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Friday, January 02, 1998

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“Your Own Individual Genie!”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Jim (Marthowh).

Vic’s note: This is Jim’s second visit here from Florida. His first session, “The Halloween Session,” was successfully used recently to introduce a young child to Elias.

Elias arrives at 4:08 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

JIM: Hello, Elias. How are you this afternoon?

ELIAS: As always! (Grinning)

JIM: As always! It’s good to be here. It’s good to see you again. I’ve got some questions and some dreams I’m trying to figure out, but the first question relates to something you said the last time, when Mary’s hair was down in her eyes. You said, “I do not see you in the visual as you see yourselves.” How do you see us? How do you see me? How do I appear? In visual, or energy field, or what is it that you see or sense?

ELIAS: I do not perceive you visually as you perceive yourselves, although I have the ability to perceive you in this manner, but it is requiring of more energy than is necessary within this exchange. Therefore, I perceive you within energy.

JIM: For example, my aura – you would see me as an aura field or something?

ELIAS: At times, if I am so choosing to be focusing upon your energy field. For the most part, I am aware of you and your energy and all of your aspects of you simultaneously.

JIM: Hmm! I had a dream. It was a Harley Davidson motorcycle that I was putting together in this dream, and it was with a good friend. We talked of selling an old bike, and he decided to sell it without me there. I then disappear. I come back and he’s sold the bike, but it was for a good price, I thought. He shows me some nice wheels or parts to this motorcycle, or a potential new motorcycle, and he says, “Let’s go to a Harley Davidson dealer and let’s create this new motorcycle.” I think that this is the wrong way to go about it. In my mind, we should just buy or get a motorcycle, and then if we want to replace some parts, replace parts – put new wheels on, special wheels, special look or whatever – because that seems to me the most cost-effective way to do it.

The dream switches, and my friend is in discussions with his wife over a stock portfolio. He decides to sell a particular stock that has performed well, but the wife objects. He says he must sell because the company that the stock represents is not loyal or trustworthy. And then, all of a sudden, the dream ends. It’s confusing to me because one thing has to do with a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and another thing has to do with the stock of a company. I don’t know ... I’m confused by that dream.

ELIAS: Once again, as is the case with many individuals, you look to the imagery too singularly and literally. As you do this, you block yourself or limit yourself to your interpretation of your imagery that you are presenting to yourself. You do not allow for your periphery. The imagery is not as solid as it appears. It is imagery. It is suggestive to you, offering you information of other elements.

This particular dream deals with the subject matter of creating your reality. The vehicle represents one area of creating your reality, and the stocks represent another element of creating your reality. With the vehicle, you present yourself with imagery that appears to you to be solid and strong, but you wish not to be engaging other individuals, as your dealership, to be providing you with the parts. You wish to be creating your OWN vehicle. You wish to be creating of your OWN parts and not accepting parts from another individual. This be imagery of creating your reality and choosing to be following YOURSELF in creating your reality and not accepting another individual’s direction for creating your reality for yourself, allowing for input from other individuals, as in the situation of the friend who sells the other vehicle without your presence. You are accepting of their input into your reality, but are not wishing to be instructed in how to be creating of your reality. In this, you, in a sense to yourself, suggest that you take charge of your own reality and its creation, and not be following of other individuals in your creating.

The second element of your dream imagery is involving these stocks, which is imaged as the individual choosing to be discarding of; but this is creating conflict, for another individual is not in agreement. But the imagery suggests to you that you may not always be in agreement with another individual in creating your reality for yourself, but it is important that you follow your own intuition and inner senses, your feeling that an element may be amiss, and therefore trusting in self and choosing to follow through upon your choice within the given situation regardless of another individual and the conflict that this may create, but also allowing yourself the sensitivity and understanding that other individuals are influencing within your reality and not to be discounted.

