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Saturday, November 22, 1997

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ďVarieties of ImageryĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Stella (Cindel), and visiting from Arizona, Margot (Jeselle).

Vicís note: I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Margot for her diligent efforts in helping with the transcribing. I couldnít do it without you, Margot. Thanks a bunch!

Elias arrives at 5:09 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: (To Margot, smiling) Good evening!

MARGOT: It is SO nice to be here again! I have talked to you. I asked you a very complicated question one night; in fact, Iíd been thinking about asking it. It was about something I knew nothing about. You began answering me, but it was all kind of telepathic in my mind. I told you I didnít understand, and then I heard your voice and you began to explain it and I understood it perfectly, and the next morning I knew nothing! Iím sorry! (Elias is grinning)

However, I guess we Ė Stella and I Ė have a vested interest in something here. Iím going to get to it right away. This one night, I had a dream. It was probably about a month or so ago, and the first thing I saw when I was going to sleep that night was your blue eyes. So I got very excited, and thatís probably why I recalled the dream as well as I did.

The dream was that all the puter friends, all of those that are on-line with each other, decided to have a reunion, or to just plain meet to start with; it wasnít a reunion at all. And so we picked out a nice, lovely lodge someplace and we all met, and when I got there everybody was there, and at some point we decided that we would stand in a circle and take each otherís hands. I donít know what we were going to do, but there was one gal here in this group that I had never met before. I asked somebody who it was, and they told me it was ďMarta.Ē I had never met her before. She was a stranger, but she seemed to be in the group, and then next to her was a little, tiny shriveled-up man whom I can only describe as being Asian. He was very unhappy, and he would not take the hand of any of the folks to either side of him. But Marta was the one who was VERY concerned that we follow the rules. She felt that we hadnít been following the rules, whatever the rules were, and she was very concerned about it. The other thing about her that was strange was that the rest of us were all really not dressed up at all. We were all in our pants and shirts and what-not, but Marta had on a business suit and gloves and a hat and high-heeled shoes and hose, and it just was very strange!

Now, I talked with Vic about this dream. We both know that Marta is the essence name for Marcos, but I have heard Marcos on the tapes a lot and of course Vicki has met him, and he seems to be such a nice, laid-back, happy person that it just didnít fit. So, I kind of put that in the back and didnít think about it very much. And then the day that Stella and Letty came to town, we began talking about it again, and I began to feel this connection with the two of them. As the afternoon wore on, I began thinking that it had to do with my dad, because it seemed to have to do with Mexico and it had to do with Spanish. And then we found out that Letty and my dad were born just a few miles from each other Ė theyíre not the same ages Ė in the same place in northern Mexico.

Then I had another dream, and in this dream Stella and Letty and Marcos and I were in the bank in Mexico City and we were planning some big, wonderful project. We were very excited about it! We were trying to get everything done. It was a very nice, happy dream, and as I was beginning to wake up, suddenly it came to my mind Ė my waking-up mind Ė that a cousin of mine who lives in Mexico City and has an optical store was connected, and of course this would be on my dadís side of the family. So now weíre really curious about it. I would like to know first of all about the first dream, or however you want to approach it, and Iíd also like to know about the little, shriveled-up Asian-looking man who wouldnít hold hands with any of us and was very cross and ornery ... sir!

ELIAS: (Grinning) My! Sir! (To Vic) Note this! (Laughter)

Vicís note: Yeah, Iíll note it. Iíll note that you can be assured that Iíll never call Mr. E ďSir!Ē Iíll leave that to you, Margot!

ELIAS: Your first dream is your imagery to yourself of the connections that you feel and recognize with many other individuals that are interactive within this forum. The symbolization or imagery that you present to yourself of the woman of Marta is not connected to an individual. This is your imagery to yourself of what you view within your belief systems as the Sumafi restraints Ė the holding to the least amount of distortion Ė but which also images itself for YOU as being very stiff and very restricting and NOT very fun-loving!

MARGOT: You think thatís what I think? I mean, Iím not saying ďyou think,Ē but thatís what the imagery was to me?

ELIAS: This is your imagery to yourself of not acknowledging the fun and playfulness of the Sumafi, and only looking to the seriousness and viewing this as restricting. The Sumafi are very concerned with the least amount of distortion, but may also be quite playful and not quite as rigid as you view them to be!

MARGOT: Okay, Iíll sure work on that!

ELIAS: The small man is the symbolization of your own, your own imagery to yourself of belief systems which shall not ďhold the handĒ of the Sumafi in its rigidness, but pulls away and offers a sour face! (Laughter)

MARGOT: Thank you very much for that. And the second dream?

ELIAS: This would be imagery to yourself in offering yourself information of the connections that you hold to individuals that you view to be new acquaintances, that you have not objectively known previously but subjectively have known for a time frame and have been interactive with these individuals in your terms previously, and also shall continue futurely.

MARGOT: Then the connection there doesnít have to do, as I have felt, with Mexico and the Spanish language?

ELIAS: It has to do with a cultural alignment within this location, but only as imagery to yourself to be confirming of your connections within consciousness and your alignments with each other.

MARGOT: So it doesnít have anything to do with my dadís side of my family?

ELIAS: This is offered to you in identification. These are symbols that identify to you closeness, family.

MARGOT: Okay. Thatís right. It does.

ELIAS: Therefore, you image in this manner to be identifying the same element with these other individuals; the closeness.

MARGOT: The close family connection.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: I see. Thank you very much. (To Stella) Is there anything else on that that Iíve forgotten?


MARGOT: Several years ago I had a dream that I felt was a bleed-through from an ancient Egyptian lifetime in which I was with my dad. My dadís name in that lifetime was Tuma, and in my dream he was a high priest that took care of the dead, and I helped him. I donít know just what I was called, but he was a high priest who took care of the dead, which has always indicated to me that Iím very connected to my dad in other focuses, and I also believe that I have helped him care for the dead in other focuses. Can you confirm that for me?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Okay. And that lifetime that bled-through and I dreamed about, then that would be ancient Egyptian, and Tuma was his ... (Elias is nodding) Okay.

