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Thursday, January 22, 1998

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ďThe Bobsey TwinsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Nicky (Candace), and Jene (Rudim, although Elias usually refers to Jene as Rudy).

Elias arrives at 5:04 PM. (Arrival time is twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning)

JENE: Good evening!

ELIAS: So, we meet once again! (Jene hasnít attended a session for quite some time)

JENE: Once again ... as if you have ever been gone! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very good observation!

JENE: I donít miss everything! (More laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have inquiries this day?

JENE: Well, first of all, the knocking on the head ... is this at an end? I would request that it be at an end. It hurts!

ELIAS: This would be your choice!

JENE: Oh, good! I choose for it to end! Got your message in the dream state. Yes, I would like the lipstick! (Elias grins) So, here I am. I figured since I asked for a personal invitation and you gave me one, Iím here!

ELIAS: Very well ... which shall be to your own benefit!

JENE: Always! (Fifteen-second pause, during which Elias get an amused expression on his face)

ELIAS: Shall we sit? (Laughter)

NICKY: This is going to be interesting! (Nicky and Jene discuss whoís going to go first)

JENE: You go ahead! Iím here!

NICKY: Okay. I always end up doing this! Okay, something came up today. I canít make any sense of it. We researched it real quickly. Rain-maker? Rain-dancer? Could you tell me something about that?

ELIAS: Are you wishing of sharing this information?


ELIAS: Then I shall be suggestive to you that you expound for the benefit of individuals that also shall be acquiring this information. THEY are not telepathic! (Grinning)

NICKY: Oh, what a shame! And we try so hard! We were having a conversation, Jene and I, and in the midst of it I came out and said rain-maker or rain-dancer, which had nothing to do with what we were talking about. So, it became very predominant, and immediately both of us went to, ďWhat does it mean?Ē

JENE: And we started looking through our different books for an association.

NICKY: Therefore, the question.

ELIAS: This be an identification of a bleed-through of a focus shared.

NICKY: Oh! What time period?

ELIAS: Within your seventeenth century.

NICKY: Really! Why is the seventeen century so predominant with so many people? I mean, thereís loads of centuries to be going to. How come everybody always goes to the seventeenth century?

ELIAS: Many connections are made within the eighteenth century!

NICKY: Oh, the eighteenth? This one is the seventeenth, though.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: Within what geographical location?

ELIAS: Of your southern America.

JENE: Southern America. And our alignment at the time, in the bleed-through?

ELIAS: Brothers.

NICKY: Oh, neat!

JENE: So, MANY focuses, many, many, many focuses, most of all of the focuses that I recognize ...

NICKY: Iíve been involved!

JENE: ... sheís been involved.

ELIAS: Many focuses.

JENE: When I feel like one is, it is.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Oh, very interesting! Okay. And then speaking of focuses and stuff like that, what focuses have you and I shared?

ELIAS: And shall you be investigating? (Grinning)

NICKY: Well, Iíve tried, and itís wide open territory! Just give me a little ... you know, a little push!

JENE: No, donít ask for that!

NICKY: No, no, no! (Jene and Nicky are cracking up)

JENE: Or down the stairs and BANG on your head youíll go! (Laughter) I would like to address the fall on the stairs, being my choice, obviously, with some understanding. My first interpretation was that it was the young man behind me; in thought, not in actual physical pushing. And then I started blaming you Ė not blaming, well yeah, blaming -- for the push, and you were able to slow me down during that time frame of all the things that were going on, incidences that were happening at that time. So, did I push me, did you push me, or did he push me? Or did all three of us push me? Because I did not slip. It was not a slipping; it was a pushing. I felt the push, not from physical hands ...

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: ... from energy; from consciousness. We all pushed me?!

ELIAS: YOU physically thrust. Within consciousness, I have offered a push.

JENE: Okay. So the information that simultaneously went through my consciousness Ė of the push, the understanding, the experience, the completion without physical harm, and the molecules of the wall that I smashed against like a huge obstacle Ė when the wall basically concaved to meet my face, was that from you or was that an agreement within consciousness with both?

ELIAS: Both, for lack of harmfulness.

JENE: Okay, alright. I was right in understanding that. So the bruise thatís still causing short-term memory loss within the brain will heal and that memory shall return? (Laughing)

ELIAS: This is YOUR creation.

JENE: The bruise is my creation?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: The bruise was not created by the physical force of the meeting of the two elements?


JENE: I created the bruise myself?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: For distraction?

ELIAS: Correct; to allow yourself a time framework of non-remembering.

NICKY: Of taking a break, so to speak?

ELIAS: Of slowing.

JENE: Of slowing, because I was moving too fast?

ELIAS: You are attempting to be assimilating much information in a small time frame, and in this you may also be confusing yourself. Therefore, you have created a physical situation that you may understand and attach to within your belief systems that shall offer an explanation of physical memory loss, or blocking of remembering.

JENE: Okay. Obviously that was needed at that time.

ELIAS: It has been chosen by yourself to be preventing confusion within yourself. At times, individuals, within their excitement of movement within the shift and attaching to their belief systems, they may be attempting movement much more quickly than they may assimilate, and this causes confusion. In this, they shall offer themselves an experience that shall prevent this.

JENE: I see. Now is that directly related to the lack of fearfulness in dealing with the authority figures in this particular experience with these people, in starting out for myself and ending up encompassing the whole crew?

ELIAS: You are attempting to be moving through fear issues.

JENE: Fear issues. Okay, thatís what I thought.

ELIAS: Therefore, you also create objective imagery for yourself that shall be suggestive and reinforcing of your own accomplishments.