JIM: Hmm! I would have NEVER figured that one out! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

Okay, there’s three dreams here. The second dream, which was a very forceful dream: It was a military scene, and there was a boat. It seemed like it was developed specially for the navy or something, but the boat had a hull that seemed as if sometime in the past it had been subject to wood rot, and the hull, the outside, could easily fall off into little pieces. Yet inside, it had two hugely powerful engines; a very fast boat. In this dream also, there was a friend that I respected. Then the dream switches and I’m at the edge of a cliff and I start falling, and I start falling past these huge, tall pine trees and I keep trying to reach out and catch them -- it’s like a huge, huge canyon – but I keep missing, and then finally I miss everything and I seem to fall thousands of feet. Yet just before I hit the ground my body flared, almost like it was an airplane wing or something, and I touched the ground as lightly as a feather. I remarked to those around me how wonderful this was in a dream with two diverging elements.

ELIAS: But not entirely; merely different expressions of the same imagery, as is the case with the previous dream. Within this dream imagery you image a boat, the hull seeming to be unworthy or unseaworthy, but beneath this rages powerful engines, correct?

JIM: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: In this imagery, you are suggesting to yourself the shedding of unnecessary outside elements of yourself and acknowledging the powerfulness of the inner self, and in this the outer layers are merely camouflage. The inner self is that which holds the strength and the power, and that which may be trusted for its integrity. Within the second element of your dream imagery, you are presenting yourself similar suggestion, merely in different form. You are falling, reaching for these elements outside of yourself and not allowing yourself to grab hold, knowing that these are not the elements that give you the strength. It is the trusting of self and in your own power and abilities, that as you fall thousands of feet, your own self, not outside elements, raises you up once again and has beared you out.

JIM: Hmm. It’s funny that I would have dreams in succession over time that would be so ... that the message would be so parallel. I must be searching for something, or coming to some conclusion, or ...

ELIAS: Many times, individuals, in moving through certain issues, may image this in dream state and be reinforcing of their own movement within their imagery. The imagery may seem surfacely to be quite different, but it is what it means to you, what you are presenting yourself with within information within these dreams. Therefore, it is not unusual that you may have many dreams dealing with the same subject matter within certain time frameworks. They are merely imaged differently.

JIM: As I’m moving through something, I keep imaging it again to reinforce or to ... to reinforce, I guess.

ELIAS: Correct. You are reinforcing your own movement and your own acceptance of your movement and you are speaking to yourself through your subjective awareness, presenting this to your objective awareness.

JIM: Hmm. Another dream: I’ve had numbers of dreams with ships or buildings in them, but this dream is a ship that was grounded on a sandbar in front of the coast and threatened by waves. There’s a huge bend in ship, almost like it’s a ninety-degree bend in the hull, and I am outside in the water somewhere. I dive down and see below the surface, which is not visible from above, that some workers have dug out the sand underneath the keel quite sufficient for the boat to dislodge and move to the safety of open waters. I surface and then I look at the ship, and the ship sort of magically “unkinks” the bend in the hull as if it were mere plastic snapping back to its original form, and the ship sails away safely.

ELIAS: This imagery is not of yourself. The imagery you have presented yourself within this dream imagery is a connection with your partner. In attempting to be addressing to issues and belief systems, she appears to be broken; but in looking beneath the surface, you may view that the strength is maintained and has merely needed (pause) support, and in this futurely may find its way straight and into clear waters. (1)

JIM: Hmm! That’s twice I’ve been totally surprised by a dream – once last time related to my partner, and once this time related to my partner. Amazing!

Returning to the issue of the cancer that I’ve had, I feel that I’ve mostly moved through issues related to the past, of my past divorce and the past situation, and I’m accepting more and more of what my – and this relates to the dream too – of what my new partner and I can create in life. Here, I have a little footnote saying, “as you have suggested that I become more observant to what’s going on.” Not unrelated to this, I feel less and less sense of dis-ease. There’s two questions here: One, does my aura reflect an increase in harmony since the last time we met?


JIM: The issue of the cancer seems to be receding on the distant horizon for me, although I’ve had some brief episodes of fearfulness, which in fact you warned me against the last time we talked.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: But it seems to be becoming more and more something of the past, and the fearfulness seems to be receding. Is this accurate?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall have asked you at the onset of this session, “How goes your conflict?” But I may view that you are addressing to your conflict at this meeting, as opposed to our last meeting.

