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Friday, August 08, 1997

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“Trust Your Self!”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Olga, who hadn’t read a transcript or attended a session prior to this encounter.

Elias arrives at 7:33 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening.

OLGA: Good evening.

ELIAS: You are wishing audience this evening?

OLGA: I’m wishing what? Sorry ...

VICKI: Audience.

OLGA: Oh! Yes, I am the audience here!

ELIAS: And what may you inquire this evening?

OLGA: (Emotionally) I feel that I have suffered a lot and I am just tired of it, tired of this lifetime or focus. I’m just tired of it! I just want to change it. I just want to know, what is my life purpose? (Pause)

ELIAS: Which experiences do you wish to be altering?

OLGA: Which experiences? I want to experience more joy, and I just want to alter my sadness, my suffering! (Very emotionally, and another pause)

ELIAS: I express to you that the most efficient way to be altering your experience and to be incorporating joy into your focus is to be looking to yourself and not to be concerning yourself with all elements outside of self. You shall find your peacefulness and your safety and your acceptance within you. As you allow affectingness from other individuals, you shall continue to be creating conflict within yourself. But as you begin to look to yourself and learn of yourself and be accepting of you, this shall be helpful to you. What you experience is part of what you are. In denying what you are, you create conflict for yourself.

OLGA: What I am? What am I denying? I don’t understand.

ELIAS: Each experience that you create, you allow to be created.

OLGA: Uh-huh.

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are accepting of the actions that you create and understanding that the experiences that you draw to yourself are not bad, you shall be affecting of your conflict and eliminating much of your conflict. As you allow yourself to not be accepting the experiences that you draw to yourself and as you hold fearfulness within your experiences and lack of understanding of these experiences, you also create conflict within you, for you battle with yourself. (Pause)

OLGA: Okay. I don’t know ... I’ll have to think about that one! What is my mission in this lifetime? What is my life purpose?

ELIAS: In the terms of a mission, no individual within any focus holds a mission unless they are choosing to be creating of a mission, although this is unnecessary. You have entered into physical focus for experience, merely.

OLGA: For what? Just to live here?

ELIAS: For the experience within physical focus. Now; I shall also express to you that within physical focus, individuals choose lines of probabilities that shall lead them, within their desire and intent within each individual focus, in a certain direction of attention. In this, you may be choosing to be creating of certain experiences, that you may offer helpfulness also to other individuals which experience the same or similar actions. You may not offer helpfulness to another individual if you do not hold the experience as your teacher. Therefore, as you open yourself to your own experiences, you may also offer helpfulness to other individuals which experience the same.

Presently within this physical time period, you, as also the entirety of this planet within this dimension, are experiencing the beginnings of a global shift in consciousness. In this, many individuals shall be experiencing much confusion and much conflict. Individuals as yourself may be quite helpful, as you hold these experiences and you also seek out information to be understanding of the experiences that you are creating or that you are allowing to bleed through into your awareness presently. As you draw yourself to more information to be helpful to yourself within your own understanding, you shall also allow yourself the ability to be instructive and helpful to other individuals which shall be drawn to you. (Pause)

OLGA: I should be instructive to other individuals? How?

ELIAS: This I do not speak to you of within this present now. Presently, if you are wishing for a mission, I shall offer to you that you concern yourself with a mission of gathering information, that you may be helpful to yourself first; and as you gain information, other individuals shall draw to you futurely and you shall know how to be helpful to them. (Pause)

OLGA: How can I create more abundance in my life? (Pause)

ELIAS: In trusting.

OLGA: In trusting of who? In myself?

ELIAS: Yes. Individuals inquire of this same element many times. They look to abundance monetarily; they look to abundance within emotion of happiness. I express to you that all of these elements that you seek are natural byproducts of your own trusting within self. As you allow yourself to let go of struggling and all of the “I shoulds” within your focus, you also offer yourself more freedom, and within this freedom you allow more of your own creativity, and in this you allow for more abundance. All of this stems from trusting in self. (Pause)

OLGA: What is my highest path right now? (Pause)

ELIAS: To be trusting of self ... and also your most difficult!

