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Friday, October 31, 1997

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“The Halloween Session”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Jim (Marthowh). (Jim was visiting from Florida.)

Vic’s note: Because we were having a session on Halloween, we decided we had do something FUN! So, we cut eye holes and a nose hole in an old sheet and put it on Mary. We also draped chains on her wrists. After all, Elias IS a dead guy – a REAL ghost! This turned out to be a classic moment with Elias. I have to give Jim a lot of credit for putting up with our antics. Not only was this his first session, but he also had never met any of us. Thanks for being such a good sport, Jim!

Elias arrives at 5:13 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

(As soon as the exchange was completed, Elias froze in a slightly tilted position for about ten seconds. Then, he began swaying from side to side, stopped, looked at me, and said ...)

ELIAS: BOO! (I lost it) Good evening. You may remove this frock! Quite humorous of yourself and Michael!

VICKI: It was pretty good, you must admit! (I removed the sheet)

ELIAS: (To Jim) Excuse! These twins are quite mischievous! (Here, he holds up his left hand and looks at the chains) Very effective!

(To Vic) You may also be expressing to Michael once again that he may be (pushing Mary’s hair out of his eyes) attending to this MOP that he insists upon plaguing us with! (Mary’s hair was really a mess from the sheet -- way worse than usual)

(To Jim) As to our session, good evening! Apologizing for the inconvenience of the twin’s playfulness! (Elias pauses, gazing up through the hair that had immediately fallen back in his eyes) Hmmm. (He then clumsily attempts to move the hair out of his face again. This was pretty funny, as he isn’t too adept with this particular hand gesture. In Cathy’s words, “Who’s hand is this?”) Hmmm.

(Turning to Jim and smiling) So! You have inquiries this evening!

JIM: Yes, Elias.

ELIAS: On Allhallow’s eve! Quite appropriate, I must express!

VICKI: Oh, absolutely! (This was very reminiscent of my first encounter with Elias. After the initial “Good evening,” he turned to me and said, “So! You have questions!”)

JIM: Elias, my family and alignment and essence name, what are they? (Pause)

ELIAS: Have I not been expressing of this previously? I am quite sure!

JIM: To my wife, but I don’t know where that is. I was getting all my stuff over here and I didn’t listen again to that part of the tape, but I want to understand how it all goes together.

ELIAS: Very well. Family of Sumafi, aligned within this physical focus with ... interesting ... Milumet, as also is your friend. Essence name; Marthowh. (Pronounced Martho) M-A-R-T-H-O-W-H.

JIM: Marthowh. In my understanding with the families and the alignments, there is an intent behind the families and alignment. Do I have a specific intent?

ELIAS: You all hold an intent within each focus, and also within essence. Within essence, you hold the intent of the Sumafi, and this would be the keepers of information within the least amount of distortion. Within your alignment in this focus, you hold the intent of the keepers of information and the holders of knowledge and spirituality.

JIM: Okay. I’ve been bothered for some time now in an area of personal conflict relating to someone close to me. The experience with this person seems not to be in alignment with my personal inner desires. Am I on the path to resolving this conflict?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Within your present direction, not necessarily. Within your desire, yes, and within the probabilities which you present yourself with, yes; but within your present course of action and interaction, no. Alter your interaction. Be listening. Be accepting and be paying attention, and in this you may offer yourself information to be more efficiently interacting and therefore affecting your future probabilities in this situation.

JIM: I went through an extended period of time in an emotionally painful – or your word, I think, is discomforting – divorce. Was it during this time that the cancer started within me?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: At what moment did I choose cancer? I seem to remember a very unusual episode where I was on a subway station in New York City, and I saw a sign that I was mesmerized with that said – it was a public service sign – it said something like, “One in four people will get cancer,” and I was just astonished by that.

ELIAS: This be your objective awareness of the creation at this moment, but the action of your creation occurred previous to this, while continuing within your relationship. The “activization” (Elias is making up words again) of this disease occurred before you had actually disengaged this relationship. You were already beginning your creation of this disease, for you were feeling disease within yourself and objectifying this within your physical body.

