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Saturday, July 02, 2005

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ďMore Refining of the Inner Landscape ExerciseĒ

ďWhy This Manifestation?Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).

(Eliasí arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DARYL: Hi. Itís been a while since we talked. (Very emotionally) I donít know exactly how talk about all this! If you have anything that youíd like to add that Iím not asking, Iíd like you to feel free. (Pause) Are you there?

ELIAS: Yes. Allow yourself to breathe, Ashrah.

DARYL: What?

ELIAS: Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax, calm and relaxed. Breathe. (Pause)

Have you attempted to incorporate an inner landscape?

DARYL: Not recently. I find it hard to do anything. I did do the deer and the roses, and that did some changes on its own, but I havenít done that recently, either.

ELIAS: That may be helpful in allowing you to relax, distracting your attention and generating more of a relaxed state within your physical body. The more you incorporate relaxation, the more your physical body can move naturally and shall produce less discomfort. Are you understanding?

DARYL: Yes. So the inner landscape with the deer would be helpful?

ELIAS: Yes, and I may also suggest to you that you may incorporate altering your inner landscape. Choose an alternative inner landscape that you may also express. Therefore, you are not continuously focusing upon one. For, that one may not necessarily continuously generate the desired effect, for it becomes too familiar.

DARYL: I think thatís maybe one reason I stopped doing it. It was getting familiar.

ELIAS: Yes. You automatically incorporate an element of boredom, and you create obstacles in which you are not incorporating your creativity in what you insert into your landscape, for it becomes too familiar. My suggestion is that you choose two other creatures as your subjects, and for each of those creatures, you may construct an inner landscape around them. But my suggestion with the two other creatures, in addition to your deer, would be to choose two different creatures that are more unfamiliar to you.

What would you choose in this present now as a creature that you know of but is not entirely familiar to you?

DARYL: Maybe a raccoon.

ELIAS: Very well.

DARYL: Thatís my power animal.

ELIAS: Very well, a raccoon. This would be an adequate creature, for it does incorporate a playfulness but it also incorporates a strength and power, and it also expresses a gentle nurturing with young. Therefore, all three of these qualities may be incorporated, and you may be creative with your landscape with this creature, for it may occupy several different habitats, which allows you a broader spectrum of creativity in which you may insert surrounding the creature. Also, choose another, in a different type of environment. (Pause) What would you choose?

DARYL: I donít know. I was thinking of a squirrel, but thatís kind of the same environment.

ELIAS: Correct. Choose a creature with a different type of environment.

DARYL: Maybe a beaver? Is that different?

ELIAS: Choose one more unfamiliar. Let me offer to you a suggestion. Choose a creature such as a walrus, a hippopotamus, an orca, a polar bear Ė a creature that inhabits a very different type of environment.

DARYL: I didnít even think of those, thatís for sure.

ELIAS: What would be appealing to you?

DARYL: Maybe the orca.

ELIAS: Very well. Once again, a choice incorporating a creature that inhabits a variety of environments, which allows you a broad spectrum of creativity, for they also migrate. It also is a powerful creature, but also incorporates a tremendous playfulness and a very strong nurturing and gentle quality, very strong in its social expressions in a nurturing and gentle expression.

Now; with the raccoon, you can incorporate landscapes of many different varieties, for the raccoon may inhabit many different types of physical areas. Also, the orca, as it travels and migrates, generates locations in many, many different types of environments Ė warm waters, cold waters, icebergs, but also tropical waters, shallow waters, deep waters, open seas and narrow straits.

This allows you to incorporate many different elements within your landscape, for the more that you incorporate a variety of habitats that the creature may incorporate, the more you also can include not merely different landscapes and different vegetation but also different other creatures that your creature may interact with or may consume. This allows you much more of an imaginative exercise, and it incorporates much more of a distraction, which allows you to relax, and it also allows you to continue to focus your attention.

Now; in these two new landscapes, I shall express my energy with you. I shall generate my energy to appear within your landscapes as a second of the same creature, therefore incorporating my energy with you in helpfulness.

Now; I also shall express to you some different instructions in association with this inner landscape. One is to be more spontaneous. Do not incorporate an idea of your landscape prior to engaging it. Allow it to develop itself.

