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Sunday, April 03, 2005

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ďAccept Whatever Energy You Have Drawn to YourselfĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous.

(Eliasí arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always.

ANON: (Laughs) As always! Having a one-on-one with you, I so look forward to that. Iím going to start with statistics for my little niece, Sara, who was just born. If we could have her essence name, family and alignment, orientation and focus type and number of focuses.

ELIAS: Essence name, Marsha. (Pause) Impression?

ANON: Actually, this morning I thought of three of them, and Iím not sure of this. Vold, Sumari and Tumold, and I donít know if any of those are right.

ELIAS: Essence family Sumari, alignment Vold.

ANON: And I would say sheís emotional.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: I get the impression that her orientation is soft.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: I donít know how many focuses she has.

ELIAS: Eight hundred forty-six.

ANON: Right now, a lot of interesting things are going on for me. I feel like Iím doing a big shift, like Iím in the middle of a big shift or integration right now. I just want to validate that. Or am I being a little bit melodramatic in that understanding?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

ANON: Well, my mind seems to be a lot less clear, like I used to be able to really focus my mind. Thatís where I would go. I donít go there anymore to begin with, and itís almost like Iíve softened my energy and that Iím very expanded and I have lots of... I miss that. Iím not sure where Iím going with that. I donít feel afraid, either.

ELIAS: And we have discussed this in your natural flow of energy, in what you naturally do, but also balancing that with not being too analytical and not being as focused in thought as you have previously. And yes, I would agree with you that you are shifting energy and allowing yourself to explore other avenues of communication and other manners of processing information other than merely thought, allowing yourself to widen and be aware of other aspects of yourself. Which is not to say that you shall not futurely reincorporate some of that familiarity with thought, but that it may be more relaxed and not generate as much tension as it has previously.

ANON: The other part of it I guess, for me, is that sometimes I feel displaced, like we talked about money and relationships and all that stuff before. When I was in Egypt and I was sitting there in the hotel room, I almost felt like my partner was right there, my husband was right there, his whole energy was there, that he was just on a business trip or something. The same with money, like I was fine and I just felt that money is not an issue Ė itís there, like I have this huge amount of wealth in a bank account or something, and I know that I donít! (Laughs) Itís almost like thereís a confidence and thereís a knowing, but then thereís another piece. Itís not doubt, but itís also like it isnít really real, but it isnít so strong that Iím getting caught in the doubt. I actually like being in that place. It feels really calm and really like this is it, and I donít understand it. I donít understand what Iím doing.

ELIAS: (Smiles) I do. This is quite efficient, actually. For what you are doing is drawing upon energy from another focus that you incorporate, which you are generating that, incorporating it into your reality to be helpful to yourself to relax and to experience that confidence and therefore generate the ability to create it.

In this, you do incorporate another focus in that physical location, and in that physical location, you do incorporate a partner, and you also incorporate considerable wealth. In drawing on the energy from that focus, it lends an ease to you in this focus to relax and to trust yourself more easily, and in that relaxing and trusting, it lends you energy to actually create those similarities within your own focus.

ANON: That feeling hasnít gone away. It was there a little bit before I moved, but I guess focus doesnít mean it... Weíre talking about a focus in Egypt?


ANON: What timeframe is it? I feel like I have enough to work with in this focus. I donít really do a lot of work with other focuses; thatís not my preference at this point. I didnít feel a really strong pull, as if I was in Egypt before. I just went for the experience of the energy, which I felt very in tune with, but thereís a lot of different energy there that I feel like Iím still integrating. I didnít want it to be a head experience. I wanted it to be an energy experience, which it absolutely was. So is it important for me, or would it be helpful for me to know more about this focus or to just...?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but merely to know that this is what you are doing and that it is a beneficial action that you are doing, and quite understandable. It also allows you to recognize that you can and do without any effort draw upon other energies of yourself in other focuses that generate similar experiences to yourself or that can support your energy in this focus to be helpful in your accomplishment of what you want in this focus.

The more energy that you draw upon, the more easily you create and the more efficiently you create. Whether you draw upon energy in cooperation with other individuals or whether you draw upon energy in cooperation with other focuses of yourself, it matters not. In the combined energies, it generates much more of an ease for you to create what you want in whatever direction you are moving with it.