ELIAS: Correct; and this be influencing of this particular focus.

MARGOT: Yes, very much so. Several years ago, when I left the church and left everything behind me, we never talked about it. My dad and I didnít talk about it except he was very upset about it all, but I felt that a lot of his upset came because there was a measure of jealousy. I felt that I had done what he had oftentimes thought about doing -- leaving my mom and questioning the church Ė and I felt at that point we might have been counterparts of a sort.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Thank you. I have felt that this was true.

ELIAS: Although the identification of jealousy is incorrect. This would more be an identification of a recognition within the daughter of a strength that was not allowed within the parent.

MARGOT: Yeah, it wasnít allowed. Okay, thank you. The other night, not very long ago, I had a dream that was very interesting because I felt I was looking at two time frameworks, perhaps. Iím kind of confused about it. I was back in my home before I left church and husband and everything, and the children that I had were about the ages they were when I left, and they were there. I was pregnant and I was very excited about it. I was just so pleased! I was trying to think of a name for this child that would go with the last name Ė which was not the actual last name Ė and I kind of decided I wanted to call this boy ... it was going to be a boy ... I was going to call him Ben, and then it occurred to me that somebody else in the family had the name Ben. I looked in the mirror at that point in the dream. I donít know why, but I was looking in the mirror at myself, and I was not at all myself. I was very, very tall; striking. I had some other kind of a hairstyle, very short. I was very thin. I woke up at that point.

In thinking about that dream, it seemed like it was a situation that I had decided to leave in 1976, and it also seems ... because to me a child in a dream, pregnancy in a dream, a birth, has always meant a new idea, a new concept, a new way of doing things, things like that. And so it seemed to me that at that point in 1976 I was doing that, and that would have been symbology for that. And yet in a way, thatís what Iím doing now, or have been doing now, is finding a new concept that I really like. So I felt there was an overlay there. Can you help me with that one?

ELIAS: You have offered yourself imagery to be allowing yourself a viewing, in helpfulness, of simultaneous time and its reality. You have also offered yourself imagery to be suggesting to you an emergence; an emergence that within simultaneous time occurs within what you view to be past, and also is simultaneously occurring presently ... in slightly different areas objectively, but within the same direction and within the emergence of your realization of your intent within this focus. It is an allowance for yourself to be understanding more of your own reality. This is also imaged to yourself in consistent manner with transition, allowing yourself to move freely throughout different time frameworks of your focus and preparing you for the objective experience within this same manner, that you may be entering into areas objectively within your waking state of examining and viewing different time elements within this focus as reality; within one moment occupying a different time framework, a past time framework, and viewing this to be present reality temporarily, and knowing that you continue to hold to your present reality and sanity, (grinning, and laughter) but may objectively enter into spontaneous action of being within a different time framework.

MARGOT: What was the imagery of my reflection in the mirror, where I was so tall and so thin and so ...

ELIAS: This is an allowance of a viewing of another focus that you allow to bleed-through within all of your imagery, which also is consistent with the action of transition.

MARGOT: Alright, I understand that. The only other thought I had about that dream is that I was viewing a parallel reality of still being married to that man and just having gone on and not having made the choice that I did, but it was the pregnancy that let me know that there was something else going on there. Okay, thank you.

Iíve been working hard on counterpart action. My first impression, when I started thinking about it a few months ago, was that I donít have any counterparts! Now Iíve talked to you tonight about my dad at that time. (Elias chuckles) I couldnít find any counterparts because no matter how you describe a counterpart, it didnít seem to be. Iíd like to ask you about a childhood friend that I had that I was very, very close to at one time. Her name was Janet, and we appeared to look alike. Our parents called us twins Ė I think thatís why I tripped on that Ė but our ways changed, and we didnít do at all the same things with our lives. So I think counterpart action, if that was a counterpart, ended at that point. Sheís very hostile to me now, and she wonít respond to anything. Itís been really kind of hard to try to deal with that because I really cared a great deal for her. Can you confirm that she was a counterpart at that time?

ELIAS: And continues to be.

MARGOT: And continues to be!

ELIAS: It is merely ...

MARGOT: The opposite kind of a counterpart?

ELIAS: You have merely altered the actions.

MARGOT: I see. So sometimes counterpart action can begin with being very alike, and then opposites. Then can it go back again ever? (Elias nods) If everybody makes that choice. Okay.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Alright. Now Iíve also had two situations even before you told me that my asthma was as a result of conflict, which has been quite interesting for me to think about because I really understood it. That really was right. But two or three years ago, suddenly it occurred to me one day that two of my children were doing exactly what I had wanted to do, and that was NOT have children! And that Iíve got counterpart action going with those two, daughter and son. I look at their lives and Iím thinking, ďWow! Thatís what I really wanted to do!Ē Which brings me to the next thing, or the same thing actually, but how is it that ... Iím sure Iím not the only one that conflicted myself so! How is it that I had something else set out to do, i.e. not have children, and then I had seven? How did it happen that I made those choices? Why does that happen?

ELIAS: For you have chosen!

MARGOT: Seven times? I mean, I was really into it, you know? I thought that was what I did!

ELIAS: This has been your choice for your experience.

MARGOT: And even knowing Ė as my essence would know Ė that I was going to really conflict myself?

ELIAS: But you have also offered yourself much information!

MARGOT: Oh, certainly I have!

ELIAS: You have also offered yourself NOW with much identification of belief systems.

MARGOT: Oh yes, I certainly have!

ELIAS: Which also is in alignment with your intent, and transition within this focus.