JENE: Okay, ícause thatís what I thought I was experiencing as it was happening. I was assimilating the information, dealing with the situation objectively, listening subjectively, not feeling the fear, and then it would slide in, and then it would create disturbance, and then it would be gone, and then it just seemed to assimilate itself. The situation would arise, it would be handled, and it would dissipate within a short period of time.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: Okay. Okay, how did that ... well, it was my choice. Itís terrible when you know that answer! (Laughter) It doesnít leave you a lot of places to go! Okay. So the symbolism of the tree standing alone was what I believed it to be at the time? And the three birds, one singular, then two ... no, three first, then two, then one. In that, I heard within my subjective and objective consciousness the information symbolically at the time of this particular movement. Is that also correct?

ELIAS: (Nodding) And be remembering your symbol of the tree in reference to the sapling.

NICKY: Interesting, very interesting! Okay, when I asked you a few Sundays ago if it was connected, if what transpired with me that week was connected with what happened to her, you said yes.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, in the same manner that youíre telling her? Is it the same for me?

ELIAS: This has been an empathic connection that you have allowed yourself.

NICKY: Okay, thatís what I thought.

JENE: Okay, my friend Kelly would like to know what her essence name is and her family, and she does plan to come at some time. Sheís very curious, even though sheís very religiously focused. She likes listening to the information, and she is accepting. She also wants to know what our connections are, and how many. I know some myself, I think, but she wants to see it in print, or hear it.

ELIAS: I shall offer essence name of Sonya, and Sonya may attend this forum and may inquire of these questions herself!

JENE: Well, for my curiosity, I perceive her as Sumafi aligned with Borledim; her close connection with her children and her animals.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: And her teaching abilities of the Sumafi. I also experience an aspect of her as perhaps a fragment or an aspect of my son Kelly.

ELIAS: No, although they have shared some focuses.

JENE: They have shared?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: Okay. (Seventeen-second pause)

NICKY: Iím going to back-track for a minute. I still need my hint of what focuses we shared!


JENE: Persistent!

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: Just a hint!

ELIAS: Investigate time framework of third century ...

NICKY: Oh, too neat! Third century!

JENE: There you go! A little biblical stuff happening.

ELIAS: ... within Arabic location.

JENE: Well, that rings your bells!

NICKY: Yeah, it does! Too neat! Okay, I know I have a connection to Margot. Is her asthma problem something Iím sharing with her?


NICKY: Something of my own creation?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Oh, disgusting! Tell me why! I want to know why!

JENE: Is this pleurisy instead of bronchitis?

ELIAS: They are terms for very similar creations.

JENE: Okay. I think this was pleurisy with a rib effect. Two ribs are out, hips are out, and itís pleurisy. They keep diagnosing it as bronchitis, but I received that it was pleurisy, which is different. Thatís a viral thing.

NICKY: Oh, thatís why the antibiotics seem to be not working?

JENE: Right.

NICKY: Okay. Her perception is right on that, isnít it?

ELIAS: You are creating a constriction.

JENE: A constriction in the lungs.

NICKY: And thatís related to fear, is it not?

ELIAS: Partially.

NICKY: Partially. What other areas should I be investigating then?

ELIAS: It also is a creation that you have chosen, to be constricting of yourself in relation to your own issues with personal responsibility and not allowing your own expression.

NICKY: Oh my god! So it goes back to the personal responsibility again?? First, I did the back, and the back didnít work, right? So now I had to go to something like this?

ELIAS: Quite creative! (Laughter)

JENE: Youíll be on crutches pretty soon!

NICKY: Donít say that! I keep hitting my toe. Is that the same reasoning behind that too?

ELIAS: You are quite adept at creating physical elements for your own attention. This also would be influenced within the area of parallel action between yourself and Michael. He is quite adept at creating physical elements also!

NICKY: Is this how we use some of our creativity?

ELIAS: This is what attains your attention!

JENE: As does falling down stairs attain mine!

NICKY: Yeah, right! Okay, could you explain something as far as the Sumari intent? Iím really having a hard time. I went to the Seth books, I looked over your material, and itís explained basically in one word: creative. Okay, thatís fine, but when I hear someone else referring to it ... itís the double-whammy thing because Iím Sumari aligned with Sumari. Itís the pot-stirrers. They all put negative connotations to it, and Iím just having a real hard time believing thatís the only thing to this double-whammy Sumari thing.

ELIAS: How are you presenting yourself with information of negativity?

NICKY: It appears to be negative, what Iím receiving; how I perceive other peopleís responses to it.

ELIAS: The Sumari are quite creative, although I shall be expressing to you that within your intent, this be another factor, so to speak, in HOW you are creating, and partially Ė partially Ė why you find difficulty in connecting to your intent, so to speak.

NICKY: Because of the way Iím perceiving it? Because I AM having difficulty aligning with the intent. I am!

ELIAS: Many individuals, which we have discussed recently, that align with the same family that they also are belonging to, create conflict within their intent, for they lean in the area of blocking the intent within the alignment, which many individuals within physical focus in their choice of alignment lean in the direction of blocking their intent, but in doing this, you are also blocking the intent of the family that you BELONG to, for they are the same.

NICKY: Yeah, right. So how does the difficulty ... where does the difficulty come in? Because you would think that they would be more likely to ... I always think it should be easy for me to see it because theyíre the same. So there should be no conflict, but I canít even get close to the arena!

ELIAS: Individuals belong to an essence family. The intent of that essence family is held throughout essence. Therefore, it becomes an underlying intent within an individual focus. It is naturally and automatically followed. It creates no conflict for the individual focus. The reason for this is that the individual focus for the most part aligns with a different family. In aligning with a different family, the attention is placed upon the family alignment. In the attention being placed on the family alignment, the attention is NOT placed on the family that you are belonging to. Therefore, you allow a free-flow and a natural cooperation in intent of the family that you belong to, but you create confusion and conflict within certain areas of the family that you ALIGN with.

Now; when you are belonging to the same family that you are ALIGNING with, those areas that you move in of creating confusion and conflict within the intent of alignment spill over, so to speak, into blocking of your family that you belong to also, for you have no distracting intent. The intent is the same.

