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Saturday, January 10, 1998

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ďConflicting Belief SystemsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Sue (Catherine), and Bobbi (Jale).

Elias arrives at 4:58 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling)

SUE: Good evening, Elias. (Pause) Well, I guess Iíll just start asking questions?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing!

SUE: (Laughing) Okay. Well, the main reason why I wanted this was one particular question thatís been a problem all my life, and I was hoping you could shed some light on it. Itís about men and my lack of relationships with them. I basically get along fine with them as friends, and donít ever get anywhere beyond that. I wondered if you could talk about why I do this, or how Iím doing it, or how I can change it. (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be a situation of conflicting belief systems. In one area you hold one belief system in regard to relationships and a fascination with this subject, and viewing yourself as female and that you may not be entirely complete without holding this type of relationship. But you also hold a conflicting belief system that engaging within a relationship of male and female shall be threatening to your own independence and identity.

Therefore, you wish not to sacrifice within your belief system your own independence and identify for the sake of holding the relationship, for within the first belief system, in holding the relationship to create yourself as a whole person, you look to a partner to be completing you, but within the second belief system you oppose the first belief system, expressing to yourself that this other individual shall be taking something from you as opposed to adding something to you.

In this, you hold the opposing belief system that you are adequate within yourself and need no completion with a partner. As these two belief systems battle within you continuously, you allow yourself temporary interludes, but you do not allow yourself to move into the area of what YOU term to be in your belief systems commitment within the area of a relationship, for this is threatening.

SUE: That makes a lot of sense.

ELIAS: Many individuals experience great conflict when they are allowing two very, very strong core belief systems to be held in opposition to each other simultaneously.

SUE: Can you tell me how I developed these conflicting belief systems? If thatís worth asking ... I donít know.

ELIAS: The first belief system is a mass-held belief system. Therefore, this would be what you may term to be almost an automatic acquiring of this belief system, for it is held within mass and it is taught to individuals, male and female.

The second belief system you have acquired within yourself, striving within your own OTHER belief systems, in relation to your other belief systems, of a feeling of adequacy and worth within yourself, therefore developing a belief system that it is ďbetterĒ to be independent and self-sufficient, creating an opposing belief system to the mass belief system, but also creating conflict within yourself in an inability to reconcile these two belief systems to each other.

SUE: So I developed the second one without giving up the first?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: What can I do to ease this conflict?

ELIAS: Recognize that within this particular dimension, you are emotional and sexual focuses. This is your experience within this dimension. You merely develop belief systems in these areas. In recognizing the belief systems that you hold, you may allow yourself the opportunity to address to these belief systems and therefore neutralize their power that they hold within you, recognizing that many belief systems are also very limiting of you. (Pause)

SUE: Yes. Okay....

ELIAS: Look to an example of a belief system that is limiting that is held within mass. It may not be creating of great conflict and it may not be viewed by you as so very serious, but it may offer an example of the limiting power of belief systems in certain areas.

Within the context of relationships and sexuality, many individuals hold the belief system of age. An individual shall not allow themselves to engage within a relationship with another individual if they are holding great age difference. One individual may be experiencing what you term in your terms to be mid-life, and another individual may be quite young. The older individual restricts themselves within a non-allowance of interaction with the younger individual, for they hold belief systems that this is not right.

ďThis individual holds the age of my children. Therefore, I may not allow myself an engagement of interaction with this individual, for this is wrong.Ē This is a belief system. You may view how this is limiting of your interaction, for you deny yourself the opportunity to be interactive and limit your choices.

I am not advocating that an individual seeks out other individuals holding great age differences, but I am also not condemning this action. It is merely a choice that is influenced by your belief systems, and within these belief systems limitations are created.

SUE: I see. Thatís an interesting example because I tend to think in terms of finding someone whoís very close to my age. I donít like the thought of being with someone much older or much younger, and I hadnít stopped to think that it is just a belief system.

ELIAS: Quite, which creates limitations, for you narrow your choices as you create limitations for yourself.