JIM: Alright. (Pause) I’ve continued my episodes of meditation and visualization. I’ve had two episodes that have been very powerful. One was maybe six months ago, and one was maybe one month ago. The first one was so powerful that I was in a meditative state for maybe a half hour or forty-five minutes, maybe longer, I don’t know, and it was obviously focused on the organ which I had the cancer in, and when I finished the meditation it was almost as if it was on fire, and I had ... if the organ had been bigger, I would have been vomiting or something. It was hugely, physically affective of me. I’ve had a second one like that just a month ago, not quite as powerful as that first one, and I’m wondering what was happening there. What was going on?

ELIAS: You are concentrating your energy within a physical location of your body, allowing yourself to use this area as a focal point. Many individuals choose focal points to focus their attention and energy and allow an opening of their intuitive senses, their inner senses. Some individuals use outside elements such as props, as with crystals or boards or cards or many other different elements. Some individuals use a focal point within a physical area of what they term to be a third eye. Some visualize at the top of their heads. Others create a focal point within their hands. It matters not. It is a “method.” It is an element that you create to focus your attention upon your abilities inside, your inner senses, and that you may trust that you may project energy to a certain area and it shall bear you out truthfully. You are developing this relationship in energy with this area of physical form.

JIM: And in developing this ...

ELIAS: You have become friends! (Jim laughs) And you have begun a trust in this particular area of your physical form. Therefore, you also transform this now into a focal point to be helpful to yourself.

JIM: As I was saying to Mary and Vic earlier, that becomes very sensitive in numerous situations. I’ll be talking on the phone in a phone call on business, or I’ll be in a room with many people or whatever, and all of a sudden that particular organ will be talking to me. It will be tight or it will be whatever ... I’m not sure how to describe it. But all of a sudden I’ll become aware something’s going on here, and then the issue is to try to figure out WHAT is going on. This does not have to do with the cancer? This is ...

ELIAS: No. As I have stated, you are developing a relationship with yourself, allowing for your own focal point of energy; something that attains your attention and that you trust, an element that shall speak to you. You respond to physical sensation. This allows for your immediate attention, which also directs your emotional attention subsequently, and suggests to you questioning.

JIM: An opening of the periphery? Opening, looking, trying to find ...

ELIAS: It allows you an opportunity to be exercising your intuition more freely objectively.

JIM: Hmm. So I’ve taken something that could have been one of the worst things in my life, and I’m turning it into something that is very helpful!

ELIAS: Correct, for you trust this. You have witnessed your own ability. You have witnessed your creation, and you have witnessed your uncreating of your creation. Therefore, you view that you hold control and power over this area of physical form. Therefore, you are its master, and it shall be responsive to your wishes. You have created your own individual genie! (Grinning, and Jim laughs)

JIM: This is wild! Hmm! I think this has probably already been answered in our conversation, but the focus of this little genie of mine ... I had the question, “Am I focusing too much?” as in focusing on something and creating it again. I mean, I don’t wish to create the cancer again, but that’s not even the issue?


JIM: Okay. So in my meditative state, or let’s say – and I have been doing this more and more, daily almost, except for a few days, and for extended periods – the technique that I’ve used is to create this light-being that I visualize that focuses on the organ, and then get into a meditative state of repetitions or in some affirmations, and what I’m hearing from you is that now maybe I can branch out on these affirmation into different fields that have nothing to do with health or whatever, but in different fields of inquiry or endeavor.

ELIAS: Correct. Explore your reality! Allow the opening of your intuition.

JIM: Amazing! Recently, with regard to the shift – I’m going to shift away from myself now -- but in regard to the shift that is taking place, you have mentioned that in the approximate year of 2050, we will have developed the ability to travel at the speed of light, and you made one statement that you suggested that if we so made the choice, we could be around to see this wonder. (Elias nods) The question I have is that this suggests we have control over the aging process. It suggests to me that it is a communication, based on belief, from the subjective mind to the body consciousness, and that we objectively may access the subjective mind and change or slow or even halt the aging process. Is this accurate?