NICKY: So then why does it become distracting or confusing? If itís all the same thing, wouldnít it be flowing more smoothly?


NICKY: Well, is that why you call it a double-whammy?

ELIAS: Yes, for you automatically within the physical focus move into leanings of areas that you block the intent of the alignment, which then automatically blocks the intent of the family that you belong to.

NICKY: Oh my god! Okay, what kind of exercise ... or what would my line of thought be to help me get through to recognize what I need to recognize so Iím running smoothly?

ELIAS: Initially, attempt to be acknowledging yourself in viewing this particular focus and the accomplishments that you have created within the intent of the Sumari objectively. This shall allow you a framework to begin to identify the areas that you are not accepting of the alignment and the intent within the alignment, for each area that you are not accepting of the alignment, these also are blocking within the intent of the family that you belong to, which is the same.

JENE: Now within the Sumari family, the essence of Sumari, is the only ... not meaning only in finality. Is the strongest aspect of the family as creators, to create? Are there subdivisions that make completions? There was somewhere in a transcript I read ... I find I can start a million projects and finish maybe half of them, letís say, because my attention gets distorted and I think of something else and want to move something else or create something else. Now, I have alignments with other families, like the Vold family, and I must have something to do with Zuli, Milumet, and Gramada. I mean, I can experience some of those aspects. But is there subdivision or is there completion to creation, or just creation and move on to yet another creation? Itís kind of frustrating!

ELIAS: This be elements that you may look to that you are NOT accepting of the intent of this family of consciousness. The Sumari are crea-TIVE. They are not necessarily crea-TORS. They are very crea-TIVE.

NICKY: It doesnít necessitate completion?

ELIAS: No. There are many subdivisions of all these essence families, but the basic intent of all of the subdivisions is the same as the nine families of consciousness. They are merely slightly Ė very slightly -- different. In this, the Sumari are very diverse. They are very versatile. This allows them the ability to be very creative. They are not bound by any one area. In expressing the expression of ďpot-stirrers,Ē this is not negative. Individuals that are Sumari are agitators.

JENE: Oh, we go from pot-stirrers to agitators! I KNEW I was one of those! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You hold a new invention within your century which is to be washing of your garments. It holds an agitator. It is not negative! It merely mixes. It churns; it mixes. Therefore, this also be the action of the Sumari family. They also are concerned with attaining attention; attention of other individuals and attention of themselves.

JENE: Attention for themselves. To be accepting of self and to be accepting of others?

ELIAS: In one aspect, yes.

JENE: Is there an aspect within the essence of the Sumari family that finds itself fighting for justice for ALL?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

JENE: Well, what is that?

ELIAS: This would be Vold. The Sumari are not as interested in justice. They hold a slight interest in this area, but it is slight. They are more concerned with bringing attention to ideas and concepts and creativity and action.

NICKY: Okay, then what we call conflict, within that idea alone, is because of our belief systems of, ďWe have to finish things. We have to be doing this. We shouldnít be doing that. I shouldnít have my head in five million places.Ē

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: And thatís where the conflict is.

ELIAS: Absolutely. You hold belief systems quite aligned with cultural time, and you do not allow your own free flow of your own free expression. This is causing of MUCH conflict within the Sumari family.

NICKY: Alright. That all makes sense then.

JENE: So the Vold family, in alignment with the Sumari family, in my experience in Jamaica, were very involved with each other.

ELIAS: The Vold presents itself within the present now as being pronounced, for it is very instrumental within the action of this shift. Therefore, they are more obvious presently.

JENE: I was certainly obvious! Whew! That was very unnerving at times. Very gratifying at other times, but very unnerving, to be representing a full crew, a full group of people who were afraid to stand up for themselves for simple issues of food. Anyway, no point in going there. You know what took place. But that was more aligned with the Vold family at that point?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: And was that particular ... well, there were many different situations. Was the simplicity of the experience with Jasmine, with accepting of herself and being accepted by another female, the purpose of that visit to Jamaica? Was it the falling down the stairs, or was it like multiplicity in aspect? Because I knew before I left that it was going to be a complicated situation, that I didnít really want to go. I went for the money, basically.

ELIAS: Or so you believe! (Grinning)

JENE: Or so I believed at the time! And then I became like somebody like Lancelot riding a horse through the whole situation, standing up for many people, including myself.

ELIAS: And offering yourself many opportunities to view your own issues and to attempt to be coming to terms, so to speak, with these issues. THIS be the purpose of your trip, not for financial gain.

JENE: Well, I used that as an excuse to pay the bills! (Laughter) Okay, that was the intent of that particular experience. It was a VERY interesting experience! Okay, a long time ago I asked, ďWhat am I supposed to be doing?Ē You said it was right in front of my nose. Well, Iíve looked at my feet, Iíve looked at my hands, Iíve looked at the phone, Iíve looked at the computer, Iíve looked at my house, Iíve looked at my nose, and I still canít find out whatís right under my nose! So in the thick of things, when one canít see the forest for the trees, I ask again: ďWhat is right under my nose?Ē It is a continual investigation. I need a hint! Iím thick! (Laughter)

ELIAS: My suggestion to you is that you recognize what you need be addressing to within yourself first. You ARE ...

JENE: This could take the rest of my life!

ELIAS: No, it shall not.

JENE: Okay, good. No more falling down stairs!

ELIAS: You ARE accomplishing in this area. You are right before you, and you have been presenting yourself to you in a more realistic manner from our first meeting; addressing to your own belief systems and your own issues, which restrain you and limit you.

JENE: Okay, so this is my connection with Rob from England, within that paragraph in one of the sessions, that you made very clear?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: This WAS pointed information at that time. Am I correct?

NICKY: Are they parallel counterparts?

JENE: Yes. Well, we have some kind of connection, especially in the non-acceptance of self and non-acceptance of others and our isolation and our ...

