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Sunday, June 14, 1998

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ďBe More Aware of YOU!Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).

Vicís note: There was no time display on the tape; arrival time is 20 seconds.

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MARCOS: Elias, good afternoon! Itís wonderful to talk to you again!

ELIAS: And I have anticipated our meeting this day!

MARCOS: Things are going well, Elias. I want to thank you first of all for the last conversation we had because it has been very, very important, very key, within all that is happening, and I have been much more relaxed and not so much within the mass, the collective belief systems of the situation that weíre living here, and itís been very helpful, so thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: I want to ask you a few quick questions, and then the main subject of my call today, but first a question from Cindel. She has told me that she is now your partner, so to speak, and that she believes that I will be meeting with Vincent, and she also told me that that will be my inheritance from her, but I guess she just wanted your comments on the fact that she visualizes or she gets the impression that the meeting with Vincent will come through me.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Cindel is quite amusing in this matter! This meeting, in the most probable probabilities, shall be originally with yourself, and then objectively connecting with Cindel subsequently. (Pause)

MARCOS: Iíll tell her that. Sheíll be very happy to know that as well, so thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are welcome.

MARCOS: My next question involves two dreams Iíve had, Elias. One dream: I was on an airplane and I was flying somewhere. I believe I was flying to New York, and all of a sudden the airplane experienced much turmoil, turbulence I think is the right word, so much that I fell out of my seat because I did not have my seat belt on. I was not scared, however. I climbed back, put it on, and then we were about to make an emergency landing somewhere, and then the pilot took off again and said that everything was fine. I wanted to ask you about your impressions.

ELIAS: This would be your imagery to yourself presently in regard to the situation that you involve yourself with in this present now. The plane is your imagery to yourself of events, movements, and actions that are occurring that you find yourself within the midst of. You are within these events. Therefore, you are encompassed within the plane. The turbulence that the plane is moving through are those events that are affecting you, but in the midst of this action you hold firmly to your position, although you may be shaken to the point of falling from your seat or your position, so to speak, for you encounter unexpected developments in these events occurring objectively presently. But regardless that you encounter unexpected events, you also do not enter into the area of fearfulness, for you hold the knowing that you may continue to hold your position and there shall be no hurtfulness to you; there is no harmfulness involved. This would be the imagery that you present yourself, with the plane eventually settling and continuing upon its journey, and it is expressed to you that all is well and therefore there is no need for concern. This, as I have stated, is your imagery to yourself within your dream state that directly mirrors and images the events and situations that you are presently engaging that we have spoken of at our last meeting.

MARCOS: The second dream was a little different. I had a harder time interpreting it. I dreamt that I was in bed, and a tarantula or some animal like that was climbing on top of me. It was a very large tarantula that almost looked like a porcupine, and it had two small little animals with it, which I crushed with a shoe. I saw my mother walk in and I asked her for help, and that was it. I felt a little guilty afterwards about crushing the two smaller little animals, but thatís all I remember of that dream.

ELIAS: This imagery that you present yourself with concerns another issue that you face presently, and within probabilities futurely. Now; let me express to you that this creature that you view crawling upon you is distasteful and threatening. Now; this creature is a representation, once again, of events; not necessarily of a thing, a creature, or an individual, but of actions that you view to be threatening and affecting directly of you. In this, you also image two smaller creatures that accompany this large threatening creature. The two smaller creatures are those which represent individuals. The individuals that these two smaller creatures represent are your former partner and your child. In this, they are directly connected to the threatening creature, which is the event. The event you view as holding no control over, and therefore may not be affecting of the event. Therefore, you do not attempt to be encountering the creature and removing the creature or harming the creature. But the smaller creatures, as they are representative of individuals, you do hold the feeling that you may be affecting of these aspects within your dream imagery. Therefore, you acquire a shoe and are pounding of these smaller creatures and eliminating these smaller creatures.

This imagery is suggestive of two elements; one being that as you are striking these smaller creatures, you are creating the imagery of removal of them. They are no longer within your presence, for now they have been eliminated. This be one aspect of the imagery. The other aspect of the imagery is that you, feeling personal responsibility, take on the feeling that you have been affecting of this situation of removal from yourself. This be the reason that you feel guilty subsequently, after affecting the smaller creatures.