OLGA: That’s the most difficult? Okay ... for me, I guess.

ELIAS: For ALL individuals.

OLGA: For all individuals? Let’s talk about inner peace. How can I achieve inner peace? (Pause)

ELIAS: All that is within you, all that is within essence, is joyful and pleasurable. It is merely your focus upon your belief systems and your attention within these belief systems that creates conflict.

OLGA: Focus on belief systems?? (Pause)

ELIAS: You already operate or function within the context of belief systems continuously; but as you begin to recognize the belief systems that you hold, you may also allow yourself a new freedom within this in acknowledging to yourself that all that you function within, within your accepted official reality within this dimension, is belief systems. As you identify the belief systems that you operate within, you may also expand your awareness and engage your periphery. If you are viewing your world within one little box, you do not view all that lies beyond that is available to you. The belief systems are the little box, and as you recognize and identify these belief systems, you shall allow yourself to open to your periphery and be accepting of reality in a much wider manner. (Pause)

You incorporate conflict as you listen to other individuals, and you incorporate their opinions and their belief systems and allow these to influence you.

OLGA: And so that takes away my peace? That’s my homework, to find out my belief systems? That’s a lot! Can you give me a clue?

ELIAS: You may begin with your religious belief systems and all of the denials that are expressed to you within your religious belief systems. You deny yourself your own experiences, your acceptance of your own experiences, in allowing these belief systems to be interfering. Presently, as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness – and be remembering this is global ...

OLGA: I’ve always experienced conflict, so this is not just lately! It’s been all of my lifetime!

ELIAS: Correct ...

OLGA: I’m tired of the conflict. I’m just tired.

ELIAS: As you are moving into the action of this shift in consciousness, you are moving away from a religious era which has been within your official accepted reality for thousands and thousands of your years. This is changing.

I do not speak to you of this shift and the affectingness of this shift as beginning this day or week or month or year previous to this day and continuing, but within the entirety of this present focus, you all have been leading into this shift. Within linear time frameworks, this shift has been inserted in movement into this reality from the onset of this present century. Therefore, each individual choosing to be physically manifest within this time period is born into the movement of this shift in consciousness, and experiences many more elements of what you previously have termed as psychic abilities than any other time period within your history; this being that individuals, yourself also, have chosen to be entering into this time period, being born into this time period, to be offering yourselves the experience of the beginnings of this shift, and also – here be your purpose – also to be lending energy to the accomplishment of this shift.

Not all essences within consciousness presently within this time period have manifest physically within this dimension here. Certain essences focus within this century and are physically manifest within this dimension for the purpose, so to speak, of gaining information individually and en masse to be lending energy to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness. In this, you create many experiences that have not been allowed to be bleeding through previously. As this increases, more individuals become more aware of more experiences, and experience, as yourself, much conflict and discontentment with the experiences that they hold, for they do not hold an understanding of why these experiences are occurring.

I offer you the reason why you have drawn these experiences to yourself is that you may motivate yourself to be gathering information and illuminating yourself to the activity which is presently occurring within mass consciousness, therefore allowing yourself a time period for learning of yourself and accepting of yourself and therefore equipping yourself with the ability to be helpful futurely.

OLGA: What type of information should I gather? Gather information – that’s too open, too large for me! I don’t know. What type of information should I gather? Where? In what area? (Pause)

ELIAS: Begin with an individual experience. Choose an experience.

OLGA: Right now, you mean?

ELIAS: Choose an experience that you have already engaged.

OLGA: Do you mean that I choose right now? Or ...

ELIAS: Any experience. Think to yourself of any experience that you have had.

OLGA: Okay, let’s take my present job. I chose it. It’s horrible. I hate it. I told you I was changing everything, and I’m in the same thing like I was in the last job! “Why do I choose so unwisely?,” I ask myself. Every time I choose something, it doesn’t turn out to be right! What’s wrong? What’s wrong??