SUE: Okay. That makes sense about the conflict between belief systems because Iíve kind of gone for years thinking that there was something wrong with me, and yet there wasnít anything wrong with me that I could see, if that makes sense. And I kept thinking that maybe the only thing wrong was that I thought there was something wrong with me! But that makes sense. Okay, Iíll have to think about that. Thank you. Thatís very helpful.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

SUE: Okay. I want to ask about other focuses or what I think are other focuses that Iíve been aware of. One, Bobbi and I both have some memories or have picked up on something. She got an image of the two of us in England as young men in a cafe together, and I separately got an image, not of us necessarily, but of being ... what I got was a fishing village in Cornwall. And I wondered, were we picking up on valid information, and if so, were we picking up on the same focuses or separate ones or....

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Interesting. Is there anything you can tell us about that, or should we investigate on our own more?

ELIAS: I shall encourage you to continue your investigations!

SUE: Okay.

BOBBI: Were the names Charles and Edward?

ELIAS: Correct. Your information becomes much more valid to you if you are connecting to it yourselves.

SUE: That makes sense.

ELIAS: It also serves as a validation to yourselves that you hold the ability to be accomplishing.

SUE: Yes, because when she first told me sheíd remembered something and asked if I wanted to know about it or did I want to try on my own, my first thought was one of great fear. ďOh, I canít do this. I wonít be able to think of anything.Ē The fact that we separately both came up with England ... it really has been very encouraging. And then also, I came across a book that mentioned Cornwall right after that, so that seemed like an interesting....

ELIAS: This is an example of your noticing and your offering validation to yourself as opposed to being offered information from outside of yourself, which also reinforces your view of yourself as inadequate and not holding the ability to accomplish within yourself. Listen to your own words and your own responses! Shall you engage? ďOh, no! I may not be able to be accomplishing!Ē You automatically move in the direction of invalidating self. This offers you the opportunity to be rearranging this belief system and offering yourselves validation of what you may be accomplishing.

SUE: Okay. I find that I seem to get information ... I donít know how to put this. I find it hard to allow myself to get information through sitting down and meditating or something, like what seems to work for Bobbi. But what does work for me sometimes is just noticing coincidences in my life. Is that....

ELIAS: Each individual shall draw information to themselves in what speaks to you. Some individuals may acquire their information through visualizations or meditations. Some may acquire much information through dream state and its imagery. Some individuals are more focused within objective imagery, and this is what shall be speaking to them. There is no rule that expresses that one method is better than another method. It is merely an action of noticing and opening to your periphery, not ignoring the information that you draw yourselves to or that is presented before you. It is all valid.

SUE: Thank you. I think I felt that I was supposed to get it just inwardly and that the way I was doing it was like cheating or sort of not the right way of doing it. And yet looking back, I think getting information from coincidences and things around me is something Iíve been doing for a long time, and itís worked well for me.

ELIAS: And this attains your attention!

SUE: Yes.

ELIAS: The only action that I may express to you as ďcheatingĒ is to be receiving information from those that have gone before and are DEAD now! (Grinning, and we all laugh) We engage in the action of cheating in offering you information that you may access yourselves, but all of your noticings within yourself are all valid expressions of your opening to your periphery.

SUE: Okay, thank you. There are a couple other things. There was a dream that I had in my early teens in which I was a man. I was a doctor in I think Spain, possibly the Pyrenees, during the Middle Ages in the time of the plague, and that always seemed to me that it might have been a connection with another focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: What I remember about the dream is that it seemed to me that the man was very discouraged, that he felt he wasnít really helping people. I felt that there was some kind of information that passed between us Ė that some disease that he thought was like the plague, I was telling him actually was something else. Was there anything like that going on or any kind of information being exchanged in that? Or did I misinterpret that?

ELIAS: In actuality, your imagery and your engagement of encountering another focus has been misinterpreted in the opposite direction. The information was being offered to YOU in a recognition and an expression to offer you information of not being entirely accepting of yourself, and in this creating your situations of conflicting belief systems.

This also, within the expression of your belief systems, is your own imagery to yourself of a lack of acceptance and reconciliation to yourself. The dis-ease is the imagery of the discomfort that you experience within yourself.

