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Sunday, July 19, 1998

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“Communication with Essence”

“Where is your Desire?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mari (Cathdarh).

Elias arrives at 12:07 PM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MARI: Good afternoon, Elias! How are you today?

ELIAS: As always!

MARI: Would you like me to begin my questions?

ELIAS: You may, if you are so choosing.

MARI: Okay. The first one is, please describe the past-life connection between myself and Daisy, who is my black-and-white female kitty.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that creatures, although they manifest physically and also remanifest, their remanifestation is different from that of essence, for as they choose to be disengaging physical focus they may reconstruct their energy, which shall remanifest within physical focus into a different form, and they do not always manifest with the same individuals in different focuses.

Now; let me explain this situation to you. If an animal is remanifesting and is connecting with an individual that is of the same essence in different focuses, the action that is occurring is that the energy splits, and one aspect of the energy moves in one direction and another aspect of the energy moves into a different direction, for all of your manifestations are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, the same creature that occupies this focus will not be exactly the same creature within another focus holding connection to you.

Now; let me also explain to you that the reason that you feel and notice such immense connections to certain creatures is that you draw yourselves to certain creatures, or you draw certain creatures to yourself, in a manner of speaking, and in this action you draw certain manifestations of creatures that shall complement and move evenly throughout the time framework that you are connected to them in this particular focus. This is an agreement within consciousness, that you draw certain creatures to yourself that shall be helpful to you in consciousness, objectively and subjectively.

In this, in answer to your question, this creature does not hold intense connection to you for the reason that you have manifest within other focuses together, but that you align with each other in this focus very strongly. This creature has chosen to be connecting with you in consciousness within this particular focus to be helpful to you in many different areas. Are you understanding?

MARI: Yes, I am. The next question; this is a physical question. My eyes are watering, and I have been diagnosed as having chronic conjunctivitis or pinkeye. On July 22, I’m having my tear ducts surgically opened by a doctor. Will that solve the problem, or is there something else wrong? If so, what else could be wrong?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within your own particular belief systems and your alignment in this focus to the mass belief systems in conjunction with western medical beliefs, this action shall be helpful to you physically. But let me also express to you that there is held energy in this area, and in this situation – holding energy in this physical area – you may also subsequently, infrequently experience a return of this particular situation if you are not addressing to the issues that you hold the energy in this area from.

Now; let me also express to you that in this condition, so to speak, that you have created, you have held energy in the area of not merely your sight, which is partially affected by this holding of energy, but also in an area of emotion, which you place the held energy in the physical location of your eyes.

Now; in this, let me offer you an explanation of the issue that you hold in connection to this physical manifestation.

In this particular dimension, you manifest for the experience of exploration of emotion and sexuality. Therefore, in this particular situation you are holding certain emotional energy which you image physically into the area of your eyes, creating the action of tearing.

The emotional quality that you do not allow yourself to express is a direct following of your own impulses to be allowing yourself to express certain emotions, which would be then producing of a tearing effect as resulting of the expression of the emotions. But as you do not allow this to be occurring as frequently as your impulse moves you, you hold the energy, and in your creation within your focus, you place this held energy in the area that would naturally be affected physically were you to be expressing of these particular emotions.

In this, energy is always expressed. Very many times within physical focus, individuals will hold energy and express that energy in a mirror image of what they are not expressing it in naturally.

Therefore, you create a situation where the energy chooses to be expressed in a constant tearing action, for the impulses are being blocked to be naturally expressing of this tearing action in conjunction with emotion.

MARI: Did you say that what I’m blocking has to do with sexual, and what other thing? The emotions?

ELIAS: Not sexual, but emotional.

MARI: But due to what? Emotions due to what? What am I blocking?

ELIAS: This would be the situation that you hold to your own energy at times when you feel emotional expressions and your impulse moves you into the action of weeping, but you block this action and you do not allow yourself to be expressive of any of these emotions that shall move you into the direction of weeping, and in this you create the situation of holding energy in your eyes, which creates the action of tearing.

MARI: Alright. Thank you. Next question: What planets or stars did I come from, and what kind of an alien am I or have I been?

ELIAS: You move now into the area of more of your modern belief systems. Let me express to you that this is not a situation that you “come from” another planet or star, so to speak. You are focused within other dimensions simultaneous to this present now and this dimension. Your essence holds focuses in other dimensions which you may term to be manifestations of extraterrestrials. You may be also connecting with Michael subsequent to this particular session , and he may be offering you information in this area that has already been delivered by myself.