MARGOT: Yes. I guess if I think about that, Iíll start to feeling really good about that conflict about this asthma! (Laughter) Okay. Iím working on it. Itís coming along.

In July, I had Vic ask you about something I had been told once a long time ago, and thatís if other people that I know and love, who also have the middle name of Rose as I do, were fragments of my essence, and you said, ďNo; focuses.Ē So Iím here to ask: My granddaughter Jennifer Rose, is she a focus of mine? (In Eliasí terms, a fragment is a new essence with a new personality tone)

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Okay. How about my Aunt Rose, my motherís good friend? I got that name after her.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Thatís a focus of mine??

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Itís giving me chills! Dixie Rose, my very close friend and who I think I have counterpart action with?


MARGOT: No? Yes? (Elias shakes his head) No. Okay. Now when I disengage, itís up to my focuses to decide whether to fragment or to also disengage, and here I have my little granddaughter Jennifer Rose who is probably about twelve years old right now! That will be her choice?

ELIAS: It is a choice.

MARGOT: I guess Iíve got to live a really long time! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Not necessarily! It is a choice.

MARGOT: A choice. Okay ...

ELIAS: And this individual may be choosing to be fragmenting.

MARGOT: Okay, I wonít worry about it!

ELIAS: Very good! (Laughter) It is not an automatic action!

MARGOT: Yeah, okay. I understand that. Now Iíve had a little bit of experience of late with what I have written down here as ďDead Guysí Tricks.Ē (Laughter) We went through a stage at our house with the clocks, (Elias sports a big grin) and then one day when I was coming home from work, driving along in the car Ė and nothing could have made this thing happen Ė something the size of a pebble struck my left ankle. Nothing had rolled off the seat or off the dashboard or anything to make that occur. I was riding along thinking about that and Iím thinking, ďLetís see now. Who is here and whatís going on?Ē About that time, the same thing, something feeling like the size of a stone in weight, hit my right thigh. I went home and I got in touch with Ron and Vic, and they seem to think it sounded like one of Paulís tricks.

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning, and laughter)

MARGOT: And then, I was having such a nice time that afternoon ...

ELIAS: Have you been experiencing biting fingers?

MARGOT: Me? Biting fingers? I donít think so!

ELIAS: Very good!


ELIAS: He is allowing himself a calming of trickery! (Grinning)

MARGOT: Oh. (To Vic) Youíll have to explain that to me! (To Elias) Then I was having this lovely afternoon with Stella and Letty, and I lit up a cigarette and somebody took it out of my hand. Did you enjoy that?

ELIAS: (Humorously indignant) This be not myself!

MARGOT: (Laughing) Oh, really!

ELIAS: I am quite electrical ...

MARGOT: Youíre very electrical!

ELIAS: ... although I must be admitting to the time!

MARGOT: I didnít understand what you meant.

ELIAS: I shall be confessing to playing with your time!

MARGOT: Thank you. And you think that Paul was the one who threw the stones at me?

ELIAS: This is quite strong language, ďthrowing stones!Ē (Laughter)

MARGOT: Can you look in your crystal ball? Stellaís here!

ELIAS: Ah! The crystal ball!

MARGOT: We can get the crystal ball out! Can you look in the crystal ball and see who got the cigarette?

ELIAS: My dear friend. (Pause, and then to Vic) Shall you offer?

VICKI: Paul.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Paul did that too? Well, you tell him Iím on to him now!

ELIAS: You may express this yourself!

MARGOT: I shall. Yes, I shall! Okay. I have been told by my parents that I have had problems with allergies and sinus. Since the day I was born I have sneezed, and so I grew up with that idea. I still have those problems. Evidently, the only way that I can work this out in my mind is that I came in with issues Ė I was born with issues Ė and that I still have them. I have thought and thought and thought, and I cannot decide what that kind of an issue ... it sounds like tissue, doesnít it? (Laughter)

ELIAS: May I express to you that this is not necessarily an issue in the manner that you view it. Let me be offering to you the action of your sneezing.

Each time that you within physical focus sneeze, you are allowing yourself what you would term to be a split second of time that you are entering into the area of unconscious, and in this you are retreating from your objective state. Therefore, you have entered into this physical focus with a tremendous fear of life, and have been retreating momentarily quite often! This be the one action within your physical form, within your physical focus, that does not in actuality create what you may objectively view as an unconscious state, but within a moment it accomplishes the same action. It is the one physical action that you within physical focus have allowed yourselves, within an acceptable waking state without objective awareness, of interruption, but allowing yourself a physical response and disengagement from objective awareness within a moment.

MARGOT: Then can we say that when people say they have allergies to whatever, grass or food ...

ELIAS: They may be expressing that they are allergic to life!

MARGOT: You know, I have said that! Somebody has asked me why I sneeze and Iíve said, ďI donít know. I get up in the morning sneezing. I guess I have an allergy to life!Ē I have said that!

STELLA: Iím going to start sneezing! (Much laughter) I donít sneeze hardly, so itís kind of nice to start sneezing for me ... kind of get away and experience something different, right? (You crack me up, Stella!)

ELIAS: I suggest to you that all that you shall objectively be aware of is discomfort within your face! (We all crack up)

STELLA: Oh, god! (Elias chuckles)

MARGOT: Thank you. That really makes so much sense! I understand that. In regard to transition: I asked Vic to ask for me, and she did, and you gave me an answer that had some interesting results. I asked you about these thumping episodes that I was having that had gotten to be quite severe. In fact, I really started having them fifteen years ago. You explained to me that it was part of the action of transition, and why. Now, the first thing I want to ask about that is, if those episodes are part of transition Ė I started having them about fifteen years ago Ė have I been in transition that long?


MARGOT: And that was actually my clue, or one of the clues?


MARGOT: Has it been longer than fifteen years?


MARGOT: How long has it been?

ELIAS: Within this particular focus, you have engaged this action of transition in what you would term to be twenty-three years ago.