JIM: So maybe Yoda living nine hundred years is a possibility!

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your Methuselah is not merely a myth!

JIM: As you say, we’re so fond of techniques. Is this connection between the objective and the subjective mind ... can this be accomplished similar to the way that I accomplished the communication with regard to the cancer I had? Is this how it’s done?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you previously within your previous session, this is dependent upon the individual. Each of you chooses your own methods, what you believe within your belief systems works efficiently for you. Some individuals choose no method. They merely accept and allow for their subjective awareness to be flowing within these areas. It is dependent upon your view of your value fulfillment and your belief systems in regard to yourself and your physical form. In actuality, your physical body holds the capacity to be within physical focus for a great time framework. It is merely your choice within your belief systems as to when you shall disengage. If you are choosing to be engaged within physical focus for two or three hundred of your years, you may accomplish this. Your belief systems are very strong in the areas of your sciences, which suggest to you that you may be within physical focus averaging sixty or seventy of your years, although many individuals continue within physical focus quite actively well into their one hundred’s. But you view these individuals to be exceptions to the rule, for they are! They move outside of officially accepted reality, but you have also in uncreating your dis-ease.

JIM: I truly have. I truly have moved outside of ... well, lots of beliefs!

ELIAS: Therefore, it is merely a choice. This also is significant with value fulfillment, for within an individual focus, for the most part, each focus does not require extended time frameworks to be accomplishing of your value fulfillment; which, within the purpose of your experience within each physical focus, is the reason you have created participating in this physical focus.

JIM: So effectively, the time frame that I may be choosing may or may not relate to years. It may relate purely to value fulfillment.

ELIAS: ALL of you relate to value fulfillment. It matters not how many years you choose to be within physical focus. You shall not miss your shift merely that you are not physically focused within it!

JIM: I think it would be fun to experience it physically focused.

ELIAS: Then you may create this!

JIM: I think it would be fantastic being within it!

ELIAS: It is quite an exciting element to be witnessing within physical focus. Never within your creation of this dimension has this been accomplished.

JIM: I think it would be astonishing to see people travel faster than the speed of light. I think that would be astonishing!

ELIAS: It shall be reality. (Pause)

JIM: A question relating to disease: As I see it, creating a physical illness seems to be through a holding of energy, and here I refer to your statement of “looking to affected organ and relaxing its intensity and allowing it to return to a natural state.” Does all disease come from blockage of energy?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a blocking of energy, but a holding of energy.

JIM: So whether it was bubonic plague or tuberculosis or anything else, it would be ... somehow the subjective mind determines what it is that the disease is going to be.

ELIAS: Correct. YOU are instructing of your physical body consciousness. All elements of dis-ease are within every individual physically focused. They are not “catching” them as you catch a ball! They are within you already. It is merely a choice to be activating them.

JIM: So AIDS, for example, has been in the physical body ... the potential for AIDS has been there ...

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: ... for centuries.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Why did it all of a sudden just come out to our awareness in the last ten to twenty years?

ELIAS: For you have chosen this en masse. Individuals choose for their own individual reasons, but en masse they also collectively choose to be creating of this epidemic, that they may be creating a statement.

JIM: What would the statement of AIDS be?

ELIAS: That statement which brings your awareness throughout your globe as to your own biases, your own belief systems of sexuality upon your planet; what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Within essence, you hold no gender. Within this physical dimension, you choose within agreement to physically manifest at the least three times, to be experiencing these three elements of sexuality: male, female, and “other.”

JIM: And other?

ELIAS: Homosexual.

JIM: So for example, in my focuses I have experienced this ... in other focuses of me?

ELIAS: Not necessarily AIDS; but yes, homosexuality and female.

JIM: Interesting!

ELIAS: This dimension is very sexually oriented. Its foundation is sexual and emotional. Therefore, you explore all aspects and elements of these creations.

JIM: That relates to another question I had. If our dimension is focused on sexuality and emotion, what would another dimension’s focus be?

