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Sunday, February 01, 1998

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ďEnergy Centers/Intent/Value FulfillmentĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), David (Mylo), Sue (Catherine), Bobbi (Jale), Gail (William), Paul (Caroll), Jo (Tyl), Kaan (Ian), Reta (Dehl), and Norm (Stephen).

Vicís note: This is the last group session held in Castaic.

Elias arrives at 6:44 PM. (Arrival time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) Shall we begin with our game?

CATHY: I have a question about the game. Iím just curious why, when Reta entered the Adagio for Strings in Milumet last week which she had already entered a couple of weeks ago, you didnít tell her that? You just told her it was less probable.

ELIAS: It is YOUR responsibility, as I have stated previously, to be paying attention!

CATHY: So youíre not even going to offer even a LITTLE helpfulness ícause she wasnít paying attention right that second?

ELIAS: We have discussed this situation previously and it was allowed for several of your sessions, that you may be noticing how you are NOT noticing. Therefore, it continues to be YOUR responsibility to be paying attention! This is part an element of your game, to be noticing and paying attention.

CATHY: So basically, if someone says something, ícause I believe Gail did it with football, youíre just going to say itís less probable and carry on and let them figure it out?


CATHY: Oh. So now everybody knows! Itís in print! (Laughter)

RETA: I have one. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach, Zuli.

ELIAS: In which category?

RETA: Music. Excuse me; Iím sorry.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

NORM: Okay, Iíll go. Astronomical objects, the planets of our solar system, Borledim.

ELIAS: One point.

PAUL: Iíll go. Muses, Polyhymnia, Gramada.

ELIAS: (Accessing, and then grinning) Less probable. (Laughter)

PAUL: Okay. (Laughing) Bands, the Allman Brothers, Borledim.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

BOBBI: Foods, tamales, Borledim.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Inventions, indoor plumbing, Borledim.

ELIAS: (Staring at Ron and grinning) One point! (Laughter)

SUE: Fictional characters, Libby MacAusland of The Group, Ilda.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Mary: Muses, Urania, Gramada.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself: Artists, Rembrandt, Zuli.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Authors, Wayne Dyer, Sumafi.

ELIAS: One point.

JO: Authors, Kahlil Gibran, Borledim.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Fictional characters, Stuart Smalley, Borledim.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Less probable.

CATHY: Rock bands, The Beatles, Gramada.

ELIAS: One point. (Cheers from the group)

CATHY: For Margot: Astrological signs, Taurus, Zuli.

ELIAS: One point. (Pause) Very well! What shall be your subject matter for this evening?

RON: Before we start, Iíd like to enter a tile for Michael. Heíd like to align it with Zuli, and itís an eye tile. Itís a tile that ... I know what it looks like, and you probably do too! (We all crack up) Itís a movement tile, in Zuli.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Acceptable.

JIM: I have a question. Your past physical focus of Elias Ulloa, was that one of your aspects? I think weíve discussed this before. (Elias Ulloa is a character in a book by Carlos Castaneda)


JIM: So in that, you were involved with shamanism within Mexico. The magical passes that you experienced, were those a means within that time to perceive other dimensions and other realities?

ELIAS: This was a partial action, but limited.

JIM: Whereas the shift that weíre experiencing will be much broader and much deeper.

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: Hmm. Then those actions really wouldnít offer any methods, so to speak, to move into these other areas, other than just a focus?

ELIAS: No. Throughout your history, many individuals have allowed themselves an awareness within individual focuses to be penetrating the veils of dimensions, but this is not the same as the action of your shift. You are all widening your awareness and this shall become your reality, a new reality, not engaging snippets of viewings of other dimensions, but an accessing of other-dimensional activity at will.

JIM: Okay, understood. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: I searched for that! (Pause, as Kaan arrives)

ELIAS: Welcome, Ian!

RETA: While theyíre deciding on a subject, I have a question. We were talking about a planetary system, and with many scientists, especially two that I know of, they feel that the balance of the planetary system needs to have one more planet. They call it Planet X, and the one man is determined heís going to find it. Is that true, that there is another balance to the planetary system that we havenít noted?

ELIAS: This is a probability in the making.

RETA: In the making?

NORM: Youíre saying that a planet will appear or be created?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And that is part of the shift?

ELIAS: Not in a manner of speaking. It is merely a choice for your creation.

RETA: Now, would you like to tell us how far out it is? (Laughter) Distance-wise? (Reta never gives up!)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may discover this yourself!

RETA: Aw! Tell me which way to point, and Iíll start looking!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) It merely offers you another example of what you create.

RETA: Within a period of time, can you tell us about when it might be created? Within seventy-five years? (Elias grins)

NORM: Itís a probability.

RETA: A probability, yeah. Okay! (Elias chuckles) Well, one gentleman thinks heís found it, but I donít know.

ELIAS: (Humorously) Soon! (Laughter)

RETA: Good for us! Thank you. Soon ... (Eight-second pause)

ELIAS: My, my! With all of your subjects that you so desperately wish to be inquiring of, and no one expresses a subject for this evening?

JIM: Energy centers and subjective interaction in association with disease and discomfort of the body, and how that action takes place.

ELIAS: And what shall you inquire of this?