ANON: Part of my interpretation was that that was concentration. I still get a little bit caught up in the mechanics of the doing and how I concentrate. I played with it. I just kind of sat there and was like wow, this is great, I feel so content. This is exactly what I want to create, from here I feel that I have the foundation upon which I can branch out and do more exploring, which is what I want to do. My interpretation was that that was me creating that...


ANON: ...that I was creating it in this focus.


ANON: Or was I?

ELIAS: Yes. In a manner of speaking, it is your foundation. That is the reason that you drew upon that energy, figuratively speaking to remember that experience to generate it into reality in this focus.

Remember, what you create in the future is what you are creating now. Therefore, you are allowing yourself to experience the experience of creating in the now what may be in the future, what may be inserted in the future. But you are already experiencing that now.

ANON: On an energetic level.


ANON: I want to ask the doing question. Is there something that I can do or participate in Ė Iím just going to say ďdoĒ because thatís my terminology right now Ė that would facilitate me actually inserting this? I havenít inserted it yet, or it would be manifest, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So, am I not sure that I want to insert it? Am I just playing right now, or...?

ELIAS: You are exploring and experimenting. In this exploration and experimentation, you are allowing yourself to experience more of how you create, and that generates a reinforcement of your own confidence, which allows you to actually create those wants.

ANON: Is there an alignment between what my head thinks I want Ė this comes from the session yesterday Ė and what I really want that is a preference in consciousness? I know thereís no separation, but Iím not quite at the point of having those completely in mind, and I know that. Do you understand what Iím asking?

ELIAS: Yes. What I would express to you is that what you think is an accurate translation of what you want.

ANON: Are you asking a question?

ELIAS: No. I am expressing this to you. I am expressing to you that in this time framework what you think you want, what you think is your preference, is an accurate translation of what your preference is.

ANON: And Iím perfectly capable of creating, or Iím in the process of creating that.


ANON: I want to bring in another example, because this is part of the creation process. There was a business experience with the Nigerian government, and I was sitting in the energy of my new company and really very clear on what I want in terms of the integrity and the new paradigm of how the company wants to work, no competition. Itís completely different than all other businesses being done now, so I donít have a lot of mentors to look at. Iím working with my own energy in this, and I drew to myself what I thought was an opportunity with a third world country, which is what I want to do, work with third world countries setting up infrastructures.

At the time, it just felt really right and a real opportunity. I was excited about it, and I thought wow, I drew this to me. I followed along, and at some point it turned into a lot of doubt, because in Nigeria thereís a lot of corruption and things go wrong physically. The long and short of it, it ended up that it was a fraudulent type representation, this opportunity. So, Iím going to really appreciate myself that I didnít take that and discount the energy of my company completely and what I was doing, which is very, very familiar to me to go and do that, but at the same time Iím also not clear on what I did.

A fellow yesterday asked me what I was creating in the initial part of it, because I did create the opportunity. Iím just not clear that if had I continued on with that, would it have been a legitimate opportunity, or do we set a framework for these things ahead of time? Not rigid, but like this is an opportunity for you to be discerning about the world, rather than this is an opportunity for you thatís going to be a legitimate business opportunity thatís going to turn into...

ELIAS: The first impression is the correct one. No, you do not set up in advance. You are experiencing in the moment, but you do engage a direction. In that direction, you present yourself with different opportunities to view different avenues, which is helpful to you to clarify your direction and what you want and how you want to create.

Therefore, you generate different types of experiences that offer you different information that broaden your awareness in relation to what you are doing and how you are interacting with other individuals. That expands your ability to generate what you want, for you are more aware of what other individuals are doing, what their choices are, what you want to participate in and what you do not want to participate in. It clarifies your preferences more. These are all opportunities for you to be more aware and clear concerning your own direction and what you are doing.

ANON: In the beginning of that scenario that I created, when I felt that this was a legitimate opportunity and so on, was it at that point where I was still pulling... I wonder if at some part of this I switched it from a legitimate to an illegitimate...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: I did do that?

ELIAS: Yes, which also provides you with information in conjunction with your energy and your preferences and what types of energies you resonate with more, and in conjunction with other individuals, what type of environment you would be functioning within more easily.

This experience offers you the opportunity to view that at times you may be interactive with another individual initially, and you may be receiving their energy and may be misinterpreting, or you may not be fully aware of what the other individualís energy actually is and what their direction actually is.

