return to this subject this evening; for this subject has been discussed extensively to date as to what you may presently understand, but once again you engage this activity and allow yourself the opportunity to notice much of the activity involving counterpart action. This action is imagery within your dream state to offer you information to be gaining your attention. You respond recently to sound. Therefore, you offer yourself sound for your attention. The images which flash around the sound are subjective images dealing with action of intersection of counterparts within essence, not within other essences. This would be the action underneath, so to speak, the imagery of the dream action.

DREW: Is that a little bit like the exercise that we talked about last week, merging with the action underneath?

ELIAS: This is what you do within your sleep state. Subsequently you create dream imagery, which is a translation for you to be connecting with objectively.

DREW: Now, to understand something you said a second ago, I commented earlier when I asked you my first question that again you brought up a subject that I had been thinking about all week. Is that because of your awareness of whatís been going on with us all week? Or because we, due to simultaneous time or singularity of consciousness among all, are aware of what youíre going to talk about and therefore have those experiences? So are you aware of what weíre experiencing and thatís why we discuss those things, or are we experiencing these things in anticipation of what youíre going to be discussing?

ELIAS: You are experiencing collectively within waves. As you do, I am aware of what you are experiencing. Therefore, I incorporate information to be dealing with your experiences, that you may learn to not be viewing your reality quite so singularly. There are many more aspects to your reality than you allow yourself an awareness of. You allow yourself an awareness of one line. You have available to you myriads of aspects of consciousness and creativity that you do not utilize and you do not view. In this, I offer you information to widen your periphery, that you may allow yourselves to view your reality plural.

DREW: Thank you.

CATHY: I have a couple of questions for Mary. She had a dream in which there was a puppy that soon shrank to be a little teeny tiny puppy, and then turned into stone. Since everybodyís dream imagery is different, I was just wondering what hers was.

ELIAS: This imagery signifies movement presently within issues and belief systems. This small creature, within imagery, does not hold the same meaning as has been offered to you, Shynla. You are correct, each individual creates their own imagery which is significant to themselves. Michael incorporates imagery to be experiencing, in one respect, an allowance of emotional expression which is not allowed objectively, therefore is expressed within dream state, as we have discussed previously with other dream imagery. Also, this creature signifies an issue of personal responsibility which is being addressed. In this, it is shrinking, but it is not being allowed to be completely let go of. Therefore, it changes form into the stone, but small and held as ornamental.

CATHY: Oh, lovely!

ELIAS: For this present now, this may be objectively viewed as an accomplishment, for it is a reduction of the issue within intensity. It is not an elimination of the issue, for he continues to hold the issue within the stone.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: I have another one. How do the people that killed themselves have anything to do with the city?

ELIAS: The image of your city is a projection within consciousness that you view futurely, of the accomplishment of your shift. These individuals have offered a lending of energy within the movement of this shift. Therefore, they also lend energy to the accomplishment of your city. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

DAMARIS: Well, Iíll ask a question, being the newcomer. I believe that there are no accidents, that for some reason I am here to hear about counterparts and the other things that youíre speaking about. I havenít thought about the influence of counterparts in my life lately, so I am motivated to ask about that. Iím not exactly sure what to ask, but my sense of my life is that Iím in a transition between very clearly who I used to be and who Iím becoming. Itís been a long transition. It feels long. I hadnít even thought about the influence of counterparts, but itís been quite a struggle, and my sense of it is that Iím doing work or processing experience and information for possibly more than just myself, and it didnít occur to me until Iíve been sitting here. I wonder what you might comment on, what you see?

ELIAS: Very good! Quite excellent in your assessment. Another holds counterpart action with you which is indirectly, so to speak, involved with this forum. There is another individual which participates, not physically within this audience, but among new friends participates within consciousness. This individual focuses within an essence family which, in your terms, primarily is identified with healing, this being the Tumold family. (When Elias refers to ďnew friendsĒ he is referring folks who interact via the computer. Here, he is referring to Melinda/Sena)

You are correct. There are no accidents, and you are not drawn to this forum accidentally. This individual has already established a connection within consciousness to this group of individuals, although has never, in your terms, participated physically here. You hold counterpart action with this individual. In this, you lend energy to this other individual and are affecting of their focus. Likewise, which is not always the case, this individual is also counterpart to you. Counterparts do not necessarily all ďhave toĒ mirror counterpart action. You may be a counterpart to one individual, and they may not be a counterpart to you. Within this situation, you are counterparts to each other.

DAMARIS: Are you speaking of Carl?

ELIAS: No. This shall be an individual which has been established as a new friend with Lawrence and Olivia. In this, this individual also, not recognizing for much time previous the alignment and connection with essence family, has influenced you as a counterpart.

