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Tuesday, December 09, 1997

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ďTake A Bath!Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), and Stella (Cindel).

Vicís note: This session was held directly after Julieís session, as Stella had been experiencing some very affecting physical symptoms.

Elias arrives at 8:42 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening.

STELLA: Hi, Elias. Well, here I am. I have no idea whatís going on. I donít like whatís going on. I donít know. I came here because Iím asking for your help. I just need help. I really do. I donít like doing this and I donít want to, so if you can share with me what I can do to quit doing whatever it is, I will do it right now. (Elias chuckles) And donít laugh! This is not fun!

ELIAS: You are experiencing elements of transition. Your objective awareness responds, for you are fading in and out. You are allowing yourself a temporary action of what may be considered as your ďin-betweenĒ state, but within the engagement of this objectively within physical focus, at times you may view this to be uncomfortable.

We have spoken of transition with individuals experiencing what you term to be senility. The reason that this is viewed as a disease is that the individuals experiencing transition in this manner exhibit physical situations also. It is not merely a situation of appearing to be delusional. Your physicians treat this condition with medication, for the individuals experience physical disorientation, dizziness, discomfort within their physical form, pain, for they are entering areas of consciousness that are unfamiliar within this dimension. They are merging non-physical aspects to physical dimension, which in a sense, in a physical sense, is unnatural, for it does not fit within your officially accepted reality. The medication that is offered by your physicians to these individuals offers little relief, for the physicians do not understand what they are treating. Therefore, as the All-Knowing Physician, (grinning) I shall offer to you: You are not in need of medication.

I may offer to you that you have created a situation within yourself of lending energy to yourself of disengagement. Therefore, you also onslaught yourself with your transitional state. Within your belief system underlying, you must hurry! You must be creating all of your transition before you are disengaging, and you are lending energy to yourself for disengagement within a small time framework!

You are not wishing to be continuing within physical focus, but you are not wishing suicide. Therefore, you hasten your time framework to your disengagement by lending much energy to this action, and also lending energy to the creation of furtherment of the transition. It is unnecessary.

STELLA: So what can I do now?

ELIAS: Take a bath!

STELLA: Take a bath? What do you mean, take a bath?

ELIAS: The order from The Physician! (Grinning) Immerse yourself in a bath, and while in this state, allow yourself a relaxation and a visualization of self. In this, as you are visualizing self, be connecting with your own energy of what you are creating, and recognize that you may be accomplishing this type of transition in a more natural state non-physically and you shall not be incorporating physical affectingness of body consciousness. (Pause, smiling)

I am quite aware that this appears quite simplistic, but I am also aware of the affectingness of the body consciousness. You are holding very tightly to the physical body consciousness. You are constricting it.

STELLA: Thatís why my back hurts so bad?

ELIAS: You are not allowing a free flow. Within your belief systems, which ARE reality, immersing yourself in water allows you to unconstrict your physical form. You allow your consciousness to release its hold upon your form. (To Vic) When you swim, you allow yourself buoyancy, for you believe that the water shall support you and you allow yourself the opportunity to release your own conscious hold upon your physical form. (To Cathy) When you immerse yourself in your bath, you allow a relaxation, do you not?

CATHY: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: Water serves as very strong imagery to you within physical focus. You hold many belief systems in relation to water. Therefore, the suggestion is not as simplistic as it seems.

Realize that as you are lending energy to your disengagement, you also hold fearfulness of this disengagement. Therefore, you are holding to your physical body consciousness. You are creating a situation of struggle. One aspect of your desire moves to letting go; one aspect of your desire moves to holding very tightly. Therefore, you create conflict, and as you are creating conflict, you are confusing your body consciousness. It is responding to your hold.

STELLA: Hmm. Makes absolute sense. So if I do this with this water and I just imagine ... this dizziness is driving me crazy! These dizzy spells are awful.

ELIAS: Visualize yourself. Allow yourself to release your hold upon your physical body consciousness. Allow yourself the acceptance of your transitional state within the moment, and that you need not force this state.

It is also unnecessary for you to lend so very much energy to your disengagement. You shall disengage when you are choosing.

STELLA: Okay ... because I have a time frame. (Laughter)

ELIAS: I am aware!

STELLA: Oh Elias, thank you very much. I knew all along that the doctor was not going to do anything. I knew that. I just knew that. Dick has the same pain in his shoulder. Why does he have it?

ELIAS: This also is an action of transition. This individual has been engaged within the action of transition for a time framework and also holds to the physical aspect in fearfulness of disengagement. This is ongoing with this individual, for he holds belief systems of age and that he is moving closer to the time framework of disengagement, and is holding to this physical expression.

STELLA: So, itís both of us.

ELIAS: You also lend energy to each other in this situation.

STELLA: Oh really? Lend energy, meaning in helpfulness?

ELIAS: In creating what you are creating! (Laughter) For you are creating very similar actions! One aspect holds to the physical, one aspect desires to let go; but the fear binds you.

STELLA: Okay. I havenít had ... what do you call it? An alternate self or something? Because I donít feel like myself. Thatís just part of the transition, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: I feel like she somehow comes back for a little while. She comes back, and then she goes away. Iím not here, Iím just not here.

ELIAS: You are fading in and out. You are viewing more of you than that which you normally allow within your singular attention. This is an action of transition.

STELLA: But it doesnít have to be as disruptive as Iím making it.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, immerse yourself in your water of your bath!

STELLA: I will. Well, itís a nice prescription! Iíll come back to you, Physician. (Elias chuckles) Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

STELLA: Iíve called you a lot. Have you heard me?

ELIAS: Quite. You are ALWAYS calling upon me! (Chuckling)

STELLA: I know.

ELIAS: I am ALWAYS listening.

STELLA: Thank you, Elias. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Very well. (Humorously) Shall we be prescribing any other prescriptions for ailments this evening? (Chuckling)

VICKI: I ainít touching that one with a ten-foot-pole!

ELIAS: Michael is so very fond of my prescriptions and my acting as The Physician!

Very well. I shall be interacting with you futurely, and presently, within the continued present now. I offer you much affection. For this evening once again, adieu.

Elias departs at 9:01 PM.

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