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Friday, July 15, 2005

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ďSouth Atlantic AnomalyĒ

ďBeing Present with YourselfĒ

ďDream ImageryĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus).

(Eliasí arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself? PAUL: Outstanding but improving! Itís nice to meet you finally! I donít have as many questions as I initially thought, so there might be time for you to just sort of talk about things.

How about a focus question? Did I have a focus as someone related to Henry VIII or one of his wives or someone who knew them?

ELIAS: A courtesan.

PAUL: I was a courtesan?


PAUL: Male or female?

ELIAS: Male.

PAUL: So I knew one of his wives or knew both?

ELIAS: Both.

PAUL: I had a dream back around the first part of May where I got the scientific words ďtrigonometric bifurcation.Ē Iím trying to understand why I received that in my dream, and how I should use that as part of my investigation of the south Atlantic anomaly. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is your own invention.

PAUL: When you say ďinvention,Ē you mean what?

ELIAS: An expression that you are creating or developing. You are already generating that action subjectively and have not yet translated that objectively.

PAUL: When you say the action that Iíve figured out subjectively and Iím trying to translate it objectively, is that the formula and diagram associated with the portal or something else?

ELIAS: The method associated with the portal.

PAUL: Then Iíll try to clarify that in a related question. The words ďtrigonometric bifurcation,Ē do they mean that the electromagnetic wave splits in two when crossing dimensions, similar to light waves partially being reflected by mirrored glass, or is the wave split before hand by either vertical or horizontal plasma sheets? Or is the meaning different entirely?

ELIAS: It is associated with electromagnetic energy, but not associated with splitting. You are not dividing; you are merging.

PAUL: Interesting. Iíve got to think about this. So the bifurcation is really dealing with mergence instead of splitting?


PAUL: Thatís a poor choice of words in my dream, then. (Elias chuckles) So the mergence is the mergence of the magnetic field lines with the electric field lines?

ELIAS: An electromagnetic field, so to speak, that merges two realities.

PAUL: You mean two dimensions? (Elias nods)

ELIAS: Two dimensions would be two realities.

PAUL: (Laughs) So to speak! Hmm. Is this naturally developing portal large enough where a human could pass through?


PAUL: Itís large enough today?


PAUL: But itís up in the ionosphere. Physically Iím not sure how I would be able to pass through that portal.

ELIAS: For that is your associating with gravity and not incorporating the ability to transport your physical expression or manifestation without some type of craft.

PAUL: Right, like an airplane.

ELIAS: But you can.

PAUL: Iím aware that gravity is associated with my belief systems. I havenít walked past that belief system or suspended it.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of suspending it. It is a matter of discovering other influences.

PAUL: Youíre giving me a hint I should test or explore?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. But you may also incorporate other methods by allowing yourself to move the portal. What you see visually may appear a distance from you, but in actuality, the area may extend from what you see to what you do not see.

PAUL: So I could extend the portal. If the portalís a bridge, itíd be like a connecting bridge to that bridge. I could have an extension to my bedroom. Is that what youíre saying? (Elias nods) I could move a portal entrance to my bedroom.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

PAUL: How come my other-dimensional focus of Voldtares hasnít dropped me any scientific clues dealing with this dimensional portal, at least ones that Iíve noticed? I havenít noticed any clues lately. Am I not...?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but you may not necessarily understand his method, for it may not necessarily translate accurately into your reality.

PAUL: I think I have a dream question that relates to meeting someone like him, maybe him, and having to pick up what looked like a tile of information and the awareness that Iím not ready to objectively understand that information right away. It has to be gradual.

ELIAS: Yes. That would be associated with a future focus.

PAUL: That particular dream?


PAUL: And it wasnít Voldtares, it was...?

ELIAS: That would be associated with a future focus that is aware of what you are doing or what you are presenting to yourself in association with the other-dimensional focus.

PAUL: By the way, can you see me objectively?

ELIAS: I do not incorporate visual of objects. I can, but I choose to visually incorporate merely a vision of the energy that is expressed.

PAUL: So howís my energy look? (Laughs)

ELIAS: As always! (Laughs)

PAUL: Thanks! Iíve got a quick pertinent question. This morning I woke up with a sore stomach, for lack of a better term, or something like that, and I had some associated intestinal issues after that. Why did I have that? Initially I would have said that it was something in the food last night, but I am understanding that all those actions relate to a message and eventually a communication. What is the message or the communication to myself?

ELIAS: And what would you assess? This is an exercise in paying attention. This is an exercise in paying attention to yourself and what you are expressing.