But let me express to you that this bleeds through into this particular dimension and your individual focus, which offers you a recognition of other dimensional focuses, and in alignment with presently-held belief systems you move into the direction of offering yourself the explanation that you have come from, originally, another planet or star system. This is a new metaphysical belief system, and in actuality this merely stems from a bleed-through action for many individuals presently as you engage this action of the shift, that they hold focuses in other dimensions but do not have an explanation within themselves to offer themselves information as to what they are connecting to or experiencing.

Therefore, it is not the situation that you have come from anywhere. You have been always and you shall continue to be always, for all time is simultaneous and all of your focuses are occurring presently, in this dimension and in all other dimensions also.

MARI: Okay. Alright, the next question: What can I do to most spiritually improve myself, or any other way that you see I need to improve myself, while I’m here on earth?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that there is no need to be “improving” yourself!

But as to your question, I shall re-word this question for you and suggest to you that your inquiry may move into the area of, “What direction may I move into that shall be more efficient and shall allow me less limitations and more of my own creative expression?” This is not a “bettering” or improving of yourself, but a widening of your awareness and an expansion of your creativity.

Now; as I have expressed previously many times, what I shall suggest to you is that you be concentrating upon self and opening to self. I shall suggest that you practice in the direction of listening to your impressions, delving into self and inside, and not concerning yourself so very much with outside of yourself, so to speak ... although there is no outside of yourself!

In this, draw your attention to your own belief systems, your own behaviors, your own action, and be noticing of yourself, allowing yourself to move into different exercises that shall offer you more clarity of self and more awareness of self, and in this you may be more accepting of self, which shall move you into the area of addressing more efficiently to your own belief systems and therefore allowing you to be accepting of your own belief systems, and this shall move you more efficiently into that area which you term to be your spirituality, which I shall term to be merely the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your particular focus.

MARI: Okay. I would like to move to an area now regarding my job. I am 56 years old. I have had a good job with a good company for a little over a year. My manager has decided to separate from the parent company and go out on his own. The parent company has wonderful benefits and is the major reason I took the job. Will I remain with this manager in the separate company, and if so, will I get equivalent benefits, including a good retirement plan? Or would I be better off financially hoping for a job with the parent company and leaving my present job, which I do like?

ELIAS: And I shall pose the inquiry back to you. Where is your desire?

MARI: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said. Could you repeat?

ELIAS: The inquiry returns to you. Where is your desire?

MARI: I would like to stay on the job I have now with my manager, but get all the benefits, including a retirement plan. I like my job, and my manager is a genius and he’s exciting to work for, and I like him and I’d like to stay there, but I would like to know that I could have a good package when I retire, and all the good benefits.

ELIAS: Therefore, your conflict stems from the lack of trust within self and what you may be creating within your physical focus.

Now; let me express to you that I shall not enter the area of prediction with you. I shall not offer you statements of predictions as to what probabilities shall be occurring futurely, for be remembering that all actions are probabilities and may be altered at any moment. Therefore, there is no set line of probabilities and there is no set future in one direction or another direction. You always hold the ability to be creating of new probabilities and new actions. In this, it is dangerous to be accessing information that moves in the direction of absolute predictions. I shall suggest to you to be leery of any essence or any individual that moves into these areas, for this is discounting of your free will and your ability to be altering probabilities in every given moment.

I shall express to you that this would be your choice as to which direction you move into futurely, but in this choice, let me also acknowledge to you that you hold the ability to move into different areas and continue in the direction that you view as interesting, exciting, and fun, and you may also be creating of what you view to be your financial physical needs also.

Let me express also that individuals within physical focus concern themselves very strongly with physical needs, so to speak. There is no physical need that you hold that you are not capable of providing for if you are merely trusting and accepting of yourself, for as you trust within yourself, you also create situations that shall provide you with your needs.

In actuality, you have no physical needs, so to speak. In this, they are physical wants, but wants are not bad! They merely are, and in this you hold the ability to fulfill any particular want that you may be moving in the direction of.

You may more efficiently create what you want if it is in alignment with your intent and with your desire. You may create a want which is not in alignment with your desire and your intent, but it shall also create a thickness and it shall create conflict for you. But in moving in the direction of your intent and your desire within your focus, you may be creating of that which you view to be your needs quite easily! It is merely a situation of trusting yourself and your abilities to be accomplishing ANYTHING within your focus.