SUE: Thatís interesting. Another focus that I think Iím aware of or was aware of: when I was about ten years old, I was very interested in the Aztecs. I read all the books I could find on them, and I wasnít really interested in the Spaniards coming and conquering them. It was the life before that. I pictured myself as an Aztec woman living the daily life, you know, as farmers or something like that. Was that also a recognition of another focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Can you tell me why I was picking up on that at that point in time?

ELIAS: At different moments throughout a focus, individuals do access other focuses, many time within dream state. You are continuously exchanging energy with other focuses, but at times certain focuses bleed through to you. For the most part, those focuses that bleed through offer you subjective information and energy that is affecting of this particular focus, dealing with the issues that are the most predominant within this particular focus. Therefore, the experience within the other focus may be quite different, but its energy is lent to you and rearranged within this focus to be beneficial to you in the accomplishment of your intent.

Within this particular focus presently, you focus on several core belief systems, certain of which we have been speaking this evening of. In this, you also lend energy to yourself by connecting with other focuses throughout this focus to be offering you information to be helpful in your movement through these issues, allowing you the knowledge in different areas that within essence these are merely choices and belief systems, and that within other focuses these may be viewed as not issues. This woman within this other focus moves about within a mundane focus, but quite content within the daily life, so to speak, and relationships, holding no conflict, therefore lends energy to you within this focus to be reconstructed, to be benefiting you in movement through these issues.

SUE: Okay. That makes sense because I remember the feeling I got was of a very pleasant and peaceful life, a very happy life. Also, Iíve been interested in Japan most all my life. Iím not sure if Iím interested in it because my mother always was interested, or whether we shared that. Iíve gotten the feeling at times that we may have shared a focus together in Japan where she was my younger sister.

ELIAS: Correct. As you feel within you draws to different subjects or locations, and you feel these within you quite strongly at times, these are indications of slight bleed-throughs of other focuses. They are recognitions. When you hold a fascination in certain areas, you may express to yourself that within essence you hold another focus within this area, just as Lawrence holds a fascination with extraterrestrials, for he is also focused within other dimensions which are affecting of this particular focus. You do not hold draws to certain elements for no reason.

SUE: Thatís what I thought. Iíve been thinking about Japan a lot lately because for a few weeks Iíve been reading a book, a novel that was written in 11th century Japan. Itís really fascinating to me, the difference in the belief systems that people held, and even as some of them seem almost shocking or very wrong compared to what we believe now, on the other hand, in a way they seem kind of natural to me too. They donít seem as foreign as they might.

ELIAS: Quite.

SUE: Is reading this book also reminding me of that other focus?

ELIAS: And also offering you the opportunity to be viewing other belief systems and in this evaluating your own belief systems, recognizing that they are merely belief systems, and in this offering yourself also the opportunity to diffuse some of your belief systems. You are moving into a direction of beginning to view and evaluate your own belief systems, and in this you are also moving closer to an area of allowing yourself to move through some of your belief systems.

SUE: Okay, thanks. What else do I want to ask about? Iíve also suspected that my mother and father, and also my motherís father, may have known each other at some time, had a focus together in the old west because of similar interests on their part. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay, thanks. But I donít think I knew them then.

ELIAS: No. You are not a participant within that particular focus.

SUE: My cat developed asthma a few years ago, and we talked about that, but I have asthma myself that I developed a few years ago. I can sometimes see ways that I use it for myself, but I wondered if you could comment on why I developed it, what itís there for.

ELIAS: This also is an offshoot belief system from those of which we are speaking this evening, the belief systems that you hold about self. You hold belief systems in the area of your physical appearance Ė how you project your camouflage within physical focus Ė and as you view your physical form as not quite satisfactory and adequate, you also create a depressing upon it. You subjectively instruct your physical form to be depressing itself, constricting itself. In this, you are imaging your wish for this physical form to be more compressed, which may appear within your belief systems to be more adequate. But as you are not allowing yourself the accomplishment objectively to be creating this Ė for you do not believe that you hold the power to be creating this Ė you image to yourself your subjective instruction to your body consciousness to depress itself. This creates an imaging within you as a mis-function or a constriction within your breathing, which is also a constriction of what?

SUE: The lungs.

