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Sunday, October 19, 1997

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ďThe Reality of Reality is Becoming a RealityĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Cathy (Shynla), Ron (Olivia), David (Mylo), Stella (Cindel), Gail (William), Bobbi (Jale), Reta (Dehl), Norm (Stephen), and Drew (Matthew).

Vicís note: Mary was quite ill this evening. Elias spoke slowly and laboriously, almost as if he was intoxicated. Very strange. (1)

Elias arrives at 6:36 PM. (Time was thirty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. Originally, the ďplanĒ was to be discussing essence families this evening and furthering our investigation of the Dream Walkers this evening, but as Michael is continuing within his creation and this essence of Elias is wishing not to be extremely taxing of this physical body consciousness, we shall be opening to questions this evening and we shall be creating not a long-winded session this evening. Therefore, you may open to your questions this evening. (Five ďthis eveningísĒ in two sentences?!)

CATHY: I have a little Oversoul Seven question. This is for Bruce. He connects himself with Jeffrey. What do you think about that??

ELIAS: Correct. (Grinning)

CATHY: Heíll be very happy to hear that!

ELIAS: You may be offering to Uriel that although he does not view himself to be entirely connecting with this character of Jeffrey within our book, he may be examining what you view to be past within this focus, and although the situation within the story and the character may be exaggerated, it is true to form.

CATHY: Iíll tell him that!

ELIAS: Very well! (Quite jovially)

CATHY: I have one more little impression myself, about another character in the book. I was connecting Guin with Story.

ELIAS: Very good!

CATHY: Cool!

ELIAS: And you may suggest to Sophia that she IS connected! (Sophia is Guinís essence name/tone)

CATHY: Iíll do that.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Although Sophia views herself to be very much not connected, she is! (Turning to Drew) Express!

DREW: I was just wondering if yesterday, anybody had asked the reason Mary was creating this physical condition. If not, Iíll ask tonight, or you may have addressed it yesterday.

ELIAS: No, individuals have not asked for the reason for this expression and the explanation has not been offered, for Michael is aware himself of the reasoning for the creation and has connected with his own creation of this expression, and has merely not quite figured out how to be uncreating of this expression. But as he is connecting more with his reasoning for his creation and realizing more of the reality of his creation ... for he already is aware of the reasoning of his creation, but he has not quite connected with the continuation of his creation, therefore continues to create the malady, for he continues within the responsibility issue which has created this malady.

DREW: So is there any additional information that could be offered tonight that would be helpful to Michael in terms of changing the physical condition?

ELIAS: That he may look to his physical form and what he is creating, and that he is continuing in this situation and furthering this situation, and that he is already aware of the reasoning of why he has created this, and that he may be looking to this and looking to also that he is not ... although he believes himself to be disconnecting from the reasoning, he is not disconnecting from the reasoning. This be important. This be ... although I express to you that you are not here to be learning lessons, you do provide yourselves with your own lessons. You are not here within this dimension in a school, learning lessons. But within your experience, you do provide yourselves with your own lessons, and in this, he has not connected with the entirety of the lesson that he is providing himself with; this being quite important, and what you may view to be a turning point within this phenomenon ...

DREW: Really!

ELIAS: ... in that Michael needs be offering himself the lesson of disconnecting from this personal responsibility issue within the context of this phenomenon. This essence of Elias is not Michael. Michael is his own essence. This essence of Elias is another essence, and shall provide information and shall deliver information according to the dictates of what is necessary for your information outside of your belief systems, including Michaelís belief systems.

DREW: You said that Michael believes he has moved through the issue, when in fact he has not.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Did you mean that he believes in the concept of having moved through it, or that he actually believes he has moved through it?

ELIAS: Michael holds reservation. He does not hold the belief that he has accomplished a movement through a belief system entirely at any point; but presently, within this present situation, he believes that he has connected with the reasoning for his creation, and therefore he believes that this is the point.

DREW: Just the connecting.

ELIAS: Correct. In actuality, there is a purpose, so to speak ... be remembering, these are figurative words. There is a purpose for his creation of this ailment; that being to gain his attention for the situation at hand, that being his issue with his own personal responsibility with the information being delivered.

DREW: So heís identified the issue but has not moved through it, and therefore the ailment continues.

ELIAS: Correct; for he continues to hold to the responsibility. It is unnecessary. This essence is not Michael! This essence Ė for Lawrence Ė of Elias is another essence.