PAUL: A subtle discomfort, and itís associated with the path Iím on. But I donít know if the subject matter is dealing with work stuff, Elias stuff, personal stuff or something else.

ELIAS: Associated with this day, and not an extreme but somewhat of an apprehension and agitated expression in anticipation of this meeting.

PAUL: But Iíve been looking forward to this for so long!

ELIAS: I am understanding, but many times individuals may be anticipating favorably to experience an event, but that does not necessarily express that they do not incorporate some apprehension also.

PAUL: I would think that apprehension will subside. Also, there was a scene in one of my dreams where I was viewing this scientific text, two and a half pages long that I can remember, and the text glowed a yellow-red hue. What was the reason for presenting that imagery? Was I digesting the information subjectively?

ELIAS: Partially.

PAUL: And partially what?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: Iíve been trying to figure out why the yellow-red glow to the writing. What hit me right now is the yellow-red is dealing with my two energy centers, but then why would that relate to a scientific text?

ELIAS: No. It is imagery that you are presenting to yourself in relation to black and white, and not merely offering yourself information in the black and white, to allow yourself to present other information to yourself in less rigidness, in less familiarity, and to allow yourself more of an openness to experience and assimilate, to not be generating as much rigidness in the black and white.

PAUL: Back on May 22, I had a dream. I was at a dinner party and I met these friends. There was a lady there who had brown hair, 5-foot-5, and in that dream she was like my wife, a potential future wife. Was that the message in my dream, and if so, is this a high potential for that to occur?

ELIAS: No, this is another example of the black and white and your automatic associations, generating a literal association with imagery that you are presenting to yourself within dreams.

The actual imagery of dreams is objective. That is what creates the imagery of dreams. That imagery is a translation of what is occurring subjectively. It can be associated with a subject matter; it can be associated with movement; it can be associated with a want. It can also be associated with an interaction that you may be generating in association with other individuals subjectively also, which generates some types of imagery that connect you to other individuals Ė although, generally speaking, most individuals do not incorporate an objective awareness of other individuals that they are interacting with subjectively and generating dream imagery, unless they present themselves with another individual and share that information and allow themselves to recognize the similarity.

Now; in this, not viewing literal and not viewing the black and white, what would your interpretation be of this dream?

PAUL: Well, it was a party being thrown for me, so symbolically that would be a form of appreciation being presented. The fact that I had someone that I thought was a wife could be a play on my part to see if I would be comfortable having a wife in the future.

ELIAS: Partially.

PAUL: And partially what?

ELIAS: Partially also allowing yourself to view your own interactions and your responses. You are correct in association with the celebration. That is an expression of acknowledgment of yourself and generating that appreciation more so. In association with the other individual that you view as your wife, this is more of an expression of imagery in which you are allowing yourself to watch yourself and view your automatic responses in association with other individuals in relationship.

Relationships, with you, have generated an element of difficulty. Therefore, there is a question within you concerning relationships and how to be generating that type of expression successfully. But you have presented yourself with enough information to recognize that it does not concern the other individual, that to generate successfulness and ease within a relationship with another individual, regardless of what type of relationship it is, it is necessary for you to be aware of you and what you are doing and what you are expressing and what type of energy you are projecting, and therefore what shall be reflected to you in the manner that you want. This is a challenge, for this also requires you becoming aware of automatic responses and automatic associations and your own expectations, which influence the type of energy that you project and therefore what type of energy you reflect to yourself.

PAUL: Do you think I am more proficient in noticing my automatic responses and settling them down now as compared to last year?


PAUL: I think so too! Itís just a slow process. Iím trying to notice my energy projection, like right now and other times. The way I try to focus my attention that way, other than noticing what Iím doing and looking for objective clues, is to think about the midsection of my body. Thatís probably an okay way to start, right?

ELIAS: Yes, and be aware of what you are doing that is not necessarily physical.

PAUL: My energy projection, you mean?

ELIAS: In that, yes Ė what associations you are generating in any situation, what is occurring within you. It is challenging to be aware of automatic responses, for they are precisely that, they are automatic and require no thought. Therefore, it is more difficult to be noticing and aware of the occurrences of them.

You become aware of outcomes that are associated with them, especially outcomes that you are not comfortable with or that you dislike, but it is a matter of being genuinely present with yourself in the now Ė not merely being aware of the now, but being present with yourself. Do you understand what being present with yourself is?

PAUL: I was going to ask you if there was a little routine I could practice that would put me in the present more so.

ELIAS: I did not express IN the present; I expressed BEING present in the now.

PAUL: No. (Laughs) But Iím open to what you want to say. I donít think I have a good awareness of it, Elias.