ELIAS: This be one example. Now look to your employment and ask yourself, what creates your unhappiness within this employment?

OLGA: You mean this job or this experience? That’s what you mean?

ELIAS: Yes. After you are asking yourself ...

OLGA: I know already!

ELIAS: ... why you are unhappy, then look to yourself and the belief systems surrounding your choice of action. Example: An individual chooses a job. The individual expresses to themselves, “I hold the ability and the knowledge to be accomplishing this job. Therefore, I shall be engaging this job.” The individual engages this particular job and is unhappy, then expresses, “Why be I unhappy?” Then you look to the motivation for choosing this job. “I am in physical need of material gain. I am needing to be paying for my physical bills. I am needing to be feeding my children. I am needing many physical elements. Therefore, I choose this job, for this affords me partially the monetary gain that shall be taking care of the elements that I need within this physical focus.”

You are operating within a belief system of what you “should” be doing and accomplishing as a responsible individual. You may accomplish anything you choose to accomplish without the “should.” As you look to your own self and your own creativity and your own abilities and are trusting in those abilities, it is unnecessary for you to move in directions of, “I SHOULD be accomplishing responsibly within this area,” when you MAY be accomplishing within your creativity in areas that you like. (Pause)

OLGA: Okay. That’s kind of complicated. That sounds like a lot! I don’t know, I don’t know. Some things are okay, some things are not. I didn’t even choose a job which was more money. I chose something that would be less money to have less work, and it’s all to the contrary! I have a lot of work, a lot of pressure. I made a mistake in getting that job! I chose precisely a job that wouldn’t be so busy so I could be working on things that I like. Like I want to start ...

ELIAS: You have not created a mistake! You have purposefully created what you have chosen, for this will attain your attention. This will gain your attention, for you are not happy. Therefore, you shall look and ask questions and you shall lead yourself into another direction, for you have motivated yourself. Therefore, this is purposeful and not a mistake. If you are not experiencing conflict, you shall not question and you shall not attain your own attention ... which you ARE wishing to attain.

OLGA: That sounds complicated to understand.

ELIAS: Allow yourself your physical time element to be absorbing all that is offered to you. Do not hold the expectation that you shall immediately, instantaneously, objectively understand all which I express to you, although subjectively you have already connected. But within your physical time element objectively, it may be incorporating a little more time framework for your understanding, but you SHALL understand.

OLGA: Well, you were talking about shift of consciousness ... shift in consciousness. Where will this shift in consciousness take us to? What is the purpose of a shift in consciousness?

ELIAS: To be widening your awareness and expanding your ability in your creativity in your creation of your reality within this dimension. Within the action of this shift, you move away from your intense hold upon your belief systems and you move into an allowance of more freedom. In this, if you are choosing to be interacting with your dead relatives, you may do so at will. If you are choosing to be crossing dimensions and viewing other dimensions, you may at will. It is an expansion of your creativity, and a greater understanding of essence within physical focus.

You shall all hold more abilities futurely than you allow yourself to hold presently. Therefore, what you imagine, you may also accomplish. Presently, you view imagination as unreal and fantasy. Futurely, you shall know that this IS reality. (Pause)

OLGA: Okay, you said something like I should start trusting myself, use my abilities in what I like. What I like is psychology. How can I start moving there? I took a course in human therapy. How can I start? I don’t know.

ELIAS: Look to that fantasy of your imagination and allow yourself to engage this. Be looking around you and noticing that if you are choosing to be moving into the area of psychology, you may accomplish this in many different manners. It is unnecessary for you to limit yourself within the belief system that you must only engage much of your schooling to be offering yourself opportunities within this area. You need only engage your own imagination. Much is available within your physical focus, within what you view to be opportunities, to be using your talents creatively and also be affording yourself the byproduct of sustaining yourself monetarily. It is unnecessary for any individual, yourself also, to be engaged within activities that you are unhappy with. Another individual shall appear to be accomplishing your job that you are not happy with, and they shall be pleased with their accomplishment. Therefore, why need you be creating conflict for yourself in insistence that you employ yourself within this manner if you need not?