DREW: And what would happen if she never moved through it?

ELIAS: Continuation of like creations. I have expressed previously, within our experience of interference once only, of what Lawrence has expressed so colorfully as your ďnear-door experience,Ē that this experience was not to be considered isolated, and that this may be re-created futurely with Michael, and this essence of Elias may not be interfering again. Therefore, as to your questioning, Michael, if not moving through this issue, shall continue to create similarly; and if not expressing creatively, as I have instructed previously, shall be creating similarly and shall be affected in manners that you Ė merely you Ė consider negative. They are not negative, for they are a choice and they are merely a movement into new areas of consciousness, but you consider [this] negative.

DREW: You said this is a turning point relative to the phenomenon.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So if she moves through this issue, does that imply that there will be a new Ė forgive the expression Ė dimension in terms of this phenomenon and where it goes? A freeing-up?

ELIAS: An expandedness. This is not to say that this phenomenon shall not expand; it shall. This is not to say that the agenda shall not continue; it shall. But it shall also continue to be limited in alignment with the belief systems and the holding to issues of Michael. I have expressed many times to you all that Michael moves quickly and that he initiates Ė (grinning at Ron) not to be usurping the initiator, but as you are well aware Ė that he initiates movement within the pyramid, which he does. He moves initially, and the pyramid follows. Therefore, if he is blocking certain movement, the pyramid shall continue to move. Do not misunderstand. You shall continue to move. You all shall continue to move, but as Michael is blocking of certain issues, it may be inhibiting in certain aspects of the movement.

Be mindful, I express to you all: This be an area and an exercise in acceptance, for there need be no judgment placed upon one individualís choice for lack of movement. In this same manner, Michael, as you all, need be not holding judgment of another individual that is choosing to hold to an issue and not moving through an issue. I place no judgment upon the movement. This agenda shall move regardless. It is accepted, in each situation with each of you, how you choose to be moving. This is including Michael.

(Looking at Ron) Olivia!

RON: Elias!

ELIAS: You have also experienced this lack of movement recently. You have been confronted with the essence of Patel. You have been confronted with the movement and you engage a similar action, experiencing responsibility for what you engage and choosing not to be engaging and choosing to hold back, so to speak. This be your reason of your creation of similar ailment; not to the degree that Michael creates his creation, for you have not allowed yourself the engagement to the extent. Therefore, you do not engage to the extent within your ailment, although you view a time framework approaching. Movement is coming. Individuals draw near.

RON: So my rapid recovery, so to speak, was not due to my own moving through any issue? It was because I have not engaged this phenomenon to the extent that Michael has?

ELIAS: Incorrect.

RON: Okay, I donít understand then.

ELIAS: You have partially moved through. You have partially accepted, and partially accepted the responsibility, recognizing what approaches futurely.

View with me: Is this coincidental that individuals move physically toward you, within very small future time period, to be furthering this agenda? And that you both engage responsibility for what you engage? The reality of these phenomenons, the reality of this shift, the reality of reality is becoming reality to you both. The reality of the pyramid is becoming reality to you both. Therefore, you engage similar creations.

I pose to you Olivia, you have been challenged recently with the reality of this phenomenon!

RON: I have?? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Have you not?

RON: I feel like I am every day. (Pause, as Elias stares at Ron) Iím not sure I feel that I have been more than usual, unless maybe I missed it!

ELIAS: You are not noticing.

RON: Thatís quite possible!

ELIAS: (To Stella) Has this essence of Elias misinterpreted to you, Cindel?


ELIAS: Has this essence of Elias understood?


ELIAS: And within the relationship of your parent and your parentís friend, has this essence of Elias been accurate?

STELLA: Yes. (Another pause, as Elias stares at Ron again)

RON: Okay ...

ELIAS: This has been offered purposefully, that you may view the validity; that Shynla may view the validity; that Lawrence and Michael may view the validity; that Mylo may view the validity. More shall approach, that you may view the validity. (2)

RON: Is it that important to be validated of the phenomenon as opposed to being validated of the information?

ELIAS: It is to you!

RON: Oh. (with a ďIím not so sure about thatĒ tone of voice)

ELIAS: It is not to Elias. It is to you.

RON: But the information is perfectly valid.