JIM: I have a thought, or have had a thought, that the stress relating to the conflict in the divorce suppressed my immune system, and as a consequence, what potential cancerous cells were there, or the potential for cancer cells, if that’s the right word, were allowed to spread because of the suppression of ... caused by the stress in me. Is that an accurate description?

ELIAS: Close, within your physical terms. In actuality, you had already activated these cells and their generation, creating this disease, but you had created this in moderate forms, so to speak, not unleashing its power within energy. Within subsequent time periods, as you held to your own energy, which you term to be stressfulness, this merely is a holding to yourself of your own energy in not allowing free expression within your energy. In this, you “unleashed the beast,” so to speak, in your terms. In actuality, what you were accomplishing is merely activating cells that already exist within your physical form, and directing them subjectively to be destructive.

JIM: And I have the ability to reverse that process?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JIM: I’ve felt for some time that I have been, or that I have reversed that. Is that an accurate statement?

ELIAS: Yes, but you hold fearfulness in this area. You continue to doubt that you have completely eradicated this situation, in your terms. In this, be aware: You HAVE accomplished. Therefore, acknowledge yourself, for in not acknowledging yourself you continue to hold to the potential of recreating the same situation; but as you allow yourself the acknowledgment of your accomplishment, you also free your own energy and allow this element to dissipate and fly away and have no hold upon you.

JIM: Hmm. Is the fearfulness that I hold related to my perception that I still have conflict in a relationship?

ELIAS: Partially. This be, so to speak, your “back door.”

JIM: My back door? The thought?

ELIAS: You maintain a new relationship, correct?

JIM: Correct.

ELIAS: Within this underlyingly, you continue to hold some areas of fearfulness. I have expressed previously to other individuals that individuals create patterns within themselves within physical focus, creating shrines, and in this they push these shrines away from themselves into areas that you consider to be unconscious – which are not unconscious, for there is no unconscious, but within your terms you consider them to be unconscious – and in this you place very carefully these shrines of your so-called past experiences and patterns of behavior into this area. In this, you remind yourself of these so-called past events that you have built quite glamorous shrines to, that you hold fearfulness within, and you pull these shrines to yourself every so often and view them. You view a physical situation within your present situations and it triggers an element of this shrine, to which you automatically unlock the safe that contains this shrine and pull your shrine, that you may view once again and reinforce your own fearfulness. In this, within certain situations of relationships, you also reinforce fearfulness within the other individual; your partner.

I have expressed previously to your partner that great supportiveness is held within you to her, and she is untrusting of this, and this is reinforcing of your own shrines; of your own past experiences, in your terms. Therefore, you reinforce each other within your relationship. I express to you that you each may more efficiently serve yourselves and each other by looking to yourselves now, and your accomplishments, and what you may offer to each other NOW.

JIM: And to stop the cycle of fearfulness.

ELIAS: Correct. You each hold much information within yourselves. You hold much subjective awareness of yourselves and of each other. Draw upon this and look to NOW, not to past behavior.

JIM: Hmm. Okay. (Pause)

VICKI: I just can’t take it any more. Excuse me. I can’t take it! (Laughing) It’s driving me crazy! (I get up and push Mary’s hair out of her face, which I’ve only done one other time and only at Elias’ request) There! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: Much thankfulness, Lawrence! Although I do not perceive you within visual that you perceive each other, it is quite distracting that Michael INSISTS upon this MOP of hair that is interfering with visual! I am much appreciative!

VICKI: You’re welcome!

JIM: Recently, in trying to be helpful to someone who had an illness, you suggested that person might look – this was a person in England – that person might look inward to the actual physical organs, and your words were, “Relax their intensity and allow them to return to their natural state.” I think this is how, through my own visualization and meditation, that I arrived at countering the cancer within me. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I have recently, in addition to using visualization, used words, repetitive phrases, and a repetitive phrase specifically was that I embrace complete reliance on the inner power of my subconscious mind, and just repeat that over and over. How do these two different ways ... which is the stronger way? The visualization, or the repetition of thoughts?

ELIAS: They are equal. Within the visualization, you are connecting objectively with the area that you are holding the energy within your physical form. Therefore, you allow yourself the identification of this. Within your method of repetitive statements to your subjective awareness, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to objectively be connecting subjectively with your objective and subjective awareness. In this, you are accomplishing two-fold. You are accomplishing, within your objective awareness, with a connection with your subjective awareness, and you are also connecting with your objective awareness to your actual body functioning and your holding of energy, which is affecting in the area of disease. Therefore, you are connecting in both manners, allowing yourself to be affecting of the situation.