ELIAS: Quite!

JENE: Yeah. I recognized that instantly.

ELIAS: This has been what you have offered to yourself within this time period. Now you offer yourself the opportunity to move beyond this. You have been addressing to and offering yourself the identification of some belief systems and some issues. Now you may also offer yourself information of yourself and your creativity, and in the area of acceptance of self, that may allow you movement within the action of this shift.

NICKY: So itís all related to the action of the shift then?

ELIAS: Quite!

JENE: Oh yeah, but thereís nothing definite!

ELIAS: You may also be connecting with this information offered of the Sumari family, and allow yourself the opportunity to view the areas that you are blocking in this also.

JENE: I think Iíll go to an acupuncturist and have her open them all at once! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I may be offering a push in consciousness, but YOU have created the thrust for your OWN attention.

JENE: Okay. Thatís a choice. I choose to do that. I can accept that, I think. It has been a desire for a long time.

ELIAS: I am aware.

JENE: I have a question that we both ... it has nothing to do with anything deep, I donít think, at this moment, but we may find something different. We have a fixation with chairs!

NICKY: Oh yeah, tremendously so!

JENE: I have many chairs Ė I always have Ė and I share chairs. I give them to people. I buy lots of chairs. I gather chairs. What is the connection with chairs? I have chairs all over my yard, and Iím the only person there! Thereís chairs in every room, and I sit in all of them! But Iím not connecting with a time frame, other than the one focus that I remember of the conference room during the occupation in Germany, with the general who watched as the Jews were taken away on the train. I remember that particular situation, looking through the window, and the chairs that were lined up in the conference room. Thatís the only connection I make with chairs.

ELIAS: It is merely another noticing within another focus. Connect to and engage your new game, and you may be offering yourself information of carpenters creating chairs ...

NICKY: I could do that!

JENE: I always want to upholster them, but I never do it!

ELIAS: ... therefore allowing yourself the noticing, within more than one focus, of the design of these.

NICKY: So thatís something we shared then too?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: (Laughing) Itís beginning to feel like weíre Siamese twins! (More like The Bobsey Twins!) Well, itís nice to know somebody else is in it too! (I must say, these two gals laughed more than they talked in this session! What a pair!)

Okay, curiosity. We seem to feel, and maybe this is a perception of an objective distortion, that we have a difficult time with the Sumafi family, in communication, in understanding ... (Here, Elias sits straight up, pretending to be insulted)

NICKY: Hold on just a second! (Laughter)

JENE: Hold on a minute! The back goes up! I took notice! (Elias chuckles) But it does appear that way.

NICKY: It appears that way, like thereís a static in the communication.

JENE: There seems to be a rubbing, okay? You know, how you can make a sore? That seems to be the action that is experienced that we find in common, that we share within our communication. Now, it possibly is our perception of the situation or the communication, or is there something more?

ELIAS: Many times individuals belonging to the Sumari family shall hold slight difficulty objectively with the Sumafi, for objectively they express themselves in a manner that one wishes to be free-flowing and unconstrained, and the other is greatly lending attention to detail.

NICKY: Yeah, right! Thatís it!

ELIAS: Therefore, it APPEARS to be in conflict, although within counterpart action of these two families, if you are connecting with the intents of these families, they also work within a great harmony, allowing both expressions. It is merely an action of acceptance that these are complementary to each other and not in conflict with each other.

NICKY: Yeah, I can see that! ĎCause that added to my confusion! Itís like whatís going on is very complementary. Theyíre very detailed, and we just put it out there, you know? And they like to put it together, and we get irritated because it shouldnít be constrained. Right?

ELIAS: Correct. This be the reason that many individuals belonging to one of these families and aligning with the other also hold somewhat of an ease within their focus, for they are naturally complementing of each other.

NICKY: Yeah! See, thatís how Michael is. Michael is Sumafi/Sumari, and heís well at home with himself! (Michael is Nickyís son)

JENE: Right, and heís pretty at ease with us.

NICKY: Yeah, right. Only once in a while does he get irritated! (Laughter) Okay, thatís understandable. That makes sense.

ELIAS: We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK 5:51 PM.
RESUME 6:24 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

JENE: (To Nicky) Go ahead. Better ask something for Mike.

NICKY: Yeah, Iím getting an impression, and I have since I came here. Mike has a list of questions for you. Correct me if Iím wrong, but my impression is that theyíre not going to be answered via me, that heís going to have to make an appearance.

ELIAS: Very good!

NICKY: Okay, so I wonít even go there! That eliminates a whole bunch here. Okay, within the present, right in this moment, the probabilities, how long will it be before he shows his precious little face in front of yours?

ELIAS: This would be his choice!

NICKY: His choice, okay. Is fear the element that heís dealing with as far as appearing here?

ELIAS: Partially.

NICKY: Partially, huh? What is the other part?

ELIAS: Rebelliousness.


JENE: Another aspect he and I share! So if we told him not to come, he probably would. Told him he couldnít. ďYou cannot come! We wonít allow you to come with us!Ē

NICKY: Then heíll come. (Elias chuckles) Interesting! Okay, you mentioned, I think it was last time, one of the times anyway, about the fourth position of the pyramid, and I believe I didnít allow you to expand on it. I think it was what you called the fourth position on the pyramid, because I was asking you about the number four and what it represented to me.


NICKY: Thatís it, points. What is that? I sit and I think about it, and I think I donít know what that means!

ELIAS: The four points are Lawrence, Michael, Shynla, and Olivia.

NICKY: Okay, so when Iím seeing the number four, what Iím connecting with is the involvement ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: ... with the shift.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay. Alright, Jenie babes! (Iíve got half a mind to title this transcript ďThe Bobsey Twins!Ē)

JENE: Okay, I asked something about the connection with Rob from England. Is there a parallel or ... I mean, only from the paragraph in the transcript did I pick up that there was a connection between he and I, in the same behavior.