JIM: With disease that we manifest objectively, how that is affected; how our energy centers are affected by our subjective awareness so that we objectively have the disease or discomfort or whatever we give ourselves.

ELIAS: Your subjective awareness directs your body consciousness, and also directs your energy centers. Your energy centers are those elements that are directing of the body consciousness. In this, if you are choosing to be creating of a dis-ease within your physical form, you shall be instructive to these energy centers in directing them to be directing of the actual cells within your physical body. The energy centers within your physical form are that which directs all of the action within all of your physical cells. Therefore, the communication is created with the subjective awareness to these energy centers, and their action is to communicate to the individual cells, which shall be affected and which shall change their interaction with other cells.

In this motion, if you are aware of the movement of the individual energy centers and you are noticing within your physical form, you may view that they shall be unaligned and not moving completely within harmony to each other. You may isolate individual energy centers that are moving out of harmony with the other energy centers, and you may also view the affected areas that are resulting from this action. You may also view this action within another individual if allowing yourself to be viewing the energy centers of another individual.

JIM: Okay. So in self-healing then, recognizing objective disease and the energy of the thought Ė the issue that surrounds it that perhaps brought it on Ė where else can you go within self in bringing yourself back to your natural state?

ELIAS: You may be instructive of the energy centers themselves objectively and you may realign these energy centers, but this also, if not addressing to the reason that you have created the dis-ease or the lack of alignment, shall be a temporary affectingness.

JIM: Been there! So, in just moving ... continue with the issue that surrounds that?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And trusting in self of your own movement?

ELIAS: Correct; identifying the issue or the shrine that may be affecting of the physical situation and addressing to this issue and moving through the issue, accepting the belief systems that are involved with the issue and allowing yourself within your own trust of self to move through the issue, (pause) and also recognizing whether you are choosing to move through the issue or not!

CATHY: Does anybody here know how to align their own chakras, or have they accomplished that? In this little room here, say?

ELIAS: (Pause, looking around the room at each person) Yes.

CATHY: And I wouldnít be one of those people, would I? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (Laughing) Objectively, no!

CATHY: These other people, do they objectively have a grasp on when their energy centers are aligned and when theyíre not?

ELIAS: For the most part, no; but momentarily, within isolated situations, some individuals within this forum present HAVE connected with their own energy centers and recognized their alignment or their lack of alignment with them.

CATHY: Interesting!

NORM: I would like to broach the subject of conflict, and this what youíre talking about appears to be part of the general subject of conflict. I see it that our intent in experiencing this focus is evidently involved with conflict. Could you talk about that as a subject? How it interacts with our belief systems, how it interacts with everything that we do?

ELIAS: You do not create a focus with the intent of experiencing conflict! Conflict appears within your focus as an action of your belief systems, an affectingness that occurs in relation to your belief systems. When your belief systems are conflicting with other belief systems or other individualsí belief systems, you create conflict.

NORM: So you, for example, could be born in a situation of having an extreme dictator, and with the right belief system you could live your intent out very nicely and easily?

ELIAS: Dependent upon your belief systems, yes.

NORM: Hmm. Alright. Well then, what would be the general categories of intents? Maybe thatís what I would like to pursue.

ELIAS: There are no general categories of intents. Each individualís intent is individual to them.

NORM: You mean people donít have an intent to experience a musical career before they focus here, for example?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. These are choices that the individual creates in alignment with their individual intent, but the intent itself may not be to be creating a musical career. This may be an action that they choose to be fulfilling an element of their intent.

NORM: What element of what intent would a musical career be then?

ELIAS: You are seeking labels for intents!

NORM: Iím seeking ideas!

ELIAS: An intent is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus.

NORM: Alright, then Iím looking for the value fulfillments. What are the categories of value fulfillments?

ELIAS: There is no category for value fulfillment either. Value fulfillment is the natural action of your existence. It is the action of becoming.

NORM: Well, then thereís only one value fulfillment: becoming.

ELIAS: But this becoming is influenced by your choice of your individual intent.

NORM: Which satisfies the value fulfillment.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: How do I get a handle on this? (Laughter) I mean, thatís circular, very circular!

PAUL: Yeah!

SUE: So, if I come here with a particular intent, thereís no one best way of fulfilling it? Are there various ways that I could fulfill it?

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: So, following up on that question, basically in our objective reality, in our objective perception, thereís not many things that we can identify as universal intents, but mostly what we view is the choices leading to that?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Well, most of the old adages say, be the best you can, feel the best you can, and seek a complete purpose in life. My heavens, thereís so many aspects to a purpose in life or value fulfillment that it would be hard to categorize them. I agree.

NORM: Well, why not? You still should be able to categorize them!

RETA: Thereís so many! Itís a crossword puzzle. Everybody has a different way of coming at it.

KAAN: So, is there any way to actually objectively become aware of our intent, or is it only recognizable at a subjective level?

ELIAS: It is quite possible to be objectively aware of your individual intent. It is merely a question of noticing your entirety of your focus and your choices and your actions within these choices. If you are examining yourself, you may offer yourself the information of your individual intent.