Many individuals attempt to be healing themselves, in what they view to be healing themselves – their desire or their wish is to be healing themselves – and in not holding an objective “method,” which you are all so very fond of looking for, they attempt to be focusing upon the affected area within their physical form, but what they are neglecting is the communication subjectively. Subjectively, you are directing of the energy which is directing your physical form, and as you continue to allow subjective communication to be continuing in the area of creating disease, you shall not be affecting this.

You may view objectively, quite extensively, at a creation that you are aware that you have created in the area of disease within your physical body, and you may not be affecting of this; for if you are merely looking to the objective expression, the disease, and not allowing yourself communication objectively with subjective activity, you shall not be affecting. This be the reason that I have offered to these individuals within this forum recently the exercise of creating an inner landscape, for this shall be communicating objectively to the subjective awareness. They are within harmony. Therefore, the subjective awareness continues to create as long as the objective does not interfere, but as the objective may be interfering by creating an inner landscape or communicating with the subjective awareness, then there is an affectingness. Within the time period that your objective awareness is not communicating to subjective awareness, it is within agreement of whatever the subjective awareness is creating, and your body consciousness is in complete agreement with your subjective instruction. Therefore, what you have created is a method of your own to be communicating not only objectively with your body consciousness and its situation and its holding of energy, creating disease, but also you have connected with the subjective communication and have sent messages, figuratively speaking, to your subjective awareness to be altering of its communication to the body consciousness, therefore affecting.

JIM: Somehow I have created ... I’m not sure I understand the concept of the inner landscape. I have created the inner landscape?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; not in the same direction that I have expressed previously as an exercise, but basically you have accomplished the same thing.

JIM: Okay. Through my visualization and communication, it seems I have set up a sensitivity – a physical sensitivity – in the organ which had the cancer, and if there is some conflict or some negative thinking, I will know this within a matter of minutes because my organ will react as if it’s tight, as if there’s a blockage of energy. Sometimes I can release that blockage of energy, and sometimes I can’t. I’m not sure where I’m driving with this question other than to state, is this accurate? Is this what I’ve done?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes. You do this for your own attention. This attains your attention. You are quite focused upon this area of disease and that you have uncreated this situation of disease, but you have also allowed yourself a sensitivity to particular areas of your physical body that you may be attaining your own attention with. This has served you well in becoming a sensitive element for yourself; a tool for yourself. You have developed this as a physical warning sign to yourself; an element that you may be connecting to objectively that shall gain your attention immediately, and you shall realize what you are creating and in this offer yourself information and opportunities for new choices to be altering your perception, and in this altering your reality.

JIM: Hmm. That’s amazing. Is tapping into one’s subconscious or subjective mind the same as tapping into one’s essence? Is this a manifestation of the essence, the subconscious mind?

Vic’s note: For the next minute or two, there were trick-or-treaters knocking on the door, which I was trying to ignore.

ELIAS: In part. That which you term to be subconscious is that aspect which I term to be your subjective awareness, which is directly related to this physical focus. It is a greater awareness than what you view objectively, for you narrow yourself objectively and you hold your attention very singularly objectively. Subjectively, you allow yourself much more freedom and you allow yourself communication with essence. Therefore, in part you are tapping into information of essence within your subjective awareness, but it is not the entirety of essence, for it is concerned with this particular physical focus. (The kids are being quite persistent!)

(To Vic) You may be acknowledging of your goblins!

VICKI: I didn’t want to be interrupting!

ELIAS: It is not interrupting. It matters not! I wish not to be disappointing of your little ghosts! (So, I answered the door. You should have seen those kids peering into the room. Elias was sitting less that twenty feet from the front door, facing it full-on, and he just kept right on talking. I wonder what those kids thought! Too bad he wasn’t still wearing the sheet, eh?)

