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Thursday, August 14, 1997

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Participants: Mary (Michael) and Vicki (Lawrence).

Vic’s note: This session was initiated by Mary because her granddaughter had been unconsciousness for five hours the previous evening.

Elias arrives at 1:08 PM. (Time was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day, Lawrence.

VICKI: Good day, Elias.

ELIAS: I see my little twins have re-established themselves!

VICKI: Yeah. It’s a good thing.

ELIAS: I would be expressing to you that you have reincorporated your natural state, although it is also a natural state for you both to be ... (pounding his fists together)! This being quite familiar to this essence! (Grinning)

VICKI: You keep bringing it up, so I guess it must be a reality.

ELIAS: Quite. Quite amusing, also!

VICKI: Well, it’s not real amusing when you’re “in it” in physical focus in the place I was in, but I guess I can look back and see the amusement of it.

I just have a couple of questions for both of us. The first one is, could you explain the difference between a state of unconsciousness and what we call a coma?

ELIAS: Very well. These are areas that your sciences continue to be confused within, for they do not understand the workings of your physical brain and they do not incorporate the interaction of consciousness in relation to your physical expression. In this, in actuality, within the action, there is a difference within what you term to be an unconscious state physically and a state of coma.

Within the expression of a coma, the individual experiences a time framework of sorts, although it is quite different from your objective experience within time; this being an accelerated time framework within their perception. It is a time period of choosing, as I have expressed previously. They choose this action in not quite connecting with which probability they wish to actualize; moving into non-physical areas, or continuing within physical focus.

Within the action of “unconscious,” as you term this to be, it is different, for the individual removes most of their subjective consciousness from the body consciousness temporarily in response to trauma. This is an automatic response for different reasons, depending upon the type of trauma being experienced. It is a removal of the subjective interaction for a temporary time framework.

In this, the individual, the personality, subjectively experiences no time; this being different from the state of coma which does incorporate a time element, although it is different from your waking awareness of your time framework. An individual within the state of being unconscious due to trauma experiences no time framework. They are experiencing what we term to be simultaneous time. Therefore, it is unknown to them objectively that any time passes physically. You within your perception may view this individual and they may incorporate one minute or several hours of being within this state. To them, they experience no time framework at all. Therefore, it is the same to them as you blinking your eyes. They are unaware, for they have disconnected with objective awareness. Therefore, they experience no time passing, and the objective awareness is disengaged temporarily.

As I have expressed to you, this would be a temporary situation, in like manner to the energy exchange that you view with this essence and Michael; for you may not be removing the subjective aspect of consciousness, within your time framework of your reality, from the body consciousness for extended periods of your physical time, for your physical body and its consciousness works together with subjective direction. Therefore, it holds no direction if the subjective consciousness is removed for too long.

This would be an actual action within your physical time framework; that you may express to yourself that if you are removing the subjective consciousness from the body consciousness uninterrupted for a time period of more than ten of your physical hours, the body shall respond in disengaging. There must be interaction within the body consciousness of the subjective interaction.

Within a coma, the individual holds a continued aspect of subjective consciousness in communication with the body consciousness. Within the action of unconscious, it is the same as this energy exchange, although they are not exchanging with another energy. They are merely removing completely the subjective interaction; this being as if the individual experiencing trauma steps back and allows themselves to take a breath, and then returns to continue.

VICKI: So this removal of subjective consciousness probably would be similar to what I experience when I have a seizure also.

ELIAS: Correct; this being the same. The individual experiences an element within objective consciousness that frightens them. Therefore, the subjective consciousness responds to the objective, which holds fearfulness; and in response, there is an allowance for the objective awareness to be disengaged temporarily and the removal of subjective awareness. Without subjective awareness, there is no objective awareness. You must have the subjective to be creating the objective. Therefore, in removing the subjective, you disengage the objective.

VICKI: So when people say that somebody was unconscious and then they slipped into a coma, what happened was that the subjective consciousness is again directing the body?

ELIAS: Correct, and re-establishing communication with the physical expression and directing it to be continuing, but not quite creating the choice objectively; for objective awareness is re-engaged at that point, and objectively the choice may not be completely engaged to fully re-engage the conscious objective expression with body consciousness and physical expression completely.

VICKI: So within our belief systems of fear of death, in actuality a state of unconsciousness is actually more serious in those terms than what we call a coma. (Pause)


VICKI: We kind of think about it ...

ELIAS: ... in reverse.

VICKI: In reverse, yes. Interesting.

ELIAS: In actuality, the element of subjective consciousness is completely removed from the body expression. Interestingly enough, you hold the fear of death, and in actuality, as you respond within consciousness, you hold a larger fear of life; for you shall automatically respond subjectively to objective fearfulness, and remove.

VICKI: Hmm! When doctors measure brain waves, is there a difference between these two states?

ELIAS: If they are looking, yes; for within the state of coma, there shall be more activity physically within your physical brain, for communication is established.

VICKI: Interesting. Fear of life, huh?

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: Well, the only other question we have has to do with why Mary and I keep experiencing these people trying to drive a wedge, so to speak, between us.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you Lawrence, to you both, that this situation and action of these twins is uncommon. Within physical focus, the probability of connecting objectively, physically with a twin is rare. In this, individuals hold a recognition that this action is unfamiliar. Objectively, they do not hold an understanding of what they view, but they feel the unfamiliarity. In this, the automatic response to unfamiliarity is to be pushing away and altering into an area of familiar.

