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Sunday, July 17, 2005

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ďCo-Creating: Not True, but RealĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and KC (Nanaiis).

(Eliasí arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KC: Good morning, Elias! Help! (Laughs) I donít know even what my questions are!

I want to start with some intensity that some people Iím in touch with are creating, that are calling me and writing to me about, so I know Iím involved. My sister Mary Jo has had panic attacks and heart palpitations lately, and theyíre really scaring her. She knows what you say, and sheís been thinking about what you said yesterday about appreciating something about herself everyday, but she made an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow. We all Ė she and I and her son Brian Ė have very strong medical beliefs that weíre still addressing to and presenting to ourselves. So, she made an appointment with the doctor, with the cardiologist, about her heart.

And about substances, which I asked you about my counterpart action with Gillian, I feel that maybe Daryl, Margot, Mary Jo and Brian and myself, Axel, and Gillian, maybe we have a large counterpart situation going on, because Iím very connected with these people right now. It seems that weíre all dealing with health, aging, disengaging, substances. Could that be a big counterpart action going on between us?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

KC: My sister has one specific question, and so Iím just going to ask it from her: ďIs there anything wrong with my heart?Ē Thatís the question.

ELIAS: Presently no.

KC: I feel like she does know that. When you asked what our greatest fear was, my greatest fear is not knowing what Iím choosing. If I had heart palpitations, Iím scared, and my automatic response is to be scared and say ďam I choosing to disengage without my own permission?Ē Thatís my first reaction. Yesterday, you said if youíre present with yourself, this alters the threat of things you donít like and things you donít agree with. So the trick in a situation like that, where youíre scared and feel threatened, would be to center yourself and reestablish your presence with yourself.


KC: Then it would be easy to evaluate your signals and your messages if you can relax. Because lately Iíve had a hard time getting my messages, and Iím complicating and forgetting to stop and relax and be present with myself. Then Iím getting on my hamster wheel a little bit. Iím comforting myself with the idea that itís the truth way and that these intensities and these absolutes are going to come right to me because I want to experience the Shift. I chose the timeframe that Iím in; Iím choosing it now. That makes me feel good, because actually Iím very excited about the Shift. Iím very curious about the Shift.

Right now, I really have to bring in Arduin (inaudible), because... Just because. I donít have any questions about it; Iím just excited about it. Itís just one of those shifty things that make my life very interesting. I have the mundane and I address to those beliefs Ė and Iíve been doing my beliefs more Ė and then I address to the exotic, which would be time travelers and cities in the sky. I just love the Shift, Elias!

But it does get scary, and then I get confused. Like yesterday, when I was looking at the outside imagery only and narrowing my focus to one piece of outside imagery and saying ďthis is what I donít like, this is bad, they are doing this to me and they must stop.Ē Even right now, itís like... (Sighs) I donít know what to do with that. If Iím creating my little city being cemented over Ė which is an exaggeration of whatís really happening Ė then I want to address to a truth brought to me by that imagery, that first of all, my one truth is I donít really create it. Then what? (Laughs)

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you, you are shifting. You would not be presenting the experiences to yourself or even these concepts if you were not shifting. Therefore, the first element is to recognize and acknowledge that even though you may be presenting to yourself imagery that you do not like, you are presenting to yourself that imagery purposefully, for you are shifting. It presents an opportunity to you to explore more of your beliefs and become even more intimate with yourself.

You are presenting to yourself now, in what you may term to be a deeper manner, this belief that you do not create all of your reality and that there are elements in your reality that can be threatening or opposing to what you want. This is significant, for if you are not aware of what is being expressed, it is quite difficult and challenging to address to that and to discover other influences of the belief. The belief is co-creation, but there are many influences of that belief. The influences that you choose in association with co-creation are intrusion, victim, lack of control and helplessness.

KC: Intrusion, victim, lack of control and helplessness Ė yes, my greatest fears.

ELIAS: But there are other influences if you are engaging this, acknowledging it, genuinely evaluating and incorporating the information that we discussed yesterday. For, there are other influences of this belief of co-creating. Regardless that it is not how you are creating your reality, that does not necessarily diminish your alignment with that belief or generate it in any less of a realness. For beliefs are expressed and they are real and they create a real reality, whether they are true or not.

Therefore, the point is not to continue to discount yourself and oppose yourself in continuously expressing to yourself ďbut I do create all of my reality.Ē What you are doing in that action is you are opposing the belief that you express, and the belief that you express is real Ė it may not be true, but it is real Ė and that belief is that you are co-creating. Therefore, other individuals are creating some element of your reality, which generates those four elements that I expressed to you.

In other influences of the same belief in cooperation, if other individuals are co-creating with you, rather than being a victim, you can draw upon the energy of the other individuals to strengthen yours.

KC: Yes, I understand that. I know of instances where I have done that and still believe that I am not creating all of it, that I am co-creating but that my energy is drawing particulars to me. I call it in. Tongue in check, I call it the servant theory. It means that my energy will draw particulars in imagery to me, and it will be expressed in reflection of the energy Iím projecting. So, if that is when Iím not opposing my belief that Iím co-creating, the victim belief is when I am opposing my belief in co-creating...