ELIAS: You are experiencing very similar issues.

JENE: Is there any deeper connection than that, or time shared?


JENE: No. Just a lot of the same issues.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: Within these issues, which seem to be over this particular lifetime anyway, having been chosen as the experience, do I also have the availability of changing the probability? I mean, this sense of sadness and isolation is like ... itís very tiring! Itís like, ďGet over it!Ē You know, the short periods of time of joyfulness or zeal or any expression within that feeling-tone, they donít last very long. A tremendous wave of all of that emotion that doesnít even necessarily have to stem from anything, or it appears not even to stem from anything. Thereís nothing wrong in life. Thereís nothing wrong with today. What is that encompassing sadness about?

ELIAS: The lack of acceptance of self, and also your own blocking of your intent within your alignment, which you share very strongly in similarity to this other individual. The intent has been expressed to you, the family alignment has been expressed to you, and you distract yourselves with focusing upon OTHER alignments which you view to be more attractive and more easily accomplished. This individual would be quite pleased were he to be aligned with Milumet, and displays action objectively which may be considered imagery of that particular family, but this is not the alignment that he holds.

JENE: And so which one would I prefer to be with?

ELIAS: Several!

JENE: Several. Which? Who? I distract myself with ...?

ELIAS: You distract yourself with your own imagery, with viewing a more attractive alignment with Zuli, with Vold, and at times with Ilda, and at times with Borledim.

JENE: Okay, and which should I be doing?

ELIAS: Your alignment is Sumafi.

JENE: My alignment is Sumafi?!

NICKY: Holy shit! Thatís a whole new attitude!

JENE: Totally different. I donít even think in that way.

ELIAS: Precisely.

NICKY: And thereís the conflict!

JENE: I donít even THINK that way!

ELIAS: Precisely.

JENE: So thereís where Iím supposed to be paying more attention?

ELIAS: As I have stated within this session, these two families of Sumafi and Sumari are complementary to each other if allowed a flow, but if blocking the intent of your alignment you may be creating of friction and conflict. We have spoken this eve of the aspect of conflicting area that you may view with these two families within your belief systems, in a lack of understanding of how they are complementing of each other and that they may be viewed objectively at times to be causing friction, for one moves in the creative expression and is rebellious to boundaries and the other is attentive to detail, which the Sumari view at times as being restrictive, although it may be complementary in your creativity.

You may view throughout your focus that you have reversed your attention. You focus your attention in objective expression of the Sumari, which is the family that you are belonging to. In this you allow little attention to the Sumafi, and you create this in the role of the UNDERLYING intent. You have objectively reversed them within your attention. This creates conflict. This creates a continuing conflict, for the focus strives to be objectifying the intent of the alignment.

JENE: Then what happens to the intent of the family? It just is?

ELIAS: Correct. It is a natural flow.

JENE: Oh. Very interesting!

VICKI: Could I ask a question here? Wouldnít what Jene does for a living be ...

JENE: Thatís Zuli.

VICKI: ... indicative of an attention to detail within the intent of the Sumafi? (Jene does body make-up in the film industry)

ELIAS: Partially, which ...

JENE: Partially. Itís also connected with Zuli, isnít it?

ELIAS: This be your distraction!


JENE: Wait a minute! That be my distraction? Is not the Zuli attention to body, to perfection? Thatís what I do within the creation of attention to detail within the career.

ELIAS: But this is not your creation. It is your EXPRESSION of creativity.

JENE: But ...

ELIAS: You may view within your focus now how you have reversed the objectification of these intents. The creativity is the natural flow throughout the focus, one that needs little attention, for it shall present itself naturally without your attention. The attention to detail and perfectionism is the intent of the alignment. You have always held both, but your attention magnates more to the objectification of the creativity, the expression of the creativity.

JENE: íCause itís so simple. It just is.

NICKY: Itís just natural to you.

JENE: Itís natural.

NICKY: Yeah, right.

JENE: But ...

VICKI: It doesnít seem to me like you would be very good at what you do if you werenít paying attention to detail.

JENE: Yeah, I HAVE to pay attention to detail. You canít see it on the screen.

ELIAS: Correct, which also is an element of your intent. Therefore, it is being expressed, but your attention moves more in the direction of the Sumari. Therefore, you are expressing the intent of the alignment in part, but you are also blocking of the intent in a lack of acknowledgment and a distraction of your attention with OTHER intents.

JENE: Is the Sumafi alignment also a part of the numerology? íCause that is detailed as well.

ELIAS: No. This would be in alignment with Sumari.

NICKY: Yes! I knew numbers had to fit in there somewhere!

JENE: I know that they fit in there, but itís very important ...

ELIAS: This is an expression ...

JENE: ... to me for the communication from essence or from consciousness to be clearly transmitted to the person Iím speaking to.

NICKY: And thatís Sumafi.

JENE: And thatís Sumafi! Thereís not to be any distortion. If I were sitting talking to you ... just like I told somebody one day at work. They wanted me to do a chart. I said, ďI can lie to you all day long in the movie business. Thatís what the business is about. I can tell you youíre a nice person and I like you, blah blah blah. This may not be true. This may be a part of what is within this structure of this belief system within this business. But when we sit down to do THIS, this I will not distort.Ē

ELIAS: Correct, but the tool is in alignment with Sumari.

JENE: Okay. Well, that I sort of knew. But I thought the detail in the information had to do with Sumafi.

ELIAS: This be your pull to the attention to detail.

JENE: So this might even be a little bit of a clue about what I should be doing? (We all crack up) A trick!

ELIAS: Not very efficient!

JENE: Not very efficient, Ďcause Iím not going to get an answer!

ELIAS: Ah! We shall create an organization with Rudy and Cindel: The 500 Club!

JENE: The 500 Club! Well, I will keep asking until I get ...