Let me express to you that you hold all of essence within you. Subjectively, you hold access to all of essence and all of its information. But what you term to be the unconscious or subconscious element of yourself is that subjective element of your awareness that is concerned with the individual physical focus; not the entirety of physical focus, but the individual physical focus; you. You hold the ability to access through this awareness all of the information of essence, which is all of the information of consciousness; but if not accessing all of this information, you concern yourself subjectively merely with the creating of this physical focus.

(Intently) It is an intricate, immaculate process; that you create your reality subjectively within Regional Area 2, which filters into your awareness of Regional Area 1 within perfect harmony and perfectly at each moment, for your experience. (Pause)

JIM: Hmm. Another question relating to disease: If a person can uncreate cancer, presumably he can uncreate any disease.

ELIAS: Quite! You are absolutely correct. Disease is a choice, and you may choose within any moment to discontinue the action. You within physical focus look to this action as miracles, but it is quite within your ability at every moment. It is merely a choice.

JIM: And it can be done basically the same way that I have – like you say, a method – the same way that I have approached the cure of cancer, the uncreation of cancer. It can be done the same way.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual. Each individual creates their own disease for their own reasoning. Therefore, there is no one method that may be blanketly given to all individuals and expressed, “This shall work,” for another individual may be moving into the direction of your method and it may not be accomplished, for their intent and their desire may be different and their probabilities may be different. Their reasoning may be different. Your reasoning and your probabilities involve a new situation within your focus, one of increased hopefulness and joyfulness, which you have chosen within moving into a new relationship. Therefore, you offer yourself within your desire the reason to be continuing and to be eliminating of your disease, for this shall be interfering with your continuation within your new relationship. Other individuals may not hold this same reasoning. It is dependent upon each individual and what they are creating within their own focus and their own value fulfillment.

JIM: Why did I create this?

ELIAS: In part, for your own awareness. In part, for your own validation to yourself, for information that you acquire now and shall be acquiring futurely, and for your validation that there is more beyond what you view physically within your narrow attention within this physical focus. This validates to you the vastness of essence and the accomplishments that you may be creating within your physical focus. It also serves as a validation of this shift in consciousness occurring presently. It also serves as a reminder of what you may be creating, and therefore it also serves you well in creating futurely in areas that you consider to be positive and not negative. You have created this quite efficiently in many areas!

JIM: Hmm.

ELIAS: We shall break.

BREAK 5:54 PM.
RESUME 6:29 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

JIM: Recently I have embarked on a business endeavor, and after a long slow period of a year or so, things seem to be coming out of nowhere to assist me. Each time I have a need, a positive response occurs. My question is, there’s a Malaysian partner. In the field of probabilities, does it currently look like he is going to be successful in securing a project and making something happen there?

ELIAS: And what do you feel?

JIM: I feel he is.

ELIAS: And there is your answer. You are drawing these situations to yourself within a trustfulness of yourself, and as you are trusting of yourself, that which you seek shall come to you effortlessly.

JIM: That’s what seems to be happening. It all seems to be effortless. Physicists are trying to find a unified field theory where gravity, electromagnetics, and light energies all merge. Is there such a thing?

ELIAS: Yes, but not in the direction that they are seeking.

JIM: It must be then that it’s in the direction of consciousness; the mind.

ELIAS: Of consciousness and energy.

JIM: Stephen Hawking is a brilliant and focused mind. He’s written a book called A Brief History Of Time. He seems to be headed in the direction of parallel time or simultaneous time. Does it look like he is going to come to this conclusion, that time is simultaneous?

ELIAS: Many scientists hold a realization presently that time is but a perception, and is in actuality simultaneous. What they do not realize is that time is within itself a dimension. They shall be realizing this, and this shall offer them information futurely of the reality of simultaneous time outside of the confines of physical focuses, but initially they must be realizing that time is a dimension within itself. It is what you may term to be an entity within itself, within energy. You have created this within essence. All essences have created this dimension of time and have affixed it to each different physical dimension. Therefore, it differs within different physical dimensions.

I have expressed to individuals within this forum of the elasticity of time, and how it may be manipulated and bended and created or inserted into different physical dimensions in different increments. Some dimensions move much more swiftly than this particular dimension, some move much more slowly than this particular dimension; but these are all manipulations of the dimension of time. What your scientists have not quite evaluated yet and understood yet is that time is an element. It is almost a thing that may be manipulated, as you now within this dimension manipulate electricity. You may also manipulate time in this same manner, for it is an element just as electricity is an element.