MARGOT: Wow! That would have been before I left husband and church, or about the same time!

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Whoa! Well, Iím sure glad that Vicki told me you can be fifty years in transition at least and still be here ... focused!

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Whoa! Okay. Now you told me ... and I brought the statement with me. I hoped that Vicki could help me understand it, and she did. What you said here that I didnít quite understand ... this is the last part of it:

ďThe individual is not visualizing all of the focuses, but is mirroring the action in acceleration physically within body consciousness expressions. Therefore, the body consciousness is responding to subjective instruction, imaging the actions in this manner instead of imaging the action of transition in visualizing many focuses at once. Instead, the action is imaged within many different physical actions, different cells responding cooperatively within body consciousness and expression in the same manner.Ē

Now, I think if I talk to you a little bit about this, youíll understand whether I understand that. I gather that I am getting the subjective knowledge of viewing focuses in the thumping episodes.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Okay. Now, as soon as she told me the answer, guess what? The severity of them dropped to about half. They are to the point now that I donít have them very often at all, and itís not thumping anymore Ė I would have to say fluttering. Now, what happened? Did just knowing the answer subjectively ...

ELIAS: Correct. It is offering your objective awareness the ability to be within harmony and partial understanding of the subjective activity in cooperation with body consciousness.

MARGOT: At this point, I donít think the severity of the thumping will come again. If it should though, would it mean that Iím not in harmony?

ELIAS: No. It is merely for your own attention that this is the action that you are engaging.

MARGOT: But now that my attention has been gotten, we should just be in harmony now?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Thank you. Now I was talking to Vicki about this today, and I was telling her something I hadnít even intended to ask you about. I was complaining because three times in my life, folks have tried to kill me. I donít understand why somebody as nice as I and who just really tries to do good in the world and just be this great person, why this would happen, why people would get so angry with me they would actually try to kill me! I have helped to create that, undoubtedly. Itís probably more than just being an Aries! (Laughter)

The first one attacked me in a court case that I testified in. She attacked me before I left the courtroom and injured my neck, which is what she (Stella) Ė Iím going to talk to you later about that Ė has worked on while Iíve been here, which has become a recurring thing. Thereís an issue tied up there, but thatís when it began. The second time was the grandmother of the foster children that I took. She attacked me one day and said she was going to kill me. The next time occurred when a psychic friend of mine Ė had been a friend -- became very angry at me for some reason, and got other psychic friends, and they actually put a contract out on my life to kill me psychically! Now, I was going to ask you about that one, because Iíd like you to explain to me how somebody who did not believe in forms of protection like the new-agers are always talking about Ė I did not believe that that could happen to me -- why I helped to create that situation, because it became quite severe before it was fixed. Why have I created these situations for myself? Just for the experience, and because this is my last lifetime and Iím just doing it ALL?

ELIAS: No. There are several situations within these creations, but they are all connected and all are imagery of the same things. First of all, they are all tied to your fascination with death and bringing yourself many times within this focus almost to the point, but not quite crossing your line.

MARGOT: Thatís right! I know those other times!

ELIAS: Therefore, this also is an element of the same thing within your intent in this particular focus, and experiencing all of the different elements of this subject.

MARGOT: And lots of ways to die!

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Yes. I know exactly what youíre talking about because itís happened a lot!

ELIAS: You also have chosen to be experiencing the role of the victim in agreement in different manners; but within alignment of your intent, your victimization moves into the area of death. Therefore, you are continuing to be creating in alignment with your intent. Within the last scenario you offer yourself more information, for you also address to belief systems and what you believe to be possible and what you believe to be NOT possible, and offering yourself information that moves beyond what you view to be possible.

MARGOT: So I concluded that the wisdom in that was that all things ARE possible, and there are many things I have no knowledge of ...

ELIAS: Objectively, yes.

MARGOT: Now, in order to fix that situation ... these gals were doing whatever they were doing so that I would die, and I did get sick! And I got sicker and sicker, and it took about six months, and I never once tripped on why I was sick. I went to all kinds of specialists and I did everything I could think of. And finally, I began getting imagery of sound. I began hearing things that actually werenít happening, and I finally told Howard what was going on, and he went to the phone and he called Jade, and we went to see Jade. That night though, before we went to see Jade, Howard had a dream. He dreamed about something that Howard described as a little imp by the name of Beort, and in this dream Howard saw that Beort was the one that was trying to kill me, which only confused my issue a whole lot more. But we went to see Jade, and in talking to me and meditating and seeing what Jade was seeing, he evidently saw Beort at the top of my head and jumped on him and grabbed him. And at that moment, a crystal popped out of my skull and landed across the room! Iíve seen this crystal. Iíve held it in my hand. It was real, and it came out of my head! Would this also be another belief system that came crashing down that I had at that point, or what happened???

ELIAS: It is an offering to yourself of these elements beyond what you believe, beyond what you view to be possible. Your imagery is that of the belief systems that you have imaged into an actual thing. You have projected the energy of your own belief systems; that this action is being created outside of yourself, that other individuals are creating this action of killing you.

MARGOT: Okay. I got it.

ELIAS: In reality, you are merely responding to your own belief systems that any other individual holds this power. Therefore, within the strength of your belief systems, believing that your condition is created outside of yourself, you project a tremendous amount of energy to confirm this to yourself, and create an actual image that others may view.

MARGOT: Okay, so Beort was MY creation?

ELIAS: Of your own belief systems within your own energy.

MARGOT: I decided that this was a focus of mine, Beort was, or something connected with my essence.

ELIAS: It is merely the energy projected from your own belief systems.

MARGOT: I see. Thank you very much! Now, didnít that turn out good? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Yes, Lawrence?

VICKI: The crystal too?