NICKY: But now with this other line of thought in perspective, itís going to come to you a lot easier.

JENE: Good! This is very good. Okay, another question. (Sighing) Is this non-acceptance of self -- Iíll start it out right away Ė the belief system held with lack of worth that ... (Elias is nodding) Youíre answering me ícause you know what Iím thinking.

ELIAS: Continue!

JENE: With the business Ė creation of the business, bringing it into manifestation/physical form, and ending up with the bill! Do you know what Iím saying? The store in Kansas Ė conflict with this counterpart action that has been discontinued. All of this confusion over something that was so simply put together! I know that I have belief systems dealing with alcoholism, alright? But within the aspect of just dealing with what is, which is the division of what has been created, I set it up. Now, why do I end up with the bill?

ELIAS: This also is an area of the lack of acceptance of self. You present yourself what you inwardly view that you deserve.

JENE: The bill??

ELIAS: Any element that you view as negative.

JENE: Any element that I view as negative?

NICKY: Is this similar to the answer you gave in a recent script we just got, where you said it was a Sumari thing? Thereís like unworthiness, and we look to a failure rather than success because weíre more fearful of success?

ELIAS: No. This is a misinterpretation. You ALL hold elements of this within the belief systems of duplicity. Therefore, you ALL hold a certain amount of issue with this belief system. Some individuals hold greater issue in this area than other individuals. You create belief systems around the belief system that you hold, and you attach reasonings as explanations to yourselves Ė which are additional belief systems Ė that your environment or your experiences throughout your focus have caused this feeling of inadequacy or lack of acceptance or of lack of self-worth. They are all elements of a lack of acceptance of self and the issue of duplicity. (Both Jene and Nicky sigh)

This particular issue, I may express to you all, be one of your MOST difficult issues within physical focus.

JENE: It sure is expensive!

ELIAS: In more areas than one!

JENE: Absolutely! Iím getting really tired of initiating businesses, let me tell you! Question: Why is my house turning yellow inside? I am painting. I know you know. Itís not yellow-yellow, but you know, mustard-yellow. Now I have one whole room and one full wall that had to be yellow!

ELIAS: Another partial distraction, but also an offering to yourself of imagery. The distraction is that you may allow yourself to move into areas of distracting yourself with the Vold family, but the imagery that you are presenting yourself is of the tone of this color, which is indicative of emotion.

JENE: Well, that I know Iím dealing with, but Iím not feeling a tremendous amount of emotion.

ELIAS: Therefore, you display imagery.

JENE: I display the imagery. Because Iím very mental now, a little more so than emotional for a change. So Iím displaying it in the tone, in the color?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, what happened last night? What was going on? I was watching TV and the next thing I was feeling was overwhelmingly tired. I immediately made a connection with Mary.

JENE: I went to sleep.

NICKY: Yeah, and thatís what I did! I slept, I woke up, I went back to sleep, I woke up, I went back to sleep, and the next thing I knew it was seven oíclock in the morning. But I remember as I was passing out, so to speak, a connection with Mary, and then thatís all I ever really got. All I was thinking about was, Iím so tired I canít move.

ELIAS: This also is an empathic reception.

NICKY: Okay. Was it with Mary?

ELIAS: Correct; for within your belief systems, many individuals move into objective expressions when they are feeling distress, that their ďmethodĒ is to be escaping this through sleep state.

NICKY: Thereís his favorite word! (Meaning ďmethodĒ)

JENE: What was that again? I missed that. Iím sorry.

ELIAS: Their escape shall be within their sleep state. Therefore, in an attempt to be moving away from distressed feelings, they engage dream state.

JENE: So we can have everything.

NICKY: Okay. Now, is this a state that should not be?


NICKY: Itís okay, isnít it? I mean, I know everythingís okay, but you know what Iím saying, the perception of it. íCause right away I would want to go on about all this sleep! But yet, itís so good. It feels so good!

ELIAS: It is an opportunity to be connecting with subjective information.

NICKY: Okay, thatís what I thought. That was the other thing, I must say, now that you bring it up. That was the other thing I thought: ďSubjectively, something is transpiring.Ē So it was empathically connected to Mary this time.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay. I have a tendency to go there all the time, the empathic thing. I do seem to pick up in that arena. Is that part of who I am, so to speak? You know what Iím saying.

ELIAS: No. It is a part of someone else! (We all crack up)

NICKY: You know what Iím saying! I mean, am I off on another ...

ELIAS: It is literally part of someone else! (Grinning widely)

NICKY: Yeah, youíre right! Youíre right, it is! (Elias chuckles) It seems I go there a lot. I mean, is this part of intent?

ELIAS: It is a natural ability, an inner sense that you all hold, although some individuals develop this inner sense more than other individuals.

NICKY: Okay. So now there again, when it becomes disturbing to me or aggravating or like Iíve had enough of it, I can at that time make it my choice to say, ďThis is it. Iím not doing it any more.Ē

ELIAS: Correct. You also allow yourself this ability within this counterpart action. Michael does not allow himself to engage this action as much, although he DOES engage this action at times, although he is denying of this within himself and expressing that he does NOT engage this action! But in this, within this counterpart action that you hold, you allow the experience more.

NICKY: Okay, alright. Yeah, I understand.

ELIAS: But this also is your choice. If you are choosing not to be engaging this inner sense, it is available to you to disengage this.

JENE: Back when I first came, you imparted information that I have lots of battles. ďRudy has lots of battles.Ē Are those battles Ė I can pretty much answer that Ė belief systems? And within those belief systems -- this is a long question Ė within these belief systems, say as theyíre recognized in simultaneous time, the action of changing the probability within that, is that more efficient now than it was then? Or is that still a pretty strongly closed system?

ELIAS: Your battles stem from belief systems, a lack of acceptance of self, and a refusal to be holding your attention within the now. You are projecting futurely and pastly VERY much!

JENE: Futurely I knew I was doing, but pastly I wasnít aware of.