MARI: Have I known this manager before? Sometimes there seems to be an understanding between us, and I feel like there’s an exchange of energy that seems to bring understanding without words at times.

ELIAS: Yes. You have been connected with this individual in several different focuses within different capacities. In one focus you are within relationship of relatives. In another focus of ancient time, within the area which you now designate to be Turkey, you have held a focus together that you occupy the role of a servant and this individual occupies the role of the mistress of the household. You have held these focuses together and have created relationships with each other that are quite amiable, and this lends energy to this particular focus presently.

MARI: Yes, I thought there might have been some connection, and I think that he might feel that too. Does he sense that as well?


MARI: Okay. He’s developing a new company on the Internet. Do you sense that it will be successful, as we’re hoping it will be?

ELIAS: Within this present now, the most probable probability is that it moves in the direction of what you term to be successful, for much energy is being lent in this direction. Therefore, the probabilities are moving in this direction, although once again let me repeat to you that these are probabilities, and dependent upon the energy which is projected in this area, this may alter at any moment. But I shall be encouraging to you and express that within the most probable probability presently, yes, this endeavor moves into successful and quite positive areas, IN YOUR TERMS.

MARI: Okay, good. I have what I call my own source, for no better terminology. I channel, and the source, my own source, gives lots of information, helps me on a day-to-day basis, and seems to be there at all times whenever I ask. Could you please describe my source of information, who speaks so often to me through my mind?

ELIAS: This is your essence speaking to you.

Now; individuals create many different terminologies for this same action. You may express to yourself that this is your higher self, your higher power. It may be termed to be god. It may be termed to be your guide. It may be termed to be many different expressions. But in actuality, what is occurring is that you have allowed yourself to open to essence and allow information to flow through to be helpful to you within this particular focus, accessing your own language to yourself and listening to your own essence.

Now; this is NOT an entity outside of you. It IS you. It is merely the larger aspect of you, which within your understanding, you view this to be some element which is outside or beyond or above you. In reality, it is part of you and IS you. It is merely that aspect of you that is separated within physical focus, for within physical focus you automatically move in the direction of holding your attention singularly and therefore separate yourself from the vastness of essence. This aspect of you, of essence, offers you not only information, but the remembrance of self; the remembrance of essence and the vastness that it is.

MARI: Does this same higher self also communicate with other aspects of itself or myself at the same time or at different times?

ELIAS: Absolutely. It is in continuous communication subjectively. This is not to say that any other focus which is focused physically in any physical dimension, that they may be objectively aware of the communication as are you, for not all focuses allow themselves the openness to be accessing objectively the information which is offered. But essence is continuously in communication with all of its focuses. Therefore, yes, it is communicating to other aspects of you, which are other aspects of it, for it IS you.

MARI: Sometimes I send love to my other aspects of self, and also to my own higher self. Do the other aspects of self receive it or realize that it’s another piece of themselves sending this love to them?

ELIAS: At times this is acknowledged and there is an awareness of this action. At other times there is no objective understanding or awareness of what is being projected to them, but it is always received. It is never NOT received. At times it may be not understood or there may not be an objective awareness, and in those situations the energy is automatically received and constructed into whatever manner shall be the most beneficial to that particular aspect or focus. At other times, as I have expressed, there is an awareness of the energy projected and it may be received in the manner that it has been sent, or it may be objectively manipulated into reconstructing it in the most efficient manner for that particular focus. But regardless of how it is received by another focus or aspect of yourself, it is always received, and it is always received in the most beneficial manner.

MARI: That’s excellent. I’m happy about that. I was asked from my own inner self or my own higher self to write a book regarding the fifth dimensional change that will affect the earth, if that’s going to happen, and I’ve channeled a hundred pages so far. Should and will this book be published, or was this more for my own benefit?

ELIAS: As to the publication of this material, this would be your choice, and it matters not. It may be placed into publication if you are choosing to be moving in this direction, or it may not be. It matters not which direction you move in and which choices you are creating in this situation. The information has been offered to you for your benefit and that you may move into the direction of more easily understanding this shift in consciousness.