ELIAS: The crystal is the actual physical image that you project from your own energy, creating an actual physical form within matter that is recognizable, that also is a symbol to you of elements that are beyond your belief systems. You do not believe this to be possible. Therefore, you offer yourself within your own energy an example of what is not possible in conjunction with what is not possible Ė that another individual may be creating your death. YOU are creating of this.

VICKI: Wow! Thatís interesting. So you actually created a crystal!

ELIAS: You actually created a creature! (Pause, staring at Vic, and then we all laugh) Do not be discounting!

We shall break, and you may continue with questioning.

MARGOT: Thank you.

BREAK 5:56 PM.
RESUME 6:10 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

MARGOT: Thank you. I alluded to this a little while ago. Stella has put her wonderful hands on my shoulder while Iíve been here because of this pain that Iíve had in my left shoulder for about two months now. Here again, thereís an issue involved, and I feel that it relates to that time when I was attacked in court because thatís when I hurt the shoulder bad, pinched a nerve. Are they related, and/or what is the issue involved with this energy that Iím carrying in this shoulder?

ELIAS: You are not releasing the energy that you hold in connection with these experiences. You are continuing.

MARGOT: Okay. Do you have any suggestions for that kind of release?

ELIAS: Recognize that you have allowed yourself the experiences, and if you are not choosing to be recreating another similar experience ...

MARGOT: No, we donít want to do that!

ELIAS: ... in alignment with your intent and exploring your death issue partially, then you may be releasing this energy.

MARGOT: Thank you. Thatís a good idea! Now, everybodyís been very interested in their 1700ís lifetime. I thought I had figured that out really quite some time ago because when my granddaughter Paige was born in 1989, she had a red ring around her neck, and we looked at her and said, ďMarie Antoinette!Ē And right at that time, then I began to see ... Iím not going to ask you if she was Marie Antoinette, although you could tell me if she was! (Laughter) At that time, I got this picture of me as a palace servant, perhaps even the wet-nurse, and I wonder if you can confirm that for me?

ELIAS: A servant.

MARGOT: A servant. And also at the same time, Paigeís mother, my daughter-in-law Janet, as a well-known singer in Paris at that time.

ELIAS: Semi well-known.

MARGOT: Semi well-known? Okay, thank you. Now, have I ever been Jeselle in a focus?


MARGOT: Many times?

ELIAS: Within that particular focus.

MARGOT: Oh, that was my ... oh, I see! Oh, thatís interesting! That was the case with Helen the other night. Okay, I have a list from Howard/Bosht. Howard has been estranged from his dad most of his life. Heís not had contact with him. Itís been a very unhappy situation. He now has an idea that his dad has died. Heíd like to know if you could confirm that.

ELIAS: (Accessing) In a manner of speaking, but not physically yet.

MARGOT: Is he in transition or is he senile, or ...

ELIAS: He is within an area of making a choice; in an area which you may term to be coma.

MARGOT: Oh, so thatís probably why Howard picked up that he was gone. Thank you. Howard is trying to find a name for his architectural company, and heís fixated on the name of a place in New Mexico that weíre very interested in. It seems like quite a magical place to us, and the name of the place is Abique. We donít know how thatís spelled. He wants to know if you would know a spelling for Abique? Itís an Indian name, I believe.

ELIAS: I may offer one spelling, and if you are so choosing you may incorporate this, although there are several spellings.

MARGOT: I think heíd like to have yours.


MARGOT: Thank you. Heís going to like that because it has that H in it. This Iím going to read. I donít understand it myself. ďWas my trouble with the cover (for his book) coming from another focus that the book was in, or was it the universe stalling for time?Ē

ELIAS: It is HIMSELF stalling for time! (Grinning)

MARGOT: Okay, thank you. Now, Howardís face: Somebody, I think it was Vic, asked the question for Howard about what this situation was with the whatever-it-is on his face, and you said that it was issues, parental responsibility issues and what-not, which he agrees with and understands. He has been to the doctor several times, and the doctor took a biopsy yesterday and told him that one of the possibilities for what he has, since it seems to be medically known as a bacterial infection, would be that he has leprosy. Heís not discounting what you said, but he does have to contend with this thing on his face. I canít speak for how willing he is to examine all his issues, but could you say anything about the leprosy?

ELIAS: And is this not quite interesting, for this is quite imagery of what I have expressed previously!

MARGOT: Yes, it is! Yes, it is.

ELIAS: Very creative!

MARGOT: Yeah, and itís really getting his attention big time!

ELIAS: Therefore, address to these issues. He may also be incorporating your medical sciences if he is so choosing, but if not addressing to these issues, he shall merely recreate.

MARGOT: Yeah. Okay. He had a very interesting dream. It was a horrifying dream to him Ė he was just totally horrified by it. In this dream, his job seemed to be the disposal of animals in a fire, in a huge fire, like in a boiler-fire. The animals were first put to sleep or drugged so that he could get them into the fire without a lot of fuss, and then in the second batch of animals that he was doing in the dream Ė he was so repulsed by it and he was so against what he had to do Ė he saw that the second batch of animals had been drugged, but had woken up. One of the animals was a baby elephant. This became the part of the dream that Howard just could not fathom, that he could ever do anything like that. I suggested that it was a focus that he had seen, a bleed-through from something else. Can you explain that dream to him?

ELIAS: This is another example of the same imagery of this issue; that he offers to himself dream imagery of elements that hold repulsion to him, and also physical ailment that is repulsive.

MARGOT: So it wasnít a bleed-through from another focus?


MARGOT: No. Okay. He says, ďThank Elias profusely for the Beatitude input.Ē

ELIAS: It was his input! (Grinning)

MARGOT: Oh, heíll love hearing that! Thank you. It WAS his input. He is so excited. He is so excited about this! Iím to ask you if they are written correctly. Specifically, is the first one written correctly, I guess in the Bible?

ELIAS: It is written in your terms correctly, within translation and re-translation and re-translation.