ELIAS: You create this situation for yourself much of your time, where you are occupying your attention within past areas or future areas and therefore NOT allowing your attention within the now, and this is creating of battles also. It also blocks information that you may offer to yourself. (Pause)

JENE: Okay. I thought I noticed in Jamaica, or I heard or listened or whatever ... I wasnít quite so rebellious at a particular moment. A battle or a situation brought itself to a head. There were three choices. Normally my action would be that of the strongest action, which would have been to leave, and thatís what I started to do. I thought I saw the probabilities all take form at the same time within the now, and altered the probability at that time by choosing an alternate probability.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: Thatís what happened?

ELIAS: Correct; and within the now, you may view your choices more clearly.

JENE: Which is what happened.

ELIAS: But in anticipation of future or allowing influence of past, you also cloud your clarity in your choices of probabilities within the now.

JENE: Okay. Got it. So, yes. At one time, that was not a strong probability. It is becoming more accessible. Okay, Iíll work with that. And many thanks for all the help in Jamaica, by the way! It was quite obvious! (Pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

JENE: Well, the only thing I want to know is ... I want to know two things: I have an issue with my table, with a young man by the name of Joe. I donít understand what the obstruction is. He has the brain to my table and refuses to bring it back, the table being objective imagery of a healing. I donít know any conflict between he and I that took place. There was nothing that took place, but something is creating this lack of being able to get my hands back on the brain to my table. He refuses to bring it back. I donít know if heís sold it, or if heís just being stubborn, or if heís lazy. I havenít a clue as to what might be affecting this inner exchange.

ELIAS: Hmm. This also would be imagery of another issue that you hold, in a belief system of allowing another individual your power.

JENE: Okay. I donít get that, but okay ...

ELIAS: Giving over your power to another individual and them having the ability to hold your energy or your power, which is a belief system. Another individual may not hold your energy. You do not ďgive overĒ your energy to another individual. Another individual does not hold your power, but you hold belief systems in this area and you are imaging them objectively. You are offering yourself the opportunity, in creating objective imagery, to view many of the belief systems that you hold that you have been unaware of. Therefore, you are creating what you may think of as unusual events.

JENE: Okay. Will this be resolved? I want this thing back for my table. Do I need to go to court?

ELIAS: This be your choice also! (Laughter)

JENE: The other one was with this issue with the store in Kansas. I know this is a choice situation too, but also the imagery of the counterpart of Dennis in Kansas is creating a draw not to finalize this relationship. I know thatís what all this hocus-pocus is about with that store. He does not want to discontinue the relationship in the counterpart action, even though we have basically chosen other directions at this particular point. (Sighing) Do I go or do I not?

ELIAS: And what do you feel?

JENE: Well, I donít want to play these power-struggle games with him, and thatís basically what this is, a power-struggle game over this issue of the store. Now heís got himself in trouble with the state in this whole thing.

ELIAS: And within your objective awareness, what do you WANT?

JENE: Iíd like it to be over!

ELIAS: And in this, within the present now, is your answer. You have offered it to yourself.

JENE: So therefore, I should disengage with the pursuant of the lawsuit?

ELIAS: You have been engaged in this conflict for much time.

JENE: Much time!

ELIAS: And are your choosing to continue in this same conflict for much more time?

JENE: So the decision is, what is more important? The issue of the money and the fairness involved in this creation ...

ELIAS: Within your belief systems.

JENE: Within the belief systems. Or, the disengagement and just let it all go?

ELIAS: And your own peace.

NICKY: Yeah, really!

JENE: (Sighing) Here we go again! Okay. (Pause) That answers that, I think. Alright, I have a question. In terms of this forum, I donít know if I have anything else to add to this forum other than what I do on my own, which is to support it completely, which you know, and send others, and lend energy, and whatever else I can do. Iíd like to know if thereís anything else.

ELIAS: This forum is presented for you, not for you to present. (Pause) There is no requirement for this information. It is offered to you. (Staring at Jene) And as you hold an inspiration within any moment, that be what you may create and act upon, but these are YOUR choices; what speaks to you and what your desire moves you within. As for myself, I require nothing from you. (Smiling)

JENE: Okay.

NICKY: Very interesting! Does this have to do Ė what youíre just saying Ė does this have to do with this analogy that I hold in my mind every once in a while? This is not for anybody out there whoís reading ... you donít have to be doing something. You donít have to have that star on your forehead in order to be here.

ELIAS: Correct. If an individual is motivated within their own desires to be creating of any element in conjunction with this forum, this would be their choice and I am encouraging of their action, but it is not required.

NICKY: Okay. I have just one question that keeps floating through my mind. Periodically, I will get an overwhelming feeling that someone has the strongest desire to be disengaging. I look to myself generally speaking first, and I remember a time period just two, three, four years ago of saying, ďNo, I choose to live here in this objective reality for a while.Ē So I donít question myself anymore. Now Iím wondering, is there another focus or whatever it would be that ...

ELIAS: Counterpart action.

NICKY: Right, yeah! Do I KNOW this person?

ELIAS: Quite.

NICKY: Oh my god! I donít suppose I can ask you who and youíll tell me?

ELIAS: Michael.

NICKY: Are you ... wait a minute now! Iím involved with two Michaels. Michael/Mary or Michael/Michael? Michael/Mary?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Oh my god! (Whispering) I could almost cry.

ELIAS: This be a very strong choice element within Michael, and has been an issue for a time framework, and continues to be an issue.

NICKY: Yeah, ícause when I feel it, I feel it! Itís strong!

JENE: Is that the same for me when I feel that really strong too, that I want to disengage?

ELIAS: This would be partially, and also partially within your own issue of lack of acceptance of self.

JENE: But it gets stronger! I mean, itís getting ...

ELIAS: Michael has emitted very strong energy in this area recently.

NICKY: Oh, definitely!