This is not exceptionally common, but it is also not uncommon. For dependent upon the individual, individuals can project their energy in a manner which is somewhat shielded or camouflaged. In that, you receive the camouflage and you translate it as they have projected it. As I have expressed previously, generally speaking, you do not automatically reconfigure energy. You configure it in the manner it is expressed by the other individual.

If the other individual is generating a camouflage, you may not necessarily recognize that initially. In that, you may be interactive for a time framework and your perception of the other individual may be somewhat different from what the other individual is actually expressing. Are you understanding?

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: Eventually, if you are paying attention and generating an openness, you would begin to recognize the camouflage, and you would respond accordingly with your direction and your preferences.

In this example, you have offered yourself the opportunity to view other individuals camouflaging. In that, in allowing yourself that openness, you generated an energy of exposure. In your energy of exposure, that also exposed to you the camouflaged energy, and therefore, you altered what you term to be the legitimate to the illegitimate.

ANON: The legitimate was always there.

ELIAS: Yes, but not in your reality. But in the other individualís reality, yes.

ANON: It always was.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So thereís no way that that perception of legitimacy would have carried forward all the way. I just wasnít interacting with the...

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You do incorporate the ability to create that in your reality, regardless of what the other individuals are creating in their reality. But that was not the point, for that moves in opposition to your preferences. You do not prefer to be interactive in an ongoing relationship with other individuals that are camouflaging.

You CAN, and you can generate a different reality in your reality and generate successfulness in that, but that matters not, for what is significant to you is the other individualís energy and the genuineness of it. That is a preference of yours, to be interactive with other individuals in genuine expressions, not to be interactive with individuals that are camouflaging, which requires more energy and effort for you to continuously be reconfiguring their energy intentionally to create a different reality for yourself.

ANON: Iíve come to the point in my abilities or my awareness that I know that I will create or have, whatever stage itís at, of successfulness in business in intention, anyway. So I donít need to be reconfiguring energy. Itís very true, and I think thatís the Sumafi part of me. Be genuine with me, or...

This feeds on another part that I learned about myself in Egypt, that as a being, I have a very open heart. Thereís a lot of kindness in me as a being, and I used to take that as being very vulnerable or weak. Iím realizing that itís not weak, but Iím trying to learn how to be open and live with that openness of heart and being without being an idiot or being naÔve. Itís almost like Iím doing a discerning process, and I feel very open and vulnerable. Itís not a bad thing or whatever; it just feels that way. I think that this situation was a part of that for me, to know when to follow my heart.

ELIAS: Yes. That openness and exposure can be quite powerful and can be incorporated as a strength. But in incorporating it as a strength, it requires that you do not doubt and discount yourself, that you know that you are creating what you are creating, you know that you are receiving and interacting with other individualsí energies continuously, and that you are configuring them in whatever manner that you are configuring them, and that whatever manner you are configuring is genuine to you and not to be discounted, and not to allow other individuals to be discounting of you.

Now; this is somewhat tricky, for that is the pitfall. For that is the familiar, that the vulnerability or the openness allows you to be exposed, and therefore is a weakness and allows you the possibility of hurt. But if you are generating that openness and vulnerability or exposure as a manner in which you more effectively are expressing yourself and incorporating the different energies that you receive from other individuals as a benefit in continually offering yourself information in your own expansion of you, it becomes a powerful expression of yourself.

(Smiles) You are not understanding.

ANON: I do Ė let me just paraphrase what my understanding is. This goes hand in hand, I think, with me committing to I create my own reality, and committing to living from this place in my being. Iíve always felt that there is a pull between me being really openhearted and soft, and that thatís going to leave me open to people hurting me and the victim role. So I went into my head a lot and I could figure things out, but I couldnít stay there long and Iíd have to come back. But now I feel that I can live from the heart, like this thing with Nigeria was very much from the heart. I was very open and exposed and vulnerable because I was completely in the energy of my company, which is an extension of me, a part of my creation. It would have been very easy for me to take that situation and go I was stupid and vulnerable and so on...


ANON: ...but I didnít do that.