MARGOT: Letís see. Would you care to enlighten us a little bit on what they might ... will we ever find out what they actually said?

ELIAS: It is unimportant. The meaning is within the words.

MARGOT: Okay. Could I ask you ... (to Vic) Would you do this? You did it the other night. Could you find out about those two?

VICKI: The question is, the other night in the game we connected seven of the nine Beatitudes with the families, and so thereís two left, and so ...

ELIAS: And you may be entering these within your game!

VICKI: Okay! (Laughing)

MARGOT: And so youíre not going to do it until tomorrow night?

ELIAS: Correct.


ELIAS: You may enter these within your game with your impressions.

MARGOT: Okay. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: There is no cheating! (Laughter)

VICKI: (To Margot) Told you so, told you so! (Laughter)

MARGOT: Stella has something she wants to talk about.

ELIAS: Ah, Cindel has been very quiet this evening!

STELLA: I am so well-educated! (Much laughter) I thanked Margot for allowing me to be here. Of course, I was sort of begging last night Ė ďOh, please!Ē Ė so she said, ďNo problem.Ē Iíve had some interesting stuff happen, as usual! But Iíve got to tell you that right now, Iíve been getting this sensation a lot in my ears. I feel like my ears are electrical. Why is that?

ELIAS: You are allowing, once again, for yet another bleed-through, although this be extra-dimensional.

STELLA: (Excitedly) So is that what happened to me?? You know exactly what happened to me, right? Two days ago ... two nights ago? Now this is really interesting! (Elias starts laughing) Okay, the first one. I was in this city, and I knew that I was like not really walking and my body felt really light, and then I was kind of afraid because it was dark. It was a street, and I donít know the street, but it was kind of dark and I was scared, and I said to myself, ďIím going to the gym.Ē Then this guy, this kid comes along on this bike and sort of comes right by me, which I felt reassured by him, but I knew he kind of didnít see me. I was kind of invisible. Was this an out-of-body, and was I in Argentina?

ELIAS: This was not an out-of-body.

STELLA: Oh, darn it!

ELIAS: This was your imagery to yourself of what you are experiencing presently in connecting with another focus within another dimension; therefore not quite being comfortable within a dis-familiar form, but allowing yourself the imagery of a familiar form that you are accustomed to viewing with another individual, a small one, and this allowing yourself a comforting, a feeling of safety in the experience of connecting with very unfamiliar elements.

STELLA: Okay. That makes sense. Well, I tell you, what I experienced was really unfamiliar after this! Anyway, that same night, twice in that same night my name was called Ė ďStella!Ē Ė but it was kind of like a far-away ďStella.Ē It wasnít really close to me. I acknowledged it and so on and so forth, but this was happening all at once, or it seemed that way. But anyway ... oh god, this one was weird! I kept seeing like all these colors, my eyes fluttering. Iíve had that before, my eyes fluttering, and then it seems like Iím looking at this book and the pages are going very fast and Iím seeing these colors come out, and I want to stop it so I can see whatís going on but I canít seem to do that, so they just go fast. But thatís familiar, so thatís kind of okay.

Now, THIS one was VERY strange because it started with my ears. Itís this vibration thing. I felt really awful, but I said, ďIím going to go for the experience. Iím going to experience it. Itís okay.Ē I allowed myself to do that and not to be afraid, but I didnít like it. I didnít like what was happening because I felt like I was liquid!

ELIAS: This be also an other-dimensional focus, an example to yourself. You offer yourself the initial experience as getting your feet wet, so to speak, and then you allow yourself a subsequent experience that is more of the actuality of this same focus.

STELLA: But itís a very strange focus!

ELIAS: It is other-dimensional! (Grinning)

STELLA: It felt that way, and itís kind of scary, Elias!

ELIAS: There is no element holding fearfulness within this. It is merely another focus of YOU.

STELLA: Oh my gosh! Okay ...

ELIAS: It shall not be harmful to you. (Smiling)

STELLA: No, I donít think it would be. Itís just kind of a scary thing because you feel like ďliquidy.Ē I was trying to get something solid -- I was touching my husbandís back Ė but I couldnít. Itís like it was weird! And anyway, what happened afterwards? Oh my god! Who was calling my name?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You!


ELIAS: To be offering yourself a stability that you are still present, although you are offering yourself an experience that is very unfamiliar.

STELLA: Yeah, quite unfamiliar! Okay, the next thing. The next day, I was on the bus. A lot of stuff happens on the bus, I swear! Anyway, I was closing my eyes, and all of a sudden I see this lady, an old lady, and I can see her dress so clearly. Itís got like little purple flowers and stuff. Anyway, sheís kind of dark, but I know sheís not dark. Itís just like from the sun. Sheís been working in the field or something. But sheís got only three teeth, like protruding, and then no more teeth! Sheís a pretty sad case, I swear, and sheís got something on her head, covering her head. Anyway, so Iím looking at her and Iím thinking, ďHmm, probably this is like me somewhere along the line,Ē right? Another focus. And anyway, that happened, and I thought it was me in another focus.

Okay, so wait a second. So now I get to work and now Iím at my desk, and she comes up again and Iím looking at her. Well, I have this conversation with her and sheís asking me, ďWho are you?Ē I told her that it didnít really matter who I was. Somehow I said, ďGosh, you chose such ... it seems like such a hard life.Ē I felt her. My shoulders really felt like when youíre carrying a big load. I felt her very much. Is her name Marlene, and is she a focus of mine?

ELIAS: She is not a focus of yours.

STELLA: Sheís not??

ELIAS: She is a focus of Lynda.

STELLA: A focus of ...?

ELIAS: Lynda.

MARGOT: Your mother.

STELLA: Lynda? My mother?? How can ... really??

ELIAS: It is an offering to you, that you may be more understanding of this individual, and to be helpful to you within your acceptance.

STELLA: Oh. So for me to be more accepting of my mother, which is happening, which is really happening!