ELIAS: Correct; but the information may be distorted if you are not accepting the validity of where, in your terms, it stems from. You may continue for a time framework in reassuring yourselves merely within the context of the information, but just as Dehl and many others, you question the origin. You look to parlor tricks. You look for validation. I have offered you all Ė ALL Ė validation many times, but this may not entirely be acceptable to you, for you continue to rationalize what I offer to you. I offer you examples that you may not rationalize. I shall not levitate a table, but I shall offer you validation within what you view to be language, and your knowing within yourselves. But Michael holds no ability within this area, but this essence, Elias, does. And I shall also offer to you that there does hold an importance within your words of language.

Express to Lawrence that not all of the communication is subjective. It is important that your words within your languages Ė plural Ė are important, for this is your means of communication and this be how you connect with each other objectively; not subjectively, but objectively. Therefore, although I do not communicate to you within a thought process, I do not communicate to you within a language, so to speak, I do configure energy to be expressing to you within the confines of your individual languages, for this be the method that you communicate to each other within.

There are messages that I wish to be communicating to you all. There is information that you have requested and that is offered to you, but there is information beyond what you have requested. There is information within the information. I offer you much information of yourselves, of your abilities, of your creativity, of the shift, which is reality. I also remind you of your responsibility to this information. Be mindful of this! You hold a responsibility in this information.

RON: Mary asked me a question today ...

ELIAS: (To Bobbi) Be not so very serious! I shall not bite you! (Laughter) (To Ron) Continue.

RON: Mary asked me today if I could tell her how I got rid of my illness issue so fast. Within my Sumafi intent, should I be able to recognize and identify and relay to other individuals that sort of information?

ELIAS: This would be helpful. This would be the point!

RON: Objectively?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: But it seems to me, and this is something else that Mary and I talked about, that no matter what I said to somebody else ... I gave her an example that I sat and I directed my energy to the rocking chair, and thatís where I put my issue. If they believe that, itís going to work for them.

ELIAS: You are also correct; but in relaying information to another individual, you may be helpful to another individual. They must be accessing their own information. They must be connecting with their own issue and their own creation and their own uncreation; but just as with all other situations that I have expressed to you many times, each of you holds experience, and in noticing your experiences and evaluating your experiences you communicate to each other your experiences, which offers information to another individual. This be the reason that I encourage you so very much to be interactive with each other, for you offer each other information and differences in perceptions, and in this you offer each other the continued ability to widen your perceptions and open your periphery by viewing alternates in your realities. Each individual closes themselves to their own perceptions, to their own viewing, and holds to that viewing, not allowing for their periphery. As they engage other individuals, they also open to their periphery, and to alternate perceptions that they themselves may not allow themselves the privilege of viewing singularly.

We shall break, and I shall return for your questioning.

BREAK 7:14 PM.
RESUME 7:38 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

GAIL: I have a question. What does that picture have in connection with me? I donít understand it. I donít even know who it is, but we seem very connected for some reason. (Indicating a painting that has been hanging on the wall since the sessions began)

ELIAS: The picture is of what you would term to be a famous composer Ė Johann Sebastian Bach. (Grinning) This being a reminder of a connection with music and your ability, as many othersí ability, to connect with altered states of consciousness through the facilitation of music.

GAIL: I have another question. Is Bob my father in the 1700ís focus?


CATHY: I have a question. When a person finds themselves having extreme conflict with one individual in a group, would it be helpful for that person to examine that issue because thereís a probable probability that theyíre probably mirroring the same thing that theyíre finding is irritating them?

ELIAS: We have spoken of mirror action many times, but do not confuse yourselves in your thought processes that each time you hold an extreme response to another individual, that you are holding a mirror action.

CATHY: But it is a probability.

ELIAS: It is a possibility.

CATHY: A possibility.

ELIAS: Although within the context of your thought process, Shynla, it is not.

CATHY: Really!

ELIAS: Look to your pyramid and to your knowing, and to your knowing of your responsibility.

CATHY: Iíll do that.

DAVID: I have a question. Some time ago, I was looking at a photograph of an individual, and as I was looking at the photograph, over here in my peripheral vision there was like a misty, sparkly something happening. I continued looking at the photograph, and suddenly this misty sparkling took the shape of a black thread, like a thread, and it came out of the head area of the person in the photograph and it looped out of itself and into my stomach area. And the next thing was, these little tiny white beads of light started dancing, moving, pulsating around the black thread and into my stomach. And for ten minutes I stared at this, and it was so solid and real, and it stayed there as long as I looked at it. And then I finally got bored with it and put the picture down and it went away. What was happening there?