KAAN: So, itís basically filtering through many actions and going to a more essential aspect of it, until we recognize a pattern that is driving all of the other actions?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: Elias, I have a question along these lines thatís more of a personal nature. Iíve been connecting a lot with rose imagery. I thought at first it was a connection specifically with the Borledim family. I have begun to believe, though, that it is a connection with the essence of Rose. Tell me if Iím correct, that this would seem to be more of a connection with the action of this group because of that connection. Am I right in believing that thatís where thatís coming from?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JO: So, Iím getting more of a sense, as weíre talking about it, of what my personal intent is by the imagery that has come about because of this group, and finding more of a role perhaps in this group because of that imagery.

ELIAS: You are offering yourself helpfulness in this area.

JO: Okay, thank you.

DAVID: So, when an individual commits suicide because they feel like they havenít fulfilled their value fulfillment, is that just because theyíve given up or they havenít given things a chance? What brings them to that point?

ELIAS: Their value fulfillment is NOT being fulfilled. Therefore, they choose to be creating of a different reality.

DAVID: But why wouldnít it be fulfilled? Because they just havenít given it a chance?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Many individuals entering into physical focus within this dimension find difficulty at times in reconciling to very conflicting belief systems, or they may be creating of issues throughout their focus which they hold to very strongly, and in this they block their own movement, and in this blocking of their own movement they also are blocking of their own intent which is affecting of their individual value fulfillment, and as they may not allow themselves the ability to reconcile to this, they choose to alter their reality.

PAUL: But itís not the action of suicide; itís the intent going into that suicide. Davidís example is of someone who is blocking or whatever and is reaching a dead end. Iím thinking of an example of the kamikaze pilots in our World War II. That was tremendous value fulfillment for those warriors, going into battle and making the ultimate sacrifice, in our terms. The action of suicide had great value fulfillment for them and their families. Iím just trying to distinguish between the action of suicide and different peopleís choices. (A side note: Kamikaze means ďdivine windĒ in Japanese)

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: Could it also be a response from somebody whoís just getting frustrated with a lot of elements in this physical focus, and then decides that theyíve had enough and then commits suicide? Thatís the same kind of action then?

ELIAS: At times.

DAVID: Is this similar to what Helenís going through right now?

ELIAS: There is a tremendous holding of energy, and blocking.

DAVID: Okay, thanks.

KAAN: Can we actually use intent and tone interchangeably within certain contexts? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a certain manner of speaking, yes.

KAAN: Can we say that some of the non-fulfillment of the individual value fulfillment may be due to tone not resonating well in that particular physical focus? Can we have a case where certain essences chronically may not be fulfilling their intent in physicality?

ELIAS: Not chronically.

KAAN: Something about their tone or something about their intent that does not align too well with the general mass intent of the physicality?

ELIAS: No. Each focus enters physical focus with their own individual intent and desire to be fulfilling of this intent. At times a focus may choose a certain intent, and as they acquire certain belief systems they confuse themselves and conflict with these belief systems. In these situations, this creates a blocking of the intent and an affectingness of the value fulfillment. Each focus is an experimentation within a particular dimension.

KAAN: Can we talk about very skillful experimentation in terms of being able to set it up so that the extensions to the intentions in the physicality line up well, so that we do not actually end up in a situation where we block the energy? Or simply by coming into physicality, we basically have to give up certain aspects of our essential influence on that reality?

ELIAS: In entering into a physical focus, you are creating an element of separation from essence. You are creating a lack of remembrance, which shall allow you the purity of the experience; although within the action of this shift, you are moving into a new creation of your reality in which you shall hold more of an awareness of essence and an expanded awareness of the reality that you create within this particular dimension.

KAAN: But thatís just altering the nature of the experience. In actuality it doesnít matter whether you have blockages or not, or if youíre in a system where you have more or less remembrance. The outcome is successful just because it has produced some experience of the physicality.

ELIAS: Correct; you are correct.

KAAN: But is there any time where the essence may feel itself more successful or less successful with respect to its intent in creating that focus then?

ELIAS: (Firmly) No.

NORM: Could I ask for one example of an intent other than the general focusing here for the experience of this creating that weíre doing? Could I have just one? It doesnít have to be for any one of us here, but just one intent. (Pause)

ELIAS: What do you imagine is YOUR intent within this particular focus?

NORM: Iíve thought about it. It may be what you had Vicki give me a poem about; having heart, experiencing love. Iím not sure of that.

Vicís note: I must say, I donít think Elias ďhad me giveĒ the Christmas candles to yaíll, or if he did, I wasnít aware of it.

ELIAS: Do you view in this present now that you have been following and accomplishing your intent throughout the entirety of your focus?

NORM: I view that within my Gramada alignment, I have been an initiator. So, with a Sumafi essence with a Gramada alignment in this focus, I think I have been doing that and I continue to do that. So I guess my intent was to be an initiator, and I think I feel happy about it. I feel good about it.

ELIAS: Therefore, you view that the intent is not an element that you strive for, but that you ACCOMPLISH.

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: There you have offered yourself your example!

NORM: Okay. Thatís nice. Thank you, BUT ... (Laughter) Are you saying that Retaís alignment with Borledim and her love of family and the experience that she had with the family and all the grandchildren is accomplishing her value fulfillment and intent as a Borledim focus of a Sumafi essence? And Jim with Tumold, he is ...

ELIAS: Be remembering that you are focusing upon family intents. THERE you may categorize. But within each individual focus, these intents of the families are influencing, but it is YOUR choice in each moment to be accomplishing your individual intent within those alignments.