ELIAS: Differences! (Grinning)

JIM: Aggression?

ELIAS: In some. What you may imagine has been created!

JIM: Hmm! So in Star Wars and Jabba the Hut, that’s been created?

ELIAS: What you may imagine IS reality.

JIM: Some of it’s pretty bizarre! (Laughing)

ELIAS: To YOUR dimension! (Laughter) I have expressed many times, your science fiction is closer to science fact than fiction!

JIM: I have an issue about eyesight. Several years ago, two or three years ago maybe, I started to need glasses. However, a funny thing happened. I wanted a pair of glasses that would be clear on the lower portion and magnified on the upper portion so that I could in driving see long distances, but yet I could see quite well around the car. I had great difficulties in finding someone to create such glasses! I got irritated so I forgot glasses altogether, and my eyesight improved, improved very well in fact! But then recently, as in a month or two ago, I started having problems seeing distances and sometimes short up, particularly at night, and then within the last week maybe, I’ve started to see better again. What is going on here?

ELIAS: Look to your patterns. You choose at times to be affecting of your vision when you are not wishing to see. When you are not wishing to view and see elements of your reality that may be causing you discomfort or distress, you choose to be affecting of your vision; but this also creates conflict for you, for it interrupts your control of yourself and your accomplishing. Therefore, you readjust. As you may not acquire appropriate spectacles to provide you with the vision that you choose to hold, you merely decide to create the vision yourself, and accomplish! But at time periods you choose not to be viewing certain elements within your life, so to speak, and you affect your vision once again, but this once again becomes irritating! Therefore, you correct what you have created.

JIM: (Laughing) That’s wild! I had a question on inner landscape, but I think we’ve answered that earlier in our discussions with Mary and Vic. A question from my partner: Do we now share other focuses, or have we shared other focuses and we do not share them now? This is the only focus?

ELIAS: All of your focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, as I have stated, you do share many focuses together within different capacities; not all within the capacity that you share THIS focus, but they are all simultaneous.

JIM: Are we being affected by bleed-throughs from other focuses?


JIM: Positively or negatively? In our view! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Merely within energy. They are not positive or negative. Different focuses may be in your belief systems creating positively and negatively, but their influence is projected to you within energy, which reforms itself to be beneficial to you in this focus.

JIM: To be beneficial?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: So it’s in helpfulness that it’s happening?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. You may not always VIEW this ...

JIM: I thought there was a caveat there! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Beneficial, in your terms, is not always positive! Just as your disease would not be viewed as positive, but it has been quite beneficial to you in your creating it and your UNcreating it.

JIM: Hmm! The world’s a different place!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK 4:58 PM.

ELIAS: Continuing.

JIM: An issue that Vic and Mary and I talked of – people who have harmful thoughts directed toward you, toward me, or toward anyone. How is it that we can most efficiently ... how do we handle those harmful thoughts without creating the harm in ourselves, as in your example of stubbing a toe? Someone will have a harmful thought, and the result will be stubbing your toe, or worse. How to do we live efficiently to block that or stop that or counter that?

ELIAS: By being aware of yourself and your energy and your openness, and being aware of other individuals and allowing yourself your inner sense of your empathic ability; not to be taking in what other individuals are projecting or experiencing, but allowing yourself within your empathic sense to be connecting to other individuals and therefore providing yourself with information that allows you to know what is occurring within the other individual.

JIM: Empathy. Is the dynamic that’s involved the same thing as the Haitian voodoo dolls, when they try to project negative energy and they create this doll and say it’s this other person and they stick it with pins or whatever? Is that dynamic the same dynamic? Is that what’s involved here?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for it is involved with your belief systems. Within that culture, all of the individuals share the belief systems of this power of the voodoo. The individuals affected believe the affectingness of the power equal to the individuals affecting. Therefore, the projector and the receiver are equal within their belief systems, and their creations occur.