JENE: Okay, because it is recent.

NICKY: Yeah! íCause itís like, I actually stand up sometimes and say, ďOh, no! I donít care who you are! Youíre not going anywhere yet, not if I have to go with you, ícause Iím not going!Ē

JENE: In the disengagement, yeah!

NICKY: Really! Not yet!

JENE: Okay, Iím wondering how to connect to zeal; joyfulness. Itís a terminology that you use quite often in reference to a lot of people; everyone, actually. Itís probably the base root of the things that we need most of all to learn or to remember; joyfulness. I cannot remember really a time that I felt too joyful, but Iím sure there was one. This aspect, is this not information that is imparted to Michael subjectively?

ELIAS: Michael holds the information subjectively and objectively. He also holds a very strong issue in the same area as yourself, in a battling with a lack of acceptance of self.

JENE: What did we do thatís so damn obnoxious that we cannot accept self?

ELIAS: You express to ME! (Laughter)

NICKY: (Laughing) You tell me, baby!

JENE: I mean, I donít know! I mean, it was constant, since the beginning of this time frame, with parental abuse, within their own ignorance. Not that it would be intentional, I realize at this time, but at THAT time, to a wee one, they were gods! They were the last word! So you had no value, according to their unfortunate terminology at the time, of their own frustration and their own angers. But it was taken very obviously literally, to the core, and Iím sure it has dimensional aspects connected to it...

ELIAS: This be elements of your belief systems. You hold mass belief systems in the area of psychology that suggest to you that other individuals are creating of your reality and are more influencing than in actuality they are, but you hold these belief systems very strongly. Therefore, they ARE very influencing.

NICKY: Okay, Iíve got a question pertaining to mass belief systems.

JENE: (To Elias) Are you getting really tired?

ELIAS: I do not become tired! (Laughter)

JENE: Is Mary becoming very tired?

ELIAS: Michael is experiencing, not within his objective awareness, but a physical affectingness within body consciousness.

JENE: Will you let us know when itís time to ...

ELIAS: He holds no objective awareness of this within this present moment. (Kind of a funny side-note Ė I can hear myself snoring quite loudly here)

NICKY: Okay. It appears as though when youíre recognizing a belief that you have that youíre holding onto and youíre looking at it from different viewpoints, those times come when youíre saying, ďWell, this is a mass belief system!Ē It almost seems like, ďOh my god! This is too overwhelming for me to get through!Ē Thatís another belief system? Or is it really the thickness of time that we have to work through because of whatever?

ELIAS: There is an element of the thickness of time framework, yes. Mass belief systems are difficult to be accepting. Many mass belief systems you do not hold an objective awareness that you align with, but as you allow yourself more of your own awareness and acceptance of yourself, you shall also open your windows to yourself to be identifying of mass belief systems that you align with also.

NICKY: Okay. I canít think of anything else. I probably could go and on, but I donít have that push to do so.

JENE: I havenít even gone to Ashley, my grandniece, as to what family she is aligned with -- sheís either going to be a dinosaur or astronaut! Ė or what relationships within different focuses weíve shared.

ELIAS: Attempt to be investigating! (Laughter) It is a challenge!

JENE: I just want to know! (Laughter) I know we have shared. Obviously we have shared. Itís obvious when weíre together that we have shared many time frames together. Some of them I touch base with, dinosaurs and things like that, and we like to play a lot of the same ... and I know she has an element of Sumari as well.

NICKY: Is she of the Gramada family?

ELIAS: No. Make a game! (Grinning)

JENE: No! I hate games. I hate them!

ELIAS: Ah! But the Sumari are so naturally playful!

JENE: They are?? I thought we were like somber. Forget playful!

ELIAS: Another blocking of intent!

NICKY: Aha! Interesting!

JENE: Okay. Sheís just like ... thereís Sumari there, but the alignment I donít get. I donít get the alignment with her. Question: In probabilities, is she going to choose to come and live with me at ten? íCause she has made the statement, just dropped a little seed in consciousness, that this is a probability.

ELIAS: It is a probability, but it is not a most probable probability. It is quite less probable.

JENE: Is there a stronger probability sheíll stay where she is?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Why was Gramada so predominant last night, or yesterday afternoon? I mean, thatís why I went to Ashley, I think. I thought, ďOh, wait a minute. Maybe sheís Gramada.Ē

ELIAS: You are connecting with probabilities that are suggestive of the Gramada intent; initiators.

NICKY: You mean Iím toying with the idea of initiating something?

ELIAS: No. You are connecting with probabilities that have been set into motion that shall be initiating of new elements.

JENE: Earlier, I gave an explanation to Nicky, Candace, of my interpretation of essence tone within the dolphin, within their sonar, when theyíre communicating beneath the water. Was that a true statement, as I know it? (Pause)

ELIAS: It is an interpretation.

JENE: An interpretation. Is it close?

ELIAS: It is an objective interpretation. Therefore, as to essence tone it bears little resemblance, although within an objective interpretation that you may understand, it is acceptable.

JENE: Okay. One more question. In that game that I do not like: Sumari, astrological signs ...

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am so VERY fond of our game! (Laughter)

JENE: I know you are! I hate games. I hate them! I just feel so inadequate in that area! Non-acceptance of self.

ELIAS: Quite!

JENE: Sumari, astrological signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

ELIAS: Choose one.

JENE: Gemini.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: Oh, okay! Thank you. I have been working!

ELIAS: (To Vic) Shall you be clinking?

JENE: Clinking?

NICKY: Clinking? Is that a new word? (Vic tosses a penny into the bowl)

ELIAS: Very good! (Grinning) Very well. We shall disengage this evening.

JENE: It was nice seeing you, and thank you for all your help.

ELIAS: I extend to you both, to you all, much affection, and our invitation is standing.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. To you this evening I extend much love, and express adieu.

Elias departs at 7:20 PM.

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