Now; let me also express to you that this information is being filtered through your objective awareness, which lends to elements of distortion in connection with your own belief systems. But this is not to say that this information may not be beneficial to you, for it allows you an opening of your periphery, which then does widen your awareness more, and this allows you to be accepting more information as to the action of this shift in consciousness.

MARI: Hmm. When I was writing it, or when I was channeling it, to be more correct, I felt like I was writing about my own future, that I was writing my own story. Do you perceive that to be true?

ELIAS: Yes. Not in the sense of absolute literal future, but figuratively speaking and colorfully speaking, yes, this would be what you are accomplishing, and the reason that you are moving in this direction and accomplishing this action is to be offering yourself more information which shall be helpful to you, that you may move into the direction of actualizing many of these actions of this shift in consciousness, and you shall not be experiencing trauma or confusion in this, for you have already offered yourself the information and the experiences.

MARI: I was also asked, much to my surprise, to write a TV script following Star Trek. I was concerned when Gene Roddenberry died and Star Trek went off the air, and I was watching an episode of Star Trek and this energy surrounded me and told me that I should write and that I would write a TV script called Dimensions, and it would relate to, I suppose, going into other dimensions. I said, “But I don’t want to hand-write it. I can type.” And it said, “The computer will come.” The computer did come, and it told me I wouldn’t have to pay for it. It seemed too good to be true. The computer came. I did not pay for it because my father-in-law paid for it. It seems kind of overwhelming to me to write a TV script when I am not a professional writer. I perhaps have writing ability. Could you please comment on this? It was a little puzzling to me.

ELIAS: This is your validation from essence to yourself as to your creative ability, and in this you may be following the information that you have received, for this is an encouragement for you to be expressing of your own creativity in your own abilities, and that this shall move into a direction with you, if you are trusting in this, that shall be even more validating to you objectively.

Just as you have been offered information and you have given yourself the opportunity to be validating of self, that certain elements have appeared within your focus much to your own amazement, now you may move into the direction of amazing yourself within your own expression of your own creativity and offer yourself the objective viewing of your own accomplishments, not only those amazing elements that come to you, but amazing productions that spring FROM you.

MARI: I have a question about my husband. Are you there?


MARI: Okay. How should my husband approach some of his physical problems, which includes weight? Some problems include circulatory, swelling of feet and lower legs, high blood pressure, muscle and connective tissue problems, and problems with rotator cuffs. They tear easily. He wants a way that he can live with and won’t have to suffer too much while solving these problems. Could you please suggest a way for him?

ELIAS: My suggestion is to be allowing for natural time each day. It needs not be excessive amounts of time, but to be incorporating some elements of natural time each day in which not only shall he as the individual allow himself to move into a creative expressive as moved by his own impulses, but also to engage within this natural time moments of allowing visualization in what you term to be quiet restful time, moving into the area of creating a relaxed visualization that he may be entering into the inner landscape, which shall offer him information that he may soothe his own physical affectingness to an extent, and this shall create an ease in part of the expression that he has created.

You may also be inquiring of Michael as to our exercise of the inner landscape, which may be helpful. (1)

MARI: Okay. When my husband stops smoking cigarettes, is there a way to restore his lung health?

ELIAS: Any individual may be creating of regeneration of any aspect of tissue if they are so choosing, but for the most part individuals within physical focus hold very strong belief systems in these areas and do not believe that they hold the ability to be creating of this action.

Let me also express to you that this particular individual has created many different physical affectingness actions within this particular focus to be experiencing all of these physical aspects. This, I am understanding, is a difficult concept to turn your attention to.

But at times, certain individuals within physical focus are not creating of physical affectingness merely for the reason that they are blocking energy or that they are dealing with issues or belief systems. At times, individuals are creating of certain physical affectingness or ailments to be experiencing the effects of these ailments in physical focus.

This individual has moved into the area of aligning himself with many mass belief systems in conjunction with physical health. Therefore, the probabilities do not move presently – PRESENTLY – into the direction of affecting what has already been physically created in that which you term to be “damage” or dysfunction.

Now; this is not to say that this may not be altered and that tissue may not be regenerated, for it may. It is merely a question of the belief systems held and the trust within self that shall allow the action of regeneration of tissue. Within the strongly held belief systems, this may present quite a process for this individual.