Let me explain. One individual may not recognize their connection with an essence family. In this, they may be creating their probabilities, which may not be completely in alignment with their intent. Therefore, as they create their probabilities, they also are influencing of other individuals which are counterparts. In this, these individuals may be experiencing conflict or confusion or difficulties. As this individual learns of themself and identifies with their intent, they are also affecting of their counterpart, and therefore the counterpart individual experiences a release. Therefore in this, your probabilities, as you experience them presently, shall be appearing more effortless.

DAMARIS: That would be nice!

ELIAS: All affects all. You are not victims or subject to a counterpart or an aspect, for as you are affected, you also are affecting of other counterparts. Within this, as we return to our little story of our flower and our card and our painting, (1) one affects another which may experience conflict, but within this conflict this is affecting of another which shall experience another aspect. All of these work together within consciousness for the fullness of experience. You only look, as I have said, to yourselves singularly, and you view that you are only being affected. I speak to you to allow you the opportunity to realize that the wideness and the vastness of consciousness is all-affecting, and in this you are greater than what you view within this singular manifestation. Even within this singular manifestation, you are more than one.

Therefore, what you experience to this present now is a combination of counterpart action, which you also are influencing within your choices and probabilities of other counterparts, and also intersections of alternate selves which you allow to objectively bleed through. There is a constant exchange and interchange of all of your aspects of self, and as you allow these to be objectively bleeding through you may view, within your belief systems, this to be struggling. In actuality, if you are to be shifting your perception you may view this quite differently, for you have offered yourself the opportunity to know more of the multidimensionality of self.

DAMARIS: I asked for it.

ELIAS: Quite. In this, only your perception tells you this is difficult.

DAMARIS: My physical body is exhausted from it!

ELIAS: This is also objective imagery. You create this intentionally within your objective expression, for you hold belief systems that you may only exert certain amounts of energy. I express to you that your energy is boundless. You hold infinite creativity and energy. Your belief systems dictate to you, and this applies not only singularly to you but to you all, that you may not move within consciousness too much, for you shall exhaust yourself! Your physical ďvessel,Ē (chuckling) which is not a vessel, may not hold up beneath the strain of your movement within consciousness. You have designed a magnificent creation of physical manifestation. In this, it may accommodate much more than you may ever imagine.

DAMARIS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

CATHY: So is that why Iím manifesting this little hip malfunction?

ELIAS: This is also counterpart action.

CATHY: Really!

ELIAS: Each of you has experienced recently actions of counterparts which you are allowing yourselves objectively to notice. Bear in mind also that you notice counterpart action to be benefiting of you. Therefore, as you choose to be moving through and addressing your own issues, you shall allow yourself the objective noticing of counterpart action to be helpful within information, this being that you are not victims! You are not individuals having experiences thrust upon you unwillingly that you may not benefit from. You choose to be noticing objectively the action of counterparts, to be benefiting you within your own present movement and choices; which I shall also add that all of your choices shall be moving into a beneficial area of your intent, for you shall create all of your probabilities to align with your intent. Even those which do not align with your intent, you shall fit them to your intent eventually. They may not be the most efficient, but you shall pull them all into alignment and benefit yourself.

DREW: If all affects all, and all consciousness is influencing of all other, but counterpart action, if Iím understanding, implies an agreement ... Is that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

DREW: Itís slightly different than the general influencing that takes place all the time. There is some agreement between counterparts ...

ELIAS: It is different within the respect that it is directed.

DREW: Am I correct that there is agreement between counterparts? (Elias nods) So, you may have explained this, but why would a counterpart who is experiencing confusion as a result of not aligning with intent or whatever reason, by agreement create confusion in Damarisí life, and conflict? Why would there be an agreement to create confusion and conflict?

ELIAS: Ah! The counterpart, the other individual as counterpart, does not create confusion or conflict for this individual. You create your own reality. Another does not create for you and thrust this upon you. You choose to accept the energy of the counterpart, and you manifest this energy for your own benefit. In this, as I have stated many times to you, you gain your attention more quickly, more efficiently, through conflict. You listen to yourself more if you are confused or experiencing conflict.

DREW: So this awareness that may be heightened for Damaris as a result of the energy which she is agreeing to accept would be an effort to broaden her subjective awareness? Because there would be no objective benefit to her accepting energy which would confuse her from a counterpart objectively. The only benefit would be a subjective awareness of the influencing of a counterpart.

ELIAS: To your present belief systems! (Grinning)

DREW: Well, thereís a question mark at the end of that! There may be objective benefit to her by accepting the energy which may confuse her?

ELIAS: Your objective and subjective movement move in harmony. One is not conflicting with the other. It may appear that one is conflicting with the other, as they create imagery differently, but they work in harmony to each other. Therefore, the objective expression is beneficial also.