I am expressing this to you specifically for a reason. Each of these creatures incorporates these three qualities that I have expressed to you. In allowing yourself to generate the landscape, the environment around these creatures spontaneously, it allows you to be somewhat surprised in association with what the creatures are doing.

Now; this also is efficient, for it allows you a further step in this exercise, one of evaluation, which offers you more information. If the creatures are exhibiting a particular behavior for several visualizations and subsequently the behavior changes, this is an indicator to you that your energy is changing. I shall offer examples to you that you may more clearly understand what I am expressing to you.

As an example, if you incorporate your inner landscape, you visualize your orca and it is swimming within its pod, and let us say that your visualizations in four exercises, hypothetically, is that the orca is violently consuming seals, and subsequently, in your fifth exercise, your orca is swimming calmly with a small one. What you have generated is an expression for four of those exercises in which the subject is exercising its strength and subsequently its behavior changes to be expressing gentleness and nurturing. That is your indicator that your energy has changed and has been expressing a strength in association with the dis-ease and has somewhat accomplished and subsequently is expressing a gentleness and more of a relaxed energy.

If you are generating imagery in which the creature is being playful consistently or being calm and gentle and nurturing, and you incorporate one exercise in which it dramatically alters into an expression of strength, that may be an indication to you that you are struggling with yourself, that you are fighting or opposing. If the creature expresses strength in more than one visualization consecutively, that is an indicator that you are exercising your strength not in opposition to the dis-ease but in altering it. If you generate a visualization in which only one exercise is expressed in the strength but not followed by another visualization of the strength, that is a signal to you that you have altered your energy and are opposing.

This is a manner in which you may offer yourself clear communications as to what your energy is doing. It is a type of meter or gauge that you can incorporate to reinforce you more strongly and which shall also allow you to sense within yourself that you are actually manipulating energy and doing some action with it, which also shall generate more of a sense of control for you, which in this situation may be helpful if you allow yourself some expression of knowing that you do incorporate some control and that you are actually manipulating your energy in some manner.

Now; I shall also express to you, if you generate that type of exercise in which there is merely one exercise that incorporates the show of strength, not followed by another, I shall also in that particular exercise display some different behavior. Therefore, if it is the raccoon and the raccoon is encountering another creature in which it naturally displays its strength or shows its strength, I shall be the other raccoon and shall incorporate some action of playfulness, which shall be another indicator to you that your raccoon is displaying that strength as opposition. Agreed?

DARYL: Okay.

ELIAS: I shall also with the orca do likewise. If your orca is attacking a seal but merely in one exercise, I shall appear to you as another orca, perhaps breaching or rolling, which shall be an extra indicator to you.

I may express to you, temporarily the orca may be a more powerful inner landscape than the raccoon. Although as I have suggested, I express to you to incorporate an alteration of all three. In that manner, you are incorporating more creativity. But whichever one you choose in any time period, allow yourself to continue with that one for a time framework. Do not alter each visualization from one to another to another, for that does not allow you to evaluate the information that you are offering to yourself, for you are paying attention to the behavior of the creature in its environment. Therefore, it is necessary that you incorporate several exercises with one creature and allow yourself to view the type of behavior that is being incorporated.

I shall be offering my energy to you also to provide some additional element of comfort, for I am aware that you have been generating anxiety and considerable discomfort.

DARYL: (Weeping) Iíve blocked you pretty well most of the time.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And what of your bird?

DARYL: Iím having trouble with her since I had my head shaved. Iím creating it that she doesnít want to sit on me and get patted like she used to. But we are doing an alternative where she gets on me and we go look outside the window.

ELIAS: Very well. It is a matter of unfamiliarity and incorporating a gentleness and a cooperation, and allowing yourself to incorporate alternative actions with your bird.

DARYL: How much of that is me just creating stuff through my beliefs and how much is her reaction? Because I know she was very attached to my hair.

ELIAS: It is all intertwined.

DARYL: So itís not a hundred percent me?