Within other cultures, such as your own, you also hold belief systems. Individuals hold belief systems that they may be hurtful, and other individuals hold belief systems that they may be hurt. You hold belief systems that certain individuals hold the position and the ability to be perpetrators, and other individuals are victims. The victim believes in the “victim-ness” equal to the individual that is victimizing. The victimizer believes in their power equally to the victim. Therefore, you share belief systems that create the situation. If you are accepting of belief systems, their power is neutralized. Therefore, another individual may be projecting energy to you and it shall not be affecting, for it matters not.

JIM: You say accepting the belief system. That means acknowledging the belief, recognizing it for what it is?

ELIAS: And allowing it no power.

JIM: Okay. You mentioned in one of the sessions that the essence of Jesus, in the focus of Paul or Saul of Tarsus, has merged with Rose – I’m not sure who Rose is – but in nine physical focuses currently. You also mentioned that this essence would be instrumental in altering the reality of our religious element, in closing out our religious era. But then you also say ... maybe I’ve read this wrong, but you also say something about “initiating a stronger alignment with religious belief systems throughout the next centuries.” What am I not understanding here?

ELIAS: I express to you that within your ACCEPTANCE of belief systems, in a manner of speaking you shall in some elements be aligning with the religious belief systems in recognizing that they ARE belief systems and that they do not hold or bind you, but recognizing that many of these belief systems stem from truths within your dimension.

JIM: So that’s what the “stronger alignment with religious belief systems” means, that you recognize the truths behind that particular religious belief system and aligning with those truths?

ELIAS: Correct; which these are all the truths of essence and consciousness that you have merely labeled differently and developed belief systems around. Your concepts within your religious elements are of gods and of heavens. These are you and consciousness. You are the god. The heavens is merely a label for all of consciousness. You have built belief systems upon these concepts and created new ideas. Now, god is an element removed from you; a heavenly being more powerful than yourself. The heavens are a “place.” Hell is a place that you may be IN. In actuality, these are merely words; labels that you have placed within your belief systems upon the concepts of essence, of all of consciousness, and of fear.

But within your shift, as you widen your awareness you also move into more of an awareness of essence and consciousness and a wider awareness of your reality. In this, you shall align with these elements that have been labeled within your religious era and you shall be accepting of the belief systems that surround them. In this, in accepting a belief system, it becomes transparent. It no longer clouds your vision or limits you, for you may view through the belief system.

JIM: Jesus said one time, “The kingdom of God is within.” Was the focus of Jesus somehow more connected with essence than we are?


JIM: No?

ELIAS: The focus allowed more of subjective awareness and therefore held more of an objective awareness than many individuals, but no greater of an ability. It was merely a choice within the value fulfillment of that individual and its intent. You hold the same ability.

JIM: To live life more efficiently, it seems that to do so we need to have or create a better connection between objective awareness and subjective awareness. Is that an accurate statement?

ELIAS: (Grinning) You already hold a perfectly harmonized connection with objective and subjective awareness. You are merely moving into an area now, within the action of your shift, of engaging your periphery and allowing yourselves objectively to hold a greater understanding of subjective awareness.

JIM: Alright. Through what I have created, I am finding that I am becoming much more aware, much more open to subjective awareness.

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself an opening.

JIM: In relation to the shift: Recently you have referred to the failure of the international and national organizations out there, relating to things like nation/state, relating to the international monetary fund, these organizations that we’ve put together. That is becoming more consciously aware on the part of people, such as the Wall Street Journal editor saying that the nation/state is dead. A renowned economist, Milton Friedman, says the European Union will fail. Japan seems to be on the verge of deflation. The currencies of southeast Asia and Korea are all collapsing. You stated that the universal belief in gold as a measure of value is disintegrating. My question, in the realm of probabilities, is what is evolving at present to take the place of the organization of a nation/state? How are we going to organize ourselves? What is occurring right now?