ELIAS: Which are located in which area of your physical form?

SUE: The chest.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: (Laughing) You mean Iím trying to make myself smaller?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Oh! Interesting!

ELIAS: And constricting yourself. This relates to a basic belief system that suggests to you a lack of acceptance of what you have created originally.

SUE: I was very thin all through my twenties, and it was in my thirties that I gained some weight Ė I wouldnít say a whole lot, but I gained some weight Ė and it was also in my thirties that I developed asthma. Was that a connection, then?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay. Is this also connected, are you saying, with the fact that Iím large on top specifically, or it is overall weight?

ELIAS: This is your OWN underlying belief system.

SUE: Okay. Interesting! I donít think of it as my choice. I think of it as something that runs in the family.

ELIAS: Absolutely! This is ďbeyond your control!Ē This is an area that you have no affectingness of, and within your physical form YOU are not creating of this and may not be affecting of this, for within your belief systems, you are merely the victim of heredity!

SUE: (Laughing) Yeah.

ELIAS: But as I have expressed, each individual creates their physical form as to their own design, and you also are creating of that physical form within every moment. This be the reason why your physical forms are so very changeable, for you are continuously creating them. But within the very strongly held belief systems that you are NOT creating them and that you hold no control over them ... for control is another very large belief system within physical focus within this dimension, and in this you hold these belief systems. Therefore, it is quite obvious that you may not be affecting of physical form. Therefore, you shall create a situation to be instructing of your physical form to be constricting of itself.

SUE: Interesting. Because on the one hand, I tend to think that I inherited my shape, and yet at the same time I know that I wouldnít have had that shape if I hadnít chosen to. I would have, at the very least, chosen different genes to work with or something.

ELIAS: More conflicting belief systems! This offers you the opportunity to view the conflictingness of the belief systems that you hold.

SUE: Yes. Because I accept a lot of this, but only up to a point.

ELIAS: Quite. ďYou create your realityĒ is a concept, not a reality. Many individuals hold the concept, and not the reality. You create your reality at times in certain areas, but not in ALL areas. This is incorrect!

SUE: Okay, thanks. Iíll think about that. One question about my cat having asthma. One thing I realized after we talked about it a few weeks ago was that I tend to give her a lot of attention when she starts coughing, and I realized that I might be reinforcing her doing that. Iím still giving her the medicine that she appears to need, but Iím trying to ignore her when she coughs. Is that likely to make any difference in her having this?

ELIAS: As you reinforce, it shall continue to be created. It is being created in sympathetic action and agreement to yourself. As you do not reinforce your OWN need for attention within this area and you also do not reinforce this action with the creature, you do not concentrate upon this action as much and you do not lend energy to the perpetuation of its creation.

SUE: Okay. I thought it was probably better to not pay attention to her when she did it, but at times I felt like I was being mean to her, so I wasnít sure whether....

ELIAS: You are also reinforcing your OWN belief systems within a mirror action in continuing this action. In this act, you are offering yourself a viewing of your own expectations and wantings within this focus. You are desiring of nurturing and affection and closeness; attention. Therefore, as the creature mirrors your action to you, you give to the creature what you are seeking yourself, but you are also perpetuating the creation.

SUE: Right. I feel guilty about her because she was always very playful, and the asthma slows her down and makes her quieter. I feel bad, as if I created this in her by wanting her to be less playful. Not that I mind her playing, but it annoyed me that she wanted me to play with her all the time.

ELIAS: This creature has created this action, this ailment, this constriction as an offering to YOU, in agreement and compliance with no expectation. It has offered this action to you, that you may view the very many elements of your own belief systems which cause you conflict. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to engage guilt!

SUE: Thank you. That makes me feel better.

Iíve been working for years as a computer programmer, which in some ways is a good job. The work is fairly interesting and it pays quite well, and sometimes I feel that I should be glad to have something thatís interesting and pays well, but itís not what I wanted to do with my life. When I was younger I always wanted to write novels, and as Iíve gotten older, Iím not sure. I havenít done anything about it. I kind of think that part of that was a desire to justify my life by doing something creative, and part of it I think was that I thought that writing would be easier than having a real job, but now Iíve come to realize that thatís not necessarily true.