ELIAS: A partial viewing, within symbolism, of alternate selves within this particular focus; the many youís within this one you.

DAVID: So why was the individual I was looking at a different person altogether? Because that couldnít have been me.

ELIAS: It matters not. The translation is a symbolization of viewing all of the youís of you.

DAVID: Well, Iím lost there! And so what was this shape, the actual thread and the beads of light pulsating around?

ELIAS: All of these lights are all of the youís of you.

DAVID: Huh??

CATHY: You know, David! The youís we donít connect with, me and you! Correct? (Elias chuckles)

DAVID: So all these youís were connected with this one individual?

ELIAS: With you!

DAVID: With me? So there were many connections.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: Okay, I get it now. Thanks.

ELIAS: No, you do not! (Much laughter)

DAVID: Well then, why did you tell me?? I get it in the sense that ... in the connection that yes, I can understand the many connections with this individual.

ELIAS: (Grinning) No, you do not! They are not connections with this individual. They are connections with yourself. They are aspects of yourself. The picture is merely a trigger.

DAVID: So what was I meant to be getting out of this experience?

ELIAS: All of the aspects of YOU.

DAVID: Okay. Well, Iíll incorporate it with my friends here, and find out what that is all about!

STELLA: Elias, the seventeenth century was the one with Zulu. Is that correct?


STELLA: No? Okay. I felt I connected with Sophia today, and I saw her. I mean, I donít see, but I sense. And Josephís got red hair. I liked her hands. I touch her hands a lot. She said she saw me in her dreams.

ELIAS: Quite soft.

STELLA: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Continue with your investigation. It goes well!

STELLA: Thanks. (Stella seemed quite subdued tonight. Strange ...)

RETA: Iíd like to have a short discussion again on this validity, the validity of the phenomenon. Both my husband and I really truly have a feeling of knowing that this is a phenomenon that is valid, and the information we really take to heart! Now, Iím having a lot of adjustments with right and wrong, as you know, but we really take this information and we discuss it and use it, and I just want Elias to know that there is no negation of the validity of this phenomenon. It is really sinking in. I think weíve discussed this before, that itís gone so far as to change our future lives. The things that we were going to do upon retirement have completely changed. And in this, we have been discussing for the year that weíve known you, as well as we will be for a couple more years, how we can use this to expand ourselves. I mean, in the last six months weíve gone one way, and then weíve gone another way, and it comes down to points of turning here or there.

Let me run some things by you, okay? Weíre trying to find a valid way that we could take this phenomenon out into the open using our knowledge. One way would be to just be a resource of bringing all this kind of information together. Another way would be just to take the information youíve given us on science or religion and bringing those together, and that was really our original intent three years ago before we even met you. So see, somebodyís been working on us for a long time. And we also had thought about just getting into an avenue of broadening awareness, because thereís so much to do that itís almost overwhelming. I just almost feel like youíre saying, ďItís your choice!Ē But can you give me a discussion or some kind of idea of those resources ... you know our resources. You know us! ... of how we can go the right direction with the least waste of time and effort? I know that youíre going to say itís my choice, but I want to hear your views on that.

ELIAS: Dehl, there is no waste.

RETA: But weíre only a hundred, and we canít live to a hundred and forty, you know! (100?? Reta, you look darn good! You too, Norm!)

ELIAS: You may, if you are so choosing.

RETA: Well, weíve already chosen a hundred and three! No, Iím just trying to see, with our resources, which way would be the most rewarding to get this phenomena out.

ELIAS: You may offer this to yourself!

RETA: But I want to do everything!

ELIAS: (Firmly) Discontinue asking this essence of Elias to point you in your own direction of your own choices!

RETA: Okay.

ELIAS: (Affectionately) Allow yourself to connect with yourself and choose for yourself. You need no other essence to choose for you. You are magnificent within yourself! You hold the ability to create magnificent elements within this dimension. Trust within yourself.

RETA: I have to get past Acceptance 101 to do that! (Elias laughs) I think that also, in the discussion of helping the pyramid move along ... itís awfully difficult to say, but weíve almost shifted to doing our own thing rather than working with the pyramid that much because they still havenít grouped themselves in a manner that I can help, and I wonder if thatís negating, if thatís any of this problem with the pyramid?