ELIAS: When would you express that you experience the most presence with yourself in an experience?

PAUL: Part of me wants to say shortly after an automatic response process ends and Iím starting to analyze and look inward to see why I did that, and another part of me is saying the time before I fall asleep at night.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, moments in which you and most other individuals are the most present with yourself are those moments in which you are uncomfortable in some manner, generally in some extreme manner.

PAUL: Like an argument, difficulty, accident?

ELIAS: If you are experiencing significant discomfort physically or emotionally or what you would term to be mentally, you become the most present in the now with yourself. You are the most aware of your existence, that you actually exist. You are aware of your physical presence, you are aware of your experience.

Generally, in those moments, you are generating a strength of energy to attempt to eliminate the experience or to alter the experience, but that is not the point. The point is to allow yourself to genuinely generate a recall of a moment in which you generated that type of presence with yourself, generating an actual awareness of your existence.

Generally speaking, most individuals are not present. They are not actually aware that they exist. They merely move and generate actions and thought processes but are not aware of their actual presence, their actual existence. This is significant, for there is tremendous information in being present with yourself.

PAUL: A key to focus on is recall either past or present events whereby I had a high degree of uncomfortableness, and in that uncomfortableness, wade into it not for the subject necessarily of the uncomfortableness or what I think it is...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: ...but just for the sense of uncomfortableness?

ELIAS: And the awareness of yourself in that moment, the awareness of your presence, the awareness of your existence.

Let me express to you a hypothetical example. An individual may incorporate a severe pain in some area of their physical body. In a moment, if the pain is severe enough, the automatic response to the pain is that the individual would prefer to eliminate that aspect of their physical body. If the pain is within their foot, they would wish to cut off their foot to sever the pain from their existence. For in that moment, that extreme generates an actual presence of the individual. The individual is highly aware of their actual existence and their presence with themself. Generally, that generates an uncomfortableness, and as I have stated, the individual generally wishes to sever that focus point that is creating that presence of existence.

But that is not the only manner in which you can experience a heightened awareness of yourself in presence with yourself. It is generally the manner in which individuals do allow themselves moments of awareness of their existence. For generally speaking, individuals generate so much busyness that it distracts them from that awareness of their own presence and their own existence. They are busy in action and busy in thought and busy in analyzing. But where are YOU in that busyness? Where is the you of you? For, the you of you is generating all the youís of information that is ignored.

This is also the reason that you generate, at times, dream imagery that appears quite odd, for you are generating volumes of information to yourself continuously and are unaware of your own presence. Therefore, it is being ignored, but it continues to be expressed and at times may appear in what you would term to be strange imagery within dreams or visualizations that seem to you to be incomprehensible. But in this, you have offered yourself imagery with this dream to offer yourself a hint concerning presence with yourself, acknowledging yourself and appreciating, therefore celebrating, but also being aware of your presence with yourself to allow you to discover what your automatic responses are in certain situations, this of relationships being a significant expression with you that you wish to explore.

PAUL: I have two ways to practice. One is recall of any uncomfortable event and try to focus on awareness of self.


PAUL: Another way would be to put myself in an uncomfortable situation in one of those three categories. I could be out jogging and have a pain in my foot. That would be uncomfortable. Do I direct my attention to the pain in my foot or just try to be aware of myself during that pain?

ELIAS: Yes, for it is not a matter of focusing your attention upon the pain but focusing your attention in a manner in which you are aware of your presence and your existence that is experiencing the pain.

PAUL: Can I do that with my acid reflux too?


PAUL: Deane/Leland wanted to know if Ahh-Noch is BahíRandís son, or if not, what is the relationship?


PAUL: Ahh-Noch is his son? (Elias nods)

Tell me why I created this developing business relationship with a guy called Len. Iím not sure why I picked him for this business relationship or why I created this whole event.

ELIAS: Offer more information.

PAUL: (Laughs) Iím assuming itís because I want to look at developing a consulting path that doesnít require my full attention, maybe part-time attention, but will generate an ease financially so that becomes a non-issue for me.

ELIAS: Be more specific in association with the other individual.

PAUL: There is some relation between us that Iím not sure... You could say itís coincidence, but I donít believe in coincidence. There are certain associations that Iím aware of.

ELIAS: Such as?

PAUL: His birthday is the same day as my daughterís birthday. He had the same football hero as a kid that I had as a kid, some relations like that, similarities in certain aspects. Not in personality, but thereís some associations that are common and Iím not sure...?

ELIAS: Why you drew this individual to yourself.

PAUL: Right. Obviously, thereís some association we have.