ELIAS: It should also be quite familiar to you to recognize your own reception of other energies and confuse yourself and express the push: ďThis is not my energy. I recognize this is not my energy and hold that at bay.Ē That is a familiar action. That is not your point of power with your vulnerability and your openness.

Your point of power is to recognize and accept whatever energy you have drawn to yourself, for you have drawn it to yourself or it would not be expressed with you, and to accept that energy, recognize that it is not your energy but that you have drawn that to yourself purposefully and that you are to configure that energy in whatever manner you are configuring it.

We have discussed previously how you are aware that other energies are being projected to you. You recognize that there are other energies that may be expressed from other individuals that you are receiving.

ANON: Yes, sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by that.

ELIAS: Yes, and your familiar automatic expression previously has been in the moments that you recognize that it is not your energy, to hold that at bay. In your terms Ė which is not what actually occurs Ė but what you thought was that you would recognize other individualsí energies being projected, you recognize your reception of it, and your thought process was that you would send back that energy, which does not actually occur. What you actually did was hold that energy at bay. You are continuing to receive it, but unclear in what you shall create with that energy. Therefore, it is merely held.

That is a type of opposition, and it is also a shielding for you. In genuinely expressing this openness, this unfamiliar new experiencing of generating this vulnerability and this openness, your power is and your strength is to not hold other energies at bay but to allow and receive those other energies, knowing that as you receive those energies you can incorporate that energy in cooperation and be a reinforcement of your own energy to create more fully what YOU want Ė very similar to what you are doing with this other focus, drawing that energy to yourself in this focus to experience that reality and generate a helpfulness to yourself to more fully and easily create that in manifestation in your focus.

ANON: Because at some point it becomes familiar.

ELIAS: Correct. But you also incorporate it as YOUR energy, and therefore, the two energies generate a cooperation. As your energy, now that you have received it, you may incorporate it in any manner that you choose, in whatever you are doing.

ANON: Iím not clear on where the choice is. Itís not in my head. Itís not a head choice; part of it is. I can choose to sit in that energy.


ANON: Is that all I have to do, or...?

ELIAS: Yes. For you have received it. Once you have received it, it matters not what you DO. It is how I have expressed to you in this conversation, if you pool together more than one energy expression, it becomes stronger and therefore allows you a greater ability to accomplish what you want.

Simple example, which also is associated with what I am expressing to you about receiving energy from other individuals. That may be unfamiliar, but it matters not. For you are receiving it, and therefore, thusly, you are using it to configure what you are doing...

ANON: And Iíve drawn that specifically...


ANON: be receiving.


Now; in this figurative simple example, you may be sitting within this room and you may be attempting to move this table. Perhaps you shall, but most likely the table shall remain stationary. But if you invite several other individuals into this room and you generate a cooperation with those individuals, and you all focus upon the table and moving the table, most likely it shall move.

ANON: Energetically. Weíre not picking it up.

ELIAS: Physically!

ANON: It will physically move, but weíre not picking it up physically.

ELIAS: Correct. That is the power of pooling energies. You do this continuously. You are merely not aware. You are merely not noticing. You are always interacting with other energies of other focuses of yourself, of other individuals. You are continuously pooling energies and creating different expressions within your reality. What generally occurs is you pool energies with other individuals and you create surprising events for yourself, for you are not objectively aware of what you are doing and that you are mingling energies.

But with you, many times, for you do generate this openness, you do recognize other energies. Not continuously, but you do recognize other energies at times. But you generate an automatic association that there is some element of intrusiveness in that action. Therefore, you hold those energies at bay, for you are unclear whether you should do something with them or not. You are unclear of whether you should allow yourself to receive them or not, for there is an apprehensiveness as to what that may or may not generate in your reality, as if the other individual is inserting some element into your reality, which they are not.

Therefore, if you understand that you are receiving energies from other individuals and YOU are configuring them into some manifestations within your own focus, you become more aware of how to manipulate those energies in conjunction with your preferences and with what you want to create. Therefore, you become more aware of how to use that energy as a cooperative influence rather than opposing it and generating suspicion with it.

Also, another element in this is that that allows you to incorporate the energy in more of a productive manner. For in holding the energy and not allowing it, you merely continue more and more and more to hold different energies. Eventually, they shall be expressed, but not necessarily in a manner that you want. But they shall be expressed, and therefore, different manifestations occur in your reality that are either surprising to you or are confusing to you, for you are questioning yourself, ďWhat am I doing that is creating this manifestation?Ē

When I express to individuals that they are holding energy, it is not necessarily always their own energy that they are holding to. They are merely holding energy Ė which you can, temporarily, but it shall be expressed and it shall manifest in a manner that you do not expect.