ELIAS: No. It is also somewhat of the creatureís preference and its familiarity and your familiarity. The creature incorporates a natural quality to preen. With the difference of species, hair is a translation of feathers. Therefore, the creature incorporates a natural expression of bonding and a natural expression of action with you that it would with another bird or its flock. That becomes familiar, and it becomes natural in its expression. There is an alteration of you, and therefore, that is unfamiliar. Therefore, to generate that natural bonding and interaction, the creature must incorporate a new or unfamiliar or different manner in which it can express in association with you. This is a matter in which you may be helpful in being nurturing with the creature, with the bird, to introduce new and different types of expressions that you can share.

DARYL: I have been trying to do that.

ELIAS: That shall be helpful to you both, for the creature also expresses an energy of appreciation and affection to you. If you allow yourself to receive and interact, that shall also be helpful in a calming element and a reinforcing element.

Do not slip into your own trap of worry in relation to the creature, for that shall reinforce in a different direction. That shall reinforce you expressing tension, it shall reintroduce the expression of projecting your attention, and you shall influence the creature to respond in reflection.

DARYL: Like the day she bit me.


DARYL: Is it useful to try to get her to come and sit on me like she used to? She seems resistant to that right now. Thatís why Iím doing the alternative.

ELIAS: The alternative is acceptable. If you offer a different expression in which the bird can interact with you if you are holding the bird, rather than hair, offer some other manifestation that the bird can interact with with you.

DARYL: I even saved some old hair, but that doesnít seem to be working.


DARYL: So it should be something new?

ELIAS: Yes, a new introduction.

DARYL: In relation to that, she does like my eyebrows and stuff, but Iím afraid thereís some kind of toxicity there. Can you tell me if itís safe to play with what hair there is?


DARYL: It is safe?

ELIAS: Yes. You may even incorporate feathers.

DARYL: Her feathers? Or the peacock feathers?

ELIAS: Or different feathers that may be incorporated between you both as an element to play with, to interact with.

DARYL: So she really feels like Iíve lost my feathers?

ELIAS: Yes, which is unfamiliar.

DARYL: Well, thereís a bunch of stuff Iím confused about, one of which is that I felt like when we last talked, they said they didnít want to do surgery and I had the CT scan that showed that there wasnít any spread. I felt like I was giving myself an opportunity to have the lump resolve on its own without medicine. But it didnít do that, and then I ended up with chemotherapy. (Extremely emotionally) So, Iím confused about my direction, about what Iím showing myself. It seems like Iím showing that I donít have power, and I thought this was to show me that I did have power.

ELIAS: But you incorporate power. It is merely a matter of how you use it.

DARYL: So Iím just using it in a way that I donít especially like, is that it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Ashrah, many times you, in similar manner to other individuals, may generate manifestations or experiences that you may not necessarily like or that may not necessarily be comfortable, but they are no less a display of your power. You focus your attention in one direction, and you become very black and white concerning what you want or attempting to evaluate what you want and what you do not want, and confuse yourself.

In the midst of that action of confusing yourself, you also are generating actions that display your power and your strength and your efficiency in creating whatever you are creating. It may not necessarily be what you are thinking, but regardless, that is another element of what you are addressing to. You are not merely addressing to the evaluation of what you want or what you do not want. You are also addressing to expressing your power. In your confusion, that power may be expressed in dramatic manners that may not necessarily be comfortable.

And remember, I expressed to you previously Ė you inquired, you expressed a directness with myself and I expressed in kind Ė I expressed to you that whatever you chose in relation to this manifestation, this dis-ease, you were not generating comfort. Not that it is impossible for you to alter that, and this is the reason that I am advocating you incorporating these different inner landscapes. But with the energy that you have been expressing and the opposition that you have been expressing, what was being created in your words was and is ďmessiness,Ē and I confirmed that with you previously.

DARYL: I was thinking that I have been lessening my opposition to the medical beliefs. Is that true?

ELIAS: Yes, you have.

DARYL: But Iím still having a lot of pain and messiness.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

DARYL: So, have I got a long way to go in terms of the opposition?

ELIAS: That is a relative question, for that could be expressed but it also could not be. It is dependent upon you. You have been expressing less opposition, but you are continuing to oppose. It also may be helpful with these inner landscapes in providing you with a distraction that allows you to relax.

In that, perhaps you can incorporate that as a cooperative expression that you are incorporating in addition to what you are generating in relation to your physicians Ė incorporating it as a cooperative action, not as one that is better or more powerful, but that you move in the direction of generating these inner landscapes as a cooperative effort to move with your physicians. You are generating an energy to help them to help you.