ELIAS: Which is more associated with presenting to yourself some similarities that would generate somewhat of an ease in your association. If you present to yourself commonalities, you feel more at ease, more connected. Therefore, you allow more of a connection.

PAUL: Is there more to it with that individual specifically? Do we have a greater connection in energy or past focus connections?

ELIAS: You do incorporate other focuses, yes.

PAUL: But nothing that would stand out other than I brought this individual because of ease of developing a business relationship?

ELIAS: That is significant.

PAUL: One of my business activities recently was calling a guy on the phone in Minnesota, and his first name happened to be Jade. Did I present myself with that so-called name as a trigger or a communication to myself that I am open to reengaging an energy exchange with the essence Jade? (Pause)

ELIAS: Not necessarily an energy exchange, but an openness to that essence and an openness to interact.

PAUL: And it may just be in the dream state, right?

ELIAS: Or perhaps at times also within waking state in an interaction in visualization or in a semi-meditative expression.

PAUL: That essence has an interest in communication with my focus?


PAUL: I had a dream of being in this house that belonged to a relative of my dadís, but it was vacant. The funny thing was that in the house, my dog was playing with a frog in his mouth. I took the frog out, and the frog appeared to be basically unharmed. I put it out the front door, and at the front door was another frog. So, I put it by the other frog at the front door. I think thereís some important imagery associated with the two frogs being at the front door.

ELIAS: And what is your impression and association?

PAUL: They were there to catch bugs or flies, pests. Being at the front door would be some type of association with removing or limiting pests that bother me, because houses typically represent yourself, even though I didnít recognize the house at all. Itís something associated with limiting pests.

ELIAS: And protection. Remember, projection is not bad. It is merely how you associate with it.

PAUL: What was the imagery message in the dream I had where I was in a place, a structure, with some others, and up at the upper windows or skylights tiny specks of light started to materialize? They flickered brightly, and I remember reaching up and having a strong association with that and wanted to foster that collection of light. Then the lights became long strands of light that I could grab hold of. The sense was that I could carry these up into the sky but the structure of the place that I was in blocked me from going out.


PAUL: My thinking is that something, my pursuit of understanding the other-dimensional environment or portal, is being limited by my sense of obligation to either my daughter or something in my life.

ELIAS: Structure Ė your association with structure within your experiences within your focus and that the structure of how you move within your focus you associate as being at times limiting of your explorations or limiting of your abilities. You recognize that you incorporate abilities to accomplish more actions than you generally do or different types of explorations than you generally allow yourself, but the structure within your associations generates obstacles in that, and that creates more difficulty.

PAUL: Again, I know from an objective awareness that my belief system of obligation doesnít have to be an obstacle in my exploration of this other-dimensional environment.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: I had a dream a while back where I was having a subjective meeting with you, and the message I got in that dream scene was ďsubjective meeting,Ē not an objective meeting like weíre having now. Why? I assume that was you making an entrance in my dream, I think.

ELIAS: (Smiles) I am ALWAYS interactive with you. At times, you may translate that energy into different types of imagery, but I am always interactive with you.

PAUL: Every day?


PAUL: Iím real good at noticing objective clues about things. Did I have a focus as a WWI German Navy sailor, serving on a submarine?


PAUL: Did I die in that war?


PAUL: Is that why I am somewhat claustrophobic, because of that focus?

ELIAS: Partially.

PAUL: Over the last few months, I seem to have had some recurring tiger imagery in my dreams, and Iím not sure why. Part of me thinks itís an association with my friend Io, but Iím thinking thereís some deeper imagery associated with that.

ELIAS: The imagery of the tiger is a reminder to you. Each time you present the imagery of the tiger to yourself, it is a reminder to you concerning your power Ė playfulness, power and gentleness. This creature incorporates great strength but also can express tremendous playfulness and can be quite nurturing and gentle. That generates significant power that is expressed by this creature. Therefore, that image is a reminder to you to be acknowledging and expressing these three qualities within yourself and therefore expressing your power also Ė strength, playfulness and gentleness.

PAUL: I had a dream back in April where I was viewing these stone structures, almost like ruins, and it was twilight because stars were out. I noticed almost an electric field to the air and I saw flickers of sparkling light. A woman was standing in the center of the structure, and she was some type of individual engaging in some type of power, like a sorceress almost. She confronted me and asked me who I was. I replied to her that she already knows who I am. Was that individual a focus of mine?


PAUL: Was that the Egyptian priestess Ashamii or another focus?

ELIAS: Another focus.

PAUL: Whom? My Romanian focus?


PAUL: It was in this dimension?


PAUL: And it was a past timeframe?