I guess what Iím wondering is, am I better off just sticking with the kind of work Iím doing, or is there something else I might enjoy more? Should I try writing? Do you have any comment to make on any of this?

ELIAS: The comment I express to you is that you are presently moving into the area of addressing to your belief systems which are very affecting of you, and as you are doing this, you are also allowing yourself to open more to yourself and recognizing the areas within yourself that you are not accepting and that you are limiting and that you are not allowing to be expressive. In this, you also stifle your own creativity.

I am quite encouraging of every individual to be following their creativity and expressing objectively in what creates joyfulness for them. To be expressing of your creativity is quite beneficial to every individualsí value fulfillment. To be NOT expressing of your creativity and to be suppressing or limiting yourself is also counter to your value fulfillment, and creates a thickness within your focus that you would not be experiencing if allowing yourself the opportunity to BE expressing.

These areas are complicated. There are many belief systems that are attached to these areas. You hold belief systems of responsibility, of cultural time, of productivity, of obligations. There are MANY belief systems involved. In opposition to these belief systems, you also hold other belief systems that creativity is for leisure time, creativity is not responsible, creativity is frivolous.

Therefore, you have offered yourself recently many, many examples of the conflicting belief systems that you hold simultaneously and how holding these conflicting belief systems is limiting and restricting, for within holding conflicting belief systems, you are continuously engaged in battle. Therefore, you do not accomplish, for you are too very busy battling to be accomplishing! You are accomplishing the battle! (Laughter)

SUE: Yeah! This may sound trivial, but I have a big problem with housework, with cleaning, and I find it very hard to get myself to do it. Is that related again to conflicting belief systems?

ELIAS: This also would be in relation to your belief systems concerning yourself and your sexual orientation as female. You wish not to be pigeonholed into this sexual orientation, this being an element of the belief system that I was expressing previously to you, why you hold conflicting belief systems in the area of relationships. For you also hold belief systems of yourself and are unaccepting that you have created this focus to be experiencing female sexual orientation and that this is acceptable, but you also place certain elements upon this particular orientation that you identify as being ďcharacteristicsĒ of this orientation which you are not accepting of.

You are wishing to be experiencing female orientation within this focus, but you are battling this also, expressing to yourself, ďThere is no difference between female and male orientation.Ē But there is!

SUE: Youíre right. Iíve got conflicting belief systems here!

ELIAS: If there were no difference, you would not be choosing to be creating of these different sexual orientations. You would merely create ONE sexual orientation within this dimension.

They ARE different Ė they hold different experiences Ė but your belief systems within this present century have created NEW belief systems that you do NOT hold differences! (Laughter) So, you have complicated your belief systems and created MORE belief systems!

SUE: So this goes back to when I was in junior high and got very heavily into feminism and decided I was never going to be a damn housewife and clean house and all that?

ELIAS: More belief systems within your very enlightened new era!

SUE: Yeah, because at the time it seemed like a good idea, but the effect in the long run is, it just ends up making me miserable because I live in this awful mess and it doesnít make me happy.

ELIAS: And are you supposing that a male individual shall not be cleaning their dwelling either? (Grinning)

SUE: Actually, Iíve known some who didnít, but they seemed much happier that way than I am!

ELIAS: It is merely a choice!

SUE: Yes.

ELIAS: Once again, you are battling yourself. You wish not to be focused in squalor, but you wish not to be motivating yourself to eliminate this situation.

SUE: Exactly, yes! If I could be happy in squalor like some people Iíve known, it wouldnít be a problem. I have a friend who is also a slob, and she and her boyfriend are both that way and it doesnít seem to bother her particularly, and I envy her that. But on the other hand, I think sheís more of a slob than I am! (Laughter) So I guess I really need to deal with this. Does everybody have a lot of conflicting belief systems, or do I....

ELIAS: MANY individuals! (We all crack up)

SUE: This seems to be the recurring theme! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very many individuals hold many conflicting belief systems. Not all are addressing to them and not all are addressing to very many of them at one time framework as you are choosing to presently, but many individuals hold very many conflicting belief systems. It is quite common. It is merely a situation of recognition.