NORM: Right. For example, with my intent as an initiator, it doesnít make a difference what Iím trying to initiate. It can be on an extremely wide variety of subjects and ideas, and as long as I get new initiation of ideas, Iím perfectly happy.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: But I also could say that when he comes into conflict with someone who does not understand that heís pushing through with an idea ... I donít know whether he handles the conflict in the same way everybody else does. The conflict becomes frustrating, because I think it would be like any one of us. We have an idea and weíre so pushed by it that we know that itís absolutely right.

NORM: Intuitively.

RETA: Intuitively. I guess thatís right; intuitively. If someone comes up against it and there is a great deal of conflict, personally youíd like to move it out of the way and just go on. And in the end, it always comes around that he was right. How do you ... that darned conflict!

NORM: Iíll tell you, Iím trying to resolve some of the conflicts that Iíve had, and Iím just kind of enjoying life. Iím trying to avoid ... not avoid, but just realize that people have conflict, but I donít want it to enter into my life. In the last three or four weeks since we first started talking about conflict, I realized that I was doing it to myself! Iím laughing all the time ... well, not all the time, but Iím laughing a lot, and I am really enjoying life one heck of a lot more!

ELIAS: Very good! This is a revealing to yourself that I express encouragement to you all to be looking to, recognizing that your conflict does not stem from ANOTHER individual. Your conflict stems from yourselves and your lack of acceptance and your belief systems.

DAVID: Iím still confused. If there are no mistakes and essence chooses a focus to experience, then everything that it experiences is all planned out, so to speak. Therefore, if it gets to a point where its value fulfillment isnít fulfilled and it commits suicide, then that was part of the essenceís choice of experience.

ELIAS: It is not planned!

DAVID: Well, I know. But if there are no mistakes ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: ... and essence chooses the whole line of physical focus from the beginning of its birth to its death, all that happens in that physical experience is thought out by essence.

ELIAS: It is chosen by the FOCUS.

DAVID: By the focus, but not by essence?

ELIAS: (Intently) Each focus holds its own choices.

DAVID: Okay. So where does the essence involvement in that choosing come from?

ELIAS: You ARE essence. It is not a ďthingĒ outside of you. Therefore, there is no separation in that element.

DAVID: So before I become physically focused, I am choosing a line of experiences.

ELIAS: You are choosing within a pool of probabilities. Yes, you are correct.

DAVID: So if thereís no mistakes, then all that happens is meant to be.

ELIAS: It is merely the choices.

DAVID: Is it just me, or are you all getting this? (Pause) No, obviously not! (Laughter)

RETA: My interpretation is that there are no accidents. So, no matter which way you go you still take all those possibilities, and you have made that choice beyond that level of the accident.

JIM: And that you create all your action. Within the moment of suicide, you could just as easily pick up a gun with a bullet in the chamber or not, without a bullet in the chamber, and then have a second thought. That choice, those choices are made right then and there. Essence will go along.

DAVID: So everything is made as you go along.

ELIAS: Correct; within the moment.

PAUL: Now once in a while, isnít there sort of an ... intrusion is not the right action, but what I call a veto power of essence? Just as an example, in the Oversoul Seven book Ė the first book, or maybe itís the second book Ė one of the characters, Josef, goes running off as his wife is having a baby, and he gets drunk and passes out and he would have died, and Seven transports him three miles down a mountain so that he can be found by his in-laws. Thatís just an example of an intent, perhaps, to kill himself. But yet, in our terms, something quite magical intervened or helped or bled through to help in that situation. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is a figurative example, that essences may be helpful if the agreement is held by the other essence. You within the focus ARE the whole of essence. Therefore, the action may be entered into with another essence, but there is no thing outside of you that may come to your rescue, for it IS you. It is not separate from you. It is not bigger than you or outside of you. Therefore, what shall come to your rescue but you?

PAUL: So therefore, in what Jim was saying with an example of the suicide attempt, you pick up a gun, and perhaps as you go to pick the weapon up there is a bullet in the chamber, but by the time youíve raised it to your head and pulled the trigger, that other part of yourself has dissipated the bullet for whatever reason Ė value fulfillment, itís not time to disengage ...

ELIAS: And has chosen a different choice. It is merely an action of choices within every moment, and you hold the ability to alter your choices or change your choices within every moment.

PAUL: But I guess ... I understand. I guess a Christian story comes to mind of footsteps, where when people are in their deepest troubles ... two sets of footsteps in the sand, and at the darkest moment there was just one, and that being god or the inner self or whatever. So maybe Iím just coming full circle with this other imagery that just supports what youíre saying, thatís all.

ELIAS: It is YOU. Yes, you are correct.

DAVID: So is it more often than not that itís just subjective thatís doing all the choosing, the choice-changing?

ELIAS: No. You work within harmony objectively and subjectively.

DAVID: So why then do we work objectively, and yet nine times out of ten, the result is something completely different than what we objectively thought or planned to do?

ELIAS: (Intently) For you do not allow yourself the awareness of your own actions and choices. You are not paying attention! This be the reason that I express to you so very often to be NOTICING all of your reality within the NOW.

DAVID: Well, obviously itís not as easy as it sounds either!

ELIAS: Quite, for you have taught yourselves NOT to be focusing within the now.