DARYL: Now, in relation to the drug I started taking today, which Iíve had a lot of judgments about in the past, thatís to help me relax and be in a better mood. Would that be in the direction of cooperation?

ELIAS: Yes. That would be an example of you incorporating your actions to help them to help you. The point is for you to allow yourself to receive, that these other individuals have been created by you as one of, not your only, but one of your methods to alter a particular manifestation that you have created.

DARYL: One of the other things Ė I donít if you can explain this briefly Ė but you talk about that thereís a subjective movement and then that can be expressed objectively a thousand different ways. I was wondering if you could say something to me about what my subjective movement is, that I have chosen this objective manifestation instead and why I didnít choose other different objective manifestations.

ELIAS: Let me express to you Ashrah, this is a very common question, ďwhy did I choose this particular experience or manifestation as opposed to any other experience or manifestation?Ē Which is essentially a moot point, for whatever manifestation or experience you choose is directly in proportion to whatever you are addressing to.

DARYL: Thatís what Iím trying to figure out, is what Iím addressing to. Iím having many, many dreams during the night, and I also have this sense that Iím rebuilding my entire self.

ELIAS: Which, in a manner of speaking, you are.

In this, you have expressed a tremendous intensity in relation to fear, which you and I have discussed, and you have incorporated tremendous movement in addressing to fear. You also have incorporated a tremendous association and shrine, so to speak, in relation to exposure. These are expressions within you that have been ongoing and have been expressed in intensity. You have been addressing to them, but another element in that is your exploration to discover your own power, which is directly associated with these other two subjects of fear and of exposure.

Expressing your power in proportion to the subjects of fear and exposure would be a considerable manifestation of power. In this, you would choose some type of manifestation that can illustrate the strength and the volume of your power. This would be a display of that.

Also, let me express to you quite genuinely and perhaps you may generate a clearer understanding in this explanation. When are you genuinely and ultimately the most present with yourself in the now?

DARYL: I donít know. I feel like Iím not, lately.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are. You are the most present with yourself in the now if you are experiencing discomfort.

DARYL: Or probably if Iím taking care of the manifestation directly, which I have to do sometimes.


DARYL: Now, when I am in that, then I should be trying to be noticing what Iím experiencing and feeling?

ELIAS: Partially, but the point in me offering that statement to you is that you recognize this is the why.

DARYL: This is the why?

ELIAS: Yes. Your question is why would you or why did you choose to incorporate this type of manifestation, this type of experience, this type of dis-ease.

DARYL: So that I can be more present with myself?

ELIAS: This is a manner in which you may identify that you ARE present with yourself in these moments. Therefore, in recognizing that, you may practice being present with yourself in the now in other experiences, not merely experiences that are uncomfortable.

I may also express to you an encouragement, for most individuals express similarly. They are the most present with themselves in the now if they are experiencing some manifestation or experience of discomfort.

DARYL: So Iím trying to understand how to do that, but without the discomfort?

ELIAS: Yes. But the point is that you must be aware of what it is that you are doing. This has allowed you now to identify what that means, to be present with yourself in the now Ė not to the exclusion of all that you generate around you or your environment, but being very aware of you and your existence and your presence in the now. In recognizing that in an experience of discomfort, you can translate it into experiences in comfort, for you now know what that presence is. Previously, this has been somewhat concept and words. Now you know.

DARYL: And I feel pretty lost.

ELIAS: But now is the point in which you may begin to acknowledge your power. It has been expressed in considerable strength in what you have accomplished and created thus far. Now perhaps you can allow yourself to express and experience that presence with yourself, that knowing of your existence, in experiences that are not uncomfortable, and express your power equally in those types of experiences. But do not overwhelm yourself. Allow yourself to relax and move in increments. For in attempting to push, you merely generate great potential for disappointment and discounting yourself. That, in this time framework, is too automatic.

Therefore, allow yourself to relax and move in increments, acknowledging yourself in each day with what you accomplish in each day in whatever expression it is, whether it be to generate one or two or three exercises of your inner landscape Ė it is not necessary for them to be expressed in ongoing time periods; few of your minutes is sufficient; it is not necessary to be concentrating upon an inner landscape for an hour Ė acknowledge yourself in an accomplishment that you may generate in expressing a few of your minutes in playfulness with your bird and appreciation of your bird and appreciation of yourself with your bird. These are incremental actions that shall allow you to be more aware of being present with yourself in the now.