Therefore, I acknowledge you that you are accomplishing by allowing yourself to widen your perception and view these belief systems.

SUE: Okay. If I tell myself I accept my belief systems, does that get me anywhere? Or is that going about it the wrong way?

ELIAS: You may express this to yourself. It may not be efficiently effective! (Grinning)

SUE: So what I need to do is look at them more individually? Look at the belief systems?

ELIAS: Identifying your belief systems, in your terms, is your first step. It is quite difficult to be addressing to and dealing with your belief systems if you do not identify what they are. In identifying them, you shall also offer yourself information as to your movement within them.

Hold patience. Individuals many times are identifying of a belief system, and in this hold an expectation that they shall automatically instantaneously offer themselves a solution. In actuality, you are not always receptive to your own information. You are offering yourself information to be dealing with the belief systems, but as all other individuals, you do not always see immediately your own information that you present yourself with, for in the identification of the belief systems themselves, you hold other belief systems which suggest you are needing a time framework to assimilate this. (1)

This is another belief system, but it is quite a strong mass belief system. Therefore, you do not offer yourselves the opportunity to instantaneously move through a belief system, although you may. You merely do not offer yourselves the opportunity. Therefore, I express to you to be noticing and aware, and you shall offer yourself in increments information to be dealing with your own belief systems. Your information may appear to you objectively in areas that are unexpected!

SUE: Okay, I like that! I have, I guess, one more question, just kind of a general question. Youíve talked about animals, and I think you said that we create them. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: We create the animals that come to us, and then from that point they have their own choice in the matter?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: I wondered if that also holds true for plants?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay, because Iím very interested in gardening and the way plants respond and donít respond, and looking back on cases where like I bought a mint plant and it died, and I bought another mint plant and it died, and I finally bought one that lived. I donít know whether that means that I finally allowed it to live, or whether I finally got a plant that wanted to live. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: These are opportunities to view within your periphery, to be offering yourself information that you may be noticing. Actions and events occur within your creations every moment within your focus. You are merely not noticing the imagery that it is expressing to you. View now within your periphery that you are remembering this action and questioning now why this has occurred. This has been offered to you that you may futurely Ė this future, this present now Ė reflect and view within the context of your belief systems [that] if you are not succeeding within an action that you must persevere and continue, and that your patience shall be rewarded to you, and that if you are persevering within diligence, you shall offer yourself your accomplishment.

SUE: Yeah, I think one thing I didnít really understand until some years ago was that if you keep doing something over and over, you will get better at it. I donít think I understood that as a child because there were a couple of things I was really really good at, and everything else I just thought I was bad at, and I think thatís still a lesson Iím learning.

ELIAS: And one that very, very, very many other individuals are continuing to be learning also. This be your base of duplicity.

SUE: Okay. Well, I think I asked everything I wanted to ask, so if thereís anything else you want to tell me, Iím open to it. Otherwise, I thank you.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you one more suggestion: that within what I express to you within this session, be mindful that I am directing to specific imagery and specific belief systems. This is not to say that each time a similar action is occurring, such as within your plants, that they are always as a rule suggesting the same imagery. I am expressing to you specifically of certain imagery as an example to you, that you may allow yourself the opportunity to widen your periphery, and in this also widen your awareness and offer yourself the action of eliminating more of your conflict.

There are no rules within your physical focus. Therefore, actions cross over actions. Each element of imagery must be viewed individually for its particular meaning to each of you.

SUE: Okay, I get that. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Very well. For this evening I shall express much fondness to you all. (To Sue) I shall be encouraging of your movement within your investigation of your belief systems, and am acknowledging of your action.

SUE: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you this evening, I bid you a very affectionate au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:00 PM.


(1) This sentence was delivered as such: ďYou are offering yourself information to be dealing with the belief systems, but as all other individuals, you do not always see immediately your own information that you present yourself with, for the identification of the belief systems in themselves ... you hold other belief systems in which suggest you are needing a time framework to assimilate this.Ē I have changed it slightly in the script to make it easier to read and to understand. This of course is per my own individual understanding, which could be incorrect.

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