VICKI: I want to do that!

ELIAS: And you may!

JIM: Switch to the area of auras or energy fields around a person. I have a good friend close by who can see an aura around people, and he sees it around me, and he has told me that I have had a very ... I don’t know what the word is ... distorted aura for a period of time. I relate that to the stress of cancer and conflict. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Do I still carry some of that in my aura right now?


JIM: Can an aura be physically manipulated, or is it consciousness only that can change it?

ELIAS: Both.

JIM: Both!

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: How does one physically manipulate it?

ELIAS: Through your objective awareness. You may physically, consciously, objectively manipulate your energy centers within you and also be affecting of the energy field which surrounds you, for this is a projection of the energy centers that you hold within you physically. Your aura, so to speak, is an energy field which is projected around your physical form, which is directly related within energy to the energy fields that you hold within your physical form. Each energy center within your physical form radiates, and within this radiation of energy it creates an actual energy field around your physical form. Therefore, you may be objectively affecting of these energy centers, and in this you may also be affecting of the energy field which surrounds you.

As you continue to focus upon this one area and concentrate upon this one area of this disease, you also affect certain energy centers and their functioning, and in this you alter their spin; and as you alter their spin, you also alter the energy field around you. This is not negative. It merely is.

JIM: To create a harmonious or a healthy aura, one has to get one’s thoughts in alignment, in harmony ... no conflict?

ELIAS: Your aura IS healthy! It is merely disrupted by differences within the spin of the different energy centers.

JIM: So I have an energy center that is spinning out of harmony with the other energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct, and you may objectively within your waking consciousness be affecting of this. You may examine these energy centers. You may visualize these energy centers, and you may align them and balance their spin also. You hold the ability, although I express to you also that I am very aware that this is SOUNDING to be quite simple, and within objective awareness within physical focus it is not quite so easily accomplished; for you may view an energy center which is not within balance or harmony to the other energy centers, and you may also hold difficulty in realigning that particular energy center and balancing its spin to be within harmony of your other energy centers. This occurs for you hold belief systems and issues within certain areas, and THAT be what is affecting of the imbalance, and if you are not addressing to the issues and belief systems, the imbalance may continue; although I do express to you, within all reality, that even without addressing to belief systems and issues, you may instantaneously realign an energy center and create a balance and harmony once again.

In this situation, you have already prepared yourself subjectively within the issue and the belief system, and are ready to objectively immediately address to the situation. This be what you may also term as your miracles, for you have already addressed to certain situations subjectively ... and then address to them objectively and create an instantaneous balance.

JIM: Will it be easier to do with my friend, for example, who can actually see these auras? With his assistance?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your belief systems. You hold the ability yourself. YOU are affecting of YOU. Another individual may be helpful in expressing to you what they view to be the areas that are not in balance, but ultimately, you are the individual that is affecting of your own creation and your own reality. Another individual may be helpful to you, just as I have expressed within our exercise of the inner landscape. Another individual may merge with you and view your inner landscape. This would be comparable to another individual viewing your energy field around you, and in this they may view aspects of what you are creating and where the disharmony lies, and in this they may be expressing to you of what they view; but they may not be affecting. YOU must be addressing to these situations and YOU shall be affecting of their uncreation or their realignment or their balancing, and reestablishing harmony.

JIM: I almost don’t know where to begin on that. I can’t see it, is the problem. Hmm.

ELIAS: It matters not that you view another individual’s energy field or that you view your own energy field. You may attempt within your own meditative state to be visualizing these energy centers within you.

JIM: Are they like what is pictured in the chakras?

ELIAS: Correct

JIM: The seven chakras?

ELIAS: Correct. They are quite the same, although I do not move in the direction of the “chakras,” for these hold many belief systems attached to them; but the energy centers themselves are reality.

JIM: In those areas?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: That are outlined as chakras?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Good! I know nothing about chakras so I won’t be affected by that belief! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles) Dreams; my understanding is that a dream is the attempt by the subjective mind to communicate with the objective mind through images. Is this correct?