DAVID: How can you teach us to do that then?

ELIAS: I have expressed this many times! Concentrate your attention upon the moment, the now; not pastly, not futurely, not even five of your minutes futurely, but within the present now.

DAVID: And trusting that it will be okay then?

ELIAS: Quite! Trusting yourself and accepting of yourself.

DAVID: And accepting of yourself means accepting the results, whether you like them or not!

ELIAS: (Intently) You purposefully choose all that you create.

DAVID: Thank you. Iíll work on the now. (Elias grins)

NORM: Iím not sure Iím really doing that, but if I look back, it seems like Christmas was just a moment ago. Time is collapsing. I could expect that May 1st is going to be ten minutes from now. Time is changing for me. I guess thatís part of experiencing the now.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: The difficult thing with conflict is that when youíre in the middle of a conflicting situation, youíre looking to see the results. Youíre saying, ďOh, this is going to happen or thatís going to happen.Ē So youíre saying in the moment of conflict, you should concentrate on the now ... and then what??

ELIAS: If you ARE truly focusing your attention within the now, you shall be offering yourself information in regard to your conflict, and you shall also be allowing yourself to dissipate the conflict itself by focusing upon the moment.

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK 7:38 PM. (Everybody starts talking at the same time)
RESUME 7:56 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

DAVID: Going back for a little while to the alignments with the ... what do you call them?

GROUP: Energy centers!

DAVID: Energy centers! What is the connection with the essence families and the energy centers?

ELIAS: It is a vibrational tone. Each energy center holds a color. Each family holds a color. The color within itself holds a vibrational tone. In this, these vibrational tones are in alignment with the tones of the families, and these are also represented within your energy centers. As I expressed initially in offering information of these essence families, all of you, although aligning with a particular family and belonging to a particular family, you all hold qualities of all of these families. Therefore, you also within energy align your own energy centers with all of the families.

DAVID: So theyíre affecting of each center then, in some way?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; within tone.

DAVID: Just within tone. Theyíre not really affecting, as to the purpose of the energy centers and the intent of the families. Theyíre not affecting in stimulation and movement of prodding us along.


BOBBI: The three energy centers that are outside the body ... the magenta then corresponds with the pink, Borledim? Is that correct, if Iím lining them up with the colors of the essence families?

ELIAS: The PINK would be in alignment of tone to this family.

BOBBI: The pink energy center?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Okay, then Iím not aware of that one. Where would that be? Thatís within the physical body?

ELIAS: Correct, which is located between the green and the blue. (Bobbi indicates this area on her body) Correct.

PAUL: Is that the new one, as it were?

ELIAS: So to speak.

PAUL: So to speak! The eighth? (Elias nods)

CATHY: So, are your energy centers not in alignment when you have conflict? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: So if you were in the now and you were noticing your thoughts and your feelings in the now, and you were aware of the belief system or the issue that was causing you conflict ... if you were to do an exercise of spinning your chakras and attempting to align them again ... I guess you would have to do that as well as either relax your hold on a certain belief system or something like that to get them back in alignment, because subjective and objective works in harmony?

ELIAS: You may be objectively affecting and realigning these energy centers, which I have expressed to Yarr that this may be temporarily affecting. But also, IF you are aware of the issues and belief systems that are affecting this situation and IF you are moving through these issues and accepting the belief systems that are influencing of these issues, it is unnecessary for you to objectively realign these energy centers, for they shall automatically realign themselves. In noticing their LACK of alignment, you may offer yourselves information to be addressing to the issues that may be causing of this situation. It is another avenue for you to be offering yourself more information about yourself. Any time you are experiencing conflict, you are also experiencing elements of emotion. Therefore, you may be assured that your yellow energy center is being affected.

NORM: Did I offer myself, in the last week or last several weeks, an objective example of conflict, in that almost every component of my computer either started making noise or had a problem? And as I have kind of gotten over many of the conflicts or attempted to get over the conflicts, I think it was Wednesday or Thursday I tried my computer again, and the noise in the fan just slowly went away and everything came back to normal. Now, was that me or you?

ELIAS: You! Now you may notice how you objectively are affecting of elements around you!

BOBBI: I have another question about this pink energy center. Iíve been reading about the other colors. What does that one do?

ELIAS: In your terms, it works in conjunction with the green energy center. It provides a healing energy to you.

BOBBI: Healing of all sorts?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Not just primarily physical?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: There are auras? People do have auras?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: And do these correspond to activity in energy centers?

ELIAS: Yes. Your aura, so to speak, or your energy field which surrounds your physical form, is the radiation of energy projected by your energy centers, and in combination with each other they create an energy field around you.

BOBBI: Then when people say they see an aura of one certain color, where do the other colors go? I guess if all of your energy centers are projecting color, and if youíre seeing one color ...

ELIAS: What you are viewing is the predominant color which is the most affecting within the moment, which appears visually to you to over-shadow the other colors. They are present, but you view the one that is the most predominantly affecting within that particular moment.

SUE: Can so-called aura photography sometimes take an accurate photograph of the aura?

ELIAS: To this point within this now, your photography is not entirely accurate, for it magnates to the lower vibrational tones and it records these more easily than the higher vibrational tones.

SUE: Okay, so would red be within the lower?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Is this Kirlian photography, or something based on that?