ELIAS: I am aware.

STELLA: Yes! The change has been quite interesting, and Iím very happy with that. Iím very, very happy. So sheís a focus of hers. Is her name ... was I kind of correct with her name, Marlene?

ELIAS: MarlenA.

STELLA: MarlenA. This is so interesting! I get so excited! Okay, Iíve got to tell you, this one is probably my focus. I had a dream. I was hiding. This was in Russia, and here I am in this house and Iím hiding from the authorities, but I canít really hide anywhere. I remember calling Tony, which is my brother, but do you know who appears? My brother Manuel. He appears there and heís a guard, and heís going to take me away. Iím a boy. Iím a young man, but Iím not afraid of him. Heís not threatening to me. So I go with him and we end up in this big yard or something, and then I see this weird stuff. I see this guy whoís a guard, and heís sort of drunk and carrying on. I look at this guy whoís supposed to be my brother now, and we sort of laugh about this guy whoís acting drunk, and I wake up. Do you know what I came up with? That this is a focus of mine, of me in Russia, and my brother was the guard! Is that true?

ELIAS: Correct; and this may also add to your Talmud, for this boy is of Hebrew faith.

STELLA: Oh my god! So therefore, my fascination with that!


STELLA: Okay, okay. Well, thatís good. Thatís very good! Okay, Iíve been feeling Emilio Antonio. I wrote them a letter, and I left it alone. Itís like Iím being so big about this! Iím being so mature! I just said that whenever they want to talk to me, fine. I feel heís okay Ė Emilio Antonio is fine. I feel that I connected with her, with the lady whoís doing her thing, Celita, and I feel that somehow she knows that I know.

ELIAS: This is correct.

STELLA: Yeah, okay. But right now, everything is fine. I think I rocked their boat, but I donít feel too bad about it because I feel like Iím trusting myself more. Iím validating myself more, and I think this was an opportunity for me to do this, to validate me.

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: Yes, so that feels good. Okay, this is really good! Another one. Vincent Urea comes back to the picture!

ELIAS: Ah, Vincent! (Grinning)

STELLA: Well, weíve got a lot of plans!

MARGOT: We sure do!

STELLA: I mean, everybodyís got some incredible plans, so we have got to fulfill them!

ELIAS: Then I suggest that you on with your mission!

STELLA: Well, I am! I went to Beverly hills. I went to this hotel in Beverly Hills, and itís like really classy, and I felt him very close by. For some reason, I felt him, that he was very close by. Now, was he close by, or was it because of the money thing? What was happening? I really did. I really felt him close ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) You hold the ability to be investigating and offering yourself your own answers!

STELLA: So you donít think it was that close? (Elias lowers his head in exasperation, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: Be trusting yourself!

STELLA: Okay, I shall. Marta seems very interested in Vincent Urea, you know. So he was telling ...

ELIAS: You ALL seem very interested in our dear Vincent! (Laughter) With this much energy, you may surely accomplish!

STELLA: Well, I have to! You know, I feel like I donít have too much physical time here. I really donít. I have to do it quick, really quick ... with your help!

ELIAS: You are not receiving my help!


ELIAS: For you hold the ability to be connecting yourself!

STELLA: Okay. Well anyway, Marta said heís been dreaming or thinking or whatever the heck it is about Cuba and Argentina. Why would he think of that? Because that would be my thing with my brother. Why would he think of Cuba and Argentina?

ELIAS: For he is connecting with you.

STELLA: Oh. So we connect quite well, huh?

ELIAS: True.

STELLA: Yeah. It has nothing to do with our essence though, right?

ELIAS: You ARE connecting within consciousness, and you are sending messages to each other.

STELLA: So thatís why he says Cuba and Argentina. Well Elias, this other focus, this dimensional thing, Iím still a little bit worried.

ELIAS: You need not worry.

STELLA: I shouldnít worry. Can I call you?

ELIAS: You may.

STELLA: I called you on Monday. I was so sick, Elias! Oh, I was so sick. I donít want to have that experience again! Do you think thatís the menopause? (Elias grins, and we all crack up) Because I was really sick. I was really really sick, and I thought I was going to faint any minute, and the pain was awful! I am not going to go through this every month! I am not going to go through this! So, Physician Elias, what would you suggest I do?

ELIAS: Do not create this!

STELLA: Am I creating it??

ELIAS: Absolutely!

STELLA: But why?? I donít want it! Is this the menopause??


STELLA: So Iím just creating this pain? But itís awful!

ELIAS: Then I am suggesting to you: If this has attained your attention and you are not pleased with your creation, do not create it!

STELLA: Iím not going to create it! I refuse to create this thing!

ELIAS: Very well!

STELLA: Because it has nothing to do with the menopause. Iím not going to deal with menopause, okay?

ELIAS: It is merely a belief system.

STELLA: Yes, I agree. I agree! Okay. See, you guys? Stella is not going through menopause! (Margot and I both acknowledge Stella here, and deserve our own acknowledgment for maintaining a straight face) Absolutely not! Okay, thank you, Elias. Youíre so great! (Elias chuckles -- he hasnít had a straight face throughout most of this exchange) And I will be calling you, of course. If I get really scared, Iíll call you, okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

STELLA: Okay, thank you so much!

ELIAS: I shall be attempting to be comforting to you. Therefore, if you are entering into these experiences and you are also being offered a familiar element, you may be assured that this is myself.

STELLA: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Stella sighs, and then laughs)

MARGOT: (To Vic) You have questions, donít you?

VICKI: Youíre finished?