ELIAS: It is not that you may not be helpful. It is that you BELIEVE you may not be helpful.

RETA: No, I believe I could be helpful, but I donít want to ...

ELIAS: (Patiently) Within the context of your belief systems.

RETA: Well, I really believe I could be helpful, but I donít ...

ELIAS: (A little louder) Within the context of your belief systems.

RETA: Well, even if I took it out of my belief systems and put it into a direct knowledge of business ...

ELIAS: (Firmly) Within the context of your belief systems!!

RETA: Okay, okay.

ELIAS: These are your belief systems: That individuals must be moving within certain directions, and this shall allow you the ability to be helpful.

RETA: Well, we try in some ways to be helpful, and then we try to give it up.

ELIAS: You think, within the context of what I have expressed before, in areas of black and white ...

RETA: Well, Iím sure I do!

ELIAS: ... either/or. There is much gray area!

RETA: I can understand that, but itís very difficult ...

ELIAS: You do not understand this!

RETA: Okay, I donít understand it. But itís hard to give the helpfulness, and then ... and then not ...

ELIAS: You offer helpfulness with expectation, within your own admittance of your own words!

RETA: Oh, yes! Okay, so then I back off, and then I donít help at all.

ELIAS: Correct, which places you within the area of either/or. ďI shall be helpful within the context of my expectations, or I shall not be helpful.Ē

RETA: Sometimes I do that because of the limitation of time.

ELIAS: There is no limitation of time!

RETA: You know my schedule! Okay. Well, I thank you for all your help, even though Iím still right back to square one, I believe.

ELIAS: You are moving. I hold great fondness for you Dehl, and Stephen, and am aware of your desire. I suggest only to you that you attempt more carefully to be listening.

RETA: Okay.

ELIAS: But much affection and acceptance is extended to you.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Turning and staring at Bobbi)

BOBBI: Yes, I have a question! About two weeks ago, I went through a very difficult emotional period, and Iíve been having trouble connecting it with anything. I was very tired physically ... very depressed. I felt very constricted, as if I was waiting for something truly dreadful to happen. I was expecting someone to die, to be fired ... for myself to die! It was extremely intense. At the time, I was having a series of dreams with the common thread of separation, of divorce, of graduation, of running away. At the end of all of this, there was a bit of a dream that I remember. I was washing a cloth, and I lifted it, and underneath, it had bleached out. So Iím thinking, does this mean that this was a bleed-through? Like I say, Iím having quite a difficulty connecting to what that was all about.

ELIAS: Partially a bleed through; but essentially, what you have been experiencing and what you are also offering yourself within your imagery is a recognition of an entering or an allowance of entering into the action of this shift, and a recognition of the separation of essence to focus. This images itself to you within areas of anxiety in a partial -- this be your bleed-through aspect Ė a partial remembrance of the lack of separation of essence to focus.

Each focus holds all of the information of essence, but you also hold a lack of remembrance. You hold no memory of essence. You have separated. You have divorced yourself. I have used this expression many times, that you have divorced yourself from essence for the purity of your experience within this dimension. But now, as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness, you reconnect yourselves with essence; and as you accomplish this, as you widen your awareness and open yourselves to essence, you also at times may hold anxiety or even the emotion of sadness or fearfulness or dread, for you have divorced yourself so very far from essence and its expression that moving closer to this natural expression of essence may be objectively fearful or hold anxiousness to you, or may even cause you sadness in what you have in your objective thought process ďlost.Ē You have not lost! But you think to yourselves within your belief systems of the joy of your creativity that you now open yourselves to, and within your belief systems you think of time frameworks lost, for this be your belief systems. It is not lost!

You have purposefully created what you have created within your separation for the purity of your experience, but you hold belief systems that express to you the negative element of what you wish to be experiencing and what you now open yourselves to, and you view within your experience, ďOh, the time lost! Oh, the experience lost!Ē But it is not lost. You are merely expressing to yourself the emotion, within the context of your belief systems, that you need freely express to yourself, for you are an emotional creature. In this, you allow yourself the freedom to move into the experience of your new creativity.

BOBBI: Was there any trigger event to make it come on, to make those feelings come on so strongly?

ELIAS: You have been moving in this direction. You have been building, so to speak, to this. You have been offering yourself bleed-throughs and connections. These be your triggers.