SUE: I think itís something similar. I think this was a little bit different. It was an aura photograph that I had done.

JO: Where, may I ask, is the pink energy center in the body?

ELIAS: Between the green and the blue.

JO: I donít know where those are!

PAUL: Throat and heart, in between. (Pause) I have an energy center question. Since October, you have given information about Dream Walker interaction based on the nine families. Iím wondering, in my own lucid dreaming experiences, Iíve recently become aware of this area (forehead) and this area (top of head) with different actions, and Iím wondering about the connection to this type of ... energy exchange probably isnít the right term because itís just Paul here doing his lucid dreaming adventures. But Iím wondering ... itís become consistent that I project out of this area (forehead), and Iím wondering what the relationship of that energy center is to that type of action? Recently I had one where I shot out this way (top of head), and it was a very different action to this one (forehead).

ELIAS: These are related to belief systems. You hold mass belief systems in the area of what you term to be chakras. This be the reason that I do not speak of these, but of the actual energy centers. Their actions are not entirely in alignment with your belief systems concerning them, but the belief systems concerning those energy centers which are located within your head and the top of your head are concerning of what you THINK of as spirituality. Therefore, you allow yourself a focus upon these areas as a focal point, allowing yourself the lack of conflict between accomplishing an action and the belief systems of these particular energy centers.

In actuality, these energy centers are not necessarily more facilitating of an action connecting within what you term to be altered states, or accessing information or accessing dimensionally. It is merely your own allowance within the accepted belief systems to be focusing upon these particular energy centers, and you allow yourself expanded experiences.

PAUL: So itís personal imagery for me as opposed to a more, I guess, universal action.

ELIAS: Correct. You may accomplish the same action connecting with your red energy center, but you do not hold the belief systems that allow you the ability to create this action. Therefore, you facilitate yourself in compliance with your belief systems.

PAUL: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KAAN: So our understanding of the sequentiality of the openings of these centers is very much belief-based?

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: I have one question I want to ask this evening. Actually Iím changing the subject a little bit maybe, but I want to explore the relation between awareness, consciousness, and essence. You may have talked about these. Iíve been reading the previous sessions, and Iím bringing in some of my understanding. In making these one, and when they are one there is no division ... so awareness-growing incorporates more areas of consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: The essence itself is holding an awareness, and the focus is holding of its own awareness as well, or the essence within focus holds an awareness. I donít know exactly how to formulate this, but the consciousness being a field, all the links within it are in coordination and arrangement and acting certain actions for the viewing of the essence, for the experience of the essence. But what is changing? I tried to see where the will is or where the identity is, because the consciousness already is and itís already containing the probabilities, but where the individual identities carry it in the expansion of that awareness ...

ELIAS: Allow me to address first to the idea expressed that consciousness holds all of the probabilities already. This is incorrect. The probabilities are created within each moment of becoming. They do not lie before you.

KAAN: So where are the probabilities coming from? Consciousness is responding to it and taking a shape accordingly. Is that true? Where is the probability coming from, and where is it enacted?

ELIAS: It is being created within each moment.

KAAN: Out of ...?

ELIAS: You and your choices. Each choice that you create creates probabilities.

KAAN: But again, coming to my identity, thatís the primal substance of it. Thatís where Iím coming, again coming back to essence or consciousness, but who is that ďI?Ē

ELIAS: YOU are that I! (Grinning)

KAAN: You are that I as well!

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for within consciousness there is no separation, although there is a distinction of personality tone, which is you or myself or another individual or another essence.

KAAN: So ... but then that makes ME consciousness.


KAAN: So the probabilities are coming out of consciousness then?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for they are being produced by YOU, and you ARE consciousness, and you ARE essence.

KAAN: Theyíre being filtered through a particular direction or the intent that I may be, but it is coming from consciousness.

ELIAS: Which is YOU. It is not coming TO you. It is not coming FROM somewhere. It is being created in every moment by YOU.

KAAN: Okay. So I am as consciousness, coming up with the probabilities. But the shape they are taking now, the substance of the probability, is again consciousness?

ELIAS: Yes, and is being produced.

KAAN: Okay. So from consciousness to consciousness, and what is connecting this is this particular direction ... Iím trying to get the identity which I am. I am consciousness, but I am also a particular tone within consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: And also what I produce is nothing but consciousness.

ELIAS: And energy.

KAAN: And energy. So in this, where does awareness fit? Because awareness is also another aspect of it, because it grows.

ELIAS: The awareness is continuously held. It is merely a difference, within different aspects of essence or consciousness, of where you focus your attention within that awareness, but the awareness is always.

KAAN: Okay. Awareness is then a quality of consciousness.


KAAN: So when the attention of the essence Ė or directedness, that direction Ė falls into a particular area of consciousness, it then experiences the awareness contained within that region of consciousness? Would that be correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: So an expansion of awareness is the same as the attention growing!

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: But now we introduce attention here! What is attention, with respect to essence? How does essence, being just a movement itself, narrow it or open it?

ELIAS: It is the individual lenses. Each attention is a lens.

KAAN: Okay. So we have an infinity of those within an essence, but essence is pulling this from consciousness. These lenses are again coming from consciousness!

ELIAS: You are separating! They are not two things. It is all action.