VICKI: I do have one question for Sena, who is the individual that is your counterpart that was being discussed earlier. The question is, why am I holding energy that manifests in circulatory problems?

ELIAS: This also being a counterpart action, but not with this individual; with another individual, of which we have discussed much, within transition. This is an offering of lending of energy and holding of some energy to be helpful, to be distracting within the action of transition and to be allowing the other individual to not be experiencing an overwhelmingness within physical expression.

CATHY: Well, I have another question for Sue. She would like to align herself with the Ilda family.

ELIAS: Express that he may wish to be re-evaluating.

CATHY: He does have a second entry; Milumet.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Continue re-evaluating!

CATHY: Okay, Iíll just tell her that!

GUIN: Well, Iíll take a stab. Speaking of physical ailments or manifesting physical problems, mine goes back quite a ways. Itís been with me for about six months, with my foot. Can you give me any information to help? Itís already got my attention! Iím ready to get rid of it now! So can you help me out with this one?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is quite amusing that you each manifest and express that it has gained your attention and you are tired of this! I shall suggest to you to be exploring, once again, counterpart action with Elizabeth.

GUIN: Iíll kill her! (Laughter)

ELIAS: As has been stated this evening, there are no accidents, as you have drawn yourself this evening to this audience for a reason. In this, you also experience the same action. This has been a continuing situation of counterpart action for some time. As Elizabeth holds within reluctance to move forward, you experience painfulness in ďstepping.Ē

GUIN: Great! Thatís wonderful!

ELIAS: Be remembering once again, you each choose to be experiencing these counterpart actions also for your own benefit, for as the counterpart individual holds issues, so do you also. Therefore, you experience in alignment with counterparts for you hold similar issues. You, Sophia, are also influencing in what you term to be the reverse, and you may be concentrating upon this situation and be affecting and also be allowing the discontinuation of this manifestation physically.

GUIN: Now how do I do that again? I missed that part!

ELIAS: Now that you are aware of counterpart action, you may be lending energy within consciousness to movement of your counterpart and also alleviating your own manifestation.

GUIN: Okay. Iíll start tomorrow!

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

CATHY: Even if you donít know what counterpart youíre having your physical manifestation with, do you just start lending energy around so it goes away??? (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may investigate your own issues also.

CATHY: I know this ankle was a personal responsibility one thatís still hanging around, but it got my attention!

ELIAS: You may be realizing that you are engaging counterpart action. You do not need to be informed of the counterpart individual to be affecting of the action, for each action that you attach to within counterpart situations shall also reflect within you. It may only be easier for Sophia to be concentrating on lending energy to Elizabeth than to be investigating of her own issue!

GUIN: Yep!

CATHY: Well, I wonder if part of mine has to do with my ... Why is it that I canít stand to leave this physical proximity? What is it?

ELIAS: This ... (chuckling) I express to you that you shall be not pleased with my answer!

CATHY: Oh great! I just had to ask!

ELIAS: This, once again, is an opportunity for you to be learning to be trustful of self. You are feeling safe and more trustful within the supportiveness of these individuals. Allow yourself the safety and supportiveness within self, that you may extend beyond these individuals.

CATHY: Oh, and I thought I was such a loner! (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. We shall offer Marius.

VICKI: Could you spell it?

ELIAS: M-A-R-I-U-S, for future reference. I shall be disengaging with you this evening, and offering my supportiveness within your endeavors and your encounters upcoming. You may call upon me if you are wishing, Lawrence.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I bid you all, very affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:39 PM.


(1) Following is the example of the card, the flower, and the painting, taken from session 11 dated May 31, 1995.

You, Oliver, may go tomorrow to look at a card. In doing so, someone else at another place may be affected by what you see on a card. Let us say you see a picture of a flower. Someone far away from you at the same moment may enter another shop, wishing to purchase a gift. The thought will come to them of a flower. They will, in turn, purchase the flower. They will choose a color. Someone in another location may be painting, and the color of the flower will impress them. They will have no knowledge of your card or the other personís flower. They will only have an impression of a color, but it is all connected.

You believe that the only way that you affect another individual essence is if you are directly involved with them. This is not correct. You affect other essences continually and do not even know. Elizabeth may go to school. She may appreciate a color of a desk for an instant. Another person in another part of your world may be struck by the thought of the same type of wood to make a desk. You do not think these things have any connection. You are very incorrect. You may not choose to interact with another single person during your day. You are nonetheless affecting, with your very being and thoughts, all other essences in existence. This is why it is important for you to understand that you are not separate or disconnected. This is why I choose to speak with you in a group. You will be experiencing more connections continually. You will be aware of your greater connection with other essences. You must begin here.

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