BOBBI: I see.

ELIAS: But you ARE moving.

BOBBI: Hopefully, this represents that I was able to move through some of that, then.

ELIAS: Correct, and you may be acknowledging of yourself within this movement.

BOBBI: Thank you. Thank you for clearing that up.

ELIAS: And I also am acknowledging of your movement.

BOBBI: Thank you.

RON: Iíd like to re-address to a question that I brought up before the break.

ELIAS: You may.

RON: Mary and I talked during the break about the fact that both of us are most successful moving through issues of conflict during times when we were not really paying attention to this conflict, which has always seemed to work really well for me. Is this ...

ELIAS: And Michael also!

RON: Right. Is this something that we are capable of noticing the actual process of?

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you, it is not necessary that you know your method. It is unnecessary that you are in actuality aware of your individual processes. You are accomplishing regardless. But you now move into the action of this shift. You now engage this forum. You now engage this pyramid ... by choice. Therefore, within this action you move yourselves into different areas. You have chosen different probabilities. You may continue to be creating and uncreating ďunconsciously,Ē in your terms, if you are so choosing, but this be not the point. The point is to be helpful to other individuals and lending energy to the ease of creation and the ease of understanding within other individuals. In this, you have entered into areas of choice to be more consciously aware of what you are creating or not creating.

RON: Isnít this other individual that weíre trying to express this process or method to, isnít that still dependent on their own belief systems?

ELIAS: Quite. Absolutely!

RON: So it shouldnít matter what I say to them.

ELIAS: Each individual shall take in information in the manner that it speaks to them and which is helpful to them. But if it mattered not what you speak to them at all, then why speak at all?

RON: Exactly my point!

ELIAS: But you communicate. And why do you communicate?

RON: Uh ... because I donít know how to use ESP? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite, and to be expressing of ideas; com-mu-ni-ca-ting to each other. The very word holds the essence of the action. The communication; the exchange of ideas and information. It is not your responsibility that another individual receives the information, the communication, in the manner of your expectation or in the manner of your experience, but the communication itself holds importance, for it is an exchange which offers other individuals an altered perception. This may offer to them their OWN expanded ideas and thought processes. They may not engage action as do you, but you, within your communication, within your offering, may spark a thought process that may not have been sparked before. Therefore, you are offering helpfulness.

You may express to an individual, ďI have experienced an ailment. I have chosen to be engaging this process for myself, which has been successful. I have projected my ailment into air molecules, and I have chosen to be popping air molecules, therefore dissipating my ailment. This be my method.Ē

In expressing your perception to another individual, the other individual may perceive this quite differently, but may be receiving your information and may be configuring their own method for themselves in their approach to dealing with their own issue, in receiving an element of what you have expressed.

The other individual may receive your perception, your method, and may configure their own method in expressing to themselves subsequently, ďI view an ocean. I view my ailment as a monstrous plant, a huge anemone upon the sea floor swallowing all of the particles around it, and as I view this anemone consuming all around it, I may choose to be dismembering each tentacle of this anemone as opposed to popping each molecule of air,Ē and therefore developing their own design of how they shall be enabling themselves, but they are enabling themselves in helpfulness to your instruction. Their instruction to themselves may be entirely different, but you have sparked a new thought process, an opening for periphery, that they have not allowed themselves previously. Are you understanding?

RON: Yeah, but in the example today, which was a very good example of this, of my conversation with Mary, my suggestion to her was, ďFigure it out your own damn self,Ē which is basically what you just said the other person would do, but thatís not really the most efficient way to express this ... this thing?

ELIAS: Within the interaction of other individuals, no, this is not the most efficient. Within the interaction of yourself, Olivia, and Michael, you have been quite efficient!

RON: Okay.

ELIAS: But within the interaction of other individuals not holding the same information that you hold, this would not be the most efficient.

RON: Yeah. Well, I feel that I can pretty much talk to Mary that way, and she understands what Iím saying.

ELIAS: Quite. This would be efficient with Michael, for Michael already holds his own answers and he is knowing of this. He is wishing for what you term to be a ďshort cut.Ē

RON: Right. Thanks.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DREW: I have a couple of brief ones. A few weeks ago, you said that tarot cards were information to ourselves, from ourselves.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Are fortune cookies the same thing?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

DREW: And at other times, they are meaningless?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your noticing.