ELIAS: It is imagery and there is communication. Your dream imagery is directly affecting of your objective imagery. All that you view within your waking state is objective imagery. Your dream imagery is your communication to your objective awareness and is creating of your reality in harmony with your objective awareness.

JIM: In harmony, meaning in understanding?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Maybe this question is too broad or something, but sometimes it’s very difficult to understand the imagery. Is there some principles involved or a guideline involved in trying to understand? Is there some over-encompassing principles or guidelines?

ELIAS: Clue: Feeling tone. You may create many images that all hold the same meaning to you. Each individual’s dream imagery is unique to them and speaks to the individual. There is no overall symbolism that is common to all individuals, for you create your own symbols in each dream imagery and many of these symbols may be meaning the same thing to you. You are merely imaging them differently, just as you may engage many actions within your waking state that all hold the same meaning to you, but they may be different actions. It is the same within your dream imagery. You may be creating many images and they may all mean the same thing, for what they are expressing to you is feeling tone; emotion.

JIM: The sense of something. I had a confusing dream this last week in which my uncle, a man I respect, accompanied me to some island or some high ground, and I was showing him that the ocean water was receding, leaving dry ground which seemed to connect land to land or even continent to continent. It seemed this was positive, whatever the impact was, but I don’t know what this dream meant.

ELIAS: (Accessing) This be your imagery to yourself, offering yourself information of your present relationship with your partner, and you are expressing this within your own imagery to another individual that you view to be worthy of this information that you are beginning to be connecting within deeper and more valuable, in your terms, areas within this relationship. You are beginning to view the value of what you hold. This be the relationship with your partner, not with the other individual. The other individual merely symbolizes your wont to express to another individual that you hold a respect for of this growing awareness that you are connecting to. The sand is you and your partner; the connecting. The water receding is the receding of the veils and the blocks between you.

JIM: Hmm! I also had a dream recently that carries an element which probably many people have had. I had a dream in which Princess Diana appeared, but very strangely, right next to me. She was decapitated; only her head was right next to me, but she was quite alive in her expressions. I told her I had great affection for her. She looked around, said “Thank you” – I think she said thank you – then appeared to turn into a cat, and left. What was this about?

ELIAS: I have spoken of this individual previously, and the response within mass consciousness and the mass events that have been connected with this and other individuals. In this, you also have offered yourself your own imagery of which element and which mass event you have connected yourself to, that mass event being of holding the connection and the responsiveness to this individual; connecting with the objective mass event, aligning yourself with the mass event. Within the imagery of the decapitation, this is your symbol to yourself that the head, that which you view to be the most important element, the most objectively controlling element and thoughtful element and also the element that you associate with the soul, is still intact, but the body is gone; therefore symbolizing to you the disengagement of this individual, and your expression of sympathy and connection with this individual and the acknowledgment returned to you. The imagery of the cat being that you hold belief systems within fantasy that cats hold more than one life! Therefore, the individual turns into a cat, symbolizing to you the continuation of the focus beyond disengagement. (Pause) Interesting imagery!

Vic’s note: Elias does the most interesting dream interpretations! I found both of these to be fascinating, and very insightful.

JIM: Move to the issue of NDE; near death experience; when people clinically die, but are revived for whatever reason or manner. There have been thousands of cases, but one of the most extraordinary is Dannion Brinkley, who was hit by lightning in 1975, died for eighteen minutes, then came back only to die again several years later from heart surgery and come back a second time. You might say he was almost indecisive about maintaining physical focus! He describes it as a great pain, then as a release followed by a great feeling of peace, and then an out-of-body experience where he looks down on his physical body and those that attended it, followed by a rushing up into a black tunnel, followed by meeting beings of light, as he called them, feeling an overwhelming sense of well-being, and then being presented with a life review in which everything that happened to him is reviewed, and also to the person he interacted with. He could see it from their point of view. He killed people in Vietnam, and was able to experience their deaths. Is this what happens to us when we leave physical focus?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your belief systems. For this individual, this is reality, for this individual’s belief systems dictate this; that you must be approached with a life review and experience what others have experienced that you have inflicted. This is a belief system connected with karma. There is no karma. There are MANY belief systems.