MARI: Okay. Is there anything else, any other general information that you could give, that would be useful or helpful at this point in time?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that the most helpful information that I may offer you, and your spouse also, is that you be connecting with information that shall allow you each to be addressing to your belief systems which are very strongly held, for in the action of addressing to these belief systems you shall offer yourselves much more freedom, much more creativity, and you shall offer yourselves that validation, which you shall term to be spiritual, which shall move you into new areas of your own abilities and amazement. It shall be the most helpful to you to be addressing to these very strongly held belief systems.

Let me also express to you that you may be considering this information: that it is no accident or freak of nature that individuals alter situations that they have created within physical focus. Be remembering that no element, no action, no thing happens TO you. You are creating of ALL of the actions and aspects within your physical focus, within your reality.

Therefore, each occurrence is your creation, and you also hold the ability to uncreate anything that you have created, and as you are moving through your own belief systems you offer yourself more and more ability to be uncreating any aspect of your reality that you are uncomfortable with. But I shall also express to you that many elements of your focuses may be slightly uncomfortable, but you have purposefully created this also, that you may offer yourselves information.

Part of the action of creating certain physical elements with your partner is that he may move into the direction of uncreating many of these creations, that he may validate to himself that you DO hold the ability to be accomplishing this outside of the mass belief systems which dictate that you may not.

MARI: Thank you. I have one last question, if I may ask? I have an 86-year-old father who is living with me. I’ve just brought him from Oregon, and I love him very much, and I know he loves me. He is deteriorating, as far as physical health. Is there any information that you could give that would help him, or anything I can do to help him to make him more comfortable, or whatever you see that would be appropriate?

ELIAS: This individual has already begun moving into the action of transition within physical focus. The attention within this particular focus in this present now moves away from the maintenance of the physical body and therefore there is what you term to be a deterioration of the physical body, for the subjective communication and interaction with the physical body is moving farther and farther away, so to speak, in a figurative manner of speaking.

In this, the removal of the subjective interaction and communication with the physical body creates a physical affectingness. This also is not what you may term to be bad or negative, so to speak, for the attention now is focused into other areas, which it concerns itself in the direction of moving into the action of transition, preparing for the entering of non-physical transition futurely and more of an easement through non-physical transition, as it shall be partially accomplished within physical focus.

MARI: He doesn’t believe in an afterlife, and I’ve tried to tell him, “Well, you may have a pleasant surprise coming, and if you do cross over, would you please come and say good-bye to me if you can?” I’m trying to help him ease into it, at least from my point of view, so he feels a little better about it. Has that been helping, or does he just discount it?

ELIAS: In many respects, it is being discounted. But let me also express to you that you all hold a knowing subjectively that there is no death; there is merely an emergence from one area of consciousness to another area of consciousness. Therefore, your expression is being received. It is merely being received and assimilated subjectively and not necessarily objectively. But it matters not that the individual holds the belief system that at the moment of disengagement there shall be no continuation, for at the moment of disengagement he shall hold the remembrance of essence partially, and shall move into the action of non-physical transition regardless. Therefore, he shall be connecting with this information himself.

You may offer supportiveness to him in merely expressing acceptance of him and of his expressions, and in this, this shall offer a lovingness which shall be accepted, and this shall aid in an easement into non-physical transition.

MARI: Well, thank you very much, Elias. I very much appreciate this information, and send love your way as well, and thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I offer much encouragement to you in these endeavors that you shall be moving into futurely. I offer you much acknowledgment in your validating of yourself and in your opening in consciousness to a widening of your own awareness. Accept my encouragement to be continuing in your movement, and this shall be preventing of the experience of trauma within the action of this shift in consciousness. And for this day I offer you much lovingness and affection, and I express to you a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:05 PM.


(1) The Inner Landscape Exercise

You are the most familiar with your objective waking state of consciousness, but there are other areas of consciousness that are only very slightly removed from your objective waking consciousness. These areas are quite easily accessed. In actuality, you access these areas more often than you realize. You merely do not notice what you are accessing. An extreme example of one area of stepping sideways while you are engaged in objective waking state would be a state of what you term to be daydreaming. This is a more extreme action of moving sideways within your objective waking state. You may move slightly less sideways, holding to your objective waking state, not allowing yourselves to drift so completely as within a state of daydreaming but also stepping slightly to the side of yourselves, and you may hold a greater understanding of your reality.