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: ...and judging the imagery, even.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, if you are genuinely exploring the other influences, that empowers you more, for that reinforces your own strength and your own trust within yourself. The influence of the other individuals generating a contribution to your energy and strengthening your energy is merely one other different influence.

There are other influences that you may also choose through appreciation that are not compromise, but that you begin to genuinely view your own benefits, that you are not compromising and giving up to others, but rather, you begin to evaluate what the other influences of this belief are. In co-creating, that generates an association of mixing of energies. Therefore, what other energies can present may be some elements that you have not necessarily objectively presented to yourself but that may be beneficial to you or that may be attractive to you.

It is a very similar principal as that of sharing information. In interaction, in sharing with other individuals, they present different perspectives in one subject. Therefore, what is occurring is that you are providing an avenue for yourself to offer yourself more information in perspectives that you may not have observed yourself, alone. That is the reason that you draw this interaction to yourself, to be offering yourself different perspectives, which also generates another influence of the same belief Ė that in cooperating and pooling energy, you generate more inspiration and you motivate yourself to generate more creativity.

There is also another influence of this belief that numbers generate strengthening and that what one individual perceives they cannot accomplish alone they can accomplish with more than one individual. It matters not whether you actually generate a physical interaction with these individuals. It is the association that matters, the influences of the beliefs, how you associate with them and which ones you choose, and therefore which ones are influencing your perception, which creates the physical reality.

If your perception is being influenced in those influences that express that you incorporate no control, that you are a victim, this is what you shall create. Those are the influences you are choosing. If you are choosing the influence of ďcooperation with the energies of other individuals generates inspiration and strength and offers different perspectives,Ē evaluate what you have presented to yourself Ė not merely the automatic response of pushing and opposing and ďI do not like thisĒ Ė but evaluating in what you have presented to yourself: ďwhat possibilities are there of benefit to me in this presentment?Ē If this actually transpires and this physical imagery is created, what element of benefit is there in that creation to me, other than the information that it presents to me? What physical benefit?

KC: It gives me the opportunity to get to know myself, but other than that, it gives me very earthly benefits of when my cousin Bobbie comes to visit me, we have a new shopping arena, entirely new, which we love to do, and itís very close by. Starbucks Ė surely youíve heard of Starbucks Ė Iím gonna have one right by me! (Both laugh)

I especially like that one quote of yours: where your trust lies is where you manifest reality Ė and that you wonít betray yourself. So you can trust that. That has really been a great comfort to me through my intensities, through my intense times, that I donít really need to worry about worrying. I donít know, Elias; I feel so clever! I just feel like the cat that ate the canary, because I feel my own part in this whole development. I feel my whole participation with you and Mary and the entire forum and the entire world.

But youíre so right, until it comes right into your neighborhood, itís a concept. I can love the world. Like in the session last time, I can love Gillianís energy from afar, but when I get into her physical presence, then Iím addressing to different intensities and different things. But Iím proud of myself because I noticed it and I interpreted it pretty well. Not liking particular things about Gillian is only one way to say that I donít agree with certain of my own beliefs, that I am opposing some of my own beliefs about, well, cigarettes is one of the ones that wouldnít be on a session tape. In New Orleans, we talked about my presentment of myself with my beliefs about cigarettes, and I was opposing. I was pretending that I didnít have those beliefs. I was trying not to think about those beliefs. I was not verbalizing my beliefs because I was afraid of the verbalization itself, and I have come a distance since then. Not in really addressing to it yet, I donít think.

But Iíve been able to verbalize my beliefs about cigarettes, the ones Iím afraid of, the beliefs that Iím afraid of. Even in verbalizing, I have discovered that I believe cigarettes cause lung cancer, and I smoke. But I have less fear of that belief now than I did when I was refusing to verbalize it. So, this is getting tricky, but Iíll just state for the record that I donít want to quit smoking at the moment. I donít want to get lung cancer at the moment. I want to accept my belief that cigarettes cause lung cancer and other beliefs, all the mass beliefs. Then I may choose to quit Ė I donít know Ė but I want to choose... Right now, I am choosing to continue to smoke and to address to these beliefs.

I feel that in the recent past I have created lung cancer and uncreated it, more than once. (Elias nods) I think this is interesting that I am not feeling afraid of it at the moment. I might again, I donít know, but weíve all gotten through fears before. We have all been there and we have all gotten through it. Thatís the other thing that keeps me trying not to be afraid of the fear itself. Itís kind of hard, though, to maintain your presence with yourself, remember to trust, remember so many of these things weíve learned and actually putting it into... (Loud commotion in the background)

Our session time may be up; somebodyís at the door. Pollyís barking. I think we can probably just call it a session.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: I love you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: I express my great affection to you also. I shall be anticipating our next meeting and shall be offering my energy to you.

KC: Thank you.

ELIAS: In great lovingness, au revoir.

Elias departs after 24 minutes.

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