Now; I may express to you that some of these experiences are common to very, very, very many individuals in disengagement of physical focus; that of hovering momentarily and viewing your physical body is quite common. Many individual focuses choose this experience. They are disengaging from the physical body consciousness and evaluating momentarily the choice of their disengagement and how they have disengaged from the physical body consciousness. Therefore, they momentarily view the body consciousness, also allowing a last interaction with this body consciousness; a last communication.

Subsequent to this action, which is quite momentarily, many individuals of focuses enter a temporary state of peacefulness prior to engaging transition. This also may be viewed as momentarily, within your terms. It is what you may term to be a brief, temporary state of respite, so to speak; of peacefulness before entering into the area of transition. Once entering into the area of transition, how you transition is dictated by your belief systems. Some individuals hold belief systems that they shall be moving into the light; the tunnel that shall lead them to the heavenly areas and what they think of within their belief systems as their eternal bliss. Some individuals hold belief systems that they shall immediately move to the area of hell, which also does not exist, but they shall create this temporarily and experience its full force, for the full force and intensity of their belief systems shall come to bear.

What you experience once you disengage is absolutely dictated by your belief systems, and which belief systems you have moved through and which belief systems you have accepted and which belief systems you hold very strongly, and also whether you have chosen to engage transition while you are still within your physical focus. This may also be quite affecting of what you may be experiencing once moving into the area of transition non-physically. (Pause) And how very interesting that you now approach what you term to be very closeness to your cure, so to speak, of your senility! (In Elias’ terms, we have created senility/Alzheimer’s as an action of engaging transition physically, and because we are presently changing this mass belief system, a “cure” will be found in the near future)

JIM: I don’t understand the concept very well of other dimensions. The only thing I can relate to is like a metaphor. There used to be television show in the 1960’s called Rod Serling’s Outer Limits, in which somebody was walking and they just seemed to turn and disappear in that same space. They just disappeared. Is this ... how do I come to grips with what another dimension is?

ELIAS: This would be quite accurate! It is merely as you would be within your physical focus moving from one room into another. All of these dimensions exist within the same space arrangement. Therefore, all other dimensions exist here. You need only turn your attention, and you may not be “here” any longer!

JIM: This spatial dimension, what our scientists or astronomers think of as the universe, is, they think, fourteen billion light years across. How accurate is this?

ELIAS: It is quite amusing! Your scientists are very amusing actually, for they view so very scientifically, and they do not view the vastness of what they think they view! What they view is much greater than what they think they view. It is boundless. They search for other universes beyond your universe. There is no “beyond your universe,” for all space arrangements occupy the same space!

JIM: And it is boundless?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Infinite?

ELIAS: Correct. There is no “edge.” I express to you that your scientists of this day view their universe as your individuals viewed your world, in viewing it to be flat and holding an edge that you may fall off of! There is no edge to your universe. You shall not approach the end of your universe and be faced with a wall, for there is no edge!

JIM: That’s hard to put my mind around! (Elias chuckles) A couple of questions. The issue of Mary, my former wife or partner: She’s had a life filled with turmoil, which from my perspective she creates. In the range of probabilities, is she on track to finding some peace and harmony in her life?

ELIAS: Within probabilities, yes ... although this may be altered! It IS a choice! (Grinning) But within present probabilities and choices being created presently, yes.

JIM: Okay. One question, returning to the concept of cancer: Dogs get cancer. Do they create their own cancer?


JIM: Do they have a ... they must have subjective mind.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And they make choices?

ELIAS: Correct; although not in the same direction that you create choices.

JIM: Much more limited choices?

ELIAS: They are much more simple. They do not create in the same direction that you create. Their reasoning is much more simplified.

Creatures create diseases that your species creates as a result of your species. They have acquired the ability to be creating the same disease that you create, for YOU have created it, but their reasoning is much more simplified, and in their creation they are aware that they are creating an element that shall lead to their disengagement. Therefore, they are purposefully creating this. It is merely YOUR choices that you alter the creature’s creation by interfering with its creation. It has learned to create what you create, but it does not uncreate this situation if creating a severity of it. It allows for itself to be disengaging within its creation, but your species interferes and alters the creature’s creation by introducing it to your belief systems and your medical professions.