Individuals encounter yourself and Michael and do not understand what they feel within themselves within an energy expression that they view. They do not hold thought processes to be evaluating what they are viewing. Therefore, it is very unfamiliar. It is uncommon and it does not “fit” into your officially accepted reality en masse. Therefore, when encountering individuals physically focused such as yourself and Michael, the only recognition that they hold is that it does not fit within their officially accepted reality. In this, they create underlying belief systems – not objectively connected with, but underlying belief systems – that this relationship is unnatural and wrong. Therefore, they respond objectively to the belief system they have created, and they attempt to be discontinuing or changing what they view to be unnatural.

You may express a relationship with each other in many different acceptable areas of your officially accepted reality. You may engage a relationship as within homosexuality, and this shall be accepted. You may express a relationship of close friendship, and this shall be accepted. You engage a relationship of knowing that you spring from one essence, and you actively exchange in this manner continuously. Although you may not always hold an objective awareness, you exchange within consciousness of each other quite often!

You may objectively view within an analogy that you physically become each other quite often, for there is no differentiation. Although you hold slightly different tones within essence, it then appears to you that you are different essences, and within personality tone you are, but you are not; for the mergence never discontinues. It is the same as the interaction and mergence of this essence and Patel; that which you view as Paul. There is never a disconnection. There is always an intermingling and exchanging. Therefore, although each is itself, both are one.

VICKI: There are people though, that seem to be quite accepting – Ron, Cathy, and a few other people -- that don’t respond to this unfamiliarity. Why is that?

ELIAS: For within consciousness and within an allowance objectively to be connecting with known elements, it becomes effortless for these individuals to be accepting and stepping outside of officially accepted belief systems within your reality. This occurs only if the individual is allowing an objective connection with subjective information. Many individuals within your physical focus allow this interaction only to a point. Thus, we speak with you.

VICKI: Mary is also curious why David, being the fifth point, so to speak, of the pyramid, is also moving in this direction, where what we consider other people that are points of the pyramid have not.

ELIAS: This individual is a point. Mylo incorporates confusion presently and also blocking, as did the other four points within what you term to be the beginning of our sessions. The recognition of the twins was immediate; the recognition of the points was not. The acceptance of the points was forthcoming within a time framework, for there was needing to be an allowance of the acceptance of the points, and the roles and the interaction of these points.

Each individual has incorporated their own time element for adjustment and acceptance. The twins initiated. Then Olivia began. Then Shynla began much later. Although you may have been aware of the connections, they in their own time frameworks were not accepting of their own incorporation and their own role, not viewing their own connection. In this same manner presently, Mylo is not accepting of his own connection and role and incorporation, and holds confusion and also fearfulness.

Physically objectively focused, he is experiencing a fearfulness of the “fifth wheel.” (Grinning) The other four points are well-oiled now, and move in harmony. The fifth, being newly incorporated, holds confusion and fearfulness objectively; also looking to other individuals outside of the other four points, for the other four points are intimidating. The recognition of the connection of the other four points, and the power that is held within energy combined of the four, is intimidating. (Vic cracks up) This is not completely objectively connected with, but there is a recognition. In this, he seeks connection with other individuals that may not be intimidating, for the connection is not as great. This also lends to confusion.

I shall be futurely expressing to Mylo of this situation, for he is diverting his attention once again into areas that may be creating only more confusion when he should be directing his attention to the pyramid, for this shall be the most validating and reinforcing to him, and less confusing. But as he continues to wander and divert his attention, he offers himself information and connects with this information and incorporates this and creates more confusion for himself, and also for you.

VICKI: I think I understand.

ELIAS: He is quite accomplished at diverting his attention! This one shall be needing of reigning in within energy to be accomplishing efficiently! Presently, he may be viewing himself as the fifth flat wheel! (Grinning) But I shall be addressing to this, and we shall be attempting to pump this wheel back up and be operating more efficiently. It is quite amusing, the interaction of these essences with these individuals of this pyramid. You are as little children in needing of guidance, for you are running in many different directions and not listening all of your time. But we also have much experience in this area of these particular essences, and may be helpful in redirecting you. (Grinning)

VICKI: What a load, eh? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! This be why we are engaged in conference so very often, discussing these little children in physical focus! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ah, but we must all bear our burdens! (Chuckling)

VICKI: I guess so! One last question, briefly. The baby that was unconscious, was the baby unconscious or was the baby in a coma?

ELIAS: Unconscious; this being a removal in response to trauma and fearfulness. (The baby was in an automobile accident)

VICKI: Okay. I think that takes care of our questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You may be in communication with me at any moment. I am continuing to be at your disposal. I express to you and also to Michael, very good at your re-incorporation, and now you may move forward once again. And I express to you both a very deep-felt lovingness. Affectionately to you this day Lawrence, au revoir!

VICKI: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 1:42 PM.

Vic’s note: Mary and I have been experiencing this phenomenon of people trying to “drive a wedge” between us since the sessions began. This action is not limited to folks who attend sessions. It’s always been curious to us, and confusing too ... and it still is!

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