KAAN: So action, the essence ... being an essence or taking the identity of an essence is also an inherent quality of consciousness. So consciousness is experiencing its own nature through its own nature ...

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: ... of attentions and essences and all that.

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: Now then, where is the distinction, for instance, of the creatures not having an essence? What are their other qualities that we can relate to that is not of the type of essence within consciousness?

ELIAS: The distinction is that of the personality tone, which are aspects of consciousness, but not ALL of consciousness.

KAAN: So certain tones, we identify them as essences?

ELIAS: Correct, but they are not the ALL of consciousness.

KAAN: Okay. The personality developing then is merely an essence becoming aware of its own potential. Is that true?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

KAAN: Or is it always there, that particular personality?

ELIAS: In a sense, the personality is always in existence. Its physical manifestation may be a temporary projection, but the quality of the personality is always present.

KAAN: Okay. Since fragmentation seems to occur with respect to a particular focus, a particular focus may decide, taking on a slightly different tone, to break away, so to speak, from the essence. But that change in personality tone then seems to occur within, say, if the focus was within the physical realm. So, what we create then affects or elicits other personality aspects from within consciousness. Is that true? So what we set up also enhances the bringing forth of consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

KAAN: And thatís part of why weíre playing this game, I assume, (Elias grins) of self-knowledge; consciousness seeing itself very dynamically in every area, mirroring itself to itself.

ELIAS: Correct, and you are creating for your exploration of it.

KAAN: But even in that ďyou are,Ē consciousness is creating, so we can talk about it as a whole.

ELIAS: Correct. It seeks always to be becoming. It seeks always within every moment to be exploring and discovering. Therefore, it is infinitely creating.

KAAN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause)

Vicís note: It was interesting to observe this interaction between Kaan and Elias. They were both obviously enjoying it very much, not that this hasnít occurred within other interactions, but the tone or the feeling was somehow slightly different with this interaction.

VICKI: I have a question. Why is Mary cold tonight? (Mary is usually physically hot during sessions)

ELIAS: Ah! Very good noticing! (Laughter) There is an energy adjustment occurring, another of your alterations in this exchange. This is temporary. It is an adjustment to new elements of energy which are unfamiliar, which also may be creating of physical response.

VICKI: So in my interpretation, the energy is less. Itís not as intense tonight. I guess thatís the best way I could put it. And that would be having to do with the same thing? (1)

ELIAS: Correct. As you are aware, Michael has chosen to be exploring, as you viewed within his interruption of our session. (This is in reference to a previous session ) Therefore, an adjustment is occurring within the action of the energy exchange, that he may be assimilating more of an ability to engage a greater capacity of the energy. Therefore, what you view is different from what is being accomplished with Michael. What you view is an objective awareness of a lighten-ing of energy that you are experiencing, for the energy is being directed in other areas in conjunction with Michael.

VICKI: So this greater capacity, I think you said, of energy, what is the purpose of that action?

ELIAS: That allows greater focus to be concentrated within the exchange itself.

VICKI: On your part?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: I was wondering if you could help me with some insight as to the situation we had in the middle of the week with a young colt named Spirit that choose to colic and die. I felt that what I offered within energy was very open, and I held no expectation as to outcome. In fact, when I did approach him in an energy exchange, I got very strongly, ďStop. I donít want any more. Thatís fine.Ē He seemed to be a very independent little colt from the day he was born. Thatís why we named him Spirit, because he had so much spirit in him, and we just donít understand quite why he chose that action.

ELIAS: It is merely a choice.

JIM: And I can accept that. Is there something within that we can see as his choice, or his impact that he made on Borloh and I, or ...

ELIAS: You may view for yourselves what you term to be the impact, but it was merely a choice. What you glean to yourself, for reasons or explanations, are what you offer to yourself in imagery. The action itself was merely a choice.

JIM: Within his expression.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay, thank you. Iíll go with that.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

BOBBI: When people have favorite colors, are they drawn to those colors because of corresponding things within the energy centers?

ELIAS: At times. We have spoken of this previously. At times, an individual may hold a fondness for a particular color in conjunction with the activeness of a particular energy center.

BOBBI: Would they also choose that color as maybe an inactivity, like a balancing?

ELIAS: At times, yes. You are correct.

BOBBI: So that would suggest that it probably could change?


BOBBI: Okay. Iím starting to figure out my attraction, my lifelong attraction, to yellow. I donít think Iím THAT emotional of a person, but maybe I am!

ELIAS: Many times, as I have stated, a fondness for the particular color may be in response to the recognition of the activity of that particular energy center. This is not necessarily to say that the activity of that particular energy center is out of alignment. It may be the energy center that you hold the least amount of disruption with.

BOBBI: Is that what it is in my case?

ELIAS: For the most part.

JO: Would that be the same for my friend Andrea and purple?

ELIAS: Yes. Michael also holds this same attraction, holding the fondness of one color of red, which also is the one energy center that he has the least amount of disruption with. Many times you may be unattracted to the color that represents the energy center that you hold the most conflict with. Therefore, some individuals detest yellow! (Grinning)

DAVID: A little while back you mentioned that, Iím not sure word-for-word, but you said something to the effect that this phenomenon was going to change, or something to that effect. Is that happening now?


DAVID: And what are we to expect in this change?