In this, there is an underlying element also which is suggestive that not only have you within your perception created the situation of pushing the partner away, which creates the situation of personal responsibility and guilt, but also that you may be being hurtful to both of these individuals as they are being removed from you. This is your own imagery in language to yourself expressing to you those elements of feelings that you may address to, and therefore offering you information that you may choose not to be moving in the direction of personal responsibility with these individuals, and also in that action not creating hurtfulness to either of these individuals within this situation.

You subsequently image your mother, and calling to this individual for helpfulness. This is the representation in imagery that you present to yourself for comfort; that element within physical focus that you look to for supportiveness and comfort in a time framework of distress and uncomfortability and confusion. Therefore, you place this individual within your dream imagery also.

MARCOS: This precisely leads me to one of the main questions I wanted to ask you or talk to you about. This past week, Marissaís mother told me that they both were planning Ė I guess it was the motherís plan more than anything Ė to move from Mexico City and move to northern Mexico as soon as possible. I think sheís already planning on it at her work, and it has caused me a great deal of discomfort and pain and confusion because I feel not only Ė as you just described Ė this underlying element of guilt in a way, but the very strong and important bond that Isabel (Marissa) and I have in my mind seems to be threatened in a way. And I know thatís not true, but that element of fear and guilt is so prevailing, itís so strong, that Iíve had a very, very difficult time. And Iím trying to let go, Iím trying to release, but itís very, very hard, and this is probably the main reason that I wanted to talk to you.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this creation, this experience of guilt, is quite unproductive. Therefore, I express also to you that you be reminding yourself that were there an action of wasting energy, this would be that! Do not move into the area of allowing yourself the expression of guilt. This is an extreme manifestation of the belief system of duplicity. Each individual creates their own reality. These individuals are creating their reality also!

Now; I shall express to you that Isabel is experiencing distress in this situation also, but I express to you and to her also that these are not situations of complete and entire removal. You may continue to access objectively, physically, each other. It is merely a choice which moves both of these individuals, within their focuses and their intents, into beneficial aspects in accomplishing their intents. It also allows you to address to your own issues within the area of personal responsibility and duplicity, and allows you the opportunity to not only view but to address and move through these issues that you hold very strongly. As you continue to become objectively closer to Isabel, you have also created the situation of perpetuating your own issues with personal responsibility, taking on the responsibility of this small one, and you have reinforced elements that you may consider to be negative in the area of your former partner, creating a lack of acceptance and situations of perpetuated judgments. In this, you three have chosen to be creating of this situation to be beneficial to you each for different reasons and in different manners, but each of you shall be moving into areas of benefiting yourselves in this movement.

Physical moves that you create within physical focus are tremendously strong imagery of intense subjective movement. These are your mirror outward expressions of time frameworks that you choose to be leaping forward, so to speak, within your movements subjectively. Each time that an individual creates an actual physical movement of location within their focus, they are also creating intense movement subjectively within their focus. Therefore, these individuals are creating much movement within their particular intents in their focuses, but they are also influencing of your focus and allowing you to be addressing to your own issues. In this, you may benefit and strengthen your relationship with Isabel, for you may allow yourself the opportunity to be letting go of these issues which bind you, and also may be creating of probabilities in a very different manner than you are anticipating presently. Although you have become objectively quite involved and hold much closeness to Isabel and she also to you, in the continuance of the perpetuation of these issues that you hold within duplicity and personal responsibility, there is an influence projected by yourself to Isabel which is accepted by Isabel, and in this creates a situation of a lack of acceptance within herself also, in regard to your former partner, her mother. This is creating conflict, for she also holds an element of interconnectedness to this individual and therefore she is creating confusion within herself in the belief systems of alliance, viewing that she must hold an alliance to one or the other, but knowing within her young self that she may allow herself the alliance between both, but that this may not necessarily be accepted by you or by her mother; and in the position of the small one and influenced by the mass belief systems that small ones do not hold the power that the adults hold, she moves herself into a position of confusion and conflict.