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause) It is Celtic.

PAUL: Was that Omaki?


PAUL: She was a Celtic priestess or sorcerer or witch or...?


PAUL: All of those three?

ELIAS: What you would term to be association of a witch.

PAUL: Why did she ask me who I was? Did she have some type of recognition of my viewing her activities?

ELIAS: She incorporated a visual of you.

PAUL: But I was in her environment.

ELIAS: I am aware.

PAUL: Why did she view me? Why did she single out me to view?

ELIAS: You projected your energy.

PAUL: What does she want?

ELIAS: She does not. You projected YOUR energy, and that appeared. You incorporate a dream, the imagery in the dream. You projected your energy to that individual. Therefore, she incorporated a visual.

PAUL: Does she have an interest in connecting again?

ELIAS: You can investigate. In her reality, it was a surprise.

PAUL: And thereís something else, but Iím not really clear on what else occurred.

ELIAS: In her reality, the projection of you was unexpected. In her reality, she was generating a ritual to express an openness in association with her beliefs to the universe. That allowed for an openness in which you could project and generate what you would term to be a contact point, similar to what future focuses do with those of you that allow for a connection. You generate an openness, which creates an avenue in which the future focus can create a contact point.

PAUL: So she may or may not have an interest in connecting again.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Does her name begin with the letter E?


PAUL: I donít know how to say it. Something like Es-sense, Eh-sence or something like that.

ELIAS: Continue your investigation. You are close.

PAUL: But I donít need to know her name to try to reestablish that communication.

Am I presently on a path of high potential to be directly identified as one of the individuals that assisted in the discovery of the south Atlantic anomaly portal? Like if there was a scientific team, I would be identified as one of the individuals that assisted in that process.

ELIAS: It is a potential.

PAUL: High, medium or low?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon you.

PAUL: I had a dream scene a while back of different colored energy balls being passed or coming out of my midsection. What was going on in that imagery?

ELIAS: And your assessment?

PAUL: Iím not clear if they were going out or in, necessarily. Just developing openness for flow of energy? (Elias nods) Flow of energy with others or just myself?

ELIAS: Both.

PAUL: Just more of an openness?

ELIAS: Yes, and being aware, and generating an awareness of distinguishing other individualsí energy and your energy.

PAUL: You told me in the past I had a WWII German soldier focus, and I know I served on the Russian front. Did he also have a time serving in Africa, the African Corps?

ELIAS: Briefly.

PAUL: And then he went to Russia, or did he go from Russia to Africa?

ELIAS: Reverse.

PAUL: He went from Africa to Russia? (Elias nods)

Iíve asked Voldtares, Samuel and to a lesser extent Ronald, focuses of mine, other dimensionally as well as future, for some guidance, more direct clues, because I donít know if my diagram of the south Atlantic anomaly portal is finished all the way. I have a hunch it may need something more. Iíve been asking for clues but I havenít gotten any that Iíve noticed. Why is that?

ELIAS: Allow yourself to relax and generate an openness and not push energy in anxiousness.

PAUL: I try to set myself up in the time before I go to sleep to receive communications from those three.

ELIAS: Express patience and openness.

PAUL: (Humorously) I could do that! (Elias chuckles)

Rather than me asking you a question, I would like you to say something associated with me or things in general.

ELIAS: How is your interaction with your daughter proceeding?

PAUL: (Laughs) Nice and turbulent, depending on the day! Itís like an ocean. One day it could be calm; one day it could be turbulent. I try to notice my automatic responses. When I sense her getting angry and frustrated, I try to, not always, but I try to see what Iím projecting in energy. But a lot of times I donít know what I was doing energy-wise that set her off in anger.

ELIAS: For in the moment, it may not appear to you to match what is being expressed with her. Many times this is an on-going expression of energy that you are not paying attention to. It has become so familiar and so automatic that you are unaware objectively of what you are expressing. Therefore, the intensity of her expression does match your energy but not necessarily in event, but more in the expression of duration.

You express energy in less obvious manner that is expressed in time frameworks. Her response is in bursts. Her bursts match your time frameworks. The more intense her bursts, the longer your time framework has been.

PAUL: Well, Iíll have to study that, Elias. I see that weíre officially done.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and remember, I am expressing my energy with you always each day and expressing a supportiveness and encouragement. I am always with you.

PAUL: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Remember that you are not alone and that my energy is there supporting you also in all of these actions and adventures that you are generating.

PAUL: Iíll take a look for your energy, then.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you as always great affection, and in dearness of friendship, au revoir.

PAUL: Bye, Elias.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 8 minutes.

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