DARYL: Well, weíre running low on time, and I have a couple of little questions I want to ask.

ELIAS: Very well.

DARYL: Am I observing essence of Mercedes de Acosta?


DARYL: And is that lifetime?


DARYL: The others are for a guy named Bob that I met through my Shift Assist site. He wanted to know three things. One, is Ryan a name of a future focus of his?


DARYL: Would that be a first or a last name?

ELIAS: First.

DARYL: Is that a female?


DARYL: Is there some reason he would be getting female feelings about that?

ELIAS: What he is connecting to is a female energy.

DARYL: A female energy but in a male body?

ELIAS: Correct. Not necessarily gender, but a female energy.

DARYL: He wondered if he has another future focus name Cat, C-A-T, or that had C-A-T as part of the name?

ELIAS: Yes, that would be what you would term to be a nickname.

DARYL: Just Cat as the nickname?


DARYL: Is that a male?

ELIAS: No, that is a female.

DARYL: And he wanted to know if his essence name is Folkes.

ELIAS: That is a focus name.

DARYL: And could you tell him his essence name, then?

ELIAS: Essence name, Lester.

DARYL: Spelled the usual way?


DARYL: Thatís a far cry from Folkes. (Elias laughs)

I guess, going back, the trouble Iím having with pain, that mainly has to do with opposing medical beliefs?

ELIAS: Yes. Also opposing the dis-ease, opposing the medication, opposing the physicians and opposing the dis-ease.

DARYL: Opposing everything. I thought I was getting along pretty well with this new group of doctors.

ELIAS: Yes, and that is what I have acknowledged, that you are opposing less with the physicians, but you continue to be opposing in other manners.

DARYL: In terms of opposing the dis-ease, how do I get rid of it and still not oppose it? I donít know how to do that.

ELIAS: It is not necessary to oppose it. You may acknowledge that this is what you have created and the efficiency of that and the power of it, and acknowledge your experience with it. The manner in which you do not oppose it is to be incorporating your inner landscapes.

Remember, there is no element with your inner landscapes that is generating a negative association. It is all natural actions. The deer consume the flowers; the flowers are pleasing to you. The raccoons may be playful and may be pulling nuts from trees and hurling them to the ground, but that is a natural action to crack the nuts that they may be consumed. Even the orca may be generating what appears to be a violent action in shaking a seal, but that also is a natural action to consume what it naturally consumes in its environment.

Therefore, no imagery within these landscapes is incorporating what you would view as negative associations. They are all natural actions that the creatures...

DARYL: Even if my beliefs are saying they are negative, like the orca and the seal?

ELIAS: This is a natural action that the creature incorporates.

DARYL: I know. It just upsets me.

ELIAS: You are correct. Even though your belief or your preference expresses that this is distasteful to you, you also recognize that this is a natural action and that you are a different creature, and you are not what is generating that action or consuming the seal. The orca is.

But the point is, in this, you are not opposing your manifestations in generating these inner landscapes, for you are allowing yourself to trust your body consciousness and your subjective awareness to instruct the body consciousness in its natural function to alter itself. Rather than opposing or forcing energy in opposition to what you have already created, you are allowing yourself to move in a different direction of trusting the ability of your body consciousness to return itself to its natural state.

DARYL: I feel like you are giving me a lot of subjective information about that, too.

ELIAS: You are correct. Watch for the other raccoon and the other orca.

DARYL: Oh, and one tiny last thing. I keep seeing a whole bunch of robins and they have orange chests, and Iím thinking theyíre Patel.

ELIAS: It is imagery that you are offering to yourself in an expression of energy of supportiveness from Patel.

DARYL: Well, we really have to stop.

ELIAS: Very well. I express my encouragement to you as always. I shall be, as promised, offering my energy to you in your landscapes. And I express my appreciation to you, Ashrah. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. Receive from me my encouragement to you.

DARYL: Thank you.

ELIAS: In great lovingness as always, my dear friend, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 6 minutes.

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