ANON: Because youíve drawn that energy to you anyway, and you need to interact with it in some way. This is really very interesting. So in the Nigerian thing, I drew that to me. I actually was open, and I received that energy, didnít I?


ANON: And I configured it and looked for the integrity of that situation, found out that it was not there, and then I let it go. Have I let it go? I think Iíve let it go.


ANON: So for example, I think what weíre talking about comes with psychological beliefs, you have your semi-permeable membrane and all these ideas of not letting other peoplesí energy in. So, in this open-heartedness, itís not for me to be afraid...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: ...when Iím out there. Iím going to talk about my brother, because weíre trying to do this business together. Sometimes I feel intruded by the energy. I know what youíre saying about pushing back, I feel it, and I actually consciously do it. I guess what Iím asking for is how do I practice letting it in without going into overload? Sometimes, like in the group yesterday, there was a lot of energy in the room, a lot of different people. I guess my being knows how to manage all the energy if I let it in. I donít need to figure it out.

ELIAS: Correct, and thereís no necessity to DO with it. Just allow, and you yourself shall automatically and naturally process all of that energy, and in your terms, channel it into different expressions of your own.

ANON: In line with my intent and in line with my desires and wants.

ELIAS: Yes. If you are viewing the reception of other energies as a benefit and a strength to you, that this allows you to express more of a strength of your own energy rather than a negative and an intrusion, you create quite differently. You create much more efficiently, effortlessly, effectively, successfully and easily. For you know innately how to process energy, and you know innately that there is no limitation to your energy or to your capacity to receive energy. Therefore, if you are not opposing it, you allow yourself to automatically assimilate and process that energy in channeling it into whatever area in your focus and whatever direction in your focus that it would be most beneficial.

Every energy that you received from every individual yesterday can be filtered and processed within your energy and channeled into different directions that merge with your own to reinforce your own, in all of your different actions and all of your different directions.

ANON: And I donít need to figure that out. In fact, I need to get out of my way by stopping figuring it out. The discerning process, my brain actually needs to be participating, and I will communicate to myself and I can discern at that time.


ANON: Because the magnitude of what goes on is beyond the capacity of my mind. It becomes linear Ė my mind has to figure it out, but itís too little, itís too confined. (Elias laughs) I actually really like that. Iím going to practice just being open rather than feeling grouchy and intruded on. Iím going to actually be open.

When I was in Egypt, I believe I allowed myself to do that with male energy and marriage proposals. It was very interesting for me to play in that area, because I never looked at myself as an attractive woman or anything like that. But I didnít go anywhere with it; it didnít mean anything to me except as an experience.

Iím going to ask about my body and effortlessness, and maybe Iíll ask about effortlessness first. The way I created the opportunity for the Nigerian thing in line with what I thought was my business seemed absolutely effortless to me. It just happened. One of the fears that I have Ė and maybe this is a belief stuck here that Iíd like your help with Ė is that to do this business, I realize that effortlessness doesnít mean without effort.


ANON: Iím not a person that is afraid of effort. I love to work; I love to be stimulated. But I think I have a belief that you have to do all the drudge work first, before I can actually do what I want to do, which is go around the world finding opportunities and attract people. Thatís what I want to do. It just seems so, not impossible, but I want to go right to that step. I donít want to do the drudge work. I feel a little bit ashamed of that, too, that I want to bypass it. I know there are beliefs in here. Iíve been reading the digest about effortlessness and trusting yourself and not betraying yourself. Iím ready to move on, but Iím not sure exactly why Iím holding that. So help me there; Iíd appreciate it.

ELIAS: Remember what I discussed with you previously concerning imagination. It is not necessary to incorporate the drudgery, and you can accomplish in the manner that you wish to accomplish. Imagination is a powerful element of that, to be moving outside the box.

ANON: I created a layer of nest boxes, I realize.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are moving outside of each one in increments, to not overwhelm yourself. But each one that you move out of generates more inspiration and excitement within you, which is encouraging. Remember imagination, for in engaging your imagination, it allows you to move outside of the next box.