JIM: They must have learned it all from a subjective level.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is within a harmony. They learn this creation within a harmony of objective and subjective.

JIM: That gives them the ability to empathize far beyond what we would think.

ELIAS: Absolutely! They view you, they connect with your creations within physical focus, and they learn your creativity!

JIM: That’s incredible! Hmm! Are there certain physical areas on our planet that have higher or stronger or more powerful energy for certain individuals, such as being near a mountain or a series of hills or a particularly beautiful tree or something? Is there energy that we experience as individuals coming from specific locations?

ELIAS: Yes. There are energy deposits which you create collectively.

JIM: So there would be certain areas that ... do we consciously create these deposits?

ELIAS: No. Within consciousness, you create energy deposits. You create them within your own physical location of your home of your own energy, and collectively you create them in many areas upon your planet for different reasons, and different individuals are drawn to different tones of energy deposits. Some individuals are drawn to energy deposits that they connect to within physical locations of your oceans; some within your deserts; some within your mountains; some within grazing lands. The largest energy deposit that you have created collectively upon your planet is that which you term to be your Bermuda Triangle.

JIM: Huh! So it exists!

ELIAS: Absolutely! It is your window to other dimensions.

JIM: It is some kind of mass consciousness that created this, a mass energy of people that happened to create it there?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Why there, as opposed to somewhere a thousand miles west or east?

ELIAS: This be your choice. You have collectively chosen this area of your planet as the one area of your planet that you may use as your window.

JIM: Into other dimensions?

ELIAS: Correct; and you accept this within your objective, waking, official reality.

JIM: It’s very curious. My father, just before he died ... he seemed never to be afraid of things, but he flew down to an island with me, and it was like he was afraid of being in the plane. He said, “This is the area of the Bermuda Triangle.”

ELIAS: (Mysteriously) Strange occurrences happen within this area (grinning) and are quite acceptable, for you have created this window within your reality to be exiting this reality at will.

VICKI: We could change that place, correct?

ELIAS: You may, although you have agreed upon this area globally.

JIM: (Laughing) Isn’t that extraordinary!

ELIAS: It is quite efficient! Why shall you move your window?

VICKI: But it could be done, right?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: It doesn’t have anything to do with other than the fact that that’s just where we choose to put it?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You may choose to create your window at your pyramids, or you may choose to move your window to your now-renowned Arizona!

JIM: (Laughing) Arizona! A question on the Ayurvedic Texts, which are the Indian texts of six thousand years ago. It seems from these texts that those individuals that lived at that time had a greater connection with energy – I guess subjective consciousness or energy – than people in this century. Is this correct?


JIM: No?

ELIAS: It is merely different. It is merely a difference in attention. You view yourselves within this century to be “less than” many other cultures and peoples, for you view yourselves to move into the area of science and technology, and you view this not to be spiritual. It is a tremendous creative endeavor. You have propelled yourselves into the action of this shift in consciousness within your era of technology, actualizing into your physical focus inventive, creative elements that mirror what you know within essence and within consciousness and within your abilities. All that you view about you is a mirror image of what you are. Therefore, how be you less connected, that you do not speak to a tree or a bear or hallucinate and connect within consciousness? You are objectively creating all that you know within consciousness.

JIM: Hmm! So we are, in a sense, progressing. (Elias/Mary begins coughing at this point, which lasts for about ten seconds.)

ELIAS: (Speaking slowly) The ... the body consciousness is weak. We shall be discontinuing this evening, but you may be resuming if you are so choosing. (Mary was not feeling well this evening, and hadn’t been for about a month)

JIM: I would like that very much.

ELIAS: (To Vic) I shall be addressing to Michael.

VICKI: Good luck!

ELIAS: (To Jim) I express to you a wondrous affection, and you may also be expressing to your partner the same affection.

JIM: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: And I shall anticipating our next meeting.

JIM: And I will, very much. Thank you.

ELIAS: To you both this evening -- (to Vic, with an exasperated “Oh, brother!” look) and be expressing to Michael! – a very fond, affectionate au revoir.

Elias departs at 7:22 PM.

Vic’s note: Several folks have already asked me what I’m supposed to be saying to Mary, so I’ll say it publicly right here:

Mary, quit ignoring your body!!

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