Now; I do not express this to you that you may twist and convolute this information into the situation of creating more blame for yourself or more personal responsibility or added guilt in your issue of duplicity, but rather that you may view the situation and view all of the aspects of participation in this situation, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to be affecting in the area of acceptance within yourself of yourself, eliminating the expression of guilt, and also acceptance of these two individuals and the creation of their reality, which they ARE creating! (15-second pause) Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Yes, Elias, I am, very much, ícause I guessed everything you said, and it is very clear. I think the most important thing in my mind right now is the fact that they are creating their reality, and that is in alignment with their intent, which is in our terms good, as well as my meeting my intent, even though it may all be for different reasons. And yes, many times I think of this in a very clear and objective way, and I do believe this. I do believe the acceptance factor, and I do believe the unproductiveness of this guilt. I suppose that it has been a process which Iíve known would come to something like this, and in many ways Iíve accepted. But there are times when the fear rises like an animal in the night, and it is just very, very great. So by that same token, I greatly appreciate your words, and I do understand. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

(Intently) It is a difficult sojourn to be addressing to these issues of duplicity and of personal responsibility. There is much mass energy lent to both of these issues, and very many individuals accept both of these belief systems and issues quite strongly and are perpetuating of them. Therefore, as you address to them, it is MOST important -- underline Ė most important that you be accepting of self FIRST. In this, you shall experience the natural flow and byproduct of moving into the acceptance of other individuals and their creation of their reality.

This is not to say that you may not need be addressing to the belief systems surrounding the acceptance of other individuals also, but your addressing to that element shall appear much more easily once you have accomplished your own acceptance of self. I may not repeat this statement too often!

It is of ultimate importance that you, and that you ALL, move into the area of acceptance of self. This be the reason that I speak of this so very many times, for this also is a main element in action of this shift, and without this element and the elimination of the issues and belief systems of duplicity, this shift in consciousness may not be accomplished. Therefore, it is of ultimate importance.

You are moving and you are accomplishing in this area, as are very many other individuals, but I shall continue to re-address to this subject and I shall continue to pound, so to speak, at you with this subject, for it holds much importance.

MARCOS: I hear you, and I understand you. Thank you, captain, once again! (Elias chuckles) Let me ask you something which I think is connected with this, Elias. Is this attachment, if you will, to this guilt and personal responsibility, is this why Paul and I experience much conflict at times? Because she is also going through many of the same issues. She feels a tremendous amount of guilt as she is going through her divorce, and even though we have a terrific relationship and we want to create a life of our own, sometimes we create much conflict at the same time.

ELIAS: Absolutely! And as you may view, these particular issues of duplicity and of personal responsibility hold TREMENDOUS strength and MUCH of a hold upon individuals, which is familiar and therefore you grasp and hold tightly to, and you are not so very willing to relinquish this intense holding upon these particular issues! But you may also view how very conflicting they may be, and also the affectingness in creating of conflict and drama within your focus. Therefore, you may also view the benefit of allowing yourself to loose your hold upon these issues and experience the freedom and liberation of NOT holding to these issues so tightly. (Pause)

MARCOS: Okay. Anything else that I may add to Paul? I think everything that youíve told me probably fits in quite nicely with what sheís going through as well. Anything that you see different about her situation that you would add?

ELIAS: You may offer to Paul this same information, and you may also offer an added element that is held in the belief system, that it is natural and the automatic role of female within physical focus to be assuming this personal responsibility, which is incorrect! (Wild applause from the female sector!)

It matters not that there is a choice to be manifest as female within an individual focus, and that you naturally incline in the direction of the belief systems of nurturing. This does not move hand-in-hand with personal responsibility, and in this, you may also apply this same information to yourself in the belief systems which are held en masse of the male, which is holding the expectation of protector and provider. (Cheers from the male sector!)

These are all mass belief systems which you have created, and are NOT truths or intrinsic to yourselves. They are merely belief systems that you have developed and have perpetuated, but they are not intrinsic to your individual genders or focuses.

You DO experience differences within genders, and were this not so, you would not be creating of different genders within this particular dimension and within this manifestation, but these elements of what you THINK of as gender differences are merely belief systems, not intrinsic to the sexual orientation.

Therefore, you may express to Paul that it is unnecessary to be assuming this role of personal responsibility in the feeling of mothering all individuals that are encountered, and in this allowing the free flow of true expression which is experienced within feelings. For I shall express to you that underlyingly with this individual, there is conflict within two elements occurring simultaneously; one being that in the response of influence of the belief system of personal responsibility, but the other opposing this in a new emergence of a recognition of self and the wishing for a natural expression of self, but feeling guilty in the area of expressing these natural inclinations of self, for they move into the direction of the belief system of selfishness. This is unnecessary, and it is a belief system. Therefore you may offer this information to him.

MARCOS: Okay, I will. Thank you. Two last quick questions Ė in one of the last conflicts that I had with her, I hurt my right hand pounding on the table, I think, or on the floor. This pain I believe is also connected to everything weíve talked, but is it also a sort of a manifestation physically of what I feel subjectively?