ANON: So imagination is just... I feel the energy out there in the world and all that stuff, but I guess I need to allow that as a possibility that that is there physically, that I can create that.

ELIAS: Yes, that although other individuals may not necessarily allow that creativity and may incorporate more structure, and other individuals may incorporate the guidelines of corporations, that is not the only manner in which you may create. There are many individuals within your world that are quite successful in relation to the type of success that you are moving into generating, quite successful, and do not follow that structure of corporations and established businesses, but have moved in different directions. It matters not; it is a matter of engaging your imagination, trusting yourself, and allowing yourself to actually generate rather than waiting until certain steps are accomplished.

ANON: Am I still waiting?

ELIAS: No. You ARE generating a movement. This has been an experimentation.

ANON: Iíd like a corporation because I do like some structure.

ELIAS: I am aware.

ANON: I like the corporate, but the idea of the free flow of my movement without having to do these things, thatís the part that I really want to do. I just have to allow myself permission, I think.

ELIAS: To do it.

ANON: To do it, and then it will manifest. Iím going to combine that permission with all of the energy that Iím going to be open to receiving...


ANON: ...and see what happens with that.


ANON: Because I donít have to protect myself from any energy. Thereís no evil energies in the world or things like that.

ELIAS: Correct. There are merely differences, and even the differences can be reconfigured.

ANON: Iím really noticing my judgment areas, and I am really noticing differences. I believe that Iím making a lot of progress in allowing and accepting those differences, which is in line with what I want to do with my company anyway, so thatís perfect. (Elias chuckles)

One very quick question. My body, Iím actually really learning how to appreciate it as a very physical manifestation of what I do with my energy, and it really tries to communicate with me. Itís interesting that as Iím experiencing the associations with men, being open to receiving that, Iím not going to get on the scale but I feel like Iím reconfiguring my body. Sometimes I feel that Iím at the desired weight that I want to be. Itís not necessarily a number in my head, although I do have that. Itís also a presence of being, a comfort within my physical being.

ELIAS: Yes, which I may be acknowledging of you, for I am recognizing a different energy that you are projecting in association with appearance. Your energy has altered, and in that, you are radiating much more of an attractive energy.

ANON: My body, I feel like itís shifting. Sometimes I feel like itís a certain thing and then Iíll put clothes on and it feels different. Iím still straddling both sides of the fence, like I havenít quite removed the fence and have this perfect landscape there.

Another thing that Iím doing in line with this is Iím exploring food more and feeling the sensualness of eating and the different flavors. I was actually eating something fried the other day Ė I donít eat anything fried usually Ė and as I was really enjoying it, I thought what I was enjoying more and appreciating was my ability to allow myself to actually have that experience without thinking that this is going to immediately cause me to gain five pounds or something like that. Do I still have some beliefs or barriers there that are kind of limiting me in this?

ELIAS: The beliefs continue to exist. What you are doing is you are choosing different influences. In that, you are somewhat still hesitant, but you are expressing much more allowance of yourself, and it is quite obvious your energy has altered considerably.

ANON: So itís a matter of just trusting that and keep enjoying the experiences.

ELIAS: Yes. Within the experimentation that you are engaging now, and as you allow yourself to continue with that experimentation, it shall become familiar, and you shall allow yourself to stop with that remaining hesitation.

ANON: And control. Itís just so against every mass belief that we have in North America that I could actually form a lean, strong, healthy body by allowing enjoying food, whatever it is. Thatís just so counter to all the mass beliefs. But I feel this is really important for me to do! Iím sick of the rest. So, Iíll keep working with that and relaxing my energy, because I know Iím not relaxed in that process.

The illness that I keep pulling to myself, is this just for me to slow down a little bit, like to rest a little bit, or is there something else?

ELIAS: And to relax. It is a reminder to relax and allow yourself to flow.

ANON: Those are my baby steps. I noticed yesterday that you used ďrelaxĒ as the subject! (Elias laughs)

Iím delighted we had a face-on experience. Iím really looking forward to this transcript. Thank you, my love.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you encouragement, acknowledgment and great appreciation. I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

ANON: Me, too.

ELIAS: To you in great fondness and affection, au revoir.

ANON: Goodbye for now.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 4 minutes.

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