OLGA: Because the work here ... I don’t know how to start the work here. (Olga is from another country) You need schooling. You need experience. I just cannot quit my job and leave my daughter without food, or be without money to even pay for a place where I can live with her. You look for a job and it’s not like, “I want to work here,” and you just go there and apply. It’s like, “What is your experience? What is your schooling?” Especially here! A lot of things are required! But you’re saying I should first kind of create it in my mind. That’s what you’re telling me, create it in my mind so it comes to my reality, right?

ELIAS: Create initially within your imagination, and follow what you have created within your objective creating.

OLGA: How can I follow it? How many times should I create it? How often? When?

ELIAS: You merely need create the idea once.

OLGA: And that will be it? That will help?

ELIAS: Then incorporate action to manifest what you want. (Pause)

This be where you need look to self and your abilities, and trust and accept self first. Within your physical focus, individuals seek out other individuals, other essences, other powers, many different elements, to be giving them the answers they already possess. You already possess the answers within you. It is unnecessary and defeating to be seeking your answers from another. You possess the ability and the strength and the creativity within yourself.

OLGA: So I should look within me? That’s what you mean?


OLGA: What about my ability to be psychic? How can I use it? How can I use that to start supporting myself so I can leave what I don’t like? How can I use it? Why do I have it? You told me I decided to live in this focus, this shift in consciousness. How can I use it?

ELIAS: Offer yourself more information, and begin with acceptance. You may not use these abilities if you are not accepting of these abilities!

OLGA: I don’t accept them, you mean? So I should allow myself to accept them first?

ELIAS: Correct.

OLGA: How am I denying them?

ELIAS: You deny these abilities in fearfulness, and you express your acknowledgment of your denial within your experiences by creating conflict. Your conflict is your indicator that you are denying and not accepting of your experiences.

We shall break briefly, and you may continue with your questions.

BREAK 8:21 PM.
RESUME 8:36 PM. (Time was three seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

OLGA: Okay, I had a dream. Sometimes I have had dreams that have become reality. So in this dream, I was in my car and I saw three men saying something about miles, and then they stole my car. And when I woke up, I thought, “What does this mean?” Is this a future thing, or is it just telling me something? (Pause)

ELIAS: This imagery is not necessarily precognitive. It holds a probability in one layer of consciousness to be precognitive in a probability only, but the imagery was created within you not for this reason; not to be viewing a future event, in your terms.

This being a presentment of individuals unknown to you which would be altering situations within your reality that shall be initially unnerving to you. It is a symbolization. This is not to say that these individuals shall appear within your reality and present themselves to you and be engaging an action that shall be upsetting to you. It is imagery. It is symbolism that you are presenting yourself with having to do with the situation that you present yourself with presently. The individuals are symbols of elements of consciousness. The action of stealing your vehicle is symbolism of the conflict and confusion that you shall be experiencing and are already experiencing as a result of the presentment to yourself with these elements of consciousness: the recognition of belief systems, the recognition of fearfulness, and the recognition of the reality that you create – that is not thrust upon you but that you create – these being the elements presented which you symbolize as the individuals. These elements create initial conflict; therefore, your response within your symbolism of your vehicle being stolen. Within physical waking reality, you would view this action as upsetting or unnerving. Therefore, you present this symbol to yourself of the feeling that is experienced within the presentment of these elements of your reality.

As you review this explanation futurely, you shall understand this meaning.

OLGA: Okay. What can I do to alter my negativity?

ELIAS: Accept and trust self.

OLGA: That’s all I need to do?? (Pause) What can I do to control my mind? It’s always thinking twenty-four hours a day on negative things, always!

ELIAS: Distract yourself. Allow yourself distraction initially. Be recognizing each thought that you view to be negative, and distract yourself within your attention.

OLGA: What do you mean, distract myself?