VICKI: I do have a few questions, one for another person and one for myself. The first one is for Jim Moore, who was here recently for a session. His question is, ďSeth says that disease is caused by an initial or underlying belief. What was the initial belief that caused the cancer?Ē

ELIAS: The belief system held was an uncertainty that you may be creating of some element within your physical form and not hold the ability to uncreate this, that it is an invasion. This is a belief system of a disease that is beyond your control, and that once invaded you hold little ability in affectingness, especially without the helpfulness of your medical sciences. The offering, as I have expressed to him, is to be dislodging these belief systems and offering to himself an opening within awareness that you DO create your reality in all of its aspects and forms, and that you do not contract a disease. You create it from within, and you hold the ability to uncreate it also.

VICKI: Okay. My question has to do with the session that occurred here when I was in Hawaii. I listened to that tape the other day, and I was very uncomfortable throughout listening to the tape. I talked to Margot about it, who transcribed it, and she was very uncomfortable while transcribing it, and I talked to Stella today, who was physically present, and she was very uncomfortable while she was here and just wanted to get out of here. So, Iím kind of curious what was going on in this session, especially with all three of us having the same sort of response. Iím curious about what was uncomfortable, and Iím also curious about ... there was, in my perception, quite an obvious difference in your verbal delivery. You were speaking quite a bit slower than normal and appeared to have quite a bit more difficulty speaking than usual, almost labored, so to speak; actually, in my perception, almost as I would view an individual under the influence of something here in physical focus. Again, in my perception, you were quite challenging that evening of certain individuals, although that isnít really what made me uncomfortable. It was just the general tone of uncomfortableness that seems to be shared by the three of us, and I wonder if you could tell me what was going on or give us some information about that?

ELIAS: The interaction was of another aspect of this essence; which I do not often incorporate this action, for I am aware that it is noticed and it is creating of an uncomfortableness within the individuals present. Each time, so to speak, that I have allowed this occurrence, it was necessary and also purposeful for the other aspect, which has not interacted within a physical focus exchange previous. Therefore, for the experience, as adding to the experience of the entirety of essence, it was a purposeful choice.

VICKI: So this adds to the experience of YOUR essence?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Hmm. It seems like at this point in time Ė I have an expectation of myself here; Iím not speaking for anybody else Ė that this wouldnít be making me that uncomfortable any longer.

ELIAS: It is unfamiliar. There are many, many aspects of this essence. You interact, for the most part, with one.

VICKI: Arenít the tones basically the same, though?

ELIAS: The tone is the same, but each aspect holds its own direction and its own personality. Therefore, they are all individual, just as each of your focuses within your essence are all individual. They hold very similar tone, almost identical, and within the overall essence they do hold the same tone, but each focus holds its own personality and directedness.

VICKI: So it would be correct to say that what was going on that evening had nothing to do with Mary being ill.


VICKI: Itís never seemed to have anything to do with it.

ELIAS: No. Absolutely, although partial uncomfortableness of individuals present was influenced by Michaelís illness; but within the uncomfortableness of the exchange, this is merely a response to a very different aspect of this essence.

VICKI: Okay. Itís a really interesting part of the phenomenon.

ELIAS: Quite! There are many more aspects to this essence than you hold an understanding of. You view very few; but at times, this aspect of this essence is occupied within attention elsewhere, so to speak.

VICKI: Hmm. Interesting.

MARGOT: Iíd like a little bit of instruction on something that I asked you about right at the first. I told you that I had asked you a question, and that I had heard you and then forgot it all. It seems to me that the more practical thing to do would be to start with something easier, to ask you something simple, or am I way off-base there? Could you have really given me the answer that I was seeking? Which I will tell you, in case youíve forgotten, is: When the non-physical essence focuses, what do they focus on? What is non-physical focus? You just started talking and it was wonderful, but I donít know anything about it! That was a very difficult concept obviously for me, or I wouldnít have been asking you about it.

ELIAS: It is almost impossible for you to be understanding objectively.

MARGOT: So perhaps I had better talk to you about something that is quite possible for me to comprehend?

ELIAS: You HAVE understood, but you do not understand objectively. This be the reason that you objectively forget; for you do not hold the ability within your directed attention, being focused within a physical focus, to be comprehending objectively of these types of elements of non-physical areas of consciousness.

MARGOT: Okay. The next time Iíll do it with something far more simple. Thatís practical, is it not? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) If you are wishing for ...

MARGOT: An answer! (Laughter)

ELIAS: ... answers that you may be objectively remembering!

MARGOT: Yes! Okay. Thank you for everything.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

STELLA: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are all very welcome.

(To Vic) You shall not be worrying about this other aspect interacting frequently. It may not ever interact again.

VICKI: Well actually, itís kind of interesting to observe when you have some sort of a clue whatís going on, you know?

ELIAS: I am not wishing to be distressing of individuals within this energy exchange, but at times you may interpret the energy exchange in this manner, but this is also instructional to you in offering you more information of this energy exchange.

VICKI: So, what were you doing?? (Laughter, and Elias grins)

ELIAS: This aspect of Elias was occupying attention within areas of non-physical focus that are new to exploration to this essence, in areas beyond that which the attention is focused within presently.

VICKI: Was it cool?

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

VICKI: I have three questions for Melinda, but I donít know where weíre at with the exchange here. Maybe I should wait on them?

ELIAS: I shall be answering on the morrow.

VICKI: Okay. One other request I have is, you can stop with the light bulbs! Iíve got to go to the store and buy some now! I mean, three in two days is enough!

ELIAS: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You are not appreciating of our games?

STELLA: I didnít know you did stuff like that!

ELIAS: I am quite playful! (Grinning)

STELLA: You are?

ELIAS: You need be merely noticing!

STELLA: You have been playful with me and I havenít noticed?

ELIAS: At times. I may be becoming more persistent if you are not noticing!

VICKI: Watch out for that neutral switch on your car! Thatís an expensive one! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Interesting imagery, is it not?

VICKI: Quite interesting, yeah!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Very well. I shall be disengaging and I shall be offering to you all this evening much fondness, and I express to you all a very affectionate au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:53 PM.

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