ELIAS: Partially, but this event you have created moves more in the direction of objective imagery that you have created for yourself in symbolization of the affectingness of belief systems, and that they may be at times quite conflicting and hurtful to you as you hold to them very tightly. Therefore, you have also created objective imagery to be viewing the actual affectingness of these issues and these conflicting belief systems, to the point that they may even move into the direction of being physically hurtful to you.

MARCOS: Okay, thank you. The last question is also for Paul. She has a little dog which has been ill lately, and she would like to know if there is anything she can do. Or if it is that the little creature canít disengage, if thereís anything she can do to help.

ELIAS: This once again moves into the area of that which we have been speaking throughout this particular session, for the creature is responding and accepting energy which is projected by Paul, and is manifesting in conjunction with the issues held by Paul. In addressing to these issues and in allowance of acceptance of self more fully, this may also be quite affecting of the creature.

MARCOS: Iím sorry. That last part I could not quite understand.

ELIAS: The affectingness shall be in the area of acceptance of self, which shall be affecting of the manifestations that this creature is creating, for it is creating its affectingness, its afflictions, directly in conjunction with the energy projected by Paul in the direction of held issues which are not being addressed to.

MARCOS: Okay. I got that very clear. I understood. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: These are very important issues to us now, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, and I know Paul does as well, and Isabel. Every time I think about the interconnectedness of us all, things look differently; they look fine! Itís when I think or when I feel that there is no oneness or that we are not connected that the fear comes through, but this has been extremely helpful. Thank you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Elias!

Vicís note: Marcos appears to be finished, but Elias isnít!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and you ARE all interconnected, and this is an important element to be remembering also. But I shall also offer to you, as one last element for your information:

Be remembering that I have spoken to you recently of the acceleration of this shift in consciousness, and it continues to be accelerating tremendously, and as it is accelerating, more and more events shall be occurring, and in this you all shall also be offering yourselves more and more of your core issues and belief systems and addressing to these, for in your terms your time frame is ticking by, and you are moving into the area of accomplishing in its entirety this shift in consciousness by your third quarter of your new century. You have much to accomplish within this small time framework!

Therefore, this shift accelerates more rapidly within each moment. It also creates much more of an intensity. Therefore, you may view that although you may have been all addressing to belief systems and issues in what you term to be one year previous to this present now, you shall also view within this present now the acceleration of intensity of your attention to belief systems and issues, and that you shall be creating imagery that shall be addressing to these issues and belief systems much more strongly, and it shall accelerate MORE strongly futurely as you move into even more of an acceleration of your shift.

MARCOS: I understand, and I will pass that message along as well. And again, thank you. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (And heís still not finished!)

You may also view, though, that within this action and acceleration, you move into the positions of accomplishing moving into the area of acceptance of belief systems more quickly, and in this you shall be offering yourselves imagery and validation of your movement and your LIBERATION from these belief systems, which shall be QUITE affecting of how you are creating your reality, for you shall be creating dynamic alterations in your realities as a byproduct of moving into the direction of acceptance of belief systems.

Let me express to you, as one final comment, that you may all benefit within this information: (Intently) Now, globally, you all move into the position, MUCH more closely into the action, of the actual acceptance of individual belief systems. You are VERY CLOSE within this present now. I have expressed previously that there is no individual upon your planet which has accepted in its entirety a belief system, but within THIS present now, as the acceleration of this shift has moved quite swiftly, individuals DO now move into the position of almost accomplishing the acceptance of individual belief systems. (Yea!) And once this begins objectively, it shall, so to speak, snowball within your expressions and your acceptance, and you shall view the ease and effortlessness and validation of the liberation that lies before you, so to speak.

MARCOS: Well, your comments certainly help us to objectively become aware of that, to not only prepare ourselves, but to keep lending energy to the shift.

ELIAS: Absolutely, and I commend you all and offer my acknowledgment to you all in your movement in this, and your accomplishments also!

MARCOS: Thank you. As always, it was wonderful to talk to you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: It was more wonderful to listen to you than to talk to you!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I continue to offer my supportiveness and the blanket of energy extended to you, as promised.

MARCOS: Thank you. I feel it. I feel it constantly, so I will be more aware of you daily!

ELIAS: Be more aware of YOU! (Grinning and chuckling)

MARCOS: I will. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Very well. To you this day, I extend to you much affection and express to you a very loving au revoir. (Again, no time display)

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