DREW: Okay ... and the feeling we get as we read it?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Why would we bring ...

ELIAS: It is not the object. It is what you draw from the object.

DREW: Okay. We can really draw information from any object.

ELIAS: You are quite correct!

DREW: And so if thatís true, then anything can provide information.

ELIAS: You are correct. You may be passing by what you term to be a billboard, and you may draw information from this.

DREW: Are we drawing information from it, or are we viewing the object with information?


DREW: Weíre drawing information from it.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. The other question I have is that in the past few weeks, Iíve been noticing ... Iíve either been noticing or creating the feeling where my hands are dirty and need washing. Itís been happening a lot lately. Iím wondering, what imagery or information is associated with that? (There is a long pause here) Uh-oh!

ELIAS: And you express NO knowledge of this imagery? (Grinning, and another pause)

DREW: Uh ... well, I have some ideas, but it seems like it could be a number of things. Your interpretations are always enlightening! (Elias chuckles) Is there a reason youíre hesitant to tell me? (Laughter)

ELIAS: For you hold the answer already within yourself. Therefore, express to me!

DREW: Well, the imagery, the information that occurs to me is that in a sense, Iím moving through ... a getting rid of, a cleansing, a need to wash away old patterns or behaviors ... and if Iím in the process of doing that right now, thatís the imagery that I associate with it.

ELIAS: This be your imagery. You are correct. (Grinning)

DREW: Okay ...

ELIAS: You are not quite accomplishing, but you are correct; this be your imagery. (Grinning)

DREW: Okay ...

ELIAS: Therefore, I extend the challenge to wash away old patterns and engage new!

DREW: And the reason that I would be having this ... well, okay. Alright. Itís as a result of moving through these issues, which I may not have moved through in the past, that this imagery is present?

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause)

DREW: Okay.

ELIAS: And preparing yourself. You have been within this forum for a time period. You are aware. You are ready to be moving into new areas. Therefore, challenge yourself! Allow yourself.

DREW: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: Very good, Matthew!

DREW: Weíll see.


DREW: We shall see! (Starting to laugh)

ELIAS: We shall be disengaging this evening, as I have expressed. Although we have held much discussion of Michael and his creation this evening, this energy exchange is affecting of physical expression. Therefore, I wish not to be taxing of this more than need be necessary. So to you all, I bid you all much affection!

(To Bobbi) Continue with your explorations and your movement!

(To Reta) Continue with your movement ... and much affection, Dehl!

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You ARE beginning.

(To Norm) And a challenge to Stephen, with your experimentation!

NORM: Iím enjoying developing it greatly! Iím sure you know what Iím doing. So is it the boiling of the material ...

ELIAS: You may continue with your experimentation! (Grinning widely)

NORM: Okay, okay.

ELIAS: I shall be looking forward to your evaluation of your conclusions!

NORM: Thank you.

ELIAS: Much energy is extended to you in your attempt!

NORM: I appreciate that.

ELIAS: (To Stella) And you may continue to be attempting to be reaching the pond!

STELLA: I shall.

ELIAS: Where I shall be connecting with you, if you are so choosing to be!

STELLA: I certainly am ... without hurting myself!

ELIAS: (To David) You may continue with your efforts, (Elias pauses, looking exasperated, and we all crack up) and we shall be speaking of this futurely! But continue within your creative efforts.

(To Gail) And you may be continuing within your experience, but I shall also express to you, cautioning.

I express to you all, a wonderfully fond au revoir this evening!

Elias departs at 8:23 PM.


(1) It would be easy to come to a conclusion that Maryís illness was affecting of Eliasí verbal delivery, but I donít think this is the case. Iíve seen Mary engage Elias when she was ill before, and his delivery wasnít affected in the least. We have many examples to indicate that Elias isnít affected by Maryís physical or emotional state. For example, it appears that although Mary is deaf in one ear, Elias is not. So, Iím not sure what was occurring this evening.

I also want to note that Eliasí delivery seemed much more ďnormalĒ during the second half of the session, and that my impressions are strictly based on watching a video, as I wasnít physically present.

(2) This is in reference to a recent session in which it was quite obvious that Elias understands Spanish. Previously, I had been under the impression that Eliasí knowledge of any language was dependent upon Maryís knowledge, but Mary has no understanding of Spanish.

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