In this, being fully objectively aware, you may allow yourselves a slight movement to alter your perception just slightly, allowing yourself to move into a feeling or a thought or a physical feeling – not emotion – and examine this area. In this, what I am expressing to you may be likened to creating a landscape for a thought or creating an inner landscape for an emotion or creating an inner landscape for a physical feeling; being fully aware objectively, fully conscious as you term this to be, and noticing a thought or an emotion or a physical feeling, and in this isolate the individual thought or feeling or emotion and create a landscape for this within you. In doing this, you may view other elements that are connected with this thought. You wish to look futurely; you wish to see into your future. You may, by examining your inner landscape.

You hold an emotion. You may create a physical landscape from this emotion. You may create an entire scene stemming merely from one emotion. Allow yourself to move into the area of the emotion, examining it, and from this allowing yourself to visualize springing initially colors that you may identify with this emotion. Create these colors into a landscape. It may be a forest; it may be a lake; it may be a beach; it may be a field. It may be any landscape that you choose, and as you visualize this landscape and you move into examining this, knowing that this landscape is created by one emotion or one thought or one physical feeling, you may allow yourselves to interpret the elements of the landscape, which may also inform you of the direction that you are moving into, which shall be offering you information of what you are creating futurely.

An example: You hold a physical feeling; an ailment. In this, you may look to this ailment; the affected area of your physical body. You may look to the actual organs which are affected. In this, you shrink yourself into yourself, create a tiny little you, and place it inside of you. Look to the physical form and create an inner landscape. We shall use a landscape of a tree-lined meadow.

In this landscape, as you – being this tiny little you – move through the landscape, you may view each element within this landscape – each flower, each blade of grass, each tree – as an element of you and the physical ailment. As you move through this landscape, you may alter the landscape. You may rearrange the landscape. You may place your trees in different areas, and as you move objects within your landscape you also alter actions within your intent within your physical form, for you are altering your action. You may also allow yourselves clues. As you view new flowers springing up within your landscape, you may also interpret this as new elements developing within the landscape that is your ailment. As you view certain elements disappearing within your landscape, you also may interpret this as elements and aspects of your ailment disappearing. As you choose to erase elements from your landscape, you may also offer to yourself the acknowledgment that you are beginning to actively uncreate the ailment.

You may use this process of slightly stepping sideways within consciousness, being fully awake, being fully objectively aware, with many different aspects of your focus. You may isolate a thought and you may create the same landscape. You may isolate an emotion and you may create an inner landscape which shall allow you to view aspects of this thought or emotion, and you may view what you may anticipate futurely, for as you enter more elements into your landscape, you may also be assured that you are creating more aspects connected with this thought or emotion. As you are eliminating elements from your landscape, you may also assure yourself that you are letting go of certain elements of the thought or emotion that you are choosing to be eliminating.

You may also engage this process with each other. You may step sideways with each other within the desire to be affecting or helpful with another individual. In this, you may create a little tiny you and you may enter another individual and enter their landscape. In entering into another individual’s landscape, you are not creating their landscape, but you may view their landscape. In this you may be helpful in expressing to the other individual what you view within their landscape, therefore offering them more information also, for they may be blocking part of their ability to reach their landscape, and therefore you may be helpful in this manner. You may also intersect with another aspect of yourself, another focus, and you may connect with their inner landscape.

Now we move into the area of responsibility. As you are affecting of your own inner landscapes, you hold the responsibility to yourselves and to all consciousness to be affecting beneficially. As you move into areas of affectingness with other individuals or other focuses, even of yourself, you hold more responsibility, for you are now affecting of another focus. Therefore, you hold the responsibility of the expression of essence.

This is very important! It is important that you realize that you DO hold a responsibility within consciousness. I do not express to you that all of your existence is merely an experience with no responsibility! You experience for the experience, but you also hold tremendous responsibility to be expressing from essence.

(Firmly) Expression of essence is not to be concerning yourself with all other individuals and their creation of reality, and creating judgment within you as to other individuals’ creations of their reality. Your responsibility is to be accepting within yourself, and of all other individuals! I may not express this strongly enough. It is very important!

This, be remembering: Each action that you create, you also are affecting within consciousness. Each action that you take, you affect all of consciousness. Therefore, you may quite understand the responsibility that you hold within these actions.

I express to you though, it is much easier than you realize to be stepping sideways within consciousness and offering yourselves much more information than you presently do. It is quite easy to be creating of these inner landscapes, and be offering yourself and others much information. [session 228, October 18, 1997]

Exercises: find out more about the inner landscape exercise.

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