ELIAS: You shall not objectively view much of an alteration. It merely allows myself to focus the energy more directly.

DAVID: For what reason do you need to do this?

ELIAS: It is helpful in the accomplishment of this energy exchange, in allowing more of a clarity.

PAUL: By clarity, does it have to do with Mary/Michaelís belief systems filtering through the energy exchange in some way?

ELIAS: Partially, but to very slight extent. It merely allows me to direct my energy more clearly, and this allows me the ability to connect more clearly with YOUR energy, and allows me the clarity of viewing your energy and interacting with this more efficiently.

JIM: Is that what I experienced in that dream with you, with gaining more clarity and we create all of our action?

ELIAS: This is imagery to yourself suggestive of this action, yes.

VICKI: I have one other question about this. Does this affect people say in this forum, this action? For example, Iíve had some unusual physical and emotional affectingness for the last week or maybe even two, things that Iíve never had before. Is this action affecting of any of us personally?

ELIAS: No; merely Michael.

NORM: I have a question in regard to your comment about sneezing and the fear of life. I sneeze an awful lot (laughter) and I particularly enjoy it! And in fact, since you made the comment, I always feel better afterwards, and in fact I feel more powerful afterwards. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Absolutely! If you are allowing yourself the comfort of this objective blinking-out and this momentary reassurance of familiarity, you also reinforce yourself within your objective appreciation for the focus.

NORM: Iíll do it more! (Laughter)

KAAN: My brother had a particular symptom where he would sneeze maybe ten, fifteen times in a row, and he would do that fairly frequently. He also wasnít very objectively connected at some level with this life. Is it really showing? Is this point demonstrating that case, that he was more fluid about life and he couldnít really get objectified too much, and basically drifted in that way?

ELIAS: And therefore, you hold the explanation as to the action that he has created. This action, as I have stated, allows you a momentary reprieve, so to speak; a retreat into the familiar.

KAAN: I didnít intend this question, but was that an intention? Or he could not make it, fully manifest his intention in this world?

ELIAS: No. He was creating of the intent perfectly. But also, within physical focus you hold an element of fear of life, so to speak, for it is very unfamiliar to you. You are exploring new areas, new countries within consciousness. Physical realities are new explorations. They are unfamiliar. Therefore, you have created certain actions to allow you your momentary release within your creation of each focus.

JO: Is that like orgasms?

ELIAS: This would be an entirely different type of experience.

JO: Hmm! Iíll have to read the sex session! (Laughter)

SUE: Do animals sneeze for the same reason?


SUE: Both of my cats, each of them sneezed a lot when I first got them, and then they donít do it much any more. Were they afraid?

ELIAS: It is not created from fearfulness within creatures. It is created within an action of desiring to be momentarily reconnecting with the familiar, but not necessarily related to fearfulness.

SUE: So after they got used to living with me they didnít sneeze much any more. Does that mean that they no longer needed that return to that other familiarity?

ELIAS: An adjustment period.

SUE: Okay, thank you. Thatís interesting.

JIM: So thatís why Borloh, when she wakes up in the morning sheíll sneeze twelve, fifteen times in a row from a deep sleep. Sheís very subjective within her dreams and her dream state, so itís returning, a return objectively?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: What about hiccups? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) This would not be the same action. This would be a response to yourself within an affecting of your yellow energy center and its dis-alignment.

NORM: If a person sneezes, can you see the change in the energy centers? Is there a momentary change in the energy centers?


JO: Would yawning be this type of action as well?

ELIAS: No. This would be your action within your lack of attention! (Laughter)

PAUL: Weíre really good at that!

ELIAS: Objective imagery.

JO: I read somewhere that people actually sometimes yawn when theyíre thoroughly interested too.

ELIAS: Or so it appears! (Grinning)

NORM: Iíve been trying to determine physiologically what happens when I sneeze. It appears that things stop. I think my heart stops.

ELIAS: You are correct, although the energy centers continue.

NORM: And it really feels good when I come back! I think itís almost addictive with me!

ELIAS: Ah! Then I express to you, Stephen, sneeze away! (We all crack up)

CATHY: So are you blocking something when you think youíre going to sneeze and you donít?

ELIAS: It is merely a choice. You are not blocking. You are choosing a different choice.

CATHY: So is it a belief system that animals yawn out of fear?


CATHY: Oh, just checking on that one! Itís not one I have! Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome very much!

KAAN: How about laughter?

ELIAS: This is a natural creation in response to pleasure.

KAAN: But would awareness expand?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Are you inquiring that you shall be laughing more as your awareness expands? You very well may be! (Laughter)

Very well. We shall disengage this evening, and I extend to you each much affection, and I shall be engaging you soon. At our next meeting, you may be more prepared with your subject matter! To you all this evening, with much lovingness, I bid you all au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:47 PM.


(1) I remember my interpretation of the energy being less intense during this session, but my experience was different two months later. As I worked with the transcript, the energy seemed to be more intense than usual. Go figure!

I would also like to note that Margot initially transcribed this session. Her comment is, ďThe whole group seemed rather listless and Elias seemed to be mirroring that, OR the other way around. His words in most of the session seemed to come even slower, and he sounded kind of hoarse. This may be because of the change in the energy that was asked about, but I donít have a way to measure that.Ē

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