ELIAS: Let us express, physically focused, you find yourself thinking of fearfulness of a disaster. In this, do not be allowing yourself to be continuing within the thought. Alter your thoughts with distraction. Incorporate a different action. Engage a book; engage an activity. Distraction initially may be quite helpful, for this allows you to not be perpetuating familiar behavior. It is familiar to you to be allowing yourself to be consumed with what you view to be negative thoughts. Therefore, as you allow yourself distraction, you create a break in the familiarity and the pattern that you have established. This may be helpful initially. (Pause)

OLGA: What can I tell my daughter? What can I do if she starts seeing things like me when I was a child?

ELIAS: Be reinforcing and reassuring. No essence shall be hurtful. Small ones allow more subjective activity and awareness. They are newly adjusting to objective awareness within physical focus. Therefore, they hold ease with interaction of non-physical elements. They interact with essences non-physically focused quite often. They merely hold fearfulness in response to the belief systems of the individuals around them. Left alone naturally, they hold no fearfulness, for there is no necessity for fearfulness. They are understanding that no hurtfulness shall come to them. They hold a natural trust and acceptance. Therefore, if you are not projecting energy to this small one in fearfulness and if you are accepting of these experiences that this small one may have, this shall be reassuring and reinforcing and shall allow the small one to be accepting of their own experiences and connections naturally. (Pause)

OLGA: Okay. Is it possible to live with real joy?


OLGA: How can I get it?

ELIAS: Trust your self! (Grinning, and Olga finally laughs)

OLGA: My homework! Trust myself! What can I start doing to trust myself? Okay, you’ve mentioned that a lot! That’s like my homework, trust myself! (Still laughing)

ELIAS: Be writing this very largely: TRUST YOUR SELF. BE ACCEPTING OF YOUR SELF.

OLGA: How do I deny it?

ELIAS: I have expressed this to you this evening already.

OLGA: Okay. (Pause) Well, that’s my big homework! What else can you tell me? I don’t know ... trust myself. Any clues? (Pause)

ELIAS: I believe, as you review the interaction that you have engaged with this essence this evening, your answers are contained within this discussion. I have offered to you beginning directions of movements to be allowing yourself to be trusting of yourself, and as you review this information you shall begin to understand, and you may be accomplishing. (Pause)

OLGA: The reading that I wrote to people, does that really help people or is that just a game? What do you think about tarot cards?

ELIAS: This is a tool. Individuals may engage different tools that allow them a focal point, that they may be intersecting with the closest layer of consciousness to your waking physical reality. They may be tapping information of probabilities which have been accomplished already, or are being accomplished presently, or which may be most probably accomplished futurely, this being only the first layer of consciousness closest to you; but this is a tool that individuals engage to be focusing their own abilities and allowing those abilities to be tapped into. (Pause)

OLGA: I was going to ask something else, but I forgot. (Pause) What you call essence, are there essences that are evil spirits?

ELIAS: (Firmly) No. There are no evil spirits or essences within consciousness. You within fearfulness may create an aspect that you may misinterpret and believe is an evil presence or spirit or entity, but this is merely a projection of your own focus and your own fear, which you then translate into a manifestation. At times, individuals may even project in intensity this fearfulness outwardly and be creating of an actual form, but this is not an essence. It is not a spirit. It is merely a projection of self within the element of fear.

OLGA: What about the people who do black magic, and say that they use these essences to do bad things?

ELIAS: Individuals engage their OWN energy.

OLGA: To harm other people?

ELIAS: Within this physical focus, within this dimension, at times, yes.

OLGA: Okay. (Pause) How can I bring more light into my life?


OLGA: (Laughing) Shall I ask anything else that doesn’t go to that thing? Do you recommend a book?

ELIAS: Lawrence may be recommending of literature, if you are so choosing. (Long pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

OLGA: I don’t think I have more questions, thank you. Right now, I think I’ve asked all I want to ask.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall fondly bid you good evening and au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:00 PM.

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