ELIAS: You are moving into the direction of an awareness of consciousness and your own abilities. Therefore, your belief systems of holding a foundation and certain structures of organization are changing. You hold belief systems very strongly in these areas, for you have held these for centuries. You are moving into a new era which shall be unlike any reality you have known previous to this. Your monetary system shall be unnecessary, and you shall know within you each how to be fulfilling your value fulfillment efficiently objectively. Therefore, you shall be creating what you choose to be creating, not what you are instructed to be creating. You shall amaze yourselves at how efficiently you may be accomplishing this within your awareness, and how very smoothly your societies shall progress without the limitations that you have placed upon yourselves for so very many centuries.

JIM: Such as the nation/state?

ELIAS: Correct. You shall be connected globally.

JIM: When you say currencies will be unnecessary ... the function of a currency is to trade value for value, perceived value though it may be. How are we going to ...

ELIAS: This be your present reality. Your reality shall be becoming much different! You trade value for value. You place value on elements outside of yourselves. It shall be unnecessary to trade value for value, for you shall value yourselves and your abilities and give them freely.

JIM: Give them freely?! If I take that to a specific and say, “We build houses right now to live in,” what I hear you saying is that when someone needs a house, everyone will come and help build it.

ELIAS: Those individuals which desire to be building the house shall build. Those individuals which desire to grow crops shall grow, for they choose to, for this fulfills their value fulfillment within the area of pleasure.

JIM: Which is the way one would wish to live life, that your job is your pleasure.

ELIAS: Which it shall be!

JIM: What of the individuals who are lethargic and wish to do nothing? Will they just do nothing?

ELIAS: You hold this lack of motivation within your present now as a result of boredom. Individuals are not sparked and motivated, for they are bored! They shall not be bored within the action of this shift.

Individuals may choose to be what you term presently to be “daydreaming” all of your long day, but it shall not be daydreaming, for it shall be connecting with other areas of consciousness and other dimensions, and in this shall offer information to other individuals, which shall spur new creations and shall also spark new interests in exploration. You have not discontinued the exploration of your physical universe by any means, and you shall be continuing. There is no need for light speed if you are not traveling!

JIM: Whoa! Let me think about that one a minute! If we are not traveling? Sometimes you say things, Elias, that I have to figure out. It’s like you leave hints, and I have to try to figure out what you’re REALLY saying! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) If you choose to remain merely upon this planet, why shall you bother with discovering light speed?

JIM: So if we choose to travel, we will achieve light speed travel?

ELIAS: Correct. It is inefficient to be traveling if you are not holding the technology to be effectively traveling.

JIM: Correct. We’d spend a whole lifetime getting to one star under our current abilities! You state that we have exhausted – I didn’t understand it -- you state we have “exhausted our gold.” Do you mean we have exhausted our use for gold? Or our belief in gold?

ELIAS: Your resource of gold and your use for gold.

JIM: Both?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I have a question for my partner. She asked with great seriousness, is there a film out there that she should see that would help her in living more efficiently? Is there something out there that she should go to now, tomorrow, the next day, to see, to expand herself?

ELIAS: A film! (Grinning) This would be her choice. I am aware that there are many of your motion pictures presently that are suggestive of this shift in consciousness. As to personal issues and elements, I shall be suggesting that it is more efficient to be looking within than without.

JIM: (Laughing) I will tell her this!

ELIAS: She may draw herself, by herself, to information that may be helpful. You may express that she may be noticing of her own drawing and her own impulses and impressions, and acknowledging of these. Therefore, if drawn to a film, to be following the impression, and she shall receive her information for herself.

JIM: Tonight we are being drawn to the Titanic. Elias, that’s all the questions I have right now.

ELIAS: Very well.

JIM: I have enjoyed coming and meeting and seeing you again very much!

ELIAS: And we shall meet again!

JIM: I hope so!

ELIAS: And you may express to your partner affection from Elias this day, and to yourself also.

JIM: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: Therefore, I shall bid you both this evening quite lovingly, au revoir.

Elias departs at 5:59 PM.


(1) I have transcribed this to read, ..”.you may view that the strength is maintained and has merely needed support.” In actuality, this is what was said: ..”. you may view that the strength is maintained and has nerely meeded support.” Cracked me up! This is the first example of what we call dyslexia, in my memory. Elias paused momentarily, appearing confused, and then continued.

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